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… but I’m kinda happy after that Arsenal result against West Ham in the BIG CAFFEINE DRINK I DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUP.

Arsenal were largely hopeless. Mikel Arteta rolled with 8 changes, just like he should have, and the players he swapped in just didn’t put in a shift.

Sure, there was some bad luck. West Ham exited the first half scoring a goal off zero xG. But we didn’t really have much to show for it. The whole game we delivered a meager 3 shots on target.

There were some really rough performances out there.

Aaron Ramsdale just cemented reality for the Ramsdalians that have been up in my mentions complaining that I’m being too harsh on him:

He’s finished at Arsenal.

He set the bar low with an early duffed pass. He was actively targeted for ruffling by West Ham players for our first goal. Yes, the goal was not really his fault. His shirt was pulled. By my bigger question is why is it always part of his corner routine to spend that much time tussling with players? Harsh, maybe, but I don’t see Raya getting the same treatment and he’s smaller. The second goal was unstoppable… but for the 3rd, I want to see a keeper at Arsenal level getting to it. He doesn’t. You can claim it was impossible… but the problem Arsenal have had with Aaron is he doesn’t often save impossible. We’ve conceded 5 goals from 1.5 xG with him between the sticks for West Ham and Fulham. Those sorts of numbers don’t bring the David Raya experiment to an end I’m afraid.

Kai Havertz, my man, what are you doing? I’ve been giving you SO much love with the propaganda machine and you are making me look like a prized chump. I cannot celebrate ‘moving the ball nicely’… I need more from a midfielder. I do NOT want to be crying myself to sleep dreaming of Granit Xhaka. Where is the fight? Where is the swagger? Why is it so bad against West Ham? You can’t be getting shown up by Kudus this early on… but here we are.

Now, I love Eddie. The whole of the Arsenal team was total dross. But I can’t move beyond a very shoddy performance from the wannabe Arsenal frontman. His touch wasn’t there, he faded into the background and made nothing of the game. We need to see more consistency. Bullying Sheff U means nothing if you can’t raise it in the Carabao.

There was literally no one that stepped up to the plate. So there’s no real point in carrying on with the savaging. The best medicine for a shit performance like that is always to go up to the North East to pummel Newcastle United.

No one will care if we do that.

Also, remember this: We made 8 changes. Manchester United rolled with a first team and got spanked by Newcastle. EMBARRASSING. Really feeling for all the folk who told me EtH was a god because he said the word culture a lot.

Back to it.

Players don’t carry emotional baggage like we do. They’ll have been in bed nice and early this evening. Tomorrow, they’ll do some regen, get their minds on the challenge ahead, and hopefully deliver something special at the weekend.

We need to do that too.

So get some sleep.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Losing sucks regardless of the competition

Mikel Coneteta

Eddie Nketiah hasn’t scored in 18 consecutive away games apparently.

Nobody is shocked by it, but we should be quiet because he scored a hat trick against a side heading to the championship on record pace.


Edu played with Viera, Petit and Gilberto Silva
Arteta coached Yaya Toure, KDB, Fernandinho, Rodri and David Silva …. How the hell could they then waste almost 120,000,000
On Havertz, Jorginho and Viera.

Makes no damn sense.
Someone has to explain this to the Kroenke family …

Guns of SF


Guns of SF

The chelsea love affair needs to end. Arteta should just go there if he keeps wanting to sign their want aways, dead wood what ever you want to call it.

Guns of SF

Pedro call it what it is, kai signing was a bust. Sure he does not care when he ended up with the fat contract we gave him, He can play for Timbuktu United FC and be fine with moving the ball well and shit.

Guns of SF

This Sunday game will be a tough one, NC got a great road win today. Tough at home as well. Mike better get the team ready for this one. I too a little apprehensive about Eddie getting the job done up there. But I hope our other stars get fired up for this one. Got to take Trippier out of his normal game.


