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Spotify-wrapped is probably the most depressing part of the year. I used to be a new music god, I’d go and see new bands play at a duck pond in Dalston and older people would bow at my majestic knowledge of the smaller stages of every shit East London festival going.

No longer.

For 4 years in a row my top 5 artists have been the same. I spend $15 a month on Spotify Premium so I can access to the entire world’s music catalogue when I could go to a car boot sale, buy 5 CDs, and be done with the music scene forever. What a f*cking joke I’ve become.

However, the people who listen to The Arsenal Opinion have been an absolute delight. Thank you for sharing us in your Top 5s for the year. We love it. There’s no bigger privilege than having people read your Arsenal musings on the toilet in the morning, then grabbing a coffee, and main-lining you on their daily commute.

Thank you!

We’re at that time of the year when you have to sift through a lot of transfer fog. There have been a few stories this weekend that are interesting. Here’s my hot-take on both of them.

1) Aaron Ramsdale to Newcastle

This story is interesting on many levels. So let’s break it down.

There are only a few clubs in the world that can afford to pay more than £35m for a goalkeeper. Most of them are in the Premier League.

Newcastle has emerged as a prime candidate for a number of reasons.

Eddie Howe likes English players in the same way Arteta does.

Nick Pope is a brilliant shot-stopper, but deeply average with the ball at his feet.

Eddie Howe is a progressive coach who wants to unlock defenders who can play with a ballplaying keeper.

Eddie Howe had Aaron Ramsdale with him at Bournemouth and liked him. This is Aaron explaining how Eddie gave him a second chance early his career.

The trigger for Ramsdale’s rise rests on a clanger 14 months ago, when he was due to be among the substitutes for a Carabao Cup quarter-final at Stamford Bridge, in a matchday squad for the first time since returning from a loan spell at Chesterfield. “I missed the bus. Slept in,” he says, sheepishly. “We had to be in at 9.30am for the pre-match walkthrough because it was an evening game and the bus was leaving at 10.30am. Zeina [the club’s player liaison officer] came and woke me up at the house. I was about an hour late for being on time to training and about 20 minutes after the bus as well.

“That was the penny-dropping moment, because I was at home while they were playing and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was distraught. My dad drove down from Stoke to be with me that night and the night after to check I was all right. That was definitely the turning point where [I realised] it wasn’t all rosy, it wasn’t academy football any more and I’m very grateful the manager gave me a second chance. I think I’ve taken it.”

Managers like to de-risk transfers. Howe clearly knows the keeper, what he can do, and where his ceiling is… it makes sense that Aaron could be seen as a net-positive to Newcastle.

Ben Jacobs, the Chelsea journalist, has come out and said that Arsenal aren’t interested in doing a deal in January. Apparently we want to keep Aaron around just in case of a Raya injury.

This is fog.

Arsenal is trying to create faux leverage for a keeper who has a very limited market.

Remember this: If Aaron doesn’t get a move to Newcastle, his next option is Wolves. They’re a ‘loan with an option to purchase’ kind of club and they simply don’t have the clout to offer us what we need.

If Arsenal gets an offer that comes close to what we paid for Aaron, we’ll take it. There’s no way we’ll scupper his England #1 chances this summer to keep him on the bench.

What makes me even more certain of this? We can’t buy players right now because of FFP. We had to defer the transfer of Raya because we’d have breached Premier League profit and sustainability rules. Arsenal needs some sales if we want to make moves in January and Aaron is our best bet for a decent wedge of cash/money.

2) Move for Palhinha

Rumors entered the chat that we’re not interested in Douglas Luiz… we actually want Fulham midfielder Palhinha.

Ok, so he’s a great player. He has wild stats. He has kept Fulham batting above their average, along with Bernd Leno.


He’s 28 now. We won’t get him in January because we have no money. The player will be 29 in July.

Arsenal isn’t the kind of club that invests big money in 29-year-olds. Life catches up at that age, players start to get injuries, and you have very limited resale value unless the Middle East comes calling.

The player has a five-year deal, and Fulham has a 1-year option on his contract. There’s no deal to be had here.

The sweet spot for Arsenal with players is 21-24 yrs old, 3-5 seasons’ worth of experience, and high levels of sell-on. I just don’t see us shifting our profile for a player who is playing for Fulham.

Arsenal needs to find upgrade options for Jorginho, Partey, and Big Mo. I’m just not sure we need to be looking at players that are the same age. We need players that are ok sharing the season with Declan Rice who NEVER gets injured. Who does that at City? Kalvin Phillips who gets about 13 minutes a season.

