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The debate over referees went into overdrive yesterday with the pundit class leaning in to ‘tell the peasants they aren’t allowed to speak’ on the matter of refereeing ineptitude.

Gary Neville called Arsenal and Liverpool dangerous for their statements – and had the audacity to reference his time as a player, forgetting the hold Ferguson had on referees

Jamie Carragher told us the statement was nonsense and Arsenal were bandwagon-jumping

Even Michael Owen piped up into the conversation saying Arteta was damaging the game

There are levels to this nonsense.

Howard Webb has taken over PGMOL and his big solution swing hasn’t been to change the quality of the rotten system – it’s been to get more face time with the big dogs in media. The referee association is in cahoots with the top pundits and now those guys are jumping to the defence after getting a Whatsapp message to cool the temperature after the horrendous officiating at the weekend.

Last weekend, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were telling us 6ft3 Rodri was pulled down by an arm around the waste by Hojland and it was a clear penalty.

This week, they are telling us Joelinton with a two-handed shove to the back of Gabriel wasn’t a foul.

How can we take the opinions of these guys seriously if they suffer the same consistency issues as PGMOL?

The pundit class is totally out of step with the feelings amongst the fans of all clubs this season. No fan media is out here loving on what is going on. We’re all sick to death of the desecration of the game at the hands of a group of men that are not at the top of their game. What made the defence of PGMOL all the more ridiculous was the disgraceful officiating in the Spurs/Chelsea game. It was absolutely farcical what went on. One of the most ridiculous games I’ve seen and I’ve seen some crazy things. Romero getting away with kicking out, Udogie getting away with a studs-up challenge, the most painful of VARing on multiple decisions. It was a game that summed up the authority issue bad refs have on the pitch, and the lack of technical nous going on at VAR headquarters.

The pundit class keeps telling us to stop looking back, to keep our emotions in check, and to accept that referees make mistakes – I’m sorry, that is not acceptable, we cannot normalize bad officiating.

Premier League clubs will track the mayonnaise consumption of players that burn 6000 calories a day to get a marginal gain – but they won’t address the biggest gain available to most clubs: getting refereeing decisions right.

Arsenal dropped at least 9 points last season based on shocking decisions. That’s the Premier League title. The most cost-effective and least resource-intensive way to get 9 points better off is… competence.

9 points were sacrificed because of egregious decisions last season. Why are Premier League clubs letting this slide? Well, it seems they might not be. At some point, these clubs, that pay very smart execs to solve problems, will have to get together and fix it.

Gary Neville and co like the pantomime of it. They like the debate. They like to divide fans. What they should be doing is suggesting ways to fix the problems.

There aren’t enough fresh ideas on this topic – so we just rally around conversations of injustice. Great for Sky. Not great for the game.

So here are 4 ideas.


We have a real problem with familiarity in PGMOL. Mike Dean has gone on the record to suggest that he has made decisions based on the feelings of his mate on the pitch. When you love the guy on the pitch to the extent you make bad decisions to protect them, you have a deep, deep problem you need to fix. Why does a VAR official have to be a Premier League or former Premier League referee? Let’s mix it up and take the emotion out of the game.

Let’s also think about referee diversity. One black referee in 15 years tells its own story – but the bigger issue for me is that London is represented.

This map from Reddit might not be fully updated – but it tells a story.

Who is the little guy in the bottom corner? That’s Jarred Gillet. Australia has more representation than London.

Like any country, there is regional divide. If you were going to serve up a model for fair refereeing. Would you look at that map and feel like you’d squeeze that through a fairness committee? Majority white referees, majority Northern, no representation of London, the east, the south, or the south east?

But let’s not be so isolationist here. Why can’t we have referees from all over the world? England doesn’t have a stranglehold on the best players, so we go to other countries. We certainly don’t have a strangle on the best refs, so why not look the Europe?

Diversity brings fresh ideas, stops cliches, and puts fairness at the centre.


