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Arsenal welcomed themselves back into the Champions League with a backside blistering spanking of PSV. Their biggest in Champions League history. The performance was… very good.

The biggest shocker in the starting line-up was seeing David Raya on the teamsheet again. A lot of Ramsdalians collapsed on pub floors up and down the country knowing full well they’d been in my mentions and DMs telling me Raya was a passing phase. They’d been hoofing copium after he was dropped last week, knowing full well Rambo would at least get cup duties – wrong. Occam’s razor sliced their narrative with brutal precision – the simplest answer for Aaron not being in the team was always this: Arteta rates Raya over him. Though I have to say, I thought he’d give Rambo a soft landing, but it wasn’t to be.

We saw Kai back in the side, Eddie dropped out for Jesus, Trossard kept his place, and everything else was pretty strong.

Arsenal dominated from minute one until the end. We sliced PSV to pieces with beautiful build-up play that felt like choreographed chaos. The Dutch team weren’t equipped technically to deal with our talent on the ball and they couldn’t match our power.

I don’t want to explain each goal – but key facts:

Saka scored a goal and got an assist.

Trossard had another sublime finish, rekindling his pre-season form

Gabi Jesus celebrated his return to the starting 11 with another great goal

Martin Odegaard showed last season’s taste for long-range efforts was no fluke

There were lots of great individual performances. I know it’s not fashionable to say it, but Kai Havertz had a really strong game. His finishing right now absolutely stinks – it’s like watching Kaba Diawara out there – but his all-round game is getting sharper by the match and you can see the green shoots of a monster beanstalk in the making. The doutbers should get the jabs in the now, because I think claims that he’s going to be a huge waste of money will look very dated, very soon. He was good in midfield and offered a lot as a striker later in the game. Once that first big goal comes at Spurs, he’ll be up and running.

Declan Rice is just a total beast of a man. He showed his fangs last night, but also showcased his outrageous talents by pinning the midfield on his own like he’d been with us for 10 years. He has so much personality on the pitch. His range of passing and the accuracy is so sharp and I love the way he has a 6th sense for sniffing out danger. He was everywhere.

David Raya didn’t have a lot to do – but everyone in The AOP comments on Youtube said the same thing: he was great. He’s our new number one. He has an icey calmness about him the best keepers have. Some keepers want to be noticed – others don’t. Raya wants to be the Spanish iceman. He brings tranquilo to every moment, collecting crosses with no drama, picking out 70-yard passes in his stride, and making neat work of the basics. The eye-test shows you all you need to know about why Ramsdale is where he is at the moment. Even the little tactical talk Arteta gave him after the first goal told a story. What we really haven’t seen yet is a BIG game. No doubt he starts against Spurs and there will be more to deal with that he’s had in his first two games. Two clean sheets though – not bad.

Benny Blanco put in a dogged performance. He covered a lot of ground and did a lot of dirty work. He’s in an interesting space, because part of you think he might have been sitting next to Rambo right now if Timber had stayed fit… but part of you also wonders if that might have been Zinchenko? Whatever the future state is – it’s hard to imagine a world without Benny Blanco in our starting 11. He has so much character and offers 110 percenters every game.

I also want to just say that I think William Saliba is going to end this season with no doubt that he’s the best centre-back in the world. The man has too much sauce. Did you see some of the showboating today? Disgusting.

Hard to say we learned too much today – we played a weak European side and battered them at home. No one is engraing the Champions League trophy with your name after that. What you can say is we’re taking it seriously, every player wants to step up, and other clubs will be taking notice.

Final point – the crowd was great. Particularly with Havertz after a few of his misses. Arsenal are better when the crowd is with them. They’ll be needed this Sunday for the Spurs game. I can’t wait.

Ok, hit up the latest podcast. x

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We’re beginning to understand just how ruthless Arteta is. Dropping Ramsdale is an example. Thierry probably has it right – Ramsdale supplied the enthusiasm required for a top 4 place. Leno didn’t. And now with titles and trophies in mind, it’s Ramsdale’s turn to give way.

This is a long-term process, and favourites moving on is integral.


