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There’s no other way to describe the game. Arsenal unleashed on Sheffield United in one of the most controlled performances of the season.

Controlled because we were patient.

Controlled because the manager heavily rotated his starting 11.

Controlled because we took off key players when we needed to.

Don’t talk to me about the opposition, they play in the Premier League, they are worth the same three points as Manchester City. Heading into easy games and making them look easy hasn’t been our strong suit over the past 4 years. Just think back to the unraveling of our title last season, those were easy games, we failed.

It didn’t look like it was going to be a hammering. We didn’t score our first goal until the 28th minute and it took an Eddie wonder-turn to make the breakthrough. The first 45 minutes gave us just 3 shots on target. Arsenal controlled the game, but it didn’t feel particularly swaggerish.

The second half was a touch better – 5 shots on target, 4 goals.

Eddie was the star if we’re honest. He scored a hattrick. He deserved one after the hammering he took after his cameo in the week. Each goal was different. One revolved around a Bergkamp-like turn, one was a poacher’s goal, and the final one was a rocket from outside the box. It showed his talents. He needs to do it more often, but as we look at the numbers right now, he’s earned 2 penalties, scored 7 goals in 13, and has 5 in the Premier League right now. Not bad for someone everyone says we need to sell to Hull next week,

There were other big performances.

Zinchenko reminded eveyrone of his qualities with a roaming full back performances. I thought Kiwior slipped into defence with no drama. Kai hasn’t had a blowout performance, but he functioned will in the side and was a credit to the team.

We didn’t really notice the lack of Odegaard, Declan Rice led the team really well, and Smith Rowe had a really promising game with a a lovely assist to cap it.

Tomi scored a great goal, cementing his iconic status amongst the base.

My overall takeway was: Wow, that was a mature game.

We put minutes into legs that needed them, gave rest to players that had to have it, and there was no noticeable difference in the way we played.

Having a rotation 11 deliver to those sorts of standards really does tell you how far Arteta has taken the culture at the club – and how well our recruitment team has done. When Fabio Vieira is coming on and getting an assist (looked like it) and scoring a penalty. You know the squad is in good shape.

Short one today, I am stacked with things to do, if you want more reaction, you know where the podcast is at! (below)

Have a great day! Let’s hope United do some damage tomorrrow!

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Fully Agreed Pedro on all accounts!






Eddie was crap, only 3 goals against this dross.
Havertz should be made to walk naked down Severn Sisters Rd.
Rice was a waste of money.
Ramsdale should have played CF.
Arteta OUT!

Press Box Gooner

Top four! Good to see ESR start and grow into the game. Hope he gets more chances – madness to move him on.

NJ Gooner

First team Europa

Josip Skoblar

We are champions material! COYG!!!!

NJ Gooner

Great result.

But none of the rotated players, not counting Eddie in that group, really impressed. Let’s hope that MA persists with many of them midweek so they get sharper.

Tomi, on the other hand, is clearly becoming the fans icon!


Great result. Just what was required.

Nigel Tufnel

“Have a great day! Let’s hope United do some damage tomorrrow!”

Maybe start McTominay and let them do real damage, literally…… like Kovacic did to our players.

Nigel Tufnel

My weekly reminder that Rich was right about Partey.
His contributions are constantly diminishing, even though we love him in those short periods of availability.

I disagreed with Rich in the summer. I was wrong. The guy contributes more for Ghana than he does for us.

Mikel Coneteta


I think it’s you that taps into La Liga often, do you have an opinion on that Nico Williams I’ve seen linked?


Watching the rugby final, all var live with dialogue between officials……..why not in the premier league? Unless corrupt???

Just Another Customer

what did I miss?


The difference in effectiveness between VAR and TMO in rugby is like night and day. How hard is it for football to learn form a sport that clearly manages it far better.


Goona beat me to it


“The emphasis was on the word ‘start’, something that seems to have gone over the heads of a couple. Nobody is comparing him as a player to Messi and Ronaldo.
And nobody’s really expecting him to continue this for the entire season but as far as starts go, you won’t find better.”

