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Well good morning my darlings – football is coming home. 10 games in 36 days. It’s going to be pure joy. I’ll be going to a few of them as well. They’ll yell ‘PEDRO, YOU’RE A TOURIST’ and I’ll show them I’m not by flashing an Arsenal vs West Ham half-and-half scarf. I won’t be beaten when it comes to superfandom.

Who might not be there by the end of this run?

Aaron Ramsdale. I made a shocking error in the podcast suggesting Brentford was s BIG game for Raya. It’s not. He can’t play because he’s on loan from Brentford. So that means maybe one final game for Aaron before he’s jettisoned in January.

Fabrizio Romano was given the news that Arsenal will be signing Raya on a perm deal. This should come as no surprise to people, especially if you’ve been reading this blog. I don’t know who leaked to Fabrizio or why they did it… but the message to Aaron will be clear.

You’re leaving in January, so get your agent working on a deal.

A few fans have suggested that telegraphing our intentions to sell means we’ll get less money. I’m not sure it makes much difference, the fact he’s been benched since September is a pretty strong sign he’s not rated by Arteta. Key for Arsenal is he’s on a long-term deal, so if clubs come knocking with £5m offers, we can pass. I don’t really buy that there was a strategy for keeping his value high. If you play him and he keeps costing you goals, he’s costing you points, and he’s devaluing his own price tag. He hasn’t worked out, we probably overpaid for him in the first place, so I’m not sure I’d be banking on getting a big fee for him anyway. Other clubs can access the data – his poor shot-stopping ability is going to be a problem at £40m.

Still, Aaron is 24 years old, he has loads of experience, and he can play out the back like the best of them. He’d be better for Chelsea than Sanchez, but outside that, it’s hard to see who has a keeper problem they’d like to solve this January. Maybe he gets a move to the continent? More likely… a loan.

Mikel Arteta gave us the good news ahead of the Brentford game – Ben White will be back in training, but it’s not certain he’ll be available. Martin Odegaard is back and Gabi J should get minutes.

Those three players totally change the dynamic of Arsenal. It’s amazing we didn’t really notice their absence over the break. The main frustration injury-wise continues to be Thomas Partey. He’s a Diaby-like enigma these days and it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever get better. We need to have someone in our midfield for the long term who can step in and do things like he can.

The great thing about this weekend is there are a couple of games of interest in the top 4. The biggest is City vs Liverpool. This is the game we’re all waiting for because we’re all dying to know if Liverpool is actually going to be good this season. Has Klopp rebuilt a masterpiece? Or is it a cheap knock-off? I have a sexy feeling Pep G might get his arse handed to him.

Newcastle vs Chelsea will be interesting as well, I’m hoping Eddie Howe drops points in this one – Newcastle worries me. They are the stalking horses of the league and they haven’t had much luck this season (bar the game against us). Spurs also have a rough game against Aston Villa. Don Unai will rip apart a highline with average players – and there aren’t many good defensive options Big Ange can face up this weekend.

There’s been a lot of noise coming out of Germany regarding Tomiyasu. Bayern likes him, they see him as a player of interest because he can play across the backline. Arteta doesn’t normally comment on transfers, but he stepped into this one.

‘I really want him to stay. I value the player a lot, I really like him. I think he’s loved and respected by everybody at the club. He’s getting a lot of minutes now, he’s getting his availability to the level that we need for him to make an impact in the team and I think he will continue to be with us.’

The key word in that sentence is ‘availability’ because Tomi hasn’t had a lot of it. I don’t have any inside information, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see us sell him if a chonky bid came our way. His injury problems aren’t going to get any better and I don’t think he’s the long-term solution to any of our positions. So if you can get £40m for him, you could find someone younger with less wear and tear. But we’ll see… I’m loving what he’s doing for us right now.

Arteta is going to find out his punishment for being a bad bitch when talking about referees. He had an interesting point on the subject.

‘I think it’s good that we are communicating. We want to improve the game, all of us, referees, managers, officials, owners, sporting directors, you guys, we all want a better game, that’s it. To have a better game we have to have freedom of speech, respectfully, in a constructive way, but we have to promote that. If not, you don’t get better. That’s for sure. It’s good that they are talking in front of the media and explaining the situation because it brings clarity.’

