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Yeah, we can go there people.

No one, not even me, can escape the humble Kai we’re choking down this morning.

The German played left-back in the week and scored a goal but he was on the losing team. The situation would be very different against Brentford. Mikel Arteta only had one idea left to try – that was Kai coming on in the 79th minute. There were fans all over the country in the Whatsapp groups huffing at the move. But it was inspired. Bukayo Saka, after a rough 90, spotted Kai at the back post, he clipped a beautiful cross, Kai attacked it, and nodded a waste-high ball into the net from a yard.

What a moment to come alive!

Brentford away from home is a horrible place to go. They are really well organized, they boast extreme power, and they have really tall players that kind of nullify some of our finer attributes.

… and nullify they did. 5 across the back all game, with three deep-lying midfielders that turned into 5 when defending. They made it tough.

It’s funny, because I’m going to be honest, if we didn’t win that game, I’d be coming in hot about:

  • The loss of electricity and unpredictability
  • Chasing control like Manchester City and it boring me
  • Too many of our key players being in third gear in November

But, then we won and I realized I was being childish and immature about the maturity Arteta is taking to Arsenal.

That win against Brentford was the sort of disgusting 90 minutes you look back on at the end of the season and say… damn, that was one of our best wins.

We were resilient, we did not get bullied through the middle, our players were highly focused, and we did enough to squeeze through. Just like Manchester City would have.

Manchester City isn’t exciting because exciting means there’s a loss of control. They constrict games, limit opponents, and then bury teams.

We lacked control defensively last year and the year before. We’ve found that this year. We have the best defence in the league.

Plus, some other key points:

  • Our attack hasn’t been great.
  • Saka is delivering numbers but we know he’s off the pace
  • Martin Odegaard has been well below his peak
  • Martinelli is a threat – 2 goals and 3 assists in 15 isn’t where we need him to be
  • Gabriel Jesus has 4 goals in 12 and he told the world last week scoring isn’t his strong suit
  • Kai Havertz hasn’t settled as well as we’d hoped, his output stinks


We’re top of the league.

Guys, look at that chunk of copy above… those are the words of a blogger who has entered into the top tier of things to moan about. Those are Premier League challenger dictates.

‘I am not going to be the blogger I’m expected to be anymore.’

We’re in third gear, transitioning to a new way of playing, and we haven’t missed a beat on the pitch. It’s stunning really. I said at the start of the season we’d have to deal with some pain. So far, that pain has been getting robbed at Newcastle, and reading fans having a meltdown because we rotated heavily at the start of the season.

There’s been very little pain bar injuries Arteta could have done better with.

People… are we title challengers?

Too early to tell. We know Manchester City will bang after February. What we do NOT know is whether Arsenal can do the same. Sometimes you can stay in third gear, our hope is we’re building to something.

Imagine what we’ll be like when Declan Rice kicks it up a level.

Imagine what will happen when Jesus finds a run of games.

Imagine what it’ll be like when Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard hit the heights.

Say it quietly, but what if Kai comes good in a big way?

A lot of ifs in there. But one thing that isn’t an if: we are top of the league after 13 games.

Finally, before I go. I just wanted to leave this graphic here to all the people that spent the first two years of Arteta’s tenure in the comments of this website and on Twitter telling me Arteta had no sauce and I personally was part of the problem because I backed the hiring of him.

My managerial talent ID is outrageous, put your apology in the comments below.

Ok, see you below. Get on the latest podcast.

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Bob N16

Keane’s just called them ‘ Spursy’ – take a bow son!


Radio 5 are raving about the Spuds – total mugs !


5 bucks this next game will be significantly shitter than the last

Habesha Gooner

Honestly I don’t know how being that naive is praised. They lost. If you create enough you have to take your chances.

If Everton smash United, I am not too sure there would be too many better weekends.


Our recruiting is miles from the world changing Dein days.

There’s literally meme lists of the amount of duds Wenger has signed

psuedo warrior

Maybe watching that game will get some of the folks here to appreciate Arteta more.

Ange is like banter Wenger era. Somehow contrive to lose the game after being the better side.

When is the last time that’s happened to us? If we get beat now, it’s either we deservedly got beat or its some PGMOL hatchet job.


I actually want Everton to go down this season but, I would love them to beat manure!!! Win win game for me is this.

Can’t believe spurs lost haha.


City could be Spurs 4th defeat on the trot – I wonder if Ange will calm it against them ? I’ve got a funny feeling about this match

Luteo Guenreira

Can’t imagine the amount of people screaming for Arteta to be sacked if we ever had 3 PL losses on the trot.


Ten hag so overrated. He’s got a face you’d like to slap

Thierry Martinelli

I actually want Everton to go down this season but, I would love them to beat manure…..

Same here.



Pay attention lad, I said Dein days, not post Dein.

