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Well, PGMOL did exactly what I said they’d do… 10 days after the Newcastle game, they planned their counter-attack on Mikel Arteta and they totally botched it.

How bad?

Michael Owen was calling the media ‘scumbags’ after the show went out and went full Donald Trump on the perception of the interview when he said ‘most people thought the show was insightful and educational.’

The show was not.

They cut the output to suit Howard Webb, they chose a docile host who’d already signaled his obedience with tweets before the show, and they managed to botch the offside rule in front of the country.

Needless to say, the reaction from all corners of Premier League fandom was absolutely brutal, this was a total failure of process, and a PR disaster for Howard Webb.

I cannot say it enough times: Your big idea as CEO of PGMOL cannot be ‘cozy up with the big pundits and gaslight the fans.’

G-Nev, Carragher, and Owen all thought they had the celebrity might to pull one over the fans… and no one is having it. Those guys like being liked, they’ll come crawling back to the middle on this in no time and correct their erroneous ways. Then what does Howard Webb have? Nothing.

PGMOL can only win hearts and minds with big ideas, cutting change, and consistent results on the pitch.

Howard Webb can’t deliver that. He’s part of the furniture. He cannot be an ideas man because he’s too deep in the trenches with incapable talent he would probably class as family.

No one is ever honest with family. Hard truths are glossed over. We accept mediocrity, character flaws, and incompetence in those we love. That’s why Mike Dean saved his mate from a bad day at Chelsea versus calling the correct decision. That’s why Lee Mason was rehired just months after a brutal public sacking. They are all family.

Anyway… amusing to see Owen feel the burn after siding with PGMOL propaganda.

Innnnnnn other news…

Gabi Jesus was sent to Brazil despite limping into the hotel lobby on official social channels. Why did he have to go? What was the point? This is a country that benched him for RICHARLISON. Now they want to wheel him out injured? It pains me to see.

Our friends over at Highbury Squad dropped a monster podcast with Aaron Ramsdale’s dad… and it was not pretty. (here)

He had a few too many drinks and went PROUD DAD on his son. As a parent who celebrates my child stacking two boxes on top of each other, I can see why Nick Ramsdale went nuclear on Mikel and the choice to pick David Raya over his son. But it was a bad idea. People are desperate to pretend it’s not important and Arteta won’t care… but he will. Not that it has changed anything. Aaron will be out the door in January and that will be that. It’s a shame, but I do think the lack of focus has cost him. The performances on the pitch were bad, but the podcasting and media darling aspect at the same time hasn’t helped him.

Podcasts will win you fans outside the club, but I’m not sure over-saturating yourself in the media helps you in an Arteta dressing room.

Last section, there’s a very interesting battle of ideas going off regarding the atmosphere at The Emirates.

It has declined.

There was a lot of denial at the start of the season that this was the case, but now everyone has caved, and the verdict is in: we’re back to having a limp atmosphere.

The least convincing excuse is: ‘expectations have changed’

I’d buy it if the only thing that changed between last season and now was contending the title.

Before you determine why something isn’t working – you have to understand what made it tick in the first place.


When clubs engage meaningfully with supporters and take on their ideas, it improves the vibes in the stadium. A very simple idea, but if you ask fans how to make things noisy, take their ideas on board, and implement them. You’re on a good path. Arsenal engaged with fans extensively and we know this because they said it in the NYT.


Again, another basic. People that go to a lot of games understand the norms in a stadium and that makes it easier for everyone to vibe. There’s a reason things feel very different between a Premier League game and an Emirates Cup outing. Different people bring different energy. Stadiums with elite atmospheres generally have a lot of repeat fans.

For the older crowd that read this blog… remember how sterile it was going from Highbury to The Ems? That’s why familiarity is important. It took years to break the staleness because it took years to care about those around you.


If you’re American, you get this term. If you’re an 80s fan, this would be the terrace fans. If you’re Italian, it’d be the Ultras. Creating a section in the stadium that is dedicated to fans who sing, wave flags, and hit drums is essential to creating a great vibe. In MLS, those sections are 3000 strong. In Dortmund, their singing stand is called the yellow wall and it’s 25,000 strong. It doesn’t matter the weather, the score, the performance, these fans keep the vibe banging. Arsenal did this with the AA, we know this, because they spoke about it in the NYT.

