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Arsenal signed off for International duty with a carefully crafted win against a Burnley side I thought were very impressive. Vincent Kompany and Mikel Arteta were cut from the same Pep-G-athleisure-wear material and battled it out with two teams leaning heavily into the DNA of the great one.

It was always going to be a rough afternoon with Vincent Kompany, the gulf in class was deep and wide, he admitted as much after when he said you need to be ‘perfect’ against this Arsenal side.

Mikel Arteta went through the same phase of not having the right bodies to deliver on the vision. It’s really hard for newly promoted teams that want to entertain. They rarely have the players to sustain it in a league as Brutal as the Premier League – and once they realise that, the coach is asked to play deep block football by the masses, and the ownership group sacks them shortly after. I hope that doesn’t happen to Kompany. He simply doesn’t have the players to decide to move back to Dyche-ball.

Arteta has been given the money to get who he wants and the players are delivering the results, even in third gear. It was an odd approach that he took to bury Burnley. He decided that they don’t like looped crosses into the box, so we battered them for 90 minutes with setpieces and diagonal balls. I didn’t like it to look at, but it’s hard to deny the success of it.

Trossard scored our first, putting his body on the line after Saka nodded a deep cross at the back post. The Belgian nodded in but took a knock so nastly, even the adrenaline of a goal couldn’t get him off the floor. Luckily, nothing was broken, and he continued the game.

Our second goal came from a setpiece, but that was right after Burnley equalised. Tomiyasu wasn’t strong enough on the ball in the box, the impressive Koleosho nabbed the ball off him, cut back to Brownhill, who smashed a deflected shot in through sea of legs. Almost immediately, Arsenal equalised. Trossard found Bill Saliba for a goal in his 50th Premier League game. The man is a colossus. It was great to see him on the scoresheet.

There was time for one more goal. A loose ball from a corner kick looped up on the edge of the box, Zinchenko sniffed out the chance to do something saucy and dropped a ‘special occasions’ scissor kick into the top corner. Very, very naughty.

There was still time for a little more drama. Fabio Vieira, who replaced a drab Kai Havertz, managed to get himself a straight red with a studs up challenge. He deserved it. Shame that sort of punishment isn’t dished out consistently for fouls like that. But we can’t expect any favors from VAR or refs after Mikel led a one-man charge against the awfulness of the officials.

A comfortable afternoon, tactical perfection, and some upward movement in a Premier League that saw bad results for Newcastle and Spurs.

Kai Havertz didn’t drop the performance we were hoping for. It was a limp afternoon for him. It’s not that he’s poor, he’s just been bang average all season. What you can’t take from him is we’re doing really well with him on the side. You can’t have 10 players and do what Arsenal are doing. What you can say is he needs to find his confidence and produce more than 1 goal and 1 assist in all comps. He’ll come good, I’ve no doubt, just wish he’d go a little faster.

Jorginho has quietly been doing the business. He had a great game in the week and did another very good job against Burnley. The errors have been concerning over the past year, but it does feel like he’s finding his footing in this Arsenal team. He also landed a call-up to the Italy squad.

There’s still a bit of a feeling that our front three haven’t really clicked this season. It’s not bad, it’s just not at the level we know it can be. Again, this is good, because the fact it feels like third gear but the output is a lot of wins means there’s still more to come from the team. I am increasingly of the mindset that we’re going to have to add a forward player in January. We’re a long way from one-dimensional going forward, but we lack a killer mode. In games like yesterday, you’re kind of begging for a Haaland/Toney/Oshimen-like target man to eat up those crosses. We said something similar last year… we play with our food, City strikes like a Komodo dragon eating a baby goat. There’s only one outcome. We need some of that in our game.

Overall though, I’m very, very happy with Arsenal. We’ve had a very rough 3 months with injuries to key players and we’ve adapted really well. No Partey, no Jesus, Odegaard has been out, we’ve played HUGE games without Bukayo, Martinelli has done his hammy… but the results keep rolling in. After the international break, we’ll have Jesus, Smith Rowe, Odegaard, and hopefully Ben White all ready to go. That’s a very good set of players that’ll give us some extra bang-bang over the December period. No one has noticed that we’ve been shapeshifting and winning. That’ll come in so handy in the backend of the season when we can rotate heavily and still hit the heights with output.

