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The weekend of results worked for Arsenal, mostly.

Newcastle dropped 2 against Wolves.

Chelsea LOST to Brentford… give me some ha ha haaaaas

… and United lost to Manchester City.

Now, that’s not a great result for us. But I still have unfinished business with all the people I fought with over EtH. He’s the last manager on the list that people said we should have hired.

My friends, where are you now? SPEAK UP!

Crying, again, because you went up against my agenda and ended up face-first in the mud with the folk that said things like

‘Conte is elite because he hates mayo in the dressing room’

‘Tuchelball is needed at the carpet’

‘Jose Mourinho is a changed man’

‘Emery is my daddy’

Now I own you, I ask just one thing of you… join me in feeding the Eddie Nketiah propaganda machine. I am sure we’re seeing heaven with this angle!

I’ve enjoyed watching Eddie get his flowers after his hat trick. I made an error yesterday, he’s won us THREE penalties this season and scored 7 goals. He is many things – but below the Arsenal standard? I don’t think so. What he does need is a run of goals. I want to see him impress more with his finishing and I want to see him show up more prominently in the bigger games he’ll have to play over the next three weeks.

Sorry… I diverged from where I was taking this.

Erik Ten Haag. The man is in deep, deep trouble at this point. His talent ID has been way off for starters. A prominent Arsenal podcaster actually argued with me on the internet that Ajax should PASS on teh £90m. Yep, that was a real argument and people chimed in and agreed. I think it’s time to cash that cheque… Ajax should be going to court for knowingly over-selling an asset. One of the worst signings in Premier League history, because this wasn’t even a Jadon like move, everyone know Antony was terrible… even Ajax fans. He didn’t have good numbers in Holland. You can’t be buying a player out of Eredivisie unless they’re dropping 35 assists and 22 goals a season. United did and it is utterly hilarious.

Then look at the rest of the players his bought. Mason Mount sat on the bench. Harry McGuire is back in the starting 11. Hojland is complaining in the media he’s only 20… fair, but come on, who blew £85m on a player that wasn’t ready to lead the line?

Mr Ten Haag. How have you landed on a line-up like this?

The man who said ‘we don’t do friendlies’ after his side beat us up in preseason has 15 points from 10 games. He’s lost 50% of his league games this season. The leaks from the United camp have never been more ferocious. Players are angry about the treatment of legends, there’s chatter of an agent who has had his fingers in too many transfer pies, and some of the limp decisions on ‘upgrades’ are stinging him.

What we are witnessing, in case you didn’t realise, is the slow march to managerial death.

If you can’t fix the culture after spending £400m, you are never going to do it. His biggest challenge there is he’s trying to cut out the toxic elements of the club… but he, himself, is a toxic manager. There’s always someone to blame. It’s never him. He dragged a player with mental health issues, tried to reintegrate a sullied player, binned De Gea when there was allegedly a deal on the table, but he still has 78 excuses as to why United are where they are.

I’m going to be bold here: He is not him.

The best managers in the league have social EQ in abundance.

I know, I know, we’ve critiqued Arteta on this a number of times. Our own manager is a savage. A brute. A sword-wielding football barbarian. But… when he swings, he kills. That’s not happening at United and now their manager is the one limping because he gave enemies a way back in. If you murder in football, you need to have buy-in. Mikel had that with Auba, not sure EtH had that with De Gea or some of the other decisions.

My one hope? That the big dawg media figures focus the blame on the Glazers and the toxic dressing room. Give EtH more time, he’ll do NOTHING with it. And that would please me.

Ok, get this podcast in your ears RIGHT NOW. x

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Top post Pedro Good weekend for us


Pedro Pedro Pedro already on victory lap in October …
It’s a long season my man.
Let’s stay humble and hungry …




People on here once hailed Hojlund as the next best athlete since Hulk Hogan.
man’s all puff and nothing else. Antony? don’t even go there.

Just Another Customer

lol at this post


6th. LOL, Pedro!


1- Utd are not even in our league anymore, stop worrying about them.
2- I would have taken Utd beating City. City are our biggest rivals for the league next to Liverpool.
3- Spurs honeymoon period is about to be over sooner than later.
4- Invincibles 2.0 loading?????????