I have no doubt Arteta and his coaching team writes this blog


Its ok to loose, but not like that.
this team still can deliver any result possible


This is the real Arsenal. Boring boring Arsenal.


As long as Havertz and Nketiah keeps playing, this team will be shunted out of cups this way. CL exit looming.

Havertz signing was a scam. UK govt shd probe that.


Fuxk! We care. We care. We care.

Guns of SF

Saturday I meant


Woke up to a terrible result but its not surprise. A midfield of jorginho, havertz and Viera would struggle against championship oppositions.


How is it that after investing millions our mid still looks like relegation fodder. We are one Declan rice injury away from our season unraveling.


Can’t be changing 8 players and expect a performance. front 3 all second choice. midfield all second choice. back 5 – 2 second choice. that’s a LOT of back up in one team. You can get away with 5 to 6 first teamers rotated out BUT not a whole swathe! That said – clearly a lot of poor performances there. but stand out is the midfield. a midfield 3 of Jorginho, Havertz and Vieira is UTTER gash. that will not give you any defensive shield nor any service up front. THAT is where the big problem was. Havertz needs to… Read more »

Guns of SF

We are one Declan rice injury away from our season unraveling.

Amen to this

Guns of SF

This winter needs a striker and a proper left 8 if ESR and Kai are not cutting the mustard

Guns of SF

Gons you are right, Rice getting hurt is gonna impact us. TP needs to be sold, Jorg too, in the summer. We need younger more durable mids going forward


Can’t believe we passed on Kudus.
Silky, confident and clinical.
Would’ve fit into our play like a glove.
Bad miss there … as for Havertz, just get rid of.
Enough already.


So Ramsadale doesn’t play for 5-6 games and comes in the team.and.he is supposed to perform like nothing happened. Raya meanwhile keeps making the same.mistakes but gets backing of the coaching team. Wow Pedros propaganda is of Goebelles proportion.
Arteta will need a squad made to his specs which till now nobody knows to win anything. Kai was his picks but look what has happened. Why blame others?



Unacceptable, yep I’ll give you that one.

Outraged, nah, disappointed yeah.

Total Fury, no mate, not over a football match…

West Ham are away the Liverpool in the next round so missing out on an extra trip to Anfield, where our record stinks is a relief…


“Can’t believe we passed on Kudus.”

“Chelsea hassled us with media leaks that Madrid and Bayern were interested (in Havertz) to make us close the deal super fast
That was always ludicrous but that’s what was sued to justify the signing; Arteta wants him and bigger clubs were also in pursuit.”

Perfectly sums up the not so dynamic duo’s inexperience in the European transfer market. Expect more of the same baffling deals to come unless KSE will see the light and get rid of the dross.


Instead of Ramsdale….why don’t Nketiah, Havertz and Arteta just FUCK OFF


It’s ok to get disjointed performances when you make a bag of changes. Problem is this just confirmed the doubts about the players.

And enough already proving you were right about ETH. You need to prepare to be very wrong about Ange.


Every supporter will look at the other teams that are competing for honors where their own club is also involved in. They will look at the TW, how much money is spent, how the incoming players contribute and what does the manager get out of the players he has been given. In reverse order this is the 2023 summer TW spending of the top 5 teams. 5. Villa Diaby, Torres, Tielemans and Lenglet (£77mill for 4 players) 4. Liverpool Szoboszlai, Mac Allister, Gravenberch and Endo (£150mill for 4 players) 3. City Gvardiol, Nunes, Doku and Kovacic (£209mill for 4 players)… Read more »

Thierry Martinelli

“Yes, the goal was not really his fault. His shirt was pulled.” + “Goal wasn’t his fault, he had his shirt pulled, but he didn’t do enough to extract himself from the wrestling like other keepers would.”

Wow, I’ve read some very stupid assesments by this one is right up there with horse placenta therapy.

This sound reads like someone who’s been paid to malign a player but went overboard in that job.




