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Arsenal welcomed themselves back into the Champions League with a backside blistering spanking of PSV. Their biggest in Champions League history. The performance was… very good.

The biggest shocker in the starting line-up was seeing David Raya on the teamsheet again. A lot of Ramsdalians collapsed on pub floors up and down the country knowing full well they’d been in my mentions and DMs telling me Raya was a passing phase. They’d been hoofing copium after he was dropped last week, knowing full well Rambo would at least get cup duties – wrong. Occam’s razor sliced their narrative with brutal precision – the simplest answer for Aaron not being in the team was always this: Arteta rates Raya over him. Though I have to say, I thought he’d give Rambo a soft landing, but it wasn’t to be.

We saw Kai back in the side, Eddie dropped out for Jesus, Trossard kept his place, and everything else was pretty strong.

Arsenal dominated from minute one until the end. We sliced PSV to pieces with beautiful build-up play that felt like choreographed chaos. The Dutch team weren’t equipped technically to deal with our talent on the ball and they couldn’t match our power.

I don’t want to explain each goal – but key facts:

Saka scored a goal and got an assist.

Trossard had another sublime finish, rekindling his pre-season form

Gabi Jesus celebrated his return to the starting 11 with another great goal

Martin Odegaard showed last season’s taste for long-range efforts was no fluke

There were lots of great individual performances. I know it’s not fashionable to say it, but Kai Havertz had a really strong game. His finishing right now absolutely stinks – it’s like watching Kaba Diawara out there – but his all-round game is getting sharper by the match and you can see the green shoots of a monster beanstalk in the making. The doutbers should get the jabs in the now, because I think claims that he’s going to be a huge waste of money will look very dated, very soon. He was good in midfield and offered a lot as a striker later in the game. Once that first big goal comes at Spurs, he’ll be up and running.

Declan Rice is just a total beast of a man. He showed his fangs last night, but also showcased his outrageous talents by pinning the midfield on his own like he’d been with us for 10 years. He has so much personality on the pitch. His range of passing and the accuracy is so sharp and I love the way he has a 6th sense for sniffing out danger. He was everywhere.

David Raya didn’t have a lot to do – but everyone in The AOP comments on Youtube said the same thing: he was great. He’s our new number one. He has an icey calmness about him the best keepers have. Some keepers want to be noticed – others don’t. Raya wants to be the Spanish iceman. He brings tranquilo to every moment, collecting crosses with no drama, picking out 70-yard passes in his stride, and making neat work of the basics. The eye-test shows you all you need to know about why Ramsdale is where he is at the moment. Even the little tactical talk Arteta gave him after the first goal told a story. What we really haven’t seen yet is a BIG game. No doubt he starts against Spurs and there will be more to deal with that he’s had in his first two games. Two clean sheets though – not bad.

Benny Blanco put in a dogged performance. He covered a lot of ground and did a lot of dirty work. He’s in an interesting space, because part of you think he might have been sitting next to Rambo right now if Timber had stayed fit… but part of you also wonders if that might have been Zinchenko? Whatever the future state is – it’s hard to imagine a world without Benny Blanco in our starting 11. He has so much character and offers 110 percenters every game.

I also want to just say that I think William Saliba is going to end this season with no doubt that he’s the best centre-back in the world. The man has too much sauce. Did you see some of the showboating today? Disgusting.

Hard to say we learned too much today – we played a weak European side and battered them at home. No one is engraing the Champions League trophy with your name after that. What you can say is we’re taking it seriously, every player wants to step up, and other clubs will be taking notice.

Final point – the crowd was great. Particularly with Havertz after a few of his misses. Arsenal are better when the crowd is with them. They’ll be needed this Sunday for the Spurs game. I can’t wait.

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  1. China1

    Let’s recap what actually has happened rich since you are throwing around such laughable points as ‘you were wrong about everything and I was right about everything’ lol

    1) This summer you wanted us to sell partey when there zero financial incentives (good offers) on the table
    2) you wanted us to buy caiceido for 100m because he played well for 1 season at Brighton

    The implication of the above is we would’ve replaced 2 of 3 of our starting midfielders + a rotation option in a single summer at a financial outlay of around 265m.

