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A draw in the North London Derby is never a bad day out, but this one stings and feels a little like a loss. Dramatic? Maybe. We’ve gotten so used to dishing out home beatings to Spurs it’s become expected we’ll put them to the sword. But it wasn’t to be. The result, upon reflection, wasn’t far off fair and the blame for the dropped points fell squarely on Arsenal again.

We didn’t kill Spurs when we had a gluttony of chances.

We didn’t defend well enough at home, again.

Arteta didn’t have his best day out if I’m totally honest. Pre-game, we found out that we’d lost another key player to another soft tissue injury. Leandro Trossard limped out of training with a minor hamstring problem, it’s not going to be a monster layoff, but the fact he tweaked something isn’t good – because as you’ll know if you’ve read here for the last 16 years > soft tissue injuries are preventable because they’re usually attributed to fatigue / overtired players.

Thomas Partey (groin at training)

Martinelli (hamstring in the first half)

Trossard (hamstring in training)

Declan Rice (back tweak during game)

One of my biggest fears when we earned Champions League was how Mikel Arteta would handle three games a week. We know he likes to train like an absolute brute, he’s on record multiple times talking about the expectations he has on players to essentially man up and get on with the demands of the game. Well, that’s all well and good until you start getting injuries to key players inside 10 games.

Our players did not look up to the physical challenge, particularly in the second half. Eddie Nketiah, who had a horrible game, looked like he was running through treacle for the full 90 he was on the pitch. You can caveat that with ‘Spurs didn’t have a European game’, but for me, it’s deeper than that because of the injuries. We’re a very young squad, players have been signed for their robustness, and they are dropping like flies.

Declan Rice coming off at halftime also felt like a bit of a warning sign. This is one of the most robust players in the league, he played for West Ham who don’t tolerate wet lettuce behavior, yet he’s asking to be taken off at halftime in a derby game.

“He had some discomfort in his back,”

“He was telling us during the first half that he was uncomfortable and when we assessed him at half-time he could not continue, so we had to change him.”

“Hopefully not. We have to assess him. It’s strange when a player like him asks to come off because he’s uncomfortable. Hopefully not, but let’s see.”

People think I’m reading too deeply into this comment, but I promise you, this isn’t a concerned manager comment. This is Arteta thinking it’s odd that a player who merely has ‘discomfort’ would ask to come off at halftime. I will put money on it Rice is ok and this comment was directly aimed at him – not us. The manager expects everyone to be like Ben White, a player who’d be embarrassed to ask for a stitch if he’d cut his leg off in war, before demanding to be let onto the pitch. The problem is Arteta doesn’t really have empathy skills – we’d call him empathy-divergent in New York HR circles. We all love that in some moments, but the manager is getting a bit of a rep for being cold. There are memes going around that Arteta is going to get a second team dog to keep Win on his paws – it’s all good banter right now, but look at EtH getting beasted at United as players turn against his harsh ways.

Onto the game – it felt like an exaggeration of the problems we had last season. In the first half, we absolutely battered Spurs. We pressed them well, we set traps, the traps turned into chances, and boy did we have some chances.

Gabi Jesus struck across goal from the back post and was well denied by Vicario

Eddie sniffed out a chance but instead of cutting back to Vieira he shot and it was saved

Gabriel Jesus picked Madders pocket through the middle, powered into the area and blazed the ball over

We weren’t calm when making the final action and we only ended the half with one goal instead of 3.

To make matters worse, we had a bit of a team calamity before the half ended allowing Spurs to level.

David Raya was too short to catch a looping chip to his back post, he scooped the ball into the path of Son, Son shot and it was saved. Maddison picked up the ball, Saka lunged and missed, he was turned, the #8 powered into the area, found Son… bang. One chance. One goal.

Arsenal didn’t really arrive for the second half despite changing Rice for Jorginho and Vieira for Havertz. We did get a penalty, Romero handballing a Ben White shot. Saka scored with a simple down-the-middle strike.

It wasn’t enough though. Before I could even type DON’T DO ANYTHING DUMB we had performed a remarkable piece of jawdropping dumb. Jorginho, one of our most ball-secure players, was isolated as the last man in defence. He dithered, turned, Madders took the ball away from him, charged at goal, laid in Son, and the rest is history.

The game finished 2 apiece and that was probably fair considering some of the chances Spurs missed.