Poor planning. Proves Arteta is an optimist. The squad was top heavy no midfielders to link the squad. Only way you play that team is if you have a killer striker up top. Arsenal has none. It was murder she wrote. No way you win with 4 strikers on the pitch. Unless you Barcelona desperate and chasing a win in your group stage.


This was a shoddy performance albeit in a competition, which is a low priority for us this season.

Our starting midfield of Vieira, Havertz and Jorginho was shocking and underscores why all three
should not have been recruited. They cost us £120 million + in transfer fees.

It highlights serious weakness in our midfield department when Rice, Odegaard and Partey do not play.


We’ve been shit most of the season, slow non direct football…

Guns of Hackney

Has Le Grove just done a 180 on Havertz? This is a calendar moment. The guy is shit. He was shit at Chelsea and now he’s stinking up Arsenal. He’s like a Trojan horse of garbage that infects everywhere he goes. But the joke’s on us as we paid £65m and around £300kpw for the privilege of watching a player simply not give a fuck. Arteta is the man. As for the result. Meh. I get that we have other priorities etc etc but what stands out is the obvious: anything that’s not the starting 11 is pretty much a… Read more »


Our consistent failure in the EFL Cup does make you look twice at the fact City won it 5 times in 6 years – I know they’ve always had a big squad, but it’s interesting that they took it that seriously.


The whole ‘can’t expect to make 8 changes and play well’ line doesn’t sit with me at all Wenger used to field his under 12s in this comp, the vast majority of whom went on to have nothing careers, and we still played great football and put many good teams to the sword These players are training together every day, it’s not 8 new signings and we don’t have loads of players like out of position We definitely shouldn’t expect to make 8 changes and play as well as our best 11, but that lineup includes a lot of expensive… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

This jerk, savage gets it. Winning is good under any circumstance as it breeds winning. Most winning teams agree that winning is winning. Winning is great. Winning.


What do you care about Pedro if you don’t care about Arsenal winning cups? Keeping Arteta in the job?

The only thing he’s managed to do this season is fuck up a career of a decent goalkeeper.


So Ramsadale doesn’t play for 5-6 games and comes in the team.and.he is supposed to perform like nothing happened. Raya meanwhile keeps making the same.mistakes but gets backing of the coaching team. Wow Pedros propaganda is of Goebelles proportion. Arteta will need a squad made to his specs which till now nobody knows to win anything. Kai was his picks but look what has happened. Why blame others? But you’re blaming others yourself. Shut up you’re embarrassing. It doesn’t take much for you to want to burn the house down. We’re out of the carabao cup so f what? You… Read more »


We used to rock up to league cup games under wenger with lineups including esteemed names like the hoyte brothers, mark randall, aliadiere, pennant etc etc

I watched these kinds of guys play many teams off the park

Not sure that there’s any reason why Eddie, vieira, havertz etc should be unable to

Guns of Hackney


Ramsdale’s performances fucked his own career up. Let’s not cry about the young multimillionaire who gets paid to watch another shit GK make mistakes. He’ll survive, I’m sure.

We don’t have a title winning GK in the squad and that’s the real problem.


I said before the game that the LC being lowest priority is a given and that rotation is necessary but that arteta should put a rocket under the asses of those who do play that this isn’t a glorified friendly competition. It’s not the emirates cup. There are only 5 pieces of silverware available this season (yes I count the league cup in spite of it being the least valued). We are right to rotate but if any players out there felt that this competition is expendabale and that they shouldn’t be giving 100% then they’re damn wrong. Every trophy… Read more »


I see why the criticism of Aaron, Kai and Eddie. But where are the ones for Zinchenko and Jorginho? They did the most for the loss and somehow noone mentions ever how bad are those two. They should be the first ones to get rid off


And i am pissed that we took zero academy player to the game for example instead of those two clowns


Ramsdale played his last game for Arsenal last evening. He will join Chelsea soon for 25M