Ok, great. What a lovely day. I’m going to direct you to listen to the latest podcast RIGHT NOW.


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  1. China1

    I said this the other day but spurs already peaked this season. They’ll have good spells but what we’ve seen from them in the first 10 games is as good as they’ve got, and with injuries they will do much worse (vs wolves they were outplayed and completely average). I think liverpool will face similar issues due to their thin squad.

    Meanwhile arsenal matched (now surpassed) them whilst still in third gear.

    We’ve done this without partey (one of our best players) all season. We’ve done it without any of our best 6 or so attacking players finding form. We’ve done it with Kai havertz still settling in. We’ve done it whilst arguing amongst ourselves about the keeper.

    Arsenal still have levels to go through, we’re far from our best.

  2. China1

    I also think teams have worked spurs out a bit.

    The Ange love in was always way overboard

    By Christmas the whole he’s the new messiah routine will be over.

  3. Guembuzy

    I welcome the international break as it will time for recovery to a number of our players. I hope the ones on duty with their countries, come back in one piece.
    Good result yesterday, even on second gear.

  4. Moray

    I thought Trossard was excellent yesterday. Hats off to him.

    Vieira looked as though he expected the ball to bounce. I don’t think he went for the man, but as you say Pedro, we should see more reds for potentially damaging tackles like that. Shame it just seems to be Arsenal at the front. Fortunately, our strength in depth means this suspension shouldn’t be too much for us to worry about.

  5. Nigel Tufnel

    Zipper is correct. Double standard again.

    Oliver decisive on dangerous fouls by our players. Teams owned by Middle Eastern trillionaires get special protection so as not to mess up the flow of the game.

  6. bacaryisgod

    Let’s be honest. Wolves did outplay Spurs but they had very few clear-cut chances until injury time. At the time of the equalizer, Spurs were probably a 95% favourite to win the game. Narratives change quickly in football. They hold on and the pundits are raving about their resilience and Ange’s tactics. Instead we can look back at their Chelsea game as a defining moment in their season.

  7. bacaryisgod

    Maybe I should be more negative on Kai but I quite like him in the side. I like that today we had two big, mobile players in Kai and Declan on either side of an impressive Jorginho and supporting our superstar wingers.

    Kai’s not showing any confidence on the ball and with his final passes or shots but he provides physicality and balance. If his on ball performance improves, things will look even better.

  8. Markymark

    Viera – no intent whatsoever however he has to go for that.
    A resilient performance particularly as so many of our intricate play makers are out. Just keep pace for the moment I’d say. If the Spuds lose again it becomes full on crisis mode they play a high risk strategy and it could easily flip into Ardiles and his Diamond formation territory

  9. Graham62

    If Trossard had been used more towards the end of last season, Arsenal would have been in with a shout.
    Past is past but I hope Arteta is realising that LT is a very important cog in our wheel.

  10. Bilbo

    Spuds have been found out – for all the talk about them missing Maddison, they were torn apart multiple times yday. Cunha, who is a menace, was at fault for some ropey finishing again. Sarabia’s goal was a beauty but so was the slideball assist for the winner

  11. Madhu

    We are still missing so many runs by not giving a first time pass. Martinelli needs to do better with his crosses and cut backs. Still lot of room for improvements and hoping for a Chelsea miracle today

  12. Hitman

    Clear foul on Tomi leading up to Burnley’s goal. This is where ‘clear and obvious error ‘ rule allows PGMOL carry out the dark arts.
    Goal gets disallowed but not if it benefits AFC

  13. daveg

    Tossard is a must start number 9, he’s our best clinical finisher and easily ahead of both Jesus and Nketiah. I would sell Nketiah in the winter and play Jesus on the right as Saka and Tossards back up. The 3 up front should remain Tossard as striker with Martinelli and Saka on either side of him. ZINY should be played in an advance Odeguaard role when Odeguaard is not fit. We should also sell African Cup player Partey, who seems to play more African Cup games than he does for Arsenal each year. With the sale of Nketiah, Partey and Smith Rowe, we can bring in a quality left back( if promoting ZINY to midfield) and tall TargetMan.

  14. Raulishuss

    MadhuNovember 12, 2023 07:52:10
    We are still missing so many runs by not giving a first time pass. Martinelli needs to do better with his crosses and cut backs. Still lot of room for improvements and hoping for a Chelsea miracle today.