I kind of agree… if no one ever speaks out, nothing ever changes. We can’t live in a world where refs are beyond reproach. Gary Neville and his gang telling the fans they have to get on with it doesn’t move the needle in the game. Telling managers to suck it up also doesn’t work. Managers would prefer points over private apologies. If behind-the-scenes conversations aren’t getting the action clubs need, they have to use the bully pulpit to maximum effect.

… but know this, Arteta is gonng get smacked with a big wet fish over his outburst. The combo of the aggression and the club statement is a massive thread to PGMOL, so he’ll get the big sentence to make sure revolt is not seen as an option in the future.

Ok, that’s me done. See you in the comments!

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Go to bed man or you’ll be miserable tomorrow

London gunner

Huge result. I think finishing second gets us the league. city will be docked points this season at least if not previous seasons even with the rife corruption city will be punished thought it won’t be enough (they should be relegated to bottom league and stripped off all titles). Havertz well fucking done not a fan but Jesus that was a great run and tight finish. Saka is a genius level technician he can be double marked and seem like it’s not coming off but has that kind of delivery in his locker guy is a sensation. In a doped… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg


You stop comparing Havertz to a player you haven’t watched play, that is miles better than him, and I’m going to stop correcting you.

I’m not the one bringing it up all the time numbnuts.

Habesha Gooner

Rice and Saliba have been playing like mad men all season. Our attack hasn’t clicked yet and we have a new midfield. So things are going to take time. Still we are top of the league. What more can you ask for. If we peak at the right time this season, it will be worth it.

Nigel Tufnel

I still think Nelson should be coming into games long before Eddie.
He brings so much more… he’s equally physical, has more pace and tricks, even a better shot on him, 2 footed too.

So much better on the ball to make things happen, or if the game gets stretched. Eddie seems clumsy in open spaces.

Luteo Guenreira

“What a wet wipe. That what he’s get paid to do.”

LOL kpankulu is such a wet wipe. Talks like someone insulted his entire lineage whenever player criticisms go around.


Dissenter this is the fucking problem innit because now I’m buzzing how the fuck do I sleep

10 to 4 in the morning FML


Matt B taking the mick against the goal scorer – What a wanker.



As you will see in the replays, you didn’t miss much.

Glad you stayed up for the crucial 2nd half.

This will keep you awake now for longer than you want. 😉


I’m buzzing because havertz wins us the game late on and now I can’t sleep

Fuck you havertz. You’re either drawing criticism for not playing well enough or for ruining my ability to sleep

Shame on you Kai


Credit where it’s due well done Kai!


Don’t you love the way Arteta dragged Kai by the neck to the away crowd and singled him out for to the fans for specific praise

Nigel Tufnel

Focus on Arsenal players… not guys from your wishlist. Especially if they’re not available.

When we were fighting for top 4, it was OK to admire Klopps team. Now we don’t need to.


Just stay in there, stay as close to the top and ready for when the season really begins.

However, buzzing for the three points and buzzing to be back on top of the league.



This is not good for my heart. Damn! We are fucking top.


Superb result. If Havertz can become an effective plan b then I am all for it but he has a loooong way to go.


Yeah noticed that dissenter. Classy move from Mikel

Hoping it’s the start of something bigger for Kai

It’s definitely more meaningful than his pen. Nice run and very well taken header. Killer cross as well


@Luteo Guenreira: Crawled out of your slimy cave, I see.



A couple of glasses of red do it for me…

Habesha Gooner

I have given stick to Havertz. And I don’t think he is a great player. But I have to give him credit. He made a difference against City and today he has won us 3 huge points. Let’s hope this is the start of his upward curve.

Matt B

Pedro: I gather you’re not going to apply the excuse of a lack of confidence to Ramsdale as you have to Havertz for the last 4 months or so?

Nah, course not — disappointed with your obvious agenda-driven narrative these days.

Pierre: I’ve been thinking for some time, that your take on Odegaard has some merit.

Most the others on here who slate our players week in, week out– Ramsdale; Havertz; Eddie — support Man City now or Real Madrid circa 2004; Barca 2010 etc.


