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Mikel Arteta told us top class players like Saka should play 70 games a season, he’s rolled him out for 87 Premier League games in a row, he’s seen him complain about injury twice in 2 weeks, he prides himself on super intense training sessions, and in the build up to the Manchester City game – a game he hasn’t ever had a full first team to pick from… he played Saka away at RC Lens and the young man hobbled off after the physios ran hamstring test on 33 minutes and deemed it a risk for him to carry on.

The one hope we had was the fact we did NOT see him pull up after sprinting. If he’d dropped down like Michael Owen in 1998, you’d know it’s over. The hobbling could be a protective measure, but the fact Arteta told the news conference after ‘it does not look good’ is probably the Mortal Kombat finishing move on that hope.

Arteta only has himself to blame here. He’s been reckless with Saka. The reality of an injury like this is it is related to wear and tear. If he didn’t pick it up tonight, he was going to pick it up in the next few weeks. The body cannot be controlled by ‘mentality monster energy’ vibes. If you treat it with disrespect, it will disrespect you by sitting you on your backside, grappling the back of your thigh.

Saka is not a ‘well hindsight is 50/50’ type of injury. It was entirely predictable. Arteta didn’t rest him, he failed to find adequate back-up over four transfer windows, and now we’re facing down the best team in the world without his presence.


Arteta shouldn’t have re-signed Reiss Nelson if he didn’t think he was a decent rotation option for Bukayo

City looks a little more daunting now.

The RC Lens game was a weird one. There are a lot of people jumping to nonsense conclusions about heart, fight, and valor. The simple truth of that game is we got slapped by a good team who had lady luck on their side.

We opened the game with a lovely Gabi Jesus goal supplied by Saka after he intercepted an errant pass.

The boys dropped the lead shortly afterward via a David Raya errant pass to Tomiyasu that was cut out. The goal was disgustingly special from Adrien Thomasson, he curled his shot tightly into the top corner on the half-volley. Unsaveable. But exactly what happens in the Champions League when you do dumb things.

Their second goal came in the second half. Arsenal got caught out by some electric passing near the 70th minute – Zinchenko’s kryptonite – he lost his run, the cross from Frankowski was immaculate, the finish was first time and painfully fox-in-the-box by Elyhe Wahi. We didn’t deserve it… but, that’s the Champions League, baby.

We threw on Eddie, Smith Rowe, and Reiss but it didn’t work.

Arsenal lost – our vision of this group being Europa-League-levels were off the mark. The French force fed us tarte de l’humilité – and I nearly choked.

So… what to think?

Firstly, we’re 2nd in the group on 3 points. Losing in the group stages of CL isn’t a disaster. We’ll still qualify for the next round if we can focus.

Secondly, the reaction is way worse than the reality…

  • Toothless
  • Meek
  • Gutless

… is par the course with a fan base that can’t handle anything other than a victory every game. It’s really painful to read. But we’ve seen it consistently over the past few years.

We had 11 shots, 10 inside the box, 6 hit the target. Our xG was 1.6 and we took one goal from that. RC Lens took 2 goals from 0.6.

The affair wasn’t as intense as a Premier League game. But that’s how Lens run things in their own yard. They take the energy out of the game. Champions League games don’t look like the Premier League game because European teams know they can’t win that way. Lens, a possession-based team didn’t break 240 passes. We had over 600. This was basically the story of Wenger-era CL Arsenal.

Our problem is the same one we’ve had all season: We’re way out of form in the final third. I’ve seen people joke that we take more risks in our own half – and it feels true. This new system isn’t creating as many chances as the one we had last season. The players seem a little more risk averse – as Matt on the podcast pointed out, we seem to be shifting from a blend of rock and roll Klopp-ball to near-total replication of what City do (control). Perhaps that’s Arteta’s attempt to reduce the 40+ goals conceded record. The problem seems to be we’re still doing dumb things in defence and our finishing is still below the elite levels it needs to be. Unforced errors are costing us and we don’t have the creativity we had before.

It’s all a bit dramatic – we’re a point behind City and unbeaten in the league. Still, we’re all feeling something we don’t like. The football isn’t quite as magical as it felt last season.