Jim Furnell

This squad were a Saliba injury and IMO one substitution when 2-0 up at Anfield (KT for Zinny) from winning the Prem last season. It’s regressed despite the investment. Rice and Timber are upgrades, why the fuck we paid £65m for the Chelsea flop does indeed deserve investigation, he needs some bench time and a route map to the exit door. Viera will never be a prem footballer, never, £35m for Jack shit. Ramsdale was never a worldy but he’s now broken, by Aaron, we loved you, honest. We love Eddie too but he’s never winning a championship medal. The… Read more »


Pointing the finger at Ramsdale is churlish Here’s a GK whose confidence almost certainly has been sucked out of him who and clearly has been told he isn’t good enough to start over a GK whose performances have been riddled with errors the fact that they didn’t result in goals against was more to do with poor finishing from the opposition Last night the first goal had nothing to do with the WHU player having a handful of his shirt it was down to White 100%. The second came about because Gabriel decided to do some stretching exercises rather than… Read more »


Madhu – fully agree – you dump a GK out, make it obvious you not for him . Talk BS in the press and you end up with the result we see. Other Psychological experiments are available. So if we are going to keep Cana ( doctor death 💀) and bin Ramsdale. Let’s be honest about Kai as well and bin him. Two tinkering’s by Arteta that are difficult to see any merit. As Raya has to now come good otherwise we have two battered keepers. Despite all this I’m confident that with the main squad available we will get… Read more »


Conteta “Eddie Nketiah hasn’t scored in 18 consecutive away games apparently.” Here is the truth، Eddie has started 11 games away from home this year and scored 3 goals… Eddie has made numerous 5 and 10 minute substitute appearances this year and these are the figures that are used as a stick to beat him with. The only thing that was important for me last night was that Eddie wasn’t injured ، and he played in self preservation mode.. If I had seen him going into stupid challenges then I would have criticised him as I would have criticised any… Read more »


Jim / terraloon – I’m in complete agreement 👍


Seems from what I can see is that Cana’s model is to recommend in GK’s he has worked with before. He also has or at least had a GK Academy in Barcelona. This appears to be beyond what most GK coaches are all about. Possibly Arteta thinks there’s an advantage here. So we have a coach who recommended Runarsson and Raya. He’s allowed a situation under his watch where Leno says there was politics. Martinez goes after the first trial of the two keeper solution. Then trial part two appears to be crushing Ramsdale and left us with a flapping… Read more »


Seeing as there is no guarantee we are going to win any of the so called bigger competitions, turning our noses up at the league cup is kinda funny. Haven’t won anything since 2020 and counting by the way so there’s that as well.

We are again another Saliba or Rice injury away from falling apart again like last season which shows we have learnt nothing from the collapse of last season at least IMO

X haka

Arteta is basically an arrogant imbecile.

Inherited Leno and Martinez, who are very able goalkeepers and bought a raft of other inferior ones .

Ramsdale is appalling and Raya is only a smidgeon better.

As for Kai Havertz, it’s Willian all over again.
A horrendous signing and he will be looking to paid off next summer window.

David Smith

Though I understand the need to move on , I miss Xhaka but not as much as this team does .
And unlike these players, he was never injured


China “I watched these kinds of guys play many teams off the parkNot sure that there’s any reason why Eddie, vieira, havertz etc should be unable to” I think you’ll find that we played teams off the park at home ، not so much away. And there is a reason why we didn’t beat west ham، they played close to their strongest side and played with physicality، we approached the game like a pre season friendly. The comparison I would make is our pre season friendly this season against Manchester United when they hammered us ، we played it as… Read more »


So Ramsdale is finished at Arsenal cementing the mistake machine Raya as our number 1. Well that’s as good as season over right there. As for Havertz, I’ve said it from day one that he is a big pile of shit. Nobody’s taking about how well he gets between the lines and how many arial duels he’s winning now. Everyone could see he was shit. It was only the people who think they have a higher knowledge of football that kept banging the Havertz drum and even they are seeing him for what he is, our most expensive mistake in… Read more »


Newcastle made changes beat United at Old Trafford yet Pedro says 8 changes is too much for a good performance. Westham were on loosing streak till they faced us. Everton just beat them. We finished the game with 7 players guaranteed to start on Saturday. This game felt like most of our games this season, just that we lost this one. Winners fight for every trophy. For a trophy we haven’t won in 30 years the disrespect for it is mad. Pep with his “mega team” has given academy players more game time this season than arteta has in 4… Read more »


Watched the first half, fell asleep for the second, thank fuck for that.