    Everyone can improve. We’re up amongst the favorite. Get off your high horse you barely even know what’s going on in matches. You just want arteta to play your favorites and show ramsadale love so that you can feel good about yourself you absolute moaning child.

  15. kofi

    interesting that noone talks about the foul from saka that lead to an OG – it seems it is not a must to not give a clear foul on a defender i guess …

  16. Markymark

    Couldn’t resist a little view over at the Floppy Cock site.
    Resentment starting to grow over Ange ball. The next 5 games Spurs play are difficult with possibly the easiest being Forest away and they are good at home,
    We need to keep going and then it’ll split into 3 with City in front and us battling with Liverpool. Still can’t believe that UTD are only 6 points behind after being so crap

  17. Spanner

    Spurts will be lucky to even qualify for a minor European place with their run in.
    They’ve got us, City, Pool and Geordie all in a row from week 33. They could easily drop all 12 points.

    We are now 3 points off our tally for 12 games in the Invincibles seasin.
    Not too bad for a new midfield and continually varying frontline.

  18. Bertie Mee

    Havertz has been bang average for years. Bang average is his level.He won’t improve .
    £65 million wasted and his understudy is Vieira who has similarly got very little playing personality .

  19. Johng

    As the old Ian Dury song goes, there are reasons to be cheerful
    1 spurs lost
    2 we are in the mixer, even though we may have not hit the heights of last seasons early form
    3 we won’t see Vieira for 3 games

  20. Guns of Hackney

    Morning you cretinous, virgin dingbats.

    Decent result against a shit team but well done.

    Raya was so much better and that save was very very good. He’s capable.

    Trossard looks like he’s been eating polonium 101 but he’s such a decent player. I like his jib.

    Saliba is the best defender in the world right now which is good and bad. Good that we have him, bad that we won’t be able to keep him. He’s got Real Madrid written all over him.

    Havertz is still the worst big money player we’ve ever signed. Pepe was garbage but was involved at least. But Kai is just a terrible footballer.

    Vieria deserved it. Is shit. Won’t be missed. He should be sold asap. Lightweight.

  21. Madhu

    GoH bang on Saliba. Might I say for others especially like Saka of we don’t do anything this season. There is talk that we stand a better chance at winning CL than PL.

  22. Matt

    What GOH said. Simple and to the point. Havertz and Vieira for £100m. Imagine what that money could have for us instead.

    Never has a player as bad as Havertz been given such an easy ride from Pedro. Basically everyone has seen how completely shit he has been but now it’s, we haven’t been doing that bad with him in the team so he can’t really be that shit!? Honestly, it’s not any Arsenal to say it – he ain’t it, he was never it and he is never going to be it. Notwithstanding his physical limits, he is clearly one of the meekest, low confidence pussies I have ever seen out the Arsenal shirt on. If the ball fell to him on the edge of the 6 yard box he would be looking to pass it!

  23. Guns of Hackney


    We won’t win anything the season except the FA cup and that’s only if city don’t take it seriously. Saliba is the real deal. A pleasure to watch. Elegant. Reminds me of Paul Elliot from back in the day. It’s Madrid for me and I reckon they pay £150m for him.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    Correct. Le Grove went all in on the ludicrous and criminal decision to sign Kai. Nobody thought this was a good idea.

    But, we’re stuck with another £300kpw Ozil mk II for the next few years. He’s unsellable in Europe and I’m not sure even Saudi would go too mental for him. He’s shit and unmarketable. I can see him going back to Germany for £20m at some point.

    Vieria seemed like a favour Arteta did. Every man jack knows that the PL is tough, so we sign a guy who’s 5’5 and maybe 7 stone. Arteta HAS to be accountable.

  25. Tom

    Pundits turning on Ange after the Wolves game are late to the party……. Chelsea should’ve put 6 or 8 past Spurs, if not for wasteful Jackson who celebrated his tap ins like worldies.

    People thought Wenger wasn’t pragmatic but next to Ange, Wenger was a Mourinho.

  26. Rusty Shackleford

    Maybe if we all keep repeating Kai Havertz will come good we can manifest it into reality. Or maybe he’s just a highly overrated failure of a football player, and one of the worst big money purchases in Arsenal history. I’m going with the latter.

  27. Guns of Hackney

    Mystic agreed.