Referencing the above problem with Mike Dein. I don’t believe referees have a strong culture amongst them. If you are a soldier, you are incentivized to put your life on the line for your country and your fellow soldiers. If you work at Apple, you about design, design, design. If you work at Disney, you’re about putting smiles on faces. Referees do not seem to believe that making the best decision is what their role is. Mike Dean said the quiet part out loud. But we hear all sorts of justifications every single game for bad decisions.

‘Ref didn’t want to send off Romero/Udogie because it’d ruin the game’

‘He’d be brave to give a penalty at Old Trafford’

We also know there are hot buttons refs don’t want to touch.

Sending Harry Kane off because he’s an England player

Making tough decisions against managers like Mourinho or Ferguson

Referees need to work in a culture that rewards great decisions – currently, it’s clear they are not in that space. Emotion, pecking order, love for thy colleagues, disdain for certain managers/players. This isn’t me making it up, just look at past comments of refs who are on record saying these things.


Do you, the fan, know if referees have a special analyst who briefs on players before the game? I don’t. If they do, why do certain players get away with the same things game after game?

Sadio Mane with the crafty elbows

Harry Kane reversing into defenders that are challenging for high balls

Rodri with fouls high up the pitch / general shithousery

Do you, the fan, know if referees get live data counts on tactical fouls and misdemeanors? I don’t. But I doubt it. They should be getting running scores of fouls, the severity, and the likelihood that those fouls are part of a tactical plan.

Mikel Arteta will be telling his players that a keeper is hard of hearing in one ear and demanding Ben White scream in the other to disorient him at corners – and he has a team of coaches analyzing the game in real-time to tell him if a player is flagging or having a mental meltdown during the game. Why aren’t refs equipped in this arms race to know if someone is playing dirty tricks?

Even at a base level for tech – why is that world cup offside radar thing not in all Premier League stadiums? We’re still relying on some guy drawing lines on a screen.


I was absolutely disgusted to learn that Premier League referees are topping up their salaries by taking midweek trips to countries that own Premier League football clubs.

Given the context of what is going on with Barcelona right now – this type of carry-on shows you the lack of control in the system at PGMOL and it shows you the perils of having top officials on yearly salaries gazumped by two weeks worth of work of an average player.

Three issues with this:

  1. At the level of ‘this isn’t a big deal’ you could still point to the lack of focus. Referees flying off to do other jobs like freelance TV presenters shows a lack of focus when you have one of the most prestige positions in the world. Longhaul flights impact fatigue – especially in older men – fatigue impacts the ability to make good decisions
  2. At the level of ‘what the fuck, this is legal but…’ you have to say that this throws up incredibly challenging ethical questions.
    1. When someone is giving you big money – do you show deference to them?
    2. When someone is flying you out to a nothing league, you have to ask, ‘why would they do that’?
    3. When someone is taking that money, are they thinking about ‘what’s next in my career, this is a nice hotel’ and are they thinking about 1 and 2 when they are making decisions?
  3. I don’t even want to get into level 3. What I will say is you are opening yourself up to very awkward questions by allowing yourself to be paid for by countries that own football clubs.

This lack of focus on the main job says the rewards system in Premier League football isn’t enough – and at worse, it shows the weakness for more money and post-Premier League career opportunities. It is scandalous more people aren’t talking about it. We’re out here chastising fans for getting angry about bad decisions, but no one on TV has anything to say about referees opening themselves up to awkward questions because of their side hustle jobs DURING the season?


I do not care what you earn. I do not care what you think is a lot of money. I am going to say this objectively: Premier League referees do not earn enough money for what they do. If they did, they wouldn’t be flying to the Middle East midweek to collect bonus cash.

You can’t retire at 45 on a Premier League refs salary. You need to find the next job. So what is your incentive as a ref? To get noticed. To be a face. To get that column with The Daily Mail or that nice job next to Merse and the boys. Who gets those jobs? The worst of the worst. Because no one remembers the guy that gets it right most of the time.

Refs that are great should earn more money and they should be subject to stricter standards. Why?