We deserved what we got. 2-2 isn’t a shocking result in an NLD. But it should feel like 2 points dropped considering how well we did in the opening 35 minutes.

Some concluding points…

Arsenal lack blood lust – when there’s hemoglobin in the water, we’re like a captive goldfish… not one of those killer orcas out in the wild fucking up small fishing boats whilst killing sharks as a side hustle. Part of that is a lack of experience – part of that might be a talent issue.  We’ve tried plenty of options, but it still doesn’t feel title winning. We’re a 90+ goal a season team – but the problem right now is where and when those goals come. In a North London derby, they’ve got to come early, so you don’t get stung. Against Fulham, the same thing, if you miss big chances, you leave the game open.

City don’t really do that – they kill. Because they have an ocean monster upfront.

I don’t like the aggressive slander of Eddie. He had a bad game, sure. There’s no defending the decision he took early on in the game. It was selfish. But this is a player who was legitimately keeping out Gabi J a week ago / landed an England call-up. There’s no player in the team that falls from grace quicker – and that’s really unfair for a striker that is a rotation option. Still, he has to raise his game and keep up the pressure with goals when he gets the chance. He wasn’t really a threat today despite it being a really open game.

Arsenal needs a different type of striker at some point and I hope it’s someone like Ivan Toney. We need someone that can occupy defenders, hold the ball up, offer an aerial threat we don’t have, and give us a bit of nasty up top. There’s no way Arsenal will not compete for his signature in January, especially considering him purring at us on that podcast, and the fact he’ll be reasonably priced due to the 18 months left on his deal.

Defensively, we have a problem at home. Players switch off. We do silly things. We concede a lot of goals. It can’t be the atmosphere, but it’s something Arteta is going to have to get to grips with. You shouldn’t need to score 3 goals to win at home. But that’s how it feels at the moment.

David Raya is clearly the new Arsenal #1, but based on what he offered today, it didn’t feel like an upgrade on Aaron Ramsdale. It just felt like more of the same. Arteta made a big decision to ruffle the squad feathers with a move for a new keeper, it made sense, but we need to see a better offering than the one we saw against Spurs. The kicking was the bit that wasn’t clicking for me. 66% pass completion wasn’t great, it was at about 50% at around 60 minutes. We didn’t upgrade for that type of output. The goal wasn’t his fault, but in the first phase, when he scooped into danger, it’s hard not to apportion that as a mistake. Arteta said he was going to rotate keepers this season – will Aaron get into the Bournemouth game if he has a worldie against Brentford? Doubt it. Arteta knows a keeper needs 20 games to settle – but he better hope that was a blip, because Aaron’s career didn’t die for that performance today.

There is a tendency to go off at the deep end after every result that isn’t perfect. Kai Havertz seems to bear the load after any sort of issue. He’ll come good. It’s a struggle to see it at the moment, but there’s too much ability in there for him not to click. The thing that’s missing is output in the final third. The rest of his game is great. But fans don’t want to have to tune into a tactico nerd blog post to find out if a player had a good game. They want to see incisive passes and shots on target. Kai isn’t giving that to us right now so the doom merchants are calling time on him like they have done nearly every player in our squad.

Perspective FC has us one point worse off than where we were last season. There’s a lot of change going off in our squad and there are a lot of games left to play. A draw against Spurs doesn’t feel sexy, but the most important thing was not to lose. We have two games to get back into shape. Brentford will be one for the fringe players, then we have Bournemouth away, Lens away in the CL, followed by City at home. Worth noting that City has 4 away games in a row… we’ll be the 4th.

We should have a decent squad to choose from for that game. So don’t get too upset about players missing. No one will be out for a serious amount of time. The City game should be our best players against there best players.

Ok, short one today, get on the latest podcast.

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5th place which is where we are


“Worth noting that City has 4 away games in a row… we’ll be the 4th.”

I remember a whole series of similarly bullish comments from Pedro about City’s fixtures prior to the away game last season and look how that worked out.


Nice post Pedro, overall. I feel it is really concerning that players drop like flies so soon in the season. Arteta needs to re-assess himself on his training regime. But will he? “Part of that is a lack of experience – part of that might be a talent issue.” I don’t buy this. Players should have some experience now to handle such situations after 3- 4 seasons playing together. And if its a talent issue that is an even bigger issue as the team is essentially Arteta’s now. And if Ivan Toney wants to join us then get him ASAP,… Read more »


Everyone getting on the Ivan Toney bandwagon now. Been calling for him for ages.

