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… but I’m kinda happy after that Arsenal result against West Ham in the BIG CAFFEINE DRINK I DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUP.

Arsenal were largely hopeless. Mikel Arteta rolled with 8 changes, just like he should have, and the players he swapped in just didn’t put in a shift.

Sure, there was some bad luck. West Ham exited the first half scoring a goal off zero xG. But we didn’t really have much to show for it. The whole game we delivered a meager 3 shots on target.

There were some really rough performances out there.

Aaron Ramsdale just cemented reality for the Ramsdalians that have been up in my mentions complaining that I’m being too harsh on him:

He’s finished at Arsenal.

He set the bar low with an early duffed pass. He was actively targeted for ruffling by West Ham players for our first goal. Yes, the goal was not really his fault. His shirt was pulled. By my bigger question is why is it always part of his corner routine to spend that much time tussling with players? Harsh, maybe, but I don’t see Raya getting the same treatment and he’s smaller. The second goal was unstoppable… but for the 3rd, I want to see a keeper at Arsenal level getting to it. He doesn’t. You can claim it was impossible… but the problem Arsenal have had with Aaron is he doesn’t often save impossible. We’ve conceded 5 goals from 1.5 xG with him between the sticks for West Ham and Fulham. Those sorts of numbers don’t bring the David Raya experiment to an end I’m afraid.

Kai Havertz, my man, what are you doing? I’ve been giving you SO much love with the propaganda machine and you are making me look like a prized chump. I cannot celebrate ‘moving the ball nicely’… I need more from a midfielder. I do NOT want to be crying myself to sleep dreaming of Granit Xhaka. Where is the fight? Where is the swagger? Why is it so bad against West Ham? You can’t be getting shown up by Kudus this early on… but here we are.

Now, I love Eddie. The whole of the Arsenal team was total dross. But I can’t move beyond a very shoddy performance from the wannabe Arsenal frontman. His touch wasn’t there, he faded into the background and made nothing of the game. We need to see more consistency. Bullying Sheff U means nothing if you can’t raise it in the Carabao.

There was literally no one that stepped up to the plate. So there’s no real point in carrying on with the savaging. The best medicine for a shit performance like that is always to go up to the North East to pummel Newcastle United.

No one will care if we do that.

Also, remember this: We made 8 changes. Manchester United rolled with a first team and got spanked by Newcastle. EMBARRASSING. Really feeling for all the folk who told me EtH was a god because he said the word culture a lot.

Back to it.

Players don’t carry emotional baggage like we do. They’ll have been in bed nice and early this evening. Tomorrow, they’ll do some regen, get their minds on the challenge ahead, and hopefully deliver something special at the weekend.

We need to do that too.

So get some sleep.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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lol why would Saudis bought this wet noodle, he is not marketable at all.

Guns of Hackney

Unrelated subject. Anyone got Now TV? Rate it?

Guns of Hackney

Kai is marketable. Watch this and learn. It writes itself.

Are you Havertz-ing a laugh?
Havertz some of that!
Abra Kai davra
That’s gotta Hav-hurts.

He’s a walking pun machine.


JarodaNovember 3, 2023 13:11:38 way we’re playing has changed though. We’re not creating as much but if you look at the Goals conceded and saves stats we hardly letting anything hit the target. Goals Conceded Saves
Ars 8 13
MC 7 16
Tot 9 34
Liv 9 33
New 11 27
Che 11 25
MU 16 39

Raya is benefitting immensely from this and is still a liabilty
Ramsdale wasn’t at fault for one goal vs West Ham
Not one


Absolutely no to selling Jesus and ESR.


I do worry that Ramsdale will leave Arsenal, go to a club with a decent goalkeeping coach and be a big success.
I certainly recall him being a better goalkeeper when he arrived at Arsenal to what he is now…


This gk coach seems to shatter the confidence of goalkeepers
Every single one that comes ends up worse very quickly m what’s the common denominator?


Sell Kai to Germany for whatever we can get?? I would have been in agreement with this statement but a poster with a very big football brain told me yesterday that he should be given until the end of NEXT season to prove he’s not the flop that he by every metric appears to be.

