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Arsenal lost to Newcastle in a tremendous battle at St. James Park. We lost in the margins. Those margins once again being VAR in combination with the on-pitch referee.

Arteta finally realised that playing it nice in the media doesn’t work.

“How the hell did this goal stand up?,”

“It’s embarrassing what happened. How this goal stands, in the Premier League – this league that we say is the best in the world.

“I’ve been 20 years in this country and now I feel ashamed. It’s a disgrace. It’s not good enough. I feel embarrassed to be part of this.”

He’ll get a hefty fine for saying that, but he can sleep easy tonight knowing every manager and professional in the game was nodding their head with his rant.

PGMOL is not fit for purpose. That was before we knew big names refs were taking midweek trips to oil-rich nations to top up their salaries. I’ve been over it many times, but I’ll say it again:

There’s no consequence for failure

No one ever truly loses their job

There’s no diversity in the group they hire

There isn’t a single referee represented from London

The majority of them come from the North

They only just appointed their first black ref in 15 years this season

They are on record saying they make decisions based on friendship

The goal was shocking. VAR canceled a United goal for a minor infraction. A few hours later, the same organization managed to look at three separate incidents in one sequence of play and decide that they were all ok. The ball going out looked bad, but you never really know without Hawkeye (so why don’t we have it), the offside was clear if the McGuire one was, and the cherry on the cake was the two-handed shove by Joelinton.

We also need to talk about the Bruno arm to the face. VAR said it was ok because it wasn’t an elbow. Do you think the police would let you off assault if you did that to someone in a bar? It might be passable if it was a one-off accident, but the build-up was his temper getting worse and worse. He should have been sent off. It’s criminal he wasn’t. This was a game the ref had zero feel for and he ruined it.

Going away to Newcastle is tough, those games are tight, if you’re going to lose, it can’t be for shocking goals like that. It was an absolute disgrace.

That said, we do have to be honest about some of the challenges we had during the game, even on that goal.

1. Arsenal players switched off when they thought the ball went out of play. We have to assume, at all times, we’re going to be fucked by decisions. Argue it went out after you’ve cleared it.

2. David Raya needs to do better from that cross – it’s hard to hammer him for being small, but that ball should be intercepted by him. This is a guy that has been training with longball merchants for 8 years misjudging a cross again. I want to keep defending him. But at the moment, it feels like we’re racking up a clanger a game.

Are we looking at needing two new keepers next summer? At this rate. I think it’s almost certain. I thought his abilities on the ball were on full show yesterday, but once again, there was a black mark against his name and it’s painful viewing.

It’s really easy to get massively downbeat after a fine margins game like that. If you win it, everyone is a hero. When you lose, everything with our current setup is wrong and we need to spend more money.

Kai Havertz had an impressive game for me. We aren’t getting game-changing moments, but he was a long way off ‘terrible’ like I’m seeing from some parts of the internet. Newcastle fans might have thought he deserved a red for an aggressive early tackle that set the wheels in motion for some bad Bruno behavior – but it was a yellow for me. I liked that tackle, have to admit.

Declan Rice was absolutely outrageous. I can’t believe we have him in the side. I underestimated his incredible power and pace – and also the delicate feet he shows off when given the chance. He is absolutely world-class and I won’t have anyone tell me otherwise. The extra physical presence he gives us is so valuable. When Kai put that tackle in, l loved that Declan led the defence. Arsenal hasn’t always been that team, we are now.

The main problem with our midfield is it isn’t picking locks at the moment. We had one shot on target. You can blame the front three, but for me, it was more an issue of service. Without Martin, we looked a touch bland. Not many teams are going to have great options when they’re missing Thomas Partey and Martin Odegaard, we’re not different. Though I was expecting Kai to be more of a creator than he’s proved to be so far.

I’m not sure that extricates Eddie from the conversation here. I don’t think he should have started – and he didn’t really show enough out there today to suggest I was wrong. You can’t take away the good from his season, 7 goals, 3 penalties, and some decent performances. You also can’t hide from him not offering much on days like today.

That said – Newcastle is a top team. Moments like today shine an unfair light on players and force people into drastic opinions. Not having loads of chances against one of the best defences in the league at their place isn’t really the place to be making sharp judgments. I just wonder if Ivan Toney would have melted into the background to the same level… but then I also wonder what he’d do without the service? Maybe someone more physical does more with less? Maybe he doesn’t.

Overall though, I’m not going to draw too many conclusions. When you play top teams in the Premier League away from him, limit their chances, and get done by a horrible decision. How hard can you critique? We were missing Partey, Jesus, Odegaard, and probably Timber. Different players, maybe a better chance at a different outcome. But Newcastle will be tough whoever we add. Not sure there was a silver bullet solve for today.

Let’s move on – see what happens regarding the refs – and hope the boys get on a better footing for next week.

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Matt B

Chelsea are shit so it goes on here and yes, they looked clueless for most of tonight. But we got very, very lucky to grab a point at Stamford Bridge.