    The ref should just not be an issue. We win 3-1 and lose a player and surprise surprise, no one cares. Pretty sure if we were drawing or losing, Le Grove would be creating John Connor’s everywhere to take down Skynet.

  28. Rich

    After watching Spurs capitulate in the most hilarious 6 minutes of football you’re likely to see this season..

    Then watching Arsenal get the job done against Burnley, in an uninspiring but relatively efficient way… I was under the impression this weekend was going according to plan… But clearly not reading some of these comments.

  29. Tom

    ” There is talk that we stand a better chance at winning CL than PL.”

    Not sure how people see that other than from an angle of putting together a lucky cup run.
    Madrid, City, and Bayern are on another level and we have a squad of players with zero experience in this competition, while actually having some at knocking on the door in the league.
    A couple of key injuries to City while we get lucky with our fitness later on in the season, and we have as good a chance as anyone.
    Cant say the same about the CL.

  30. Guns of Hackney

    Lolling. As Tom the village idiot says, not happening for the Arsenal in the CL.

    City have to lose Haarland for the season and even then I doubt they’d miss a beat.

    Real Madrid for me. But Kane is the best striker in the world right now by a margin.

  31. Tom

    “Moaning is very close to critiquing. Where does moaning begin and critique end?”

    Moaning is what she does during, critiquing is what she does after.

  32. Pierre

    We will see how good Ange is(or isn’t) over the next few weeks
    Great managers like Ferguson and wenger could ride the storm and knew how to get results when needed..

    Arteta just about rode the storm in dec 2020 and has seen steady improvement with the help of over 600 mil، wenger was never afforded that luxury and had to duck and dive to bring the likes of fabregas، rvp، nasri، ox، rosicky، Hleb، walcott، Adebayor، cliche، sagna ،cazorla، sanchez، kosielny، giroud and Monreal to the club.. (I’m sure I’ve missed a few)..

    ETH is in a similar position but he is not as naive as Ange and has found a way to get results without playing well ، we shall see if Ange can stop the rot as it is back to the old wenger saying of confidence goes up by the stairs but goes down by the elevator، that is where Ange is now، slowly building the confidence though I’m not sure if the spuds have reached rock bottom.

    It is a fact that United are the form team in the league atm so some credit should go to ETH.

  33. Greg

    Today a 2 handed shove in the back by Saka on a defender was a foul, last week it wasn’t. Maddening inconsistency. If Real Madrid offered us big money for Havertz, at this point I’d take it. On one passage he had an open route to the goal, chose to pass to a covered player. Defenders don’t bother marking him anymore, he poses no threat. Give his role to Smith Rowe.

  34. Tom

    “But Kane is the best striker in the world right now by a margin.”

    He’s doing what was only too obvious he’d do in that pub league to anyone who wasn’t traumatized by him scoring a bunch of goals against us in the NLD.

    People wanking off to Lewandowski and Benzema over the years for scoring freely and winning titles for clubs like Bayern and Madrid in leagues littered with clubs with Luton Town FC’s spending power were cracking me up.

  35. Raulishuss

    PierreNovember 12, 2023 12:02:14
    ” you absolute moaning child.”Moaning about someone else moaning is the height of stupidity

    Thank you. Just goes to show stupid you’ve been.

  36. Raulishuss

    People wanking off to Lewandowski and Benzema over the years for scoring freely and winning titles for clubs like Bayern and Madrid in leagues littered with clubs with Luton Town FC’s spending power were cracking me up.

    Kane Is absolutely a level above lewa and Benz isn’t much of an upgrade. He’s a top top striker. Top 3 the pl has ever seen imo

  37. Mysticleaves


    That’s interesting. Were you just not interested in going pro? Or didn’t get the opportunity? I often wonder how close some of the posters on legrove came to going pro.

    Would be nice to make some more money off your knowledge. No blames for any losses.

  38. Tom

    City at full strength are still the most complete side in Europe.
    Then there’s Madrid and Bayern, and after that a handful of really good clubs we could be expected to beat over the two legs all things considered.
    Still, CL is a long shot.

  39. Karsa


    Haha. I was never good enough for football.

    I did play football, and cricket as it happens, until my early 20’s, before focusing my efforts into a different sporting direction.