Did everyone forget the Udogie handball too? That looked more deliberate than anything. And could of been given.


Arsenal needs a different type of striker at some point and I hope it’s someone like Ivan Toney. “

No idea what people see in Toney. Anyone dumb enough to gamble over 200 times while being a football player is dumb as rocks and should be a major red flag.


Keeping the ball in the final third is key. The players could not get the ball into the opposing half sue to losing the ball often. The talent is obvious, fine tuning is necessary to get the results.



I suppose you would say the same about Paqueta as well then?

Talent alone he’s worth a punt. Paqueta will be a City player most probably in January same applies to him.


Kai Havertz seems to bear the load after any sort of issue. He’ll come good“

Based on? His coming good in any of the 3 seasons he had at Chelsea? The guy is what he is at this point.

Guns of Hackney

The league doesn’t lie. 4 points behind city which will become 7 when they beat us. I don’t think that gap can be bridged and I believe our title challenge is already over.

11 goals in 6 games isn’t good enough. We do not carry enough threat.

Saka’s celebration was cringeworthy. That shit needs to stop.

Toney lolz. He’ll save us.


I suppose you would say the same about Paqueta as well then?“

Does he have over 200 offences? Has he officially been binned yet? Toney ticks both boxes.

Sorry but it’s amazing how people just ignore these red flags, we sign the player and then said player with red flags does red flag things and you’ll act shocked.

Toney better than Havertz? Yes. Is he still a beta? Yes.


Saka’s celebration was cringeworthy. That shit needs to stop.“

Yep, he’s low key annoying at times,


Lets say we get Ivan Toney but will he flourish under Arteta? Many Podcasters and expert say that Arteta wants his strikers to do a lot of work. He needs his striker to press, come deep when needed, vacate space for our wingers, create chances for others and take them when he gets himself. I can see only one who has ever done that and that’s Thierry Henry. Ivan toney may come but will Arteta change his tactics for Toney?


Tits you do know Toneys on a ban right now? He’s not murderer just an idiot. Does that change his footballing ability. NO. The problem with alot you guys is you always want squeaky clean players that have no bite about them.


Evan Ferguson is another name I’ve seen for potential new strikers.


Tits you do know Toneys on a ban right now? He’s not murderer just an idiot.“

Yea it’s the idiot part that gets me.

Imagine being a professional footballer and you’re so dumb you don’t realise you can’t bet/gamble ..
He’s either next level dumb or he’s got an addiction to gambling. Either way it’s a major red flag for me.



Ferguson would be too much at 100M

Guns of Hackney

Toney is about our level though and that’s scary.

As for the Havertz is a brilliant player yadda yadda…not one Chelsea fan was sad to see him go. He is shit.

As for Jorginho still being at the club.

Arsenal FC are still the same old club we’ve been for 20 years. Tired and directionless.


The same magical thinking over Kai – Mr McGee points out historical levels. Dissenter recently pointed out almost gas lighting on us – he is good you just can’t see it.
We are now past the games where his supposed brilliance will shine. This is a god awful signing. Unbalancing the squad and causing problems for The Hale End production line. If ESR goes we need to have a discussion on what we want to be. ESR basically saved Arteta’s arse. Look how he is being repaid!


Tits I respect your opinion but I want solutions to our attack and it’s not based on what a players done in the past. We need a bruiser that can actually with duals and link play. Saka will not last the whole season every game so we need a Jesus on the right covering that flank and Toney type up top.


I think so too, Samesong, but fans have been talking about him for months. See where Ferguson is in 2/3 yrs before I would pay anything like £100 million.

Guns of Hackney

Our marquee signings are generally shite.

We’re not a big club so when we do big things it feels awkward and laboured. Not natural.

Kai is a legendarily bad signing. One for the ages.


Guns do just think about what bollocks comment can I make now?


Good post Pedro.
We definitely don’t feel like title challengers.
City are s ruthless war machine chock full of serious professionals, while our best players engage in real time childish banter, coppying international teammates goal celebrations for shits and giggles.
Maybe Saka should spend some time practicing one v one defending instead.

Josip Skoblar

Our players are breaking because of fatigue. But this is only the start of the season! There is something wrong with the training.


The funny thing is who made us title challengers? Rivals? Arsenal fans? Pundits?

