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The Premier League moved with brutal force on beleaguered Everton over their breach of profit and sustainability. Sean Dyche sees his team drop into the bottom two after an 10-point deduction. They’ll appeal the case, but it seems pretty cut and shut, the points deduction will stick.

Now, remember I told you about 6 months ago the Arsenal strategy was to be ready when something bad might happen to Manchester City?

Well, stories are now dropping in The Daily Mail that both Chelsea AND City could face relegation if they are found guilty on the charges leveled against them.

That would be a wow moment, but we are entering extremely dicey territory in elite-level sport where entities with the power of nations are imposing their will on our beautiful sport, and the output has been debilitating unfairness.

There are stories doing the rounds that Eden Hazard had his move to Arsenal canceled because Chelsea gave his agent £7m. Was that move the difference between Arsenal going on the same run of dominance as them and not? Highly doubtful. But hard to imagine a world where Eden Hazard in the system wouldn’t have helped. Even the knock on effects – who is banging the door of Arsenal to play with Gervinho? What was the cost of us not having a superstar like Hazard in the ranks?

Why do I raise this point? Because cheating the system won certain clubs’ mega trophies. It made clubs that stuck by the rules look like chumps. It lost people jobs.

Is simply relegating clubs enough here? Do Olympic gold medalists keep their golds if they are caught with an ice cream van full of PEDs?

This is a question for The Premier League.

If cheating for sustained periods of time can allow you to accrue a mass of trophies, plaudits, and money… and the punishment when you get caught after 12 years is relegation. Is that enough?

The cost of two seasons out of Champions League can be absorbed by nation states. Relegation is making anyone at the top end go bankrupt and have to sell up. It’s a mere annoyance.

The biggest companies in the world bake the fines they get from regulators into their business models. A billion-dollar fine for bleeding an industry dry and killing competition doesn’t touch the sides if the profit you accrued during that period is 20x the fine.

If the punishment for cheating lacks bite, guess what, everyone will cheat. There are plenty of experts saying the Chelsea strategy is exactly that… take the fine and the smacked wrists because the progress on the pitch will be worth it.

The telegraphing of these punishments also gives the said clubs the opportunity to strategise around their escape. Lots of players will have relegation clauses. You’re not going to get the greatest players/coaches in the world slumming it in the Championship, but if you have the time, you. could sign all the best young players in the league, use the Championship to get them up to speed, then hit the Premier League with force the next season.

Football is at a weird tipping point. You have nations moving in on the game. We have toothless regulators. Fancy lawyers filibustering cases. The rulebreaking is happening at such a pace no one can keep up. Is this going to be good for the sport long term? Will anyone care? Are we fine with the doping of the game? Will fans enjoy it as long as the best players line up in their club colors?

Always remember: City fans held up a banner and sang songs about their beastly lawyer.

I can’t think of a parallel in history. Everything is entertainment these days. The illusion of fairness might be all we need to be satisfied because we’re fat and happy on a diet of mega transfers and investment in a game that is so far ahead of every other league I don’t think we’ll ever see a cycle of dominance outside England.

Back to Arsenal.

The strategy of wait for those above you to fail is looking more and more like it was a very smart move.

We aged down this summer.

We’re working on our craft this season.

These young men are learning how to manage Europe and the Premier League at the same time.

In the next two years, something brutal is going to happen that will shake the league, then we’ll be ready to bang.

Quite exciting.

Ok, see you in the comments. x


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  1. Tom

    Was defeating the nazis a mistake, Guns of SF?
    Should the allies have ignored them instead because nazis still exist, the ideology unfortunately still popular with people like Markymark, Tom and many others.

    Indiscriminate bombing of civilians is a war crime, and voicing a condemnation of such actions by Israel doesn’t make one a Hamas sympathizer.
    Very much the same as condemning carpet bombing of Dresden by the allies and Tokyo by the US during WW2 didn’t make one a nazi, or an imperial Japan fascist sympathizer.
    You might understand it if you weren’t such a simplistic twat.

  2. China1

    Tom it doesn’t make one a Hamas sympathizer if you also condemn Hamas’ atrocities rather than giving them the heroes title of ‘freedom fighters’. A title they couldn’t be farther from deserving

  3. rollen

    jwl pretty low level crap especially for Canadian.
    The biggest problem is people like you. Brainless sheep takin in hatred propaganda.
    IMO third world War is coming and online propaganda is to blame.
    Every fucking moron online hates someone without zero knowledge.