  • They are household names for all the wrong reasons – getting abused on the street is HORRIBLE
  • They are responsible for decisions that cost front office staff their jobs, clubs up to £100m if they are relegated, and player bonuses that could mean they can’t buy an extra house in the south of France
  • The Premier League is the BIGGEST sporting export England has – our officials should be the best and if they are the best, they should be paid like the best
  • You do not want to incentivise refs to be the star of the show because they can’t afford to retire in their mid-forties

Currently, referees are paid based on tenure and literally showing up. We should rework the structure so they are rewarded based on making good decisions.

The inverse of that is if you do NOT hit the standard, you drop out of the league.

If you make the reward package of Premier League referees good enough to retire wealthy, guess what? You’ll get more people entering the talent pool. You’ll get the best people at the top of the game.

If you build your culture around great decisions and reward the best people – it means you can justify binning people that cannot hit the standard.

I don’t want to keep seeing the same cast of characters making the same shocking decisions every season. I don’t want to see bad referees put in the VAR booth to ruin my life from Stockly Park. I want to see a high-performance culture with referees. We need more Collina’s in the world, not more Mike Dean’s.

Infamy shouldn’t pay. It does at the moment. That has to change.


The solve for poor officiating isn’t hoping Gary Neville and co give permission for a better PGMOL. The solve is hoping Premier League clubs come together to demand action as a collective. We cannot allow this mediocrity to flourish and we cannot accept Howard Webb’s big idea being ‘closer ties with the big opinion masters’ at Sky Sports.

I don’t think my ideas are the best out there – but I know they would progress the game better than ‘people make mistakes’ or ‘clubs are dangerous for suggesting PGMOL does better.’

Fans deserve better, so do the players/managers: So when are the clubs going to get serious about addressing the biggest problem in the best league in the world?

Who knows…

Give me your best ideas below!

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gus I agree with your sentiment that you can’t just look at bad decisions against us and call we would have won the league however, your view on the ncastle goal is off. that’s a foul, arguably both (rodri and gabriel) are fouls. it isn’t the sole decision itself that makes a decision bad but the context as well as inconsistency. that’s why I said before the rules need to be adapted as you are never able to say for sure whether e.g. gabriel was ‘pushed’ or whether he was really pressed down so he wasn’t able to jump properly.… Read more »


It’s embarrassing for us to have written that letter. Every team feels “hard done by” by VAR. We lost the title last year due to choking it away ourselves.

Agree with Neville, sad to say.


Also I think citing decisions against us in their complaint was wrong I think they should have gone with some of the obvious wrong decisions in general recently would have been a much better point to get across I think


To be fair this whole thing becomes irrelevant if we’re playing better and doing better than what we’re currently seeing this season. Is the referee interpreting VAR a problem absolutely no question about it but at the same time I think the biggest issue for arsenal right now is how poorly the manager has us playing and how he’s utilizing his squad and injuries


Great post Pedro, excellent breakdown and analysis.

Fuck Neville kind of love he’s having this passive aggressive escalation with Arteta without saying it.
His tweet last night with image of Ange “Class”. So cloaked in agenda.

It’s beyond clear the officiating in the Premiere league is motivated, eventually that will see the light of day and with it this generation of pundits enabling the chaos will be gone. Much like the Andy Gray’s of yesteryear (whom I miss btw).



Yeah I agree
I think the system strangles creative expression but having someone like cesc in left 8 as opposed to Havertz or rice would hurt our ability to create now would it?


those criticizing Arteta and the club are not different from the people making the game bad.
if you don’t see the need for people to be called out when they fail in their job you also won’t see the need to reward people who do well in their job.

if i was Arsenal i will go as far as suing PGMOL if that is allowed, there should be consequence for failure.


Yeah it’s so fucking weird how they love Ange after he has two players sent off and capitulated late on due to his braindead tactics. Wenger used to get destroyed for that and rightly so. But because he says mate and didn’t complain about the refs where he had no decisions go against him he’s seen as a gent


How fucking dumb is it that we didn’t sell Partey last summer. Absolutely silly decision

X haka

if i was Arsenal i will go as far as suing PGMOL if that is allowed, there should be consequence for failure.

