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There’s been a lot of debate in the air about David Raya vs Aaron Ramsdale. A large chunk of that, in my opinion, is the English looking out for the English.

But it doesn’t matter. There is no debate. Mikel Arteta thinks David Raya is the future of the Arsenal keeping story and he’s going to play his new man until it works.

The biggest error Arteta made was pretending his biggest mistake was not subbing on keepers during a game – or having different options for tactics. Arteta is never going to sub a keeper on at 70 minutes to change a game unless there’s a broken leg. All the tacticos frothing at the idea of this did make me laugh. The idea was always silly. If the most important player you can bring on to tactically change a game is a keeper, you’ve done something very wrong when picking your squad. There’s also the jarring nature of doing it in a game. If a keeper with cold gloves comes on and makes an error, the coach is in the mud. I also don’t see a game state where that move is merited. Chasing a game and you want a new keeper? Really? Defending a game and you want to bring on a keeper to see it out? Really? Arteta created the hill he is currently dying on and he deserves this. He should have just been honest about his plans… now people are prodding at him because by his own words, he should be dropping Raya right now.

What he should have said is he’s looking for something different this season and he’s changing things up.

David Raya is the chosen one and here are some things we have to consider:

Some of his errors of late are down to the way he’s being asked to play. He isn’t doing the same things as Ramsdale, he’s being asked to take things to the next level. That comes at a price, occasionally. We’ve seen Ederson, the very best, giving the ball away with consequences in the Manchester derby, and there are lots of moments you can find of him giving the ball away. His kicking success rate hovers in the same area as Raya. High-risk keepers come with high-risk errors. Arteta doesn’t want a keeper, he wants a makeshift centre back, and that’s a hard position to play.

He was lobbed from a cross at the weekend. It was an error, no doubt. He was out of position – and it angered me at the time. But looking back, it’s clear he’s at the front post because he’s aggressively trying to cut out crosses. Mudryk accidentally hit his shot into the only part of the net he would have scored from.

Some of the shakiness in the defence with the way he plays is down to the fact he’s had a short amount of time with his defence. Life was different at Brentford. He’d played in their system for 7 years, he knew everyone, he was part of their style. Arsenal is another level, he has to learn new routines, do different things, and unfortunately, that takes time.

Arsenal fans love Aaron Ramsdale. But it’s hard to look at his game over the last year and say it’s better than what we’re going to get when Raya settles. Aaron stopped coming for crosses, his kicking slowly regressed, his shot-stopping was way below average, and he made big mistakes in important moments.

It’s easy forget when part of the way you judge a player’s talent is how much you like them. The Moneyball concept was based on cutting out commentary like ‘his hairline is receding, he’ll lack self-esteem and confidence.’ You can’t judge a player by how much you like him.

Here are the stats side by side.

More passes, more successful passes, more ambitious passing, more touches, and better lost possession percentage. He’s also a suprem shot-stopper.

Also, let’s talk about his errors. The one against RC Lens ended in a world-class finish, the one against Spurs had a lot happen after it and ended in a world-class finish, the one against Chelsea was a horrendously lucky shot.

The luck will course correct, the errors will die, and he will show that he’s the chosen one with world-class performances.

This kind of reminds me about the time we signed Thomas Partey and the stats sites said they wouldn’t have taken him on a free transfer. Then he moved into the single pivot position and didn’t do well there game one and people said he’d fail. How did that work out as a hot take? Terribly.

The one thing no one offers in the Premier League chatter, even some of the smartest analysts, is time.

It takes everyone time to settle unless your name is Declan Rice.

Aaron Ramsdale will be sold in January for £40m and we’ll use that money to buy a striker.

That’ll be the end of that. Don’t hang your hat on ‘two quality keepers’ because quality keepers don’t sit on the bench. Ramsdale is a quality keeper, he needs to play, he will get a big offer.

Right, that’s me done.