You really think he’s learned the position already

The position he’s played most of his career? Yes


Havertz is a hard running forward، , if he did play deeper, then stylistically he’d likely be comparable to Willock.”

Let’s be honest here ، willock would be a far better option playing in Havertz position.
I’m not sure I would call Havertz a hard running forward..


David Raya is set to become Arsenal’s undisputed No1. Arteta views Raya as an upgrade on Ramsdale – and has relied heavily on stats to back up his argument. [


Also about that thing where Havertz will not be judged by the goals he makes or the assists he provides… Honestly, I don’t think so. He’s a 65m player who might be Arsenal’s highest paid player. He has 80 games as CF and 150 games as AM. He has something like 88 goals, 46 assists in 293 games or so. In Germany he had 2 seasons with over 25 goal contributions each. Yes, he is expected to chip in goals and assists. Look at Odegaard. He’s a different player now that he’s added scoring. Maybe not right off the bat,… Read more »


Still lighting that Willock candle I see.


If Xhaka was moved, no one is indispensable.


For tough games (Liv away etc) a base of Partey and Rice is much more suited, to play with Rice, Ode and one other apart from Partey would be too attacking IMO.


Havertz is not and never has been an 8 and that’s why people were having issues with his signing originally as well as the price. The best period of his career at Leverkusen was because he was so dangerous in or around the box. Little flicks, through balls and finding himself in positions to score that was his game. As an 8 being asked to dictate, play deeper, run more and tackle… that’s not what comes naturally to him. In my opinion. He’s a 65 million conundrum to Arteta and he has to find a way to get the best… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

Smith-Rowe looked a bit rusty. No surprise there and no one will blame him for that.


“RedheartSeptember 21, 2023 10:26:17
@Tom Raya didn’t blow Ramsdale away in every aspect of the game. Rams had more clean sheets than him. State facts here please“

Clean sheets is a team statistic as much as the keeper’s.
Surely you would expect a runner up to the league winners do better in that department than a club placing 9th who’s back line you couldn’t name without looking them up.

X haka

Ramsdale got a contract at the end of last season.
Thought it was strange timing, will make him harder to flog?

Probably a loan like Tierney will now be needed.
We are good on the pitch these days but still atrocious off it with regards to contracts and sales.


Havertz is a ginger step child, we cant expect much from him but need to praise him anyways. We don’t want to embarrass the kid so we talk about how great he is when he’s not touching the ball and stuff like that to make him feel better.

X haka

I like your comments JWL.

Very good, ginger step child.

We have nutters on here, making out he does all sorts,
hard running forward, lol.
So was Billy Whitehurst.

He is shit like Big Billy was shit.


X haka – the only reason I think Arteta is sincere about rotating keepers is because giving Ramsdale raise, and extending his contract, after the year he just had and then a few months later decide he’s incapable is moronic.

Ramsdale was rated one of best keepers last year, if we had doubts about him he should have been sold in summer when there was demand for him, what value is Ramsdale going to have if Arteta refuses to play him this year and we just bumped up his salary.


What else can the team do to keep moaners quite?

AFC Forever

What a fantastic performance the boys put in last night. Just goes to show what can be achieved with a plan and a bit of patience. Been a long wait for Champions League Football and we smashed it last night. Some of the football played was ridiculous.With most of the young lads signing new deals and the addition of Declan Rice, the future looks very bright. That Solskjaer interview with the Athletic is shocking. It shows you just how important the culture of a club is and demonstrates just how far we have come. Saka and Odegaard were both saying… Read more »

X haka


ramsdale is out because he fails the two tests.

1. Your eyes
2. The data. He is very low in most categories, I suspect.

Credit to Mick, in making the change though,
He cant go back with it, it will show weakness.

Raya looks impressive and as other have said.
calm and composed.

Josip Skoblar

This Saliba turn was one of the best moments of the game.