Once we have sued them and lost how about we then sue the European refs well.

Because our record in it , is hopeless as well.

Was Lens away a PGMOL game?

Or Sporting Lisbon, Olympiakos and Villarreal under Mick?

We had 100 mins to score a goal against Newcastle , we failed.


Honestly it’s a shame Neville is as dim as he is, in that position the power move for the long game would be to go the Goldbridge route of pure un bias and go full guns blazing on the situation without agenda. There is a power in calling the broken situation broken without filter. If Sky bin him there would be such leverage in that, he’s so dim to not grasp that for the longer game and ramifications. Marko Its truly bizarre from a punditry standpoint to CREDIT running that high line with 9 men, was madness. Spurs could of… Read more »


”Well one argument is numbers is numbers but….. I’ve watched both players play all season and Jackson’s performances have been impressive.”

Every time ive seen Jackson Play he’s missed so many chances. Eddie scores hatrick against a weak team but least he did it against 11 players ..when playing 9 men and scoring 2 in injury time , not alot to shout about really
Can’t stand Chelsea so i do hope they keep Jackson in the team

Ernest Reed

“if you don’t see the need for people to be called out when they fail in their job you also won’t see the need to reward people who do well in their job.if i was Arsenal i will go as far as suing PGMOL if that is allowed, there should be consequence for failure.‘ You have a very good point on the first statement Zaco, but your second point undoes the sentiment completely. There are ways to make a clear statement and what AFC did, in highlighting three examples plus Arteta’s melodramatic statement, was not in my opinion the way… Read more »


Nketiah is shite. I’m sick and tired of seeing him run around in an arsenal shirt conning a living. Needs replacing if we want to improve. And before anyone starts posting his stats I don’t care. All that does to me is prove how much better off we’d be with a better striker than him. Sesko or Gimenez in January would be a dream but unlikely midseason


We should wind up the war with Gary Neville spark it up even more. Get it to the point he’s seen to be invested in a war with us. It’ll end one way – his sacking

Ernest Reed

“Sky Sports’ Gary Neville on “dangerous” club VAR statements: “I’m looking at the Premier League now and the leadership of the Premier League because the reality is they have got to start protecting referees. The Premier League has to get this in order.”‘ I’m going to keep saying this forever and a day. Gary Neville may talk like an idiot, and he may look like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you: He really is an idiot. What Sky Sports see’s in this idiot, aside from the sheer need for an idiot on their roster to keep equal opportunity… Read more »


Carragher and Neville are in a different category because Sky Sports is one of the selected subscription service Premier league media. People have to pay lots of money to watch games and they have no choice but listen to their gibberish.
I’ve never understood why they became so prominent, certainly not the analysis, they don’t give a better analysis than lay fans on fan channels.


2 words
Super League


Ernest Reed – yep the whole structure should be reviewed. It’s about time the sports minister takes a look at it. Ultimately it’s a big export industry as well as being part of the fabric, at this rate the edifice is collapsing as the leadership is not capable of installing confidence


A really simple solution would fix this issue.
1. Separate the refs and VAR into 2 organisations.
2. KPI the refs on the number of onfield decisions they get correct.
3. KPI VAR on the number of incorrect onfield decisions they have to correct.

It’s not complicated but nobody likes KPIs because they expose poor performance


It’s all good and reasonable to call out PGMOL for their failings, but we have to look inwards as well. We failed to create any meaningful xG against Castle. The city game was won by a deflected shot. I’m not saying we won by sheer luck last year at St.james park or this year against the treble winners (for the first time in 6 years in the epl) but when these teams are at 75% and above we can’t muster anything offensively against them. We haven’t been our very best this year against either aforementioned opposition, but even our best… Read more »


Dissenter – the recent Arsenal Vision with Tim and Clive succinctly argues this out. Basically we are viewing matches through the eyes of ex Liverpool and Man UTD players. If we want a windup then YouTube or other options are available instead. However are getting SKY moving into YouTube like territory. We have little option but to pay the bill to watch it. I’ve realised this is one of the main reasons I’ll go to a pub to watch a televised match so that the pundit commentary is basically drowned out.


