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Well, PGMOL did exactly what I said they’d do… 10 days after the Newcastle game, they planned their counter-attack on Mikel Arteta and they totally botched it.

How bad?

Michael Owen was calling the media ‘scumbags’ after the show went out and went full Donald Trump on the perception of the interview when he said ‘most people thought the show was insightful and educational.’

The show was not.

They cut the output to suit Howard Webb, they chose a docile host who’d already signaled his obedience with tweets before the show, and they managed to botch the offside rule in front of the country.

Needless to say, the reaction from all corners of Premier League fandom was absolutely brutal, this was a total failure of process, and a PR disaster for Howard Webb.

I cannot say it enough times: Your big idea as CEO of PGMOL cannot be ‘cozy up with the big pundits and gaslight the fans.’

G-Nev, Carragher, and Owen all thought they had the celebrity might to pull one over the fans… and no one is having it. Those guys like being liked, they’ll come crawling back to the middle on this in no time and correct their erroneous ways. Then what does Howard Webb have? Nothing.

PGMOL can only win hearts and minds with big ideas, cutting change, and consistent results on the pitch.

Howard Webb can’t deliver that. He’s part of the furniture. He cannot be an ideas man because he’s too deep in the trenches with incapable talent he would probably class as family.

No one is ever honest with family. Hard truths are glossed over. We accept mediocrity, character flaws, and incompetence in those we love. That’s why Mike Dean saved his mate from a bad day at Chelsea versus calling the correct decision. That’s why Lee Mason was rehired just months after a brutal public sacking. They are all family.

Anyway… amusing to see Owen feel the burn after siding with PGMOL propaganda.

Innnnnnn other news…

Gabi Jesus was sent to Brazil despite limping into the hotel lobby on official social channels. Why did he have to go? What was the point? This is a country that benched him for RICHARLISON. Now they want to wheel him out injured? It pains me to see.

Our friends over at Highbury Squad dropped a monster podcast with Aaron Ramsdale’s dad… and it was not pretty. (here)

He had a few too many drinks and went PROUD DAD on his son. As a parent who celebrates my child stacking two boxes on top of each other, I can see why Nick Ramsdale went nuclear on Mikel and the choice to pick David Raya over his son. But it was a bad idea. People are desperate to pretend it’s not important and Arteta won’t care… but he will. Not that it has changed anything. Aaron will be out the door in January and that will be that. It’s a shame, but I do think the lack of focus has cost him. The performances on the pitch were bad, but the podcasting and media darling aspect at the same time hasn’t helped him.

Podcasts will win you fans outside the club, but I’m not sure over-saturating yourself in the media helps you in an Arteta dressing room.

Last section, there’s a very interesting battle of ideas going off regarding the atmosphere at The Emirates.

It has declined.

There was a lot of denial at the start of the season that this was the case, but now everyone has caved, and the verdict is in: we’re back to having a limp atmosphere.

The least convincing excuse is: ‘expectations have changed’

I’d buy it if the only thing that changed between last season and now was contending the title.

Before you determine why something isn’t working – you have to understand what made it tick in the first place.


When clubs engage meaningfully with supporters and take on their ideas, it improves the vibes in the stadium. A very simple idea, but if you ask fans how to make things noisy, take their ideas on board, and implement them. You’re on a good path. Arsenal engaged with fans extensively and we know this because they said it in the NYT.


Again, another basic. People that go to a lot of games understand the norms in a stadium and that makes it easier for everyone to vibe. There’s a reason things feel very different between a Premier League game and an Emirates Cup outing. Different people bring different energy. Stadiums with elite atmospheres generally have a lot of repeat fans.

For the older crowd that read this blog… remember how sterile it was going from Highbury to The Ems? That’s why familiarity is important. It took years to break the staleness because it took years to care about those around you.


If you’re American, you get this term. If you’re an 80s fan, this would be the terrace fans. If you’re Italian, it’d be the Ultras. Creating a section in the stadium that is dedicated to fans who sing, wave flags, and hit drums is essential to creating a great vibe. In MLS, those sections are 3000 strong. In Dortmund, their singing stand is called the yellow wall and it’s 25,000 strong. It doesn’t matter the weather, the score, the performance, these fans keep the vibe banging. Arsenal did this with the AA, we know this, because they spoke about it in the NYT.