X haka

I was joking about Billy being shit, just in case he is reading,

Sorry Billy


Havertz was statistically one of the hardest running forwards in the league last season…. Pierre “ I’m not sure I’d call Havertz a hard running forward”…. The other day you were comparing Havertz to Busquets…. That’s the equivalent of comparing Liz Hurley with Susan Boyle. Havertz doesn’t have the balance, agility, or turning circle to play central midfield, that would be like a baby giraffe trying to rollerblade after sinking 2 bottles of whiskey… It should be avoided at all costs, and you shouldn’t need to tell people it’s a bad idea, for the to know it’s a bad idea.… Read more »


Can’t believe Pierre is still citing Joe Willock after what – 3 years? Let’s start comparing Declan Rice with Peter Storey shall we? Or maybe Odegaard with Alex James?

It so pointless it’s boring


The bigger question is not long forgotten players but Havertz v Vieira v ESR . Much more interesting as it’s directly relevant


I want Harvertz to do well but I don’t like it when he is picked ahead of ESR, Trosaard and Viera. For me Harvertz is a utility player who can serve specific goals in specific scenarios but he can’t be a regular starter or one of the mainstays of the team.

Wicked Willy

“That’s the equivalent of comparing Liz Hurley with Susan Boyle.”

Maybe Pierre would like to get saucy with Susan….

AFC Forever


You know what I find so weird with this blog. Our first game back in the Champions League and we smash it. You would imagine every fan would be happy and praising our players.

Nope. Instead, we get the usual suspects moaning about players. Like you, I was in the stadium yesterday and I find it impossible to reconcile the huge difference between the noisy, almost fanatical, support in the stadium to the the behaviour of the toxic fans on here. They always seem pissed off about something. It is very weird.


At last, a very well deserved praise for White. He is a true beast, can adjust himself to so many things without any fuss. I do not think he is a typical fan favourite, but he is growing on me and definately have the feeling what Pedro wrote: I cannot imagine out starting 11 without him. Yesterday he was the MotM for me


Actually, Pierre is one of the posters that’s most supportive of Havertz
Nothing wrong with citing a former academy player imo.

AFC Forever


“At last, a very well deserved praise for White”

Agreed. White’s does his job without any fuss he’s another of those laid back characters we have. He has been very consistent and has proved himself to be a very good signing. When he arrived, some fans were claiming he was overpriced and not good enough but he has proved them all wrong. Not that difficult to be fair.


Pierre maybe sort of supportive of Havertz but only because he’s another German passenger princess in the side. Look there is a way for Havertz to come good but I don’t think it’s going to be at the 8 position.



Its sad that all people remember about ozil is the worst parts. Yes he was shite at the end and not suited to our playing style but he was racking up assists in his first few seasons. That link up with Sanchez was a deadly combo.


AFC Forever

Attention seekers. Weird? Yes, You see them everywhere. Harmless on here, can be dangerous elsewhere, like, say, Russell Brand.


Taken from twitter but is anyone planning on watching brugge v besitkas tonight?

“Two of Arsenal’s leading scouts are expected in attendance tomorrow at the Jan Breydelstadion (Brugge, Belgium) to watch Club Brugge vs Beşiktas. Who are they watching? Antonio Nusa”


I felt sorry for ozil when we first signed him, imagine going from supplying ronaldo to having to work with giroud, what a come down. And we weren’t even looking for ozil type player, we were looking at strikers to replace giroud and we end up with ozil assist master.


Marko, Kai Havertz August 2020:

‘Asked his ideal position in an interview with Marca back in November, Havertz responded: “I would say the No.8 position, inside right. I’m not a classic No.10, but I like to have the ball at my feet, simply enjoying myself on the pitch.’

There’s no conundrum for Arteta. He knows exactly what he wants from him. To take over from Xhaka.


Wasn’t an 8 at Chelsea or Leverkusen though. Very odd that


Fake Pedro doesn’t have the Vote for Pedro icon..


AFC – I agree. You’d think we were in a terrible place listening to some of these comments. Nicely positioned start in Prem on back of 2nd last season and a flying start in ECL. And a squad that is looking the part and robust enough now to absorb losses from injury

It’s like a breath of fresh air being in the stadium.

My ballot request for Sevilla failed so now for Ticket Exchange


Expect to see a new word in the Oxford’s dictionary next year;

havert ( verb) persisting foolishly against the odds in hope a mistake turns out alright



Giving up already?


