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Going away to Everton should be easy. It never is. So when we left there yesterday evening with 3 points in hand for the first time since 2017, you’d best believe I was over the moon.

That result was huge. Mikel Arteta added so many dimensions to that game that are worth talking about. The main one for me? We offered up the sort of mature performance we’ve been begging for over the past decade.

No nonsense, total control, calm under pressure, players stepping up to the plate, a victory you feel could be important if we can keep in the title conversation come the end of the season.

Arteta shook things up pre-game. I wrote on Twitter, in the haze of a light hangover, that the selection of David Raya was both unexpected and expected at the same time. I stand by that. Most of us knew change was coming, I’m just not sure we expected it right after the break. You kind of imagine the best way to bring keepers into the mixer is to give them easy games, not long nightmares against bogey teams.

Arteta also did what the haters (using it for lols, calm down) wanted – he dropped Kai Havertz for the imperious Fabio Vieira. Part of me loved the move, Fabio hasn’t been asking questions of Arteta politely, he’s been banging the table with BIG performances. The worry was his size… could he handle being rag dolled by one of the more powerful midfields in the league?

The game was total control from minute one. Everton didn’t fly at us. We flew at them. Our passing was crisp, movement was sharp, and we totally dominated the ball. You knew it’d be a rough afternoon for Everton and there was no doubt that we’d shown up for the three points.

We scored first – Gabriel had a pass cut out by an Everton player, it landed at the feet of Eddie, he laid it off to Fabio who clipped a lovely weighted pass into Martinelli… then BANG, bottom corner. VAR had to intervene, they insisted Eddie was off, despite it being an Everton player who touched the ball last. It was another farcical subjectivity-layering-exercise that was ultimately wrong and the goal was chalked off. Referees in England are so, so desperate to be the story, they should favor the goalscorer, not how clever their mates will think they are.

Arsenal didn’t let their heads drop. But we did lose Martinelli to some sort of muscle tweak. It looked like a hamstring, which would be annoying because you really can’t help but want to point the finger at the international break and fatigue associated with it. He was replaced by Trossard.

The second half started strong, you could see that fatigue was influencing Everton’s game more than ours, chasing shadows gets hard after a while. When it got to 65 minutes, normally you’d fear we were heading for a draw, not with Arsenal this season. We had so much quality off the bench, it always feels like the last 20 could be party time for us, especially with Qatar overtime rules.

Our moment did come – from a short corner masterpiece engineered by Niko Jover. Saka and Odegaard worked the ball into the box, Odegaard found Saka, Saka caught the run of Trossard, the BOSS man hit a sumptuous side-footed shot in off the back post. WHAT A GOAL. Truly dreamy.

The game really opened up after that, but Everton didn’t have much to offer. Not even Calvert Lewin in a face mask could change the dynamic of the game. We had the better chances. Gabi J and Odegaard were guilty of big misses. But who cares, we took the three points and exited a scary ground with the booty (treasure booty you animals).

Before we exit into some spicy conclusions – wasn’t it great to see the wild celebrations after the game by our players? Declan Rice fist-pumping like we’d just toppled City, Saliba losing his shit, Saka jumping around, Jesus getting in the mixer. It was a thing of beauty. This isn’t a group of professionals – this is a group of friends who truly believe they are on the journey to something special together. They knew the importance of that result.

So what else did we love?

Our defensive performance really did feel like a response to some concerns.

Above is Everton’s pass map. Blue passes are successful. Look at how few there are. Look at how our positioning mostly left them with one option: Long balls. They had no luck there. We gave them 1 corner all game, they had next to no long throws, we didn’t give shit freekicks away in soft areas. They couldn’t really get near our box. They had nothing. 0.3 xG was their lowest output of the season so far. That was a defensive masterclass in a preseason/season we’ve been giving up a lot of dim slop.

