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A draw in the North London Derby is never a bad day out, but this one stings and feels a little like a loss. Dramatic? Maybe. We’ve gotten so used to dishing out home beatings to Spurs it’s become expected we’ll put them to the sword. But it wasn’t to be. The result, upon reflection, wasn’t far off fair and the blame for the dropped points fell squarely on Arsenal again.

We didn’t kill Spurs when we had a gluttony of chances.

We didn’t defend well enough at home, again.

Arteta didn’t have his best day out if I’m totally honest. Pre-game, we found out that we’d lost another key player to another soft tissue injury. Leandro Trossard limped out of training with a minor hamstring problem, it’s not going to be a monster layoff, but the fact he tweaked something isn’t good – because as you’ll know if you’ve read here for the last 16 years > soft tissue injuries are preventable because they’re usually attributed to fatigue / overtired players.

Thomas Partey (groin at training)

Martinelli (hamstring in the first half)

Trossard (hamstring in training)

Declan Rice (back tweak during game)

One of my biggest fears when we earned Champions League was how Mikel Arteta would handle three games a week. We know he likes to train like an absolute brute, he’s on record multiple times talking about the expectations he has on players to essentially man up and get on with the demands of the game. Well, that’s all well and good until you start getting injuries to key players inside 10 games.

Our players did not look up to the physical challenge, particularly in the second half. Eddie Nketiah, who had a horrible game, looked like he was running through treacle for the full 90 he was on the pitch. You can caveat that with ‘Spurs didn’t have a European game’, but for me, it’s deeper than that because of the injuries. We’re a very young squad, players have been signed for their robustness, and they are dropping like flies.

Declan Rice coming off at halftime also felt like a bit of a warning sign. This is one of the most robust players in the league, he played for West Ham who don’t tolerate wet lettuce behavior, yet he’s asking to be taken off at halftime in a derby game.

“He had some discomfort in his back,”

“He was telling us during the first half that he was uncomfortable and when we assessed him at half-time he could not continue, so we had to change him.”

“Hopefully not. We have to assess him. It’s strange when a player like him asks to come off because he’s uncomfortable. Hopefully not, but let’s see.”

People think I’m reading too deeply into this comment, but I promise you, this isn’t a concerned manager comment. This is Arteta thinking it’s odd that a player who merely has ‘discomfort’ would ask to come off at halftime. I will put money on it Rice is ok and this comment was directly aimed at him – not us. The manager expects everyone to be like Ben White, a player who’d be embarrassed to ask for a stitch if he’d cut his leg off in war, before demanding to be let onto the pitch. The problem is Arteta doesn’t really have empathy skills – we’d call him empathy-divergent in New York HR circles. We all love that in some moments, but the manager is getting a bit of a rep for being cold. There are memes going around that Arteta is going to get a second team dog to keep Win on his paws – it’s all good banter right now, but look at EtH getting beasted at United as players turn against his harsh ways.

Onto the game – it felt like an exaggeration of the problems we had last season. In the first half, we absolutely battered Spurs. We pressed them well, we set traps, the traps turned into chances, and boy did we have some chances.

Gabi Jesus struck across goal from the back post and was well denied by Vicario

Eddie sniffed out a chance but instead of cutting back to Vieira he shot and it was saved

Gabriel Jesus picked Madders pocket through the middle, powered into the area and blazed the ball over

We weren’t calm when making the final action and we only ended the half with one goal instead of 3.

To make matters worse, we had a bit of a team calamity before the half ended allowing Spurs to level.

David Raya was too short to catch a looping chip to his back post, he scooped the ball into the path of Son, Son shot and it was saved. Maddison picked up the ball, Saka lunged and missed, he was turned, the #8 powered into the area, found Son… bang. One chance. One goal.

Arsenal didn’t really arrive for the second half despite changing Rice for Jorginho and Vieira for Havertz. We did get a penalty, Romero handballing a Ben White shot. Saka scored with a simple down-the-middle strike.

It wasn’t enough though. Before I could even type DON’T DO ANYTHING DUMB we had performed a remarkable piece of jawdropping dumb. Jorginho, one of our most ball-secure players, was isolated as the last man in defence. He dithered, turned, Madders took the ball away from him, charged at goal, laid in Son, and the rest is history.

The game finished 2 apiece and that was probably fair considering some of the chances Spurs missed.