Our 2nd string is not good enough against anything other than hopeless relegation fodder. Havertz is still utterly gash.



” City could have done 8 changes and won at a cantor”

They did just that in The Caraboa away to Newcastle, and lost.

Didn’t bother them.

Matt B

Funny how you mention ETH Pedro, but absolutely no mention of Arteta. Does he take any of the blame — can any manager be blameless after such a listless display?

X haka

And when Arteta going to blood some of the academy players?

I dislike this manager more and .more.
I suspect the players are not too fond of him either.

Guns of Hackney

Zinchenko was bought purely for Virtue Signalling reasons in some weird show of support for Ukraine. He’s fucking dreck.


Is the shine beginning to come OFF Saint Mikel halo?
Why the hell is our England forward -i can’t be bothered to type his name still playing at this club!!!!


Please, just no more business with Chelsea. No more Chelsea players.




Can only remember the lad down the right in the tie against Brentford. Either it’s a lack of talent at the club or lack of faith in the players coming through


Pierre ‘And there is a reason why we didn’t beat west ham، they played close to their strongest side and played with physicality، we approached the game like a pre season friendly.’ Why on earth are we approaching league cup games like a preseason friendly??? That’s *dreadful*. Having plenty of rotation is not the same as treating it like a friendly. The players on the pitch should be considering it as their chance to not only get into the next round but battle for a place in the starting 11. For fringe players who aren’t starting many games, THAT is… Read more »


To many of our gash players are in easy street.
Overpaid and overhyped by Arteta to cover up his mistakes.
They don’t really care for our club it’s the money and nothing else.
Arteta will not accept his mistakes Spanish people simply never do it


Really disapointed with jorginho. I get the logic why steelrat and barbequemaster signed him but by all metrics for me it has been a failure. I hope he is moved on sooner than later and either replaced from within or by a young talent from outside who can actually perform the tasks of a midfielder.. like running, passing and winning duels..


Aside from missing out on the chance to go through and aside from losing a chance to make a claim for a starting 11 spot in the league, by going out those players also lose the chance to start more matches full stop. We know aside from the league cup and FA cup there will be limited expected rotation in the starting 11 as Arteta historically picks his favorites 90% of the time (for better or worse). If you’re Vieira and you don’t show up for this game, you’ve just probably cut the potential for another 2+ starts this season… Read more »

James wood

As good as Rice can be XHAKA was far more effective his passing won it .
We have no pace and Arteta’s Tippy Tappy football is hard to watch.

X haka

Really disapointed with jorginho. I get the logic why steelrat and barbequemaster signed him but by all metrics for me it has been a failure.

He is shit as well.
These Chelsea players we have signed from Cech to Gallas to Jorginho to Havertz to Willian have all taken the piss and downed tools the moment they pull on the red shirt.
Wilock scored a beauty again last night.
Another midfielder he should have kept like Xhaka


No, most of us don’t give a hoot about the Caraboa. And neither does Arteta. Even so, it was an opportunity for Havertz to show he’s worth anything near the £67 mill spent for him. We’re left wondering what an earth made Arteta recruit him. The money ought to have been spent on a striker. Every other top team has a lethal striker.

Roll on the Jan window.


Batistuta Lack of faith. Arteta doesn’t rotate and trust only his first 11. That guy played cause Saka was out and we had several injuries to our wingers that month. Project youth is just project checkbook youth. 4 years into his tenure and all academy player he gave a chance (that we didnt know cause some might say Folarin but we knew Balogun under Emery and yet sold him for playing well under another manager) have less than a combine 500 minutes. How Pedro can always call ETH out and yet give 1000 excuses for Arteta amazes me. But eh… Read more »

Matt B

EB: Roll on the January window?