The caveat is the group was exposed for disgusting antisemitism that came out in The Guardian. There’s no excuse for that. But I’m working off the notion that the club dealt with it – because they said they did. You can’t hold a whole group accountable for the actions of a few.

EXPECTATIONS: When you’re doing a root-cause analysis in a blog – I don’t think it’s prudent to try and gauge something ethereal like expectation. 50,000 people all deciding at once that they are too good for singing because they now expect Arsenal to win the title doesn’t really work for me. It’s an especially odd conclusion considering how well we’ve been doing this season. Did Arsenal fans all decide to can the singing because we’re… 2 points off top in the EPL and top of our CL group? Doesn’t work for me. If expectation shifts were a problem then tell me how being exactly where you need to be if you want to win the league kills fan mood in the stadium?

Ok, so now we know what worked – let’s talk about what changed.

NEW: LESS ENGAGEMENT. Now, take what certain fans groups say with a pinch of salt… but the AA crowd say that club engagement has stopped with them. The club don’t listen to their ideas, approve their tifos, and they’ve cut their tickets.

I don’t know why that’s happened – it might be because they don’t want to deal with folk that caused embarrassment to them. If that’s the case, fine. But don’t kill the core idea and assume only one group is interested in making noise. Broaden the group. Encourage new ones. Work out a way to get the spirit of a supporter section into the stadium.

Cutting 200 tickets (0.03% of the stadium) to 150 is counter-productive. It also looks like the club is saying ‘we’re cool again, so we don’t need your aggro.’

NEW: LESS FAMILIARITY. I don’t want to go too far down a rabbit hole because #TicketDrama twitter is by far the most boring thing I read on the internet. But the message from the big voices was clear.

  1. Loyalty has been usurped
  2. The priority is access for more people
  3. It is harder for people to shift tickets

Now, I understand the thinking here. Having to spend 8 years going to Bolton away to get a home ticket ain’t right, but people did it so they could get access to single tickets. That’s all in the bin and the club has moved to random ballots. Red members have an 11% chance of a ticket, Silver has been 32%.

So here me out here – first-timers should be welcome. I am a TOURIST fan myself, and I should be welcome because I write all these free blogs. But you cannot ignore the reality of what newness brings… unfamiliarity. Arsenal ain’t the same as it used to be for me. I don’t sing because I don’t know anyone in the section. It’s just different. That doesn’t make me less of a fan – it’s just my reality. If you’re a tourist fan, stop complaining on Twitter you’re the same as regulars because you’re not. That doesn’t mean you don’t care, or you aren’t passionate, it just means you don’t fully get the vibe because you are new.

Back to what has changed: Were we seeing complaints of early leavers last season? Were people taking videos of empty seats? Were people saying the atmosphere was grim? No. No. No.

At a corporate level – you are celebrating the right things.

  • Ticket touts aren’t flogging spares for £400 a piece
  • More NEW fans are getting into the stadium
  • We aren’t dealing with supporters that bring reputational risk to the club

… but at the same time.

The stadium feels more sterile because there are lots of first-timers.

The designated noise makers have lost 25% of their already pitiful allocation and they feel ignored.

The new balloting system riles everyone up the wrong way.

… and the final point: The vibes are not immaculate in the stadium.

It is very hard getting people to contribute to a great atmosphere. When it happens, document why the magic is happening, pour petrol all over it, and light a match. Don’t hide behind ‘nuanced’ or ‘complicated’ especially if we’ve seen heard the promised land.

It doesn’t take much to damage vibes – and too much change will do that. This season, it looks like the tinkering has broken something. Maybe the club should spend less time arming their online allies with sound bites to defend the problem and more time working out how they achieved greatness.*

After all, no one wants to sit in a quiet stadium, especially the players.

(*Hint: take a look at the Rory Smith New York Times article and try that again.)


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Journo on twitter –

“Everton set to receive -12 Points deduction by the end of this week due to a breach of financial fair play. Commissioners have decided. Everton will be bottom of the PL with 2 points.”


JWL – ouch that’s gotta hurt . Still think they’ve got a good chance of staying up since their recent revival


Everton set to get a 12 point deduction, Which would leave them with 2 points.

