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Mikel Arteta finally resolved his psychological issues with Pep Guardiola, putting City’s treble winners to the sword in an afternoon of extraordinarily high-level football – the likes usually reserved for a Champions League semi-final.

Arsenal nicked the game 1-0 – all four of Mikel’s subs combining for the winner. Thomas Partey found the run of Tomiyasu – the man from Japan felt bold enough to run at goal from central midfield – he nodded the ball to Kai Havertz who used his body to shield Ake’s incoming challenge, the big German then prodded the ball to Gabi Martinelli who struck first time and scored off the head of the Ake. A wondrous moment.

Make no mistake, this was an outstanding result and one of the best performances of Mikel Arteta’s career. He slayed the City monster without Bukayo Saka or Gabriel Martinelli. He went with an unorthodox starting 11 that most people were whinging about in their group chats.



No Partey?

No Martinelli?

This was a side that had four or five players that had been in 3rd gear all season – the idea they’d all come good and deliver a perfect game was outrageous.

Well, after 5 minutes, we nearly let them in with some disgusting defending. Raya was off the beat, Rice was lost next to Jorginho, no one looked like they believed they could execute the game plan.

But there was a game plan and it seemed to revolve around slowing things down – we were methodical. Slow. We made City come for us. This was a more mature Arsenal plan. It didn’t look good at times, our keeper was all over the place, some commented that his performance looked a bit like Petr Cech’s when he was asked to play with the ball at his feet and nearly scored an own goal. He couldn’t find people long or short. There was an altercation with Gabriel at one point after a very hairy moment.

The good news is the problems we were having weren’t because of a lack of bravery, it was a lack of belief. Things just weren’t clicking. The first half felt like two world-class heavy-weight superstars feeling each other out.

Kovacic wasn’t just feeling us out – he was trying to break ankles. He managed to dodge a red card after a nasty tackle, then moments later, he somehow evaded a second yellow for a very second yellow kind of offense. I don’t want to drone on here – by PGMOL mistakes seem to be getting normalized at this point. Like they’re part of the entertainment. Howard Webb should be called the CAO (Chief Apology Officer) because he doesn’t seem to do much beyond beg for forgiveness.

Lucky for us, we didn’t need an apology, just the three points.

The second half saw an uptick in intent and purpose. Arsenal moved things up a gear, we were more aggressive, Declan Rice moved into a more advanced position, and we took the handbrake off.

Arsenal looked like the dominant force. City didn’t really have answers. They resorted to sideways passing. They went into their shell. Big names didn’t step up.

Our players did. David Raya upped the level – he went from looking like a Brentford back-up keeper to the next-level vision of what that position could mean for us. He pinged a low crossfield ball to Gabriel Jesus into feet that was immaculate. His swagger moved everyone up a level.

Arteta rolled the dice, he brought on a set of players that represented the starting 11 we wanted to see. I’ve been through the goal, but I haven’t stated how good all the subs where. Thomas Partey reminded us all that he’s still a king in the world of 6s. Martinelli played like he’s been fit for 6 weeks. Tomi and Kai added control and aggression to a game that needed it.

We saw out the win, our first in the league since Pep moved over from Bayern, it was a beautiful, beautiful moment.

Before I get into some spicy takes – I thought the crowd brought the fire in the second half. They were loud, they met moment, and they showed that last season was no fluke. It was absolutely brilliant to hear!

The big star of the game for me was Mikel Arteta. He showed so much restraint to keep unfit players on the bench. These were things he wasn’t capable of last season and they cost him. It was so amusing to read all the fake ITKs try and best each other pregame with SAKA IS GOING TO START only to be felled by the sword of Arteta’s fake news. Saka didn’t train at all last week, he was never in contention for England, but the club let the story run.

It wasn’t perfection – Trossard had to roll off because of a hamstring problem – then Arteta played Martinelli who was not signed off by the medics. This sort of thing is funny when you win, but ideally, you don’t want to roll the dice on big players 8 games in. Still, a worry for another day. He has 2 weeks off along with Saliba, Trossard, and Saka. One side note worth mentioning – where are all the Reiss fanboys right now? I thought he was back-up for at least one player in our squad? Seems he’s not for Saka or Martinelli. Again I ask… why sign?