Arsenal was the better team and therefore should have rightly won the match job done. However, Eddie showed again why he needs to go with his selfish act and not passing, not a team player. Next Jesus definitely not the answer for our CF and supported by his own admission on goal scoring. Finally hopefully we will not have to put up with Havertz’s scored goal the way we had to put up for 2 years with his goal in the CL final in 2021. £65 for a game winning goal is a bad investment for a player being used… Read more »

Matt B

LegendaryDB10: No mate, Arteta, not the goal-scorer

Freddie Ljungberg

“Freddie, Focus on Arsenal players… not guys from your wishlist. Especially if they’re not available.” Fucking hell you’re retarded Nigel. You’re the one that keeps comparing them you idiot, not me, on top of that you’re doing it when you haven’t even watched the player but you’re only going by a couple of limited stats. Don’t post stupid shit you don’t have a clue about and people aren’t going to call you out on it. That’ll be hard for you though so no need to try. Nevermind, you’re way too dense for this, I can’t deal with your special brand… Read more »


Guys don’t be fighting after a great result

Enjoy the moment. Top of the table. Winner for Kai, clean sheet for Rambo. It’s a beautiful thing

But do please spare a moment to pray for the mental well-being of our friends over in west London who didn’t have such a positive day. Just kidding fuck the lot of ‘em!!


Well we got there in the end, I am very very happy this Havertz fantom guy in or midst has made the difference, now I hope he will go on and punish silly people like me to punish us and continue to make the difference. Today’s contribution was huge and if he makes two or three of this magnitude he will be accepted and forgiven. My problem is this team with Rice and Odegaard will not get anywhere. If you struggle despite all possible creative players you have until 89th minute against Brentford of this world, you know you have… Read more »

Habesha Gooner

It is a euphoric day to be an Arsenal fan. Chelsea lose 4-1, city and pool draw and our winner comes from Havertz where Chelsea fans have been slandering him.

Fantastic day.



The first few touches showed he was up for this… Movement and flicks are coming along nicely

Freddie Ljungberg


Nigel is trying to pull a Pierre on me and I’m not having it. Keeps bringing a player up over and over and then when they get pulled up on it call you obsessive, smh.
Must be an old person thing.


Spurs loss completes and excellent weekend to be a G.

Nigel Tufnel


Think about this … Rice as shadow captain might be even better without the armband. It’s too obvious a choice.
Let Øde do all the official manager “right hand man” duties… but when Rice puts in a quiet, short word with the refs… it makes an impact, and he’s refereed with respect…
no Arsenal player has had that treatment and respect from refs in a long, long time. Just let it continue being effective, no need to advertise it.


“…accepted and forgiven…”

Frankly, what a crock. What the hell did he do to you?

Matt B

Nigel: Then change captain and be done with it. It might then be easier for Arteta to drop Odegaard too.


Watches the goal back great cross from Bukayo. Didn’t think he had his best game but still comes up with a crucial assist.


‘Pull a Pierre’



A great day for us Arsenal fans. I’m very happy with the results today. More weeks like this one and we’ll arrive at our destination.


I did spare a thought for Pierre in the match when we finally got one dangerous break and Eddie went alone instead of passing and sadly didn’t hit it very well

Was expecting to come on here and see him blame the shot on Ode but didn’t see it mentioned 😂

Nigel Tufnel

Everybody rightly praising Rice.
Credit to Arteta and Edu for luring him in. He turned down Bayern and the treble winners man shitty.
If he wanted either of them, he wouldn’t be playing for Arsenal right now.


Just kidding Pierre… blog of love!

Habesha Gooner

Eddie is Eddie. You can’t expect quality from him in games where we need him. He delivers rarely on those days.

Habesha Gooner

Love Declan Rice. Playing deeper is his position. He needs to stay there. No one else in the side other than Partey should push him further forward. He is great at screening our defense. The goal clearance, driving our team forward. Just incredible. I rated him highly before he came and I didn’t even expect he cand fo what he is doing right now. That is the best 100 mil we have spent in years.


The best defensive players and units are the ones where you can tell they don’t just do defending but actively love it Most defenders do their duties with a sense of pressure and a bit of stress with the mindset of ‘I have to do this to help my team. I hope I don’t get this wrong’ The difference with saliba Gabriel rice (and maybe white as well) is that they play like players who actually have some dark enjoyment out of being asked questions defensively and answering every one of them It’s like giving a dog a bone. These… Read more »



Havertz is a likeable guy. I’m really rooting for him.