One thing I was thinking about Benny Blanco last night is that he such a fantastic player on the pitch yet, he will get back home and completely switch off from football and do “zero” homework (he probably does it all at Colney). And yet we will see him comeback for the next game and give another top performance.

This really does highlight what an incredible talent he is.

Montana Gooner

Ozil was incredible, but needed manager pampering. Arteta said you’re the same as everybody else. That was that. He was a Wenger player to the T.

I thought Havertz played well in the second half even before he was moved up top. How about Nelson? Hope Tets keeps bringing him on late to run the back line ragged.


Rich, merely taking the piss.
Unlike some others here my hubris has its limits and so long Arsenal keep winning I’ll keep thinking Arteta knows what he’s doing.

Montana Gooner

First to admit, I was wrong about PSV. I thought they would push us harder, but the away fixture could still be tough. Yesterday we really benefitted from a team that stubbornly tried and go toe to toe with us. But for their first shot on target, it was a bad plan. Back to EPL now, with a lot of teams sitting deep and making it difficult. Really hope Ange overestimates himself on Sunday and gives us some space to play in.


” citing Joe Willock after what – 3 years? Let’s start comparing Declan Rice with Peter Storey shall we? Or maybe Odegaard with Alex James? It so pointless it’s boring”

Calling Rich boring is rather rude، he is perfectly within his right to compare Havertz to Willock

Here is Rich’s original comment when bringing Willock into the conversation.
“Havertz isn’t a central midfielder, he’s a low touch forward, if he did play deeper, then stylistically he’d likely be comparable to Willock.”

Nigel Tufnel

Some people have said this… Nobody in the premier league will play us this openly, and now, the other WEAKER teams in this group are going to go premier league tactics after this display. Crowding midfield and packing the box. The only way we will run up big scores in the league is by burying those early chances, so teams will have to try to play to get back in the games. That’s all that’s been missing and why we’ve had so many close games so far. Too many mentions of Havertz here as usual. He had an effective game… Read more »


the willock comparison ain’t bad.
but i’d prefer havertz any day of the week, even with his first 5 starts not being utter perfection.
I don’t remember willock having many blinders in an arsenal kit

Guns of Hackney

Adequate. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Do not soil your britches over that result. PSV are a non league pub team.

7/10. Jesus looked like he’d read me criticism. He played okay. 6/10.


“He’s not a striker or a forward. He’s a CM.
Idiotic Chelsea fans are not even aware of this…..”

Your mate Rich isn’t aware of this either ، maybe you should educate him.

RichSeptember 21, 2023 11:37:23
“Havertz isn’t a central midfielder”

Brian Muff

Jeez do you guys ever rest with the misery?

The only thing missing from Havertz game is goals, in all other areas he’s been absolutely superb. Watch how he keeps the ball and effortlessly spreads it around to the runners.


Pierre coming up with the goods.

Tony 3

This blog has some crazy people.

Arsenal play their first Champions League game for six years, beat a good PSV side with some incredible football and score top quality goals but what do we get?

Moaning and arguments about players.

It seems to be the same people most days waving their tiny dicks in the air playing the “I know best” game. At least the Spud troll, Guns of Hackney, knows he’s being a fucking dick head.


Pierre Comparing Havertz to Busquets, would imply you think he’s capable of dropping deep, consistently taking the ball from the goalkeeper + centre backs, dictating the game from deep….. And operating as part of our 5 players who control the game from the back. I have absolutely no idea how you’ve watched Havertz and come to that conclusion…. Without some really cool story involving you Jamie and some psychedelics. Havertz will continue to operate somewhere in our front 5, either on the inside left, or offering something different centrally. It wasn’t long ago you were trying to convince us that… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

@ Rich. I liked your thoughts on Havertz. I don’t think we agree on him at the moment, but I get where you’re coming from. What really stood out though, was his stats you posted for last season… 2nd most runs in the PL – 1,011 3rd most attacking runs – 876 5th most runs challenging backline – 332 2nd most runs targeted by a pass – 377 Total distance of runs 23km – 2nd The reason why they stand out for me is because despite those stats, his contributions last season in his 35 Premier League appearances were 7… Read more »