Also, I don’t know how many times I have to repeat it… the most important player we can get fit for January is Thomas Partey. He knows our system; he’s world-class, and he owes us six months of proper performances before he gets sold off to Italy or Saudi.

Ok, let’s talk about the City/Spurs game.

I wanted City to win. Don’t talk to me about big picture. I wanted Ange to lose 4 in a row. The beauty of this desire is there was no loss for me.

A 3-3 draw worked out nicely. City going into the final 10 minutes of the game-winning… then getting sucker-punched by Big Ange tactico magic was pretty sexy.

Spurs squeaked a draw – they scored 3 goals off 0.4 xG. They are a wildly lucky side just like they were under Conte. I’m not worried about them.

Manchester City? I won’t say it out loud, but they don’t look the same as they did last season, even though I know they are the same side AND I thought this last November.

Their big miss in midfield is KDB. They aren’t the same side. He is always going to be injured moving forward.

Will they bang in 2024? Who knows. My hope is that at some point, they’ll tank. I hoped that last season. Regardless, Spurs kept us sitting pretty at the top of the league.

Liverpool upset me. They were losing to Fulham with 10 minutes to go, then Endō and Trent stepped in with two outrageous goals. I think we have to accept that maybe King Klopp has rebuilt another monster side we have to worry about this season. That sort of win combined with their Manchester City result, feels a little like they might be back.

Overall – it’s starting to feel a little like the top 4 this season might be between Arsenal, Liverpool, City, Newcastle… and Spurs.

We’ll see.

More on Luton this Tuesday.

Ok, we’re done here. Get on our latest podcast RIGHT NOW.

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Where The Arsenal stands.








I really think that if there is any thing to the winter TW is Aaron being sold.

And only if we do, will we then shop around for a 2nd string GK (the club surely has someone on their radar) and possibly a left back if we can find someone on loan or who can be an understudy to Timber.

Bob N16

Arsenal, City and Liverpool comfortably clear of the rest. Injuries and going deep in cup competitions will have a significant effect.

Agree with Pedro, Partey giving us a major contribution may be critical but hard to be very confident about..

Bob N16

DB10, I think RB cover is slightly more pressing as Kiwior can step on the left but apart from TT who covers both sides, our RB options are limited.


I wouldn’t even sell the error prone cry baby Zinchenko to those Geordie morons, let alone Ramsdale who I love. Piss right off NewCastle.


Methinks Arsenal will go for De Gea if Ramsdale leaves – I believe he will. Whether he wants to come to Arsenal is another matter.

I wonder why Reuell Walters is not in the frame to be wing back cover. I don’t see any downside with his being a permanent bench option ahead of Cedric Soares and getting a few minutes here and there. I know that Arteta won’t do that – unless his hand is forced. Anyways…


Anyone know how long Pope is out for? If it’s a decent while it would make a lot of sense. Given their back ups aren’t great, Rambo would offer something different to the nominal #1 and they are pushing for CL, it would be a false economy to keep their powder dry ‘hoping’ they can muddle through. The only problem is they are constrained by FFP and presumably don’t see Miley as the solution to their Tonali-problem this season. They’re going to have to pick which one gets replaced and it may be a function of where they can get… Read more »


Pedro: “There’s no bigger privilege than having people read your Arsenal musings on the toilet in the morning”

That’s me.


Good post Pedro

Freddie Ljungberg


Depends on how far off Timber is to returning. He can cover both fullback positions.

More concerned about our lack of quality depth in midfield tbh.


My playlist these weeks;
Mumford &sons, with trombone shorty( house of the rising sun)
Hey Hey my my Sid Vicious
Colin Steele ( Fishing for pearls)
Will Oldham “Minor place”
Post Malone ” Rooster “

Bob N16

Fair point FreddieL


In’t it mad how things have moved forwards, even from the last ten years of Wenger,, and we are consistently and realistically talking about the title and being top of the table on a daily/weekly basis.

Good times, people!


Pedro going for my top 4 pre season. Good to see.

Spurs won’t make 5th though.


Pedro feeling old…
Haaland going berserk…
sign of the times


No censure for Man City they are holy cows. Not sure if Pep can invoke Mikel like that in a press conference. Really in a bad taste, Mikel will ignore it for sure, but It doesn’t behoove Pep who is supposed to be the best coach to be doing such things. City players surrounding ref at Full time and the drama queen Halaand letting his hair down is just sheer melodrama. Iam sure PL and PGMOL will not do anything. Talk about level playing field and impartiality.