Nigel Tufnel

Raptora, 2 disagreements with your comment. First off… Southgate will never change from Pickford for a big game, because he’s been good in big games for England.. meaning he hasn’t screwed up and cost the team a win, and makes lots of good saves. Southgate is afraid that if he makes the change to a ball playing keeper in Ramsdale, one error will cost England a game, and the stakes are too high. You can just sense that he has a feeling of security with Pickford, and he’s not bold enough to make a move on the teams playing style.… Read more »


There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, sell 4 first team players? We don’t need a complete rebuild ffs. I think a new LB and a no. 8 and we’re set. As far as keepers go I don’t really rate Raya and I certainly don’t rate Ramsdale but neither are that bad and really how many keepers are going that are noticeably better and wouldn’t cost a fortune? LB and LCM for me are far bigger priorities. I just don’t trust Zinchenko defensively at all and to be honest I think his attacking game is overrated… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

Should be off: Partey, ESR, Eddie, Elneny, Tierney.

All of the above have either had their time to deliver and fallen short, or cannot deliver any reliable level of availability. All except Elneny are handsome earner too.

Raya/Ramsdale is a question of what shade of beige you prefer as far as I’m concerned. I’d favour the younger player every time in that scenario.


I just don’t see the wisdom in selling Partey unless you can get a really inflated fee from Saudi like Liverpool got for Fabinho.

If we sell him to a European team we’ll get fuck all. And for the talk of his wages, we are paying Havertz over 200k a week for going out and giving us cardio sessions so give us a break.

At least Partey when he’s available is a difference maker and a top performer.

Mikel Coneteta


You don’t lower the bar because there’s a player you dislike and consider worse. Partey is objectively never available, over 30, and approaching his final year. Doesn’t matter who they are, you sell those kinds of players and go again.

If someone comes and offers us 25-30M we’d be mad to reject it. Bin him, and go buy someone that can play 50 games a season.


Coneteta I don’t think we’ll get that kind of offer from a European team. Italian teams are completely broke, he’s not going back to Atleti which rules out Spain, I can’t see a Bundesliga or a French team willing to stump up that kind of dough either. He’s not a complete crock, he was available for the vast majority of last season and his impact on the side was significant. I’m giving it until January to see what is what as he is pencilled in to be back in December so by then he should have played a host of… Read more »


Jorginho and Elneny both ought to just be binned. Neither are good enough even as back-up options.

That’s why selling Partey too for me doesnt make sense and would be overkill.


“What Southgate could have with an Arsenal core of Ramsdale, White, Rice, Saka is a new playing style and a connection from spine to tip”

Would be very good if we saw that playing style and connection again in our team.


I think Partey, Jorginho & Elneny should be moved on.

I would prefer a new DM(24-27 yrs old) who has decent attacking flair, decent physical strength & decent recovery pace.

Then Rice should become LCM & backup DM(Kiwior can be 3rd choice).

I know Rice won’t have assists like Maddison but he doesn’t need to because Arteta wants balanced MFer(which is why he signed Kai but Kai has been average in defence & below average in attack).

Mikel Coneteta

WengerEagle My ‘issue’ with Partey is the unreliability, but also I think Rice is the elephant in the room. For me he’s replaced Partey as the major fixture in midfield, and when Partey comes in and Rice is moved up it’s not as balanced so we suffer. The natural evolution would be to save on his wages, offload, reinvest younger. I’m not that clued up on too many players honestly, don’t see much outside the PL. From within I like the links to Douglas Luiz and see him as someone who could quietly excel, Paqueta is class, I like Eze… Read more »

Habesha Gooner

We have a lot of work to do imo. LCM can wait if we move Zinchenko there and we have to see If this Havertz thing will be the same after the whole season. A Gk if Ramsdale leaves, 6 if Partey leaves(we should be looking to get money for him now), A LB while moving Zinchenko to midfield, A CF, a RW all in the wish list for me. Sell, Partey, Jorginho(dont extend), same for Elneny, Viera(has been shit), Tierney, Eddie and a tossup between Trossard and Nelson. The rest can wait with Havertz and ESR being on the… Read more »


If there is one player for whom Arsenal and Arteta need to show patience is then that player is ESR. The current knee injury is a new one, so thankfully it’s the same groin issue which afflicted him for years.


It’s not the same groin injury I meant.

Mikel Coneteta


ESR will be 28 and be nearing 75 appearances for the club and you’ll be championing him as an upcoming talent. He’s on course to being our Lingard.

Makes no sense to wait for a player to prove he’s broken beyond all doubt, at least this summer he’d get curious enquiries and we’d get 30M for him. Two years since he made a contribution worthy of the hype he’s afforded.

