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Mikel Arteta told us top class players like Saka should play 70 games a season, he’s rolled him out for 87 Premier League games in a row, he’s seen him complain about injury twice in 2 weeks, he prides himself on super intense training sessions, and in the build up to the Manchester City game – a game he hasn’t ever had a full first team to pick from… he played Saka away at RC Lens and the young man hobbled off after the physios ran hamstring test on 33 minutes and deemed it a risk for him to carry on.

The one hope we had was the fact we did NOT see him pull up after sprinting. If he’d dropped down like Michael Owen in 1998, you’d know it’s over. The hobbling could be a protective measure, but the fact Arteta told the news conference after ‘it does not look good’ is probably the Mortal Kombat finishing move on that hope.

Arteta only has himself to blame here. He’s been reckless with Saka. The reality of an injury like this is it is related to wear and tear. If he didn’t pick it up tonight, he was going to pick it up in the next few weeks. The body cannot be controlled by ‘mentality monster energy’ vibes. If you treat it with disrespect, it will disrespect you by sitting you on your backside, grappling the back of your thigh.

Saka is not a ‘well hindsight is 50/50’ type of injury. It was entirely predictable. Arteta didn’t rest him, he failed to find adequate back-up over four transfer windows, and now we’re facing down the best team in the world without his presence.


Arteta shouldn’t have re-signed Reiss Nelson if he didn’t think he was a decent rotation option for Bukayo

City looks a little more daunting now.

The RC Lens game was a weird one. There are a lot of people jumping to nonsense conclusions about heart, fight, and valor. The simple truth of that game is we got slapped by a good team who had lady luck on their side.

We opened the game with a lovely Gabi Jesus goal supplied by Saka after he intercepted an errant pass.

The boys dropped the lead shortly afterward via a David Raya errant pass to Tomiyasu that was cut out. The goal was disgustingly special from Adrien Thomasson, he curled his shot tightly into the top corner on the half-volley. Unsaveable. But exactly what happens in the Champions League when you do dumb things.

Their second goal came in the second half. Arsenal got caught out by some electric passing near the 70th minute – Zinchenko’s kryptonite – he lost his run, the cross from Frankowski was immaculate, the finish was first time and painfully fox-in-the-box by Elyhe Wahi. We didn’t deserve it… but, that’s the Champions League, baby.

We threw on Eddie, Smith Rowe, and Reiss but it didn’t work.

Arsenal lost – our vision of this group being Europa-League-levels were off the mark. The French force fed us tarte de l’humilité – and I nearly choked.

So… what to think?

Firstly, we’re 2nd in the group on 3 points. Losing in the group stages of CL isn’t a disaster. We’ll still qualify for the next round if we can focus.

Secondly, the reaction is way worse than the reality…

  • Toothless
  • Meek
  • Gutless

… is par the course with a fan base that can’t handle anything other than a victory every game. It’s really painful to read. But we’ve seen it consistently over the past few years.

We had 11 shots, 10 inside the box, 6 hit the target. Our xG was 1.6 and we took one goal from that. RC Lens took 2 goals from 0.6.

The affair wasn’t as intense as a Premier League game. But that’s how Lens run things in their own yard. They take the energy out of the game. Champions League games don’t look like the Premier League game because European teams know they can’t win that way. Lens, a possession-based team didn’t break 240 passes. We had over 600. This was basically the story of Wenger-era CL Arsenal.

Our problem is the same one we’ve had all season: We’re way out of form in the final third. I’ve seen people joke that we take more risks in our own half – and it feels true. This new system isn’t creating as many chances as the one we had last season. The players seem a little more risk averse – as Matt on the podcast pointed out, we seem to be shifting from a blend of rock and roll Klopp-ball to near-total replication of what City do (control). Perhaps that’s Arteta’s attempt to reduce the 40+ goals conceded record. The problem seems to be we’re still doing dumb things in defence and our finishing is still below the elite levels it needs to be. Unforced errors are costing us and we don’t have the creativity we had before.

It’s all a bit dramatic – we’re a point behind City and unbeaten in the league. Still, we’re all feeling something we don’t like. The football isn’t quite as magical as it felt last season.

That’ll come down to the reasons I laid out at the start of the season.

  • New players
  • More fluid system
  • Heavier rotation

Our goalkeeper hasn’t clicked yet – in the mid-term, I think he’s an upgrade, but there will be mistakes like the one that happened today as part of his bedding in process.