The caveat is the group was exposed for disgusting antisemitism that came out in The Guardian. There’s no excuse for that. But I’m working off the notion that the club dealt with it – because they said they did. You can’t hold a whole group accountable for the actions of a few.

EXPECTATIONS: When you’re doing a root-cause analysis in a blog – I don’t think it’s prudent to try and gauge something ethereal like expectation. 50,000 people all deciding at once that they are too good for singing because they now expect Arsenal to win the title doesn’t really work for me. It’s an especially odd conclusion considering how well we’ve been doing this season. Did Arsenal fans all decide to can the singing because we’re… 2 points off top in the EPL and top of our CL group? Doesn’t work for me. If expectation shifts were a problem then tell me how being exactly where you need to be if you want to win the league kills fan mood in the stadium?

Ok, so now we know what worked – let’s talk about what changed.

NEW: LESS ENGAGEMENT. Now, take what certain fans groups say with a pinch of salt… but the AA crowd say that club engagement has stopped with them. The club don’t listen to their ideas, approve their tifos, and they’ve cut their tickets.

I don’t know why that’s happened – it might be because they don’t want to deal with folk that caused embarrassment to them. If that’s the case, fine. But don’t kill the core idea and assume only one group is interested in making noise. Broaden the group. Encourage new ones. Work out a way to get the spirit of a supporter section into the stadium.

Cutting 200 tickets (0.03% of the stadium) to 150 is counter-productive. It also looks like the club is saying ‘we’re cool again, so we don’t need your aggro.’

NEW: LESS FAMILIARITY. I don’t want to go too far down a rabbit hole because #TicketDrama twitter is by far the most boring thing I read on the internet. But the message from the big voices was clear.

  1. Loyalty has been usurped
  2. The priority is access for more people
  3. It is harder for people to shift tickets

Now, I understand the thinking here. Having to spend 8 years going to Bolton away to get a home ticket ain’t right, but people did it so they could get access to single tickets. That’s all in the bin and the club has moved to random ballots. Red members have an 11% chance of a ticket, Silver has been 32%.

So here me out here – first-timers should be welcome. I am a TOURIST fan myself, and I should be welcome because I write all these free blogs. But you cannot ignore the reality of what newness brings… unfamiliarity. Arsenal ain’t the same as it used to be for me. I don’t sing because I don’t know anyone in the section. It’s just different. That doesn’t make me less of a fan – it’s just my reality. If you’re a tourist fan, stop complaining on Twitter you’re the same as regulars because you’re not. That doesn’t mean you don’t care, or you aren’t passionate, it just means you don’t fully get the vibe because you are new.

Back to what has changed: Were we seeing complaints of early leavers last season? Were people taking videos of empty seats? Were people saying the atmosphere was grim? No. No. No.

At a corporate level – you are celebrating the right things.

  • Ticket touts aren’t flogging spares for £400 a piece
  • More NEW fans are getting into the stadium
  • We aren’t dealing with supporters that bring reputational risk to the club

… but at the same time.

The stadium feels more sterile because there are lots of first-timers.

The designated noise makers have lost 25% of their already pitiful allocation and they feel ignored.

The new balloting system riles everyone up the wrong way.

… and the final point: The vibes are not immaculate in the stadium.

It is very hard getting people to contribute to a great atmosphere. When it happens, document why the magic is happening, pour petrol all over it, and light a match. Don’t hide behind ‘nuanced’ or ‘complicated’ especially if we’ve seen heard the promised land.

It doesn’t take much to damage vibes – and too much change will do that. This season, it looks like the tinkering has broken something. Maybe the club should spend less time arming their online allies with sound bites to defend the problem and more time working out how they achieved greatness.*

After all, no one wants to sit in a quiet stadium, especially the players.

(*Hint: take a look at the Rory Smith New York Times article and try that again.)


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Good post Pete, atmosphere is back to being a big problem




The Emirates seems to be up for the ‘big’ teams visiting, but not the smaller games


Trophy…. Worth walking up early??


Am I first in the comments? Great considering I read it all before commenting.