    Something which *could* work but:
    1) caiceido would’ve been a 100m rotation option. What a ludicrous price to pay for a bench player
    2) replacing so many midfielders in a single window Carries obvious risk as you have so many players needing to adapt at the same time
    3) *enormous* financial outlay hoping that two of the most expensive midfielders in the world BOTH settle and justify the price tags quickly without fucking our title chances this season

    Meanwhile what did most people (including me) say about this?

    1) it’s too risky to overhaul so much so quickly and at such cost
    2) if rice doesn’t hit the ground running (no guarantees) we’d still have one of the best DMs in the world to keep us going until rice hopefully settles
    3) we ALL acknowledged partey is injury prone – please do us all a favour and post quotes where I or anyone else said he’s not, this wasn’t a genius observation by you but a typically basic one we all acknowledged since forever
    4) I like most others on here said since he’s injury prone we should not beast him every match, we should rotate with rice as rice gets up to speed so there would be reduced risk of injuries
    5) I like most on here said playing him at RB added unnecessary risk as he’d be getting into foot races with wingers more often – arteta did it anyway and he broke exactly as I and everyone else openly said he would

    Meanwhile over at Chelsea, Caiceido has had a car crash start. A penalty, a red card and gifted at least 2 direct goal scoring chances in his opening 4 games. If he’d done that at arsenal then we might already be another 3+ points further behind city by now.

    So what *exactly* was I wrong about in this? And what exactly about this did you get right?

    I said partey is an amazing player. I said it’s risky to overhaul our entire midfield so quickly and at such financial outlay. I said partey is injury prone so should be manager smarter now and definitely not used at RB or he’ll break. ALL are true.

    And you’re arguing with the wrong person saying bs like this because I always openly and gladly accept when I’m wrong.

    I was wrong when I said in preseason that Vieira was not hungry enough and needs flogging.

    I was wrong when I said Xhaka should be sold last summer because he had an excellent season for us which I never expected.

    I was wrong when I said years back side is too quiet to be a captain. He’s grown wonderfully into the role.

    I’ll admit it every time when I’m wrong and always do so rather than throw out nonsense because you’re upset that I’m right on this and you’ve got nothing useful to add except silly lines like ‘you were wrong about everything and I was right’. Playground tier argument from a guy who fancies himself as a rational philosopher…

  2. Pierre

    No emotion…. I was right, and you were wrong.”

    Pochettino Rich ???
    You had more or less given up on Arteta، here’s a little reminder that you are not always right .

    RichDecember 23, 2020 10:07:30
    “.Things are far too serious to allow the same people anywhere near our next managerial appointment.There’s a very real chance of relegation my pick last time was Poch, and would still be this time.”

    RichDecember 23, 2020 17:03:52
    Don’t fancy Poch?
    Or just think he’s unattainable, due to the Spurs links?”

    “I prefer the Klopp style over Pep, I quite liked the way Poch used to set up Spurs.”

    RichDecember 22, 2020 13:41:10
    “I’m not Arteta in, and I’m not Arteta out..If you told me we were sacking Arteta, and replacing him with Poch?I’d certainly be very happy about that decision,”

  3. Mysticleaves


    Fans know they don’t make decisions per se. Emotions is what we have. If you want to be logical as a fan, might as well apply for an exec role so you can put your logic to defining use. Fans get joy or sadness (emotions). Execs are logical because what they care about most is the money.

  4. Pierre

    “Rich has been right about the project on the same level as Pedro, and early.
    It’s on record and all regulars here know it.”

    Maybe you need to have a rethink ، we all get things wrong and Rich is no different ، he was on the verge of giving up، fortunately the club didn’t follow his advice and replace Arteta with pochettino.

  5. Mysticleaves

    ☝🏽So what was Rich harping about being right or wrong about? Head scratcher that one. We have all doubted one thing or another in our lives as fans. That’s exactly what I was trying to explain.

  6. China1

    He got triggered because I said how sick it is tht we have two of the top 5 DMs in Europe which means once partey as fit, we could be playing our second string in the domestic cups which could involve having a player as great as partey in th team

    Laughed about how I wonder what all those who were desperate to sell partey this summer think about that

    That triggered him because he was the one shouting loudest for us to sell partey in the summer

    Somehow led to the funny ‘you were wrong about everything and I was right’ line

  7. Pierre

    “I was wrong when I said in preseason that Vieira was not hungry enough and needs flogging.”