Let me know YOUR thoughts in the comments section! x


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here you go


off to read the post

William Nilliam

We are one injury/suspension from having a rookie in goal. I’m fine with ‘the situation’.


Pedro just set the cat amongst the pigeons.
I’m gonna get some popcorn lol

Dan Ahern

There’s a higher chance of PGMOL going all season without another apology than Edu securing 40 million pounds for a keeper.

Other than that, fully agree!

Bertie Mee

A comparison of two keepers….and it makes no references to saves made. What a joke football has become . Referees and VAR make it a lottery and we pick a keeper because he can pass better.
We need a left 8.Spurs got the one we needed and we paid £65 m for a dud. Even last season’s successes – Zinchenko and Hesus are revealing why Citeh sold them . Our purchasing us a long way from perfect. Brighton we ain’t


“Mikel Arteta thinks David Raya”

He stubborn, daft and wrong


According to the good folk @ AFTV, Ange Postecoglou’s XG is mucho, mucho gran than “Generational’s”. After selling Engerland’s No 1 + spending less than “Special Sauce” this season, Spurs are at the top of the table, Arsenal are third.


So far Arteta has not proven any consistency about improving over last years way of playing the football is drab and hurts the eyeballs. Dec 23rd it will become evident to all.


Of course Ramsdale will leave. There’s a good reason why no team has ever had two starter-level keepers for longer than a season. But if we want a proper fee, Arteta needs to give him some minutes instead of putting him in a freezer like he does with other players he doesn’t fancy.

As for Raya, he needs to step it up. He is a better keeper than Ramsdale stats-wise but he’s lucky that his mistakes haven’t resulted in more goals. It’s true that even Ederson makes mistakes but he sure as shit doesn’t make them every other game.


Spuds are playing well but 9 games is not a big enough sample to make any big conclusions. Yes, they are better than last year. Are they all that? Remains to be seen but I don’t think so.

They should have lost their game vs Pool and just that result alone would have sent them to 5th now instead of 1st. That’s how tight is at the top right now, so to announce them as the next big thing is a bit premature.


What a cherry picking of stats here is one additional one.

Raya’s last penalty save July 2020

Ramsdale’s last penalty save August 06, 2023


“That is why by Monday evening we will be 3rd in the table with Pool 1 point behind us and Villa 2 points behind us and the Sp*ds laughing at us.”

Aged very well

Luteo Guenreira

It’s obviously the English looking out for the English, don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with that. But Raya hasn’t done himself any favours the last few times out, and soon enough it will seem like it’s the Spanish looking out for the Spanish if performances don’t start picking up.

Luteo Guenreira

But overall I can still see why Raya is preferred to Aaron, especially for the way we play. Stats really back it up even if you can’t see it with the play and results as much so far. If Arteta prefers a Spanish keeper so be it. No one cared when Wenger brought in a whole bunch of French players, it’s just a matter of whether they are good enough or not. Hopefully Raya improves with more time and becomes a world beater.


“Aaron Ramsdale will be sold in January for £40m”
That would be a record sale for Arsenal. A snowball’s chance in hell knowing how terrible we are in selling players.


Peeeeedro! Glad to have you back. Hope everything is OK on your end mate.
Thanks for the post!

Why I Gunna

I’m beginning to think that last year was the aberration and Arteta has reverted to type. Slow, hand break, horseshoe football. Our performances have been poor and sooner or later it’s going to catch up with us. And what makes it all the worse is that we have a glaring example of a manager coming in and being able to get a tune out of his players much quicker. And that sucks


Raya might be WC make shift CB, WC keeper he is not.
Arteta looks pretty silly if Raya is not benched now after few poor games.
I think Ramsdale will win this keepers duel, on the other hand Perdo is shilling hard for Tets weird ideas so maby he has some inside info and Ramsdale will be sold.

Anyway keeper is not our biggest problem. It’s CF and lack of creativity and style.
When was the last time when we had simple tap-in goal?


MG42 are you seriously taking a victory lap for predicting Villa would beat Ham and Spurs would beat Fulham?