Are you serious? It’s embarrassing how much money we’re spending. Can Arteta not just manage the players we have? We were so close last year and we’re told we need £200M to make us more unpredictable

Well that failed. We seem to play dull, tippy-tappy sidewards football that is completely different to what we saw last season.

We seem to have regressed…


Right, MG42 and others: The football is not exciting . Arteta is serving cold drab football. Hope others agree too. There’s no fun in watching Arsenal play the way Arteta is making the team play.

Last season was zilch like the previous 3. This season will be worse.

Why can’t we get a better manager?


Analysing the three midfielders who played yesterday. HAVERTZ For all his faults Havertz is ‘positionally okay. However, his decision making when in posession of the ball is awful. He is also timid when he shoots at goal, which is why he will never make a top class striker. JORGINHO He is slow as a “cart horse” when losing the ball and in his recovery. His only saving grace is that he is technically our third string DMF and did not cost a big transfer fee. However, one needs to question why Arsenal continue to buy Chelsea rejects. VIEIRA He is… Read more »


Not that long ago the view on here that Ramsdale was a significant upgrade on Leno. Not sure I agreed with that at the time but when I now read this sort of comment “ You can claim it was impossible… but the problem Arsenal have had with Aaron is he doesn’t often save impossible” I struggle because one thing I would say about him last season he was doing just that Then siting last night when as I detailed yesterday if you analyse each of the goals the impact or lack of it by his own team mates were… Read more »


Frustratingly all the attributes we are now criticising Ramsdale for e.g. dealing with crosses and distribution where paraded as the reasons why he was an upgrade on Leno and that did initially appear the case – what has happened !


@fox completely agree, the football they are playing is dire! There are a lot of teams in the league playing far better football than us…


China You are missing the point….if you، away from home against a premier league club، put 11 players on a football pitch who rarely play together against an 11 that play every week together ، the outcome will probably be a disjointed performance ، and that’s what happened yesterday. We were actually the better team in the first half but the 2nd goal killed us and despite bringing on first team regulars after the 2nd goal we showed no improvement and no real desire to want to save the game… Havertz should play centre mid ، he is abysmal in… Read more »


This team is weaker than last season.
Partey is out without replacement
Jesus out without replacement
Zinchenko has been found out(Inverting FBs are outdated)

Only positive is Rice replacing Xhaka.


Watching the Sheffield game on replay what was instantly noticeable in ten first half was how slow and predictable we were in moving the ball out of defence without Partey. Most of the time Saliba would literally sit on the ball for ages looking for a pass whilst the Sheffield team retreated back into defensive shape. Then all we could do is try and work the ball wide to find space No wonder our attacking midfielders like ESR and Odegaard are getting so much stick.


What’s been really grating at me is how timid and one paced we are on the outside except for Martinelli. Time after time our wide men are isolated one vs one with a fullback and their default move is to check inside and fail to take the man down the line or challenge the fullback one on one. We just lack electricity and pace on the outside. So we are lacking power and pace in the middle, and the same outside. It’s only across our back line that we are well invested, in size, strength and technical ability. The team… Read more »


Let me rub my ego a little bit: “raptora November 1, 2023 10:32:44 Talking about it, I wonder what our best eleven is. I watched this video where Saka showed ideal characteristics for an interior. I mentioned it last week maybe. I want a lineup where we have all of Marti, Jesus, Saka with the option of slotting in a goal scorer like Eddie or a tall CF like Kai and think about the best option for our LM. Marti—–Eddie/Kai—–Jesus ———Ode/ESR——Saka——— This can have a lot of potential. The way Saka can accelerate after finding the pockets from a… Read more »


‘’ This is the real Arsenal. Boring boring Arsenal.‘’