Declan Rice was double saucy again. He has adapted to our system at breakneck speed. His power is frightening because he combines it with speed. He was everywhere. I love his slide tackle block to run move he has, he did it twice, it’s definitely a thing. His presence in that midfield gives everyone so much security. He really does make the game seem so simple.

David Raya has had a rickety start to his time at Arsenal – but one thing is clear, Arteta loves him, and he’s our number 1 even with bad 45s in him. His first half was poor by any standard, amongst the worst we’ve seen over the last 5 years. Second half though, oh my, so much to love. He’s basically a third centre-back that has long ball-homing missile capabilities. Arteta was pretty brutal about what he liked after the game.

‘The height that he played. He’s got big ones. When the crowd go like this, other players, they start to kick balls everywhere. I said, make sure you don’t do that. He didn’t do it, and at the end he was rewarded’

He also celebrated his control of the box and his bravery when claiming the ball. It’s curtains for Aaron, he’ll be gone in January, bar a miracle.

Another side note – the ‘I WISH TO SUB KEEPERS’ comment was a comfort blanket for Aaron Ramsdale and tacticos who believe everything Mikel says these days. He’s not playing that game in a position that doesn’t need it.

Let’s talk about our defensive display and sum it up with three statistics:

Manchester City:

4 attempted shots

1 shot on target

Erling Haaland xG – 0.00

A relative told me before the game he didn’t believe in statistics – and I get it now, because I CANNOT believe we did that to the treble winners.

It is unspeakable how good those numbers are. Has Pep G ever been reduced to such a meek attacking output in his entire career? I have my doubts.

That requires the whole team to focus. But the key men for me were Gabriel, Rice, Saliba and our fullbacks. They were unreal all game. Saliba and Gabriel are wrecking ball defenders in ballerina outfits. A very progressive image, no doubt, but exactly what we’ve needed for years. They live for cleansheets and they want to entertain while they do it. That said, we’ve been BAD at home. Not yesterday. They set a new benchmark for concentration and control. Arteta needs to bottle that so we can see it more often as the season progresses.

So, to sum up – that was a very high-level game where there were basically three mistakes and one was punished. Arsenal showed they can mix it with the best in the world. They set a new standard. They slayed the boogie monster that’s been hiding under the bed for 12 City league games in a row. Arsenal offered up a world-class performance. We need to see more of those. But the fact we’re doing things like that so early in the season tells you all you need to know about where this project is going.

City is still the gold standard – we have a long way to go – but now we all know that we can achieve at the levels we want to.

Statement win, world-class performance, a message to every team in he world – this new Arsenal is coming for your prizes.

Enjoy the next two weeks – and get DEEP into the mixer with our latest podcast.

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Logie Bear

First. What a great result…!

Logie Bear

Second. Love the Galiba moniker (from the last post)

Logie Bear

Third. Atmosphere at the ground looked and sounded immense

Logie Bear

And fourth – have a great day everyone!

Logie Bear

PS – don’t you all just hate international breaks (although I love them if it means our Starboy finally gets a rest)




1st? And wooooo!

Paddy Gooner

If we had beaten city once last season, we would have been champions..


I was at the match and the atmosphere was great but it was niggly in the first half especially with Reya’s errors (as Arteta refers to).

Playing North London Forever immediately at the final whistle was inspired.


Pedro are you sure about White changing sides. If he didit was for about 1-2 minutes and it hardly put Doku off.

Doku was tormenting Zinchenko around 69 minutes and the subs were made on 71 mins.

At that Doku immediately changed sides to be up against White rather than Tomiyasu

Logie Bear

Wegot – absolutely agreed re North London forever. It was so good hearing it on MOTD 2 last night, makes a change to hear it on the highlights for once. Always something of a goosebumps moment for those lucky enough to actually be at a match…!