    We need alien invasion big time.

  4. Guns of SF

    How about we try this for starters,
    Israel gives up control over Gaza. NO territory lost, nothing . Let Gazans have their freedom. 100 percent.

    Let Gaza fend for themselves. Nothing wrong with that, isnt that they way it supposed to be?

    Let see if Hamas still has anything to do then. They could very well be voted out of power just as they were voted into power.

    Dont give Gazans anything to be upset about now.
    Lets see what happens. Maybe this is a start

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Guns of SF

    I’m pretty sure everyone at one stage has suggested that “they fend for themselves” (whomever that might refer to). But the UK have the same thoughts about Scotland. If they hate us so much, let them fend for themselves. Well, we had a referendum a few years ago and unanimously, Scotland wanted to stay part of the UK.

    Countries have a symbiotic relationship with each other but they don’t know it. It’s a bit like the joker and Batman. They both need each other to have a purpose.

    Now do not think of me as a left leaning socialist loving hippy. I am far from it. I’m Jewish by relationship to my mother and grandfather so I am firmly on the side of the ones not massacring civilians.

    Isreal will not back down for lots of reasons and the moment Palestine decided to attack the best trained military in the world, they signed their warrant.

    Peace doesn’t exist.

  6. Useroz

    Other than the Brazi NT saga with Jesus, a kid scoring 10 goals vs Liverpool youth, players allegedly we’d target in the Jan TW, Arteta charged for a ‘rant’, nd Havertz played LB for Germany, not much else interesting relates to Arsenal.

    Thought this was rather good observation by 7amkickoff on Havertz after the Burnley game 👇

    The difference between most other leagues and the Premier League is the sheer speed the game is played at. Not just the running speed, footspeed, or just pure athleticism, I mean the speed of thought, the tactical speed (making sure players are in the right positions to close down quickly), and the subsequent requirement that players in possession and out of possession can perform actions quickly and flawlessly without extra motions.

    This is why Havertz has struggled making the jump from Bundesliga to the Premier League: he simply cannot seem to do things quickly and with a great economy of movement. Everything he tries takes an extra touch, his shots seem to often take an ice age, and even his tackling and defending is late which often leads to a yellow card. He also doesn’t even seem to think of runs or imagine where the ball will be on a cross often until it’s just a fraction off. He’s just a half step off everything.

    Also has a take on the ref situation :

  7. Bilbo

    Un, if you think the minute’s silence on the knees at the start of PL games is about George Floyd then, unfortunately, the message hasn’t landed and awareness hasn’t increased sufficiently. We need to do more.

  8. Guns of SF

    Im not pro Hamas in the slightest, just that the genocidal way Israel is trying to kill Hamas, is only going to make things worse.
    Its like having a basket of eggs, and one of them is Hamas. You destroy all of them, to kill that one Hamas, but kill all other innocents. It simply does not work.
    It will only create more fire. What hamas did was wrong but Israel does not have the right to control Gaza as it stands. Why do you think they are so pissed off? it is more of less apartheid and colonization

  9. Siddeeq

    “””I am firmly on the side of the ones not massacring civilians”””

    Both sides of the vicious and malicious have massacred civilians, defiled the land with innocent blood.

    Im telling you for free!

  10. Bilbo

    Hamas are scumbags but if we want to stop it in the future, we need to understand the conditions they were created in.

    Did they cause this conflict (since Oct) or were they caused by it (since Israel ‘deoccupied’ in 05/06 but let’s be honest, long before). The reality is both.

    Unless the Palestinians have:
    – a democratic alternative, the ability to self-govern so they can vote out underperforming Govs,
    – foreign support on civil and political reform
    – a plan to deescalate the borders and reduce Israeli control,
    – concerted foreign aid effort
    – a broader commitment to regional peace amongst global powers that strips away the necessity to maintain any sense of military alertness
    – freedom of movement
    – above all, a sense of hope that they’re not absolutely fcked

    The conditions will be rife for the ideas perpetuated by Hamas to continue. We don’t need to pluck the weed, we need to take away the conditions it can thrive in.

  11. Guns of Hackney


    It’s not genocide. Genocide is very different. Alas in war, and that’s what this is by definition, civilians get caught up.