Wow that was an edgy hot take. Here is a thought maybe make a prediction that doesn’t involve Arsenal is shit and everyone else isn’t. I doubt Spurs are laughing at us, more likely, looking over their shoulder waiting for the chasing pack to pass them up. Peaking early, doesn’t work. We learned that last season.


If we sell Ramsdale, then we have to sign Raya permanently in January as otherwise he won’t be eligible for our game against Brentford.

You’d want to be pretty sure he’s our long term no.1 if we are committing to him permanently.

The stats table above completely ignores mistakes leading to shots on goal. Raya was very lucky be City & again against Chelsea.


We’re not selling Ramsdale my youngest picked up his kit in the Armoury this summer ffs.


MG42 football guru.

Easy with Spuds compliments, they had very easy games so far and should have lost to Pool and us.


Once Pedro gets wedded to any,Arteta-centric idea, he will defend that idea with every drop of blood in his body

Truth is that you’;re just has welded to Raya, as Arteta.

Raya has been lucky so far that his errors haven’t led to goals. It will happen, very often as time goes in.


Arteta better play Partey tomorrow and deliver performance and 3 points. We play great 2 out of 12 games this season. It’s pretty bad by anyone standards.
We are getting results mostly bit if we won’t up the game it will end like usually.


The worst thing about the Keeper situation is that it creates an unnecessary distraction. If Teta wanted to make a change… before the season started would have been better.

Anyhow, now it’s a media feeding frenzy.. that is never a good thing.


Dissenter, pot, kettle , black…..much


Middy, that’s right.
The media have tasted the blood in the water and with every Raya great save, or mistake the cameras will immediately go to Ramsdale.


Yep, Ramsdale probably the only backup Keeper in the league with his own.. Reaction cam shots already setup before every game. He has mastered the biting the fingernails pensive look, though.


Anyone here heading to the game in Seville tomorrow? I actually managed to get a ticket!

I cannot wait to paint ‘Le-Grove’ on my arsecheeks for the cameras


Haha yeah did see Rambo holding back a smirk after some of the raya errors. What a funny situation indeed. Surely rams is in for Sevilla


Have at it weagle! You know le Grove will be watching out for any sign of a le Grove spruik haha


All hail WengersEagle theres no chance he’d of survived the LG onslaught without attending the Sevilla match.

The next task is a full pitch invasion dispatching Ramos with the world famous Dublin kickout.


Nice one Eagle… I’ll be looking for a sunburnt Irishman with Le Grove face paint.


I’m with Ahern, no chance Edu pulls that sell. My boy will have him swimming with fishes.



I’ll be proudly wearing my 2017-18 home Arsenal shirt on my own in a sea of White Sevilla supporters so you may just catch me on the telly. Nosebleed seats as my Transatlantic comrades would say.

Failing that I’ll take Sal’s advice and attempt to pull a Cantona-style kung-fu kick on Ramos near the end of the match, embrace him McGregor-style with some uncalled for violence.



I’ll hand-craft a placard with a photo of Wenger’s face on an Eagle’s body just to remove any doubt whatsoever if the one sunburnt, inebriated and enthusiastically celebrating pasty white dude (when we score/win) aren’t clues enough.



Yeah there would have been no coming back from it and repairing my Le-Grove rep which is everything.

I would have had to have gone the Dariano route to explain myself and regain cache on here.


MidWest It is the manor in which Villa & Sp*ds played and won. I went and predicted a 3:1 win for AFC, but then when I saw the line up I realized Bumteta has done it again, fucked up our starting XI and we played the worst 1st half of this season with another 32 minutes of drab football tacked on. You scoff at Villa’s win over WHam, at least they won while we couldn’t beat a team that is in total disarray having had Poch coaching them for a few months. We should have dominated them, but galaxy brain… Read more »


Haha Never go Full Dariano. That is rule number one of LG etiquette.


“Haha Never go Full Dariano. That is rule number one of LG etiquette.”