Our attack is my deeper concern, but I think the issues stem from more than just Arteta’s desire to control. The issue is you have a new #6 and a new #8. They have to learn to feed the system what it wants. That’ll take some time.

The biggest problem is our defence is making mistakes – but the thing that gives me hope? We’re getting punished to the absolute max every time something marginal happens. That won’t last forever. Look at those finishes tonight. Ridiculous. Spurs aren’t getting punished like that every time their midfield makes an error. My hope is the luck improves as our errors drop.

Ousting City and winning the Champions League isn’t easy. Young players need to learn; inexperienced coaches need to get better, and fans need to accept that pain is part of the process even at this stage. Just remember the people that catastrophize, it’s always the same folk, they talk about elite mentality, but can’t handle anything outside perfection. Winning is hard. Competing against clubs like City is the biggest challenge in sporting history. There will be bumps.

Lens is a minor bump. Let’s see what the City game looks like this weekend. The best team in the world coming to North London will tell us far more about where we are.

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Markymark you said what I was hesitated to state. Have you observed every match during mini breaks Arteta calls Raya and passes on some info to him obviously in Spanish. I didn’t see that happen when Rams was in goal. Is it a comms problem?


Let’s be honest I think season 1 and 2 he was finding himself in management. Season 3 by design or by luck he stumbled upon some very effective and attractive football. But season 4 it went to his head and now he’s trying to be too smart and it’s the complete opposite of the previous season. He’s got CB’s playing LB he’s got LB’s playing RCM and switching back to LB during games and he’s talking about normalizing subbing goalkeepers as a momentum shifter during games which is funny considering how awful he is at subs. Go back to what… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

Results-wise, we have been doing well so far (despite losing against RCL yesterday). But football-wise, I mean the quality of our football, we have regressed since last year. We are often boring to watch and too many players are ineffective. Havertz, the elephant in the room, is a real problem. Arteta needs to sort it soon.

A Former 6

I love Rice’s power and poise and defensive acumen, but few in world football are better at unexpectedly splitting the lines with a forward pass right to the feet of an attacker on the move than Partey. That kind of vision and audacity was missing against Lens. Maybe we’re better on balance with Rice as our lone pivot, but I miss Partey at his best, his ability to see openings few players at the back see, and to disguise his intent before working his magic.

Bertie Mee

The biggest problem is that Havertz has been pathetic . He hasn’t made a significant contribution other than scoring a penalty in a game that was already won. Not a goal, assist, key pass or anything else . That is why our attack is screwed

Belfast Gooner

The reaction is supposedly way worse than the reality, not because of a fan base that can’t handle anything other than a victory every game, but because of the manner of the performance. We looked pedestrian, like a team that was four goals up with 20 mins to play and was closing out the game. Stats can be made to look like anything. For instance, all those people saying Lens are a very good team seem to ignore they have lost twice as many games as they’ve won this season, have a minus five goal difference and are fourth from… Read more »


Markymark – I’ve said it a few times if I was Ramsdale I’d say Fuck role model it’d be onto my agent.’ Completely agree, as soon as he was dropped for doing barely anything wrong, as his agent, I would have been advising him to get into Tets office demanding a very detailed explanation of why I was dropped. The transfer request would be crumpled in my right hand because when the conversation started to center around stats that are inherently flawed (passing stats can be better against shit teams v good ones) then I would have slapped it on… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

The recorded conversation of the VAR officials about the disallowed Pool goal. Gobsmacking! Crazy! Infuriating!


Have to think these performances will continue and the margins will be fine until we get our MF clicking, at moment Arteta is carrying a passenger in Havertz. Arteta is a stubborn manager, no idea how long this plays out but with players finding fitness who’ve been out he now has more options, let’s hope he actually uses them. We really lack a match winner at moment, last night should of been a formality with chances we missed. In terms of Saka, if one can’t learn from that or chooses to not actually take it on board regardless of what… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Arteta’s last season I think. He’s spend hundreds of millions, made this team 100% his own, he literally has no pressure except for what he creates himself, our fanbase is pathetic and apathetic…I mean, Arsenal is the easiest job in world football IMO. Zero bars being set. What exactly was our goal this season? We didn’t buy a forward and now Saka is running on fumes and will 100% be out long term. Then what? Magic Kai stepping up and banging in 20 for fun? Eddie? The Havertz deal (along with a few others) would normally trigger an internal investigation… Read more »