That’ll come down to the reasons I laid out at the start of the season.

  • New players
  • More fluid system
  • Heavier rotation

Our goalkeeper hasn’t clicked yet – in the mid-term, I think he’s an upgrade, but there will be mistakes like the one that happened today as part of his bedding in process.

Our attack is my deeper concern, but I think the issues stem from more than just Arteta’s desire to control. The issue is you have a new #6 and a new #8. They have to learn to feed the system what it wants. That’ll take some time.

The biggest problem is our defence is making mistakes – but the thing that gives me hope? We’re getting punished to the absolute max every time something marginal happens. That won’t last forever. Look at those finishes tonight. Ridiculous. Spurs aren’t getting punished like that every time their midfield makes an error. My hope is the luck improves as our errors drop.

Ousting City and winning the Champions League isn’t easy. Young players need to learn; inexperienced coaches need to get better, and fans need to accept that pain is part of the process even at this stage. Just remember the people that catastrophize, it’s always the same folk, they talk about elite mentality, but can’t handle anything outside perfection. Winning is hard. Competing against clubs like City is the biggest challenge in sporting history. There will be bumps.

Lens is a minor bump. Let’s see what the City game looks like this weekend. The best team in the world coming to North London will tell us far more about where we are.

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Josip Skoblar


Josip Skoblar

Bollaert was hot…

Josip Skoblar

Everyone asleep?

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Josip Skoblar

Going back to bed

Josip Skoblar


Josip Skoblar

Everyone left LG

Josip Skoblar

Wake up

Josip Skoblar

Where are the Grovers?

Josip Skoblar

Had time to read Pedro’s piece 4 times

Josip Skoblar

Pedro’s right: RCL are a good team, although. O don’t think they played well yesterday

Josip Skoblar

Theirs supporters were very impressed

Josip Skoblar

Really passionate and noisy

Josip Skoblar

Sorry but Daka shouldn’t have played yesterday

Josip Skoblar


Josip Skoblar

Wahi played well and scored a good goal. He almost signed for Chelsea


Stop at once old man Josip.

Josip Skoblar

*very impressive

Josip Skoblar

Ah someone finally woke up.


Lens didn’t show us no respect yesterday. Think we’re too open and displayed a slight bit of arrogance. Lens came second in their league last season. European nights are different to Nights out a Brentford.

The brazilians

In a year or two Arteta will get the Ramsdale-treatment. He is good but we need excellence. It´s all up to the Kroenkes


Dunno where Pedro got his stats from but this is from The xG Philosophy’s twitter: Lens (0.74) 2-1 (1.01) Arsenal We were in the lead for exactly 11 mins, we were behind for more than 25 mins. We got an xG of 1.01. It’s not good enough. I’m not being overdramatic but to say we were beaten because of lady luck is not fair. When Lens scored their second goal, it was well coming for a while. It’s not fair to the performance Lens pulled off to rule this win on luck. It’s not like we were on our A… Read more »

Dark Hei

Will Ramsdale start for the next game?


We lost to a team from what many call “the Farmers league”. And all I’m reading are excuses.

Might as well call it what it was. It wasn’t our day and we didn’t deserve to win. Maybe a draw would have made sense but Lens played pretty well and we didn’t really show our best or close to it. They attacked us well and we looked very open.


We didn’t do much with the ball really. Our best chances were from corner kicks. We need to do much better on the ball.


Rap their keeper done well. saved them a few times.


I’d rather not see Saka play against City. Put Jesus on the right. The player needs a rest. I am worried that he’s being run into the ground.


It’s obvious to me that the project “Reiss Nelson ” is not progressing and the boys were not in a correct state of mind for this game. Raya making the same mistakes as Ramsdale last
season, passing through the middle..

Rusty Shackleford

No we do not have a new #8. We’ve got useless overpaid flop in Havertz masquerading as one. If we had a proper Xhaka replacement we’d look far better. FFS we’d look better if Partey stayed the 6 and Rice played the 8. Arteta has completely screwed the pooch to start this season. He’ll have half the starting lineup injured by Christmas. Questions need to be asked.