Oops! 6th is Fair


It’s probably worst because we play much worst and expectations are higher.


@Pedro From the previous thread a request: “Guys, gonna start implementing time outs for people trolling, name calling, or starting fights for no reason.” Pedro your words, it is about time you remind Nigel again to ease on the agitation with posters here. You have done it in the past, he showed a minute improvement as he stopped calling people haters. Please remind him to stick to the football and not to the insults, agitation and looking for fights. Unless of course Nigel is an alter login for someone else here on the blog. Try what you promised to preserve… Read more »


Now to the football. The audio provided at the Howard Webb show did not provide anything different than what we didn’t already know. Ball wasn’t out because no conclusive camera shots to say otherwise including the handball or offside. However, what a fucking joke, two hands on back of Gabi would be a foul on any other part of the pitch but evidently not in the 6 yard box. Why did VAR not suggest for the referee to go over to the monitor and take a look for himself. Why not show the angle of the camera behind the goal.… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Good post.
It’s frustrating because it seemed that we had just achieved the right atmosphere last season, and now we’ve already messed up the chemistry.

Guns of Hackney

Jesus isn’t missed. Moot point.

Ramsdale’s father is embarrassing. He reminds me of Tyson Fury’s Dad/Grandfather? Any minute now he’ll be head butting the dugout and offering Arteta for a fight.

Now back to the post.

Guns of Hackney

Talking about Arsenal and crowd energy is laughable. Highbury the Library? Engagement? Lots of reasons why energy has left the building and it’s an old but relevant point. 1. Standing. 2. Middle class wankers going to football matches. Not turning up 2 hours before the game and standing in the cold chatting to total strangers and getting pumped up. 3. Increased women and children at games. Football support was 99% male and that means lots of testosterone flying about, aggression and loutishness. Not many genuine men should or would go crackers in front of a woman or child. Subdued atmosphere.… Read more »


On a different note it’s nice to see Chelsea in the papers for all the wrong reasons. The Guardian are alleging secret payments during Abramovich’s time coming in from Cyprus and circumventing FFP. Let’s see how that rumbles onwards
Crowd noise – Arsenal need to bring in a small standing zone of 1000 to 1500 under invite. Anti semitic chanting gets you a life time ban


Perhaps MG42 we should start with posters calling on others to be aborted at birth, I’d start with that first . Then have a really good investigation into people using multiple handles . Hint, hint as from my count up to 5 posters think that MG42/GD4 are linked and I’d go so far to say MG42/GD4/RP7 are linked.
It’s a strange world where saying “Hater’s” gets you quivering but continual usage of “Village Idiot” is fine.
More a case of it’s fine from my mouth but not from yours. Hypocrisy at its finest


99.9% of the posters here are grown men. Only sensitive people who live sheltered lives need to be policed on a football blog. Ridiculous move in my opinion.
When did this become important? Because for many years, there was far, far worse being said about AW and most were happy with it. Seems hugely hypocritical and there’s years of it forever etched in the LeGrove cloud.
The world cannot progress in any way unless people have the freedom to express their thoughts, whatever they may be.


If these allegations against Abramovich and Chelsea are proven true then a fine or points deduction NOW is ineffective.

They should be docked points retrospectively and cups taken away from them if that is relevant.

Cheating cunts.


Cheering the team needs deep tenor/bass voices.

Diluting the testosterone in the stadium atmosphere, results in meek lambs, just like its happening in the rest of society


Middle class wankers. Rich and Don


Webb was very sneaky about how he put it. He said the VAR process was correct, he did not say the call was correct. He’s basically saying that the instruction is to do the right thing but the officials aren’t always doing it!! He also admitted both potential red cards were not given correctly. So basically the game was a fuck up!!

9ja Gunner

Great post

Ernest Reed

Last season the team were exciting to watch, at least until they began to fade at seasons end. Seems they continue to provide a plodding brand of football as evidenced with some on here calling them Boring Boring Arsenal? Just sayin.

Then again maybe subdued crowds are just a thing for Arsenal games. You need to make the game affordable so that “real’’ supporters can attend and show their enthusiasm. Happens in a lot of large market venues where attendees arrive late and leave early. Is what it is.