You do come out with some real shit

Freddie Ljungberg

Rap Was just going to post about Saka as one of our 8s. Maybe it’s time to look for his replacement on the right wing, someone with more pace, and move him inside. Only downside is both him and Ode likes to let it rip with their left so one of them would have to sacrifice some angles for that. He doesn’t have the height advantage of Havertz but he’s stronger and better in every other way. Depends on what’s on the market I guess but a lot of Candidates for that left 8 got snapped up last summer (Pool… Read more »


‘’ Instead of Ramsdale….why don’t Nketiah, Havertz and Arteta just FUCK OFF‘’

Wish u would


We are obsessed with playing the ball out from the back and I wonder what it actually achieves, other than allowing the other team to get organised and park the bus which we then struggle to break down. The risk/reward of doing it really seems unbalanced.


Is Raya allowed to play against Brentford (I don’t think so under a loan deal) – in which case Ramsdale has a Premiership match coming up in November.


All Arteta is doing is to try an copy City.
He has no ideas of his own and the players cannot understand what he wants of them so they do not go forward quick enough and the play gets slower and slower.
Saka often moves forward quickly and has no support available so the ball goes backwards.
We will not beat Newcastle, last year we were playing much better


We need to be up for it big time against Newcastle to get anything out of the game. Players I don’t want to see at any point of the game – Havertz and Vieira. Players who should bot be starting – Odegaard and Zinchenko.


SpanishDave – Spot on, Arteta copies Man City. We need our own DNA and not some Man C copy. The fact that we haven’t won anything doesn’t bring down our arrogance of throwing away a cup game. At least throw away using our Academy players rather than a fraud Chelsea reject. We don’t seem to understand that we have to integrate and bring in more of our academy players into the first team fold.

Freddie Ljungberg


So 3 of our 4 CMs can’t start according to you and the 4th is injured. Going to be difficult to beat Newcastle with Jorginho, Elneny and Rice as our midfield. Smh


Sideeq as a positive I would say our back 4 of White, Saliba, Gabriel and Tomi when he plays is a real positive and why we are in such a strong position in the table.

Zini is an excellent attacking midfielder it is Arteta that has been found out in tough games using him as a so called inverted fullback when he he a hopeless defender when in position at LB


‘’ All Arteta is doing is to try a copy City.‘’

Well if he is then carry on .. was it 2nd we came last season


FL We’ve got Patino at Swansea… I’ve rarely been as convinced of a young players potential. He’s not there yet, but once he’s developed physically, gains a base level of experience, and some power in the challenge and across the ground… His trajectory could be rapid. Patino is unique… There’s very few midfielders with his specific skillset, he makes incredibly difficult things look effortless. Need him to clock north of 3,000 minutes at Swansea this season… Once Patino grows into his body, in a similar way to we’ve seen with Martinelli. + Saliba…. We’ll have a real player on our… Read more »



You know Partey is not fit already do you??


GD4 Martinelli also frustrates with the easy pass back syndrome as soon as he is boxed in by two defenders after starting a run which kills all momentum . If only he would have Saka’s better awareness of players in advanced position near him when he starts one of his runs, but he was never educated in Artetae ball like ESR and Saka were.


‘’ SpanishDave – Spot on, Arteta copies Man City. We need our own DNA ‘’

What are you on about.. even if he is copying pep, if you can’t recognise our style of play then that’s down to u


Matt I agree 100% with your comment that Arsenal seem obsessed with playing the ball from the back which places both goalkeepers and defenders with too much unecessary pressure when being pressed. Ramsdale and Raya are NOT Alisson. Alisson is a “natural” ball playing footballer who can cope well under pressure. Both Ramsdale and Raya and for that matter their predecessor Leno are not that type of goalkeeper. It seemed to me that yesterday the centre backs were so obsessed with passing the ball back to Ramsdale and this resulted in indecision and ultimately undue and unecessary pressure.. Frankly our… Read more »

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