Jim Furnell

How Havertz and Viera get the nod over ESR I do not know. It’s not Hale End bromance, he’s just a better footballer who saved Arteta’s arse and was a top scorer before he needed avoidable surgery thanks to Arteta’s stubborn insistence on overplaying players who need treatment, the kid was being injected before games, thought that shit went out in the 80″s


At some point Kroenke & Son will conclude that Arteta and his methods are too costly and bring no rewards and will get rid of him.

£155 million for Havertz over 5 years will go down in history as one of most idiotic footballing decisions ever


NOW will you give Ange the respect he deserves?

Look at his CV, how hard he’s worked, how much he’s learnt and how he knows how to get the best out of his players.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Josip Skoblar

“But fans don’t want to have to tune into a tactico nerd blog post to find out if a player had a good game. They want to see incisive passes and shots on target. Kai isn’t giving that to us right now so the doom merchants are calling time on him like they have done nearly every player in our squad.”

Sorry, Pedro, but that what makes the difference between a useful player and a great player.


Missing 3 key players and playing with players not suited to the PL did us no good yesterday, and
it looked to me Saka aggravated his achilles late in the game. Reiss came on but didn’t offer
anything. Mikel must take note


I’m not physiology person but I wonder if players can be too fit which makes them brittle. Like F1 cars are finely tuned, go fast, but tiniest things can also wreck the car, there must be a point where you exercising too much and it makes you weaker.

Guns of Hackney

Why didn’t we get Maddison? He was cheap, PL ready, 26 and a class act. Good player. But we got Dennis Bergkamp Mk II.

I’ve banged on and on about it but…we don’t have a proper forward. Eddie is shit. Jesus might get you 12 goals. Martinelli the same, maybe. It’s not the resume of a forward.

Josip Skoblar

Havertz is the new Pepe, except Pepe could score, shoot and dribble past opponents.


Sorry I have to break it to you Pedro, but atm we’re not passing neither an eye test, nor nerdy stats test.


The ESR legendary status aside ( the boy’s talent seems to grow bigger with every game he doesn’t feature in) but giving him 4 minutes to influence the game is beyond a joke.
He almost spent more time listening to Arteta’s instructions than implementing them.

X haka

Havertz , I am afraid is not coming good.
When did he actually win a MOTM or dominate a game for Chelsea?

He has been poor for at least a few seasons now ,so no coming back from him.

If they put him up for sale today?
Who would take him on his wages?

A club in Saudi?

Pre Havertz we were fluent but not any more as he offers nothing and we are actually playing with 10 men.

Jorginho does not make that mistake if Havertz is not on the pitch, sure of it.

A horrendous mistake by Mick.

Guns of Hackney

My man Vlahovic is looking very tasty this season. 4 in 5 and doing good things. Good in the air, big and strong. Two footed. That’s a player that occupies defences.

But no.


Last 2 prem games feels like we have played without a c/f Eddie is shit and not good enough, why do we have this habbit of conceding just before half time when were ahead? The game was full of errors and bad finishing and poor defending Saka and Jorginho has cost us.


Nketiah shd stop appearing in Pl games. He is not PL standard.

Jesus is a far far far better AM than a strikers. His fumbling in-front of goals is there to stay. He won’t improve from ehat he is now.

Havertz: need is say more? Sell him in January to any Saudi Pro club. This blunder of Arteta’s didn’t reverse. It won’t ever.



“there must be a point where you exercising too much and it makes you weaker”

That’s my excuse for not exercising enough 🙂


Yeah, we didn’t win yesterday when we had 2 offensive players injured in the whole squad, what’s the solution? Spend even more money this time for Toney. We cannot go to the market every time and shop at the high end so often. We should calm ourselves a little bit and think about it. We don’t wanna be Chavs. Even Pep barely makes changes to City. Foden has 25 games at CF ffs even in the CL aged 19 or 20. Arteta and Edu have formed a very solid squad. They’ve spent a lot of money on it. We can’t… Read more »


I’m just not seeing it with Havertz so far, it’s harsh to pick on him on the basis of just yesterday but people are going to be on to him Before he’s actually done anything wrong due to his fee, pushing other players out of the team and his perceived lack of quality//form at Chelsea.

We talk about Ramsdale being dropped but Havertz has already been dropped for a few games months into his Arsenal career which is strange for a near £70 million player.


Lol Vlahovic Batman chin. Didnt even want to come to Arsenal.