Ernest Reed

As for PGMOL…Until you rid yourself of the “Old Boys Network” rot that permeates within it, the ineptitude festers to the point of death by strangulation. Change only occurs when you acknowledge you have a problem. Howard Webb is part of that problem.


This makes for a fascinating read.

It seems that making dodgy payments via offshore companies was one of the ways Chelski/ Abrahamovic used to circumvent FFP regulation.

I really hope that they get more than just a points deduction.

Being demoted to the Championship would be a good start.

Financial cheating is such a huge problem in football.

Now we just have to wait until a similar investigation is made with Man Cheatty with how they have been cooking their books.

Bob N16

Last season the atmosphere was driven by the novelty of post covid and Arsenal’s re-emergence.

Last Saturday was a little meek but I would argue that it was due to being so soon after the CL evening fixture and the expected weakness of the opposition. Against competitive teams the atmosphere has been great. Recency bias and the need for content is driving the story.


If you look across sports, the technology is absolutely ‘there’ to provide there inputs for accurate, mid-game decisions. The only argument should be whether accuracy is preferable at the cost of the interruptions. However, as with anything automated, humans want the last say, final discretion, and what the PGMOL are guilty of is failing to put in a process that safeguards against the reversion to human bias and mistakes that VAR’s very introduction was meant to eradicate. My only concern is Arsenal, rightly feeling wronged in recent years, are starting to come across as a bit petty/anti-establishment/poor losers. What we… Read more »


Re: Chelsea. Where’s the City investigation? >100 alleged breaches. We shouldn’t be running a kangaroo court or trial by media but we surely are entitled to have an understanding on what the due process is and where we sit within that. As with any process, socializing it helps get valuable input to improve as well as build belief in its integrity and efficacy. Hiding it just plays to concerns that it’s all rigged & subject to undue influence. In this context the mic’d up thing is a welcome change but only 1% of the way to having a proper system… Read more »

Matt B

Good post Pedro and yes, I’ve noticed a big drop-off in the atmosphere at the Emirates. For me and the sense I get of those around me, is that the football is comparatively dull in comparison to last year — its not exciting, we’re not on the edge of our seats (we all stand throughout the game anyway), there doesn’t feel as much of a connection with the players as there was last year. Its much more obvious we’re trying to emulate Man City this year and they bore me — I preferred us when we were more direct (more… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

You lot never cease to amaze me with your naivety. Chelsea and city will escape completely unharmed and without punishment. What exactly are they going to do? Strip all titles for the period affected? Retrospective points deductions? Upgrade opposing team’s results during the affected period? Of course not. It’s like the Covid enquiry farce with the government. Millions will be spent of tax payers money on a document that will probably say ‘must do better next time there’s a fake pandemic’.

Arsenal will NOT be awarded the title if that’s what you hope will happen.


pgmol as any other organization that is not checked by outside stakeholders regulates itself in the worst possible way – friends get promoted, critics will be downgraded and finally (where we are right now) all at the top are friends who do not want to kick the others in their back. no incentives to improve etc little bit similar to the american supreme court that did not have ethics codes in place until two days ago and simply regulate themselves which lead to unbelievable corruption. the introduction of the erhics code happened due to strong opposition who worked together ro… Read more »


Guns, I don’t think anyone expects anything retrospective, to be honest. There’s no real precedent for that in the PL (unlike Italy). Likewise, I’m not sure if there’s the appetite for the difficult conversations about Chelsea/City’s practice. That said, there are 18 other clubs that probably have something to say about it

Guns of Hackney


My point is, paying lip service about punishment is embarrassing. Surely no one believes that anything will happen.

Italy have an entire history of corruption and know how to deal with it.

Mr Serge

I was at the game and I agree the atmosphere was quieter than usual the biggest cheer of the day was when spurs got beat in the bar before the match.

It’s actually weird because the bars in the ground were packed and watching the spurs game so the fact we were not pumped up for the match was weird.


Guns, It depends if the other clubs make a big enough stink. Maybe then the authorities will have their armed twisted enough. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think everyone up top wants to do the right thing because they’ve got principles.

Guns of Hackney


Generally speaking, it wouldn’t make sense for the other clubs to raise questions as they too, might get looked into more closely. Trust me, this bullshit is going nowhere.