LMAO… there is a tattoo in this for Guns o Hack


MG42 so anything short of us winning the title this season top of the table playing beautiful football is unacceptable? Got it.

Sounds reasonable.


Never go full Dariano or full Junior, wise words.

It’s a shame that none of you degenerates will be there, I hope in this lifetime to meet up over a beer and put some faces to names. A Le-Grove beer night would be priceless


“Mikel Arteta thinks David Raya”He stubborn, daft and wrong

That’s why he has one of the top jobs in football, and we are on a blog


A Le Grover beer night, sounds like a bad idea where we all end up, hungover and trying to get in touch with a Bail bondsman to get Sal out of the Cop Shop lockup next day.

So ya.. I’m in. 😀


Only been a decade in the works this full beer meet up, since we’ve got a connection to the plushest box section St Louis FC has offer may as well venue it THERE.

Beer on the blog, Bail… well thats on us.

Thanks Pete.


I just hope we win tomorrow for you Eagle… that’s the main thing.


Eye test is all that matters Rayas first two games were very good. Extremely calm and collected. His 3 games since have ALL been poor and involved potentially or actually costly mistakes His playing style is not unlocking some next level genius tactics. We played better and more dominant football this time last year with Aaron in goal I have no horse in this race and just want the keeper who plays best to be between the sticks. Raya is on poor form for 3 games in a row. We needn’t protect him, it should be Aaron’s turn in the… Read more »


A Hangover themed night, love it. Sal you can be our ‘Phil’ because of your natural charm and dashing good looks but unfortunately we have a lot more competition on here for our ‘Alan’ role given it’s somebody that is mentally retarded and who you wouldn’t trust your drink around.

I hope so too Middy, it’s basically a must not lose and possibly a must win even if we are to top our group depending on what happens with PSV and Lens.


I feel like for the Le-Grove beer night that it ought to be an open-bar on Pedro’s tab given we have all played a pivotal role in moulding him into the marketing rockstar that St Louis FC are reaping today.

Make it happen Pedro. Summer of 2024.


Wow what a post. Pedro is probably an official wing man of.Arteta and hasn’t disclosed it to us. I remember he was unconvinced about Rams first and it took quite a bit of needling from Johnny to turn him into a Ramsadlian. How the mighty have fallen. Regardless of what we the tribal fans think the reality is that Emery is doing well at Villa and Ange has made Spurs better. Where they end up time will tell and we are not yet sure about our own game.afer spending 200 M. We are supposedly in stage 100 of phase 100.… Read more »


We may well make more.than 40 M for Rams if Man U comes in with a bid. Hypothetically will.we sell Rams to Man U in the Jan TW?


How does Ten Haag go to United and ask for money for another keeper after what they just shelled out for Onana??
Also dya think Arsenal will sell to United unless they offer Kepa or Allison kinda money?

The only EPL team that needs a goalie and could tempt Rams would be Chelsea, and who knows how that would work with their FFP situ.


If we sell Ramsdale in Jan or the summer, then Stan Kroenke better get his auditor looking into people’s account.

Arteta has brought in a new keeper every year and that isn’t normal.
Runnerson(sp?), Turner, Ramsdale, Raya and the potential Ramsdale replacement?


I like Raya, but I also like Ramsdale. An incremental gain those Raya stats but Ramsdale’s a better shot stopper for me based on he covers more area. That Mudryk goal doesn’t find net with Aaron playing. Where as Raya’s calmer in moments like cross collection which I love and he does push over or around the bar less than Ramsdale keeping possession. In terms of distribution, the stats say Raya based on that limited timeframe but it’s been ropey the last couple matches. Replaceable ropey thats on the manager, the die has been cast. But no question Arsenal play… Read more »


“But unfortunately we have a lot more competition on here for our ‘Alan’ role”

Pure truth… like this should be up on the LG code of conduct or whatever it is. The Alan’s can run riot. 😂


Since Pedro is a big believer in calendar year tables, I wonder how he feels about Don Unai and Villa right now. Surely worth a hot take.