If Saka has to miss the city and England games due to a strained hammy the plus side is that it should give some much needed time for his battered ankles to recover.

Arteta needs to work out fast a way for the team to function in attack without Saka so he can be properly rotated. Playing Vierra at RW is clearly not it.


A pretty dismal display.
As one of the commentators said,there is no threat from up front.
I hope Arteta shows the game back to the players,because there was some absolutely woeful performances-he has to take the blame on himself,poor selection,subs and performances.
It really will be a reality check for us, when City arrive.
The football is nowhere near the levels of last year, missing Xhaka-although Rice was one of our better players.
Still not sure Raya is much better than Ramsdale.


Havertz should have played CF yesterday. I’m not sure he’ll work in midfield but in cup games at CF would have helped us a lot. Kevin Danso guy had a field day vs our small forwards.

Vieira at LCM and Havertz at CF was the starting lineup. Then two of Jesus, Tross and Reiss on the flanks. No Saka at all.

We keep saying we don’t have a real option for Saka but we do – his name is Gabi Jesus and RW is probably his best role.


Arteta got himself in damned if you do, damned if you don’t territory with Saka regarding Sundays game Vs City. If he plays him an takes him off after 30min or do, all hell will break lose. So his only realistic option is not to play Saka on Sunday.

I don’t care if you’re in this job 5 minutes or 5 seasons, what he’s doing to Saka is bordering on criminal.

Mr Serge

He should have played havertz up front and jesus right as soon as saka came off

The tempo is slow in Europe and teams are happy to sit and defend for 90 mins and wait for their opportunity
You cannot be wasteful
They had 2 shots 2 goals

I am ok about a loss if we played well but we never. win all your home games and draw one away you are through. We cannot be gung ho away

Mr Serge

Mikel has a lot to learn in Europe


Games are decided by actual goals not XG ffs


There was something different about their low block – usually in a low block you’re shifting the ball around about 10 yards outside of their box, but this time it was more like 20 yards. They somehow managed to maintain a low block and still push midfielders out onto us. It was truly stifling. Well played to Lens.

X haka

Lens wanted it more.✅️

Mick fucked up team selection ☑️

Doesn’t rotate well. Very one dimesional.✅️

Partey. Timber and now Saka all very badly mismanaged by Mick this season.☑️


Ed I don’t care if you’re in this job 5 minutes or 5 seasons, what he’s doing to Saka is bordering on criminal. Am not sure many will say that Artea got lucky with injuries last season but.the reality was Arteta got lucky with injuries last season “ Even this season the numbers of injuries suffered aren’t out of line but will then start to stack up ? We have no idea what the extent of Sakas injury is it could easily be a month or so out even if it’s not he is being overplayed and be it this… Read more »


Hate losing – but if there’s a game or two to lose, it’s the group stage of CL. Win 4 and you still come top of the group. Lens were good, had a lucky GK and were up for it. Arsenal weren’t, their minds on the City game, and a 5 hour wait for a flight didn’t help.


The most frustrating thing (for me) about Arteta in the past 4 years:

We take risks at the back but play safe in front of goal.


Take the emotion out of the result and I’d agree it’s not a disaster. It puts a bit of pressure on ourselves though. But it’s worrying that Arteta is still struggling to achieve consistent performances and results in Europe. Our EL showings have been largely underwhelming (with some mitigation last season with a title charge) and after the PSV result a couple of weeks ago, and in the grander stage of the CL, I had hoped we had moved up a level in terms of our European performances. Last night won’t do much to change the minds of those sceptical… Read more »


Commenting on the state of Saka’s fitness and demanding rotation is pure armchair punditry. We’ve got no idea. To suggest Arteta isn’t consulting the medical department is ridiculous. In terms of last night’s performance – decent before they scored, but lacking personality and a desire to influence the game – with the exception of Rice. Most of our midfield just anonymous. And as you’ve pointed out, blunt in the final third – no real bravery or imagination in trying to pick a way through… too many passes played in front of their defence. But agree perspective required, we were good… Read more »