Sell him and go after Xavi Simmons


Training ground photos released, looks benni blanco didn’t like his white hair experiment so he’s gone back to black.

I can’t believe Ian wright, wright, wright is sixty, that crazy. All the memories of wright don’t seem like they’re from 25 yrs ago, getting old is a shocker.


“ESR will be 28 and be nearing 75 appearances for the club and you’ll be championing him as an upcoming talent.”

Surprisingly Rich has been quiet on the ESR stock.
What say you, Rich?
Is it a hold or sell, what’s the curve say?


Bit of sentimentality w/ ESR and I get it, think most really want to see him find that form again. But the bigger issue is his lack of general fitness, any progress seemed to be gained like last weekend’s start where he went into the 70th minute the effect it exacts undoes the gains. At this rate he’s making Jack Wilshire’s injury run look good. Hard to put much stock in a player when he’s spent past season and half attempting to gain form he seemed to of peaked with in 2022. Have to think these next moments thru the… Read more »


ESR has been fit and available since before the summer. He just wasn’t picked by Arteta. If we are moving away from Partey (he’s still class) then I think that Rice should be the fixture at 6. He won’t be optimal in any other position. We should then move away from the 6 being our creative hub like Partey (and Zinch) has been for 2/3 years. We should go back to either playing a 10 with double pivot or double 8 where one will be tasked with being the creative hub and not the first line of defense


Jesus will be stinking the place out worse than Lacazete when he returns. The signs were there in his last comeback



I know right now there’s little to argue in favor of ESR but I have this gut feeling if he gets going again he will not disappoint. There are very few players of his ilk, a very different kind of player. Of course there’s bit of sentimentality too but there’s raw ability too to back him for at least a season more that is if he doesn’t make an impact this season.

Mikel Coneteta


That’s fair. I like ESR, but to me our floor needs a considerable raise to sustain being at the top table. We will quickly fall back into top 4 challengers if we don’t, because we know all too well that having a good first XI only goes so far.

To properly compete you need to make tough decisions that are often unpopular. ESR, Partey, Eddie are these sort of decisions. Would be easy to keep all three and rationalise them in various ways, but we should be churning them and aiming for more.


Not sure what some of y’all are smoking, today.. but we aren’t selling 10 players this summer. Over the last 10 years the most we have ever sold is 8. The year we sold Ox , Giroud, Sanchez, the Chezzer, Theo, Le Coq, Gibbs, Paulista and we ended up buying Auba, Laca, and Mikhi for our troubles. Pretty sure we ended up on the wrong side of those deals in the end. We average about 3 per year, the rest get loaned out, normally or released on a free. Anyhow, good news if Benny B .. went back to his… Read more »


Jesus has scored in every single Champions League match this season. If that is stinking the place out, we need more players to stink the place out.

Habesha Gooner

The reason a lot of us argue for ESR is because we have seen the player he can be for us at his best. There are a lot of players to be discarded before him for me. He was benching Martinelli then. He didnt become a bad player over night. There is no evidence either Viera or Havertz will do something if given a run of games. Out of all our attacking mids, the list goes, Odegaard then ESR for me. Then picking between Havertz and Viera is a lose lose. Sell Viera and then if ESR cant stay fit… Read more »

Habesha Gooner

Selling Jesus is nonsense talk. We are supposed to adding quality not taking away from our team. Sell Eddie then we can talk about Jesus when we have some one Elite, Sesko has been linked with us today. For 40 mil too. We just need someone better than Eddie.


Still think our best mid or shall I say best front footed version is ESR/Ø/Rice but like the other mid i’m desperate to see of Ø/Rice/Partey we always loose a component.

Similar to what is most likely our best front three which we’ve seen for what, 70 min this season.

Have to find some optimism in that as were still touching the top without having even likely played our best XI together.

Agree this selling Jesus chat is silly, guess we can chalk that up to a dull day on LG.


GOH – German clubs in Europe have not set it alight. You’ve got Bayern the domestic monster and Dortmund the fan’s favourite. Outside of that it’s pretty ordinary but it’s also where Kai flourished.
On my small sample of German football watching, it was atmospheric, amazing value , exciting but it was crash bang wallop. Skill levels were higher in the Prem

Mikel Coneteta

Ivan Toney reported to have told Brentford he wants out in Jan.