Ange will be found out soon. All this new manager bounce will come to an end soon. And spurs will be back to their level


Luckily Postecoglou wasn’t allowed to replace Spurs entire back line otherwise we might’ve ended up with no points.
Romero looks like Mr potato head( minus the mustache) and kinda plays like him too.


Havertz: what on earth went into Arteta’s head that made him buy Havertz? Was Arteta dreaming of turning Havertz into Son by some magic?


I think that tets bottled the game pretty hard.

Some of the players looked very tired. Especially ben white who was constantly reactive and late. And why do you put jesus on the left flank when you have smith rowe on the bench? And the second half changes allways come very very late.. i dont get it why he and tomiyasu dont get starts. Surely they are good enough?


“Jorginho does not make that mistake if Havertz is not on the pitch, sure of it.”

Nonsense, I think it’s Holding still making everyone nervous.


Don’t want to see Havertz in the team again. Fans are going after Havertz not because he has not scored, but because he hasn’t even made a SOT.
Mates, fans can find out quality even with just five touches in any game. Not a single touch of Havertz have been that of a confident man.


Confidence is what ESR produced with those 10 touches in the dying minutes. That’s what catches the eye of a fan. And, it sticks too.


6 Games in and were already “must win territory “An own goal and penalty we need to do a lot better.


Ramsdale will move to either Bayern or Chelsea and have a great career


Not sure anyone’s having a great career at Chelsea anytime soon!

We didn’t get the result we wanted yesterday but there’s plenty of room to laugh at Chelsea. Wonder if Todd’s trigger finger is itchy yet regarding Poch

Wicked Willy

People bemoaning our injuries should look at other clubs. Utd, Chelsea, City have all got substantial injury lists. This is not unique to Arsenal. The same people who were quick to pronounce Raya a goalkeeping god are now pronouncing him to be as ‘average’ as Ramsdale. Almost every comment is a snap judgement. I remain unconvinced how helpful that is. The only thing I took from yesterday’s game is that we have outgrown Eddie. However, for those creating themselves over Toney, he has a non-penalty xG of 68th percentile which is horrible. He is a significant downgrade on Jesus in… Read more »

Wicked Willy

*creaming themselves


I’ve said it before (a lot), and I will say it again. The Havertz signing was so bad you have to wonder if there was something shady going on. Why on earth would you pay £65m for a player and put him on over £200k a week when he had stunk out the place for the last 3 seasons and no other club was in for him!? I have no doubt he will go on to become our worst signing in modern times, way worse than Pepe who we have just taken a massive loss on getting rid of him.… Read more »

Tassos Davakis

Arsenal needs two things in order to make some progress , a new coach and a classic number 9 centre-forward , who can score goals !!

X haka

You mean De Zerbi and Ferguson.
Both of Brighton.

Love that.
And you are spot in.
Micks too attritional as a coach for me.


Usual pathetic comments after we don’t get 3 points



I think Arteta believes he can transform him into some superstar.

And this grates me quite a bit when we actually have a potential superstar waiting in the corridor, in the name of ESR, who badly, badly needs minutes, yet Arteta refuses to give them to him.

Just like Tom pointed out, giving him just 4 minutes to play yesterday is a real slap in his face. What is he supposed to do in those 4 minutes? Walk on water and walk it into the net?



100% Arteta see’s Havertz as an opportunity to show how smart he is. I would just love to know how he managed to get Josh to sign that one off. He must have some seriously impressive Powerpoint skills.

I am almost at the point where I would like to see ESR leave for his own benefit. He is getting no love whatsoever at Arsenal right now.


Partey’s injury record was impeccable before he joined us “Upon arriving in London, Partey had incredibly missed just six games and 29 days due to injuries throughout his entire career” was the way someone summed it up. Rice has been the most durable piece of carbohydrate since forever, the stick with which we beat Partey leading to some people asking us to flog one of the most dominant central midfielders in world football. Now 6 games in and he has a calf injury. We already know that Arteta’s in game management is pants. We also know that he’s not the… Read more »


Spare a though for ESR, making him come with 4 mins left in a Derby when he has been a star in earlier derbies scoring and assisting others. It gut wrenching to see how one of our academy player is being treated. Iam actually missing Granit a lot. I am really sorry Granit, my respect for you has increased manifold.


