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Let’s get it out the way nice and early. The weirdo part of our fan base that has daddy issues with Unai Emery might be having a good day today, but I certainly am not. How is this man still hurting me? I thought he was out of my life. This is pure pain. I might get a restraining order out on him. Unai Emery is going to haunt me for the rest of my days, but remember this, I did it for you, I did it for Arsenal, I did it for a better life with Arteta.

Do I have… Unai issues? I do. I am the one with the problem. I am the weirdo.

Let’s also get the complaining about the refs out of the way. It is pretty clear that PGMOL is moving like a union, not an organization that has a culture built around the mission of getting to the best possible decisions. Arsenal is treated differently, new rules are invented for us, we are going to have to have to get over the fact that the industrial age version of factory go-slows has been co-opted by referees and they’ve all decided that no 50/50 will go our way.

It’s petty. It’s childish. It’s a punishment.

Gabriel Jesus should have landed a penalty. Palace did earlier for the same challenge.

Carlos should have seen red for throwing a violent elbow.

The Kai Havertz goal would have stood if it were City.

We are being screwed by referees and once again… our loss wasn’t about a poor performance, it was about PGMOL tipping the scales.

It’s so boring. It’s not just us, though, Crystal Palace were robbed with a shocking red card earlier in the day. Roy Hodgson, the elder statesman of the league, was not kind to the decisions. PGMOL is ruining Premier League football and the man trying to fix it thinks his #1 solve is better PR.

Now let’s talk about the game. How did we lose that?

We conceded a very poor early goal that I can only put down to Declan, Zinchenko, and the gaps in our midfield (Odegaard nowhere).

No shot found the target until the 30th minute.

The game was cagey, Villa were scared, but we couldn’t make things work because we lacked composure in front of goal.

Johnny on the podcast put it nicely: we score by committee… but when the committee is off, it’s really bad. Sometimes, you need a killer. We have a lot of very kind players that overengineer our play on bad days and their panic mode is to seek the perfect sequence. Sometimes, you don’t need to lay the ball off… just strike it, Kai and Jesus were guilty of too many passes.

Tactically, the main issue in the first half was running with the ball too much. The second half saw us go direct and over the top a lot more.

Still, it didn’t matter. Unai Emery rode his luck defensively and we didn’t have the tools to beat the impressive and extremely annoying Emi Martinez.

We were worth at least a draw. Any other day, with the quality of players we have, we likely win. Sometimes, in football, you get fucked over by the footballing gods. Yesterday was one of those days. You can’t get too downbeat about it.

You can look to some of the positives.

Kai Havertz, objectively had a brilliant game. People asked what he could do that Xhaka couldn’t.

He’s not the passing machine Granit was, but he’s a beast of a midfielder. All that concern that we were bringing an attack-minded player who couldn’t defend seems to have been a real misread of his talents. Kai is winning duels, he’s doing it at speed, and he’s extremely aggressive. The Villa performance, for me, showed that we have a really outrageous player who could be vitally important to our future. I had Chelsea fans in my DMs basically saying ‘told you so.’

Gabriel Jesus look like he’s fit again. I love the way he’s moving at the moment. He’s chaos, pure fun, a true Brazilian. Too generous in games like yesterday, but he’s absolutely elite. If he stays fit all season, we could be in the title race. The only issue I have with him is availability.

Martin Odegaard didn’t do it for me yesterday. In these big away games, he goes missing. We know he has rich performances in him, but yesterday felt meek. He fluffed chances, made poor decisions, and led like end-days Flamini. So much pointing. When the team is struggling with composure, you need your best technicians to step forward.

Overall, I can’t lambast luck, or hammer players. We were a 7.5 out of 10 yesterday, and we lost. We have to learn to manage these big away games better. Arteta needs to accept refs hate him now. There needs to be a response at Anfield in a couple of weeks.

So in short, don’t be too down, focus on the next game, and remember… this was my fault and I’m sorry.

Now jump on the latest podcast material.

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Eddie when starting isn’t the worst but he’s literally useless when coming off the bench and the stats support that, even Pierre would admit it.

And as a starter he’s seriously inferior to Jesus so he’s another we need to get rid of and upgrade on.


As for the tinfoil hat stuff, didn’t people here used to laugh at Untold for that?

What happened to this place?


“a limp dick Trossard ”

I think you’ll find that since he’s arrived at Arsenal his goal contributions are up there with the best .

19 starts in all comps.
19 goals and assists ..