    That’s a bit harsh، isn’t there a Law against flogging?

  8. Un


    Rich called
    This shit with Partey 2-3 years ago
    He was right
    Accept it mate
    I like Rich’s comments (when they don’t take 20 mins to read each) but even I was thinking “steady on mate, not many can do what Partey can do and if they can they won’t come to us” how wrong I was . I finally gave up on Partey last season when his form nose dived. Not his fitness.
    The reality is, as good as he can be, he’s unreliable. No different to wilshere or Diaby back in the day

  9. China1

    Man we have to beat the spuds the more I think about it the more desperately I want this

    The invincible might unbeaten (in 5 games…) spurs

    If we win today I think the wheels may slightly (not completely) come off their wagon as they’re overrated and due a bit of a correction imo. We’re playing below our best and getting results. We are getting better. I think spurs are as good as they’re gonna get and are going to drop a lot more points ce the stars stop aligning in their favour

    I also think Utd and Chelsea are both on to drop points this weekend. Would absolutely love it if it all comes to pass, but ofc as long as we win any other results in our favour are purely a bonus

  10. China1

    ‘ChinaRich called
    This shit with Partey 2-3 years ago
    He was right
    Accept it mate’

    What was he right about?

    Everyone accepts and always has that he’s injury prone. Why is rich being credited with this as tho anyone ever thought otherwise?

    Which part did he get right in the summer? 100m for a rotation option in caiciedo has not been proven a clever piece of business in any way shape or form. If partey has a crap season and Caiceido looks amazing he can stake a claim. As of the start of the season parteys demonstrated he’s injury prone (nobody doubted this) and caiceido has been a car crash so far. Where’s that W coming from?

  11. China1

    As for wanting partey sold years ago, you have to upgrade players based on priority

    People have such short memories that only 2 seasons ago we were still arsing around with loads of trash in and around our starting 11. Partey was injury prone but was one of the least of our problems relative to clearing out the genuine trash

    There’s nothing clever about getting rid of partey years ago when the elephant in the room was the stinking pile of trash surrounding him

    As for partey having spells of form dips (aside from his obvious injuries) yeah those are why we wanted a long term improvement like Rice and thankfully got him. But let’s be clear that partey even with his injuries and occasional form dips has been absolutely integral to much of the progress arsenal made in the last few years. Take him out of the team and historically our form has tanked most times and with good reason.

    That doesn’t need to happen anymore because we’ve got rice to be first choice and partey can be used sparingly during this transition season as an amazing rotation option. That sets us up to get a replacement next summer with rice very much bedded in and the risk reduced.

  12. Mysticleaves

    Partey would have been playing now if he wasn’t made to play 2. Not the sharpest idea from our boss recently. Partey is not injury prone because before he came to us, he was always fit and ready.

  13. Mysticleaves

    I’m not sure anybody expects spurs to challenge for the league. Even their fans know they aren’t on that level. They also expect to take a hiding from us this weekend. To be honest they are overjoyed that they aren’t in the relegation battle after Kane left. I for one didn’t expect them to fall further than 6/7th. I always thought their institutional advantage could give them the edge over clubs like Brighton, Villa and the others in terms of Europe and it seems to be happening. They still have good players; maybe better than the rest and they seem to have found a coach that’s likeable and has the hallmark of man management greats.

  14. Matt

    Nigel, you really are an odious little prick. In real life you are clearly a meek little cretin with no social life so you get your kicks form coming on here and digging at everyone because you know if you did it in real life you would have your face caved in.

    I can’t wait for the day Pedro bans you. That being said, I do wonder if you are actually one of Pedro’s alias he has made up to stir debate. Surely there are no real people who are as much of a cunt!?

  15. Markymark

    So who is the Premier Manager who raked up 1m gambling debts mainly on the horses and also football . Yet just got a warning.
    The two players who supposedly blackmailed him come from the Merseyside area. The horse race gambling feels Angel Saxon and there’s a northern link. To me it’s either Dyche or possibly Moyes.

  16. Pierre

    Another example of Rich’s apathy towards the manager and club when things were not going too well .

    RichDecember 24, 2020 11:20:58
    Pedro“We might go on a 10 game run”

    Rich”What are you smoking?
    Whatever it is….. I bet it’s really good, and I need some”

  17. Northbanker

    Reading Pierre’s post above, I am genuinely curious. How are you finding all this shit from posts in 2020? There must be 3 different quotes of who said what and when?