W willy “The only thing I took from yesterday’s game is that we have outgrown Eddie.” It was one game ، a couple of weeks ago he was considered good enough for an England squad that’s ranked 4th in world football. I would be more concerned with Odegaard’s performances in the league who we are supposedly building a team around. No big chances created this season No assists this season Very average performances in the league this season. Watch him for both tottenham goals and ask yourself what was the captain of our side doing. For their first goal he… Read more »


Pedro mentioned that Arteta is passing some message to Rice. Seriously already Arteta is talking to Rice through the press. That’s bizarre.


It was widely reported yesterday that Rice’s problem with a calf injury!?


“Arsenal needs two things in order to make some progress , a new coach and a classic number 9 centre-forward , who can score goals !!”

Jesus and Eddie missed a couple of chances yesterday that they created for themselves، other than that the creativity was not there ، so it is very difficult for a no.9 to score regularly if there are no big chances created from the midfield area، plus it should be taken into consideration that our wide players normally cut inside which again restricts the striker’s ability to score.



Deep down I know that you are right that ESR should consider leaving for his own good.

I just can’t bring myself to acknowledge or see this happening.

It will be a sad day for Arsenal if (when) this happens as they are missing out on an exceptional player.

Wicked Willy

Pierre You can’t seem to grasp the system we play, and how players either fit into it or not. I have never mugged Eddie off and nor will I ever do so. You mention his England call up, but fail to acknowledge he didn’t even make it off the bench. Talent wise he is borderline good enough. Attitude wise he is definitely at our level. Systems wise he’s not a good fit. In conclusion, we need to be ruthless and upgrade him. This is not based on one game. This is based on his entire contribution since Jesus went down… Read more »



I feel the same. At one point I believed he could become one of our best players and had potential to be better than Saka. Whether he still has that ceiling because of the injury I am not sure but you know you will always get 100% from him and he has the unpredictable ability to change a game.

I guess that same unpredictability is exactly what is keeping Arteta from playing him as he doesn’t fit ‘the system’.


Pierre – I agree with your assessment on Ode. Infact, there is a twitter account “nonethebog” who has been harping about since last year about how Ode limits our attacking and creative output and I finally conceded to him this season. Ode is too one dimensional. He is hard working, presses well, but his creativity lacks oomph. And him playing the position he plays in, means everything goes through him to Saka. He has had no assists this season. He always takes too long to turn. He always needs that extra touch on the ball. Look, he is very very… Read more »


I think it’s pretty obvious where we stand today:– we bought Jesus, he increased our level, but he’s a great “option” across your front line. He wasn’t and shouldn’t be someone leading your line as he has never demonstrated an ability to cross 20 goals for the season. Great signing, but it needed to be supplemented – instead we supplement Jesus with Eddie as a back up striker, and this is the same as having Sambi as a backup to TP. Just a very average, who does work hard, but doesn’t have the natural skill level to ever be good… Read more »

Rusty Shackleford

Still sticking with the Kai will come good shtick? How much proof do you need FFS? The guy is completely useless. A certified premier league flop. Worst buy in Arsenal history. Arteta did that.


Pierre straight onto Ode – shocker


Morning Grovers Good post Pedro, although I have to raise a couple of issues. We lost our grip on the match by bringing on Jorginho and Havertz. They’re not mobile or pacey enough and a draw or even loss was always on the cards from that point onwards. I will put my neck on the line for all to see and please use this against me if I’m wrong: Kai Havertz will never come good, he is an average player that we have wasted £65m on and trying to fit him in the team has unbalanced us and is blocking… Read more »


*shite, not spite.

Mikel Coneteta

The author writes like Arsenal are in a vacuum with injuries, this isn’t an Arsenal-thing. It’s a top level PL thing. Odd angle. On the subject of Toney, it’s known we were targeting him this summer until his ban. But he’s been reassured we want him in Jan, he wants us, and has changed agents to get a deal done. This was communicated with Brentford during the Raya deal, and both clubs will be looking to make a move happen in winter because they need decent money to replace. Only concern is with them being out of form they may… Read more »


Good post Pedro
I honestly don’t know how you have the energy to write positively with a sea of negative comments after we drop 2 points. I leave the comments section after a bad result (or even a draw in this situation) as opinion shifts to 70% of the players are now shit and Arteta is rubbish bla bla bla

One comment suggested our season is over. The only thing I can think is that it must be children writing such moronic comments

Mikel Coneteta

Spurs will finish above Arsenal…

Spot the troll.