Arsenal should push to the limit frosty relations with SKY. Make sure it’s felt. It’ll trickle down and it would end with Neville’s replacement


Referees are one of the most protected species on the planet. They’re like congressman in America


The problem with PGMOL is that it’s a union that’s not accountable to anyone and it protects it dumbest, most incompetent, members like all unions do. How var is currently set up is a make work project for union members – there is absolutely no reason to take away decision making from the ref on field. Any reviews that need to be done, the ref should just run over to sidelines and watch monitor himself and see if he made correct decision. Under the current system, the ref is not final arbiter but randos miles away and not really watching… Read more »



would love it. my feeling is we create enough against weaker opponents and try to play a small margin game against better opponents by restricting thrm to basically nothing and hope jesus, saka, martinelli and ode (who most of the time have a lot of freedom) create something special. that does not work without jesus (and ode vs newcastle). it perfectly worked against city without saka (and gabi coming on). I feel this small margin game falls with jesus and ode

Dan Ahern

The sports media are so pathetic on this issue. The errors are insane at this level. The refs caring more about propping each other up than enforcing the laws of the game is abysmal behaviour. The implications of officials moonlighting in countries that literally own or sponsor PL clubs are horrific. And yet what’s everyone talking about? How Arteta and Arsenal are wrong to have a go, and how angelic Ange “I Respect Authority” Postecoglou is pure class. In fact we now have allegations the broadcasters are calling presenters and threatening them not to be too harsh on the refs.… Read more »


Not very nice bringing my wife into conversation the way you did, but I get over it, as I know that you couldn’t hook up the ugliest prostitute in this world, ih sorry, the second ugliest, the ugliest one is your mum, even if you offered her million pounds.
And if you really believe that you are telling the truth, well, there’s no hope for you I’m afraid. You are a proper imbecile and idiot. Just sorry for your kids as they would become the same, if they were real of course.


Journos on twitter have noticed that Ode and Nketiah, as well as already injured Partey/ESR/Jesus/Timber, were not involved in training today and are facing late fitness tests for tomorrow.


“Arsenal should push to the limit frosty relations with SKY. Make sure it’s felt. It’ll trickle down and it would end with Neville’s replacement”

They can’t do that because they have contractual obligations to do interviews and provide a certain amount of access.

Tassos Davakis

KOFI, incompetent is your coach and the bad results will keep coming , I’m afraid !!


Neville is male, stale and loves ale


If you want to understand better why nothing will change look up Arteta’s comments post the Liverpool VAR fiasco and compare that to his latest rant.

Or, better yet find Pedro’s general posts on officiating when Wenger was fighting his battles with PGMOL.

Nigel Tufnel

I just listened to the Arsenal vision pod .. one of the best. I didn’t realise how good Newcastle defense stats are at home this season, and their attacking stats overall as well. Elliott said aside from the bogus goal their Xg was .06 against us … That is exactly how it felt. They were never a threat during that game. As far as our inability to score in the game, if its true they haven’t conceded a home goal since September, it’s not so shocking, and I’d say we were much more dangerous than they were based on lots… Read more »


tassos we will see but I doubt it. I guess we finish 2nd/3rd with a UCL quarter final and probably some kind of fa cup run although I guess we will play with the second string we will have games like newcastle where small margins make the difference and we will win some of them, draw and lose some. those games may easily decide whether we proceed in CL or have a real shot at the title (doubt it, but you never know). generally – and i know that is not very popular – i feel we are well equipped… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

And here we get comments like this from X haka.

“We had 100 mins to score a goal against Newcastle , we failed.”
Simple is not a good enough description for this brilliant observation.
High level thinking as usual.


“ Goh
Not very nice bringing my wife into conversation the way you did, but I get over it, as I know that you couldn’t hook up the ugliest prostitute in this world, ih sorry, the second ugliest, the ugliest one is your mum, even if you offered her million pounds.”