Arrogant talk on here about Spurs not being in the race. We hate them etc. etc. but they’ve looked very good this season — they’ve clearly got an excellent manager and goalkeeper, plus a few others.

Not sure we’re quite as good as we think we are.


“There will be a forensic study of every decision out there, I think that is the way the game is going and I don’t like it. If you look at all that standing around we did today, maybe people enjoy that sort of thing but I’d rather see us playing football.” “You have to accept the referee’s decision, that is how I grew up. This constant erosion of the referee’s authority is where the game is going to get – they are not going to have any authority. We are going to be under the control of someone with a… Read more »

Mr Serge

MG 69 we are all celebrating and you take the opportunity to dig out our manager again fuck off you utter prick


Matt B

The title race actually starts in February when City wake up. Let’s see if spurs are in a title race then. Not even halfway through the season. They have also lost both their best cbs. You do know what happened to us last season without Saliba? I can see them struggling over the next 3-4 games.


Let’s see how really good Ange is, now he has some injuries. I’ve been waiting for this moment.

Habesha Gooner

Good results for us considering we lost to a decision on Saturday. Villa and spurs losing. Liverpool drawing to Luton. Couldn’t have asked much more tbh. This is the time spurs gradually start to go down the table. Injuries, suspensions and a tough run all point to spurs going down to the top 4 competition positions. We just need to win both the next games and we will be fine.

Left Testicle

We have a run of very winnable games coming up.


Watching Sturridge talk on sky sports he really knows his stuff. Was a top player back in the also. Albeit injuries.



Mikel Coneteta

Ange is a decent bloke but enough with the media circle jerk. Guy got booked for mouthing off against Chelsea but comes out after saying ‘I’ve always accepted decisions from the ref, some for, some against’

Loves a camera to polish the PR image.

Piss off. Mate.

Guns of SF


Selva Govender

Spitgate and Valencia were at it again this weekend


@Mr. Serge
What a clueless supporter you are, surely anything but 3 points against 19th place Burnley at home is an embarrassment and a disgrace.


Loving the Arsenal “Black Crows” Chevron’s 🔥

Nigel Tufnel

I have said here for years that Romero is as stupid as Mustafi, but more violent.
Others here were praising him as a great buy, while we bought White, Gabriel and Kiwior.


PGMOL not even commenting on the arsenal comments is actually a bigger two fingers up at arsenal than anything They don’t comment because they don’t think what we’ve said requires it It’s exactly as I said, the comments from arsenal were too focused on the goal which although silly did have some aspects of ambiguity. It was wrong of the club to draw all eyes to that in a match which had various other plain as day and serious mistakes like Bruno running up to someone and hitting them in the back nowhere near the ball and it not even… Read more »


And by not even commenting on it, arsenal come out of it looking weak.

Arsenal should send another much firmer message in response.

‘We stand behind arteta’ is way too soft

Last season we lost the title by 5 points and got robbed at least that many by PGMOL. If they sent off Bruno in the first half there’s a good chance we win this game too. Are we really just going to wait until PGMOL have killed off the title race before we finally threaten legal action?


Spurs are overrated So are Brighton So are Chelsea Arsenal are in the position we are whilst most of us agree we are underperforming. When city started the season below par last season, the commentary was ‘they keep in the race even when they’re not at their best and when they find their groove they’ll be amazing’. When arsenal start this season much the same as city did last season the commentary is ‘we’re not as good as we think’. Spurs are as good as they’re going to get all season, and they will definitely have multiple periods of being… Read more »


Spurs are literally only a few key injuries away from being an upper mid table team

Meanwhile we’ve spent half of this season without multiple key players. Partey is one of the best players in his position in the world and basically hasn’t played.

Wake me up when Maddison is out for 2 months and spurs keep winning…. They won’t…

Nigel Tufnel

Mr. Serge,

“MG 69 we are all celebrating and you take the opportunity to dig out our manager again fuck off you utter prick”

Mg42-gd4 only has 1 setting, unfortunately.

Guns of SF


Its City and the Oilers doing this shit. Early days of VAR was not even this bad!


Arsenal and referee chiefs remain at loggerheads with the Premier League club set to cite decisions that have gone against them since last season in their next meeting in a bid to prove a pattern.

Mail Sport can also reveal that Arsenal’s angry reaction to losing 1-0 at Newcastle at St James’ Park on Saturday has not gone down well among the refereeing fraternity, with one source describing their response as ‘over the top’ on Monday.



Josh should get best layer and sue their ass. He can afford real life Harvey Specter.


China big banks are self-regulating bad example.
All fines they are getting for multimillionaire fraud is few millions and no admition of guilt.

Nigel Tufnel

Spurs almost pulled out a draw in minute 93. Chelsea should not be too excited by their own performance.
But Jackson was impressive even before scoring. He looks dangerous.

Spurs Chelsea matches have been the nastiest for a few years now. They hate each other more than us.