Could get lucky though, this season 3-4 clubs look so bad, they’ll fancy their chances of still getting out.

I’d be surprised if Luton, Burnley, Sheffield United, got anywhere near 30 points this season… On their current trajectory

Bournemouth 28
Luton 19 points
Sheffield United 15
Burnley 12


If they deduct 12 points from Everton then surely they have to punish the Chelseas and city properly

Can’t be one rule for the weak and another for the sheikhs/oligarchs


Exactly, the bigger issue is Everton getting a points deduction meanwhile the bigger elephant’s in the room continue in the business as usual category.

Have to assume City will skate thru having sorted the model out by winning so much and the past will be the part thats not talked about. Breaking record profits tends to do that but Chelsea has done nothing but run roughshot for years, regardless of owner. New guy friskier than last and January will be no different expect Osimhen on crazy money. Havertz springs to mind in the why category even more.


Imagine it was ESR that went to national competition injured with the hope of playing or being managed to play which could backfire and keep him out for lengthy period of club matches, Arteta would put on his “non negotiables’ shirt and pedro and his ilks would lap whatever he says up but since it’s Galaxy brain’s favourite, nobody is talking or asking questions. This favouritism is one of the reasons why we lost out last season, Trossard was on fire till Gab Jesus was available and Tross was immediately binned. Tross is keeping it together for us now but… Read more »

Ernest Reed

“ Everton set to get a 12 point deduction, Which would leave them with 2 points.‘

What a load of bollocks! And both ManCity and Chelsea laugh all the way to the bank?

I would be flat out shocked if they do not launch an appeal. You can’t have the others openly flaunt the rules and then punish the little guy simply because you can. Spineless and gutless move on the FA’s part, but equally not surprising given their track record.

Belfast Gooner

I cannot stand Everton. I’d be delighted to see them go down. But it feels like they are getting penalised because they are a soft target compared to City or Chelsea, who will throw dozens of lawyers at their cases to delay and frustrate things.


‘’ Odegaard is sulking because Rice is the alpha in midfield and in the team‘’

You do come out with a lot of shit


Couldn’t disagree with you more Pedro The new ballot system has finally made it possible to get tickets. I lost hours of time virtual queuing before to get tickets using my so called Silver Membership that i have forked out a fortune for over the years. And while in those queues I find the bots have taken them all. Now I have been successful in 4 games so far (including Brighton) with combinations of 2,3 or 4 tickets (I have 4 silver memberships for the family).and I haven’t been able to apply for them all. Furthermore my experience of the… Read more »


You really need medical attention


“I cannot stand Everton. I’d be delighted to see them go down. But it feels like they are getting penalised because they are a soft target compared to City or Chelsea, who will throw dozens of lawyers at their cases to delay and frustrate things.”

Well said … the double standards and hypocrisy of the league is shameful

X haka

Everton rightly banned 12 points

But Arsenal , Spurs, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool should have all been chucked out of the EPL for their super league power grab.

City should then get further punishment for the 115 charges and Chelsea should also face further points sanctions for off the books payments.


Vickingz has gotta be the worst/funniest troll ever

Luteo Guenreira

Just seen that our u21 squad got walloped 5-2 against Reading even with Reiss Nelson and Fabio Vieira playing for them.

Fabio probably cost more than the entire Reading senior team and can’t even get past the junior squad.

Luteo Guenreira

Been averaging a failed midfield signing per summer for the last few years, progressively spending more money but not really making an impact.

2021 – Sambi Lokonga £17million
2022- Fabio Vieira £29.9 million + £4.4m add ons
2023 – Kai Havertz £65 million


I simply don’t agree that Ramsdale’s performances weren’t good enough. Raya is also not doing any better and arguably worse at some things.
Same double standards apply with Smith Rowe, I don’t see how he would do any worse playing left eight compared to Havertz.


Ramsdale wasn’t doing bad at all. Raya could have been brought in as a challenger to him . Not as a replacement. Can’t believe the people believing Raya is better. On what parameters? Better distribute? NO. Better shot taker? No. Better clean sheet? No.

Ramsdales has executed few of the most spectacular saves in last one year. Haven’t seen any such from Raya yet.