It’s safe to say Raya and Havertz were brought here for the big games. The games where we would be pressed high and there will be space in behind so a long ball towards Havertz to win the duel and spray it to the wings does a wonderful job of evading any press whatsoever. We got lucky with the goal but the footprint is obvious, clear. It happened in a similar way in the Community Shield game, happened yesterday as well. My apologies to Eddie but he demonstrated how hard it is to win duels Vs the likes of Dias,… Read more »


Just quickly watched back and White did not change sides to mark Doku

In the Bournemouth match Pedro’s report mixed up the order of the first two goals

I don’t want to drone on here but mistakes seem to be getting normalised at this point. Like they are part of the entertainment.

I am starting to wonder if Pedro has sub-contracted the reports to the PGMOL.


As much as anything I just love that this was a beautifully comprehensive clean sheet

1-0s are a particular kind of satisfying in a way that 2-0s and even 3-0s sometimes aren’t.

Especially when the clean sheet is so truly well deserved. The whole defensive unit aside from raya in the first half was truly brilliant


The whole stadium singing one nil to the arsenal was another high point yesterday


It was actually Doku who switched to the left wing I think?


Duvee – thats what i though. He did switch the wings.


Yesterday post match in my feed the experts were Owen, Cesc and Shaun-Wright. Cesc was very scathing on Pep and obviously Owen and Shaun-Wright were pussy footing. Cesc questioned why Kalvin Phillips wasn’t played and Pep had to change the entire midfield just because Rodri is not there. He basically said that Man C with so much spending can be dependent on Rodri so much that he has to change this whole midfield setup. Cesc was on fire yesterday.


97% Passes complete
100% Duels won
0 fouls conceded

Against the best team in the world.


We beat Man City and made look quite ordinary. That’s an extraordinary feat and a defensive masterclass to shut them out like that. So very mature from everyone, from the manager to the players. Let’s build on this please.

AFC Forever

I am stunned people don’t understand why Raya was so important yesterday, tactically. Pep and Arteta both explained how important he was in the game but that’s ignored. The amatuers know best.

AFC Forever


“At that Doku immediately changed sides to be up against White rather than Tomiyasu”

Correct, it is not true White changed sides. Doku changed sides. Arteta was smart with his subs, he reacted well and tactically he outsmarted Pep. That wasn’t an exciting game but from a coaching perspective it was absolutely stunning.


Thanks AFC
Starting to wonder if Pedro watches the games anymore


Ancellotti said of Bellingham, that it’s amazing to think he’s 20 as he plays with so much maturity. Think same could be said of Saliba. He’s young he’ll make mistakes but he’s already on the coat tails of being world class. See Halaand bounced off him lol


Simon Collings
The Football Association expect Bukayo Saka to report for England duty on Monday – despite Mikel Arteta ruling him out of contention following Arsenal’s win over Manchester City.



First half Raya was poor. He got away with a bad 45 minutes. I doubt Arteta will sell Ramsdale, potentially a better GK. Sitting on the bench watching Raya is a learning process for him.


Weldone Arsenal!


Yesterday was very impressive as it showed this young team and young manager are learning, growing and getting better. It also goes to show that beating them in Community Shield wasn’t a fluke either.

Very mature performance from the manager and the players. Let’s build on this!


I see a keeper who came very close to wrecking us. Why is his better 2nd half performance being seen like the 2nd coming. It’s so strange the vibe around Raya


It was said a lot yesterday but highly successful teams win a lot of games like we did yesterday. It a performance that wasn’t spectacular visually but it was rugged and tactical. I feel it reinforces that Arteta has a lot more to offer as a coach and that we can mix it in the huge games. This bodes well for the rest of the season because despite disappointing results like Lens and Fulham (the kind of which happens to every team) we haven’t really truly hit full throttle yet and I have no doubt that is to come. Then… Read more »

Vintage Gun


Matt B

AFC Forever: I thought Raya was shite 1st half and most agree with that. 2nd half was different. Is that what you finding stunning?


Hi Chris

“City will be glad there is yet another international break so they can take stock”

I’m not so sure the break works in their favour. On the back of two poor results, they have two weeks to stew on it, and they will be aware of social media with doubts been discussed.

I hate it when we go into a break after a poor game.

Just read comments on LeGrove since the final whistle, and the upbeat tone will continue on throughout the break, and this will filter through to the players.

Great times.