Apart from Newcastle away next week, we have a really decent run of league games until Liverpool Dec 23. Time to extend this unbeaten run and grab maximum wins.


Eddie Nketiah has scored a premier league hattrick before Marcus Rashford.

People keep comparing Nketiah’s stats to starters and finding picky reasons to malign him. Most people ignored or were unaware that he was injured when Trossard replaced him last season – not because he was dropped for footballing reasons.

Julian Alvarez is the only backup striker better than Nketiah right now.

Omozuafo Frank

Nice write up. It’s nice that we won and had some results going in our favour. The boys need to be focused and not be distracted by anything. The top of the table is still tight. The gaps needed to be extended as much as possible. Congratulations to Eddie for his hat trick. Some are saying it’s just Sheffield United but you have to be aware that it is not all top strikers that have played them this season scored a hat trick. Let’s give credit to a player where it is due.


Pedro for gods sake don’t talk ill of ETH. We heard it all last season that he was the second coming! Don’t blaspheme! Re Eddie, I just wanna see the one that showed up against Sheffield with that anger in his play a little more often. He was a stone cold killer. The second goal was hit with anger. Third goal was a proper fuck you hit. I liked to see that. He’s a nice guy but when the ball lands at his feet on the pitch I want him to be a stone cold prick like he was at… Read more »


Frankly the third hit and his celebration looked strongly like a ‘shut up about Ivan Toney’ message he was sending

Do that kinda shit with a little more frequency and people will!


Aside from his shooting being great last match tho, I was mad happy with his first touch The first goal he doesn’t normally score that because his first touch is normally less deft. That touch was absolutely class and changed it immediately from a half chance into a can’t miss situation. The touch was the goal, the finish was a formality afterwards But throughout the game he had a lot of those outside the box as well. Balls were getting pinged at his feet and whereas we often see a less than delicate first touch which you’d usually get from… Read more »


Nice to see the Brighton talk going quiet too. Way too much hype there.


Hojlund will come good. With a proper manager he and Rashford would be a deadly striker duo. Not that I want them to see in our team. The Utd squad is way better than they are performing. Having a stupid manager, luckily


@Rich is right Rashford is like Auba, good for a counter attack team.

Maguire and Evans is like Mustafi and Holding.

MacTominy is like Xhaka.

Amrabat will make them solid in the middle, with time. ETH inherited a disjointed group.


Hojlund is better value than Jesus,
Onana is their Rama with time they will need a Rayasdale.


@Kpankulu calm down! There’s Calum Wilson at Newcastle; he only played this weekend cos Alexander Isak was injured. That’s – for me – the second best striker swap in the PL after Lab creation and Alvarez


China “The first goal he doesn’t normally score that because his first touch is normally less deft Balls were getting pinged at his feet and whereas we often see a less than delicate first touch.” Harry kane’s first touch is up there with the best ، aguero، saurez، rvp also top quality first touch. Nowadays in the premier league there are a few strikers playing with top clubs who’s first touch is questionable. Nunez …6/10 Hojland..5/10 Jackson 6/10 Watkins..6/10 Welbeck..5/10 Haaland 6/10 Higher up the list we have Toney..7/10 Jesus..8/10 Alvarez.. 8/10 Nketiah..7/10 Isak..7/10 What you will find is the… Read more »


Eddie is the man all over again- yawn, good hatrick but this is against a championship team


Yep, Erik Seven Hag in!!!

The glazers are a poison but doesn’t excuse some of EtH’s decision making, on and off the pitch.

They were lucky to beat Brentford and Copenhagen, they could be sitting firmly lower midtable and out of Europe at this point if it wasn’t for the last remnants of the old United luck

I wanted them to beat City yesterday for obvious reasons bjt the consolation is we continue to get to witness our biggest rival of yesteryear get a good old kicking.


Let him do at the weekend against Newcastle ,let me see him be a pain in the backside every game then as far as i’m conerned he might make it.
How long has he been at this club and a hat trick against Sheffield Utd. doesn’t cut it for me.


It will be interesting to see how we approach the game on Wednesday.