Total league/CL matches played-13
Minutes- 1,126



At least we won’t have the pathetic ramblings of un, marko, Coneteta and Markymark for the next few days with their constant sniping at Raya and Eddie. Raya was close to perfection, Eddie was everything you’d want in a striker .. Jesus is injured and it won’t make any difference negatively to our our results and performances. Same can be said for Odegaard, let him sit on the bench for a while or maybe give him a run out in the league cup to try and play himself into a bit of form, same goes for Ramsdale. Both good players… Read more »


Anyone have a rugby stream?

Habesha Gooner

My goodness. You are such a transparent troll. What happened to letting Eddie see the bench since he was playing like crap for 4 games? Today he turned up and you feel vindicated? But our captain, who had 22 league goal contributions last season, who was playing injured apparently should see the bench?

I can’t with you.


Any of you gimps seen any good films, or any good TV series recently?..

Or is it all still just a load of rubbish?


Why the football leagues don’t adopt the rugby VAR can only be down to corruption, the prem league have unlimited money compared to rugby….it STINKS


Lol @ Pierre.
The man has been saving names and receipts😝


Neto please he is lightening quick
Left or right he would give us so many options


GD4 feels bad being excluded from the happy fellas mentioned by Pierre above. haha


Only 4 games so far this weekend & VAR performance once again a shambles


Neto was carried off tonight.

Mikel Coneteta

Pierre talking about others sniping at players, only to name-drop Odegaard once again for the bench.


Eddie deserves his flowers today, but let’s not go there on him as a wider subject. His actions in 90 mins against the leagues worst side won’t be the reason his place will be in jeopardy come Jan.



Watching “The Kill Room” right now.

Watching a series called Invasion

The “Fake sheikh” documentary quite good.

Watched some weird alien movie the other day called “No one will save you”

Mikel Coneteta


The Continental was a watchable 3 part series in the John Wick world. Think it’s on Amazon prime if I’m not mistaken.

Nigel Tufnel

Emile took another small step. Played a full game, looked pretty good. He can hopefully grow his minutes, and if he finds his past form, there is room for him to play in a couple of positions. Arteta loves players like that. Look at Tomiyasu… he just points and says go, and the guy will run through walls. Eddie too… never complains about how he’s being used, and gets rewarded for his selflessness. Both examples- VERY productive all over the pitch, not just goal hunting, but those come too. On the other hand, look at the culture at Chelsea. Spoiled,… Read more »


Rich Succession is great The morning show is very good. Wouldn’t have chosen it but the Mrs had it on and i ended up getting right into it It’s kind of about the me too movement but fair and balanced. Love death and robots I think it’s called is very very good New black mirror season is probably the best yet and darkest for sure As far as films. The Northman was about the only decent film I’ve seen in a while. The scorcese/ do caprio film is meant to be very good Hollywood just produces shit Better to watch… Read more »

James wood

“The Americans” channel 4 digital.
6 series.
Cannot stop watching it nearly as good as Arsenal.


Same song

Invasion is slow as fuck
Turned it off
Shame as I like Sam Neil


Samesong + Mikel

Cheers 👍.. I’ll have a look.

South Park: Joining The Panderverse…..Is simply excellent, if anyone’s ever bored.

Those guys rarely disappoint.


Shameless but a good goal

Harry Kane from the half way line



Invasion is slow as fuck

Yes it is. I don’t mind it.


lol Pierre and Nigel, hopefully you guys get paid for trolling



Does it get any better?
I’m getting tired of investing my time in shit shows that don’t get any better and the reviews were quite damning so I stopped watching

The big one that I simply cannot wait for is the 3 body problem
Read the trilogy and loved it. Even though the second one was a tough read.
I just hope they do it justice and don’t infect it with the typical woke crap and just tell the story. There’s enough interesting politics in there anyhow with the Chinese revolution backdrop

Nigel Tufnel


Check out a show called Kin.
Then if you like a bit of ultraviolence, see Gangs of London. It’s over the top though. Too much for my taste, but I couldn’t stop watching.