“He slayed the City monster without Bukayo Saka or Gabriel Martinelli” – Pedro

I mean I am happy that we beat Shitty but this is just putting an extra positive spin on it.

Marti came on at half time and even though he may not have been 100%, he was still fresh compared to Shitty backline all of whom(barring Ake) did full 90+ on Wednesday.

AFC Forever

MarkyMark “It’s so strange the vibe around Raya” The Raya vibe is not strange at all. It’s a nice little media narrative to discredit his signing but it’s very narrow minded. It’s tactical, he’s also braver with the ball than Aaron. Sure, he nearly got caught a couple of times but that’s happened to Rambo too. It’s the risk reward Arteta demands. Raya could have sh1t his pants and started hoofing the ball giving easy possession to City. But he didn’t. He continued to invite City on and played high. Second half as they tired they were reluctant to press… Read more »


Raya is my keeper going forward. I’m not going to criticise him too much.


It was probably the biggest game Raya has ever played, in a new team, slotting in for a fan favorite (not mine), with a relatively new defence ahead of him and on a packed stadium vs the best team in the world.

What’s impressive is that after a rough first half, he managed to shake it off and have a flawless second half. That’s the sign of monster mental right there. He’ll only get better once he builds solid understanding with his teammates and gets used to this big stage.


Kyle Walker showing his class yesterday didn’t want to shake our coach’s hand. Then was right up in his face.

AFC Forever


I wasn’t sitting that far away. The rumour we heard immediately after was that Jover, who used to work at City, offered Kyle Walker a handshake but Walker rudely shrugged him away. Jover called him a ‘fucking bad loser’ and Walker reacted, with No Shot Haaland joining in.


Arsenal demonstrated yesterday a disciplined approach to a game which recent history suggested we were expected to lose. The result was most welcome and reminded me how Arsenal won games and league titles under George Graham with his famed defence which went on to become the backbone of Wenger’s early success. The goalkeeper Raya looked fragile in the early part of the game which does pose questions about which of the two keepers in our squad is better. I will reserve judgment on him based on last two games against Lens and Man City. Arteta needs to be 100% sure… Read more »


Media saying the FA is expecting Saka to report to the NT despite injury claim by Arsenal…

Wtf? Surely , Saka would need to continue and conplete his rehab over the next week or so, no?

Can FA compel Saka to train with the NT or God forbids play??


Reading between lines, Arteta basically is saying Raya was playing according to his instructions like slow it down, get clarity etc etc…

Is Arteta lying to protect his purchase, or Raya did slow down in some moments, and caused some nervy scenes, per Arteta instruction.?


Cesc should concentrate his commentary on Barca where he forced his move ( he was on strike as a Captain) and won trophies there as well as Chelsea.

Cesc is no Arsenal legend, he is a snake.


Twitter got some clips on the exchange of Jover and bad loser Walker.

Nothing much there (eg no pizzas) really esp when happened straight after they LOST the match…


I was on the pitch after the game, honest, and this is what happened:

I couldn’t possibly have known what rumours were circulating about the Walker incident without being right there in the thick of it, so trust me bro I was definitely there.


Colour me shocked that Saka will meet up with England. Surely the club need to put their big boy pants on and refuse.

AFC Forever


The club should refuse to release Saka. Manchester United used to do it with all their players, we need to start playing the same game.


Who gives a damn about Walker refusing to take a hand shake and reacting afterwards. Like Theo said, it feels like a nerve’s been hit there. City lost a game. It’s October. KDB and Rodri come back and they’ll probably start bulldozing teams again. I mentioned earlier they lost all 3 of the games they were without Rodri because he was finally shown a red card – Newcastle in the cup, Wolves and yesterday vs us. Three away games, admittedly, but with this season with Rodri they are 8/8 wins and without Rodri they are 3/3 losses I think. A… Read more »


Jamie ha ha


Who was it that said we were going to finish 4-6th??


Oh Un, that’s a tough question.

Quite a few runners and riders, who I suspect and hope we won’t hear from much this break 🙂

Hackney, Guernsey, RSPCA, Vikingz, MG42. I could go on.



These people need to mocked just for our pleasure and amusement

A Comment of The Day Trophy?