Rodri and Grealish suspended for the Villa trip. Rodri especially might leave them exposed on the counter which is/will be how Villa ultimately set up, esp with their Bailey/Diaby. Hoping old Good Ebening can do us a solid.


Good to see Odegaard taking my advice and taking more risks with his passing ، some delightful touches especially in the 2nd half when he was toying with the wolves defence….Odegaard in that mood is what we as Arsenal supporters want to see more of. Also a lovely finish for our 2nd goal ، picked up a good position on the edge of the area and his technique was perfect amd made it looked easier than it really was.. Shame that Tomiyasu may have picked up an injury as maybe his inclusion at right back has allowed Odegaard to play… Read more »


It is highly unlikely that Ramsdale will be sold for a transfer fee of £30 million +. Everyone on the planet knows by now that he is our second string and needs to leave. The only question now is when will he go? Personally I would leave his departure until the summer transfer window. Arsenal have in my view more important priorities in the squad in January. Our midfield resources are waifer thin. Partey is injury prone and going to Africa Cup. Elneny and Jorginho are both in 30s and at end of current contracts in June. Vieira is not… Read more »


‘MysticleavesDecember 4, 2023 06:51:19 Spurs have been brilliant this season. They haven’t player poor teams, they made the teams poor. While their style is a bit naive, it’s enjoyable to watch and they really do bamboozle teams. No one really thinks they will fight for the league but a lot here predicted they will finish 10th and the likes. That was crazy commentary. Spurs have institutional advantage over many teams. That alone will make them finish in europa places which would have been a good season for them. Now given how they started, they will be dreaming of a top… Read more »


If Spurs keep getting the luck they have been getting so far, a Conference League spot may be attainable at best.

Ernest Reed

“Good to see Odegaard taking my advice‘

What would Ode ever do without you Pierre! LOL


Been watching the highlights from Gameweek 14. It seems like we are the only club playing defense these days. They say defense wins you titles so… onwards and upwards Gunners!


Mee it’s funny you say that because it’s literally true that arsenal are the only big team that’s setting up to limit the opposition at the moment

To date it had been stifling our attack (tho not enough to stop us getting this far!) but you start to feel that if our forwards are beginning to find form as it looks that we could have a notable advantage vs our rivals in that we are the only team that scores AND keeps clean sheets lol


That liverpool match was nuts

I was expecting Fulham to draw it 1-1 or 2-2 before the game started but wasn’t ready for that rollercoaster

I always fancied it to end in a draw throughout tho. But once they took the lead on 80 mins I just got this nasty feeling it was one of THOSE games where all hell breaks lose at the death and they’d lose outright. What a pity

X haka

The FA need to throw the book at Haaland.

What an example to all the kids around the globe, when they see this player acting like this, screaming like a 4 year old.
He is on 500k a week ffs as well.

I thought the ref was immense yesterday but if I were to critical of him, he should have sent the player off at the final whistle and recommended a 5 game ban in his report.


X haka

Who can say Grealish was going to score with certainty, he was pretty far from the Spurs goal after all. The referee used his discretion, but was it within the law? When is it advantage? Seems like a grey area to me.

Haaland mouthing off at the referee is unacceptable. Especially when match officials have been strictly cracking down on verbal dissent. Standards, I say!


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a three way tie at the top of the table (Arsenal, Man C and Liverpool) and we won it on goal difference!

Can’t wait for the next round of fixtures: Man City without Rodri are bound to get more porous and Villa can certainly score goals, Man U vs Chelsea is bound to have drama and Spurs v West Ham to cap it off. Mouthwatering…

X haka

Mee Grealish had a lot of work to do, it was not a gimme. Anyway its irrelevant the ref blew his whistle. And a draw was a fair result? What really gets on my goat, is that Haaland has only himself to blame, He had an open goal in the first half and missed it. I hated it when the club put out that ridiculous statement out when Arteta was also playing up after the Newcastle game. I just wish the FA would throw the book at these big babies throwing their toys out at their prams, when they think… Read more »


When Tets first came in after a horrid few years of being pillaged by any decent side, it was a relief to see us play much more pragmatically. I was properly bored of seeing us lose by more than 3 goals to any side with aspirations at the top of the table. If we can marry our renewed more solid defensive structure with some of the improved fluidity we really could be a serious proposition. The thing about spurs is they are a real threat on the attack but that’s because they’ve sacrificed a lot of control, like a modern… Read more »


Can we buy Moussa Diaby and make him our Mudryk ?