One reason for sterile/drab football on display is obviously some players being unavailable (Timber, Partey, Marti) as well as others not hitting levels we think they are capable of(Kai, Fabio, Reiss, Tross, Eddie, ESR). Another reason could be that Arteta wants to concede less goals and so the priority is on keeping the possession instead of taking risks. While I don’t think we can score 3/4 goals every game, at least we should be creating more chances. Another thing is even if we are hell-bent on keeping possession, we should at least keep the tempo of the passing at a… Read more »


The result yesterday certainly isn’t a disaster, just a disappointment. I still expect us to qualify and finish top of the group, it just means we won’t be rotating the team in the last two champions league games as qualification will still be pending. On Saka, as Pedro has said we could all see the Saka injury a mile away, what’s next Saka playing with injections, I thought the game had moved away from things like this. Surely Nelson could have played on the right for a couple of games(Bournemouth and Lens) or Jesus plays RW and Eddie or Trossard… Read more »


Replay right thing to do’ – Klopp

Now he’s veering off into divisive territory

Every team has suffered from VAR, LiVARpool may have relatively benefited from it the most.

Point has been made and it’s time to move on.


One reason for sterile/drab football on display is obviously some players being unavailable (Timber, Partey, Marti) as well as others not hitting levels we think they are capable of(Kai, Fabio, Reiss, Tross, Eddie, ESR).”

Hard to see Reiss and ESR in that list, they have not been given the same amount of trust and time on the field as the others


Things Arteta need to understand about histeam if he had an atom od brain cell left: – Zinchenko is an amazing footballer, but a fullback/defender he is not – Our best midfield is Partey and Rice plus any of Odegard, Vieira or ESR (Fuck those thinking that’s defensive, every team prioritize getting a grip on games before any other thing) – Tomiyasu is not a full back, he’s a central defender and a very good one at that. – Vieira is not a winger. He has zero speed. – Gabriel isn’t the best partner for Saliba, I’ll actually try Kiwior… Read more »

Ernest Reed

“ Fans might be disappointed at a defeat‘ Naw, it’s one game and they did not play badly, they were just disjointed in places and it did not help seeing your talisman go down yet again because he’s being pushed beyond reasonable levels. Equally, Arteta has a decent bench and continues to make out of place substitutions and is wasting opportunities at maximizing his squad depth. Bottom line for me remains unchanged. What’s the point in having squad depth if the Manager has little to no trust in those occupying seats? Arteta really does need to learn what “thinking outside… Read more »


Klopp was always going to echo the cries for replay.

H brings up some great points regarding VAR overall in that pre match interview, notably looking at the Curtis Jones tackle in real time, not slowed down or still frame. How VAR officials actually communicate is built for flaws. Thought he’d bring Wenger’s offering a replay up to bait Spurs, I would of, that said i’d be shocked if they allowed one (premier league). That’s a precedent they will not set even thought it’s the right thing to do based on whats transpired.

Ernest Reed

“ That’s a precedent they will not set even thought it’s the right thing to do based on whats transpired‘

Agreed Sal, but there has to be serious repercussions for this if you want to maintain a degree of integrity in the process. Stepping down an official for a game or two is not appropriate in this instance. Having them removed permanently from VAR service is required.


I disagreed when an anti Arteta friend of mine said he’s spent 200 million to make us worse!
No I’m just like …🤦🤔🤔🤔


Kai Havertz…making me miss Granit Xhaka… which pretty much makes him a bastard.


Sorry Raya is not the problem.
Ramsdale was.
Yesterday was a misplaced long ball.
We had more than enough time and players around to snuff out
the danger. It was also a world class strike.

Even against Tottenham, yeah, it was an initial mistake on a lob but how does that explain Saka getting turned like he was roller skates and three guys failing to account for Son?

Sorry the mistakes were in buying Jorginho, Viera and Havertz, Raya is an upgrade on helter skelter panic station Ramsdale… he can leave If he wants ..


Whoa Janky, easy dude.
Cmon now it’s just football, can’t be that serious


Keep the VAR conversation to a time when there is no Arsenal news.

The elephant in the room shot conversion ratio we are 8/9th in the league.