“all possible creative players you have until 89th minute against Brentford of this world”

Nah I think Brentford is a tough place to go. We’ll run club. Well managed team. Very hard to beat. Physical. Committed. I thought we played very well but we did struggle up front not for the first time this season.


That was Brentford’s 2nd home loss in the league this season… They only lost 2 home games all last season, and one of those was to us.

We also beat them away in the League Cup.

The idea Brentford away is some type of formality, doesn’t hold much water.

Habesha Gooner

People that expected us to smash them at their place were naive. They are a hard team to beat. Just because we won 3 nil last season doesn’t mean they are easy to play against. Brentford have lost 3 times in the last 22 home league games. And two of those games we have won.

That was the perfect away performance apart from the mistakes going at such a difficult place.

City, and Liverpool will have to fight to win there too.


China1 For me this is what I expect from a defender. I want them to figure out how they can pocket a player and just make it a misery for them to try and go forward. We really have a solid back 4. If I had to rank them in order if excellence, I would say it’s: 1) Saliba 2) Gabriel 3) White 4) Tomi I am glad that Tets has put his foot down on the Tomi re the Bayern rumours. He really is a good player to have. But once Timber is back, I hope it should be… Read more »

Habesha Gooner

Took the words out of my mouth 😂😂😂. Genuinely surprising to see people expecting a formality win like we were going to the worst team in the league. That was perfect from us apart from the errors. We were waiting to create a moment and we did. It is really funny to see people expecting a free flowing football against that side who put everyone behind the ball


Huge win
Brentford are incredibly difficult to beat at home
Few top 6 teams will get wins there


Brentford got SIX points off City last season

Mentally I was prepared for a draw

That’ said, we aren’t creating enough good chances. I’ll Chuck off travel and fatigue for the form of Jesus/Martinelli/Trossard/Saka



I still think he should have it.

It would carry even more weight with PGMOL.

And I genuinely think he would take it on himself to actively pull the tram by the scruff of the neck when certain games need it.


There is another reason I would want to have have Harry Kane play for us.

He would be one hell of a makeweight with PGMOL.

They would be taking even less the piss out of us if we had him in our team.

It would be mental if we somehow found a way to grab him and make him our CF.

David Smith

PGMOL won’t be happy with that

georgia boy

Cheers boys. Suck it Frank Thomas. Great fackin win. Ramsbraille!


Great win in a tough game. Credit to Kai and clean sheet for Rams.


Waiting for the Arteta decision from the FA
I just know they’ll out Johnny foreigner back in his place

Mikel Coneteta

Freddie Don’t take this as a dig, but I can’t agree that Szboz has been “brilliant” for Liverpool this season. He’s looked good, but far from brilliant. He has 2 goals and 2 assists in 14 starts for them, and today he was totally anonymous against City – and very poor for their goal. He’s talented, but far too early to be lavishing him with praise like that. Pool fans will naturally claim he’s better than KDB, but that’s them. I think Liverpool did some good business in the summer, but they’ve been on the end of some over the… Read more »

David Smith

I am sure they will make an example of Arteta,, they would prob deduct points if they could, but just hope , as Everton, mentioned recently, Arsenals legal team are acutely aware and vigilant of precedents and future incidents of a similar nature to what they will find Arteta guilty of.
The PGMOL leadership are a shambles , highlighting that is just facing facts, should not leave anyone open to accusations of endangering grass roots refs , undermining the game etc


Kai – “That’s something we also trained a lot in training and I thought maybe I go there, so hopefully the ball arrives and it arrived perfectly so I’m happy to score.”


I would like The Arsenal and Arteta to fight the FA with whatever punishment they try snd serve us.

I say try because the goldfish brains that PGMOL have, have already given us the ammo we need with that push that was blown as a foul during the Cheatty v ‘pool game when we were not given the same decision.


Remeber those Rice vs Caicedo debates that took place this summer.


@ Kpankulu, he did not do anything to me or to any one else or the team and that is the problem you have to do something or you are not present, for once we are all glad and appreciate the physical presence of an expensive person called Havertz who happens to play football and cost upwards of 60 something is real and our player and can score a goal !! That is quite frankly his job and for once he did his job, that is what he did or did not do to me for a while !!