Or to coin your terminology A Spaz of The Week Trophy 🙂


I liked the fact City wouldn’t even consider selling us Cancelo and instead loaned him out to Barca for pittance, and I liked the cold Arteta/Pep handshakes after the final whistle.

A real chess match between the two with the result finally going our way.
It’s incredibly hard to ship out 6 points to your biggest title rival like we did last year and still hope to win the league.
Saliba and Rice standout performers for Arsenal.
Pep with a galaxy brain moment playing Bernardo in holding mid for Rodri.


Yeah sorry but Raya IS a very good keeper and was good in the second half but we don’t need to pretend his first half was anything other than very poor He was a nervous wreck He flapped at crosses. His passing was awful – which is one of his main pros normally. His positioning was not great. His footwork was sluggish. He very nearly cost us dearly I’m not angry with him or bagging on him. I like and rate the player and I’m glad he came through the second half better and restored his confidence. But we are… Read more »


Yeah Tom I strongly disagree with those who called the game boring

That was as near to a game of chess between two elite players as you will see.

1-0 games with few chances are rarely enthralling but I thought it was enthralling and one of the most interesting matches I’ve seen on a very long time

AFC Forever


The best thing is all the overhyping for Spurs.

Of their 8 PL games, 5 were have been against the bottom 6 teams: 20th, 19th, 18th, 17th, 15th. All three newly promoted teams.

They were dead lucky to beat Sheffield United at home, scoring the latest winner in history of the PL. PGMOL helped them win the points against 9 man Liverpool. But this makes them title contenders and a threat to Arsenal? They’ll be lucky to finish top 4.



The way I look at it, Jesus is Saka rotation and Kai is back up striker. We can sell Riess and Eddie and start over at LB as we need to get rid of that oppression loving cunt, Chenko, the over compensating twat.

TP and DC is our midfield, with DC in the six role. Lacks creativity, but add ESR / Fabio in the rotational mix and we should start banging


Ohh, so we obviously need a first choice striker also



These people need to mocked just for our pleasure and amusementA Comment of The Day Trophy?

Or to coin your terminology A Spaz of The Week Trophy 🙂’

I think we have a winner already…

AFC Forever


“A comment of the day trophy.”

I propose this one from Marko yesterday: “70+ minute subs from a manager who doesn’t know how to influence a game in real time.”

Then Partey chips the ball to Tomiyasu, he heads the ball onto Kai Havertz who lays it off for Martinelli to smash home the winner. Priceless.


Kovacic should’ve been off for two yellows but not surprising Oliver failed to do it after what most thought was a terrible ref performance in Tottenham/Liverpool game with Jota wrongly sent off for two yellows.
I have some sympathy here with Oliver who didn’t have the luxury of replays and PL players diving all over the place at minimum contact.



I bow to your superior knowledge on Spurs so far, and hope you’re right.


I was being a little childish, but these people make this such a misery for so many for so often, a public mocking only seems fair.

Some of the pre game comments yesterday were so defeatist and wet.

AFC Forever


Ha. To be fair Kovacic should have been sent off for the first tackle!! That was dreadful. How VAR decided not to send Oliver to the pitch side monitor is beyond bizarre.. Glad to see Dermot Gallagher, the PGMOL apologist, saying he should have walked. Mark Halsey & Keith Hackett were even more damning of Oliver & the VAR muppets.

Just imagine the noise if that had happened to Liverpool…!!


Maybe Pedro needs to block the comments section while the game is happening so that people don’t get offended when people type things while passions are flowing. It’s somewhat cathartic to do this when you are feeling nervous or tense while watching the game.

For those who are able to watch the games in a zen like Buddhist state – good for you. It’s very easy just to scroll past such comments and pass it off as cathartic ranting. Give it a try – or would you prefer absolute censorship!?



You’ve got the idea 🙂


Kovacic is a disgusting player as he did two carbon copy tackles and after the first, when he by some wild luck, didn’t cause a long-term injury to Ode… he then did the exact same tackle again vs Rice, I think. Brainless player and not talented either. I never liked him. Yes, possibly the greatest manager in the world brought him in, but fuck that. I refuse to pay him his dues cause of how he endangers the health of his colleagues. It’s easy when Rodri is holding his hand. Happy we stuffed him.