Fear not Spursey Spurts are more than capable of losing 4 on the bounce. They’ve got Toon, Citeh, Our good selves, and Pool in gameweeks 33-36. Losing 12 points there could be enough to see them out of the top four. Weeks 8-15 were always Citeh’s toughest run of games and they’re 3 behind with KDB to return sometime, Haalands feeder, but I suspect that won’t be enough. Doku could be one who hits a serious run of form for them, that could hurt. Is there a very good keeper out there happy to play second fiddle ? Probably. And… Read more »


So now the English media is pushing the narrative of Ramsdale going to Newcastle lol. Why so he can be competing with Nick Pope for a starting spot in 4-5 months ? After his previous battles with Leno and Raya. Guy can probably use a drama free situation and I don’t think Newcastle is it.


Man United fans coined the phrase ‘Lego Pep’. I wonder who is looking more Lego Pep between Arteta and Ten Hag now.

Had my doubts about Arteta but this man has been incredible for the Arsenal football club. He’s exactly what the club needs after the banter era of Wenger.



I didn’t think Kai Havertz will go for over 50 million either. Seeing as he’d been poor for Chelsea two years running. But when Arsenal came calling showing interest, they made us pay up 65 million right ?

So why shouldn’t Ramsdale cost more than 30 million ? Esp. since I keep getting told that demand is what determines price ?

psuedo warrior

It was absolutely pathetic of Pep to say “I will not do a Mikel Arteta comment”

Some people saying it’s a clever way of supporting what Mikel said. Nothing clever about being a passive aggressive, cowardly weasel


If ramsdale doesn’t fetch a decent price it’s simply because arsenal are the selling club

It’s really that simple


Puesdo iam with you on this. Pathetic comment from Pep, he could said what he wanted to say in so many ways or he said what he wanted to say exactly the way he said. Either ways he is pathetic guy and the pic that made me more angry is Halaand mouthing profanities and letting his hair down in a melodramatic way is way over the top. Off course he will go without any punishment.


Gooners on twitter having nostalgic moment today, all anyone remembers of playing against Luton is Gus Caesar and this traumatic match from mid 80s.

“It was one of those sunny days you always seem to get for Arsenal cup finals, against a team we had beaten at Highbury only a couple of months before, in Lee Dixon’s debut, funnily enough.”



We don’t have to sell cheap anymore. I think it is about time we fix this reputation of us getting low balled. At least 30 million or they will have to settle for David ‘no feet De gea


David ‘no feet De Gea

Ernest Reed

Anything less than what Arsenal paid for Ramsdale would be poor transfer business. Given Edu’s track record of overpaying and underselling, it would be negligent to take anything less than what you paid. Especially when you consider that Newcastle are pretty much desperate for a keeper and Arsenal have actually made Ramsdale a better keeper than when he arrived.

Ernest Reed

Man city will escape punishment and don’t be surprised if Howard Webb pulls out his book of apologies. As for Pep’s clever navigation with the media. Pretty much par for the course, he chooses his words carefully, unlike Arteta who has the emotional restraint of a leaky faucet.


1 point in 12 and Big Ange is getting the plaudits accompanied by the “They played Brave” trophy.
Makes it all the more funny really. The XG for that fixture alone is ominous.

Ernest Reed

The score tells the story Sal, regardless of any stats. ManCity were as careless as they were thoughtless in their overall play. Spuds, in the end, were resilient and the score reflected that. Spuds are no title threat, but equally they should not be underestimated as some on this blog are quick to do.

Guns of SF

we play pool in fa cup


Saying spurs won’t make top 4 isn’t a underestimation. It’s a considered opinion.


“Remember this: If Aaron doesn’t get a move to Newcastle, his next option is Wolves.”

I think we should also remember Ramsdale can sit on his jacksie for next four years doing sweet fa and we will turn him into multimillionaire for doing nothing because we just gave him big raise and extended his contract. Also, who going to pay premium for keeper who plays with his feet when Arteta has benched him because Ramsdale doesn’t play sweeper keeper well enough.


Let Liverpool have the FA Cup. We going for the league this year. Also I m interested to see how far we can go in the UCL.


Who is more likely to make top 4 between Newcastle and Spurs.


Man City Arsenal Liverpool Newcastle.


Been saying this since before the season started.


If Ramsdale has any ambitions to play for England in Euro’s why wouldn’t he want to go to Newcastle?