City are out, if plucky underdogs Bournemouth and Man Utd can dispose of Liverpool and Newcastle then the competition is a potential cake walk for us.

Habesha Gooner

I have to put my hands up. I thought Ten Haag would have been a good signing for a team trying to go backup. But he has been average to say the least at United. There is still no style of play. And that ajax ip that got them to champions league SF playing sexy football hasnt been seen at all. His talent id is truly awful. Mount for 60 mil, an over the hill Casemiro for 70 mil, a nothing player in Antony for 90 mil are all very bad purchases. Hoijlund might improve and become a player for… Read more »


UTD will still give us a game at OT we are often sunk by our historic memories. They’ll then be shite again as usual.
I do fancy us away at Newcastle – 2-0 to the Gunners


Newcastle are very weak at the moment. Isak injured, No LB, Trippier at RB etc


I would have liked a draw in the manc derby but it’s UTD so lol at seven Hag.

I am happy for Eddie but that hattrick shows why you can’t rely on stats alone.

One interesting stat from Fbref is that Spuds GK Vicario has highest save percentage at 82.9 with Allison second at 76.9.

Aaron is last(when sorted) at 55.6% by saving 5 out of 9 shots on target although it’s a very small sample size.


“ And the City manager has no doubt which direction his biggest challenge has come from in his time in English football. “There was one year with Ole that was quite close, but overall it has been Liverpool,” said Guardiola. “When I finish my tenure here, Liverpool have been my rivals and our rivals. “They have made us a challenge and helped make us a better team in all departments. They have challenged us like no other team has done in my period here. “Of course, Arsenal are back and Newcastle have arrived and Chelsea are in the process to… Read more »

1970 Gooner


The Spuds will collapse like a pack of cards – just a matter of time!


Arteta does have quality man management. And he is blessed with EQ. He doesn’t try to hog credit, likes to praise his players and support staff. Case in point, when the team decided to give Kai the opportunity to take the penalty, he said this had nothing to do with him. His misfortune, I guess is, will he ever be able to shake off the shadow of Pep. Most of what he does, seems to be a version of Pep. Their behavior on the sideline, as well as their man management is very similar. Their player selection also, very similar.… Read more »


Get real on Nkethia, it was Sheffield utd, one of the worst teams the Premier league has ever seen. He’s simply not good enough end of story

Bob N16

It was ‘only’ Sheffield Utd but those three finishes were all excellent.

Sid, I know Trippier is a little shit of a player but he’s a good RB but you don’t think so? (9.40)


@ 1970.
At the moment Spurs are irrelevant



I understand rubbing it in people’s faces. We’ve all done that.
But i think United’s problems go way beyond ETH.
With the mess over there, I imagine any manager would have struggled.

They’ll soon be calling for his head (As will Chelsea for Poch), But i guarantee you his replacement won’t fare any better.


Trippier is 33 yrs (FB years are similar to dog years) and played most of his football for Burnley


18 months ago, Wasn’t Ralph Raincheck supposed to be ManUres consultant and set the blueprint for what’s needed there?

Sure, Erik Tin Hat cleared out Ronnie but couldn’t resist a wry smile when i saw their team sheet on Sunday with the Chuckle Bros rocking up as their centre backs! 🙂

Bob N16

Sid, not sure why Burnley is particularly relevant as opposed to Spurs, Atlético Madrid, Newcastle as well as a fair few appearances for England.


‘’ reasons.Julian Alvarez is the only backup striker better than Nketiah right now.‘’
Spot on .. wouldn’t sell Eddie even if we buy a striker


‘’ Hojlund is better value than Jesus,‘’



Think that’s only the 2nd time Eddies played 90 mins


Spurs Kyle walker was ahead of him and also Serge Aurier.

At AM, simeone prefered a back 3 Trippier as a wingback.

He is average. Martinelli will tear him a new one.