We deserved what we got. 2-2 isn’t a shocking result in an NLD. But it should feel like 2 points dropped considering how well we did in the opening 35 minutes.

Some concluding points…

Arsenal lack blood lust – when there’s hemoglobin in the water, we’re like a captive goldfish… not one of those killer orcas out in the wild fucking up small fishing boats whilst killing sharks as a side hustle. Part of that is a lack of experience – part of that might be a talent issue.  We’ve tried plenty of options, but it still doesn’t feel title winning. We’re a 90+ goal a season team – but the problem right now is where and when those goals come. In a North London derby, they’ve got to come early, so you don’t get stung. Against Fulham, the same thing, if you miss big chances, you leave the game open.

City don’t really do that – they kill. Because they have an ocean monster upfront.

I don’t like the aggressive slander of Eddie. He had a bad game, sure. There’s no defending the decision he took early on in the game. It was selfish. But this is a player who was legitimately keeping out Gabi J a week ago / landed an England call-up. There’s no player in the team that falls from grace quicker – and that’s really unfair for a striker that is a rotation option. Still, he has to raise his game and keep up the pressure with goals when he gets the chance. He wasn’t really a threat today despite it being a really open game.

Arsenal needs a different type of striker at some point and I hope it’s someone like Ivan Toney. We need someone that can occupy defenders, hold the ball up, offer an aerial threat we don’t have, and give us a bit of nasty up top. There’s no way Arsenal will not compete for his signature in January, especially considering him purring at us on that podcast, and the fact he’ll be reasonably priced due to the 18 months left on his deal.

Defensively, we have a problem at home. Players switch off. We do silly things. We concede a lot of goals. It can’t be the atmosphere, but it’s something Arteta is going to have to get to grips with. You shouldn’t need to score 3 goals to win at home. But that’s how it feels at the moment.

David Raya is clearly the new Arsenal #1, but based on what he offered today, it didn’t feel like an upgrade on Aaron Ramsdale. It just felt like more of the same. Arteta made a big decision to ruffle the squad feathers with a move for a new keeper, it made sense, but we need to see a better offering than the one we saw against Spurs. The kicking was the bit that wasn’t clicking for me. 66% pass completion wasn’t great, it was at about 50% at around 60 minutes. We didn’t upgrade for that type of output. The goal wasn’t his fault, but in the first phase, when he scooped into danger, it’s hard not to apportion that as a mistake. Arteta said he was going to rotate keepers this season – will Aaron get into the Bournemouth game if he has a worldie against Brentford? Doubt it. Arteta knows a keeper needs 20 games to settle – but he better hope that was a blip, because Aaron’s career didn’t die for that performance today.

There is a tendency to go off at the deep end after every result that isn’t perfect. Kai Havertz seems to bear the load after any sort of issue. He’ll come good. It’s a struggle to see it at the moment, but there’s too much ability in there for him not to click. The thing that’s missing is output in the final third. The rest of his game is great. But fans don’t want to have to tune into a tactico nerd blog post to find out if a player had a good game. They want to see incisive passes and shots on target. Kai isn’t giving that to us right now so the doom merchants are calling time on him like they have done nearly every player in our squad.

Perspective FC has us one point worse off than where we were last season. There’s a lot of change going off in our squad and there are a lot of games left to play. A draw against Spurs doesn’t feel sexy, but the most important thing was not to lose. We have two games to get back into shape. Brentford will be one for the fringe players, then we have Bournemouth away, Lens away in the CL, followed by City at home. Worth noting that City has 4 away games in a row… we’ll be the 4th.

We should have a decent squad to choose from for that game. So don’t get too upset about players missing. No one will be out for a serious amount of time. The City game should be our best players against there best players.

Ok, short one today, get on the latest podcast.

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Funny how so many are realising just what Xakha’s brought to us all of a sudden
The only div who would never admit it is marko but cunts are cunts


we’re like what, 7-8 games into a season that might be 50+ games long and we’re already dropping in like flies?! Shiiiiit… Something’s wrong, man…

Mikel Coneteta

“It’s actually mind blowing what’s expected of our CF.“ Low Bar FC back out to indirectly defend Eddie. There’s nothing mind blowing about it. The archetype for an elite CF in Europe these days is someone who scores and creates. The additional necessity for them being able to stretch a defence, press, wins duels etc is league dependent, and often team/style dependent. In the PL you have no room for being one-dimensional at the top end, unless you’re a phenom for scoring like Haaland is. Jesus is a great CF for Arsenal and any other side in the top 6.… Read more »

X haka

Never understood arsenal supporters digging out Xhaka.