I asked my son, who goes regularly to the home games, if he’d noticed any drop off in the atmosphere and he said that he hadn’t, he just said it was probably the media looking to dig out Arsenal again.

I’ve only been once, PSV Eindhoven, and it was rocking..

Nigel Tufnel

Ramsdale is a better pure stopper. That’s it. Period. Raya is a much better distributor on long balls. Stats back that up. Raya is a little better at short and medium distribution. Raya is MUCH better at claiming crosses and high balls from set pieces and corners. Stats show he does it 3 times as often than Rambo. It actually seems like more that. Raya is a better sweeper, and he actually takes Artetas instructions to play that way, while Ramsdale admitted to resisting those instructions from the manager. It’s fine if you don’t like Arteta, but it’s silly to… Read more »


Hang on Raya is better at calmly holding crosses vs tipping them into dangerous positions but he’s been caught in the wrong position and badly beaten by crosses(Mudryk vs Newcastle) and that’s twice in the last few matches


Mudryk and vs Newcastle *


Is the international break over yet ffs I’m bored out of my mind

Might just start some beef

Guns of SF go fuck yourself


Vickingz has gotta be the worst/funniest troll ever

More people are awakening to the glaring reality that he is such a sad, pathetic bloke.


Ramsdales has executed few of the most spectacular saves in last one year. Haven’t seen any such from Raya yet.

Wow. So spectacular saves define the better keeper? Remember the spectacular gaffes that led to goals against us last year, as well?


not according to the political polls it’s not . Labour ( soft Brexit ) Liberal (anti Brexit ) votes are far greater at the moment and have been baked in for the last 12 months compared to Cons ( hard Brexit ) reform ultra brexiteers Madly mark Only because conservative voters are disillusioned and will abstain from voting This isn’t a strong Labour Party. It’s just the only cunts willing to bother their arse voting are foreigners with an agenda and the far leftists. Everyone else seems to have turned their backs on the system after years of authoritarian sanctions… Read more »


Football has become a modern bastion of the middle and upper classes, characterised by expensive tickets and corporate hospitality.

Nigel Tufnel

China, If that positioning by Raya brings an occasional fluke goal like Murdicks, I’m fine with it. We gain so much more by that positioning and style, as well as the risk he’s instructed to take in playing higher, sweeping. I’ll take it gladly. Ramsdale got beat from halfway one time last season, and we never heard the end of it from gooners. Every bad result is the end of the world. I know I’m right because none other than Arteta himself has made the same calculation. We gain much more this way. As if Ramsdale or anyone else would… Read more »


Nigel ‘I know I’m right because none other than Arteta himself has made the same calculation. We gain much more this way.’ Mate that’s not how it works. You may or may not be right. I like ramsdale and I also am hopeful that Raya is great over the course of a season. We’ll benefit if he is But the logic that you’re right because you have the same opinion as a manager is deeply flawed. Managers are literally sacked every few weeks because they have judgment errors all the time. The ones who are most successful and last the… Read more »


Wenger is the greatest arsenal manager of all time and has a list of regrets longer than anyone. His ‘nearly signed 11’ is basically the greatest squad of all time (including the bench).

If wenger even in his peak could get things wrong (he did, he’s human) then I wouldn’t invest too much energy in assuming everything arteta thinks must be right. And that’s not a slight against Mikel, it’s just an observation that he’s not god lol


You know you are pedestrian if all you do is attacking the messenger and not the message. If Gab Jesus had done this under Wenger, you morons would be here calling names but under your lord and saviour Arteta, it’s not worth talking about. Have you asked yourselves why we bought Gab Jesus and if he’s as much as done just a bit of what we bought him for? Gab Jesus said he was shown his games and stats at city and he was told he’d be scoring more goals, that’s how he got convinced to sign for us. How… Read more »


Lacazette >>>>>>> Gab Jesus



How did fergie justify veron Forlan, Anderson or even berbatov
Something fishy there


Larssonnwas a better signing than verbatim for untied



“Una mind no go touch ground”

