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Welcome to FriYAY people; we have lots of things to talk about. But first, take a moment to congratulate yourself for getting through a week of international break things. Ok, we feeling good?

Let’s get into it.

Jack Wilshere has been linked with a move to Colorado Rapids in MLS. The same conference as my team. I visited the away day there. Loads of nice people, close to the mountains, a team that is not doing so well – plenty of food for thought. Jack Wilshere bringing Arsenal football to America? I don’t hate it people. I’m glad he’s pursuing all options and it’s interesting to see Josh K roll out his young rookie coach strategy on another club.

There are some rumblings that Arsenal will have to sell to buy in January. John Cross reckons Ivan T could be on the list for Arsenal, but it ain’t gonna be easy, and it ain’t gonna be cheap.

My gut on this one? If we’re selling anyone it’s going to be Aaron Ramsdale. I think his cheering from the dugout and ‘I WILL FIGHT FOR MY PLACE’ vibes will last for about 4 more games when he realizes the path back into the first team is blocked barring a massive injury to David Raya. He’s a great keeper, he’ll have a market value, the question is whether anyone is in that sort of need in January. £40m would be my number, but that’s because I’m biased. It’ll be interesting to see if Brentford might be interested in him? Not sure their current keeper is up to much – Aaron will take minutes – it could make sense.

England gave a debut to Eddie Nketiah but he didn’t start ahead of Ollie Watkins. The Villa man has been on fire this season, so deserved his place. But Eddie getting minutes means Chris Hughton’s dream of taking him to Ghana is now OVER. Still, for all the Eddie slanderers, it’s nice to see him get an England cap. He has a long way to go to be an Arsenal first choice striker, but he’s had lots of minutes and he’s played in a team that’s winning. Arsenal doesn’t win with 10 men, so he’s clearly at a very high level. He has to score more goals if he wants to be taken seriously for England when Kane is out of contention.

Newcastle is apparently eyeing up Emile Smith Rowe in January for £50m. If we get a bid like that, no doubt we’ll sell, the question would be… does he make them stronger? To be honest, I don’t think that would be a question Arsenal would care about asking, we’d just sell him and be done with it if money like that crossed the table. The only way we don’t see him exit is if he starts delivering with the minutes he’s given. I watched Tom Brady do one o of those ‘Here’s how to be like me’ TikTok posts. He said he was only given 2 minutes to practice with the first team. It pissed him off. Then a coach said ‘treat those 2 minutes like it was your Superbowl. So he did. He went really hard at it, brought energy to training, then he started getting 4 minutes. Then 4 turned into 20. Then he became a KING! You get the gist… Emile has to think like that if he wants to get back to the promised land. Or he could just take a fat move to Newcastle.

Finally, Victor Oshimen has fallen out with Napoli after their social media manager called him a coconut on TikTok. An absolutely WILD thing for someone to think, let alone post on the Serie A Champions social page. Needless to say, the striker wants out, and Arsenal has been linked as a suitor. I love the player, but I can’t see him exiting for less than £120m. Is he £60m better than Ivan Toney? Who knows. But Italian papers say we might swap Victor for Jesus. If the Italians can’t be arsed to put together a plausible swap, it’s not worth dreaming about.

Ok, that’s me done. If you want some HAWT Patreon content, we just dropped a special Q&A below.

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Lauren – oh where were you against West Ham last season. That penalty would have been buried and it’d been 3 points at the Hammers . The man never missed a pen


On match against ManCity – “If City is not the best in the world, they are one of the best teams, especially in pressing and in transitions. So we had to play a bit more direct, so to speak. “In the first half, we tried to play a bit more from the back with some scares. In the second half, we changed the way we played, to lure them a bit more but with the possibility we had, to look for the back of their defence. With direct balls, we hurt them a lot.” “It’s something I have internalised, but… Read more »


Chelsea game is massive they’ll think they’re owed a win after us finally putting to bed that pissy hoodoo over us. Chelsea will probably grab 6th and may well hold at least one of the top 6 to a draw or grab a win. So far it’s UTD and City Downed. Chelsea away would be excellent to add it to the list


Great shout FB, Nacho was a fantastic player, both at full-back and centre-back…

Bob N16

GoonerDave, if Henderson had played in a way that justified his place, I’d guess the booing would have been less obvious. I’m sure he wasn’t booed for just for one thing!


Arsenal are currently + 2 from the corresponding fixtures last season…. But 3 of those points against City could potentially count double.

Our next 10 league fixtures are:

Chelsea Away:
Sheffield United Home:
Newcastle Away:
Burnley Home:
Brentford Away:
Wolves Home:
Luton Away:
Villa Away:
Brighton Home:
Liverpool Away:

If you swap out Burnley – Southampton
Sheffield United – Leeds
Luton – Leicester

We took 23/30 points from the corresponding fixtures last season, matching that would be decent, considering there’s 6 away and 4 at home.

Anything north of 23/30 would be an excellent haul.


Nacho Monreal is our best LB in the Emirates era. Jury’s out on Zinna if he’ll replace him in the ideal team since the summer of 2006.

Kind of symbolic Cole left the exact summer we moved.


Not worried about chelsea. They are like utd. Shite but psychologically we show them too much respect. Play the game we play, and we can beat them easily.

Nigel Tufnel

I’m not taking Chelsea or any other team for granted. Especially now they’ve gained a little confidence.
Since early last season every team sees us as one of the top dogs, and they come at us with all they’ve got. That’s why you see teams like Newcastle and Spurs celebrating draws with us like major victories.