Why I Gunna

I really liked Jorginho early on while everyone looked nervous, he was very cool. I think he had one bad pass but from the Guardian:

Jorginho is a fine controlling midfielder, but also in many ways a kind of footballing Xanax, a soft, safe, fuzzy-edged place to rest the ball, a zone of nothing much.


AFC, I’m not totally disagreeing with you, just pointing out dynamic at play.
Kind of a whiplash effect from last week, if you will.
It was safer for Oliver to keep two sets of Xl on the pitch , even if wrong, than to send someone off and ”ruin” the top billed fixture of the season.


I don’t follow how people post during the game – there is no signal in the stadium for most of the match, or at least in my network.


Reading the comments as the game is in progress is one of the best things about this blog, the way people lurch from despair to unbridled joy just adds to the occasion for me.


Raptora, I don’t think Kovacic is dirty. He’s just slow, and slow players tend to go to ground a lot.
Was Xhaka dirty?


Oliver, wasn’t he the referee who booked Martinelli twice for two fouls in one phase of the game and then sent him off?

I guess it’s easier to send off certain players from certain clubs than from others, I used to rate Oliver as our best referee, who wouldn’t shy away from the difficult decisions but he bottled it yesterday.

Why I Gunna

Also, probably my imagination but Walker try to throw a little punch at Martinelli’s kidneys at one point?


“or would you prefer absolute censorship!?”

Yes, but not for having a different opinion, but for being relentlessly dull and boring.


I don’t recall if Oliver ever sent off Xhaka but plenty of his colleagues found it very easy to send Granit off for next to nothing, for a lot less than Kovacic yesterday.


3 red cards in his career would say no but his resume includes Dinamo Zagreb, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chavs and City so who knows. His tackles were wild though and I don’t rate him in general. God bless never joined us (hopefully).



Good point regarding comments during the game. It sed to drive me nuts looking at the comments during the game until I realized it was all nervous energy sprinkled with the occasional trolling.


AFC – my vibe comment is more geared towards the podcast media and punditry who appear to have been told Raya is number one – run with this. If Raya had gotten any worse and that deflection had gone in rather than side netting. Well that would have been replayed for the ages. This has got Gas Lighting all over it. Believe he is better believe he is good and you shall then see it. Another poster had said he is “my keeper going forward “ so he won’t criticise?!? This just seems a little bizarre and grotesquely unfair that… Read more »


Raptora, Kovacic is a good player but he lacks speed.
City maybe the title favorites but the trio of Kovacic, Phillips, and Lewis won’t put much fear into anyone in the PL with their lack of athleticism.
Barnardo isn’t exactly quick either but he’s level above……so whether by design or accident City mid without Rodri and KDB looks distinctively pedestrian.


Though it’s factually incorrect to call it racism there does appear to be a case for nationalism and prejudice playing out here with a Spanish dynamic of Manager , GK coach and goalkeeper forming a Spanish language bond. We see the Arteta 1-2-1 chats with Raya – none of that with Ramsdale.
We could end up with a worst possible situation of an angry Ramsdale producing great performances for another team and we are left with a flapping under sized Raya bound in with a Hispanic bond going on.



I don’t take anything anyone posts during a game seriously – including myself! 🙂

There are every few conversations that happen while the game is on, just a sea of individual comments from people verbalising what is going through their head. A lot of what is said isn’t measured and would be considered over the top or unreasonable in the cold light of day, but I completely understand where it comes from.


“Yes, but not for having a different opinion, but for being relentlessly dull and boring.”

Sounds like you’re policing the blog to me, and what you call dull is subjective. Why do you come on here then? You often say the same thing. When you close the comments does this actually affect your life? probably not.

Let people have their opinions as long as they are not insulting.

I find your always, being positive posts quite dull and boring too. But it’s your opinion.


Left to some people here, we’re all supposed to get hymn sheets as we come in here, take our position in the mass choir and sign the same song.

If a post is boring or negative, why not just skip it?


Have we officially moved on from Bukayo as Starboy and can we now start calling him Starman? This way we can pair him up with out other winger Gabriel ‘Rocket Man’ Martinelli.