    Leaving aside the sheer tedium of who actually cares, are you going back and hunting? Even if using a search function you’d be getting prolific posters on here like Rich posting multiple times so how would that help?

    As stated,, I am curious as to whether there’s an easy way of doing this

  18. Pierre

    Personally I have ways been 50/50 on Arteta which is a good place to be as he has made many poor decisions and many good decisions and being 50/50 allows one to make honest appraisals.

    The Arteta sycophants are very defensive when he receives fair criticism which is probably why they are so keen to go over the top when we do have a good run of results، they are not keen on others enjoying the good performances of the team.

    I have been critical of Arteta and will continue to be critical when warranted bit I was one of the very few who stood by Arteta during our dreadful run of results leading up to Boxing day 2020، unlike Rich ( who wanted pochettino) I could see what Arteta was trying to do and wasn’t calling for a replacement.

    PierreDecember 24, 2020 18:43:03
    “Actually, I think we will be fine , it will be a slow turnaround but I have seen enough to convince me that mid table or possibly 6/7/8 th is achievable as long as we can keep 11 men on the field, stop the own goals and start believing in ourselves ”

    PierreDecember 21, 2020 10:43:31
    “.Im convinced that Arteta will find the right line up and a balanced team that will bring results, as i said it’s confidence that is holding us back..As soon as the confidence returns , the football will improve , the movement will improve ,the ball will be played earlier , the first touch will improve and the results will come .”

  19. Northbanker

    Do your posts go back to 1886 Pierre?

    Would be interesting to know what you thought on whether the kick about arranged in Dial Square was a waste of time or not

  20. Pierre

    Evidence is always the most honest way of proving a point when Rich is proclaiming how right he always is.

    Of course you should know that evidence is proof as you thought that you made the point that me comparing current players with previous players is “boring and pointless “.

    In fact it was Rich who first made the comparison between willock and Havertz ، I can guarantee that you wouldn’t have made the “boring ” comment so evidence was used to correct you.

    Let’s not forget that others like dopey Nigel and Rich often revert back to my comments، strangely enough I don’t hear you complaining then……keep it honest that’s what I say

  21. Markymark

    When one starts trawling through forums to seek proof of some very unimportant fact or opinion in the grand scheme of things .
    Be aware be very aware that one’s life is not balanced as it should be.. Perhaps go play a round of golf instead

  22. Northbanker

    Pierre – lighten up mate

    I couldn’t care less who said what and when and yes I see no point in comparing previous players. I don’t care whether you did it or Rich -makes no difference to me as I’m not holding a candle to anyone

    I don’t even care what I thought last year – that was last year and my views then are irrelevant although I’d expect most of them to be similar to those I hold now

  23. Bob N16

    Markymark- I was thinking along similar lines!

    Unless someone else is bothered, one could just find posts which make you appear ahead of the curve, ignoring the ones that make you appear foolish!

  24. Markymark

    Bob – I’ve probably changed my opinion on players and managers countless times so fully agree. A grab of my opinions from 3 years ago would be very different I suspect. But who’d be bothered to grab them ? 😂

  25. Foxy

    China1 is spot on re the value of keeping Partey as a rotational back up to Rice as a key reason we tanked so badly in the cups over the last few seasons was not having a top quality back up to rotate as DM. When we played the like of Lokonga there our performances dropped off dramatically. Also having Partey available may hopefully prevent Arteta from overplaying Rice but that unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.

  26. Northbanker

    Most of us are not though Sid – most of don’t really care who said what a year ago. People have views that prove to be incorrect but the history of thought processes from biased football fans is really not a key point in any way whatsoever.

  27. Pierre

    He’s made many more good decisions than bad and that’s why we are now the second strongest club in England”

    I would say that he is now out of the red in his decision making، signing Raya was a superb piece of business as was putting him in the starting line up ahead of Ramsdale.

    Havertz I am not convinced is what we need but time will tell، lose a couple of games with Havertz starting and the fans will get on his back ، even the match going fans.

    Anyone complaining about Arteta and our football at present obviously have some sort of agenda as we are certainly moving in the right direction that will hopefully result in trophies..