Far worse than him.


Eddie is not good enough for the Arsenal. We need a better more dimensional player.


Mikel “Jesus is a great CF for Arsenal and any other side in the top 6. Eddie isn’t. Hope this helps.” Actually not You love setting up the argument as Jesus vs Eddie, which is a disingenuous interpretation of what’s being discussed. Jesus is not a “great” CF for any side in the top 6. He a great player that can put in excellent performances anywhere in the front line but won’t score you enough goals to be considered a great CF. Eddie is a backup so compare him with other back-ups. He’s not very good in that category. because… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

Xhaka was a good player, and made of Teflon, but let’s not revise history to make him out as some essential piece of the puzzle. He was the obvious position where we could upgrade. That said, jury is out whether Havertz is going to be that upgrade. We will only really be in a position to tell come the new year. If Havertz shows more at CF then don’t be surprised to see us pivot and go Jesus/Havertz at CF with a new left #8 brought in (likely next summer). Though if that happens you can only chalk it up… Read more »


You didn’t watch us on Wednesday I take it?
We are fluid when the right personnel is deployed
Players with a variety of skills
Who score create and dribble

Eddie is too one dimensional and doesn’t pose enough of a goal threat to offset the rest of his game


Nothing pre planned about Rice sub. At the half In the moment when it became apparent Rice was injured I was asking myself why not shift Zinchenko up further to give Jorginho a pivot, and sub on Kiwior or Tomi to full back instead of putting Havertz in a space where Vieira was. Havertz and Vieira have very similar physical attributes in that same role, it was essentially a like for like sub. Then hook Eddie, move Jesus central for obvious reasons and introduce Reiss Nelson. Once Saka cracked with half hour to go get ESR on to replace, kids… Read more »


Saka being unavailable against Bournemouth this weekend might actually be a blessing in disguise. He needs a break. Couple of weeks out nursing whatever strain he’s got is just what he needs.

We can play Nelson, Jesus, Vieira there against Bournemouth.

X haka

We are missing Xhaka, players are missing Xhaka, Mick is missing Xhaka.
Just admit it.

Levekusen immediately top of German league , with him in there, albeit early doors.


If you’re still wondering why I liked Xhaka so much, you need have a look at what we have right now and tell me we don’t miss that player that man had no time for.
We are weaker this season relative to last year

Nobody bullied Xhaka and he always stood up for his team mates, now Spurs can come to our stadium and bully us for the last 65 minutes of the game. Xhaka’s replacement went one to one with Pape Sarr and ended up on his arse. That what the post-Xhaka Arsenal looks like.


Also hearing Edu is chatting up Ollie Watkins agents about a move to Arsenal in January. How the Legrove feel about this move ?

I didn’t really fancy the player until Emery joined Villa. And even now I only might kinda sorta take him.


Not claiming he was cesc with the ball but I’d have loved him vs spurs on Sunday and certainly felt he was far better than he was given credit for by the usual know nothings that frequent this site



If Jesus was as robust as xakha I think we’d have won the league last season

McBright is Wright

Honestly the sudden Xhaka love is baffling to say the least. That’s why I don’t join the band-wagon of players negetive much. Yes, we call them out for obvious avoidable mistakes like jorginho vs spurs; Zinc vs Fulham; Harverts vs Man U…
Tom…The Havertz Reclamation Project’ ( lolz to that ) isn’t that over stretching the Haverts conundrum?
What I find unravelling, however, is that we are punished 90% of our indigenous mistakes and we hardly ever do the same at the other end.

Mikel Coneteta

“Jesus is not a “great” CF for any side in the top 6. He a great player that can put in excellent performances anywhere in the front line but won’t score you enough goals to be considered a great CF.“ He’s a great CF. He’s a player that will get you 15-20 league goals and another 10 assists as a CF. He starts for every team outside City at CF. “You love setting up the argument as Jesus vs Eddie, which is a disingenuous interpretation of what’s being discussed.“ There is no Jesus vs Eddie, that’s in your head. The… Read more »


Come on now
We’ve dominated opposition midfields with Rice bossing the centre of the park
It’s the mistakes in either box that’s cost us v Fulham and spurs

Guns of SF

xhaka and his adamantium skeleton.
weighed him down but be never broke down!