That’s what you call making a difference


Agreed, Eddie off the bench is rubbish..


Richarlison off the mark with his foot. Son is toying with Trippier. Incredible player.


$h*tE take of the day: “Excuse excuse and excuse. City won a treble after 115 charges news.” Uh, no, they won because of that financial support for the last decade. Sheesh….. Mikel needs to say “NO COMMENT” about pgmol for the rest of his career while he remains in the EPL. webB and co. are in charge of this circus act until they DIE. No changes will be made, nothing to be gained from spouting off in the media. Mikel and others in the organization should be smarter than to react to that low hanging fruit. Bring the heat onto… Read more »


I hate losing a football match. Waking this morning still with an odd feeling of injustice. Personally I don’t think we’ll be ‘allowed’ to win the league and its tough enough as it is.

Klaus Schwab

Trippier has been absolute dog turd the last few matches defensively.

Both Spurs goals set-up by Son. He is still the classiest style of player forward in the EPL.


How Son has been at Spurs for so long surprises me. I think he’s still earns less than 200k a week


Newcastle look very uninspiring and insipid, aside from that Gordon run and cross.

Spurs going to hit them for four or five the way it’s going. A bit of revenge for them


With Eddie as a starter the team doesn’t suffer in the number of goals or performance wise and the stats will confirm that, plus Eddie is still out top scorer despite little to no game time in the past couple of months.

Jesus flatters to deceive…..

Klaus Schwab

“How Son has been at Spurs for so long surprises me. I think he’s still earns less than 200k a week”

Crazy isn’t it.

He has been the best forward to watch in the league now for a long time.


This Lascelles bruv is pretty bad. Spuds are ripping to shreds a very naive Geordie side.



So you’d bench Jesus for Eddie?


PGMOL must be helping spurs cos how dare Ange’s spurs be playing newscastle this way?

Thierry Martinelli

The barcodes have one eye on the CL match midweek. They can’t seem to keep up with the fixture 😂

Klaus Schwab

Ange suits Spurs tbh.

We all know how erratic Spurs are but Ange has them playing an attacking brand of football and Spurs fans will be happy enough with that.

Klaus Schwab

All arguments about VAR should be ditched and everyone should be calling for it’s departure after what happened to Newcastle at PSG,

That was the crime of the century the intervention of VAR again in that match.


Haha some of the hot takes on here after a loss are hilarious. Thank God none of you are actually running things at Arsenal. All I can say.

For me the best thing that has happened this weekend .. is Chelsea is slowly getting drawn into a relegation battle.. And I’m here for it.

Give them their point deduction now I say.. see how they fair against Luton Town and Burnley.


Despite their pluckiness and bravery Luton, along with Burnley and Sheff Utd look more or less doomed already to relegation.

As of right now perhaps only Forest or Palace get dragged back into it, Everton should end up well clear the way they are playing.


Dyche and Emery have been the best managers in the league this season. Their teams are so much better than anyone would have thought before the season started.


“For me the best thing that has happened this weekend .. is Chelsea is slowly getting drawn into a relegation battle.. And I’m here for it.“

Agree, the only question is can we still blame Potter for their plight.
I think we definitely can.

Klaus Schwab

The thing with Aston Villa is you don’t watch them and it springs out at you that they are playing really well and great football as a team but they must be doing something right and that is probably that Emery has them spot on tactically.

Will probably fail on the road though a few too many times as we progress.


Ya and some of the latest flavor of the month managers.. like De Zerbi and Frank, not feeling the love anymore. The “world class” Poch though… disasterclass.

the tinfoil brain of wengereagle

an excerpt of jared gillett’s interview with pgmol

webb: and what are your thoughts on arsenal?

gillett: who?

webb: you’re hired and will ref the spurs game this weekend



It’s almost like throwing money around like confetti, without clubs deciding how they want to play first, so they can’t profile which players they actually need… is a really bad idea.

Poch sounds keen for the January window…

The way they’re behaving, it wouldn’t surprise me if they suspected a transfer ban in the post?….

Klaus Schwab

Poch looks like he has lost the hunger and Chelsea is a basket case anyway,

Bloated and fat when taking over at Chelsea he looks like he has lived the good life now for too long.


Rap, lascelles granted a stay of execution as they’re hamstrung by FFP and only playing as Botman is hamstrung by…his hamstring. He is pony though.

X haka

Chelsea have spent a billion on players, in 12 months, Everton have not signed anyone for a couple of windows.