Continuing playing high line against the trio of speedsters in Sterling , Mudryk, and Jackson that late in the track meet style game was about the dumbest thing I’ve seen on a football pitch ever.

The only reason this game didn’t finish 1:8 was because Chelsea wasted their clear cut chances.
Had hey scored them Ange would’ve looked like a proper chump.

Belfast Gooner

Ernest, thanks for sharing this: “I’m looking at the Premier League now and the leadership of the Premier League because the reality is they have got to start protecting referees. The Premier League has to get this in order.”

This could easily be the basis for a proper line of attack, e.g.

“I’m looking at the Premier League now and the leadership of the Premier League because the reality is they have got to start protecting the game. The Premier League has to get officiating in order. The Premier League’s credibility depends on it.”


I think gange impostercoglu was found out a bit last night. He only has the one tactic and has no in game adaptation at all.
The Chavs of old would have scored 10.


“No mention of Gravenberch, Xavi Simons, Kudus, Moussa Diaby, Hungarian CAM for Pool with the impossible to spell name, Julian Alvarez or plenty of others that have been earmarked on here before big moves.”

I assure you that Nigel Tuffnell will mention and call them clown players clown supporters wanted only when they are mid thirties and without a club. lol.



How many tactics does Arteta have? Are Arsenal posters getting jealous of Spurs? The mention and trolling of their manager since yesterday has hit overdrive. Considering they are above us ON MERIT it’s funny. Factor in that many fans have been rightly complaining about Arteta too it becomes stupid.


Is this the same blog that mocked UNTOLD when the talked of PGMOL bias against Wenger?

Chickens coming home to roost (Basque proverb)


Dissenter – yes I gather the obligations but you can alwsys do a Fergie he made it very clear at times.
Next time one of the Kroenkes is in the room with dodgy Rupert he should respectfully suggest that Gary Neville is a useless biased Cnut. Or something along those lines


Gary Neville can go fuck himself. Arteta did the right thing calling out corrupt and incompetent officials. It was long overdue.

If players can be criticised and pushed out of clubs, managers can be sacked, fans can be banned, pundits can be ridiculed then why can’t officials be called out for their incompetence ?


Postecoglue trying a bit too hard to endear himself to media.

X haka

Is this the same blog that mocked UNTOLD when the talked of PGMOL bias against Wenger?

Wenger spent the last decade moaning about refs, Arteta is doing exactly the same.

Why are we so fucking shit in Europe then?
Pgmol don’t ref there?

Mr Serge

So Partey could be out until Feb ?


Ange is truly a Nutter.
To cling to his so called principles and rules of play when down two men is stupidity at its core and long may it continue … I hope he never changes. They will so be exposed, especially as more key plays are suspended

Ernest Reed

Always on the personal attack train, eh Nigel? Are you actually able to go an entire day without somehow making it all about you??

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you can most certainly agree to disagree, but in all honesty, no one on here goes after other posters as much as you do, no one.

You have something to offer, of that I am certain. At the same time it makes reading your thoughts, when you attack others, less relevant.


Good post Pedro.
Arteta was absolutely right to call that shit out, totally confirmed by spuds chavs game.
PGMOL is totally corrupted, it will not change, it needs to be deleted and replaced. Tons of great referees in Europe.

Ernest Reed

“ Ange is truly a Nutter.‘

Don’t know if going with a high press with seven is sustainable long term, but it sure made for entertainment. As a loather of Spurs, keep doing that thing that you do Ange!


“Referees are one of the most protected species on the planet. They’re like congressman in America”

good one

Both should be required to wear logos of their sponsors/ owners just like F1 drivers or bass fishermans.


Logically thinking. Everybody knows that English refs are shit, and I’m sure arabs know that as well, so why would they want them referring their great (in their opinion) football league?


“Logically thinking. Everybody knows that English refs are shit, and I’m sure arabs know that as well, so why would they want them referring their great (in their opinion) football league?”