AFC Forever

Brian Muff “The only thing missing from Havertz game is goals, in all other areas he’s been absolutely superb. Watch how he keeps the ball and effortlessly spreads it around to the runners.” Last night he had a good game. Watching him live you can see how intelligent he was with his movement off the ball. Luckily the fans in the stadium aren’t like fans on here, we actually support the players and encourage them. It’s why the Emirates is becoming the 12th man for the team. When asked about Havertz last night, Arteta said: “..he was very connected today… Read more »


Always believe what the manager says publicly about one of their players. Arteta on Havertz: “”He totally deserves some credit because of the way he trains every day and he is trying. “In games now you can see that he is starting to produce what we think he can do for the team so everyone has to step up and create big moments in games, because the front players in the end have to be the ones that decide the game for us. “His team-mates like him and we were expecting many more things from him since he joined but… Read more »


Whoops, Arteta said that about Willian.

My bad.

X haka

When you compare Havertz to the Rice, Raya and Timber signings, he is shit.

3/4 is not bad
All managers make shocking signings from time to time

Pep G, Klopp, De Zerbi.

Can’t see what all the fuss is all about.
Just supporters being honest and giving opinions.

Look at the shit Manchester United buy every window.

AFC Forever

Rich “Havertz will continue to operate somewhere in our front 5, either on the inside left, or offering something different centrally.” Yep. Havertz is an offensive player. He’s been deployed in a number of roles including 8, 10 and as a false nine but he’s not a striker or a 6. It”s dangerous to pigeon hole players because football today doesn’t have rigid positions, it’s become much more fluid, with regular interchange. When IFAB changed the goal kick rules in 2020 it changed the game forever. Now it’s stretched it is all about finding and defending space, something Havertz is… Read more »


After years in the doldrums, we made a triumphant reentry into the Champions League. It was truly thrilling watching the guys dismantle their opponents.
However, rather than feeling on top of the world so many are here trying to outdo each other on their misery.
Guys, let’s bask in the euphoria of the titilation performance and victory and stop the shameful abhorrence.
Yes, Havertz isn’t at par on sexy performance with the rest of his teammates but guys we win a d need to

Bertie Mee

I agree with almost all of your report but I continue to disagree fundamentally with your view of Havertz. He didn’t play well in midfield. I was at the game and he was peripheral at best in the first half. He shone at the end in a false 9 role in a game we were strolling 4-0. We were discussing at half time how he didn’t fit into the


After years in the doldrums, we made a triumphant reentry into the Champions League. It was truly thrilling watching the guys dismantle their opponents.
However, rather than feeling on top of the world so many are here trying to outdo each other on their misery.
Guys, let’s bask in the euphoria of the titilation performance and victory and stop the shameful abhorrence.
Yes, Havertz isn’t at par on sexy performance with the rest of his teammates but guys we won. Doesn’t that count for celebration?

Bertie Mee

Sorry pressed too early .
‘ cont-‘ team style. He is not a midfielder and is wildly overvalued .I wouldn’t put any faith in him.
The rest of the team is fine but he is a liabity

AFC Forever


Remarkable isn’t it. Arsenal were brilliant yesterday, every goal top quality. Yet a few people seem to be unhappy. Can’t imagine why.


Bertie Mee September 21, 2023 19:22:15 Sorry pressed too early . ‘ cont-‘ team style. He is not a midfielder and is wildly overvalued .I wouldn’t put any faith in him. The rest of the team is fine but he is a liabity. I feel so sorry for you and your ilk! What’s so difficult in savouring the four wonderful goals we scored and just overlook the one guy that couldn’t live up to your billing? It’s really boring everyone harping on Havertz’s performance. I want to agree that the German didn’t really make us purring, but what about others… Read more »


Guns of Hackney……are you ever happy about our team? You are truly a poisonous character. Really.

Montana Gooner

Brighton having a bit of a bother.

Mr Serge

I was at the game last night what atmosphere it was electric
Imagine my surprise when I come on here and see the usual bunch of muppets moaning

Fuck me sideways x haka you miserable fanny

Sid is just Sid a fuckwit of epic proportions

You guys should be ashamed you would moan if we won the quadruple.