Rollen that’s not true My line of business within the bank (which is a Fortune 500 company) was threatened with being completely shut down if we didn’t resolve some practically minor technical deficiencies with how we report certain trade data within a matter of months Other banks in similar situations like HSBC were fined millions for delivering certain daily reports to British regulators (the PRA) a few mins late a couple of times in the same year Banks are not well behaved but the idea they don’t face intense and constant regulation across the vast majority of the business is… Read more »

Guns of SF

Harvey specter lol

Nigel Tufnel

Bruno Guimaraes wears his shirt very tight.


PGMOL not commenting on Arsenal’s statement is a good thing. We asked rhetorical questions that were never going to be answered.
The fact that they haven’t asked Arteta to explain his comments means they too want the entire incident to quietly go away .

Point has been made, let’s just move on from this victim complex to better things, like sharpening our attack
I want to see a reaction against Sevilla on Wednesday.


Dissenter they didn’t comment on it because they didn’t take us as a threat.

It’s not about a victim complex it’s about fixing the #1 elephant in the room ruining the PL matches every single weekend. It’s not even about arsenal, it’s about the whole league being ruined

Guns of SF

China/ Diss VAR has been corrupted by multiple humans working together to make biased decisions instead of the man on the field with a whistle.
Its madness now. This iteration of VAR is nothing but corruption


I for one am really really tired of talking about PGMOL but they are front and center of every single match day. This has to stop They have to be put under maximum pressure to improve otherwise you might as well take each match as a coin toss re whether or not you are going to have the game ruined. I’d like us instead to be able to focus on talking about match performances without the constant caveat of ‘but if incident ABC hadn’t changed everything, things might have been very different’. PGMOL is so toxic to the league, only… Read more »




You’re right guns but we’re a billion dollar corporation. Let’s stop acting so bloody helpless and letting them ruin things

Have our lawyers draft them a letter saying we are greatly concerned about the impact specific blatant mistakes are having on our companies bottom line and see how quickly they find the time to reply to our statement then…

Guns of SF

Var was to correct human error, yet that is all it does now


Arsenal have had a tendency to not complain about the many and varied ways the PGMOL officials contrive to cheat us out of points and it’s annoyed me that the club haven’t kicked up more of a fuss.about. So I’m quite pleased that both Arteta and the club made their feelings public, it may not make any difference but saying nothing definitely won’t. If the PGMOL choose to not comment I’d imagine that it’s because there isn’t a lot they can say in their defence, therefore by refusing to respond it’s probably hoped that this will all go away? Only… Read more »


Every week 3 or so teams come out complaining that decisions ruined their result

Yet each of them complains in isolation and achieves nothing

Why are the clubs not using common sense to create a coordinated statement from many teams to increase the pressure?

Why does it take a random fan like me on the net to have such basic ideas for how to force PGMOL to face more scrutiny and accountability?


LE GROVE HOMEPODCASTSRULESABOUTPRIVACY POLICY VARification!! November 7th, 2023 by Sideeq. Sorry guys for taking long to post.I have been at patreone. Spuds lost to Chelsea in a tremendous battle at the toilet bowl.Those margins once again being VAR in combination with the on-pitch referee. PGMOL is not fit for purpose. That was before we knew big names refs were taking midweek trips to oil-rich nations to top up their salaries. I’ve been over it many times, but I’ll say it again Lets move on – im about to have my soy milk, put on my hipster shirt, to match with… Read more »


If arteta hadn’t blown up after the game the club would’ve said nothing at all like usual

This is exactly the problem

Get the complaints out of the hands of the football staff and into the hands of the lawyers and suits who are professionally equipped to work against the system. That’s not artetas job (not blaming him) and he’s only had to do this because the club never takes initiative proactively so that he doesn’t have to



True, fair point.

Guns of SF

Dont they have managers meetings, and shit like that? Or teams that have their execs attend EPL meetings and such? Why isnt this a topic to be discussed there? China is right, a consensus of concern by all 20 clubs is enough I think to get some answers and reassurances


Some of you cunts really don’t know what you’re looking at


It’s really becoming boring and it’s only fair that since PGMOl can’t implement VAR correctly either they need to get out and stop Var and go back to old school. Every match is becoming a Downton Abbeyesque drama. So boring


The only way it gets fixed is when all the premier league clubs meet and define the parameters for what VAR is supposed to do. One club releasing the odd statement, here and there is just a joke. The club had to back 100% Arteta because he had to say what he said on Saturday… and they did just that. Premier league clubs chose not to go all out on VAR, they selected certain bits of VAR and declined to use other important bits. The rejected or didn’t push for the balls with chips in them and semi-automated offside. They… Read more »


Gimme jackson all day over Eddie
Holds the ball well
Runs off the shoulder
Occupies inside and outside the box
Creates space deep or in the box
Scored a hat trick under pressure against the team leading the league
Great little purchase that from the chavs I have to say
I’ve been impressed with him all season but now goals are coming
We won’t be able to shift Eddie over there any more now by the looks of it


Dissenter I agree things like a lack of camera angles are incredibly hard to understand in the PL in 2023.

And it seems plainly obvious that all ball in/out for the entirety of the pitch touchlines should be so obvious it’s frankly weird that only goal lines have it

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