9ja Gunner

“Eric Tin Hat” lol

Mikel Coneteta

Pretty sure everyone was happy to see Eddie have that kind of day out as an academy lad with top professionalism. But my goodness this is selective memory stuff because he had a blinder at home against a side I’m not sure would get promoted to the Prem this season. “He is many things – but below the Arsenal standard? I don’t think so.” Arsenal standard is someone who makes the difference in big games, makes others around him better, is a threat at every ground in Europe, and puts fear into opposition defenders. Thats an Arsenal CF. Nothing Eddie… Read more »


“”fair few appearances for England””

I’ve heard a few complain English managers are clueless. I will reserve my judgement


‘ Nothing Eddie has done the last 18 months is Arsenal standard ‘’

Yeh take for example last year.. starts 9 and scores 4.. he should be scoring in every game

Mikel Coneteta

“Yeh take for example last year.. starts 9 and scores 4.. he should be scoring in every game“

You think a striker with a 1 in 2 goal ratio, for title-challenging Arsenal, as his defining characteristic is the level. Says it all really.

If he did score every match there wouldn’t be such a necessity for his all-round game to be much better than it is. Fact is he doesn’t, so what else is he bringing to the starting XI when he’s not doing that? There’s the answer for why he isn’t Arsenal level. Hope this helps.


Eddie is fine… Other than the elite strikers, most strikers are usually streaky…

Hopefully this gives Eddie the confidence to get on a little run… I don’t buy into the idea we’ll sign another centre forward, not without an outgoing.

We’ve got Jesus, Eddie, Havertz, Trossard… And Martinelli can play there also if circumstances dictate.

Numerically we’re fine, and unless we can secure a game changer, or decide to shuffle the pack, it’s not where we should be allocating our resources.

Bob N16

Sid, I very much hope Martinelli does get the better of Truppier. I still think he’s a decent RB rather than an average one.e.g. PFA team of the year last season!

Where are Kyle Walker and Aurier now- they haven’t been playing CL football for the last few years, I think you’ll find.


Hab: “On Eddie, I am happy he did the business against Sheffield. But there are a run of games where he looks clueless.” He’s barely played first team football in his career. He’ll progress a lot once he starts getting more minutes. I said the other, no reason for him not to become as good as Callum Wilson, who’s doing the job for a top 4 Newcastle. He might already be on his level and if he’s there, above that level we’re going for really quality strikers. He can be one of them if he gets more minutes. One thing’s… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

“One thing’s for sure, he’s a natural in front of goal. Such quality is very hard to learn.“ Complete myth, nothing backs this up at all. – Last season he scored 4 league goals from 9.22 xG. (2nd worst in the league behind Havertz, a player nobody would call a finisher) – In his entire Arsenal career he’s scored 19 league goals from 23.77 xG. So actually you’re objectively wrong, he isn’t a natural finisher. Top class finishers consistently out score their xG as the situation would suggest (Haaland has 109 from 93.38 xG for obvious example). Eddie hasn’t done… Read more »


I just read the sad and horrible sorry of the American ice hockey player who died from the freak accident in a UK professional game. Another player fatally cut his throat with his boot blade after a collision during a match in front of 8,000 horrified fans at Sheffield. I didnt even realise the UK had a professional hockey league until this accident. Can’t think of a more devastating ghastly public sporting accident. My commiserations to the family of the dead and the other player who has to carry that unfortunate burden for the rest of his life. The horrified… Read more »


Yeah, being thrown in to a team then freezed out for months surely does wonders for his consistency in front of goal. Whoever has eyes can see that he is a natural. Coming in for 20 mins once every 3 weeks is not easy. As I said, if he’s given time he’ll score a lot of goals.

Mikel Coneteta

Raptora Your ‘whoever has eyes’ nonsense is strictly that. Whoever has eyes saw him have an extended run last season and massively underperform his xG. As I say, because he’s Hale End the mental gymnastics around the guy are something chronic. His professionalism is massively to his credit, but his innate football ability isn’t at Arsenal level now we’re back up at the sharp end of the league. You can sit and foreshadow events with ‘Ifs and Buts’ all you like to circumvent the realities of right now, but that’s all it is. He’s 24 years of age, and he’s… Read more »


“”the other player who has to carry that unfortunate burden for the rest of his life””

I watched the video and that player was aiming to kick the dead player. He should get life, the needle or chair.