Mikel Coneteta

No chance Newcastle come mid season with a sack full of cash for Ramsdale.

De Gea is literally sat there clubless.


The third strike against Palhinha is that he is neither a particularly progressive passer or ball carrier..

Guns of SF

De Gea make 375K per week


Guns, De Gea makes 0% of 375k a week at the moment!


De Gea has allegedly turned down a number of gigs where he’s not #1 at a CL club. I don’t think Newcastle would offer that so looks like he might be stuck trying to cultivate something other than that wispy chinstrap whilst Rambo’s dad is sharing pints of Newcy Brown Ale with Mike Ashley close to the Scottish border

Mikel Coneteta

De Gea is on Jobseeker’s Allowance, not £375k a week.

The guy wants money, a short term deal at Saudi Newcastle could very easily land him a mega contract given their idea of a top class goalkeeper is Nick Pope.

They’re in their era of moderately good players looking amazing. Man City were the same with guys like Elano and Robinho stuck on massive money they didn’t warrant.


Top 5 Artists Pedro… lets see them:


Ramsdale’s value in transfer market has dropped, because of Arteta’s decision to drop him to bench. None of the English Clubs capable of spending £30 million on a goalkeeper are going to recruit him as their first string. Chelsea, Newcastle and Man Utd will be looking for an upgrade. So Ramsdale is likely to move to the next level in EPL. I will be surprised if we get more than £20 million from clubs like Wolves. He falls into the same category as Martinez when we sold him to Aston Villa. The next issue is that we will need to… Read more »


I agree with sal, Pedro, you have to tell us who your top five were.


Yeah, I wanted Man C to win, Spurs always come top of teams I want to lose. Top, but not way top, Man U come close, and Chelsea next. Liverpool I can live with, though the Kop p*ssers p*ss me off. It’s annoying to see Man C win PL year in, year out – but they’ve earned it, they’ve been the best. But they are not the best so far his this season, Arsenal are. And, let’s be frank, AFC has spent big to get there. So 115 counts levelled against them by PL, okay, if they’ve broken FFP rules… Read more »


Arsenal, Looserpool,Shitty, GOOD Ebening, Newcastle, Spuds IMO.

20 years is enough!

Guns of SF

How on earth did Haaland get away with this?

He looks like a straight Legolas on Steroids up the wazoo in those pics.

X haka

Disgraceful that Haaland is not getting charged and banned for his outrageous petulance..
Simply no moral code in the game any more.

What an example to the younger fans.
Give up.


Man City winning would have been the worst outcome for our title hopes. A 3-3 manic draw was perfect. Both drop points and City lose Rodri for a tricky Villa tie.

Liverpool dropping points would have been nice but let’s see how they do without Salah in January. The only troubling thing about them is that they have the experience of winning the league in the last five years.



Because their manager weirdly deflected from the game’s event by mentioning Arteta’s name.



Liverpool is certainly much improved from Last season, but I don’t really get the feeling that they are stronger than City or even Arsenal. And if Salah goes to the AFCON for example, I expect them to miss him more than we ve missed partey

Pierre Haaland 15 big chances missed this season، followed by Nunez and Watkins with 13 apiece.. Yesterday we saw heavy criticism of Eddie by le groaners for hitting the inside of the post v wolves for his 4th big chance missed this season….what a disgraceful state of affairs ، Eddie hitting the inside of the post with his only chance of the game and being slaughtered for it depite being our joint top scorer in the league with a shot convertion of 12.6 %.، also worth noting that Eddie is joint top in the league for penalties awarded.. Jesus has… Read more »



It just goes to show you how important it is to have the ability to beat players. Nketiah is a legit good goal scorer but he can’t beat players and the ball doesn’t stick to him.


Jesus allows for us to have continuity, makes us more dominant and let’s not forget, pleasing to the eye. Nketiah wish he can bring this intangibles.


Nketiah is a good back up striker – not many better players in his position would be up for spending as much time as he does on the bench when everyone is fit.


In fact, can anyone name a better second choice striker in the league than Nketiah?

Maybe Wilson but Nketiah is younger and less injury prone. Maybe Alvarez? Although he’s first choice CAM at the moment.

He’s young, a Hale Ender and is decent, not a world beater, but decent.


Pierre, I agree the criticism about Eddie’s miss was a bit much. The issue with him is he, ultimately, forces a change in the team’s set up for the bad whereas Jesus does it for the good.

As a back up he’s definitely good enough, though.