Look it up…



Old FatBoy Ange sounds like a complete ideologue… Wouldn’t recognise common sense or pragmatism if it jumped up and bit him.

The whole Ange wankfest has been nauseating.. Hopefully the wheels fall off quickly from here.


TM great minds 👍🏻

Habesha Gooner

Everton aren’t going down un my opinion, even with the point deductions. There are significantly worse sides in the league. The 3 sides that came up are poor sides. So Everton will stay up.

Let’s hope they get it done today.


He seems to have done well since arriving at spurs but I could not agree with you more. He’s billed as great after 13 games!! If great should have won today. If great, when 1-9 against Chelsea why let your team lose their minds and get two sent off.
Agree with you. Hope there are a few more results like today so he faces the EPL pressure other managers have to


lol Havertz scored one Important goal, 2 in 13 is not great and he was terrible 90% of the time.

Did you compere Arteta to Wenger first 200 games.
Wenger changed PL forever, whereas Arteta should be fired within first 2 years.
He is doing well now but still failed every time when it mattered.


Yeah exactly what another gooner mate said. But I can wish

Think you’re right they will stay up and be another bore team next season


Forecast for the rest of the season – Spursy!


Weekend just gets better, a United loss and were touching the ideal.

So predicable this Spurs meltdown after loosing two key players, a few bigger heads thinking unless Ange alters tactically they will be in the Euro Conference league. Which lets be honest is where they belong.


Thats a finish and a half


That is a ridiculously good finish


That will be compared with Rooney volley

Habesha Gooner

That goal is an insane goal.


Wow.. that was something.. crazy, almost fully upside down


Great finish ooof, cmmon Everton you’ve got 87 min+ to remedy.


Arteta didn’t fail in his first 2 seasons… He won the FA-Cup… He also began the process of dismantling an ageing squad of subpar quality, with some questionable characters, largely on a downward trajectory.. A squad that made no sense. Has since developed a squad of excellent characters, one of the youngest in the league, who are all designed to play a certain style. I would argue that the construction of this team has been a success… Going from where we were in Dec 2019, to where we are now, was always going to be a process, and not an… Read more »


Rooney’s volley came off his shin which has always surprised me why they go on and on about it. That goal from Garnacho was. a proper overhead. Pains me to say it but fantastic goal


Incredible what Emery is doing at Villa. 1 year and I don’t read Villa fans talking process. Their growth in the last 1 year is mindblowing.

Pedro comparing Arteta to Wenger is just bait and propaganda and mad*ess to say the least.


Sorry I meant Rooney’s overhead kick


Iam in Solihull just outside of Birmingham and all I can see is many more kids and fans with viall shirts than I ever saw from the time (early 2000) iam coming to this town. There is fierce rivalry between villa and Birmingham City fans but Villa t athe moment is far ahead. Every fan genuinely appreciate what Emery has done to this club. It’s immaterial whether we appreciate Emery or not he is celebrated in this part of UK.


Ashley Young should retire. Can easily see him getting another red card.


Everton should really be level here. Can’t pass up these chances.


@pv4 yep..Rooneys was luck


Ref might as well be wearing a united shirt


That Rooney bicycle kick wasn’t as good as this Ganarcho goal.
The Rooney goal hit his shin, could have gone anywhere


He’s getting his P45 sooner rather than later.


Rich “He also began the process of dismantling an ageing squad of subpar quality, with some questionable characters, largely on a downward trajectory.. A squad that made no sense.” Arteta is doing well but it is a fact that the only trophy he has won was the FA cup made up of “sub quality” wenger players who also managed to win 4 fa cups in 6/7 years ، reach a European cup final and a league cup final oh and finish 2nd in the league. Let’s hope Arteta can achieve half of what that wenger “sub quality” team achieved and… Read more »


Despite what some think، winning trophies whilst competing year in year out in europe is never easy . Unless you cheat the system like city and chelsea..


3 consecutive losses will soon become 4 consecutive losses because spurs play city next at the Etihad.


Who else thinks Rashford is overrated?


Pierre The goalposts were moved with Guardiola + Klopp. Liverpool almost won the quadruple in 2021/22, they were reactive rather than proactive in freshening things up, and suffered as a result. Had Klopp walked in 2022… The new manager would have been blamed for all their woes, when in reality their cycle had just burned out, and needed to refresh their midfield + attack. Had Arteta been sacked after finishing 5th in 2021/22: and a new manager had delivered what Arteta did… Then nobody would have credited Arteta for doing the dirty work with installing the foundation of this team.… Read more »


This refs having an absolute shocking game. So many wrong calls.