Lay off the drugs or get a new translator app


I think all the back and forth regarding transfers just reflects that so many do not work out. We are lucky that Rice has banged for us. Jesus has done an excellent job when fit and one can look at the World Cup and see how disruptive it was to hold it when they did. The great mystery is Havertz, this is where it maybe possible to look towards Arteta’s ego where he thinks he can get something nobody else could. The Raya saga has been mishandled from start to finish. Cana should be dispersed with and a new coach… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

China, I knew people would hate that line about Arteta being right lol.. But honestly I think he’s one of the best young managers in the world. If I agree with him on some aspects of the game, I consider myself in good company. I’ll happily take his side over Hackney and Mg42-gd4 if that’s ok. Further evidence is the clowns who still pine for Emi Martinez to this day… Let me know when Emi’s club beats out any of Liverpool, Arsenal, or ManCity to win the league- all who employ keepers the opposite of Martinez, who is an anachronism… Read more »


Lacazette didn’t score much, couldn’t run for more than 65m without needing to come off from exhaustion and lacked most of the build up qualities which Jesus has

Jesus doesn’t score enough and is very silly for trying to play for Brazil when unfit. But if you think laca was better then I dunno what to say…


Jesus is far more effective than laxazette although both perform similar functions for the team
Lava couldn’t dribble and run like Jesus and didn’t have the same power



Why are you a clown if you consider selling Martinez a mistake?

Freddie Ljungberg


Because you don’t agree with Nigel/Arteta. Duh.


Nigel the mention of MG42->GD4->RP7 will set off the klaxons in the compound. One of em’ will pop up spitting bile


Martinez is the best keeper we’ve had since Jens
Maybe better than jens
It was absolutely the wrong decision to sell him in my opinion just as signing Willian was and re signing subs when he clearly was preventing g the team from playing football
Mistakes happen. Doesn’t make you a clown to point them out


Those castigating GJ for honouring a national call up are not conversant with fifa rules. A footballer is obligated to report to camp once called up A club is obligated to release players one they are called up. A team manager may discuss the availability of players privately with national coaches. The Brazilian coach insisted on GJs presence because he felt Arteta hadn’t been totally honest with him for the previous GM injury. Martinelli didn’t report to camp due to injury but then appeared in the next fixture for us and even scored. There are serious sanctions for any breaches… Read more »

1970 Gooner


‘The great mystery is Havertz’

I’m with you all the way on that! Maybe some folks on here that used to lampoon Xhaka might now be realising what a bloody good player he was. Especially last season.


Jesus will be slower than Laca when he returns from his latest injury


Jesus is like Gervinho minus the forehead



“By the way, Viking is obviously Nigerian! ”

Makes sense


Blaming Arteta for Martinez departure is absurd. Everybody knows he tried his hardest to keep him but his demands for staying were excessive.


Arteta quote in 2020 – When it comes down to the goalkeeper, he [Cana] has a big say on how we are going to implement our methodology, how we are going to train them and how we are going to treat the goalkeeping position in the short, medium and long term.

By the above Cana should be sacked


Englandbest Nọr sure he tried his hardest. Martinez wanted the kind of assurances GJ and Raya got (Martinez is the kind of player you make excuses for) but Arteta didn’t give it to him. It’s that simple. It was an error in judgement by Arteta and he’s learned by giving assurances to players he feels are key for him—the non negotiable nonsense was not going to last anyways. It’s what all novice managers do to stamp authority and they almost always end up sacked cos of it. Arteta would have been gone at any other club but he was lucky… Read more »


I just find it very strange how Arteta approved the Ramsdale move in the first place.

He was below average with the ball at his feet at Sheffield Utd and his positioning was much deeper than Arteta clearly demands from his keeper. Can only think that Arteta didn’t have much of a say in this one.


People talking like Ramsdale is Almunia lol

Guy was one of the best keepers in the PL last season. He has some weaknesses which Raya is supposed to address. But the revisionism about him being bad is beyond ridiculous


Ramsdale certainly isn’t below average with the ball at his feet., that simply isn’t true, he’s not elite, but he’s one of the better ones: Long passing stats from goalkeepers are misleading, because while winning the first ball helps, it’s not necessarily about that, it’s about relieving pressure… Then re-applying pressure. Teams can lose the first ball, but still pick up the scraps in the counter press, then potentially win the ball back in a dangerous area of the pitch, and create direct goal scoring actions. Long passing is more about winning the situation, relieving pressure in your own… Read more »


So much recency bias against Ramsdale
Now they are talking likes he’s some shite keeper, forgetting that there’s a reason his voted him into the premier league team of the season.