Kovacic isn’t a dirty player, he’s just slow….always has been He wasn’t trying to injure Ode, he just got a tackle wrong and should have been sent off.promptly. I remember Xhaka getting the better of his clumsy tackles to help us win the 2020 FA cup final. Ode survived the tackle and ended up finishing the game. That’s where the moaning ought to end since we won the game We too were fortunate not have a player sent off in the NLD. Eddie’s tackle on Vicario was very bad too. Just putting that out there before the PGMOL conspiracY babbles… Read more »


‘Former Wales boss Mark Hughes has been sacked as Bradford City manager with the team 18th in League Two’

This is the same guy that called Arsene a bad loser. He was right-Hughes is a much better loser than Arsene ever was.



Agree on Raya
He very nearly cost us the game yesterday and was extremely fortunate that ball didn’t ping into this net
That’s 3 big mistakes in his last 2 games
Not good
Ramsdale vs Brentford was our best keeping performance of the season. Raya will need to pick it up fast or he will end up being sent back to Brentford

AFC Forever

Brilliant win yesterday.

We did it without Saka too. That will give all the players confidence. Arteta got the tactics spot on and nobody can say we didn’t deserve to win that game.

Anyone else still buzzing? Fantastic.

One nil to the Arsenal…….!

Josip Skoblar

The emphatic way Saliba owned Haaland yesterday is surprisingly understated.

AFC Forever


Agree. It just goes to show how much we missed him back end of last season. He’s building a strong partnership with Big Gabby who was also excellent yesterday. Saliba is one of those players that doesn’t seem to break a sweat or panic. He is an upright defender, never goes to ground unless absolute necessary. Stronger than he looks. The fans cheer when he shoulder to shoulder knocked Haaland to the ground was humiliating for Haaland. Saliba is world class.


“We did it without Saka too. That will give all the players confidence. Arteta got the tactics spot on and nobody can say we didn’t deserve to win that game.”

Does that mean Arsenal are better without Saka then ?
They probably are if you follow the Hammers are doing better without Rice and Tottenham without Kane hot takes


I changed my Fantasy team name last week to Barndoor Haahaaland in anticipation of yesterday’s absolute bossing by Saliba. He is a defender in the mode of Maldini, “if I need to tackle, I have made my first mistake.” Should have been playing 10 men for an hour. We have gone in 7 games from two yellows for a delayed throw in and not fouling a falling player, (Tomiyasu) to just one yellow for two, studs up, from behind, potential ankle breakers in a five minute spell. Clearly there is no pro Manc, anti Arsenal agenda…. Refs are just more… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

Yes, he all cheered when Saliba won his duel against Haaland! 👍 Saliba makes me think of the young Vieira: tall, slim but incredibly tough.
Agreed: Big Gaby was immense too. I hope this partnership lasts a long time.


The absolute disdain and contempt these entitled City fans have for Arsenal
is shocking as hell. They are so bitter over this loss but some of the comments
towards their players and new signings make Legrove seem like a convent.

Gvardiol, Doku, Nunes, and Kovacic receiving absolute petter s.
Even Saint Pep and Haaland are not spared.
Imagine these Little pricks and their sense of entitlement.
They were nobodies until the Oil lads showed up.


I kind of feel for Kalvin Phillips, Pep altered his setup to not have to accommodate and simply slot him into the Rodri space. He’s featured 2x this season once as sub in Prem other in Europe, peak of his career. The Yorkshire Pirlo needs to move on and fast.


“Yes, but not for having a different opinion, but for being relentlessly dull and boring.”

Match day commentary is never dull nor boring. The best bits of this blog. Dull and boring is repeatedly trying to censor people that have the balls to be emotional as a fan.


Good post.
City was with KFB and Rodhi. This was our chanse and we took it.


I think Ramsdale fans need to understand that Raya has taken the no1 spot. And while I don’t rate either (never rated Ramsdale tbh) I can see why Raya is ahead. He’s maybe got the same mistakes (systematic ones) but has much more to his armoury to positively affect the system. He’s also a much better shot stopper than Aaron. It’s curtains.

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