    While I hope we could all live in peace, it won’t happen. Humans are pre designed for violence and desire for more than they are given. We are a doomed species.

  12. Guns of SF

    To piggy back that Bilbo
    you will find less militants when a people are able to support their families, have good jobs and a future to believe in. When you take away hope, dying is not a big deal anymore
    IF Gazans enjoyed their own prosperity there would be no hamas.
    however, as it stands that is not happening whatsoever.

    This was never about religion, IMO

    Its about freedom

  13. Guns of Hackney

    Guns of SF

    That is bullshit. It’s not about freedom. Look at your country. Land of the free…how many murders a day? Modern countries that have what we call democracy are free…but they continue to war and kill. Humans can not be happy.

  14. Guns of SF

    GOH, Hamas does not wear military fatigues, they dont have a military.
    So who is Hamas? How does Israel know that everyone they are killing is verified Hamas?
    Tell that to the children, women and other innocents that are being bombed into oblivion.
    Im telling you, this is only going to get worse for Israel. The angst will be 100x fold, and lead to more Hamas or other groups

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Should Isreal have let it slide?

    A country that supports terrorists should be treated as terrorists.

    In law, if you protect, lie or harbour a murderer, you are classed as aiding and abetting said crime and treated as a criminal. What’s the difference?

  16. Guns of Hackney


    I get your point but.

    1. Humans love fucking. Ergo, more people.
    2. Healthcare has got significantly better.

    We have the capacity to hate. Animals do not. If you’re given that ability, you’ll use it. Humans need very little excuse to harm other living creatures.

  17. Bilbo

    GoH – no, obviously not. Read back my earlier ‘thought process’ point. If I was Israeli, I’d be up in arms. That said, they’re stupid if they think they are ‘going to win’ the war by desecrating the whole nation. No, they may win the battle but they’re almost certainly guaranteeing round II in the not too distant future.

    If your folks and siblings had been killed in bombing, your house flattened and, frankly you can’t remember the last time you had clean water, and had been forced to shuttle along the highway designated a safe zone and still bombed, reckon you might be keen for vengeance as and when the opportunity rises?

    Hamas runs Gaza through oppression, they’re not there through a proper functioning democracy. They aren’t being supported but, whatever support they did have, it may increase in the aftermath of this campaign.

  18. Guns of Hackney


    Don’t mean like the Americans used 911 as an excuse to go bomb Iraq?

    Also, to suggest that JFK didn’t think with his dick is laughable. He didn’t prevent nuclear war alone.

  19. Markymark

    At least GOH will get a chance to watch City when they turn up at his East Midlands local club for the preliminary cup rounds. Should be a fair match up. Hardened semi pros vs City youth.
    I’d imagine City will be an attractive team for any talented youth, opportunity for fast tracking and all that

  20. Bob N16

    Fuck the international break, Legrove becomes, for the most part, a stream of extreme thinking. The posters with the most extremist views tend to be the ‘ loudest’.Surely there are political blogs somewhere that are full of posters with like minded views.

    I can’t be alone on wanting to get away from the horrific news at the moment. The last thing I want is to read certain posters ‘world views’ on an Arsenal forum. Enough already.

  21. Muppetman

    I wanted Glen Helder on my shirt when I was a kid but my uncle told my parents that was a bad idea as he was shit. In hindsight he was correct. Probably be a collectors item now mind.

  22. Muppetman

    Did I see that he played left back yesterday? Can’t say I really follow the internationals with any interest. Strange would happily see Arsenal win prem/champions league over England winning World Cup. Probably down to tribalism in football as other sports rugby and cricket (probably best not to mention World Cup) I want them to win

  23. Un


    I have faith that Kai will come good here
    The goal this week will do him good
    He has the support and faith of his coach and team mates
    I believe he will come good
    I’m starting to see some energy and urgency in his game now
    He wants the ball
    I saw a bit on how he’s playing like a 9 in the role of an 8
    Simple touches, laying it off and looking to spin off and run behind but he will adapt
    His touch is good
    His finishing sucks arse holes though
    He could or should have 7-10 goals this season already really

  24. Samesong

    We replaced Xhaka for a potential player to come good at 65M it’s an absolute joke some of our fans copium. This isn’t personal. He’s just not suitable for us.