Everton have beaten them.3 times successively and got the 10 point deduction.

Klaus Schwab

Burn is better than Lascelles as well.


Chelsea will definitely try to get Osimhen in my opinion.. whatever the cost. He has Todd Boehly player written all over him. I hope they don’t wait until the summer to punish Chelsea.. seems unfair to Everton.


Mid, if Chelsea rock up asking about Osimhen the Napoli president will turn them right over. He’s like the bloke at Lyon (Aulas?)who, proper piece of work, to be fair, always manages to extract maximum value from the buying club. The anti-Edu.


Geordies getting ripped a new one now


Lol at the Barcodes, making Recharlison look good


Such slack defending from Newcastle. They look knackered but still very poor.


Ya Bilbo but Boehly seems like he doesn’t care what the demands are.. these days, so. He would probably throw in some Dodger season tickets.. who can pass up that? Hob knob with the Hollywood stars and eat terrible hot dogs.


Newcastle seem to have hit the wall.. group of death might have broken them early. Speaking of teams who might break out the wallet in January.


So how long before the Saudi’s pull the trigger on Howe. They won’t tolerate too many results like this.


Joelington with the same push he did vs Gabriel. This time it’s a foul of course.


Pains me to see spuds winning but great to see Newcastle getting another hammering, not so cocky now like they were robbing us a few weeks ago, karmas a great thing


Chris .. wonder who they would bring in, though? Mourinho? haha that would be some banter fun. Not gonna lie.

X haka

So how long before the Saudi’s pull the trigger on Howe. They won’t tolerate too many results like this

If Howe don’t buck his ideas.up, that bone saw will be coming back out.


Joelinton and Guimaraes are both cynical fouling twats, I don’t wish injury on either but they both deserve loads of stamping, kicking and getting pushing around.


For sure. I reckon Chelsea could hold a decent carboot sale in the next 12-24 months. They’ve bought a lot of talent, seem intent on ruining it by throwing it together and shouting ‘make it work’. They’ll be people queuing to get out soon.


The Fulham vs West ham scoreline of 5-0 is crazy
I bet the bookies cashed out in that one

Guns of SF

im happy NC are losing


So today Joelinton gets carded for a push similar to the one he did on Gabriel? The one VAR looked at and decided it was fine and had no bearing on the Newcastle goal? VAR is a puzzling creature

Guns of SF

who will we get in jan is the big question


Another potential red card challenge of Romero. Absolutely disgusting player. Should be forbidden to play football.

Guns of SF

Romero should be on NC, same violent tendencies fucker

Klaus Schwab

Romero is obviously as thick as they come.


Romero should be sent off for that. Is PGMOL against Newcastle as well?


“Joelinton and Guimaraes are both cynical fouling twats, I don’t wish injury on either but they both deserve loads of stamping, kicking and getting kicking around”

Local, the scum boys heard you, double whack on Callum Wilson

Klaus Schwab

Son bought that penalty.

They all do it.

Guns of SF

Seems PGMOL is allowing more violence in games now. No other way to rationalize them

Klaus Schwab

The inconsistencies of VAR are no better when we just had officials on the pitch.

So what’s the point.

the tinfoil brain of wengereagle

As a huge fan of wengereagle’s posts in general I would just like to thank him again for his prescient observations about Chelsea and Nicholas Jackson
I’ve gambled away my house and children and I finally feel free!
Thank You WengerEagle! You are a supremely decent laddie and an expert member of the LG comment section community!


Stone wall red card

Another home based decision to give him a yellow


Yep.. What Klaus said… VAR aren’t verifying anything they are just re-refereeing the game.

Klaus Schwab

lol spurs still can’t keep a clean sheet though


@klaus…agree var is utterly useless


Nwaneri’s 5 goals in the second half for the under 18s yesterday:


That was quite a performance by Nwaneri


Arsenal haven’t clicked yet but are only one point behind Liverpool.
My main concern remains our tempo and style playing out from the back, which is often too slow and predictable.
I also wish Arteta would be more flexible with Martinelli and Saka, who I feel could play centrally if and when needed.
Their pace down the middle would cause havoc.
Still a bit too rigid for my liking.


This Girona side play like they’ve been at the top level for years. Their manager has to take a lot of credit for it


We’re in the middle of December and our star striker has 2 goals and 1 assist in the PL.