Wrote it many times that Arteta has an agenda and he doesn’t care what is at stake, he’ll agend his agenda even at the detriment of the club. How on earth would you decide to go from last season’s pattern of play to ‘playing 10000000000000’ formations in a single match? How are you now building the team around a useless player as Kai havertz? How do you justify playing kai over Esr? With or without Kai, Arteta is a failure personified whose only strength is his tongue and by the time he’s spent £1B, there’ll be Artetaic pedro writing nonsense… Read more »


Vickingz let’s just hope he learns fr9m his errors or someone brave enough in his coaching pool can muster up the balls to give him an assessment that he can accept and buy into.
Keeping fingers crossed.




Diss, Instead of replaying the game, they could have stopped the play the moment they realized they fucked up the decision massively. They say once the play is restarted it’s impossible to reverse a decision, stop the play etc. But they need to start having common sense instead of blindly following rules that end up hurting dramatically more. I’m all ears how if the ref had stopped the game 10 seconds after the game was renewed and he got indication that his VAR colleagues have botched their communication/decision, it would have hurt the game irreversibly compared to the shit show… Read more »


“Hard to see Reiss and ESR in that list, they have not been given the same amount of trust and time on the field as the others” – TheBayingMob That is true, but from whatever little I’ve seen of them season they don’t convince me as starters. Trossard and ESR – are gassed after 40 odd minutes. Fabio and Trossard – get outmuscled easily, lose the ball under pressure ESR and Fabio – don’t do much pressing Reiss – doesn’t beat his marker as often, doesn’t shoot as often ESR – was jogging instead of running most of the time… Read more »


Madhu – yep if this works out wonderfully then all good. However risk of divide in the team down national / language lines is ultimately high risk and completely destructive. There was this overtone with the loss of Ashley Cole ( well his well known missus at the time said this ) we lost the best young British player of his generation due to a perceived favouritism towards French and continental players, Mourinho then obviously made his overtures. I gather the keeper coach is not even that popular. The loss of Ramsdale and ESR for a maybe better Raya and… Read more »


Gary Neville is the pits. If Spurs want to show class, they should offer a replay. Or better still, toss a coin.


You simply can’t do a replay … you can’t … VAR stiffed us on a few occasions last season why didn’t we get a replay? Might have changed the outcome of the entire championship last season. It is what it is, if you set a replay for the ineptitude of the officials you set a very, very tricky precedent. Every club would have a reason to replay most games, they are that shit at their jobs. It’s done, move on. Fix PGMOL (i.e. disband it and start again) and fix the VAR process, that’s what should come of this, not… Read more »


The 2030 World Cup is to be played on three continents after Morocco, Portugal and Spain won the race to host the 48-team tournament but Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay were gifted the opening three matches.


“The loss of Ramsdale and ESR for a maybe better Raya and a very disappointing Havertz is as soul destroying as saying goodbye to Charlie George and Brady in previous generations”



The dude who I think strikes the most consistent chord is Clive on Arsenal Vision. The job of holding together a Podcast is a massive undertaking and not something I’d want to do. I do feel though that since Wenger went a fair few podcasters may feel they need to toe the official line and act as cheerleaders for that position. The lack of any emotion or loyalty to Ramsdale is frankly shocking. It’s literally he’s dead move on. I was glad to hear Clive say he’s not able to make an emotional leap and was able to give an… Read more »


If arteta is playing with a straight bat… he should replace Raya with ramsdale ..
If he don’t what’s the point saying he has two top keepers …
If you make mistakes your dropped.

Nigel Tufnel

Savage: “There was something different about their low block – usually in a low block you’re shifting the ball around about 10 yards outside of their box, but this time it was more like 20 yards. They somehow managed to maintain a low block and still push midfielders out onto us. It was truly stifling. Well played to Lens.” Exactly what I was seeing. Well described..It was frustrating to watch. So many times in the league I feel like we’re not playing well enough against tough prem defenses.. but watching Lens, I felt like they really deserved credit and that… Read more »


Arteta’s big error was Raya. Ramsdale’s enthusiasm would have invigorated Arsenal, he is inspirational. And ESR would have been far more effective than Havertz. If Raya and Havertz are Arteta’s missing pieces, then the final picture is bland and predictable.