Simple answer ….Prestige


Neville and Carragher aren’t going anywhere, they’re the face of Super Sunday or whatever other crass title Sky choose to call their weekend output.

But Arsenal fans could and should refrain and stop engaging online with that pair of frauds, treat them like trolls and don’t feed them.

That was quite a good post Pedro, I think you’re getting the hang of it…

Positive pete

Hacker.Leave the verbal diarrhoea to Gunz.He’s better at it.Or are you his alter ego?

Positive pete

TR7.That f*** ng snake Neville.He’s showing his true colours as if there ever was any doubt.


After watching that debacle yesterday… not sure how anyone can not say Arteta was vindicated and 100% correct in his main point which is that VAR system and it’s implementation is an embarrassment to the League. And it’s not very far fetched to conclude that they aren’t getting decisions anymore correct with var then without. Yesterday it seemed like they were going overboard to micro dissect everything to the nth degree where in our match they were like…. nothing to see here move along.. inconclusive evidence. So which is it? Var not good enough to make hard close decisions..? or… Read more »


Mr Serge if that’s actually true about Partey then we maybe need to prioritise a midfield addition in January above any other position – and I really think we need a defender as it goes, as we’re losing Tomiyasu in the New Year to the Asian Cup or whatever it’s called?

Positive pete

Ernest.Back off Nigel.His opinion is that the guys a prick.He’s not wrong.


Untold was mocked because they were using their own in house data… to try and prove a conspiracy.. Basically they had some dude on their site watching the games and making the calls as he saw it versus the actual call and then keeping stats like it was the definitive proof.

So using biased data to prove bias. That doesn’t work.


This evening I am mostly supporting Borussia Dortmund…


After the amount we spent this summer and the uncertainty around Timber and Partey, something tells me we’ll be hitting the loan market pretty hard. Expect no permanent signings and two loanees.


Ya the Dortmund one is the one to watch with rooting interest. And then PSG v Milan later just because I want to.. Don’t think I can watch City v Young Boys again. unless it’s close.

Positive pete

Sky doing their best to whitewash Artetas/ Arsenal comments.Seem to think PGMOL are trying to play it down ( sweep it under the carpet)take your pick.Also suggesting FA may charge Arsenal on grounds of bringing game into disrepute.Yes pleaseExactly what we want.Lets have it out in the open.With a right of appeal.Lets have Neville the snake & the PGMOL squirming.About bloody time I hope .


Partey wants away apparently.
There are issues with him and I don’t think he can hack the Premiership.
Get rid asap and move on.
Don’t know who we could get mid season though



Even after an utterly embarassing spell at Valencia as a manager Neville continues to be a know it all loudmouth. And he just can’t hide his hatred for Arsenal, can he? I really loathe him.

Carragher is a good pundit although he is way off the mark this time on Arteta.

Michael Owen? The fact that somebody pays that imbecile Michael Owen for his opinion is truly astonishing.

Guns of SF

Neville and Carragher are idiots

Guns of SF

We should sell partey, great player when fit but hardly fit

Guns of SF

Partey would do fine in Serie A, or Saudi


I posted this on the big soccer game day thread. Giving credit, where credit is due, there have been discussions about this idea on game day threads in the past and the idea is not originally mine, but as a Rugby fan I fully embrace it. “God forbid they should borrow from another sport, but VAR should be implemented in the same way it has been implemented in Rugby, with the discussion between the referee and the men/women in the booth audible for all to hear and the incidents on the big screen for all to see, no more running… Read more »

Guns of SF

NC fans need a trip to the optometrist, cant see clear or wont see clear, or do not want to see clearly


Positive Sky doing their best to whitewash Artetas/ Arsenal comments.Seem to think PGMOL are trying to play it down ( sweep it under the carpet)take your pick.Also suggesting FA may charge Arsenal on grounds of bringing game into disrepute.Yes pleaseExactly what we want.Lets have it out in the open.With a right of appeal.Lets have Neville the snake & the PGMOL squirming.About bloody time I hope . Right of appeal ? Yes there is an appeal process within the rules but it almost only certainly be granted when evidence that wasn’t available when any charge is first heard. If and a… Read more »

Guns of SF

Hope Dortmund beat em up today.