For me, the club needs to just find a way to bring this to a swift end.
I don’t think getting g a solid back up goalie is that hard, not unless you have our goal keeping coach making of mess of it repeatedly
City have won the league three consecutive times with back up goalies that aren’t big names. It shouldn’t be that hard.


Tikpo, no mind Vickingz, im dey on kolos on kolos


Everywhere she goes, poor little Nigel gets battered … LMAO this dude is as welcome as an agitated skunk at a tea party.
But there’s always Marky with his Saville like grin and willing embrace to run to … smh


Nobody is calling Ramsdale bad, but just ok isn’t going to help you win major trophies.


If teams have a backup goalkeeper for more than 1-2 seasons, that’s likely unhealthy, because they then have a player who’s too comfortable with not playing.

Same with the 3rd choice keeper… We shouldn’t really have a 3rd choice keeper longer than 1 season.. I’m surprised Hein isn’t kicking up a stink.

He should be doing what Okonkwo has done at Crewe, Sturm Graz, and now Wrexham, which is prioritising playing time at senior level, and gaining experience.

Steady churn in the backup goalkeeping positions isn’t just inevitable, it’s also perfectly healthy, and just the natural cycle of things.


Ramsdale’s old man certainly isn’t doing him any favours by bleating to the press every few weeks either.

Doesn’t scream strong character exactly. He’s not some kid, he’s a 25 year old grown man.


Where is Ramsdale going to go?… I flat don’t buy the idea we’d loan him out in January, not without a cast-iron obligation. City + Liverpool are both set. United have invested big money in Onana. Newcastle have Pope Spurs have a new keeper, who the media are wanking furiously over, and I’m not convinced we’d sell to them anyway, Chelsea?.. Have just spent mid-money on Sanchez Villa have Martinez West Ham have Areola?.. There’s no other PL clubs who are likely to spunk north of £20 million on a goalkeeper. alongside matching Ramsdale’s wages. Bayern Munich have been linked,… Read more »


Hahahaha! Glad to link up with Nigerian paddies.

“Martinez wanted the kind of assistances GJ and Maya got”

Not sure it would have been wise to have given Martinez assurances on the evidence of all of 15 games. Arteta had the benefit of historical records of performances from GJ and Raya.
While Martinez has gone on to establish himself at Villa, I won’t shed any tears. We have done well enough in that department since he left. No use crying over spilled milk.


*Martinez wanted assurances*


I don’t think Chelsea are overly set on Sanchez and, given Kepa/Mendy’s recent travails, it’s not necessarily unrealistic to assume they could be in the market for a new keeper if they’re on the fence. Beyond that, there’s a few other PL clubs who could reasonably look at Rambo as an upgrade: West Ham, Palace, N Forest, Wolves, Bournemouth and Fulham. If we were to show Rambo the door, it would be nice if we could look at our scouting network and try to bring in someone young who we think has a high ceiling. As well as having a… Read more »


A fair few British players are making the jump to Serie A now. Loftus-Cheek and Tomori are performing really well for Milan, that Scottish LB Hickey and Ferguson have done well for Bologna, Smalling and Young before have done a good job there too. Even Abraham have an impressive first season there, not sure what’s happened since. Surely it’s easier for keepers to make the transition to Italy than outfielders? Hart just lost all confidence and his ego was destroyed after Pep tossed him aside but he was an elite and international keeper and captain in his prime, but different… Read more »


WE – the problem with Serie A (to be honest most leagues outside of Pl) is they are operating in a parallel financial world: whatever we just renewed Rambo on will be significantly above what most Serie A clubs can afford, certainly for a GK. Unless we are prepared to slash the fee this prohibits a transfer.

The PL is it’s own little island….