Morocco will be an amazing place to stage some games. I’m guessing Tangier will be used as you can hop over from Lisbon ( currently turbo prop service) then book the Marrakesh express over to that city seeing the Sahara as dawn breaks. Tangier has gone a bit dry from its 50’s heyday though a local Carrefour can solve that issue.
Marrakesh has the new town for bars but do remember to rock the casbah. Can’t wait 😛


“When you take a great defensive performance like theirs, add in our missed chances, and their perfectly taken goals… you usually will not get the result.” Point taken, but I want to add to that the fucking freaking frankenstein that is European football; you can go away to a team and have a performance and result like that, but then it’s entirely possible we tank them 5-1 at home. It’s weird and as disappointing as it is you can’t put too much emphasis on a loss away in Europe. It’s a different beast; in saying that I also find it… Read more »


I don’t remember such a furore or talk of a replay when the VAR forgot to draw the lines against Brentford which cost us a valuable 2 points…

I see absolutely no difference between the 2 events..


Markymark We are lockstep in agreement about Raya/Ramsdale At best, it’s an itsy-bitsy improvement secured at the expense of halting the younger keeper’s improvement, akin to a Pyrrhic victory There’s a also lots of recency bias. I read lots of debates here from people wanting to situate Ramsdale amongst the league’s top 3 goalies last season- Raya’s name was NEVER on that short list. Now the same people are like oh, we have to expect the same types of mistakes Ramsdale made from Raya but he’s still better. When Raya launches ball after ball out of bounds, the blame is… Read more »


Why release the audio now and.not.make it transparent.when the event is taking place. Cannot.umderstand.who takes these decisions. Aren’t there any professionals.who is running these operations. It’s really bizarre
Aren’t they learning anything.from.other sports.


Clive Palmer tends to play safe in the Arsenal Vision podcast though, like he’s striving not to lose his access to Arsenal
He’s the one they [Arsenal] chose to interview Odegaard in the launch of his contract extension.


“I see absolutely no difference between the 2 events..”

Yeah my point entirely, you can’t replay this.

What about Martinelli’s goal being chalked off at United, the VAR officials trawling back through the play to find something they didn’t like which is not what they are there to do?

Do we go on and win that game without that decision? At least draw it?

Another point there, maybe three. So VAR cost us from 3 to 5 points last season … we lost out by 5 points …


I listen to Arsenal vision , arsecast and Handbrake off very regularly. I think all of them are very safe and always trying to take.positiojs which is defending Arteta. I feel that podcasts by nature should tend to debate and take.positions which challenges the oft repeated narrative. It’s become tedious nowadays to hear the same views across. There is no original analysis that challenges safe positions.


Dissenter / Madhu and others – I think the access thing is the likely common denominator. We’ve had Pedro mention his access on a few occasions.
Perhaps due to the Wenger situation spiralling out of control with it becoming a soap opera and successfully monetised by Arsenal TV. At that point they made overtures to the main podcasts. I won’t mention Putin and his war blogger cronies. I don’t know why that spring to mind


“Arsenal lost – our vision of this group being Europa-League-levels were off the mark. The French force fed us tarte de l’humilité – and I nearly choked.”

I suppose adding tarte de l’humilite to the list of pita tapeinofrosynis, torta de humildade, and pastel de humildad already consumed in Europe under Arteta.


White should get proper rest, Doku will tear his hamstrings


Are we still the fourth fave to win the CL?


Pierre spot on.
The UK needs to use the eufa version of VAR…
Takes out human error


Ramsdale’s enthusiasm would have invigorated Arsenal, he is inspirational.”


You are obviously a teen or Ty from AsenalTv.


Bukayo Saka has a minor strain in his hamstring (Semimembranosus) – will face late fitness test for the weekends game against Manchester City.


Without Saka we don’t score that goal, so not sure I can lambast Arteta too much for starting him.
And how far off base was his top players should be able to play 70 games a season comment anyway?

Kane and Salah routinely clock 50 games a season for club, so the question then is how many more for their country?

Arteta clearly sucks at rotation but it can’t be easy leaving out best players in the CL while trying to take control of the group.


Dr. Rajbal Brar
Hamstring issue for Bukayo Saka (as expected based on physio testing & mechanism described by Arteta). “Minor strain” doesn’t necessarily rule him out for Sunday bc there’s a still a range on that type of injury. This will be day to day & expect the club to keep it close to the chest.

into the red

Now that the world and his wife know that to beat Arsenal, you flood the midfield, while waiting for the gap Zinchenko always leaves behind him, what will Arteta do to change it on Sunday?