I think Chelsea and City have had the means to commit much more egregious offenses. I don’t think FFP/ its enforcers have the resources to do proper deep dives on everyone. If they did, presumably they’d have made some progress, at least publicly, on following up on City. Who knows at the end of the day – all I do know if we can make ourselves a bigger thorn in the side that City/Chelsea, we may get somewhere.

Guns of Hackney

I’d say paying £65m for Havertz is worse than anything Chelsea or city have done.


Maybe our style of football is besides sucking the life out of the opposition is also sucking the life out of the fans..


100% the atmosphere has dipped at home Away fans are top drawer but at home it’s lame again The sad fact is clubs like ours and Chelsea attract the yuppie theatre crowd plus your global fan base and sorry, a Korean family visiting London ain’t gonna be singing at all are they? Never mind like a local 20 year old with 3 beers already in him You compare the average London match goer now and they are either city boys or older. But both tend to keep quiet during games When I first met going to games in the mid… Read more »


I believe what has changed can be summed up in one sentence: ‘PL football has become show biz’. It’s been that way for yonks in the USA. In effect local fandom has swamped by un-local money. To get personal, when I first went to HIghbury (yonks ago) I was a local boy, born in the locality. Likewise 90+% of the crowd there with me . Our loyalty was tribal. Right or wrong, good or bad, we supported the Club 100%. Unwavering. Nowadays other yardsicks of loyalty come into play.And our disappointment with how Ramsdale’s been treated, is a reminder of… Read more »


Fed up with the cold weather? Dreaming of a sunshine destination?
Visit Rwanda with Arsenal travel. Bargain hotel rooms now available!


I think the death of the matchday experience is a) reflective of most London clubs (and beyond, tbh) and b) a function of the PL allowing the sort of ownership structures we have. It’s a tired old point but compare the PL with the Bundesliga with the 50+1 model. With clubs mainly fan owned, there’s the will to keep the match day authentic and fan-orientated. With foreign owners, there’s no real incentive to foster the sort of old school tribal, local spirit when they can pump up ticket prices and gear the commercial model towards international markets. Wherever the truth… Read more »


I blame AFC Forever for the bland atmosphere at the stadium, his rare and pashun free posts on Legrove this season prove he’s been way off his game vis a vis the last.

The problem is easily fixable though, bring in a bunch of Palestinian Arsenal fans if louder chants are your thing.


Didn’t Roman pass the Fit-And-Proper-Person test with flying colors with the EPL league governors when buying Chelsea?
As well as he should’ve done of course?


Marky of the Beast.
Have you ever gone a day without referencing me?
Why are you so obsessed with another man?


BTW, for those unfamiliar the’ fit and proper test ‘ consists of an actual human doing a mile on a treadmill in under 20 minutes.
Roman came in well under.


The new ballot system is definitely a big contributor to the decrease in atmosphere. I mean, it’s the most predictable outcome ever. Sadly, it’s fully in line with the broader trend of sanitizing football and turning it into a pure entertainment product. I wouldn’t dismiss the change in expectations though. When you feel that there’s more to lose, people get more nervous. Also, I think Matt B is 100% correct about our style of football. It’s been a wet blanket this season. If it gets us results in the end, so be it. But you can’t expect the crowd to… Read more »


Tom, the fit and proper persons test came in as a response to Roman buying the Chavs


…which, given what has happened since, suggests it’s definitely and fit and proper for its purpose


There will definitely not be retroactive punishment for city But I think more importantly if they were going to get anything other than a tap on the wrist it would’ve already happened. They had all those charges levied at them nearly 12 months ago with evidence in hand stretching back a decade. And in all this time since there’s not been so much as a peep from the relevant authorities about anything resembling progress with it. What exactly takes so long? Don’t know why they even bothered tj raise charges which they had no intention of implementing. Unless it was… Read more »


Problem with the fit and proper persons test was once it was started how could you reject anyone when you already had owners like Roman and the oil money owners? At this point who could reject the saudis


Englandsbest how has ramsdale been treated badly? He gets paid a bazillion pounds each week to be at one of the best clubs in the world and the one condition aside from general good conduct is that he has to play demonstrably better than any other keepers at the club if he wants to be on the team sheet come match day Can we stop making out arteta ran over his dog or something please, the carry on about him is nuts. And I say this as someone who rates and likes him and was not calling for us to… Read more »


As for arteta needing to be loyal to Ramsdale

Arteta will lose his job in a heartbeat if our season goes down the pan due to (for example) goal keeper errors.