Pierre – you’ve obviously not seen my comments re Eddie.
Raya is just a loanee who needs to seriously prove himself. It’s as simple as that
Meanwhile please try and explain again how Odegaard is being mentally disturbed by Maddison. I need a good laugh 😹


Raya was great in game where he wasn’t tested at all
The best thing he did was pass to martinelli
There was no need to keep goal. He may as well have had no gloves on
Eddie did well today, but even bendtner scored a hat tick. His was in the champions league though against a good side. It was it uefa cup? Can’t remember. Think it was deportivo.



Kane’s hat-rick today was against 9 man Darmstadt.

Forgive me for finding Bellingham’s Clasico brace more impressive.


Just saw this on twitter, can’t believe it been twenty years.

On this day in 2003:
made his Arsenal debut against Rotherham in the League Cup, becoming the youngest player to represent the club in any competition at just 16 years & 177 days.



Haven’t watched many Athletic Bilbao games so cannot say I have a very strong scouting report on Nico Williams but he’s very athletic, direct and he’s good in 1 vs 1s. Questionable end product, just 10 G/A last season so he wouldn’t be much of a needle-mover in that respect albeit he’s only 21 so plenty of scope for improvement.


James Wood, Un, Nigel.



Weagle, you’re forgiven.
Big fan of Bellingham myself, the boy is special for sure, but I thought the conversation was about the ”start” to a season/ new club career. And if so, Kane’s is easily just as impressive, if not more, considering he signed for Bayern one week before the opening day vs two months out in Bellingham’s case.


Bayern were down a man too



Don’t be classless by denigrating or dismissing Nketiah’s performance – merely because you don’t rate him.

On 27 August, Haaland did not score three goals against Sheffield United. Does that make Nketiah better than Haaland? No, but just try to keep some perspective. In the end, both players contributed to their teams getting [the same] THREE points.


Good man Eddie. Some strikers need a lucky goal to end a barren run, but not Eddie. He works really hard off the ball. Great finisher and can score in big games too.
He has everything to be a top striker but needs to score more consistently. Here’s hoping Eddie kicks on and has a bag of goals by the end of the season.


He was the best player in the world for 2 years and was never recognised for it



By the time Kane scored his 1st Bayern had 10 and Darmstadt 9 men.

His start there has been phenomenal but the CL will be the acid test as they literally win the Bundesliga with you up front.


Tom the fact you are comparing a 20 year old midfielder to the numbers of a vintage 30 year old albeit now playing for bloody Bayern says it all. Kane’s today’s goals against 9 man Darmstadt should be discounted from any statistics.


Here’s one for you boys: Brentford have won more games at Stamford Bridge than Chelsea since April


Yeah I mean Bellingham is a 20 year old CM and Kane is a prime 30 year old ST and he takes penalties.

4 of Kane’s 14 were from PKs which Bellingham doesn’t take. You didn’t include that in your stats, did you?


There you have it, scratch Kane’s all penalty goals and every goal scored when Bayern play with a man up, or against a side considered a minnow.

I don’t know what to say, I’m really embarrassed now.


We have a deal, Tom. We can even scrap the penalty that he sent into orbit vs France if you like!


Bellingham’s brother Jobe is at Sunderland, joined from Birmingham this summer, could be worth keeping an eye on him?


Nobody is saying Kane hasn’t been a revelation but Jude is on another level due to his age and position


“Stamford Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down……..”


Gr8 2 c ES-R get a start


“Pierre, where is your agenda for Eddie. Look at his past 4 whoscored ratings. Absolutely shambolic. It actually confirms the eye test”

Eddie’s last 4 whoscored ratings are

9.86 sheffield united
6.10…man city

Average 7 87 for his last 4 games which certainly confirms the eye test as I doubt there is another Arsenal play who has an average of 7.87 in the last 4 games they have started…..

I’m not sure you bringing up Eddie’s whoscored ratings was such a bright idea , especially if you are looking to denigrate his performances…..7.87 is exceptional .


Gotta say I really like ESR’s pass and move style in the final third. Makes us less predictable and makes our offence/attack faster.

Love Ode but he can sometimes takes an extra couple seconds to make a decision which slows things down a bit.


Also in my opinion the presence of Declan Rice at Arsenal, in our locker room and in our midfield is why Odegaard is struggling this season.

More than the absence of Partey.