Montana Gooner

Seagulls get a VAR penalty lifeline.


AFC forever
“Remarkable isn’t it. Arsenal were brilliant yesterday, every goal top quality. Yet a few people seem to be unhappy. Can’t imagine why.”

AFC being unhappy at others being unhappy.

Montana Gooner

The Greek champions go back in front. Rough first night in Europe for DeZerbi. Two set piece goals conceded.



Told you

“However, although Ødegaard is brilliant on the ball and has fantastic vision, he is less of a creative force than Maddison. The Tottenham man will more often look for the final ball, while Ødegaard will tend to look for the pass before the assist. Often that pass will be to Saka, of course, who is one of few players to have created more chances (15) in the Premier League this season than Maddison (14). “


Fuck me sideways x haka you miserable fannySid is just Sid a fuckwit of epic proportions

😂 😂 😂 👏
Sid wouldn’t know what to do with a Fanny he hasn’t encountered through a screen


So I want to know what I’m not seeing. [@Belfast Gooner] What you are not seeing is that Havertz has the most unglamorous role on the team, the Raumdeuter position. Officially, he is a left central midfielder, but in truth while he plays opposite Odegaard, they do not perform the same functions. Odegaard is the playmaker, and Havertz is a facilitator on the left side, keeping the ball moving. Very thankless but important. Know Thomas Muller? – check some of his clips and you’ll get the gist. Havertz had a very good game yesterday – not outstanding, but he didn’t… Read more »


The facilitator that keeps making off-the-ball runs behind the enemy defence. Earlier in the season there was a video of Havertz making the same run behind the defence when Martinelli didn’t pass him the ball. Over and over and over and over again. Literally tens of times. Is that the facilitator you are talking about? Stop twisting it. Kai has a long way to go until he is at his best. He currently isn’t. Odegaard also wasn’t the player he is today back when I wasn’t happy with him. I said many times that I will support Kai but stop… Read more »

Les Fogging-Geaux

‘Hoofing copium’ … bravo Pedro, et chapeau.


Stop twisting it. Kai has a long way to go until he is at his best. He currently isn’t. Odegaard also wasn’t the player he is today back when I wasn’t happy with him.

So you’re the kind of fan that supports only when things are going smoothly. I see

Les Fogging-Geaux

Been so long since we gave someone a tonking. Hope this opens the floodgates. Loved the pre-60min subs, but thought Reiss was forcing it a bit and ESR looked a bit chunky; needs to rediscover that drive around the box. Great to see them both on though.

Nigel Tufnel

AFCforever and Rich comments on Havertz are so accurate… especially the bully/scapegoat tactics that we see every season on players named that have almost all come good. All you need to know about some Grove cynics football knowledge. The people arguing against them have no clue when it comes to observing the whole game. Crying that he has no goals yet is really a childish and shallow view of football and midfield play. Xhaka in that same position scored what? 9 goals last season, 2 in the final garbage game. So 1 in each 4 or 5 matches. So far… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Spanner and dolomite with quality observations too. We need more contributions like that. Tom, I’m glad you reposted my admission about Pedro and the keepers. Most of the others are still wrong when they overly criticise a very good keeper in Ramsdale. The evidence: The awards and accolades from last year and his earlier career. Big ones, and a lot. The interest that there will be from quality clubs if we decide to sell. We could easily have won the league with him last season if not for the injuries of Saliba and Tomiyasu in one fateful Europa match. All… Read more »


Let’s be clear a minute. The havertz Chelsea paid 70 odd million for from the bundesliga was supposedly excellent on the ball. Goals, assist, play making. He was supposed to be one of the hottest prospects in world football He didn’t get that move to Chelsea and all those plaudits in Germany because he’s basic on the ball and really good off it. Let’s stop moving the goal posts for havertz please If he’s not a top creative play maker anymore there’s a reason for it – ie maybe it’s purely confidence, or maybe he doesn’t work hard enough in… Read more »