  25. Samesong

    And how much was Xhaka? Xhaka never went hiding. Had a bullet of a shot. Yes he was slow and done a few dumb things but he weren’t shy. That’s one thing.

  26. Muppetman

    Let’s not paint Xhaka as some messiah. Yes he had a good last season but majority of his career with Arsenal was pretty poor to be honest. Thats no excuse for Havertz I would add.

  27. Samesong

    Muppetman I’m not painting anyone. But is our replacement better than Xhaka? I don’t think so.

    I remember Dissenter saying let’s keep Xhaka for another year. That would of been better in my opinion rather than spending 65M on a dud

  28. X haka

    Xhaka ‘s new team, Leverkusen top of German League.

    Xhaka. Fabulous player and leader,

    The ultimate marmite player I guess.

    Havertz’ not a marmite player, he is a 100% dud and thats what really causing Micks outbursts.

  29. allezkev

    Chido Obi-Martin, only 15 years old, scored 10 goals vs Liverpool in an U16’s game the other day. It might only be youth football but this lad has made quite a name for himself in youth circles and seems to be being fast-tracked having appeared already for both the U19’s and U21’s. Notable also was that Max Downan scored two goals in the same game and he’s only 13.

  30. Markymark

    Fuck me the last 13 comments were football related! Keep em coming
    Un the way your post was set out – I thought you were going to set out your defence of Kai as a poem 😂

    Let’s hope the dude gets some confidence from somewhere! It does him or us no favours. Maybe this could be a start of something ready to pop

  31. Markymark

    Btw based on Everton admitting guilt but still being docked 10 points. I’d say Chelsea will be relegated as they have admitted to charges. City are denying and fighting so that is still to reach a conclusion

  32. Freddie Ljungberg

    Havertz will come good as long as we play opposition on the level of Turkeys national team every week.

    Now all we need to do is get relegated and the Kai contortionists can finally cease their uphill struggle against reality.

  33. Pierre

    When you think about it ، xhaka was always used as a stick to beat wenger with by the wenger obsessives.
    Ultimately the 35 mil or so we paid for him turned out to be a good piece of business ..

    Wenger said we xhaka came that he was a box to box midfielder and was ridiculed for saying it..

    Under wenger all competitions.
    2016/17…..7 goals and assists
    2017/18……11 goals and assists
    2018/19……9 goals and assists

    Without wenger all competitions
    2019/20…..3 goals and assists
    2020/21…..3 goals and assists
    2021/22 ….3 goals and assists

    Fortunately Arteta took Wenger’s advice and played Xhaka as a box to box midfielder in his final season، leading to an impressive 16 goals and assists.

    Of course Wenger couldn’t play Xhaka as a box to box midfielder as he had Ozil and cazorla/Ramsey occupying the middle alongside him..

    Despite that ، Xhaka still managed 27 goal contributions in 3 seasons ، compare that to xhaka under Emery and Arteta’s first 2 seasons he managed just 9 goal contributions in the 3 years.

    So when the wenger obsessives highlight Wenger’s supposedly one poor transfer window in 20 odd years they should take into consideration that xhaka was not a failure playing under wenger، it was when playing under Emery/Arteta that his numbers dropped significantly…

    I said from day one that Havertz should play deeper and now we have the German National team manager playing him at left back، don’t be surprised to see Havertz play a deeper role for Arsenal.

  34. WengerEagle

    Yaaaay, it’s yet another international break i.e ‘Politics Week’ on Le-Grove.

    Yeah, I think I’ll fuck off and return next week once football is back. Think I’d rather stick my face in a meat grinder than listen to another Hamas hot take.

  35. Bilbo

    Un, I was out and the convo moved on. For the record, I fully disagree with your points of view.

    Back to Le Arse, apparently the young chap who rattled in 10 goals is an absolute beast, well ahead of his age group in terms of physical development. The question is whether he can marry that with football IQ. There was an U14 in midfield who also mustard & one to watch out for.

  36. Bob N16

    ‘I said from day one that Havertz should play deeper and now we have the German National team manager playing him at left back، don’t be surprised to see Havertz play a deeper role for Arsenal.’

    Deeper than LB? GK it is then!

  37. Dissenter

    I don’t understand the basis of the possible civil law suits Burnley, Leicester and Leeds are supposedly filing against Everton.