Fury looks rattled.

Bertie Mee

I was at the game today . We did a solid job but Zinchenko was very average and Havertz contributes virtually nothing. He cost £65 m and is the best paid player in the side. Trossard and Rice settled straight in. Havertz has done virtually nothing since he arrived


Francis just did MMA proud, wow.

Gave Fury his toughest fight to date.


Ngannou was robbed.
He beat the hell out of the Gypsy King.
And I love Tyson Fury.

The lad who should be ashamed is Deontay Wilder
who was beaten from pillar to post, while a non boxer more
than held his own for ten rounds


Great article but I think the praise for Eddie doesn’t go far enough. He wasn’t just the star, he was sensational He played excellently even aside from his 3 goals. His touch was consistently great and he was a total menace from start to finish. Add to that the touch for his first goal and the venomous second and third goals and that was a 10/10 performance. Peak Henry would’ve been smug with that performance it was that good Rest of the team, generally very good. Felt ESR could’ve been a bit better tbh and I felt havertz was the… Read more »


RichOctober 28, 2023 20:25:41
Any of you gimps seen any good films, or any good TV series recently?..Or is it all still just a load of rubbish?

Would give you good ones if you told me your genre preference e.g Comedy, Action, Thriller… e.t.c Right now, I’d suggest “From” it’s an horror/thriller that you will be very interested in.

Nigel Tufnel

Pedro … suggesting the show Euphoria for Rich is one of the funniest posts you’ve written. He and Un would smash their screens.

Nigel Tufnel


Pedro reminded me… White Lotus…. another HBO show is really watchable and compelling (for some strange reason) … it draws you in.. season 2 was amazing.


We got the results to stay in touch in hunt for the title and some of the bench players got game time Some comments sound like Eddie >>> MBappe FFS we played against a team that has 1 point from 30 on offer and has scored 7 goals and let in 29. Anything but a very comfortable win by our B-Team would have been an upset and embarrassment. Players will only put star performances on, if the opposition allows it. Sheffield is not a team to measure oneself against. Let’s see how we will do against Newcastle at St. James’… Read more »


Vieira PK should have been taken by Havertz



How would you rate Manchester City’s A-Team performance against the Sheffield United team a few weeks ago? More specifically, alien robot Haaland’s goal output?

georgia boy

Ngannou had that fight. Fury was gassed. I understand why Fury had to win though. Can’t have an MMA guy come in there and take it 1st shot.


@Kapankulu I can tell you have little knowledge about the Blades and couldn’t be arsed to look into their situation as a team. First off it was NOT a few weeks ago it was 2 months ago Matchweek 3. August 27th. Sheffield had the worst start EVER of a team in the EPL after 10 games in a season. Sky Sports reported that as many as ten first-team players could be sidelined for the match against Arsenal all are suffering from injury woes. That was not the case in the City game which was played Matchweek 3 so 7 games… Read more »


What a fucking disgrace PGMOL is. Already two VAR fuck ups in the Burnley game over 5 minutes for VAR to check a goal, drawing lines in the wrong place, Gary O’Neil doesn’t understand why in the Wolves game the penalty situation wasn’t overturned by VAR. He said I am no longer wasting my time talking to the referees until they improve their level of what they produce.

We have 5 more games to go for PGMOL to produce further startling fuck ups. As already mentioned what a startling difference of the TMO in the Rugby World Cup.

Guns of Hackney

Eddie did well.

Good result against a whipping boy. Nothing less should have been accepted.

Smith Rowe made things tick.

Vieria’s celebration was cringeworthy.

Havertz still couldn’t buy a goal or anything of note in a home demolition.



A mature performance by the whole team..without our three main performances TP, MÖ GJ..


Name me a better RB than White since Sagna. He is great defensively and offers a lot in attack. Keeping tomiyasu out of the team. No one mentions his 50m tag ever…

Guernsey GUN

Great result and good hattrick from Eddie, watched the game live and I’m sorry but havertz is fucking shite. Literally what is the point with him.