Guns of SF

Ivan T rumors all over the click bait now.


Eddie is a backup who can be moved out anytime. Just sign a proper striker and he’ll pack his bags and leave. His England invite will help to sell him.
When we sign a proper striker, Jesus can deploy his world class skill set on the wings like he did at city. He’ll do nicely as a back up #9 when a proper number 9 comes in.
A proper #9 doesn’t shank that ball into the sky on Sunday.



That’s a great point and I would think could have given us more control of the ball while adding a solid ball playing defender who’s more switched on than zinchenko off the ball


Arteta on Saka:
He was limping quite badly after the match. We had to get him off the field.

Took literally 5 minutes before they took him off.

Mikel Coneteta


Who/what is a “proper 9”?

I want names, because it’s dead easy to poke holes in Jesus time after time (god knows it’s your hobby).


If we’re missing Xhaka it’s purely down to them not replacing Xhaka or replacing him with Havertz which is the same thing.

If we had brought in Tonali or Gravenberch or Barella or Guimaraes back in the day we wouldn’t have idiots pining for Xhaka.


Un “Diss Come on now We’ve dominated opposition midfields with Rice bossing the centre of the park It’s the mistakes in either box that’s cost us v Fulham and spurs” Have you seen our big chance creation this season? Opta defines BCC as “”A situation where a player should reasonably be expected to score, usually in a one on one scenario or from very close range when the ball has a clear path to goal and there is low to moderate pressure on the shooter” We are number 15 on the official premier league webpage. I kid you not… Read more »


No idea how so much is expected from a striker at arsenal. Right from the Henry days we have always had our strikers drop deep and bring the ball forward. Eddie can hardly go 5 yards forward without tripping over his own foot. He’s a fox in the box type player who is not suited to the way arteta wants to play. Is that his fault? Not really but if he wants to play in artetas team that’s what’s expected of him. Nothing to do with expecting too much from the striker. Its what the manager expects.


In saying that he’s doing well at Leverkusen and fair play to him. Last season Frankfurt were a great watch in the bundesliga and this season it’s Leverkusen. That Boniface lad is doing well and look out for my boy Wirtz who’s proving people who say a player never returns the same after an acl injury.

Luteo Guenreira

Toney helps if he replaces Eddie…maybe. But the idea in general that Ivan Toney is going to come in 3 months time and improve us dramatically or change our entire dynamic is very, very hopeful. Toney is not better than Jesus. Which means he’ll be a backup. The plan should never be relying heavily on a backup striker to win you the season. And Brentford won’t take Eddie anyway, he’d become their highest paid player by a margin instantly and I’m not sure he moves the needle for them that much over Toney. I got no problems with the gambling… Read more »


Un, I did watch it. No idea how good PSV are but their value is 1/6 of ours. I would expect us to outplay any team that “cheap”, especially at home and when they try playing open style football which plays right into our strengths. Diss, no digging out Xhaka on my part, just making light fun of the fact he rarely if ever apologized for his brain farts, like taking down players for pens at the death costing us points. Players routinely apologize for glaring mistakes you seem to think as sign of weakness, especially with the advent of… Read more »


Mikel I gave you a name when you asked me in the spring; Ivan Toney. He scores all types of goals, is dominant in the air, deft with both feet, holds up the ball properly, occupies 1-2 central defenders at a time and is also very good with set pieces. He’s worked to prove himself at every level he’s been tested, so I don’t have fears he won’t make the step-up to Arsenal. You set the bar very high for any striker to come in ahad of Jesus and no doubt will be quick to punch holes in whatever player… Read more »

Guns of SF

Gons, It was Mike who kept Eddie on for about 45mins too long. that game was such a stinker, that the tabloids are running crazy now with Ivan T rumors. Id take Ivan T any day. An imposing figure with a great athletic profile. I dont give a toss about his gambling punishment. Does not mean anything when on the pitch. Our best teams have had strikers who occupy CBs and create space for others and can score fairly regularly. Most have been good with header goals. If Ivan can do that, great. Otherwise, we keep looking. Jesus is a… Read more »


Just watched the whole game on and it was indeed pretty painful!. lots of running around snapping at ankles but little cohesion. Losing Trossard to a training muscle sprain may have cost us the win as Jesus on the left huffed and puffed but achieved little. How ESR did not replace Saka around the 80th minute who was down to walking pace by then is crazy. When ESR came on his trade mark dynamism on the ball lifted us immediately. Pierre has been giving Ode a lot of criticism part justified, but not a word from him on Vierra… Read more »


Xhaka was a disaster as a defensive mid. No getting around that. Once we moved him into a box to box, he came more into his element. Which was smart diagonal passes, positional awareness, and good with headed balls.