Guns of SF

Outside of the miss, Eddie did not really do much more in the game, that is why these mistakes are more magnified. If he wants to be a starter somewhere, he needs to show he can come on and bury those. I know he is not perfect but it aint the first time. If we want the title, we need our back up strikers to be just as good as the starters pretty much or close to it. Currently we have a big drop off with him. I wish he offered us more in other ways but the eye test… Read more »


3pm Saturday streaming continues. Presumably for another 5 years. Poor show based on the packages we already pay out for.


Any word on Partey? I desperately want him to return, not just as a back up for Rice, but a pivot of Partey plus Rice in the big games, specially away at Anfield and Etihad is going to be needed.


But AFCON is around the corner isn’t it? And he is going to fuck right off to it and come back injured for another two months lol

Guns of SF

We are rehabbing him for afcon,
He will come back and then play a few games and be done again.
Sell in summer for sure. Same with ESR, Mo, and others.
We need like Pedro said, younger 21-25 range, that will blow up
Rice is the team to build around


Hopefully he doesn’t recover in time to go to AFCON but comes back a little after the AFCON starts. Thats called perfect timing.

Mikel Coneteta

Gabriel Jesus isn’t the sum of his goals, Eddie Nketiah very much is. Hope this helps. Of course the latter is going to be held more accountable for his goals scored, because the rest of his game and its knock on effects to the attacking unit is plain as day to see. Everyone wishes Jesus was more of a goal threat, but he offsets it by being amongst the best false 9’s in the game. His fitness is more of a concern than his output, he’s amongst the best goals per minutes ratio in the PL and CL ever. However,… Read more »


Off the interwebs –

“Cedric & Jorginho are the only Arsenal players who were born the last time Arsenal played Luton. Cedric was 3 months old & Jorginho was 6 days old.”

Guns of SF

and to think Alvarez was avail for cheap before city


I wonder if ten Hag is for the chop soon if manure don’t turn it around quickly. I’ve read a few times in past six months manure accounts on social media saying ten Hag doesn’t get along with many of his squad and now that gossip is being written about in media. Looks like campaign to get manure manager out, he not well liked which would explain a lot.

Guns of SF

The stench of Red Nose Fregie is still strong at the old Toilet. No one can replace him with those fans
the bar set too high, but imbeciles also in charge has helped their demise. Terrbile spenders


Mikel Like and agree with much of what you’ve posted above on Eddie (and Jesus). (only questioning the combo of ‘wildly modest’… 😮) All that said, we might could use a body like Eddie in the next several seasons– as long as he’s happy with being our third choice striker. We’ll need a League Cup line-leader, possibly FA Cup appearances against lower league opponents– to keep Jesus and the new 1A front man fresh and injury free for CL and PL comps. A bit next-level in the team’s evolution– but if Eddie is a satisfied professional off the bench and… Read more »


@Guns of SF: The only ones I’ve seen so far are on the Facebook group page SPORT 2077 [don’t know if the link I will post will work]. If not, go to Facebook then search. Truly funny!

Guns of SF

Kpankulu thanks that was funny!


Sky is obviously bought over by the Oilers
The way they’re openly criticizing the referee for that error against Manchester City as compared to their muted stand on other errors to other teams is a pointer.


Look at this article and the breakdown of the events leading up to the referee’s decision.
They’ve never done this to even the most blatant poor decisions against other teams.

Guns of Hackney

“ He’s 28 now. We won’t get him in January because we have no money. The player will be 29 in July.

Arsenal isn’t the kind of club that invests big money in 29-year-olds. Life catches up at that age, players start to get injuries, and you have very limited resale value unless the Middle East comes calling”

But Le Grove seems totally okay with spending £70m on Toney who’s 27 currently, 28 in three months and hasn’t played in 7 months. I literally don’t see the difference except for an agenda.

Consistency is lacking.


Not saying we should sign Toney, but Ian Wright was 28 when he joined Arsenal.


Finally, Harry Kane. 30 yrs old. £82m to Bayern.

I guess if a player is the last in the jigsaw to take you over the line to trophies for a few years, then it’s money well spent.


Selling Ramsdale in Jan doesn’t make sense because we won’t come that far on top.

We won’t get more than 30m, we won’t sign a replacement for less than 10m.

20m net won’t give us any more chance of winning stuff than a top level back up keeper will.

We still have FA Cup where he will play, it’s a long season.


Toney would be a poor investment. Wouldn’t be much cheaper than Osimhen.

I don’t have the stats but I have a feeling his goalscoring record is quite inflated by penalties.

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