Jesus’s situation is annoying. He better not be silly, overexert and zealously play the 2nd qualifier. IF Jesus so much tweaks a fibre of his hammy or something while over there with the NT doing rehab or whatever, Arsenal must lodge a conplaint with FIFA on Brazil FA. Jesus can be seen limping a bit when walking into the arrival hall in Brazil. How can a player in that shape be allowed to travel? Not exactly a 3 hour flight, was it? That, I’d blame Arsenal for not standing firm enough on the issue. Apparently we aren’t wrong as Brazil… Read more »

Matt B

WE: Don’t you remember the Leicester game? It wasn’t just that save, but his kicking, that was a highlight — especially his long-distance kicks. The difference between him and Leno was so marked.

He started off brilliantly for us and has slowly declined. And that’s the issue for me — it should have been the reverse and that’s why so many of us have question over the GK coach (amongst many other GK issues we’ve had these last few years)…


Columbia vs Brazil and then Brazil vs Argentina in World Cup qualifiers, are likely to be full blooded affairs as well…

Martinelli has apparently been training at centre forward for Brazil.

Last time Martinelli came back late from internationals, then played in the PL against Spurs on the Sunday, he pulled him hamstring.

Need to be careful with the 3 Gabby’s against Brentford, if Jesus plays against Argentina, we certainly should be risking him 3 days later.

Same with Tomi who plays in Syria with Japan on Tuesday.

Hopefully Southgate is sensible with Saka + Rice.


Whenever I think of Loftus Cheek I think of the lunge he made into Thomas Partey in a ‘friendly’ that put his out of the opening months of 2021-22.


Cyprus files sounds pretty cinematic. All kinds of lovely tidbits coming out about Roman’s time at Chelsea, like a £7.5m payment to Hazard’s agent via Cyprus bank to convince him to sign on after giving Arsenal the green light. It’s only going to get murkier.

Meanwhile going to difficult to punish the club w/ new ownership.


GD4 – sounds like it was you who got the Saville treatment from your ex partner.
You’re the only one on this site who attacked a player because it reminded you of previous abuse you received The rest of us on here are mature enough to separate any personal issues from our posting. Seek help


Oh Jummy Marky don’t cry sweetie.
Your creepy old man act finally caught up with ya.
You’re the only one here who’ keeps chasing men and giving grown men Jimmy vibes … not of advice: find grannies of your own age group mate.


GD4 – bizarre totally bizarre. You come on here crying because you were abused you take it out on a player then you try and blame me or other posters. The only one crying is you . Seek help


Anyway back to football, and lemme ignore Jimmy and his sidekick. The main reason the Emirates isn’t electric is because the fan base is divided over our recruitment and the quality of play. Last season we were fresh, electric and more than anything, United,! At lease until the World Cup break and January signing period. The injuries and questions of loyalties towards new signings slowly eroded our common outlook. The off-season made it even worse. In the summer of ‘22, i still remember how we flew out the gates in the preseason in America versus Chelsea and never looked back.… Read more »


Jimmy go away and touch Nigel and your pet sheep.


GD4 – your vibes are due to your problems. We can continue this conversation about the abuse you went through or not? No issues from me but I’d seek help if I was you.


Ramsdale should be added to the long list of players we have made a loss from their sales, the list goes on. How much profit have we made since Arteta came in? Oh, we may even pay Ramsdale off as this seems to be our forte now. Guys, I’m not on kolos, you can’t take that shit around me. The way it works on legrove as laid down by Pedro is that if all these were under Wenger, Pedro would criminalize it all and put it on Wenger, we are just a win away from him throwing jabs at Wenger… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Un, You know me, I go over the top sometimes. Truth is, I didn’t want Emi to leave. We were forced to sell, and got a fair offer for that time that we had to take. My problem is this : We fans didn’t know at that time what kind of team of possession, build up, pressing that was being planned by Arteta and Edu from the beginning. Emi was such a strong keeper compared to Leno, that Arteta gave him the starting job, and we all agreed. He wanted 100% assurances from Arteta that we know he would never… Read more »


Apparently Arteta is set to be backed with £50 million for a midfielder in January… Zubimendi was my second choice behind Caicedo in the summer, but at less than half price, offers better value. I wouldn’t say no to an upgrade in any area.. But based on the biggest weaknesses within our squad, I’d either take a versatile midfield who can also invert into midfield from full back.. Or a versatile right sided defender in the mould of White. I’m not recommending we do this… But if Chelsea offered Mudryk for Ramsdale… I wouldn’t be surprised if Arteta went for… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