No veteran player should need as much consolation as Joghino required. It spread panic in the team.
Had it been a 19 year old making his first start for Arsenal, then by all means console him but Joghino;’s reaction after the goal wasn’t very good for team morale.
He’s there as the leader and doesn’t need to do the whole 9 yards of “I’m disappointed”.

Luteo Guenreira

Ideally you bring in a clinical striker that’s better than Jesus and Jesus is our backup striker/extra nice rotation player that can play across the front 3 and spell the other wingers without much drop in quality. Havertz at this rate will end up being that kind of rotation player in the attack, and maybe he’s more effective there but that’s not what he was brought in for so can’t really be excited about that. It would have been nice to identify a proper midfielder for the left 8 to start with, even if Kai comes good at this point… Read more »

McBright is Wright

Wow…just Wow! Since when is spinning, pinning, raving about the exploits our players, or should I say our ex-player, idiotic?
God the rate at which abusive terms are deployed on the site is alarming.
We’re just having fun man, don’t ruin it.
Too much edginess is a direct result of suppressed anxiety, which are symptoms of trophylis-fobia.


We have Raya, so why not get the partner in his duo.

We will have two completely different ways of playing.

To make it easy for many to transit through the Kubler Ross stages of Jesus grief. Ivan Toney won’t come to replace Jesus – he will give us another totally different dimension of attack..


You claimed we are getting bullied
This is not the case
We created enough chances is any game
This season to win. We have met found out forever yet while we adapt to a new tactical setup
Are we a little slack at the sharp end? Undoubtedly
Are we being bullied

Luteo Guenreira

“It spread panic in the team.”

Amazing how someone can sense the inner feelings and thoughts of 10 foreign individuals without even knowing or talking to them. Yes I’m sure Gabriel and Saliba started panicking because they could tell Jorginho was sad.


Did we play like we believed we could win the game after the Jorginho mistake?
Head dropped and opposition got better. You really are argionung that some types of goals conceded don’t change games.

You don’t need to do a Rorschach on 10 individual players to see that we played like twitchy mental midgets afterwards.


.Toney isnt a back up though. Do you think Jesus can play 40-50 games a season the way he plays? Toney slots right into the 9 position while Jesus vacates the wings like he did at City.

The better word is rotation



I’d say they are a better side than Everton or Forrest yet we laboured
We combined the two vs psv (who beat us last year) and all of a sudden our attack clicks


There’s a contradiction in Arteta’s comments. On the one hand, ‘we’re missing chances to score’ and on the other, ‘we’re not looking for a striker’. A striker scores goals, that’s what he’s there for. A knack for scoring is the most valued attribute in a player. That’s why Eddie is such a disappointment, he has that knack. So why isn’t he scoring? Well he is, but not enough. The reason could be his knack is buried under too much tactical talk. For all the tactical talk, Arsenal would’ve gotten nowhere without Saka’s innate virtuosity. And Pep, regarded as the prime… Read more »


Diss, imagine Jorginho having no reaction and fans getting on his back for not caring enough.

After all , as many seem to believe, this was the most important game of the season bar none.

I suppose it’s up for a debate how much emotional support after a blunder is too much.
Personally, I draw a line at Elneny coming on, hugging him and kissing him on the forehead.


Jorgi was dispossessed twice inside of 10 minutes.

It surely must have made those around him a bit nervous.



Kind of why last season was so interesting regarding goals in league w/
Martinelli 15
Saka 15
Ødegaard 14
Jesus 11
Xhaka 7

You look back at the Invincibles it was all Henry w/ Pires maybe halving his total in league rest were all well under that. This side has many avenues as Ronay said in his piece yesterday Arsenal are very close.