Artetas job is to deliver success, not to be a babysitter. He should be buying, selling and picking players to give us the best chance of succeeding on and off the field. It’s not a crèche


Last point is if ramsdale wants to be England keeper the best way he can do that is proving he’s better than Raya and usurping the usurper Raya is not peak Neuer, Buffon or Schmeichal is he? If he can’t overcome this competition I frankly doubt he will overcome the comparable competition for an England shirt either. He can go to a small club and play every week on a hope and a prayer that it’s enough to overcome the England n1 competition. Or he can pull up his big boy pants and reclaim his shirt at arsenal and help… Read more »


GD4 Why are you so obsessed with another man? – yep you and Xhaka was certainly a bumpy ride. All that bile and hatred and all down to the fact he reminded you of an abusive ex partner I gather


GD4 – funny you should pop up when replying to MG42’s pleas


To get political, those who govern or own have been selling off the nation’s jewels – foreign ownership of PL clubs is just another example. Hence Brexit, a backlash from the public at large. Most Brits think we should row our own boat, go it alone. Freedom counts most of all, ‘human rights’ is a way back second. Or would you rather live in China, Russia, etc?

To get back to football, god bless AFC Forever, he’s old school.


Far worse have been said in this blog when wenger was in charge. Senile old cunt was regularly said here. But yeah , that was with pedros blessings, so all is good I guess


“ GD4 Why are you so obsessed with another man? – yep you and Xhaka was certainly a bumpy ride. All that bile and hatred and all down to the fact he reminded you of an abusive ex partner I gather”

I feel sorry for anyone who’d have to call your their father.
What an embarrassment you are.
70 year old man stalking men five decades younger.
Seek help and stop being so corny and creepy.


Most Brits think we should row our own boat, go it alone. Freedom counts most of all, – I would question what freedom actually means as we have currently very little to no control over borders which for brexiteers was the selling point

not according to the political polls it’s not . Labour ( soft Brexit ) Liberal (anti Brexit ) votes are far greater at the moment and have been baked in for the last 12 months compared to Cons ( hard Brexit ) reform ultra brexiteers


We need one more exciting attacking player to get the crowd going !! Preferably a young brazilian
AM connecting with everybody’s favorite GabiJesus..


Ramsdale got the exact treatment he gave to Leno
Should be professional enough and moves on..
The English media has a lot to do with this drama


“Freedom counts most of all, ‘human rights’ is a way back second”

Err, aren’t ‘human rights’ guarantees of the freedom that you mention? Or is it freedom for those you agree with and the wrath of the state for those that you don’t?

This country’s biggest issue is ever increasing inequality, don’t be blinded by the flag-waving upper class twits that want to distract you from that.


Guardiola said the same about City. The fans were not making enough noise. Many factors, might be the fans are used to winning, might be the increase in matches played from previous seasons. In any case success breeds expectations for better or worse.


Gabriel Jesus took part in full training for Brazil yesterday.

Milan and Roma have proposed a loan deal for Arsenal’s Jakub Kiwior (23) but the Gunners have made it clear that the Polish defender is ‘untransferrable’.

Arsenal are one of the teams ready to move for Corinthians’ Gabriel Moscardo. Chelsea are currently leading the race for the 18 year-old Brazilian.

Arsenal are likely to test Aston Villa’s resolve yet again for the signing of Douglas Luiz, who is Arsenal’s number one target for midfield in January.


Rwanda is a beautiful country, with beautiful people(Not obese)


“from my count up to 5 posters think that MG42/GD4 are linked and I’d go so far to say MG42/GD4/RP7 are linked.”

The oxymoron here is “think” associated with anyone that thinks these are the same posters, as it looks more like they have a difficulty analyzing posted content. It looks more like they are all in the same Village and are indulging in the same common useless assumptions.