In an exclusive interview with The Athletic, David Raya is asked if he is at the peak of his career. His answer is unequivocal. “Yes,” he says. “I have taken an important step at club level. I am at one of the most important clubs in the world, so that is an incentive and gives you pride, competing in the Champions League, which was one of my objectives.” His £3million ($3.7m) season-long loan could become a permanent move for £27m and, when asked if he would seal the deal now if given the chance, the 28-year-old does not hesitate: “Yes,… Read more »


“Lauren – oh where were you against West Ham last season. That penalty would have been buried and it’d been 3 points at the Hammers . The man never missed a pen”

Actually if memory serves me right, Lauren did miss a penalty, at Highbury against Fulham. I was in the Clock End that night.

Will always remember the one against Spurs though, 2002 title run.


Thanks rap


If you live in London, a cushty job available with Arsenal. It sounds outstanding, getting paid real £££ to produce six second tiktoks and help frimmy plan this weeks carpool colney vid –

“We’re hiring a social media producer to join us
You’ll be responsible for:

– Producing content for our club channels
– Reporting at men’s, women’s and academy matches
– Planning/conducting interviews with players and staff live in London,”



Have they fired David Frimpon, aka Frimmy?
He’s been doing that for two years now and has a cult following


It sounds like job to enhance frimmy and whoever else work our social media team, Dissenter. I thought frimmy was frimpong until a few weeks ago when they did intv together, no idea who frimmy is now but he does make decent vids to watch when im bored with work.


Sounds like Pedro should get his resume sent to Arsenal… asap.. Right up his alley. and now he has experience from first place team in the MLS.


Although, would probably kill Le Grove.. not sure they would let him run an independent operation with competing content and opinions at the same time.

Nigel Tufnel


Excellent discussion of Ødegaard.. a great stat analysis with clips.

Nigel Tufnel

Funny how Declan Rice used to leave West Ham for England to enjoy playing with much better players.
Now he leaves Arsenal to play with mostly inferior players at England. He probably can’t wait to return.


The Israeli Defense Forces just deleted a tweet gloating about bombing a hospital where they murdered hundreds of people. They are a bunch of scumbags


OK Peds.. As your agent.. though just need to make sure you explore all options. haha

Selfishly, would rather have you doing your thing, here anyhow.



Difficult for any honest person to disagree with that sentiment.


“Excellent discussion of Ødegaard.. a great stat analysis with clips.” Unsurprisingly 95% of the clips were from last season as he must have had difficulty finding any decent clips from this season. he is basically trying to say that Odegaard has turned into a hardworking , tough tackling midfielder who’s lack of creativity is irrelevant. He didn’t really sound convincing in quoting Odegaard’s goal contributions for this season , saying he is doing better than last season. Obviously he thinks all Arsenal fans are as dumb as Nigel as Odegaard’s goal contributions from open play this season in the league… Read more »


Easy for any informed person to disagree with that sentiment, Ken, since it looks like Hamas bombed themselves but want day of jihad anyways.


Ya pierre the clips from this season are him taking rugby hits and ankle breakers…
After last season


That’s according to the Iraelis jwl. How very surprising.


cool more israel bad palestine good commentary.
raw passion. deep insight. well informed geo politics. awesome! what else ya got anons!? i’m super interested in whats on reddit and what all the edgelords are into.


Why scoff at penalty goals when it is rather difficult for players to put them away consistently? Our collapse last season could have been prevented if we scored a penalty against West Ham.

If Odegaard has scored a couple of pens for us then we are better of for it, no?


Israelis official statements as a source of accurate information might’ve taken a bit of a hit when they accused Hamas of having beheaded babies.
I guess the actual facts just weren’t gruesome enough.

Zach and jwl, if you have those photos of beheaded babies the Israeli government sure could used them now.


Why you so keen on seeing decapitated babies, Tom, would you find it exhilarating to see photos of dead Jews?


The dumbest thing about the attacks from Hamas are that Palestine had probably never had more sympathy from outside the country until then – with an increasingly large number of people generally wanting things to improve for them So after taking loads of hostages and killing Israeli innocents at a canter they’ve just set back the sympathy vote for anyone who is paying attention back 20 years and have given Israel a free pass to exact revenge. Did they really think 1000 guys with AK47s and some little rockets were going to get a decisive victory against the Israeli army?… Read more »


ZacharseOctober 13, 2023 20:07:44 Tom feels that decapitating toddlers is a justified response by perfectly sane soldiers to the situation almost as bad as being a closet spud fan im kidding ——————————— is this the post you’re still pearl clutching over oh wise and adult one?? ffs you are a strange dude. funny the thought from the other day if i remember right was that israel is the only one who a) doesn’t follow the geneva convention b) plays the press like a violin c) should examine their past actions more closely and move forward differently and w more restraint… Read more »


jwl, no, I certainly wouldn’t.
And I’ve seen plenty of those while visiting the Aushwitz concentration camp, as probably everyone should.
Dont feel special dear, I shit on everyone when I feel they deserve it, even my own. Regardless whether or not their values align closely to mine, as they do in the case of Israelis.

Because facts still matter, and everyone who’d picked up the decapitated babies story, courtesy of Israel, has walked it back by now.
Not Zach though, so I’m assuming he’s got the evidence.
Share it.

Nigel Tufnel

Please stop with the politics. Some people come here to avoid the harsh realities out there. Just to chat about football.
Avoid death/war/terrorism.


Guys the Israeli-Palestine debate will have no winners but only lead us down a very bad rabbit hole. I’m not averse to political discussions but this is a tinder box.
Leave it alone fellas. There are far too many dying in horrible ways and lives destroyed forever.
Again leave it alone.
For the good of the forum.
Jeez Pedro put out another article …


“Not Zach though, so I’m assuming he’s got the evidence.
Share it.”

tom do you speak english?

wtf do you think “I’M KIDDING” means


Don’t blame us. Blame the international break


Pedro has tapped out due to the international break

Who can blame him

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