Mikel Coneteta

Dissenter Non-penalty goals last season: Toney scored 14 in 33 games. Jesus scored 10 in 24 games. Toney isn’t “better” than Jesus as a CF at all, but he’s a big upgrade on Eddie which is where the gains would happen. Unless you’re applying a Brentford tax (which is dubious at best considering all factors), then I’m not sure what you’re basing this assessment on. Beyond that, this concept of a “backup” makes no sense when we’ve just brought in a GK of similar ability to Ramsdale who was in the TOTS last season. It’s evident we have/want competition for… Read more »


am i the only one who thought evan ferguson was duncan’s kid?


JWL AND Raptora, I generally agree with a number of your positions but couldn’t disagree more with the stats you posted there. For starters it’s not apples to apples. You can’t make a comparison when the games are not against common opponents or equal in number. It doesn’t also take in consideration nuances like missing star players via suspension or injuries nor does it factor in circumstances around the game in question. For instance if Eddie started in a dead rubber Europa league game, you cannot compare it to Jesus starting on the road against Liverpool or City. Sorry those… Read more »


better word is rotation

Yeah the manager doesn’t like that


Raya is not here to provide competition to Ramsdale. He’s here to take his place. Unless you think both of them will be our players this time next season?

If Toney comes (I doubt it), he’ll be looking to take Jesus’ place so probably Martinelli will end up the victim of the merry-go-round. Or Jesus will leave if he becomes what he was at City when we bought him.

Unless Toney is content in starting 15 games per season (a possibility).

Luteo Guenreira

“You don’t need to do a Rorschach on 10 individual players to see that we played like twitchy mental midgets afterwards.” There are a number of factors to consider that could have affected the output and mentality of the players on both sides. No doubt they didn’t play well in the 2nd half, no one was questioning that. What was being questioned is your certainty that Jorginho’s reaction collectively affected everyone on our team the same way and was the main reason we didn’t play well afterward. Cause being to be certain about something like that sounds either pretty fucking… Read more »


Then I’ll settle for pretty fucking amazing, thank you.


FFS i mixed Saka and Øde league totals up… Pierre will be pleased.

Luteo Guenreira

“Toney isnt a back up though.”

Ooof. So we’re expecting Brentford’s CF to come in and win us the league? Someone mentioned Benteke the other day….

I’d love it if he could come in and do that. But it just feel like that’s a lot to ask from Ivan Toney.

Luteo Guenreira

“Then I’ll settle for pretty fucking amazing, thank you.”

Sure. In all transparency, I was leaning heavily the other way.



We aren’t winning the league. Even if Osimhen came in. We don’t have the mentality yet to match City.


Can we just stop this madness about Xhaka? If we had replaced him Dani Olmo, Szobolai, Mmo Qudus or even Maddison nobody will be talking about him. Blame Arteta for creating a bigger problem when providence gave him the opportunity to easily solve one.

Ernest Reed

Apparently Saka is a doubt for Arsenal against Brentwood? I would have to state the obvious that if Arteta even considers suiting him up, let alone playing him tomorrow, you have your real problem at Arsenal – a Manager whose man-management skills continue to require serious questioning.

There is a reason why the infirmary is piling up with casualties and it lies with the guy who still thinks that players should be capable playing every single game.

Mikel Coneteta

Raptora Remains to be seen what the GK setup is like next season, but clear as day this season we’ve two comparable level keepers in a position historically hierarchical. That alone makes ideas of “backup” strikers pretty farcical, and with Arsenal expecting to compete in 60 games this season an even split would still see 30 starts a piece for each of the duos competing across all positions – nvm the fact an elite player has no desire for promised game time. Especially one who would be making the move from Brentford to Arsenal. Point is simple. Arsenal want players… Read more »

Ernest Reed

“We aren’t winning the league.‘

That was obvious the moment that the brain-trust decided that Kai Havertz was worth more than a punt.

Luteo Guenreira

“We aren’t winning the league. Even if Osimhen came in. We don’t have the mentality yet to match City.”

Not that I disagree, but it would help? My main point is, Jesus is great for us despite the fact that he can’t finish at the clip we want, but at the same time how many CFs in the world are going to come in and be better than him?


How many of the kids start tomorrow..

Ethan… deffo
Edwards maybe…


Un, any EPL side will be a tougher proposition than PSV due to their physicality preached to them by managers and tolerated by domestic refs.