Dr J

No matter how you look at the result, it’s really down to the manager. Starting Saka was a huge mistake and I don’t know how you can defend that, what so called elite manager would start his most important forward when everyone knew he had niggling injuries and we play Man City in few days? What is he trying to prove? And saka came off, how did he adjust to that? No change whatsoever, keep playing plan A – a lot of passing and no penetration. Arsenal are so predictable, dare I say becoming an bit boring to watch. We… Read more »


“Hindsight is 50/50”

Think you mean 20/20 😂

Positive pete

Early doors.We ALL your homies & a draw away & youre through.Think the oilers won something like. Just one away game all through the competition.And they won it!
As regards to Saka.Inexcusable.Absolute amateurish.If Tets was trying to make a point or take a gamble the odds of it succeeding was exactly how it played out.He’s going to need to up his game with his blind spot.Rotations.


Even if Saka starts on Sunday we will still probably roll over for City. It is what we have largely done since Arteta came in. I will show up to the stadium with little confidence of a result against them because we just don’t do it most the time when it really matters.

We take too many risks at the back and that is where much of our issues are coming from this season, and even last.

Do that against City and it is curtains. It is not always necessary to play out from the back.


That feeling is us knowing we’re hanging on by a thread. It won’t take much to start sliding down the table. All because of Arteta’s ego purchases that have made us demonstrably worse.


This is a third game in a row that Saka is limping off the pitch. Armchair punditry or not, it’s amateurish, bordering on criminal management. And if our medical staff is proclaiming him fit to play, then the problem is with them.


It’s been two whole months since the season started and other than the Bournemouth and PSV games, we’ve not in any way looked convincing or even half as good/threatening like we were last season before we tanked the title. Arteta has messed up with simplicity/dynamics of the team and shoehorned Havertz into the starting Xi which could only mean the solution is going back to basics and booting the German out of the team. Like I said he in my LG post yesterday, he is clearly like a wasted buy and that’s over €65million down the drain. We can deny… Read more »


Chris ‘Commenting on the state of Saka’s fitness and demanding rotation is pure armchair punditry. We’ve got no idea. To suggest Arteta isn’t consulting the medical department is ridiculous.’ No that’s not it. Playing a 20-22 year old 80+ games in a row, who has also played two international tournaments in between is simply wrong. Sure, he’s robust. But he’s not a machine. It’s the type of overplaying at a young age that burnt out Michael Owen and Jack Wilshire. Arteta shouldve brought in Olise from Palace or even Zaha, both were available for cheap and both better cover options… Read more »


If you think about it ، last night’s performance was not a lot different to our three 1-0 away wins other than we were conceded from 2 of the cleanest strikes you are ever likely to see on a football pitch. It is very rare you will see one such strike in a game let alone 2… I would imagine that Declan Rice must be baffled by our lack of leadership and drive on the pitch when the tide started to turn. Rice did all he could to drive the team forward ، Saliba was about the only other outfield… Read more »


And to think folk wanted rid of Partey. He comes back into the midfield with Rice and Ode ahead of them and performances will improve. Havertz has done nothing of note in this country to merit risking our season in a desperate bid for him to come good which will make our manager look good. He’s had enough starts, he now needs a period on the bench and has to earn it coming off the bench. Ramsdale who has done far more for us, has been punished for far less than Havertz who plays the game like he’s taken sleeping… Read more »


S23 “As one of the commentators said,there is no threat from up front.” I tried to warn le groaners that playing jesus up top instead of the much maligned Eddie could result in poor results similar to the end of last season. We were unbeaten with Eddie up top ، I am with raptora in believing that jesus best position is on the right flank، he should have switched positions when saka went off and brought Eddie on as he is more prepared to run the channels to stretch the defence creating space for his team mates. Jesus up top… Read more »


Lens(players as well as fans) were good, they pressed relentlessly and in unison.

However we could have still fared better but for some incorrect decisions from Arteta.

I agree with Raptora and Mr. Serge that Kai should have gone up top with Jesus on the wing and Fabio in the midfield after Saka went off.

Also Zinchenko and Tomi are average as fullbacks(inverted or not), Zinch should play as a wide/attacking midfielder and Tomi should be used as a CB.