Var is a fucking joke


Don’t want to say this but that was a penalty. Refs now off ETH Christmas list.
Also RIP Terry Venables. I know he was a spud but was a great character that’s sadly lacking in today’s game


The referee saw it but VAR will overrule it anyways

Its nit a clear and obvious error


Before VAR, referee would have seen that and ruled it as “initiating contact “
Now it’s so robotic


Amazing eh……rightly given mind you yet VAR missed 3 opportunities to disallow Newcastle’s goal. Ridiculous


The consistency is mind boggling


Still fancy Everton to get a point

Josip Skoblar

This graphic is unwelcome. If it is supposed to be funny, it makes no one smile. Arteta, who has been here for years, has only achieved a very small fraction of what Wenger did in his early years.
As for Kai, I am happy that he scored. I am happy for the team and for him as well. Does that suddenly make him a great player or does it vindicate Arteta? No.


Again the graphic wasn’t meant to vindicate Arteta. It was meant to vindicate Pedro from all the people who told him about a million times that Arteta was only a cone boy.

Guns of SF

I hate Rooney, Manure, these fucking vermin team


Everton are truly a dire side nowadays but will linger around this league like a bad smell as there are always three teams worse than they are.

They had a spell in the first half where they had 5 shots on goal in 5 minutes and still don’t have a goal to their tally today.


Maybe most people don’t see it as you do, given that it’s coming from Pedro, who like you said, is a “hype-man”.


“Pointing out Wenger won 3 FA Cups, not 4,”
I said the wenger team of ” sub quality ” players won 4 fa cups …not wenger

Habesha Gooner

Well you can’t have everything. We had a great weekend
United are a bad side but they are inexplicably 6 points now behind us. They are 2 behind spurs. I guess they are winning despite playing poorly.


‘I just wanted to leave this graphic here to all the people that spent the first two years of Arteta’s tenure in the comments of this website and on Twitter telling me Arteta had no sauce and I personally was part of the problem because I backed the hiring of him.”

Diss seriously what part of this statement is unclear?


Guess we can’t have that much sugar on a premier league weekend.


Pierre 4 of the starters in 2020 were Emery signings not Wenger… So it wasn’t a Wenger team… Because football moves… Only 3 of the players who started in 2017, played the FA Cup final in 2020… 6 of the players who beat Villa in 2015, played in 2017.. But none of the class of 2015, played in 2020. Only 4 of the players that started in our win over Hull in 2014, started the game against Villa a year later. As per usual… The arguments you make have more holes in them than your dartboard with a picture of… Read more »


Man U are without a doubt the most unlikeable team currently in the Prem. Even a spectacular goal… and I’m still like … God they are annoying as fuck.



Im going w/ Newcastle as least likeable side currently in premier league with the legacy sides of dislike always United, Spurs and Chelsea. Livarpool gets a special mention based wholly on entitlement issues.


Mmm Fair point.. Sal.. but ETH is not very likeable.. Howe at least seems like an ok… dude.

Both teams do have the Hateable Bruno factor.

Ben D

Can’t wait to hear Howard Web explain how that penalty awarded to Man U after a VAR intervention is right because it was a clear and obvious error.

Unfortunately, Owen hasn’t got the brains to challenge anything Webb says so there will be no push back


Arsenal might not play as exiting as of last year or for that matter the later Wenger years. But the determination never to be that banter club again is there, never again just to look cute and roll over. Perhaps we should look at Arertas obsession with control in that light.


Told y’all
TV had died…
Very very sad..
Arsenal wanted him as manager at one time



What’s wrong with some of you people?
Let’s enjoy Arteta and let’s celebrate what Wenger did for us.
There is no need to quarrel amongst ourselves by attempting to compare the two for goodness sakes.

Wenger will always be iconic at Arsenal regardless of how it ended. Mikel is rebranding the club and let’s support and enjoy his era and not quarrel by comparing the two.

In the end we are all Arsenal fans first and only want the club to succeed …

X haka

Could have had EL Tel, could have had Ferguson, ended up with George Graham
And he was brilliant for us.

Graham and Wenger ,yes
Arteta ,no for me.


Sad about El Tel, great England manager and Euro 96 was an amazing summer.

First major tournament I really paid attention to. Went to Holland match on tube back entire car was busting out “you can stick your total football up your Arse” on repeat for 40min.

Belfast Gooner

Rich “He also began the process of dismantling an ageing squad of subpar quality, with some questionable characters, largely on a downward trajectory.. A squad that made no sense.” By keeping hold of David Luiz, trying to hold on to Mustafi, signing Willian? Let’s be honest, Arteta brought in Willian with a pledge to win the Champions League. It was only when he was forced to use the Hale Enders that he realised there was talent there, and he did a reverse ferret of immense proportions to reset the clock and unveil Project Youth, to buy himself time. Despite going… Read more »

X haka

Belfast Gooner

My town, Ards Pennisula?
This bloke Rich talks rot. And he talks it most of the time.
Your post is very accurate.