Ivan Toney is not the answer going forward.
There are only a small handful of top top strikers about.
Maybe the answer will have to come from within.
Eddie is good but only a 1/5 conversion rate



They beat us last season….


Mikel I’m basing my assessment of Toney on the Brentford Tax. He’s playing for a well run club that can only succeed by punching above their weight. Arsenal have better players and of course Toney is going to get more chances to score. I suspect Jesus will do better playing next to Tonet because he will have more space to run into; Toney occupies central defenders and typically wins his duels We have players like Martinelli and Trossard that share some of the attributes Jesus but we really don’t have anyone that can truly play like Toney does. I’m not… Read more »


Ernest, City won the league last season while prioritizing the CL for portions of the season.
Whoever thought we could win the league this season while back in the CL for the first time under Arteta was dreaming , Havertz or no Havertz.

Squad rotation is Arteta’s Achilles heel, whether you believe our bench is up to scratch or not.

I said at the season’s start runners up again would be a great achievement if coupled with a better than decent CL showing.


Mikel C “He’s a great CF. He’s a player that will get you 15-20 league goals and another 10 assists as a CF. He starts for every team outside City at CF.” Thing is he never has scored even 15 league goals in a season, even at City when they were banging in 106 goals one year. If you take his goals per game in the PL for us and City even if he played every game he’d get 14. So it’s possible, but not likely. Also it’s hardly surprising that we struggled to score from open play when in… Read more »


Un, on their home patch with our starting XL that included Tierney , Holding , Tomiyasu in back four, Sambi in mid, with Eddie leading the line.
Earth shattering line up this was not


Ernest mate really hope we can beat BRENTWOOD as they are in the ESSEX SENIOR LEAGUE 🤣


Difficult to compare Jesus at City to Arsenal, he typically lined up out wide with Aguero getting more of the golden chances.

I agree with Coneteda if Jesus stays fit he’ll score 15-20 this season in the prem, if we can get similar output from others to last season thats enough goals to carry us over line and exceed last season’s point total.

Where that leaves us in the bigger picture is anyones guess. But City and Liverpool are certainly revvved up.

Guns of SF

I like Jesus, he creates chaos, moves the ball very well, is physical, has an attitude, and does not stop moving during games. Its like holding the turbo button down when he plays. He plays with intensity. Mike taking him off and leaving Eddie was a real head scratcher. IF anyone had a chance to create a goal, or score it was likely him. We were out of bullets in the last 20 mins of the game. But it only takes one chance so you never know. Toney and Jesus would be formidable together. Both are take no prisoner players.… Read more »


Saka injured.


The same recalcitrance that gets stirred up when the Jesus conundrum comes up, from good people, I may add. I’m not personally attacking anyone here. If I was getting a second striker, it will be someone as dissimilar to Jesus as possible because there’s no point getting a Jesus lite, which unfortunately is what Eddie has become. I suspect it will be hard to even sign another striker because any quality striker will seek assurances from Arteta that they aren’t coming to waste away at Arsenal because Jesus is deemed undroppable. Last season when the attack was firing on all… Read more »


Whatever imaginary injury Saka thinks he has, I’m sure with a bit of effort he should be able to run it off.


“Whatever imaginary injury Saka thinks he has, I’m sure with a bit of effort he should be able to run it off.”

Do you think that on a human level, players may quietly rebel against not being timely subbed off when they are evidently crocked even when the manager has unused subs and a good bench to pick from.

If I were a player, that would grate me. I’ll just sit down and not get up until they carry me off.

Ernest Reed

“ There are only a small handful of top top strikers about.
Maybe the answer will have to come from within.”

Hate to say this but…You just sold your most likely natural Striker who, although young and relatively inexperienced, would have been the most likely candidate to fit the bill.

Luteo Guenreira

“I’ll just sit down and not get up until they carry me off.”

Dissenter taking a page out of my 2 year old son’s playbook. Diss when did you become this catty? Meow.

Ernest Reed

“ Squad rotation is Arteta’s Achilles heel, whether you believe our bench is up to scratch or not.‘

That’s called hitting the nail on the head with a sledgehammer!


Diss, in short, no.
Players will go above and beyond to make themselves available for selection, even if hinting at carrying a knock.

For a player like Rice to decide he wasn’t up to it at half time, he must’ve been in a lot of discomfort.