Ernest Reed

“ Ernest.Back off Nigel.His opinion is that the guys a prick.He’s not wrong.‘

Read again please Pete, it’s a regular behaviour and not a one-off.


In case you were not sarcastic. What is prestigious in having shit referees in your league?


All the English refs are a generation or 2 older than the players, and seem like masochistic chip on their shoulder attention seekers. 100k a year for such an important job in a multi-billion global enterprise is going to attract oddballs who simultaneously like verbal abuse but also to be center of attention.

Jollof Rice

Two things can be true at the same time:

1) PGMOL needs root and branch reform.

2) This season, Arsenal’s style of play is unadventurous and too focused on what players do off the ball.

Sure, Arteta and Arsenal FC should press the PGMOL to make fundamental changes.

But, with the best will in the world, that is a long term project.

In the short term, Arteta should focus on getting the players to create opportunities and score goals.

Nigel Tufnel

Kofi, I would only add that, even though Manchester City are always the favorites, we just need to stay close and pray that Liverpool, Newcastle, even spurs, can steal some points from them. Although, if they keep getting the middle eastern “bonus” from the refs, nothing will matter. (It used to be an England bonus… but money and pleasure/fantasy trips to the mideast beats all). All inexplicable VAR calls for years have benefitted Man City in some way.. That that soft dive from Rodri helped them directly, but of course that Newcastle nonsense goal was great for Man City, because… Read more »

Jollof Rice

Oh and Gary Neville is a mouthy twat.


The VAR officials have never played in a game and until ex-players do that job or have a say so in it, it will always be massively flawed as whenever there is a judgment call as in the push on Gabriel they have not a fucking clue. Every single ex-player on ESPN-FC said it was a foul everywhere on the pitch. You have to include the variable of Ref fuck ups in your game plan and as already stated if we had a goal keeper that would have caught the cross, or we would have scored in that match the… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Ernest Reed the great protector of the simple thinking contingent. Fits right in.


Come on you yellows…

Ernest Reed

I’m going to be as succinct as possible Nigel, stop being an asshole. You are a living misery and a detriment to this site.

Guns of Hackney

Anyone remember when I said sell Partey asap. Well…

Guns of Hackney

Anyone remember when I said cash in on Saka…?

Guns of Hackney

This is why you’re you, and I’m Chevy Chase.


Nope Hackney .. because when you started openly rooting for the other team to score goals against us during a game.. I stopped reading your shit.

Because you have lost the entire plot of being a fan of a team.

Guns of Hackney


You should hear yourself. You think a ref gets into the game because they like attention? For the shit they get and the wages they get and the death threats and the family abuse?

Check yourself.


Bit surprised that Dortmund got that throw in just then, I mean Willock only knocked it a yard over the line…

Guns of Hackney


I’ll need examples of when I wanted people to score against us. Except for when it was for the greater cause. But not normally.


Spurs game. I can’t be bothered to go back and pull up your nonsense.


Nice one Dortmund.

Guns of SF

NC has a tough group, hope they finish last and get nothing

Bob N16

Guns, from what I understand Chevy Chase is deeply unpopular due to being arrogant and unpleasant. Surely you don’t want to be justifiably disliked?

Guns of Hackney


I’ve always thought it’s better to be disliked than pretend liked.


“Mind you, I’m 33% closer to winning £4000 so fuck Arsenal.” “3-1 and I’m £4000 richer.” “Good job I had a 3-2 as a side bet,” _________ Alright fine…I’ll do you the courtesy..since I brought it up Sound familiar Hackney? Fuck Arsenal… really during the NLD of all things? Good job that they scored.? From where I sit after that you have totally lost the plot and who cares what your opinion is anymore.. because you don’t care about the team, clearly. Maybe find a different team… Ya? Being hyper critical is one thing… really don’t care. Openly rooting against… Read more »