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There’s no other way to describe the game. Arsenal unleashed on Sheffield United in one of the most controlled performances of the season.

Controlled because we were patient.

Controlled because the manager heavily rotated his starting 11.

Controlled because we took off key players when we needed to.

Don’t talk to me about the opposition, they play in the Premier League, they are worth the same three points as Manchester City. Heading into easy games and making them look easy hasn’t been our strong suit over the past 4 years. Just think back to the unraveling of our title last season, those were easy games, we failed.

It didn’t look like it was going to be a hammering. We didn’t score our first goal until the 28th minute and it took an Eddie wonder-turn to make the breakthrough. The first 45 minutes gave us just 3 shots on target. Arsenal controlled the game, but it didn’t feel particularly swaggerish.

The second half was a touch better – 5 shots on target, 4 goals.

Eddie was the star if we’re honest. He scored a hattrick. He deserved one after the hammering he took after his cameo in the week. Each goal was different. One revolved around a Bergkamp-like turn, one was a poacher’s goal, and the final one was a rocket from outside the box. It showed his talents. He needs to do it more often, but as we look at the numbers right now, he’s earned 2 penalties, scored 7 goals in 13, and has 5 in the Premier League right now. Not bad for someone everyone says we need to sell to Hull next week,

There were other big performances.

Zinchenko reminded eveyrone of his qualities with a roaming full back performances. I thought Kiwior slipped into defence with no drama. Kai hasn’t had a blowout performance, but he functioned will in the side and was a credit to the team.

We didn’t really notice the lack of Odegaard, Declan Rice led the team really well, and Smith Rowe had a really promising game with a a lovely assist to cap it.

Tomi scored a great goal, cementing his iconic status amongst the base.

My overall takeway was: Wow, that was a mature game.

We put minutes into legs that needed them, gave rest to players that had to have it, and there was no noticeable difference in the way we played.

Having a rotation 11 deliver to those sorts of standards really does tell you how far Arteta has taken the culture at the club – and how well our recruitment team has done. When Fabio Vieira is coming on and getting an assist (looked like it) and scoring a penalty. You know the squad is in good shape.

Short one today, I am stacked with things to do, if you want more reaction, you know where the podcast is at! (below)

Have a great day! Let’s hope United do some damage tomorrrow!

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“ Anthony thinks Doku is his girlfriend
He raised his hands so fast, like we was about to pummel him.”

Dunno if I want to laugh or cringe …



Neither has the technique or skill of the 3 i mentioned. The raw footballing ability
I love Saka
I really love having him at arsenal
He’s an academy lad, London born and our best player. But the other 3 are more anti ally blesses int he same way Ozil and Santi were more blessed than sanchez but sanchez was our best player


“ Saka was playing LB before Arteta came. Martinelli was talented but weak off the ball, and soft mentally. Arteta made him twice as tough and relentless in tracking back and handling physical challenges.”

Only a muppet with no football knowledge would spew such stupidity but then again this is the same buffoon that claimed that claimed that Cedric was a better defender than Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and even William Saliba 😆😆😆


The berating on here is churning. So – some positivity. Neville points out malaise at United. The nearest football club in England to City of London as crow flys is Arsenal. Aside from any results – it’s a comfy day out when ‘you only come to see the Arsenal. If you have a couple of scoops I’m the locals N5/N7 – you can jump on the PIccalilli Line to Covent and there in ten mins. Away fans love an Arsenal day out. This club will always be going somewhere- fine margins. Again – thanks to the likes of Steve Powell… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

Don There’s more to being talented than just technique. None of them has Martinellis pace for example, something that can’t be taught and gives you an incredible edge. There was a reason we had to get rid of all of Wengers players, like I said from the start and why I was never bothered with who the manager was at the time as long as we improved our squad with top young talent. Pedro kept peddling the “Arteta is going to come in and improve all the existing players” spiel and it was of course nonsense because they were beyond… Read more »



True but I could turn around and ask you how did KDB, Son, Firmino, Gundogan and Leroy Sane all fare in the PL? All were Bundesliga imports.


Whoever was looking for a Goldbridge meltdown earlier… Look no further.

The punchline at the end of this rant is brilliant.



I’m not talking athleticism or
I’m talking pure footballing ability here
And in pure footballing ability Odegaard Jesus and trossard are more talented than Martinelli or Saka
Saka isn’t even that fast. He’s not that skillful. He’s not that strong. But yet he’s one of the best players in the world. His output for his age is insane. 100% GA this season for a 21 year old. It’s like xabi Alonso was the the more blessed footballer between him and gerrard but gerrard was the better player.


He could go either way
Lovely to watch
Very un-German


“Results don’t lie. That is all.”

Using your logic and applying that to the Chelsea games

Chelsea v AFC 2:2
Brentford v Chelsea 2:0

Therefore T. Frank >>> M. Arteta when playing Chelsea, got it. 😆


Banter FC Wallopped🍻


UTD stat

That’s 34 defeats now at Old Trafford in the 10 years since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, the same number as they suffered in 27 years under him.