Matt B

Goonsterous: Tomi T

Matt B

Well maybe not better, but as good


We all know that Eddie can score in cup comps, but the stick to beat him was always that he couldn’t do it in the premier league. As we also know , Eddie hasn’t been given many chances to shine in the premier league in the past but when you look at his goal ratio in games he has started it is actually decent. In his Arsenal career he has scored 19 goals in 36 starts in the premier league and anyone with a limited intelligence can see that ratio would bring him 20 goals in a full season. Unfortunately… Read more »


It’s obvious that he will never win a percentage of fans or pundits over ، more fool them I say ، Arteta is the one person who can determine Eddie’s future and just maybe he will start to give Eddie the chances that he deserves.

Arteta has always given Eddie chances even someone with a limited intelligence can see that

Guns of Hackney

Eddie scored against a pub team.
Let’s see him do that against a top three side or in the CL.



Nketiah is a big talent, his game is complemented by a #10 like ESR/Madison something Ode is Not.

Ode game is complemented by Jesus who comes collects the ball in midfield, dribbles opponents out of position, for Ode to make late runs.


It’s pure corruption is the reason why VAR is not ready to broadcast discussion between them like in rugby or Cricket. Other than that I see no reason not to be transparent as it’s done in other professional sports. Regarding ESR and Kai surely ESR was a shade better than Kai. The problem with both is the drive and hunger. The hunger that ESR showed in 20/22 doesn’t seem to exist. I also noticed that they both played much closer to frontline than to Declan rice. They didn’t come for the ball at all. Second half I think ESR did… Read more »

Why I Gunna

Amongst the many really good things today, Trossard was absolutely terrorizing some of the Sheffield players. They were absolutely bewildered by him at times


Good to see that Eddie saving himself during his Sevilla cameo meant he had plenty in the tank for the bluntest of Blades.
A good result for the squad.
That line up can win against a fair percentage of the PL so the first XI if such a thing exists can be fit for the run in.
Rice has to become the captain next season.
Creative players do lose form at times and that affects their all captaincy abilities.
Rice played 5000 minutes last season. Not one for the treatment table either.



If was esr’s first league start since the season before last
I think he’s showed a lot of promise in the glimpses
Some lovely touches, passes, runs and shots. Once he regains his sharpness he adds something nobody else in the squad has
He combines the games of Odegaard and Martinelli
He can play either style
He’s got more drive and directness than Odegaard and can play in tight spaces in a way that Martinelli cannot
He will shine through.


Eddie had a his best game for Arsenal yesterday against a top 6 championship side Great goals Well deserved But let’s not get carried away If he can lead the like like he did yesterday with more regularity then there would be no scrutinising He offers too little when he’s not scoring far too often and gets swallowed up by teams who know how to defend That ain’t Sheffield United So yes he deserves his match ball but this performance is the rare exception rather than the rule and until it becomes a theme rather than an anomaly he doesn’t… Read more »


From arseblog this morning

I’d wondered beforehand if he might start this game, his goal-scoring record has not been good by any stretch of the imagination, but after news we might miss Gabriel Jesus for a few weeks, this is a timely contribution from Eddie. Yes, it was against the second worst team in the league (I think Burnley are worse), but they all count. I have a suspicion that Mikel Arteta is convinced there is something in Eddie that few of us can see, and maybe yesterday was some evidence of that.


Lovely comment from Eddie
Hard not to feel some warmth after reading this

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamt of this moment – to get three goals in a Premier League match. I’m a childhood supporter of the club, so to do it in front of the fans, my friends, my family and my team-mates is an amazing feeling. It’s a day I’ll remember forever.


It’s a mad state of affairs that after 10 league games (end of today) villa might be above city They’ve also got more points since Emery arrived last October than Brighton (who they’re also above having played a game less) There’s so much credit given to di zerbi as the second coming but I think it’s more than time Emery gets some of that He was a bad fit for arsenal because he’s not suited to huge clubs – he can only work for underdog teams. But he’s absolutely brilliant with those kinds of teams. The 4 ELs were no… Read more »


Yes China absolutely agree. Think did zerbi is good but maybe his teams are a little naive? Emery is top class on the counter that’s for sure and his teams play very well out from the back too


Finally Eddie is ready, the floodgates open.

It seems the calibre of most PL sq

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