Y’all should leave Don Unai alone


Azed – you can wager on Man U putting in a bid for Rams. It’s what they do. He is English and the chance to get someone from Arsenal will add to the narrative. Rams is way better than Onana and is in the England squad as well. So a lot of things in favour of Man U to put in a bid. If Man U comes in it’s sure to be around 40 or more.


Hmm, sell Ramsdale in the January window you say Pedro.
Leaving us with Karl Hein as the No.2.
Great idea, not…

Nigel Tufnel

Let’s go back a couple months. I didn’t like Pedro saying Arteta wanted to replace Ramsdale. I didn’t believe it. It turned out to be very true. Dissenter…….as Raya was being brought in was saying it would be an unnecessary distraction and I agreed. Truth is though, now I see, it’s only actually a distraction for fans who want to argue about it. No bearing on the teams performances. I love Ramsdale but I like how we’re doing things with Raya and I’m happy he’s playing. Arteta wants things done a certain way, and his keeper coach is well aware… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Kev is right.

Doesn’t add up…..Imagine being in the knockouts of champions league and fighting Pool and City for the league, then Raya pulls a muscle and its Hein. He gets nervous in preseason games… imagine telling him to play with LCB positioning?

Ramsdale would need a quite decent replacement.


@MidWest “So anything short of us winning the title this season top of the table playing beautiful football is unacceptable?” What do you accept after 4 years in charge and spending nearly £700? Top 4 finish and being kicked out in the round of last 16 of the CL? Sounds about right for a newbie manager in training. Thanks for agreeing that we have the wrong guy at the helm of AFC. @Buckagh “That’s why he has one of the top jobs in football, and we are on a blog” Lampard, Gerrard had top jobs in Football, what does that… Read more »


Look dude.
Just because I think your an over negative.. dick..with a penchant for predicting disaster when there isn’t one….. doesn’t mean I don’t want us to win a trophy..
Don’t put words in my mouth. You have no idea what pleases, me. So you can’t tell anything about my happiness. Thanks for caring though.

And lol at mediocrity. You don’t have a clue what mediocrity is.


I’m in agreement with raptora about havertz. Keep him up field as false 9. He wins aerial balls no one else on our team can and apart from his really weak passing where he never really hits it with the right weight, he gets into good positions to lay it off. It’s just not enough in the 8 position but false 9 suits him so much better. Our cfs are about creating opportunities and hard work, which is where all 3 fit into our squad. If tets can help Sterling strike a ball then Havertz has all the chance to… Read more »


Haha middy don’t get sucked in. I can’t help myself sometimes either.


Also proper crack up the ‘competition for Alans’ hahahaha.

Can’t say I’m ruled out of that role


Wenger Eagle

‘I cannot wait to paint ‘Le-Grove’ on my arsecheeks for the cameras’

You forgot to add painting ‘Le Grove is the greatest blog of all time’ on your cock.


My gut feeling is that Raya is a better long-term choice. Shame he looks so tiny when facing penalties. Would love for a body language expert to show him how to make himself more intimidating to the taker.

Either way, 6 games is a piss poor sample size to draw any conclusions.


Midwest Gun

You used to be the most even-tempered poster on here. Get back that zen!

Thierry Martinelli

Good to read from you again Pedro.
Anyways, it’s only a matter of time till another GK is subbed in and Pedro will make Rya look like the worst loan signing. As Diss said, Pedro will champion whatever idea Arteta has; even Kai between the sticks. As for the GK debate, I don’t feel like much has changed.


Here’s what I think… Arteta has Josh Kroenke’s trust because he has changed the culture, changed peoples opinions about the owners in general , and changed the direction the Club was heading post Wenger. So he has a lot of owner capital built up. So it will take a disaster for anything to change that. So it doesn’t matter if you want to spit into the face of that headwind constantly and nash your teeth and pretend like your some sort of managerial savant. Because in the end it will be up to them. So you can either choose to… Read more »


one more to add to the mini-flurry of comments.