Play KT Sunday… oh wait

Ernest Reed

Translation Raptora…if he’s got a pulse he’s playing!

Arteta astoundingly cannot accept the fact that although Saka’s individual injuries are dissimilar, they are in fact 100% a result of physical fatigue from over exertion. Until he completely breaks Arteta is more than happy to keep trudging him out for more punishment. I no longer have words for this level of negligence, I just don’t.


Havertz not covering the Zinchenko space like Xhaka last season sounds like a coaching thing to me.

We’re clearly exposed in Lens, said it last night easiest decision Arteta has make regarding the mid is shift Rice further up into that Xhaka role and have Partey in the 6 now that he’s fit.

into the red

Barney Ronay had a very good article on the extreme workload that Saka labours under. In his first four years he has played in 212 games. Michael Owen, who many think lost his youthful edge quite early, played 180. Phil Foden, carefully nurtured by his manager, played 170, many as substitute, so not full games. Saka his missed only 5 games through injury in that time. Ronay also dragged up a quote from Arteta which illustrates his hardline approach: ” there is the role of Arteta in managing all this, a degree of ruthless expectation in his stated desire to… Read more »


I figure the odds of Rice starting in place of Havertz are about the same as Saka not playing.


Looks like David raya isn’t an upgrade on Ramsay at all
He gave that first goal away
Really we shouldn’t have let tierney go on loan. Better option for last 20 mins or certain away games
Zinchenko soft
Gabriel not great either

Still though
Lens were very lucky

Luteo Guenreira

Giving Saka a rest when he’s looked hobbled for the last few weeks sounds like a no brainer, especially with City coming up, but there’s not a single manager in the world that starts a player their medical staff advised shouldn’t be playing. In my opinion all these injuries are as much on the medical staff as they are Arteta, especially with the same type of injury popping up constantly throughout the squad. I suppose it could be the case that Arsenal have doctors who are in line with the philosophy that Arteta has, which seems to be the belief… Read more »

Guns of SF

Wenger had some technology a while back that gave data on players in the red zone.
Wonder what happened with that? Aside from the obvious eye test, this should be still used.

Josip Skoblar

RC Lens played astutely yesterday because they are normally an attacking team and they tend to throw caution to the wind. Not yesterday through. They were happy to let us have the ball and they played on the counter. This is what worries me about our side at the moment. Our midfield does not offer effective cover because our opponents play on the counter.

Josip Skoblar

*when our opponents

Guns of SF

Ode is another being played all game every game. Watch out here as well.


How would you say “It ain’t revved ’till the rods are thrown” in Spanish?


Ode is another being played all game every game. Watch out here as well.

And no doubt Rice and Saliba at some stage

Ernest Reed

Arteta’s stance on players playing 70 games a season… There is stubbornness and then there is wilful ignorance borne from stubbornness. Any way you look at it, this is someone who is narrow minded with deliberate intent. Go ahead and break your best players and then chime out the ridiculous philosophies that only an insane person would unabashedly understand and support. I’m not the club owner, but if I were I’d like to believe that the person managing them uses some reasonable wisdom in protecting my assets for the long term? Dunno, I’ve never seen something so astoundingly ridiculous in… Read more »

Ernest Reed

“ In my opinion all these injuries are as much on the medical staff as they are Arteta, especially with the same type of injury popping up constantly throughout the squad.‘

And when does common sense come into play, Luteo? Surely amongst all of them the long term protection of a much valued resource has to come into play? I’d hate to think that it’s realized only after the player is completely injured?

X haka

. I think all of them are very safe and always trying to take.positiojs which is defending Arteta. I feel that podcasts by nature should tend to debate and take.positions which challenges the oft repeated narrative. It’s become tedious nowadays to hear the same views across. There is no original analysis that challenges safe positions. Could be worse, try Amy Lawrence.Bland on toast and full of sentimental shite. She is simply a mouth piece for the higher echelons at the club and she will not want to rock the boat, with regards to access and her freebies . They all… Read more »


Is Arteta trying to justify money spent for Havertz and on Raya? On form, Ramsale and ESR (if fit) should be first choice. The line-up against Man City might tell us more. And if Partey gets to play, who gives way? Surely aPartey/Rice pairing in midfield is too good to miss?

Ernest Reed

“ And if Partey gets to play, who gives way? ‘

He’s been playing at RB, EB. I have no clue as to how Arteta is going to use Partey these days?