I don’t know whether it will ever happen under Arteta but a midfield of Rice, Partey and ESR has the potential to take Arsenal to the next level.


If saka is injured for the city game then Arteta has to put jesus on the right ، Eddie up top and either Trossard or nelson wide left.

Partey should come in and then it will be a decision from Arteta as to whether he plays Havertz or Odegaard in a midfield 3 .
For me there is a possibility that he will go with partey، Rice and Havertz as the midfield 3 as it will give us a real solid look leaving the offensive 3 to press high in the knowledge that there is protection behind.



I would prefer my boy Ivan Toney up top.


“Arteta has to put jesus on the right”

Played his best football for City there. Don’t know why Arteta hasn’t copied this.


Good luck with Arteta benching Odegaard.

Pedro keeps saying we added unpredictability. That’s why we haven’t blended. I’d say, again, that we added at best unsuitable and at worst rubbish players to an already good system and that’s why we are playing shit. We have never been more predictable than anytime I can remember as an Arsenal fan.


The folks that say how Lens had 2 shots, 2 goals are being disingenuous. Last one especially, we concede from that on another day. Also, how Lens’ goals were unreal strikes of the ball that only ever go in once in a lifetime – we concede very often such goals but also Jesus’ goal last night was a clinical strike, Leandro’s goal vs Everton after the corner was an insane finish, insane, vs PSV again Tross with a fantastic first time finish, Saka vs on the opening game vs Forest as well. Their first goal was special… Read more »


What’s clear is that with Timber injured, there is a very clear plan to manage Zinchenko’s fitness. He’s been getting substituted routinely around the same time. I think we can go overboard with the idea that the club don’t give a damn about player fitness.

Steve Vallins

There’s talk of Lady Luck , Tomi had a shot saved by RCL keeper which he knew nothing about , RCL next decent attack they scored , fine margins .
Draw would have been a fair result IMO


We don’t seem to get any thing by playing a single pivot. It’s better for City game to go with Double pivot of Partey and Rice with Ode as 10. That puts more pressure on Ode and probably liberates him. He will have access to both flanks and center as well. Now he seems to be involved in right pod most of the times.

X haka

Missing Xhaka again last night.

Leadership , professionalism and motivation are attributes you can not buy these days.

Rice should be made captain, as he has these same attributes.
Ode needs to focus on his game especially away from home, where he can be anemic and passive.

Thought his captaincy at Bournemouth, allowing the invisible Havertz to take the penalty was not elite mentality but more of a sop to the manager’s current pet project.


ESR is doing more in his cameos then Havertz is doing the whole game!! He just looks full of energy and is always trying to probe and be direct. Give the boy a start and put Havertz on the bench. We started well but as happens often when leading we don’t go for the kill and the game drifts away from us. Poor mistake from Raya for the first goal but what a lay off by Wahi and great strike to make it 1 1. We had chances but either not clinical enough or the luck didnt go our way.… Read more »


Midfield has to be Partey Odegaard and Rice or Rice , Odegaard and ESR


Some Arsenal fans were attacked before the game, don’t know the circumstances but I found Lens on my last visit to be a safe and friendly place, of course that was some 20 years ago and maybe it’s changed?

Ernest Reed

Just me or is anyone else beginning to wonder aloud as to exactly what it is that Raya brings that Ramsdale does not? Equally, what exactly has Havertz brought, other than slowing down play and looking every bit the misfit in a system he clearly does not fit in? So Partey returns and Arteta will play him where again, RB? Nelson signs an extension because Arteta tells him he is needed and proceeds to use him when and how again? I could go on but it’s pretty obvious that this team has been playing this season by the finest of… Read more »

into the red

I don’t know if Pedro is using AI to write his columns, but this reads like he does. The same old excuses alongside the patronising denunciation of his readers who have the temerity to question the galaxy brain and his poor decisions. Using XG to somehow prove that we were superior is the last refuge of the nerdy stat obsessive. XG is only a guide to possession and opportunities, which is a part of the picture of the game, but clearly needs to be filled out by actually watching the game, and seeing how the tactics and flow of the… Read more »

into the red

And I expect we’ll be reading a variaton of the same on Monday.


