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It’s been quite sad to watch some of the videos of Aaron Ramsdale after the Brentford game. The thing we miss as fans is the emotional stress that comes with losing your place in a team. He joined Arsenal with the vision of being our keeper for 10 years. Arteta probably told him Champions League and big trophies were in his future. This summer, when we gave him £120k a week, he probably thought he was a made man.

Then the bite happened.

Arteta never forgets.

He signed David Raya and the rest is history.

Our manager has many great qualities, but the way he treats players who are not in his good graces is pure brutality. He has a transactional air about the way he works. Everyone is disposable, even players that were once favorites can find sharp falls from grace.

Personally, as a man who spent his twenties watching Arsene Wenger coddle the worst of characters in our dressing room, despite the clearest of flaws… I’m kind of down with how Arteta operates. But, as a human, I find it a bit painful.

Aaron Ramsdale has seen everything taken away from him. His dream of being an Arsenal great has now gone. His 5-year plan is up in smoke. It’s not clear where his future is going to be, but one thing that feels fairly certain… it’s probably not going to be at a club in the Champions League.

I am not an athlete, nor did I have the mental capacity to ever threaten to be one, but I think it’s fair for me to say that if you want to be at the top level of anything, you have to be able to cope with competition. I’ve seen a lot of infantilization of Aaron by people who seem to have forgotten what sport is all about.

‘Arteta broke him’

‘He’s a bag of nerves’

‘This is what happens when you bring in a new keeper’

I just don’t buy it. When you are an athlete at Arsenal, you have to accept that someone always wants your job, and if your levels dip, you will come under scrutiny, and someone will be brought in to do better than you. There was no excuse for that first half against Brentford. The pressure was off, it was a chance to shop window himself, and he tanked.

We also can’t pretend that this Arteta act came out of nowhere. Tony Adams is out in the media suggesting Unai Emery could have won the Premier League with Arsenal – so it’s not a surprise he can’t see why Ramsdale is out. But the rest of the English media playing dumb feels like selective vision because Aaron has a blue passport. The consistency wasn’t there, he’s on record as saying he couldn’t focus in games, his shot-stopping was really poor, in 2023 I think we conceded from the first shot 7 times which is awful, and we saw some dreadful performances from him as our title push crashed last season.

Jury is out on David Raya, but it would be out on him if he’d had ten 5 star performances. We need to see what he’s about over the season. My guess, he’ll get better, and we’ll not be thinking about Aaron next summer.

There’s been quite a lot of chatter about Arsenal signing midfielders and strikers this January – and I think we all need to take a breath and accept that the likelihood of that is very, very unlikely.

We have to sell to buy because of FFP and right now and there aren’t a lot of options for Arsenal to do that. Aaron will most likely exit on a loan move, Emile Smith Rowe hasn’t shown enough fitness to merit a paid exit, and outside that it’s hard to fathom another name that could generate a fee.

Dreams of £100m signings are just that – dreams.

The constant linkage to Douglas Luiz doesn’t work for me either. Villa is flying with him and they represent a viable candidate for European success again.

The best player for our starting 11 we could bring to the club in January… is Partey. No question. He is our x factor and we’ve not had him out of the garage yet. He’ll be back in January, but hopefully not in time for AFCON. Having him for the run-in would be a GAME CHANGER for Arsenal.

When he’s back, Arsenal need to treat him like a goddamn QUEEN. Notable that none of his injury problems have come on the pitch this year. Let’s give him the Ledley King treatment. Just roll him out for games, then lock him in a cupboard full of extremely soft bedding when he’s at home.

I’m also not vibing on Arsenal signing a striker. Unless we can have our Erling Haaland moment, we’re not going to make moves. This January will probably look like that disgusting Vlahovic January when everyone cried that we lacked ambition and our hopes for top 4 were dead forever.

Arsenal worked through the whining, played the patience game, and ended up with a striker that doesn’t really score goals but he has been immense to the way we play,

We need to play the patience game in 2024. I want a striker that scores lots of goals. I need height, power, maybe some winnertivity. We can’t be cutting corners, telling ourselves the goals we can’t see will come, or ignoring obvious flaws.

That’s why the links to Oshimen are sexy. 103 goals in 203 professional appearances. He’s 6 ft 1 and boasts all the attributes you look for in a modern 9. He also won Serie A with Napoli – and they upset him badly when they basically dropped him into a racist meme. One of the most shocking errors I’ve ever seen a social media manager make in my lifetime. But one thing is for sure, he’ll not be in Italy by the end of next summer.

Ivan Toney will be in the conversation, no doubt, but Brentford will want Oshimen money for a striker that’s 3 years old with less goals to their name. The best thing about Toney is that we already know he’s a Prem-proven quantity. People complain about his non-penalty goal output without contextualising that he plays for Brentford. The other worry I have with him is the problems off the pitch – for £80m, do you want to be taking risks if you can avoid them with another name?

Big questions, big questions.

So in short, placing too much hope on January being a fruitful one might lead to disappointment. I’m not sure we need it anyway. If you were Edu and you could see us top of the league with the injuries we’ve had… would you be begging Josh K for money. Or would you want to show that the squad you built in the summer is good enough to push City all the way?

I think we’ll stick unless something massive happens… and I don’t think that’s a terrible idea.

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I think the main difference between this season and last .. is last season we were knocking in early goals .. which forces the other team to play more.. Gives us space .. they can’t go full bus park. This season not so much.

So nice early goal would be… sweet.


Onana is a disaster.


Torreira winner would be a belter. Or happy if Zaha nabs it as a f u to UTD after they pied him for porking Moyes’ daughter


Remember people on here roaring for onana
When he was a freebie…
Dodged on there

Habesha Gooner

He looked world class for inter though. He had a few errors in him but this has been a lot. Still don’t think he is a shit keeper but he has been horrendous for United. Genuinely crap.


PSV have scored and Seville are down to 10 men


Seeing man utd vs gala, glad that we have proper defenders now. Iffy sometimes, but still far better than this lot. No control anywhere


Guess Gala … doesn’t do bus parking.. wide open game when they only need a draw.

Habesha Gooner

It really doesn’t matter what the scores are there in Seville. We should be beating lens. Do so and we top the group.


Zaha should of done better there oof.


PSV scored FFS


New post

Habesha Gooner

Madness game here. They are both so open. Just no control at all. Gala with Ziyech and Zaha as wingers, defending isn’t in the Agenda. United could have had 5 or 6 if they finished better. At the same time United are also a joke defensively so far.


Unbelievable Man U game could have been 5 -5


Has Benny White just been dropped permanently then!? Not happy with that …


So close Kai…


We’ve needed this wipe out walloping for a long

Tomiyasu is performing at a very high level.


Beautiful football…Jesus back to.his best..

Mr Serge

Great game Great atmosphere although it was bloody freezing.
Lens fans where loud and started throwing stuff at us like the chairs flares and lighters. Highlight of the evening 3 lens fans where in our end and we enjoyed tainting them and throwing their hard around like a beachball.

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