“He was below average with the ball at his feet at Sheffield Utd and his positioning was much deeper than Arteta clearly demands from his keeper. Can only think that Arteta didn’t have much of a say in this one” WengerEagle- sounds like you don’t understand the job of scouts. Obviously they were tasked with watching Ramsdale for SIGNS that he could play with the ball and distribute well, not just long. Even though his team had him as a stopper and hoofing it long a lot. That’s what they’re paid to do. It’s laughable hubris that grovers think they’re… Read more »


Rich you still want Mudryk?
Nah he gives me too many Havertz vibes.
No more Chelsea flops please

X haka

Mudryk is shit.
And he was particularly shit against 9 men Spurs the other week.

Raw ingredients? So have all our youth players.,like Nelson.

Let’s give them ago, rather than keeping spending money on dross.

Does Mick intend to use any of the youth team players, ever?


Rich, you’ve really given a lot of thought into something that will never happen.

X haka

‘Incredibly raw’ a euphemism for Incredibly shit in my eyes.

Like these incredibly raw international breaks that happen every month.



I don’t want Mudryk at Arsenal…. I just wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea wanted Ramsdale and there was a reasonable deal to be done… If Arteta went for it.


Rich – I agree I can see it happening

X haka

From what I have seen from both players with their technical ability.

Ramsdale woukd be a better winger than Mudryk.

Bob N16

I’m up for Zubimendi.

I strongly believe getting another CM in would be our best use of £50m. If we can get the Xhaka upgrade finally sorted, we would be far less dependent on Rice, who’s holding the midfield together brilliantly and Partey’s unavailability would be far less of a concern.

If Partey was available, Rice’s minutes could be managed and it wouldn’t be a complete disaster if Rice was out for a few games.

Guns of SF

This ball playing keeper shit is overrated.
We have not benefited from that to be fair.
Id rather get a better shot stopper, commander in the box. Emi was my guy too. Had a strong streak of toughness as well.
Anyhow, that ship has sailed, along with getting any Argies in the future

Guns of SF

Mudryk, not the sharpest tool in the shed. All sprint speed without much technical

Nigel Tufnel

I worry about that too.. An occasional day off for Rice would be a great thing. I don’t like this pressure for him to play 90+ every single match.
With a 2 goal lead after 60 minutes I’d like to see elneny come on occasionally.


With a 2 goal lead after 60 minutes I’d like to see elneny come on occasionally.

This makes sense in principal but, with the extra periods of injury time being added this season, there may well be another 40 minutes to go in this situation.



The absence of injury prone players go way beyond just their own absence, because it also increases the workload of other players, who also then risk breaking down.

If we want to stop all the dominos from falling down, we need to identify and eliminate the first few domino’s, that have the potential to bring down all the rest.

My biggest concern around Partey isn’t his own absence, which is a big enough kick in the teeth as a single issue… It’s that we also ending up breaking Rice through our inability to rest + rotate.

Bob N16

Zubimendi is very two footed and appears to have good footballing intelligence. With Timber unavailable for the foreseeable future, Zubimendi could if need be cover at RB.

When TT is unavailable, White’s availability becomes even more vital. On the left we have Kiwior as an extra option, we don’t have the same luxury on the right.

Guns of SF

I think we go for a striker in Jan.

Guns of SF

If Jesus is crocked again this season, maybe for a longer spell, we need a reliable striker, and a new attacking dimension, a lack of goals will kills us end of day


I’ve got a riddle for anyone willing to tackle it… Jesus is a superior player to Toney, and massively underrated by many posters… Jesus makes us a better team. But he misses a hell of a lot of football, and while I’m not quiet ready to dump our stock yet… Purely hypothetical, because we could sign Toney, and have issues with him as well…. But would anyone take 100% availability with a lesser player like Toney, over Jesus who’s so far playing 53% of the minutes for Arsenal, that Haaland has for City since the start of last season. Would… Read more »

Guns of SF


Jesus is a perm crock. Its his history with injuries and playing style.
What we see is what we will be getting.
Toney offers someone who can be that physical presence, occupy CB;s and good with headers
A front line with Jesus( on either win) and Toney is formidable
Send Eddie in a player swap plus cash