    I tend to bet small amounts, mainly on accas, meaning an occasional win keeps me ahead of the game. I don’t mind posting the occasional suggestions but don’t expect to retire anytime soon.

  40. Positive pete

    One of life’s great mysteries.How in gods name are Manure only 6 points behind us? I haven’t checked but I sincerely hope they have the fixture list from hell coming up.The media because of this are still bigging up ETH.Maybe that’s not a bad thing if it keeps in a job.

  41. Rich


    Cup competition will always have an element of luck attached, Inter got to the final last season with a team of geriatrics.. And then restricted City to a fine margins victory.

    Once teams are into the last 8, they then map the path for each team to the final.

    We’ve played City twice this season, restricted them to nothing, and pushed the margins in our favour by the skin of our teeth on both occasions l

    City, Bayern, Madrid, Chelsea were all drawn in the same cluster of the last 8 last season… With Inter, Benfica, ACMilan, Napoli, on the other side of the draw.

    We’re not favourites, but we’re certainly not just making up the numbers either.

  42. jwl

    Saw these numbers on twitter, missing out on mudryk and getting Trossard instead was a bullet dodged indeed, Leo has been outstanding for us. I was worried about buying him because he was in the news for being stroppy two weeks before we bought him and I was concerned about dressing room morale. Also saw stat that said Saka has assisted in all of Leo’s goals which is weird but they have an understanding apparently and long may it continue.

    Arsenal goal involvements so far this season (all competitions) #AFC
    14 – Saka (6 goals + 8 assists)
    8 – Trossard (6g + 2a)
    6 – Nketiah (5g + 1a)
    6 – Odegaard (5g + 1a)
    5 – Jesus (4g + 1a)
    5 – Martinelli (2g + 3a)

  43. jwl

    I was reading a gooner acct in twitter last night and he was arguing that it’s not at all likely we signing anyone in January and Arsenal will only have one big singing each summer for two or three years because of how Rice deal is structured. West Ham got their demand that money for Rice was paid quicker than normal, we paying for Rice in three installments instead of five or six and it limits how much we can spend within ffp rules.

  44. Tom

    “Germany a pub league?”

    Spending wise, absolutely.
    All you have to do is look up the bottom half of Bundesliga standings and it’s basically all Luton Town sister clubs.
    Add to that the fact EPL refs provide the ‘ smaller ‘ clubs with the ultimate equalizer by allowing excessive contact and the two leagues are like night and day.
    Add to that fewer matches and the winter break to boot, and the verdict is clear.

    Not to say there aren’t a handful of really good clubs in Bundesliga of course, but the fact Bayern has won it, what, ten times in a row now, really paints the picture.

  45. kofi

    kai will probably sort it out – he tends to be in the right position and constantly doing the wrong thing. the mist obvious situation has been being on great position to shoot and play the ball 5 yards to leo, who was covered.
    that is likely down to confidence issues and less ability issues. there is hope, although he seems to be a waste of money at this point to be honest
    it is quite remarkable what we have done so far considering the terrible refs and injuries to key players
    well done so far, would have taken CL and PL points at this point before the season and except fulham home we are really on track I guess

  46. Adams

    After winning 3:1 yesterday the doom sayers are out in full force saying we will lose saliba to real madrid because the will be nothing to moan about for the next two weeks. I admire their will to always be negative though.

  47. Tom

    “Kane has 20 goals this season.”

    Actually 21 goals and 7 assists in league and CL play.
    Haaland has 15 goals and 3 assists in league and CL play about same minutes played.

    The difference being Kane until recently had been feeding off scraps while Haaland has been wasting big chances at the highest clip around.

    Not to mention all the one v ones Kane’s provided for his teammates they’ve wasted.
    He easily should’ve been in double digits for assists already.

  48. Tom

    Bati, except it isn’t considering City hasn’t outspent everyone else by a margin the way Bayern has.
    And once Pep fucks off they won’t be winning it at a counter.

    Bayern can win the league every year no matter the manager.

  49. Rich


    We’ve still had 5 different winners in the PL in the last 11 seasons.

    Football has always been cyclical, for all the talk about City investing, people need to accept that they’re still incredibly astute operators, who we can learn a lot from.

    United have invested just as much, but they haven’t operated anywhere near as astutely.

    City won’t stay at the top forever, that’s not the way football works, football has always been cyclical, long before state ownership.