Raya is a very slim marginal upgrade, that upgrade is like getting a Pyrrhic victory. The improvement can simply be reduced to the fact that he’s 3 years older than Ramsdale I heard it said a lot that Ramsdale is young and will improve, I fear we’ve altered the trajectory of his potential with this Raya move. How’s he going to get better if he’s not playing. Raya is making the same mistakes as Ramsdale. He made one world class Dave against spurs but it’s not like Ramsdale wasn’t saving our bacon on lots of games too. The move for… Read more »

Ernest Reed

By AI you mean script, into the red? Pedro will seldom deviate from his script as far as Arteta is concerned. The man can do little wrong even if he clearly has. Been there, done that and used to it fully. Just more or less waiting to read what he has to say when they get throttled on Sunday due to Arteta’s bizarre selections and substitutes. Pedro says all the right things, but it’s starting to lack conviction now. You can’t defend the indefensible forever.


That last post had some of the most hilarious comments I’ve read on this blog. Thank you chaps! Helped alleviate the shiiiite mood after that performance

Ernest Reed

Never thought much of Raya, Diss. For me it becomes a 1 and 1a scenario and worse, you have potentially upset the mix. Perhaps Ramsdale takes this as a challenge and rises to the occasion. Perhaps it has a demoralizing effect after a period of time? Don’t know but what I do know is that when you tinker too much you tend to lose your way and returning often is very difficult.


‘In a year or two Arteta will get the Ramsdale-treatment. He is good but we need excellence. It´s all up to the Kroenkes’

So true
The Brazilian is right

I find myself thinking of what comes next after Arteta, after he failed to build on his own successes from last season.
We are worse off that we were in October 2022. He found a winning formula but just over complicated by overcompensation.


Have to say though, the lens goals were of utmost quality. Despite the Raya fuck up for the first, they had a bit to do there and it was an absolute astonishing hit from a brilliant bit of counter play. Touche lens. I don’t think Raya could have saved that. Or any keeper if I’m honest. But then we should have won that game. Tomi having that rocket of a volley saved was nuts. Pure luck on the keepers behalf he had no clue what was happening. Absolutely unlucky for Tomi that would have been a brilliant goal slightly either… Read more »


Ernest We may have interrupted Ramsdale’s development at a very critical time, the season he made PFA team of the year and was on the cusp of overtaking Pickford as England’s #1. I’m not sure Raya’s so called improvement is worth the cost of derailing Ramsdale because he’s not going to be elite like Courtiois, Allison and Ederson. Ray is perhaps a teeny weeny better, very subjective. Ramsdale, if managed properly has the better potential to get there, which brings up the issue of goal keeping coaching. I’m not even sure Ramsdale will get a fair competition with the way… Read more »


Diss absolutely agree with you. Selected ruthlessness and he has his favourites for sure. Rams gives extra due to his personality. Both GKs resort to long balls when inder pressure and their distribution is not so nuanced. Raya probably commands his area better and is a catcher. He probably is a better penalty saver than Rams. Rams I feel is a superior shot stopper. Very minimal difference and iam ok as long as they share the games


If under pressure surely it’s better to aim for the damn sideline than vierra in any instance




We have no long ball options. I’m assuming that’s half the reason kai was brought in. We play so strictly out from the back that any keeper will suffer unless they are prime Fabregas with the ball

X haka

I think Mick or one his advisors, needs to watch and learn how Carlo is managing Jude Bellingham.

That boy is phenomenal and like Saka needs protection and nurturing.


Diss I don’t think we have disrupted ramsdales development. Having Raya is a right kick up the arse.

Ramsdale needs that proper competition to push to be the best. I think it’s actually a good move from tets, especially considering it’s a loan for Raya (not sure if he is option to buy or delayed purchase with that loan).

It gives us the opportunity for a rare change to not really drop off in the keeper department if one of them has a mare or 2


Viera coming to play the right wing felt literally as if we were amputated an arm. Galaxy brain should reactivate his galaxy brain and play with Rice Partey and ESR against city and take the game to them and if we loose at least we have no regrets.