Guns of SF

Double Pivot mandatory against City.
TP and Rice, what we all thought would be our CM’s

Tassos Davakis

Arteta OUT , that’s the ONLY solution !!


Havertz really is shite though…..he’s got me hankering for Sanogo to come back. I honestly thought we’d never see a player as bad or worse than Sanogo, but Havertz, my he’s shite


Martinelli is our biggest loss as his pace creates chances that nobody else can match.
Last night cried out for someone to speed up our attack , he is sorely missed.
We need a bully CF with pace , our forwards are average joes

into the red

“ And if Partey gets to play, who gives way? ‘

Havertz, obviously.

into the red

The question, however, is whether Partey will be fully fit.And how Arteta will instruct them to play off each other, given they haven’t started a game both in midfield.


Guns of SFOctober 4, 2023 18:14:49 Wenger had some technology a while back that gave data on players in the red zone. Wonder what happened with that? Aside from the obvious eye test, this should be still used.” I’m intrigued; what do people think this data is? Let’s break it down a bit … I”m not expert but … GPS monitoring … the ground a player is covering (in games, in training); notional data like how many sprints, increasing or decreasing rate of sprints, etc. this could be useful, if the number of sprints or overall ground is being covered… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

🗣️Thierry Henry on Bukayo Saka after the #Arsenal vs Lens game: “The only thing you can say about Bukayo is that he’s been playing everything. And at one point, you’re going to hit a wall. And it’s going to be a bit too much, and it was maybe physically a bit too much against Lens.
“Obviously he’s going to be missed; how long it’s going to be, I don’t know, but we need to find a way to beat City because we haven’t done that for a very long time in the league.”

Luteo Guenreira

The usefulness of data depends on the person who is doing the analysis. At the levels of data analysis they are doing in professional sports, I’m sure it’s very, very fine margins that will determine whether you are ahead of of the competition or behind. It could be as simple as the team in place is not putting the data collected to proper use. Did Saka need a rest? Probably, but hindsight is apparently 50/50. Did he pass a fitness test before yesterday? Absolutely he did, otherwise he wouldn’t have played. But maybe they should have sat him anyway? That… Read more »


CIty looking pretty sharp to me, all over Leipzig at moment.


Watching Newcastle vs psg and this psg is so boring right now. They can win, but is so over rated. No beauty in their play. This enrique isn’t as good as Wenger, though he has won more


It was an accident waiting to happen and brought back a lot of negativity for me personally.
Arteta is utterly useless in managing his players and it’s about time he was told this by someone.
Declan Rice was singlehandedly carrying the team last night and Arteta should not allow things like that to happen.
This has nothing to do with being a young coach. This is all down to the fact that he has a massive problem.


The beheaders are doing a number on PSG.


Arteta is an arrogant Spanish man they cannot take being criticized.
So he will always try to prove he knows best , guess what? He doesn’t

X haka

Arteta is utterly useless in managing his players and it’s about time he was told this by someone.

👏 👏

This has nothing to do with being a young coach. This is all down to the fact that he has a massive problem.

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If Arteta is ‘the best young manager in world football’, what does that make Eddie Howe?

Genuine question.


We play pretty much the same formation every single game, explains why we have been poor in Europe under the current manager at least IMO


Goncalo Ramos is a fraud, classic case of a nice couple of goals at the World Cup fooled people into thinking he’s a player.

Very very average indeed, makes Darwin look a world beater.


Very off game for Haaland , sure he’ll now score a brace.


Imagine going from Ibra and Cavani to this Ramos feller…


Alvaraz with a likely match winner, quality finish.
We need a sub who can make that kind impact.

London gunner

Is Alvarez having a better season than haarland


Early days LG…. e a r l y days.


How has Muani looked WEagle?

Mr Serge

JamieOctober 4, 2023 21:15:03
If Arteta is ‘the best young manager in world football’, what does that make Eddie Howe?Genuine question.

Would you swap them ?


Shite tonight Sal. He’s quite a bit better than Ramos though, much more to his game.

Mbappe was very subdued himself, he’s starting to feel that prime Messi treatment with teams double-marking him and now he hasn’t got world class team mates anymore to lessen that burden.


Alvarez is top drawer, he’ll go on to be elite.

He’s much more a classic Pep player than Haaland is funny enough.