    Seems to me that it’s not Everton they should be suing, it’s the premier league that’s the agency that is liable. ]

  38. Bob N16

    Those 10 goals and the score line begs a few questions. How could it happen? Are Liverpool u16s incredibly shit? Any chance it was televised as I for one would like to see the variety of goals.

    When I texted one of my Liverpool mates, he replied with ‘Fake news’ and a ‘crying with laughter’ emoji.

  39. Rich

    Havertz is 2 months older than Willock…

    I quite like Willock… in a transition based team, or a counter press team playing off the last line, he has the potential to be devastating…

    So I don’t disagree with Pierre that Willock has developed into a decent player, and in the right system can be effective.

    But according to Pierre, Willock is going to develop into one of the best No8s around..

    But apparently Havertz is really a Busquets style single pivot, who’s going to dictate play from deep.. Which seems far-fetched.

    Willock 24, has played 9,963 minute for Arsenal + Newcastle, with 35 career goal contributions….With a goal contribution every 284 minutes.

    Havertz 24, has played 24,075 minutes at club + international level, with 154 career goal contributions, with a goal contribution every 156 minutes.

    I wanted to give Havertz a fair chance, but he’s been here 4 months now, and while other than against Fulham + United where he stunk the place out, he hasn’t actually been as bad as some think….

    It’s just that he hasn’t represented anything resembling good value either…We haven’t spent £60-£65 million for 6.5/10s performances.

    There’s aspects of his game without the ball that are excellent, he does help keep us high up the pitch, but with the ball he’s left a lot to be desired…

    I’m not ready to give up on this one yet, but we certainly need to start seeing a lot more.

    He’s getting into good positions, but if he’s going to be a silent assassin… Then he has to become much more deadly.

  40. X haka

    Seems to me that it’s not Everton they should be suing, it’s the premier league that’s the agency that is liable. ]

    They tried to compete with the Big 6.
    The same big 6 , who told them to fuck off a while back, when the elites wanted a league without the likes of Everton and Leicester and West Ham etc

    They are now deducted 10 points
    Meanwhile Chelsea wipe off £1 billion of FFP debts, when Abramowich is exposed and forced to sell.

    I think thats called irony and a sign of the times,

  41. jwl

    The ladies are playing at Brighton this morning, my niece trying to get me interested with a bunch of texts before 8 am. The women squad bought a Canadian in summer, Cloe Lacasse, and she done terrific so far scoring a bunch of goals. My niece is full of excitement about the CDN lady doing well for gunners, she hasn’t shut up about Lacasse since she arrived a few months ago and now she sings Lacasse song as well.

  42. Dissenter

    It’s crazy that a manager who had the chutzpah to call poor refereeing decisions disgraceful attacked relentlessly whilst a club that demonstrably cheated like Everton is being defended by the likes of Gary Neville and Carragher.

  43. jwl

    Dissenter – your comments earlier got me thinking, its interesting question about who do you sue. Everton were cheating but authorities didn’t enforce their rules adequately. Eve obviously benefitted by not getting relegated last season but that only happen because prem league doesn’t want to apply their strict financial rules. The fa are more worried about presenting image of clean league than focus on reality of cheating owners.

  44. Bilbo

    I think suing Everton makes sense, at least because they broke the rules, potentially benefitted as a result and the relegated clubs – some of which may have stayed up otherwise – can now claim ‘loss of earnings’.

    It’s going to be Pandora’s box, though. Didn’t Everton beat us in Apr last year? Can we now sue? And on… and on

  45. Pierre

    Take it from me Rich ، Willock will prove to be a better and more effective player than Havertz if Eddie Howe plays him higher up the pitch instead of a more disciplined midfield role that he has played so far under Howe…

  46. Bilbo

    I will still support Kai and was defo keen to not call him a chump before he’d even put on the shirt – remember the MLS all star skills game nonsense – but he’s been pony and we need to see some return on the 65m sooner rather than later. The danger was always that, if he continued at Arsenal as he did at Chelsea, it looks less like he was the victim of a chaotic club and actually the man is just a bit shit.

  47. Pierre

    “But apparently Havertz is really a Busquets style single pivot, who’s going to dictate play from deep.. Which seems far-fetched.”

    What is far fetched is your belief that Havertz will ever produce good numbers in the form of goal contributions.