  28. Un

    The entire starting lineup is now of his design
    Even Saka who started as a lwb under emery is now a right forward
    His coaching of martinelli and Eddie Nketiah have improved their all round game play even if not their decision making
    Where are where we are because of him and it was lovely to see some real flowing attacking football on Wednesday combining wenger attack and Graham defence very well
    Best of both worlds it’s looking like

  29. Pierre

    “Pierre – lighten up mate
    I couldn’t care less who said what and when”

    Nice try.

    There is evidence to prove different، what I think you do is pick and choose who to dig out ، normally me ، the “boring and pointless ” comment from you against me was a prime example when if you are honest you didn’t realise that Rich was making the player comparisons..

  30. Pierre

    The entire starting lineup is now of his design
    Even Saka who started as a lwb under emery is now a right forward”

    I’m all for giving credit where it’s due but Saka was always a winger never a wing back ، he was just filling in there، he started on the left and was very good as a left winger ، Arteta moved him to the right and he has excelled، but Saka was always going to be top quality.

    Arteta had saliba، Martinelli and saka at the club when he arrived ، he had Martinez and cocked that up، plus he had other kids coming through who are proving their worth …Eddie، Nelson and smith rowe so he had a number of quality players at the club to build around.

    Saliba and saka are our 2 most influential players and they were already at the club ، Arteta has spent a fortune and the squad is now strong and there is real belief that we can do something special.

    What I will say is fans shouldn’t get too carried away with the PSV win as they were very naive as tottenham may prove to be tomorrow if they decide to attack us…

    I was more impressed with the win against Everton، a difficult game we managed well.

  31. Northbanker

    Pierre – seriously? I speak as I find. But if you think I have a vendetta against you then you’re very mistaken. I am not on here all the time so may have missed those posts you refer to. It seems to me to be you that is the one who cites this history of comments but if there are others then fine

    I was however genuinely interested from a technological perspective as to how you’re finding posts from 2020

  32. WengerEagle

    Even Pedro was ready to give up on the project at the end of the 2022 season when we blew 4th place.

    Nobody was right about everything and pretending as such really is pathetic.

  33. Pierre

    ” But if you think I have a vendetta against you then you’re very mistaken.”

    Wrongly digging me out a couple of times is hardly a “Vendetta ” is it

  34. Northbanker

    So is tomorrow the day that Kai becomes our new midfield warrior who scores a brace and ruffles them throughout? I really hope so as it would be a massive turning point for the season if he does become a major player for us

    What is great though is we have Fabio and now it seeems ESR both pushing for a place

  35. raptora

    “Nobody was right about everything and pretending as such really is pathetic.”

    Yeah, I’ve been getting that treatment lately from the usual suspects. I’m commenting on something and I’m brought years back. On the regular nowadays btw.

    It’s all fine. But some in here think they are actual experts and believe their own hype. Mind you, we’ve all been wrong before.

    I’m not from England and I fell in love with Arsenal through the love towards my favorite football player – a certain DB10.

    I would like to think that when the club is on the rise and we’re a serious club again, we should be less idiotic towards each other and when our opinions don’t match there must be more than “I was right, you were wrong” and that’s it.

    tldr: Get off your high horses thinking you’re better than the rest. We’re all commoners in here. (unless Bamford has become a professor of the game)

  36. Mysticleaves

    Markymark, Bob and Northbanker

    What a righteous position to take. I see it’s because of the direction of the humble pie.

    No one tells people more how wrong there have been on this platform like Nigel, Rich and the other Arteta sycophants. I have never seen any of you three remind him that you don’t care what Raptora or China said 2 years ago for eg

    Rich goes on stupid glory runs of “I called it right from the start” and has never gotten a blowback from you lot. It’s really great for the blog that Pierre’s shown him up. He’s just a normal fan like is apparently.