@GoH “The referee did not beat Arsenal. Arsenal and their £800m team could not score. Score more than Villa and we win. Get it?” Comment of this thread. When we loose a game the woe is us, we wuz robbed crowd comes out when it is so easy to determine that the Arteta project in its 5th year has not produced the promised and expected results. After all he promised Willian we would have won the CL by now. Those who are called trolls by the clueless are actually educated Arsenal supporters that closely examine the Arteta project while the… Read more »


Rap Some context to that.. He’s only played 668 minutes in the PL…. Also has 4 goals + 2 assists in 322 minutes in the CL 1,012 minutes, Goal contribution every 112 minutes across the board, which certainly isn’t bad… Particularly looking at his overall contribution to the team. Brilliant footballer, we just need to keep him fit, his relationship with Havertz is starting to grow as well. I’ve seen Osimhen mentioned by plenty of fans, he has 6 goals + 2 assists in 1,051 minutes… Goal contribution every 131 minutes… His contribution isn’t as good, and neither is his… Read more »


Our biggest problem is lack of killer instinct.
Another thing is we are to slow, many teams can play very high line without any fear.
So close yet so far again this season. It’s obvious that we will be close but will fail when there will be a big pressure in last few games.


Lets ditch VAR and get the refs back in control. Great Stuff!


Wow, Girona are for real

They just savaged Barca at the Nou Camp .


If we are bringing in a forward please let it be with someone with pace. All our guys are quick in small spaces, but no real threat to run off someone’s shoulder or someone who can truly hold up the ball, finish with his head at times and poach a few.

But, defense first with scoring, will take the spoils.

With that being said, we need another defender.


It was the right thing to proactively refresh our midfield from a position of strength this summer… But we’ve changed two thirds of our first choice midfield, much of the way we play is highly choreographed, and patterns of play take time to learn. We still need to see much more from Havertz,… But Arteta’s overall blueprint for our front 5 is starting to become much clearer. Havertz is a defensive forward, he’s a duel monster… We’re starting to see more attempts at goal from him.. He’s picking a few passes… He’s now starting to press + counter press aggressively… Read more »



Don’t know if that will work on the left with Zinc inverting to who know’s where and stepping on the ball to bring pressure, maybe against a set defense, yet Mikel seems to be instructing players at times to slow it down and kills the speed of the transition.

The Brady bunch

We’re the unluckiest team in the league, every other team are incredible lucky.every referee hates us and favor all the other teams.very scientific Pedro,the American league is lucky to have you


“Havertz is a defensive forward, he’s a duel monster…“

It was so strange reading opinions from posters I normally find knowledgeable stating Havertz was timid and contact averse.
My feeling from watching him play for Chelsea was that he was a bit of a spiky cunt who didn’t mind getting stuck in.


Havertz is the most poorly profiled and misunderstood player I can remember. Remember seeing these stats when we signed him: Havertz movement vs all other forwards in the PL last season: Runs 2nd … 1,011 Attacking runs 3rd … 876 Runs challenging back line 5th… 332 Runs targeted by a pass 2nd… 377 Total distance of runs 2nd… 23km 334 off-ball runs into the opposition penalty area, 2nd most of any player after Erling Haaland (349) Won the 4th most headers outside of defenders, and had the highest aerial duel success rate of those players. The idea that Havertz is… Read more »

Brian Muff

Dear many of you:

Lose (as in not win a game) 1 o
Loose (as in not tight) 2 o’s

It doesn’t matter how badly you don’t win a game, it still only has one ‘o’’.

Good. (2 o’s)

Dark Hei

We lost on the weekend but results elsewhere are too funny for misery.

Really, really funny


Pedro you’re an absolute legend. Hilarious write up!


@Tom: I disagree. TODD BOEHLY is the one who has destroyed his shiny toy of a club. Ask me why…but I guess you don’t need to,


Kpankulu, just taking the piss.
Potter was a victim of Boehly’s hubris, but he got the last laugh watching this Chelsea shambles and interest on his 50m pay off.


Lot of similarities between Newcastle and Villa loses. Our wingers Kicked off the park in both . Better than both away from home. But lost both.
Any 50/50 decision in favour of the screaming hordes of home northern fans. VAR. about as neutral as the Kremlin on Ukraine. Yes it’s unfair and the odds are against us but the fact remains we also waste chances because we don’t have a top striker .when are going to do something about this?.


Great bit of research re the ref. Not at all surprised . Clearly biased official. PGMOL must be scrapped and refs drawn from overseas. VAR retrained and neutrals..
English blind to corruption except when it suits their self interests. Still more concerned about appearance than rooting out graft.