    I look at Havertz as a player who likes to keep it simple ، doesn’t take risks with the ball، has very little pace in his passing ، has a poor technique when volleying and shooting at goal and although defensively his heading is good ، his heading in front of goal leaves a lot to be desired…

    What I will say is Havertz replacing Odegaard has made us more solid as a team as Havertz doesn’t tend to chase the ball as much as Odegaard so consequently he maintains his position in midfield we are not affected by transitions from the opposition، plus of course Havertz is way better than Odegaard defending our box at set pieces ، as we all know Odegaard doesn’t even look at the ball defending set pieces.

    In saying that ، if Odegaard can become the creative force again that he is capable of then of course he is a better option than Havertz.
    Unfortunately he has yet to register an assist from open play which is unsurprising as he has only created 2 big chances all season..

    It will be interesting to see how Arteta sees things ، will he prefer the solid midfield of jorginho، Rice and Havertz or will he revert back to Rice as 6، with Havertz and Odegaard either side ، which would be slightly unfair on jorginho as it has worked quite well with the jorginho/Havertz/Rice partnership، they seem to have a good understanding together on the pitch.

    Away to Brentford when we return will give us a good idea on how Arteta wants the team to play ….solid and reliable or open and expansive، I have a feeling his preference atm is solid and reliable.

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Prem won’t have the bottle to relegate city n chavs…
    Be a point deduction for next season plus 3 figure million fine

  49. Rich


    “Havertz 24, has played 24,075 minutes at club + international level, with 154 career goal contributions, with a goal contribution every 156 minutes.”

    That’s a significant sample size, and those numbers for a 24 yr old are actually decent, particularly as he’s been shunted all over the place.

    I know this was a long time ago, but watch these first time finishes, and the timing of his runs into the box… He’s 24, not 29… These types of finishes clearly aren’t beyond him.

    This doesn’t look like a player who can’t finish, he looks like a player who’s confidence is utterly shot…

    I don’t know how it’ll work out… But considering the significance outlay, we really need this to work, Havertz needs to relax and start enjoying his football again.

    But Havertz is not some Busquets style single pivot… He could do a job in a double pivot,,, But I don’t see him holding a midfield on his own like Partey or Rice.

  50. allezkev

    Yes Nigel, he’s potentially, alongside Nwaneri and Lewis Skelly, among the best we’ve got coming out of the academy.

  51. Bilbo

    Rich, definitely agree on that front: Havertz’s confidence is definitely shot. When we get some more bodies back we should take him out of the firing line, work with him on the training and reintroduce gradually.

    I was hoping the penalty he scored might turn the tide and, judging by his teammates’ insistence on him taking it, I wasn’t alone. Sadly, though, it seems to have made little impact.

  52. Positive pete

    When it comes to punishment with regards to the Chavs & o oilers.The gold standard has already beeen set.Has to be of an equivalent nature to how both Rangers & Juventus were punished.Nothing less.
    Relegation to the fourth division,A transfer embargo up to & including the first year back in the prem,( whenever that might occur) & stripped of titles Of course the fly in the ointment will be those clubs seeking compensation because of their actions.That ought to sort out the fines( they can afford it)
    Now the question is Will current owners then decide to jump ship? Interesting.

  53. Bilbo

    Saracens were up to the same tricks as City and finally got caught out, taking a 35 point deduction and a fine if I recall correctly. They took their medicine – not sure I can imagine the City regime fronting up anytime soon.

  54. Chris

    That France score vs Gibraltar (who were admittedly down to ten players for most of the game) just tells a story that a lot of these qualifiers are a waste of time. What did either team truly learn from that game?

    Surely for the Euros tournament itself they could make it 32 teams instead of 24, top 24 co-efficient teams in Europe automatically in the finals. The next 30 or so have to qualify for the last 8 spots. Likely to be a more evenly based contest where smaller nations can actually score more wins than they normally might.

    And we are all saved from the drudgery of matches like England vs Malta were most people probably fell asleep

  55. X haka

    And we are all saved from the drudgery of matches like England vs Malta were most people probably fell asleep

    England v Malta , attendance 80 000+
    France v Gibraltar, attendance 60 000+

    The modern supporters clearly like it.

    Us, proper supporters know its a load of bollocks.

  56. gnarleygeorge9

    “All things bright & beautiful, all creatures great & small.

    Australia won the Ashes, world test championship & World Cup, & bazzball won fuck all.” 😝🏆