Watched the Spurs game tonight and they had a very Arsenal last-season vibe about them. Early season optimism due to a good run of form, promising signings and exciting football all aided by low pre-season expectations. Minimal injuries at this stage and a relatively light schedule. Knocked out early of the EFL Cup.

We’ll see how they cope when Son or Maddison go down or when Romero picks up an inevitable 3 match ban. I’m pretty sure they won’t last as long as we did with the chasing pack hounding them.


Midwest Good points and I would add that too many of the negative posters seem to love a lot of our star players like Rice, Saka, Saliba, Martinelli etc but seem to think Arteta had little to do with either signing them or getting them to renew their contracts when they could have gone to almost any club in the world. It’s not just the owners that have faith in him but it’s his players too. We might not be playing scintillating football but we also don’t have last season’s advantages and element of surprise. Teams have adjusted and the… Read more »


B.ig- Thanks man.. I’m generally pretty zen… Surfer in me .. I guess.

People always waiting for the sky to fall in… get on my nerves though. You get back what you put out into the universe.. is all I can say.


The Ukrainian cry baby gots to go. Sell him in January.


Raya is no better than Ramsdel. Raya is making worse mistakes and will not be forgiven because this Arsenal not Brentford.

Is he here because he’s Spanish?


Nigel Tufnel
Is it not the same GK coach who recommended League 1 level GK Runarson to Arteta?

How can a GK works hard to get us into the CL and then drop him for a lower middle team GK to play CL in his place?


“MG42 so anything short of us winning the title this season top of the table playing beautiful football is unacceptable? Got it.”

Your words not mine and since that is not going to happen after 4 years and £700 million spent, that is making Arsenal being mediocre.

Seriously,, tell me what do you accept after 4 years in charge and spending nearly £700 million?


Ramsdale has other factors like keeping his defense awake and shot stopping given his height. Best if he knuckles down and learns the stuff Raya is doing better than him. Ramsdale is still young for a goalie and he will definitely be a top keeper. One great thing he has is the aura and intimidation of a top goalie.


MG42 no here is what I said. So anything short of us winning the title this season top of the table playing beautiful football is unacceptable? Got it. Sounds reasonable. Ummm that was my words summing up you attitude. The part you left out was “sounds reasonable.” it was sarcasm,,… your the farthest thing from reasonable if you expect us to “dominate” every team playing beautiful football. “Dominate”your word. And now your predicting the future again. Here is the net spend last 5 years. Chelsea 673 mill, Manu U. 609 mill. Arsenal 553 mill., Tottenham 436 mill, Newcastle 416 mill,… Read more »


Raya / Ramsdale is distracting the populace from core issues. Which are: – how much of a defensive liability Zinchenko is. All of Chelsea’s attacks initiated from our left side. The lad is slow, gets caught out on balls over the top, has zero recovery, and horrible positional awareness. – our creativity has been sub par all season. Maybe it’s the system, maybe it’s Ode underperforming. But compare Spurs yesterday against Fulham to our game against them and the things which stands out are the speed of their passing and their off the ball runs – our striker spot is… Read more »

psuedo warrior

Is it time to ask the difficult question about Jesus? The goal/assist numbers are really looking bad.

There’s a belief about how he improves the quality of our overall attacking play but I’m not sure. Even last season, Arsenal’s best games from an attacking perspective were all matches where Trossard / Eddie lead the line.

It looks as if Jesus drifts far too much and so is either not in the box to finish off moves. Or gets in the way of our other attackers, especially on the right side or attacking mid.


Of course the mistakes were punished by world class finishes. Every team we play has world class players.