Belfast Gunner Keeping hold of Luiz is probably what you do when you don’t have any money… When he was given money to buy a defender, he signed White a season later. Just because the media reported that we were trying to renew Mustafi… That doesn’t mean that it actually happened.. The fact he was released from his contract just weeks later would certainly suggest that it may not have been true.. I read a report this summer Mbappe was coming to Arsenal… Willian on a 3yr contract was a shocker.. But Sanllehi was still at the club then, so… Read more »

Danny S

The ads on here are making this blog unreadable for me! No issue with the ads themselves, I know Pedro has to put food in little Pedro juniors mouth, but every 30 seconds my page jumps and scrolls up or down about 5 comments.


Wenger was a unique person whose influence goes far beyond football and should be remembered for all the great achievements he had with us. He made the modern Arsenal who they are and a silly statistics, which is full of lies is not going to change that. On a different matter I hope Ange remains committed to his philosophy and have a go at City they did against us and they did well should have even won the game. Chelsea have ago at City and got fantastic result, maybe this time having ago at City is the answer who knows… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

Rich “Arteta has spent £600 million, but according to transfermarkt our squad is valued at north of £1 billion, the second most valuable in world football. We now have second youngest team in the league… That means he’s added value, and not subtracted it.” I think that includes the Hale Enders who have significant value and weren’t purchased. It also includes Martinelli in particular who has put on significant value. I would probably feel a lot happier if the performance last night hadn’t been the latest in a string of underwhelming performances. Our attacking edge has been blunted this year.… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

X haka
Yes, I’m down the Ards Peninsula now. Near Millisle.


RichNovember 26, 2023 18:22:00
Pierre4 of the starters in 2020 were Emery signings not Wenger… So it wasn’t a Wenger team…



7 wenger players
Come on now

And of the 9 subs
7 were given debuts by wenger
2 were signed after he left

Come on now

X haka


good man
know it well, dont always get a signal lol


If we win the title I couldn’t care less if we do it with champagne football or 38 dour 1-0 wins, personally!


Amusingly I think the wheels are coming off for Big Ange, I reckon Spurs only win one more game before Christmas!


The Wenger vs Arteta debate on here is a load of tosh, frankly speaking.

The comparison is merely who had more wins after 200 games in charge, but several of you have turned it into who was or is the better manager.

One can only compare who was better after Arteta leaves – and that hasn’t happened yet.



If 4 of the starting 11 weren’t Wenger’s signings.. Then you’re right that 7 would have been..

36.36% of the starting 11 weren’t Wenger players.

Also of the 3 subs who entered the pitch, one third wasn’t a Wenger player.


talkSPORT – “Tony Adams says Arsenal could have won Premier League title last season with Unai Emery as manager”


Saka explaining the issues we’ve been facing this season against a deep block, and teams doubling up on him and Martinelli.


If anyone ever doubts that the calculations underpinning stats like xG are really dubious, look no farther than the Villa spurs game yesterday

*Easily* could’ve been 5-5 but the xG was something like 1.77 to 2.38

Eye test is all that really matters. People invest way too much in these numbers.


Did spurs just lose??? Lmao. Top of the league and loving it !!! Please get a mid or ST in jan so we can finish the season strongly.


“Can’t wait to hear Howard Web explain how that penalty awarded to Man U after a VAR intervention is right because it was a clear and obvious error.” I think at this point everyone should probably just acknowledge that football rules and their interpretations are completely wacky and just move on. If a violent, two handed shove in the back on a goal line ( Joelinton on Gabriel) is not a foul, but a gentle swipe across the back ( James on Gordon) is, and a second yellow to boot, then we should probably just give up talking about referring… Read more »


The stats tell us AFC’s defence is best in the league, but need reinforcement for the attack in the Jan TW if we are in for the title.

Goals scored 6th
Shots 6th
XGs 7th

Goals conceded 1st
Shots faced 2nd
XGs against 1st


@Belfast Gooner If we win the title at long last, it won’t be off the back of scintillating and exciting football, that’s for sure. And that’s a real shame after some of the play we were treated to for most of last season. Awww…nostalgia for last year. Remember all the times the team played so fast and well for about 70 minutes, then we were treated to rollercoaster endings? I love how this season is going so far, despite the fact that the team is still coming to grips with extreme low blocks. Results over entertainment, and defence wins titles.… Read more »


After the way our title run ended last year, I don’t care about fluidity or exciting football. Give me 3 points on the board any day of the week.

The problem arises when we are rigid and lacking creativity and ending games in a 0-0 or losing. That’s when the football also comes into question. When results don’t follow performance then the performance gets questioned!!

Cranky Goon

Havertz banging 10 goals and 10 assist from now until end of the season would justify the price tag (and wages, which are considerable).