Us and Chelsea interested. As much I like the player I think there’s one outcome if Chelsea are keen. Purely because we have to move Eddie on to make room, whereas they have a gaping hole and bundles of cash as ever.

Unless, Eddie to Brentford can happen in return of course.


10 games in and people talk next summer transfers, only at lg


“Ivan Toney reported to have told Brentford he wants out in Jan.“

Which club is he betting on signing him, did they say?


According to opta’s Xg Newcastle top of the table and United down to 12.
Tottenham down to 6th.


I know Im violating the Legrove ordered Tottenham topic gag order but curious if their Xg based sixth place has taken under consideration the Diaz disallowed goal and Jota red card fiasco as well.

Matt B

MC: He’s 23, what are you talking about? We’ll all be 5-years older by the time ESR is 28


“MC: He’s 23, what are you talking about? We’ll all be 5-years older by the time ESR is 28“

When ESR is 28 Partey will be 45

Matt B

I don’t understand all this talk about selling 4-5+ players. 50% of the players we bought in the summer are very questionable and that was on top of a shitload we spent in the windows before.

Maybe that’s what the comments section in an AFC blog is all about— wanking over this that and the other, whilst binning those players who’ve actually performed for Arsenal

Matt B

Tom: 🤣🤣

Luteo Guenreira

Joke Friday A die-hard football fan had somehow secured a ticket to the World Cup final, and he couldn’t help but feel excited as he made his way to his seat. But as he sat down by the pitch, he noticed the seat next to him was empty. “What a waste,” he thought. “Who would have a seat like this and not use it?” Curiosity got the best of him, and he leaned over to his neighbour and asked if someone would be sitting there. “No,” the neighbour replied. “The seat is empty.” The man couldn’t believe it. “This is… Read more »

Matt B



Conteta “Unless, Eddie to Brentford can happen in return of course.” Habesha “Sell Eddie then we can talk about Jesus when we have some one Elite,” It is often said that the hardest job in football is putting the ball in the back of the net ، and yet all we hear is “sell Eddie” which make little sense when you look at his goalscoring record over the past 3 seasons compared to others in the team. The stick to beat Eddie with was that he can only deliver in cup competitions and he can’t do it in the premier… Read more »


Joe Willock I predict will become one of the best no.8’s in the league in the next couple of seasons if he stays fit.. He has everything a no.8 needs and I believe the one thing he has been missing is belief but that will change the more he realises that he has the talent to become a valuable asset for Newcastle. Nobody can tell me that the players we have bought recently Havertz and Vieira are better than Willock.. Willock and Eddie are fast becoming what I always believed they would ، quality premier league players who play for… Read more »


Lol at Benny back to normal hair. Guess the own goal decided the fate of his blonde look. God bless though.


I’m going with this tomorrow, was tempted on Kai up top for the out ball but i’m still shattered from watching his last effort mid week, Eddie’s earned the start but I can easily see him glide thru this one having lil effect. Would rather Zincheko in the mid opposed to Jorginho pinning it who will get eaten alive tomorrow as for Fabio Vieira, no thanks. If there was ever a game for the Ødegaard/Rice/Partey mid this is it. Unreal he’s gone in international break with an Arsenal hand holder and still come back crocked. At a certain point the… Read more »


The most stupid thing beyond many others Arteta did was selling Joe willock, a Halender who proved his talent at Newcastle in the premier league in order to buy Lokonga instead!! This is heart breaking and one looses faith in any rationality of this so called professional football managers. It reminds me to mine heartache when we bought Mustafi for huge amount of money, when we could have got Vandayk for 11 mill instead, of course that was under Wenger. Modern football is permanent irrational guess work, I think in the near future AI will aid this guys if Havertz… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

“Ivan Toney reported to have told Brentford he wants out in Jan.Us and Chelsea interested.”

Good sources say Toney to Arsenal is only being drummed up by his agent.

An even better source says to give up your dreams. We are not going anywhere near that turd Toney.

He’s the kind of shite we took years to get out of the culture.
Ain’t happening.

Nigel Tufnel

“ESR has been fit and available since before the summer. He just wasn’t picked by Arteta.”

I’m sure you know how fit he was, not the coaches or med staff. Or how well he was doing in training.. I’m sure you have a secret source at the sessions feeding you info.

The most laughable part is that you think if Smith Rowe was used at that time, that he would have held up any better than he did after ONE start this past week.
As if it would’ve been any different. Childrens wishing fantasies.


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