Mikel, we’ve played six games only. Jeez you sound like a complete bottle job. If our players had your attitude and lack of courage/fight they’d finish mid table

Mikel Coneteta

Wardo what are you talking about?


For anyone moaning about “negative” comments after yesterday’g game, there was me after PSV game really looking forward to leave some very nice comment about how it seem that Arteta’s maturing into a serious manager, and all I can read is people already proclaiming us Champions League winners and Nigel telling everyone how stupid they are and how clever he is….now that’s deluded, I mean seriously deluded fanbase, at least here on LG.

Why I Gunna

Pedro, a few things.

FYI People who lack empathy are called psychopaths.

Kai with the volley challenge again.

I appreciate that for obvious reasons Arteta had to field his best 11 against PSV (first game back in the champions league etc etc) but I was binned here during the week for saying that we’d burn out for the weekend and that exactly what it looked like to me today. We were tired. Which really was the bigger game? I’m pretty sure we could have beaten PSV without playing so many first 11


Our fanbase is so deluded that it convinced itself we needed THREE SHIT seasons under Arteta to change things for the better, when any manager worth its salt can do it in one season, or less. But yeah, “enjoy the journey.”….


Is it possible that some of Odegaard’s limitations mentioned by Pierre and other are due to the way he is very left footed and plays mainly on the right side of the pitch close to Saka who is also very left footed. Yes this gives him the opportunity to get into good shooting positions but perhaps at the same time slows down and restricts his movements with the ball and type of deliveries into our CF’s compared to say an equivalent right footed player in the same position. I recall after a recent Norwegian game there was some comment that… Read more »


So, we are one point worse off than last season after 6 games and people are having a meltdown.

Lets give the season a chance guys.


A young team of top level footballers should not be burned out from playing on a Wednesday and Sunday at this stage of the season . The problem will be what they have done in-between games e.g. lack of recovery period, over training etc. .highlighting by the muscle injuries we are getting and Eddie apparently looking tired.


Eddie had 8 touches on the hour mark against one of the worst teams in the division in Everton, he contributed nothing yesterday a centre forward needs to do more and you can’t beat the striker is only as good as the chances are made for him. Eddie will never be good enough.


Pedro I think your right about Arteta and his disregard to players fatigue and overexertion. Think he learned this with Pep and how he demands a lot from his players although I don’t know if he does the same in training as Arteta does. With all the technology at disposal in London Conley you would imagine fatigue would be easily picked up and the player rested. He has used Saka even when he doesn’t need to, I think sometimes just to prove a point. I’m afraid he will not change his ways in this regard and it will definitely cost… Read more »


“We lost our grip on the match by bringing on Jorginho and Havertz.”

I’m not sure I agree with that ، I think we had already lost our grip on the match from about the half hour mark


I’m afraid the negative comments are almost inevitable when you are competing with a machine like City that thus far appears incapable of dropping points. It’s probably not fair. Our expectations have been raised and now we’re all feeling a bit entitled. I don’t know about mythologising Toney. We do seem to not have a big No9 for holding the ball up. They don’t necessarily have to be a 30 goal a season type. A Giroud would do, someone to battle defenders and lay it off for one of the many AMs to score. However if Toney’s the only player… Read more »


Good comment، but I can’t see Odegaard or saka changing positions.



Maddison plays inside left and is very right footed
I’d like to see Saka come to the left for a bit and Nelson or Jesus play right with Havertz up front
Just to see how it works as an alternative. Two wide men whipping balls into a guy capable of of killing high balls



Not everyone who Is a harsh Cunt in psychopath

Ernest Reed

Yesterday’s result lies squarely on one person, Arteta. You can fault the players all you want but ultimately they are a reflection of their manager and if I’m being honest, he had a howler performance.


We unfortunately just all have to admit that Eddie is not up to playing at this level at least not in our team. We all wanted desperately for him to succeed both because he is a Hale Ender and a nice guy, plus we were short of alternatives but it is not gong to happen.


Raya may be technically a better GK but I hope Ramsdale is back in goal. Arteta paid a lot for him, not so much for his technical skill as his inspirational quality. His enthusiasm is a tonic for the whole of the team. Which brings me to this: there was a blandness in yesterday’s team.Not just the absence of Ramsdale, but Xhaka and Tierney too. I guess that’s why Arteta paid a lot for Rice, to provide that inspirational quality. It was a team that lacked not prowess or skill, but inspiration. Inspiring players is the basis of Arteta’s method.… Read more »

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