Mikel Coneteta

“As I said, if he’s given time he’ll score a lot of goals.“ Hasn’t been trusted with time at Arsenal to date, or even Leeds on loan. Crazy when had either just given him time they’d have been rewarded with lots of goals, something every football club is desperate for no less. It’s like some of you really don’t want to acknowledge what’s right in front of you because you’d rather adopt a romanticised view and hold onto it with dear hope. Going to be a real tough pivot for when the inevitable happens. I look forward to seeing Eddie’s… Read more »

1970 Gooner


‘At the moment Spurs are irrelevant’

They certainly are – and apart from a brief spell in the early 80s (Ossie’s ffing dream and all that guff) they always have been!


Eddie has had 9 starts so far this season. Not bad at all.


I agree with Sid about hockey player, that didn’t look right to me what happened, I’m sure police are investigate. Lots of parents buying neck guards this week. I also had no idea hockey was a thing in England, 8,000 is a lot of people for a match.


Ten Hag is doing a marvellous job, well worth a contract extension.


“Arsenal standard is someone who makes the difference in big games, makes others around him better, is a threat at every ground in Europe, and puts fear into opposition defenders.” Since when has this been an arsenal standard, Coneteta? Nketiah is our number two striker, we second in league with Eddie starting most matches, and you spend your time wittering on about xG and he not good enough. Last season, when Jesus injured, we kept performing with Eddie until Saliba injury. Nketiah is good number two striker, your problem is with Jesus, he not scoring nearly enough goals for number… Read more »


Coneteta: “Hasn’t been trusted with time at Arsenal to date, or even Leeds on loan.” Arteta is on record saying “If there is one player that I have been unfair with I think it’s him (Nketiah)”. Arteta is aware of Eddie’s quality and how he’s still developing. He’s a bit of a late bloomer, cause of the lack of minutes and earlier in his career the lack of physical power. He has skills that he’ll continue to develop. So far he’s started 9 out of 10 PL games in what is a great start of the season. It’s time he… Read more »


“Nketiah is good number two striker, your problem is with Jesus, he not scoring nearly enough goals for number one striker.”:

Edie gets bashed a lot for not being Jesus

Mikel Coneteta will have a lot to say about what you wrote.


If any player needs love now, it’s Eddie
We need to wrap him in cotton wool because Jesus is out for 3-6 weeks.
Hopefully he keeps banging them in.


I love it, Pedro coming to collect the ETH receipts.

Guilty as charged was a big supporter of his to replace Emery, along with Overmars to fill that void. Neither aged well AT all.

That said I was a big supporter of new blood Arteta, so theres that Pete.

Safe to say that defender in the hockey incident will never play another game in his life, insanity. JWL if that happened in Canada what we reckon the actions taken would be?


Arteta: ” Well to me he is top level. He’s started nine out of our ten Premier League games, so that tells you how much we trust him and the importance he has in the team” …
… “He’s already really good [and] he can be better. The best thing he’s got, along with the talent, is his mentality. It’s incredible. When he has that mentality and that talent, he’s going to get much better.”

Yeah, I think Arteta kind of rates Eddie more than Coneteta does.

Mikel Coneteta

Jwl Should always be the Arsenal standard, what are you talking about? And no, my issue isn’t with Jesus. Gabriel Jesus represents a level of footballer that should be playing for Arsenal. In his first season at the club he played the majority of league games and he was a fundamental reason our attack produced its best ever PL goals return. When he didn’t play last season we didn’t keep performing at all, the performance level was in fact much worse until Trossard landed to give us an immediate boost. And listen, you can categorise Eddie whichever way you want,… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

Arteta said:

“I think he was really strong in his performance. The way he’s approaching every opportunity it shows how mature he is. I saw his press conference as well – I’m impressed the way he’s communicated. He’s developing the right way. He’s a player I like – he has some special qualities and he’s showing it with his performances, his goals and his attitude.”

…….about Joe Willock 🥱🥱

Manager of football club publicly praises player after good performance. Ground well and truly broken.


ETH doing an incredible job for UTD.


Didn’t know Luis Diaz’s parents were kidnapped by gunmen.

They found his mother(unharmed) some time later but the father is still missing/with-the-kidnappers.