    Also 4 of City’s wins have been close, Liverpool within a point twice, beating Arsenal by 5 points last season… Which is really just flipping one direct result against City.

    They beat United on goal difference 12 years ago… City are currently the standout team, but it’s still competitive.

  50. Mysticleaves

    There’s been 5 different winners in 11 but there’s the only 2 in 6 with city winning 5. You can use stats to prove whatever you want to prove it seems.

    City definitely turning EPL to farmers league. I hope that dominance ends but it seems they have like 2 or 3 more Epls to go.

    Also going by Tom’s assessment, then every league bar the EPL is a farmers league. There’s a sharp difference between the revenue generation of the top clubs and the middling ones in every league except the PL. It’s been proven a long time that Kane is world class. Top 5 striker in the generation, everybody included. Don’t use Bayern to diminish his feats please.

  51. Madhu

    So tell me with 4 matches going on simultaneously what network of channels is needed to watch each. Sky sports is only showing the West Ham game. TNT is not showing anything. Crazy situation this

  52. Markymark

    GOH’s world is binary – Arsenal player is either shite or if any good he’s immediately bound for Real or Barca. We’ve consistently heard how players will be off only for them to sign a new contract. Once that occurs they then join the list of shite players.

    I’d say that overall German football is like a turbo charged and very well attended Championship. Kane’s scoring record in the Bundesliga points to this.

  53. Madhu

    Marky isn’t there a latent suspicion that next summer big clubs may be knocking on our doors for Saka, Martinelli or Saliba depending on how this season goes?

  54. Madhu

    Be careful Siddeeq you will be called the entitled and worse. But I agree with you and the accompanied doubts about star players post this season.

  55. Batistuta

    They’ve won the last 3 and will most likely win the current one makunh it 4 in a row, thats farmer league territory.

    And very funny waiting for Pep to leave before anyone else can have a sniff

    Oh and also about 5/6 maybe 7 teams in the EPL can spend up to 100 million in a summer so the city outspending everyone trope doesnt hold up against any argument.

  56. Dolomite

    I really can’t wait for Kai Havertz to hit a good vein of goal scoring form and confidence

    I’m casually observing a lot of shit talkers on Le Grove.

  57. Mysticleaves

    I believe that next season will be too early for clubs to start sounding out our top guns unless this one goes to shit or the players make themselves available. Saka won’t do that, Saliba won’t (for now).

    From all ramifications, it’s not looking like we will finish outside the top 4 this season. We haven’t been at our best this season (I hope it improves but I doubt) and we are watching touching distance. So our players seem to be safe from the vultures

  58. Omozuafo Frank

    Good win. At least three points to the kitty. I will advise that we concentrate more commenting on our players rather than what is being done or undone by Spurs players and their team. Concentrating on them will be tantamount to voyeurism. We need to desist from this.

  59. Mysticleaves


    Why though? At the moment Kai is shit and that’s what people are saying. If he picks up later (I doubt), better for the club that pay him 280k PW and us. Not everybody has 2 years to give a player to come good.

  60. Karsa

    All our star men have signed new deals and are on board for a few seasons yet.

    In 3 years time I suspect we will want to move on one or two. It’s unrealistic to think Martinelli and Saka will our wingers for 10 years running.

  61. Adams

    If saka, saliba and martinelli are good enough to win trophies at real madrid and barca they can do it here too. Arsenal are not a small club overnight, we are the third most successful club in england with massive fanbase and a history of playing beautiful football. We did not have any problem attracting players like rice and jesus so why will we have problems keeping our players.

  62. Tom

    “Also going by Tom’s assessment, then every league bar the EPL is a farmers league. There’s a sharp difference between the revenue generation of the top clubs and the middling ones in every league except the PL. ”

    Missed my point gents.
    Bayern’s worth is double of its closest competitors.
    PSG’s net worth is five times its closest competitors.
    Hence both leagues are Not competitive ( or pub leagues)from financial stand point.

    Whatever you think of City’s past financial shenanigans they don’t dwarf financially their immediate competitors.
    They keep winning because Pep is a genius everyone ( other than Klopp maybe)else tries to copy.

  63. Markymark

    Madhu – they’ll be knocking on our door every season.
    My point being GOH basically rates our players in two columns. If they are in the good column then they’ll be gone. He’s been caught out on this repeatedly.