I think it would be best if we did not dredge any of this up.

I distinctly recall some fully pining for him.

Lest to say, I am absolutely over the moon that Declan is a Gooner and that Caicedo is not.

He is our much needed PV4.

Having a strong midfield has always been key for The Arsenal.

I just know he will lead us to glory at some point.



Rice was always the player I wanted most.. But Ricedo was the dream.

If we had Caicedo instead of Partey, I’d be feeling much more confident about our chances competing every 3-4 days for the duration.

Ricemendi is the new dream…

Thankfully Caicedo didn’t go to Liverpool, because he’s the exact type of player they needed, and playing under Klopp that would have been a big problem.

Liverpool seem to be all in on some Brazilian lad Andre in January, they wanted him in summer, but he’d promised Fluminese he’d see the season out there.


Nigel.. Shadow captain that’s new one! Rice has been absolutely awesome and looks far more influential that ode did when he started. I reckon the armband was mentioned when they were selling the club to him. It’s obvious he’s a proper leader and will take over from kane with England. I’m absolutely buzzing tonight


Kai Havertz will become a top player for Arsenal, one that scores crucial goals.

I stand on this statement.


Fucking great win. Not our best game and thought Saka and Martinelli had quiet games but great cross from Saka and Havertz!!!! Just great to get the 3 points because that was a tight game. Brilliant to win it late especially after the disallowed goal. I questioned the signing of Havertz and really willing him to do.something of note. Really hope this is the turning point for him. Painful match to watch as Brentford defended well and we’re hard to break down so just wonderful to win it at the end. Tomi solid. Saliba just brilliant. Rice utter class. What… Read more »


Shitty huffed, Liverpoo puffed, but The Arse are Top of the League😝


I’ve just seen the Olise goal today. Wow. He’s our next winger

Mr Serge

Great result and thank you Kai for finally delivering
Delighted with the win and roll on Lens on Weds

Mr Serge

salparadisenycNovember 25, 2023 21:59:43
Remeber those Rice vs Caicedo debates that took place this summer

I do indeed we defo got the top top player out of that deal
I am so excited about Rice he has been immense.

If we get a proper number 9 in Jan we can defo win the title.


Random stats from twitter – – Following Kai Havertz’s 89th minute winner, Arsenal have now had 10 goals scored by substitutes in all competitions this season, the joint most of any Premier League side (Brighton also 10). – “Kai Havertz has scored more Premier League goals (2) this season than Marcus Rashford, Rasmus Højlund, Antony, Jadon Sancho, Mason Mount, Anthony Martial, Alejandro Garnacho and Facundo Pellistri combined (1) – Aaron Ramsdale is the first #Arsenal goalkeeper to keep two away clean sheets against a specific opponent (Brentford) in a single season since Pat Jennings vs Brighton in 1979-80. – Since… Read more »


They’ll yell ‘PEDRO, YOU’RE A TOURIST’ and I’ll show them the double middle finger in the nicest possible way…


German manager Julian Nagelsmann: “Kai has an unusual header strength”.

Julian knows.

Matt B

Trossard was off-side, not sure what all the spleen-venting is all about?


We looked better after Kai came.on. Instantly. Like others I think the option of Jesus or Nketiah as centre forward are not good enough Arteta needs to apply the same absolute brutality here that he applied to Ramsdale and go get a big dog centre forward who scores goals. On that note I for one don t agree with the treatment of Ramsdale. Maybe he isn’t quite as good with his feet as Raya but I think he is better on high balls. He’s a player stripped of confidence now which is surely another angle in this. We may NEED… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

“We are in the PL: – 2nd in final 3rd passes – 2nd in passes into the penalty area – 3rd in progressive passes – 1st in attacking 3rd touches – 2nd in penalty area touches But 12th in non pen xG. I’m sorry but it’s really difficult to not look past Eddie, he’s not good enough“ Saw this on Twitter, and although unverified it reads exactly how the season has been from my pov. We’re controlling games, dominating the final third, but continually falling short in and around the box. It certainly isn’t just a CF issue, others have… Read more »


I dunno why y’all keep sprouting this “Toney” nonsense. He’s not the player we should be pining for. Osimhen is a MUCH better option. He has so much fire in him. I watched Atlanta vs Napoli, and it’s a clear bet Osimhen is the striker we need. Other than K Khava who started and scored, no player on the pitch rated higher than him. I’m tired of seeing Toney being touted as Arsenal’s next big thing, it isn’t him, It’s Osimhen. Btw, Those of you that picked Caicedo over Rice… I have nothing to say to you. Those that demeaned… Read more »


Great win on the road!