“1- Utd are not even in our league anymore, stop worrying about them.” For whatever reason, and I will never really understand it, as a club we have a massive complex with United. We always give them an in. We never thrash them when we should. Their shit players always score against us. We always pump their confidence up. It’s ridiculous. Antony for example scored 25% of his league goals against us last season, that’s only 1 of 4 granted by the other 3 was a garbage time consolation in a 6-3 loss to City then one each against Everton… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

After a quarter of the season, Ajax are bottom of the Eredivisie! How did a club that made the 2019 CL semi-final end up sliding down to their worst ever start to a season?


This Sid fella has an identity crisis. Figure it out, will ya.


Coneteta @15:15

Arteta said:“I think he was…………”.about Joe Willock

That comment was 2020 while Willock was an Arsenal player ffs


H to the IzzO,
For shizzle, my nizzle


Jesus will be replaced before Nketiah

You can take this to the bank


Coneteta: “about Joe Willock”

If you’re bringing up Willock as a case in point of Arteta speaking well of a player who was eventually sold for 35m and is a main player in a top 4 team, you’re just proving my point. Thanks for solidifying my argument.




JWL – Hockey had a big increase in interest after team GB won the Olympic Gold in 1998. A few of the GB team played club hockey for Southgate and the star player was Sean Curley. An old friend Andrew was the club captain at the time.


Emery is my daddy!
I just like senior Good Ebening. IMO he would do better with this team than Arteta.

Hopefully Eddie will become great now.
Get off ETH Pedro he is doing great at Manure, believe that process. lol
$ games in 11 days coming, lets crush them all!


JWL – 1988 not 1998.

Luteo Guenreira

“This Sid fella has an identity crisis. Figure it out, will ya.”

That’s not fair, being a white African is not an identity crisis.

psuedo warrior

So fed up of the glorification of Jesus.

What I remember is close encounters, your 1-0s and 2-1s, at the start of last season with Jesus. Improved to 2-0s and 3-1s with Eddie and then Trossard in the middle. Tailed off to losses and crashing out of title contention with Jesus’ return to the 11.

This season again, whenever he’s started, has Arsenal’s attacking game really gone up a level? Absolute nonsense


Arteta pisses all over Ten Hag

Mikel Coneteta

“If you’re bringing up Willock as a case in point of Arteta speaking well of a player who was eventually sold for 35m and is a main player in a top 4 team, you’re just proving my point. Thanks for solidifying my argument.“ My point is posting praise from Arteta about a player as some sort of matter of fact analysis means very little. A manager will invariably praise players that are at the football club. Doesn’t mean they’re here to stay, doesn’t even mean he rates them. On the subject of Willock proving your point, it patently supports what… Read more »


I don’t criticize Eddie because he is one of our own, a nice lad and always tries his best.

But for me he is a decent back up striker who I am okay with being a part of our squad but not as a first choice striker at a club like Arsenal. He hasn’t got in him to trouble well oiled defensive units. A perfect third choice striker behind Jesus and hopefully a new all-round striker.

psuedo warrior

The fact that there’s even a debate on Jesus vs Eddie…..and the good old “He makes the team so very much better” gets rolled out should tell you where the problem lies.

And it ain’t with Eddie


Coneteta: “more likely criticise his replacement here as you cling onto the idea of being right online.” I was ripping to shreds both of them. Called them both garbage and to be sold asap multiple times. As a matter of fact, of bigging them up, I’m going against myself. Since both of them have visibly improved, my opinion is different. Flip-flopping is shit but I’m a man of opinions. I will state what I think with the chance of being right or wrong. I’m not afraid of being wrong. You, however, will bring water from 9 different wells just to… Read more »


Yeah, I see it’s getting more and more popular in here so I’ll say it again. We need a new striker if we want to consistently win trophies by dominating the PL/CL. If Jesus is fine with being used across the whole attack, like he was at City, he will have a future here. If he’s set on only playing for teams that give him the CF position, we’ll have to sell him. He is a superb player but is unreliable because he misses a large portion of the campaigns. Then we add to the fact that he’s not deadly… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

Raptora The fact you swing from “shit” to “top 4 player” speaks volumes of your ability to judge anything. I’ve not called either shit, quite the opposite in fact. But it’s still abundantly clear that the margins at the top end are fine and that’s what’s under scrutiny at Arsenal to get ahead of City. I don’t think Eddie is at the level, nothing I’ve witnessed the last two years tells me anything different. Meanwhile he scores a hat trick against a piss poor side and you want to give others a sermon with whatever pov you’ve adopted this month… Read more »

Ernest Reed

It truly warms my heart to no end to see Gary Neville in such absolute discomfort over the shit show that ManU really are. Looks great on the anti-Arsenal smarmy prick!