Sorry but I think you’re inventing unglamorous roles for havertz to justify the lack of glamour in his play Why is it when Vieira plays in the left 8 role it’s full of involvement, creative attacking link up, fishing for great through balls etc But when havertz is on in the same position left 8 has to be ‘the most unglamorous role in the team lol. In every single performance this season, including vs Everton, vieira’s role was not that different from Ode’s. But when havertz is low on confidence and struggles to impact games in the same way it’s… Read more »


Nigel ‘ So far this season he has no goals in 4 games for Leverkusen, but I’d bet he’s doing an efficient job when he’s on. But… no way is he pressing, tackling or disrupting opponents as much as Havertz has been doing, because he’s too slow.’ I for one am not bothered much about Kai’s lack of goals and assists (tho if he gets huge chances he should score more, the air shot was a painful one) But you can’t seriously and genuinely think that Kai so far this season has been anywhere near as good as xhaka by… Read more »


The beef with Kai is because in the 6 games we have had 7 if you include community shield he has played more than Viera and ESR put together. We have seen all 3 being played ESR to a lesser extent at the left 8 position. On the evidence of these 7 games Kai hasnt done anything great. His body language, intent, involvement and execution leaves a lot to be desired. If he is still learning to play this position it would make sense to have Viera and ESR share his minutes. If there was no body at that left… Read more »


He was a key player for us last season and I can’t recall anyone bagging on him all season because the performances were just obviously very good week after week

i guarantee you will find it if you look. its LG brother


Nigel, Granit scored screamer for Bayer recently.


Everyone asking why Ramsdale was dropped.

Am I the only one who thinks he should have saved that Rashford goal? Specially after getting a hand to it. Maybe that was the final nail in the coffin for Mikel. Ramsdale has been up and down for a while now.

Nigel Tufnel

Granit scored a couple nice goals for Switzerland recently. China, My point is still that we bought Havertz to be a complete midfielder in all aspects. Scoring is one of them, and goals will come but people are obsessing over that from a new LCM. I think he had 4 tackles yesterday, not bad, and covered more ground than anybody but Ødegaard. I defended Fabio all through last season against almost everyone here….. as I said he is magic with the ball and that left foot. There are games that may call for a more combative, complete midfielder profile ..… Read more »


Nigel I actually think there won’t be many teams more physical than Everton this season

They put foul after foul on the lads

Vieira (perhaps surprisingly) looked totally comfortable in the game. I’m no longer worried about that with him


Enjoy a throwback dark arts moment involving Xhaka and Der Kapitan:


I also don’t like it when people scapegoat or bully players but I do believe in telling it alike it is I bagged on Xhaka since forever because he was a shambles of a player. Last season he was a completely different animal and frankly I was disappointed he left. I’ll give him all the credit for last season because he earned it Last season and even the start of preseason I was going in two footed on vieira. Now I’m saying he’s playing really well and I want him starting at least semi frequently I’ll always say it how… Read more »


For me with when Ramsdale came in he looked so confident with his feet. Not sure how much this was just because Leno was so bad but to me he looks a bag of nerves and too emotional sometimes. Hopefully the competition will focus Ramsdale at the end of the day I don’t care who
Is in goal as long as we win.


Is it me or we are playing better now that Gabriel is back and no more DM in RB nonsense?


Seven Hag – dead 💀 man walking alert – Daily Manure in full flow with knocking stories. Anything less than a solid UTD win against Burnley and the pressure will build until the inevitable result


China absolutely with you on what you said. Xhaka last season surprised me and kudos to him as he proved the doubters wrong. He went the entire season without a red card which means that he worked on his attitude and conquered it. I was irritated with him in the Pool game when he unnecessarily wound by Trent. Viera looks so comfortable now and may be has been told to hold his position when shoulder barged. Last season we had a tendency to go down at the slightest touch and may be he has been told that PL refs don’t… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

Antoine Dupont, arguably the best rugby player in the world, earns £700,000 per year. It is a lot of money for ordinary folks but a pittance compared to footballers’ salaries.

Belfast Gooner


Odegaard has signed a new 5 year deal that makes him the highest paid player at Arsenal.

Mr Serge

Yes great to have ode sign a new deal the kid is verging on world class in his position
5 year 220k a week deal


If Ode is the highest paid player on 220k, I wonder what wage Havertz is really on.