Defense with a another clean sheet, although Ramsdale tried hard to not have it go that way.

Brentford did not even play to win at home, got what they deserved.

Feel our mid works so much better with Partey in there with Rice.

Fantastic day as many players came back from coaches who overplayed our best, and of course Arteta started them anyway, but those players the came through unscathed.

Good way to start the campaign again!


Still buzzin!


Baying Mob 25 mins in: ‘Dare I say it, is this a game that is crying out for Kai Havertz!?’
Baying Mob 27 mins in: ‘I’m putting it out there. Kai Havertz 2nd half winner …’

The rest of you that predicted a Kai goal when he got subbed in can keep quiet, Baying Mob was the big winner. Quality stuff!!!


Interestingly I don’t think any single one of our attacking players has looked close to their best this season

And we’ve still done enough to legitimately be top after 13 games. It’s a concern that our attack hasn’t properly clicked but it’s just as well a massive sign of how good we are to be able to be here with an attack that’s plays at only 75% of its capabilities. When our attackers find better form we’re going to be crushing teams

Freddie Ljungberg

Nigel “Dont be bothered…At least Vieira is honest enough to say he’s judging Havertz on goals and assists… like 90% of gonners out there.It’s dishonest people like Freddie who pretended it wasn’t about goals ONLY AFTER I pointed out to him Szoboslai isn’t scoring in an attacking Klopp side either…. When confronted,, he changes his tune to focus on other parts of his game.Meanwhile, most people think Havertz has been pretty good in CM, just lacking in goal aggressiveness.Cynics like Freddie will always brag how great rival players are, excuse their faults or flaws… meanwhile, they complain about the guys… Read more »


Some interesting stats Brentford have lost their first Premier League London derby in 15 such matches (W8 D6), since a 3-0 defeat to Arsenal in this exact fixture last season, while the Gunners extend their run to 17 games unbeaten in London derbies in the competition (W12 D5). Mikel Arteta has won 116 of his 200 games in charge of Arsenal in all competitions, the most wins of any manager in their first 200 games in charge of the club (previously Arsene Wenger, 111). Arsenal have had 10 goals scored via substitutes this season in all competitions, the joint most… Read more »


Seems like there is something personal between Ramsdale and Pedro.
He keeps harping on the same issue.
We all know Raya is the chosen one,,no need to post more on this.


Didn’t see the first half but I’d say save of the day was zinchenko in the second half.

10 mins to go and he goes flying across the line to clear an open goal shot off the line.

Can’t imagine a better or more important save from a defender. Certainly not one in the first half when there was still so much time to respond if we had conceded


China1 I’m not sure it’s a question of our best players underperforming but more that this season our opponents have done a better job of nullifying our style of play. Defending deep and doubling on Martinelli and Saka means that attractive open play and goals are just harder to come by. Fair to say that Odegaard and Gabriel Jesus haven’t looked at their best which has made it harder to exploit defences focusing so heavily on our wingers. On the plus side, it’s also meant that we’ve largely controlled most of our matches and have the best defensive record in… Read more »

Ronald Bolo

Just listened to gunner Lee’s post match comments and the first thing I have done is to unsubscribe. I always try to hear all perspectives from both optimists and pessimists so that I can get the full picture when it comes to Arsenal but when a content creator who is apparently an Arsenal fan says that he will never cheer any goal that Havertz scores just because he thinks he doesn’t have the quality to play for Arsenal , I just don’t see the point in listening to his views anymore. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely has to do… Read more »


@Ronald Bolo: Cheers for your action. He was one of those who assumed an easy win yesterday. In the Premier League, no game should be an assumed win, which is why I stopped watching preview shows [especially on AFTV] where the assumption is that Arsenal should win every game, and then savage the gaffer and players when it doesn’t happen.

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