Habesha Gooner

Anyone saying Eddie is shit cant be taken seriously. He is a premier league quality striker. He is better than most of the backups in this league. But If we are competeing with the strikers available at City or Liverpool, which I consider are competition for the league title, then he comes up short. And that is the sticking point. He is just not enough. As MC pointed out, him being lethal is also a myth. He misses a fair few chances. if he was, It would have been great. But he doesnt have enough in his game for a… Read more »


Charlie: “of him literally underperforming his xG since his PL debut” It’s one season he’s underperformed his xG by a lot – last. He’s currently overperforming his xG by 1.30 – 5 goals scored with an xG of 3.70 and I expect it to continue. But don’t let that fool you. Bring up last season again by the end of this season or next season. I’m sure your opinion will have aged like wine. You’re being told time and again that he’s a kind of a late bloomer by having played 3000 PL minutes at the start of this season,… Read more »


Mikel Coneteta:

Why on earth do you compare Nketiah and Haaland? Proves my point that Nketiah is always compared wrongly. Nketiah does not get a long run of games as the starter – Haaland always is, and is the main striker, so comparing XGs does not work.

Also, revisionist history on your part – Trossard only took over from him when he [Nketiah was injured], not because he was dropped.

Mikel Coneteta

Raptora ‘Eddie is a later bloomer’… On what basis? Because it’s only you that’s pushing this agenda on his behalf. If he was good enough he’d have had more than 1k minutes per season by 24. But he hasn’t. Except you’re using the fact he hasn’t to conjure a narrative that he’s a late bloomer ready to become one of the leagues deadliest. What exactly is this being judged against? All your opinions have an out baked in because they’re speculative against the future where you’ll no doubt fish a reason out the air that prevented it coming to fruition… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta


I didn’t compare Nketiah and Haaland. I illustrated the difference between a clinical finisher and someone who isn’t. Haaland outperforms his xG because he’s an elite finisher, Eddie underperforms his xG because he’s not.

There is no genuine comparison to be made between the pair. If there was then there’d be nobody talking about Nketiah and what he lacks.



There should be a split screen option on TV. The game where Man U are being taught a lesson and in the corner a smaller screen with Neville’s face – probably win a comedy award.


How good was it to see our hale enders Smith Rowe، Saka and Eddie start v sheffield united، and even better they didn’t let the fans down as we smashed them. EARLY balls into the striker is something we don’t normally see but on Saturday first Rice with an EARLY low cross into the box enabled Eddie to show his superb control and balance along with composure to beat the keeper with ease ، and then Smith Rowe kiled the ball and then rolled the ball EARLY into the feet of Eddie who turned and hit an unstoppable shot into… Read more »


https://www.fotmob.com/en-GB/leagues/47/stats/season/20720/players/big_chance_missed Makes you wonder how many goals Eddie would have scored in the 8 games he’s started if he was afforded the amount of big chances the likes of Haaland، watkins، nunez ،Jackson and hojland have had and missed. Haaland 11 big chances missed Watkins…10 Nunez…7 Jackson…7 Hojland…6. Eddie is way down the list with 3 big chances missed. 5 goals in 8 starts in the league is a decent return for Eddie، it is about his usual goal per game ratio over his career with the limited starts he’s had . one would imagine that if Eddie had better… Read more »

Bob N16

I notice Lewis-Skelly was on the bench for the U21, could that be an indication that he’ll be involved on Wednesday?


“Haaland 11 big chances missed”

It seemed like more than 11 to me, but I’m not sure what constitutes a” big” chance exactly.
Two just yesterday by my standards.
Haaland could miss half his big chances and still end up with 40 goals for City.