Luteo Guenreira

“Do you think that on a human level, players may quietly rebel against not being timely subbed off ”

I think it would depend on how Jorginho feels about it.

Ernest Reed

“ For a player like Rice to decide he wasn’t up to it at half time, he must’ve been in a lot of discomfort.‘

And for a manager to openly question the action is far more concerning than the injury itself.

Not going to deviate from my own script, Arteta has serious problems/challenges with squad rotation. Simply put, he appears to have little clue on what it actually is.

Guns of SF

The Saka injury was a long time coming.
Fella is just being played into the ground. Sad for him.
No coincidence we have players dropping like flies in the team. Something aint right.
Uber training sessions maybe?

Now maybe Reiss and ESR feature more. So hope the lads can make the most of this

Ernest Reed

It bears reminding that during a NLD, Partey came up lame and said Manager pushed him back on to the pitch and expected him to work through his injury. That’s not stupid, that’s insane behaviour.


Sambi injured and will be out of action for a couple of months… That hits deep.

Mikel Coneteta

Did nobody catch Arteta’s comments in this afternoons press conference about strikers? He said: “”I think it’s (traditional 9) coming back. There are a few players and when you look at Kane, you look at Haaland, you look at Hojlund, you look at Ivan Toney, you look at Mitrovic. There are a lot of examples of players that score a lot of goals.” Also, I’m being really lazy with this one, idk how verifiable these are but this tweet is doing the rounds about Toney and his career numbers: Ivan Toney Career Stats: G = goals A = assists EPL… Read more »

X haka

So in summary.
All our good players are nursing injuries and Havertz is not.

Maybe if he ran about a bit , he might get one as well
Farcical , and we are clearly missing the doctor and Xhaka.
He never got injured.


Tomorrow kind of ideal moment for Carlinbau fixture to take a roll at a new MF configuration which is clearly reason we’re not touching last season levels in certain areas and our front line is languishing.

With that give me Havertz in the front 3 to make sure he’s not implemented into that.


“Non-penalty goals last season:
Toney scored 14 in 33 games.
Jesus scored 10 in 24 games.”

Eddie 24 goals in the 45 games he’s started since coming back from loan.

You do the maths


Premier league goals, not goals in all comps


Arsenal will closely monitor Declan Rice’s back injury as medics look to establish whether the problem is connected to other areas of his body.

Initial tests have provided Arsenal with confidence that Rice will not be a long-term absentee – although the pain in the England international’s back is understood to have worsened so much on Sunday night that it was restricting his movement.

Rice will be unavailable for Wednesday’s Carabao Cup tie versus Brentford as he continues his recovery from the problem that has left him suffering back spasms.


I’m very concerned about the build up of injuries.


Didn’t Saliba do his back in?


“Premier league goals, not goals in all comps”

Premier league
Eddie 16 non penalty goals goals in 33 premier league starts.

Toney 21 non penalty goals in 63 premiet league starts

Jesus 11 non penalty goals for Arsenal in 25 starts.

Unless I’m mistaken Eddie still has the best goal per game ratio …..

Nigel Tufnel

Dissenter, You’ve been around legrove long enough to get the Benteke comment I brought up. You don’t remember? He was going to be the big answer to all our scoring problems, now it’s Toney. Toney is not nearly as good as Grovers dream. It’s been the same with Aouar, Schneiderlin,… remember when Edouard scored 1 goal and grovers were screaming we missed out lol! Toney goals and assists (per minutes played) are well below Jesus, and he was the absolute focus of the other 10 players on the pitch with him. Eddie is a very good second choice, and doesn’t… Read more »


I’ll help you out Pierre, last season if you take Eddy’s 4 premier league goals and add them with Jesus’s 11 you get to Ødegaards total of 15.

Keep that in mind when the urge to constantly slander consumes you. It’s getting that tedious.


What those figures tell me is that Eddie will find the net more regularly than Toney and Jesus if given the opportunities and if our creative midfield Layers do what they are paid to do …..Create big chances for the strikers.

I’m not implying that Eddie is a better player than either jesus and Toney ، just that calling him shit as many have done over the last 2 days is ridiculous.


“Keep that in mind when the urge to constantly slander consumes you. It’s getting that tedious.”

I think you’ll find the slander aimed at Eddie is many times worse than anything I’ve said about Odegaard ، which is to basically point out that this season he has not created one big chance with zero assists and his only really influential game was against PSV.