Upper class twits

Im telling you for free


Yeah hard pass on loaning out any defenders this season when we are already numerically short

With timber out at the same time it would be bonkers to let alone leave the back line


The Chavs and City just have the smarter crooks, what we need is an owner that has more interest and ambition in AFC. For the clubs in the US the Kroenkes are showing just that, we are a side show and until we either see ambition on their part or have competent club leadership and recruiting that will win us silverware, we will always be 2nd best to the smarter crooks.


During the interlul takes on our attacking line are welcome. Jesus is not the most reliable finisher. In 44 appearances, across all competitions, Jesus has netted just 15 goals. He does improve the play of those around him, as evidenced by his nine assists, but he should be more clinical in finishing. To win the league we’re going to need to find someone who can be relied on to score around 20 to 25 goals a season. However in the summer TW there will be a problem in this area as other big clubs will be looking for the same.… Read more »


“Richard Arnold is leaving his role as Manchester United chief executive, the club have announced …. The development comes as Sir Jim Ratcliffe edges closer to becoming minority shareholder of United. Ratcliffe’s Ineos group is expected to pay in the region of £1.25bn for a 25% stake in the club, while also acquiring significant control over footballing operations.”

Gary Ssssss

Another reason for the downgrade in atmostphere may be the new ballot membership system, as you can’t pick your seats anymore, you just get the seat(s) you are given. This has possibly split up groups and moved people.


JWL – saw that earlier, shame really: the UTD leadership could really do with a proper shake up. Hopefully they replace him with someone else also pony so their disarray can continue


Gabriel Jesus is continuing treatment with the Brazil team doctors.
He warmed up with the group today but trained separately and will not travel to Colombia for the first game. Will stay in Rio working with physios to see if he can be available for the Argentina game next week.


Gabi going to the Brazil squad injured in the middle of a PL season is exactly the sort of nonsense we need to get more militant about. We need to employ the dark arts a bit more.


The Gabriel situation is annoying because the Brazilian FA is just using him for a power play
They were supposed to assess him for fitness to play and discharge him if he’s not fit to play. Those are the rules.

They are no supposed to “treat him” if he’s no ready to play- that’s for his employer to do, which is Arsenal FC.

If he gets injured, Arsenal should promptly seek compensation per FIFA rules, all FAs are required to carry insurance. The Brazilian FA should pay some of his wages if they exacerbate his injuries.


Just seems the Brazilian FA is so cavalier about the player’s well being
They just seem to want to extract some short term minutes from him without proper consideration for the longer well being. They don’t care because
If he has to train separate from the group this week, how could be be possible match fit to participate in a competitive CONMEBOL WC qualifier against an arch rival like Argentina?
Imagine a half fit patched up Jesus going absent butchers like Romero on south American settings where they allow them to kick lumps out of one another?



I put this one on Gabby J.
If he’s injured he simply needs to put his foot down and insist they take him at his word or send down the medical staff to assess him.


the obvious reason why the atmosphere has changed is that we are playing far less exciting football than last season…the atmosphere has changed in my living room as well. once MA gets the offense actually clicking, the atmosphere will be back, simple as that.


After getting rid of Partey, the next one should be Jesus


I think that its safe to say the general atmosphere in the stadium or lack there of it is wholly on Ødegaard.

“For the older crowd that read this blog… remember how sterile it was going from Highbury to The Ems? ”

This line stings a bit, feels like yesterday now aged out, life comes at you fast. Paul Newman said it best, getting old ain’t for sissy’s, he was an actor for you gen y posters.


Jesus has always been an overly enthusiastic footballer.
Don’t forget he played over 45 mins in the world cup with damaged knee ligaments, he’s like the energizer bunny that needs to be saved from himself. Arteta has talked about that part of him several times.

Brazil have enough players to make up 3 relatively good quality national teams so the players who get called up just want to run through walls to keep the invites coming.


Bilbo – it will be interesting to see what happens at manure over next couple of seasons after ratcliffe buys minority share. It doesn’t look like glazers give flying fcuk what happens at old traf as long as they get their annual dividends, new guy presumably wants to establish coherent squad thats fit for purpose, they massively underperform for how much money they spend on transfers/wages.