  37. Northbanker

    Mystic – stop being such a pompous arse

    It was nothing more than a wind up – anyone who trawls through records of conversations 3 years ago deserves what they get

    Although as I keep asking him, I am genuinely interested in how he does it. I really hope for his sake he has a technical answer rather than a notebook of who said what and when

    The fact that he ignores the question implies that is exactly what he does

  38. Josip Skoblar

    True. Well said.
    Some people on this blog are really taking themselves (too) seriously, like they have a PhD in football studies or something. 🙂
    Someone wrote something very right earlier. In the end, a footballer is great or shit, not because of his stats but because he is regarded as such by football fans. Fans sometimes talk nonsense and get it wrong. But overall they can make an informed assessment of a player because they do know what a great player does in certain circumstances or how he should perform to be regarded as great in his position. I trust fans’ opinion when they talk about players and the game in such fashion. I should add that to have played football in one’s youth also help decipher the game. I am stating the obvious here, but I sometimes wonder if some of the people on this blog who are extremely opinionated and constantly refer to stats m, if they have ever played football. 😉 This is just my opinion…

  39. Bob N16

    Mystic, I could take your point, just about, until you started labelling people Arteta sycophants, then I stopped reading!.

    With Rich, I think he has sound football knowledge but if I’m not in the mood for a long read, I’ll scroll. His political viewpoints, less said about them the better.

    I don’t get involved in Nigel’s policing. I have on occasion mentioned it but it’s not interesting.

    I’ve many times complimented Pierre on interesting ideas, but, in my opinion, he spoils his output with his agendas and his desire for oneupmanship with Rich.

  40. raptora

    I feel like you’re asking about how to search easily so you could dig up some nasty stuff from the archives. Nice try, bro.

    I found this btw and it’s nice looking at it, especially when someone says how all ITKs say the most obvious things when it’s already a done deal and how clueless they are.

    raptora January 16, 2023 17:59:22
    All the news outlets, including The Athletic, are reporting that we’ve made Declan Rice our top summer transfer target and we’re confident a deal can be done.

    Dissenter January 16, 2023 18:07:31
    How can we be sure a summer deal can be done when there are clubs with deeper pockets and no financial compass around?
    You don’t think the Chelsea buffoon won’t jump in?

    LoveSausage January 16, 2023 18:10:24
    Raptora,If the Rice thing is true, the club really needs to do a better job keeping a lid on something like this. Feels like tempting fate considering he’s a Chelsea fan. You just know that Todd will swoop in with a 15-year contract for 500k/week to impress their retard fans.I’m not even a fan of the player, just saying.

    bacaryisgod January 16, 2023 18:19:28
    Beginning to think reports that Arsenal are ‘confident that a deal can be done’ are the kiss of death for our chances of signing that player.

    Dissenter January 16, 2023 19:36:19
    Declan Rice needs some elite coaching to go up the next level. He’s only had meh managers at Westham and England.
    I think he has what it takes to learn to control games at a top level.
    I think we need to suspend judgment about Rice because he hasn’t had that elite coaching all his career.
    An excellent manager can make anything of him because he has all the attributes you need to succeed; physical build, pace, professionalism, leadership, passing ability, athleticism etc.

    Habesha Gooner January 16, 2023 20:09:01
    Gunnerblog and a few reliable reporters saying we want Rive for the summer. So no DM is coming in January. To be honest it makes sense considering we are nearly done with the squad building. And we would want a younger profile DM for the foreseeable. I would love Rice. He has played for some average managers. But the technique, physicality and Mentality is on point most of the time. Saka bodied him though 😂😂😂. I can see Arteta making him a Monster.
    If Chelsea heard we want Rice in the summer, they will offer 200 mil then 😂😂😂. They want all our top targets.

    Nigel Tufnel January 16, 2023 21:34:06
    “How can we be sure a summer deal can be done when there are clubs with deeper pockets and no financial compass around?
    You don’t think the Chelsea buffoon won’t jump in?”– dissenter,
    The hope for me would be that Rice is not completely motivated by the biggest salary. He has been toiling in mediocrity for his whole career so far, and maybe he’s impressed by the Arsenal project and a team (young like himself) that’s winning and going places……. Not just our wins and losses, but the style of play.
    Secondly, that he and his agent will know better how to control their move, (opposite of Murdyk, who was bullied away from Arsenal). If West Ham say we want you to go to Chelsea so we can get the biggest fee, or you can’t move, he can just say fek you I’ll go for free in a year, and the club gets nothing. He’s not fleeing a war zone like Murdyk. I can think of a few reasons more, but the first one I gave was the most important by far… that he’d be the kind of person/player who might accept 200k over 300k to have more satisfaction in his career.
    All hinges on his character and personality.
    I’m not his biggest fan, so it’s not wishful thinking on my part. If Arteta wants him, then I’m in, because he’s made Partey and almost everyone in the squad better than they were.