Raya is better at spraying passes compared to Rams and I don’t think it’s close at all. It’s like we have an additional defender being available in our buildup and the quality of his passes is superb. Yes, he made an error last night for their first but let’s give some time to him before we jump the gun.

I’m for sure breathing a little bit easier with him playing compared to Rams who is a ball of nerves and that nervousness can be felt in our defenders.


How many times already have we conceded a goal due to Zinchenko. The lad is a dumb, over compensating defensive liability. Fuck him


We’ve gotten something like 5 pens this season and we got that before October had even started. That’s insane and I’m happy about it but we need to question what we do with the ball and why are we not more dangerous with it. Somehow we control a lot of it but whatever we’re doing during practice is not working in the real games and we barely end up with clear cut chances. We have fantastic players but somehow they are attacking in a subpar way. I expect us to become more efficient in creating chances as that’s the most… Read more »


raptora It’s like having an extra defender with Raya? ….and what does that translate to exactly A better defense, are we conceding less goals? Are we progressing the ball better? Is our midfield more cohesive? It’s small sample size but I’m not seeing improvements that are anymore than very marginal, He’s already had two mistakes that contributed to goals, NLD and yesterday -note that I wrote contributed, not caused the goals, His kicking has been erratic as well, no different from Ramsdale The difference is like arguing which is more between six and half of a dozen. He’s benefitting from… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Guys guys guys. I’m going to let you in on a secret…sports are won by the team who scores more than the other.

You’re welcome.

Xg and stats can go and get relegated.


Good reed pedro,
We’re not taking enough risks of passing the ball to the opposition box and our finishing is not good enough!
Trossard would be more effective behind the striker than the left wing because he lacks pace and phisicality.
He’s more Arshvin than Pires
Also a fit Partey is missed in midfield
What are the chances that Arteta plays him as a right back again?

He can be stupidly stubborn !

Freddie Ljungberg


You’re right that we don’t create enough clear cut chances. Not sure how many goals we have scored this season from open play that hasn’t been because of a gift from the opponents but it hasn’t been many.

Penalties, scrappy/lucky goals isn’t sustainable long term.

Feels like we messed this season up in the transfer window and continues to do so with some strange selection and substitution mistakes.


Arteta has introduced two problems into the team that being the Kai purchase – the magical thinking is just x more games will reveal his true genius. When this fails to occur we are either Gas Lighted or drawn to some scenario like his off the ball skills. Second of these problems is the goal keeper. This keeper we understand is an upgrade but we are now told we should expect mistakes along the way. The very mistakes that Ramsay would be crucified for. Ramsay is also expected to maintain role model behaviour of being 100% loyal to the cause… Read more »


“Our goalkeeper hasn’t clicked yet – in the mid-term, I think he’s an upgrade, but there will be mistakes like the one that happened today as part of his bedding in process.” This is a reframing of the argument if I ever I saw one. IMO the keeper wasn’t really the problem, maybe he will be an upgrade albeit a very slight one. Arteta decided to ruffle some big feathers here, Aaron is part of a large British core of the team, steel cold brutality while others in the squad (Vieira, Havertz) get chance after chance and some cushy treatment;… Read more »


… is par the course with a fan base that can’t handle anything other than a victory every game. It’s really painful to read. But we’ve seen it consistently over the past few years

Eh we’ve been winning and it’s still obvious the football is worse. Very similar to the unbeaten streak under Emery it was obvious then there was a problem and results weren’t sustainable and lo and behold.


For me he’s dying on Saka Hill.


TheBayingMob – there does appear to be a Spanish triangle going on here via Manager / Goal Keeping coach / Goal Keeper . I’ve said it a few times if I was Ramsdale I’d say Fuck role model it’d be onto my agent. Arteta is really playing with fire IMO.
Let’s hope he’s got a path to get us to where we need to be.


And it’s not a question about fitting in Havertz that’s the problem. It’s Mikel. From the start of the season he started off tinkering and instructing players to play a certain way and it hasn’t clicked into gear.


If you’re still having teething problems 4 years into a job maybe you just don’t deserve the job…

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