What the kroenkes have done with arsenal by just replacing starting xi has transformed everything for us, we look like proper team again, ratcliffe will surely be getting some ideas from us.


Ratcliffe deal is crazy as f*ck
He’s paid a colossal amount of money to become a minority shareholder and will still be left holding the bag if it doesn’t go well. He’s spending so much money and time for something he doesn’t own. To make matters worse, he’s 71 years and certainly can out-wait the Glazers.

They need to raze that shit hole of a stadium to rebrand that club. They will fade away like Forest did after Brian Clough


@Dissenter, It’s not as if Jesus is in any danger of being dropped from the Brazilian squad any time soon. Last I checked his position is pretty secure as a member of the squad. So like I said, he can tell the Brazilian medical staff to communicate with Arsenal or come into London Colney if they are so determined to see for themselves … but flying all the way to Brazil is simply ridiculous for a player in need of rehab. Surprised that Edu couldn’t wield some influence here to get them to back off. Oh well whatever. It’s like… Read more »


What are the odds that Jesus plays against Argentina and gets injured to be out for few weeks.


Odegaard is sulking because Rice is the alpha in midfield and in the team

Nigel Tufnel


You have to go back to the previous post from yesterday and see the 1 person tag team Mg42-gd4 crying and complaining to Pedro about Nigel because of a football lesson I gave him.
Not a hint of a bad word from me, and then they start calling me scum.

That’s not going to get him anywhere but just angry in his basement lol.
It was funny though.

Bertie Mee

Good article , much better than the last ! Bit of history. Highbury wasn’t a hotbed of support. For many years it was never full and it only resonated for big games, It was called the Library for a reason . The atmosphere is massive for big games like Citeh and United and our away support is incredible . I think there is less belief this season partly we because we ended the last two seasons anti-climactically and partly because we aren’t playing such exciting football and Arteta has made a mistake in restructuring the side ( see last article… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

China, Another thing about Ramsdale is that he owes Arsenal and Arteta a LOT. He was plucked out of lousy club situation in the championship, and could’ve been in a lower league possibly even. Instead, he got a giant raise to come to us the first time, and got right into the England squad. Then he was given another big raise, when we didn’t have to extend at that point. We had years we could’ve kept him still. He should thank God that Arteta and Arsenal came into his life. He’ll have many, many more international tournaments in his career,… Read more »

Ernest Reed

“ Another thing about Ramsdale is that he owes Arsenal and Arteta a LOT.”

Next thing you are going to say is that he’s owes us too?

Ramsdale owes nothing to anyone but himself. If he’s not good enough then he’s not good enough, a fact now being observed through Arteta’s playing of Raya as the team’s #1.

That’s life but to state that somehow Ramsdale owes anyone a LOT, that’s wishful thinking at best.

Belfast Gooner

There’s a very interesting battle of ideas going off regarding the atmosphere at The Emirates… Before you determine why something isn’t working – you have to understand what made it tick in the first place… It seems Pedro has put forward as many rationales as possible, in the hope people won’t notice the very simple and obvious one – namely that there is less for fans to get excited about. The football is less exciting. There is less happening on the pitch to get fans as excited as they were last season. There are far fewer moments to get people… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Ernest. Just my opinion on the balance of things, and using the word “owe”.
Considering where Ramsdale would be without Arsenal.

I don’t expect him to pay us back in something tangible. Just by being a good squad member for a while.
By being patient, ready when needed, and not making waves.
He’ll get something good eventually if he does that, here or elsewhere.


Ya Sal…it’s pretty much all Odegaard’s fault let’s be honest.

I know for sure it has nothing to do with Eddie. I do know that.

Ernest Reed

I think he has been a professional about where things stand. Equally, I do expect him to remain with the team until at least end of the season.

Ernest Reed

I will say though Nigel, very odd that his father would chime in on a Podcast the way he did. Not something I would have expected.


GD4 – for a guy in his twenties he really does bitch and whinge still once he gets to the fatherhood stage with his husband. I’m sure he’ll chill out a bit and realise that to have taken out all his rage and anxiety on Xhaka attacking him constantly. Was like weird. I’m telling you bruv 👊


What a corny old coot.
Go find a sheep loser.
You’re so boring and not even worth a response


GD4 – but you did 😂

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