UTD are on the up according to 7 Hag. Love him, I wish him many years on his journey with UTD

Nigel Tufnel

Freddie, I like your terrier description for young Martinelli. For me that was energetic, but not combative as he is now tackling and fighting. Also, as far as mentality, when he came back from his injury under Arteta, he was more than fragile. His first few kicks received in games had him going off limping in tears (literally) like they were major injuries.. they all turned out to be nothing. Two or three incidents in a short time. I have never seen that reaction from other of our players coming back from major injuries.. You may just say it’s to… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel


It’s sad, almost disturbingly so, to go as far back to find comments…..
But then, on top of that, to pick out bits to try and twist the real meaning and leave out the honest context?
You are the only person pathological enough to try and attack our captain in almost all of your comments. You may not realise it, but your personal disdain is clear.
There’s something wrong with you if you don’t think everyone can see that.
Rich nailed you.


LMAO at the Goldbrige link Rich posted: May as well leave your cow with Ronald McDonald, MUFC may as well change name to MILF a ragged bird that everyone likes to screw.

Hes gold.

Nigel Tufnel

Goldbridge: “United were terrible today but Michael Oliver was the ref who gave the City offside goal against Fulham. He was the ref who didn’t send Kovacic off (against Arsenal). And he was the VAR for that pen today. Just saying” “Offside goal given against Fulham No red for Kovacic against Arsenal twice Dodgy pen today Don’t tell me City don’t get preferential treatment”. I know United always got the preferential treatment for years… but now it’s the mid east money cheats who get it along with their other advantages. Was it all Michael Oliver? Did he go to middle… Read more »


Nigel Winding Rich up is not difficult and he always bites، but what you will find is that Rich makes little digs at me and then gets his knickers in a twist when i dangle the bait، and it usually ends with Rich waffling on about nothing in particular finishing with some nonsense about Ozil As for your comment “You are the only person pathological enough to try and attack our captain in almost all of your comments” My only comment that has mentioned Odegaard is not attacking him ، it is stating the difference between one creative player and… Read more »


Nigel The funniest thing is when he’s forced into praising our captain, he does it in the most passive aggressive way through his back teeth. He tried that Poch thing before…. Posted part of comment with no time or date…. But I broadly remember the time, so I went and got the whole post to prove he was lying.. Then when he got caught out… He then said he knew I never said it… He just deliberately misrepresented what I posted, so I’d have to go back through the comments to prove him wrong… So after wasting God knows how… Read more »


I was hoping Utd would do us a solid and best city but they’re frankly too shit

At least we can all laugh at Utd tho

Another positive is even after winning 3-0, city are still below us on GD. I thought they’d have superior GD, but ours is the best in the league after 10 games. Good stuff arsenal considering we haven’t even found our attacking groove for most matches


If we beat Newcastle we’ll be 10 points clear of them after 11 games. There’s also quite a favour able run of games in the league after Newcastle

It’s teams like burnley, luton, brentford and Fulham etc

Gotta get through this Newcastle and Sevilla matches with 6 points and we’ll be flying in the league and CL. Hope we go through in the league cup as well, tho only if we rotate heavily


Why are we wasting time on Man U. Let’s concentrate on spurs and city. They are our immediate neighbours.

Nigel Tufnel

Newcastle are not as good as grovers think, or their fans think.
But because they think they are challengers, they get up for games against us.
Remember how they did the masterful time wasting job last year, then celebrated as if they had won the Champions league. So it will be a hard game because they’ll be uber motivated.

If we don’t win, it won’t be because of the venue, or their talent… it will be insufficient effort.
They are shite.

Nigel Tufnel

Don’t worry about spurs. Gravity will take care of them.


Newcastle have a problem at FB (RB Trippier, LB Burn because Barnes is injured)

Isak is also injured. Theres No way they should beat us


Savage “French” fans in Marseille attacked the Lyon bus
Where’s the outrage? The Germans and the swedes have finally wised up, thankfully


There are a few on here with disturbing issues over players Pierre – The Ying and Yang – Ozil and Odegaard- perhaps if we sign any further players with surname beginning with an ‘O’ we can see if the pattern continues RP7 – Xhaka hatred that was so bad he was booted off GD4 – Xhaka hatred that was so bad , the poster disappeared for 5 months ( apparently this never happened though, it’s all a lie ) Markymark* – Raya disapproval- abusive comments such as calling him Little legs , and comparing his physical likeness to Tubbs out… Read more »


Markymark 🙂

I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Raya if he gets the boot, as he’s nailed on as lead Hobbit in next Lord of The Rings.

We want our Rambo back 🙂



Since 1:30 this morning

Jesus, Pedro has no manners. Could let people know.