No one said to expect to dominate every team, but a table bottom half team yes. If Arsenal plays shitty for 77 minutes and puts on the worst display this season, who does that reflect badly upon, the manager. I start to worry when the supporters are finding excuses to mollify themselves that there is nothing wrong with the way the club is playing this season compared to last. There is nothing unreasonable about expecting an improvement over last season after the money layout and Arteta’s additional year of on the job learning. With the improvement other teams have made… Read more »


It’s funny how people gets a hard on for what Ange is doing at spurs, its not even been 10 games and he’s better than Arteta.

People said the same thing about Bruno Lage at Wolves, he had them play really well at the start of the 2021 season, then look what happened. Spurs won’t even finish in the top 5


People going on and on about Raya and Ramsdale when our real issues are Zinchenko, central midfield combination and our lack of creativity.

Raya may or may not be the right guy for us but one thing is sure Ramsdale is not the answer. He is a liability and we would be better off selling him than keeping him. Raya has done ok in my opinion. May be he will get better as the season progresses and if he doesn’t he is anyway on a loan.


Much of our midfield issues could be sorted by playing a lad who sat on the bench in our last fixture – a game he would have been very useful in. He also goes by the name of celebrations.

Mikel, please play celebrations with Rice tonight in the middle. Tomi may have to come in also.


Too much is being made of this goalkeeping fiasco also. Raya is doing exactly what is asked of his by his coach, and the stats underpin why Arteta wants him in the side. Ramsdale has also been on shaky ground for a while now.

I don’t think it would be good to remove Raya from the firing line at this moment also, that will not do his confidence any good.


The goalkeeper debate is only a debate because the media have to invent talking points. They have to find 1 hour worth of material before a game, and often 1 – 1hr 30 mins after a game…. They have SkySports News that runs 24/7… And need to produce stats + articles.. Some of the pundits write for the tabloids, and Ramsdale has mates in the media… Who are no doubt fighting his corner for him. Keeping both keepers is unsustainable, one of them will leave, but until that point, just leave them scrap it out, and take some warmth from… Read more »


Huge game tonight. It’s great to have the big CL nights back again. A lot of importance on tonight’s result, the urgency perhaps a touch too early than we hoped for at this stage, but certainly adds to the drama.

Amazing that you got a ticket Wenger Eagle, have a great time!


Chris, while your here it just reminded me.

The other day I meant that Poch had never lost against us at home, so at that point it was 3 wins and 3 draws (obviously 4 now cos of the weekend)


This post is bull shit Ramsdale committed less errors across two years than raya has in 6-7 weeks His passing out from the back was excellent His shot stopping was elite at times He’s fantastic off his line for 1v1 He played in a team that was giving away goals and now we have a solid foundation with Rice guarding. How on earth do you know how elite raya is going to be? What has he shown to indicate this? He was calm in game one but like a jelly fish ever since. I’m telling you here and now, raya… Read more »


You forgot to add painting ‘Le Grove is the greatest blog of all time’ on your cock.


Eagle would struggle to get the first letter on it


Apart from PSV and Bournemouth who were naive to leave huge gaps in midfield, we haven’t been convincing so far this season.

You only need two things to cause trouble to this Arsenal team, good pressing in midfield combined with pacy and/or physical forwards.

I hope we get 3 points today and there is more energy+alertness than was on display against the Chavs.

I also think White, Rice, Ode and Jesus should come off the bench.
We can start with Kiwi/Tomi, Partey/Elneny, Fabio/ESR and Kai/Eddie in respective positions.


I agree with Pedro somewhat. Some of Raya’s mistakes have been a result of playing how his manager wants him to play. Ramsdale is a young man who can learn to do some of the things Arteta expects from his keepers. He would make a much better player for the team if he can upgrade. His size and height gives him a natural advantage Raya can never have. This is why I would be shattered if he is let go, the underlying stats not withstanding. It’s great to have two top keepers in the team. Just give them both a… Read more »


Your auld fella is Irish so your Mum clearly loves a bit of Irish sausage Un, who are you fooling here.

She had no complaints btw.


You think Rice should come off the bench??? Hahahaha he’s been our player of the season
What planet are some people on

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