  41. raptora

    I also read my boy WE’s take on Kvara, something I agree/d.

    Wenger Eagle January 16, 2023 19:13:14
    Khvicha is the bargain of the century.10m for a 100m+ level player. His ceiling is unlimited and he’s proving it in a top league unlike Mudryk who as of now is still hype.

    Is there some explanation on Kvara’s decline? From a superstar to 0 goals, 2 assists in 1700 mins?

    I know he’s barely 22 yo, but that fella was out of control for the most part of 22/23 until the middle of March and then just blank after blank after blank. Had something like 19g/17a until then and afterwards – his form said bye bye.

    Top talent for sure but another proof that it takes more than talent to be able to keep the consistency high on the grand stage. He’ll probably find a way to get out of this barren run but holy shit…

  42. Bob N16

    Trawling through the LG archives to establish that posters get things wrong. I might be showing off here but I knew it already!

  43. Dissenter

    The blog’s being destroyed by certain posters who want to make it a dick measuring section of a micro penis competition. They will even weaponize an Arsenal win to attack other posters.
    Posters who make decisive points also get some things wrong. Posters who come to comment about the loyalty quotient of other people’s posts have the advantage of hindsight.
    Rich is one of the prescient posters here but just this week he was arguing that the CL game against PSV be the minor consideration in the manager’s rotation because the NLD is the most important game of the season. It was a refreshing read but thankfully Arteta doesn’t listen to Rich

  44. WengerEagle


    I wouldn’t even count March onwards from last season because Napoli literally had the title wrapped up. He performed in virtually every big game up until then and he was phenomenal, an obscure phenom in a top 5 Euro League of which we haven’t seen in quite some time.

    Have you watched his 3 games this season? He isn’t even playing badly, the G/A just hasn’t followed. As you say, he’s 22 and his form will pick back up, class is permanent.

  45. Dissenter

    It feels better going into the NLD with Raya
    Ramsdale was good for Arsenal but has that erratic unpredictable streak with him. He’s make the save if the season one minute then let in a goal because he couldn’t sort of his feet on time.

    Hope Arteta sticks to his guns [we know he will] this weekend. He’s has to give Raya a full range of games to assess him. Let’s see how he does against a team that wants to die on the attacking football hill.

  46. raptora

    I remember you guys mentioning some fucked up shit about a girl posting here long time ago that turned out a dude. Do I remember correctly reading that she/he arranged a date with another poster or something?! Hahaha funniest shit ever.

    I regret I wasn’t into blogs at the time, le-grove is my first and only blog ever but I joined a bit late – 2015 maybe?!

    Were there actual girls posting here? I think I remember reading about 1 actual girl but all in all, it’s been a full on sausage party for my whole stay here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m loving my boys plenty!

  47. jwl

    You’re incorrigible, Markymark. I like the advice you gave Pierre earlier to play more golf while you spend your days here writing about another bloke’s todger. About what I expect from a psychologist.

  48. jwl

    Gossip on gooner twitter is Trossard been injured in training today but no confirmation yet so hopefully we talking nonsense and the Belgian is ready to go tomorrow.

  49. TheLegendaryDB10

    I think Arteta will play the same team as the one that played PSV tomorrow

    I think Havertz will play but, if we are having trouble scoring, I genuinely fancy seeing ESR subbed in to be more direct and help cause carnage in a different way.

    Raya will 100% be in goal. I like Aaron, he has personality, but the “Iceman” Raya has really settled our back 4.

    Even Gabriel looked far more focused on who is in front of him than having to also worry about what is going on behind him when playing PSV.

  50. Bob N16

    I wonder whether Nelson would be the natural fit but I suspect Vieira might be shoe horned in. I’d be happy to see ESR against Spurs but it would be a surprise.

  51. TheLegendaryDB10


    If I am honest, I would think so to.

    Nelson’s cameo’s so far have been excellent.

    He genuinely deserves to start.

    Arteta’s coaching and getting players go a level above what we thought they could do is absolutely phenomenal. Cf Øde and Marti.

    I really hope that ESR steps up.


    And this is my stance re Aaron and Havertz.

    As long as they respond well to his training regimen, we will either see a beast come out of this or a flop.

    I said this after the game re Havertz. With time he will be either be that player who will light up the ground or just dissappear into oblivion.

    Time will tell.