Let’s talk about David Raya because the Ramsdalians are fuming and in some deep, deep denial about what’s going on here. Ramsdale wasn’t rested, he was dropped. Arteta will call this a rotation thing and he might play that game for a bit, but the reality here is very, very simple. He has lost faith in Aaron, spent a lot of money on a keeper he thinks is better, and he has wasted next to no time getting him in the team. Arteta played the same game when he binned Leno and when he upgraded Tierney. He’s not going to tell you what’s going on because he has to protect his players, but they all know what is happening.

Ruthless. Barbaric. Horrible to watch. Yes, yes, and yes. But this is just more of the same, but with a player we all love.

Aaron will probably start against PSV, but I don’t think he gets back in for the Spurs game. David Raya will be outright number one if he doesn’t make any mistakes and I think the Champions League cup keeper thing changes in 2024.

So what did we make of Raya? Well, he had nothing to do. But we can talk about vibes. The AOP live watchers all said it – the man is ICE cold. His face gives off so little emotion it looks like there might have been a botox accident. He radiates calm, controls his box, and boy oh boy is he outrageous with the ball at his feet. That low fizzer he pinged out of his hands to Bukayo was naughty.

It’s early days, let’s see how his shot-stopping is, and what he’s like in a big game… like the North London Derby. But it doesn’t look good for those that thought he was here to be an expensive back-up. Ramsdalians drawing hard on the copium are going to be disappointed but I don’t think the next big reveal in football is rotating keepers like number 8s not matter how hard Arteta pretends one of his deepest regrets in his managerial history was not having the courage to sub a keeper. I can think about about 50 worse things he’s done.

Let’s keep with Arteta – some other tactical bits I liked.

  • Arsenal players didn’t get pulled into a brawl and that kept the Merseyside crowd painfully quiet
  • He pulled off Zinchenko before he started gassing – giving him no room to make a late fatigue-induced mistakes
  • Instead of pinging aimless balls into small players – we offered up a dangerous corner routine that ended up breaking the deadlock.

Our attacking performance was getting some pelters during the game. We seemed to be a little conservative, perhaps in a bid to keep our defensive side locked down? A simpler answer might be that it’s really, really hard to break down a double deep block enacted by the master of them. Eddie was eaten up by a packed central area and the chance-creating machine wasn’t exactly at its peak. But if you break it down, we scored two legitimate goals and had enough chances to probably do a bit better considering our quality.

Key message: When the defence does its job, you only need one goal, and we nearly always have that in the locker. 12th away clean sheet since the start of last season. Is it time to start talking about why we have a problem at home? Do we need to bring back that Elvis song? Do we need to tell the fans to stop being so supportive? Are the musicians in the concourse causing the problem? A post for another day.

I didn’t think it was Eddie’s best game. He got a little lost. Arteta hooked him quite early. So cutting propaganda for my client ain’t gonna cut it. I think it’s time we saw more of Jesus. He came on and looked lively in his cameo. We really need him to be razor-sharp for next Sunday, so an outing in the Champions League might be needed.

Fabio Vieira had a really solid game. My failed breakout star prediction of last season seems to have ignored all the advice to get bigger – instead, he’s added aggression to his game. He wasn’t a physical match for Everton players, but he was there for speed, and yappiness. He played in our midfield and we controlled the game. Fabio wasn’t a weak link. Say it quietly: I think he might have landed as a player.

Bukayo Saka is still adapting to his reality: He’s going to have players target him whilst trebling up – and the color of his shirt means he’ll not get much protection. Mykolenko fouled him too many times for it not be picked up, but this is his reality now. He was quiet by his own high standards, but still exited the game with an assist. Face it, he’s a slow starter – but that’s all good if he bangs in April.

There was some chatter post-game about the timing of the game. Gary Neville, who has been team Arsenal this season, complained we took too long from corners. A weird angle to go at us about – we are chasing a title, not a point at Goodison. The bigger WTF moment for me was the ref only putting up 4 minutes of added time. That’s gotta be the lowest in any game all season. Not sure how he landed that number, but maybe it was a make-up for chalking a legitimate goal?

So – to finish out. That result was massive, especially given the context of the weekend. Now we can enjoy the PSV home game this week – and a monstrous, monstrous North London Derby against a resurgent Spurs with a painfully likable manager. It’s gonna be a banger of a week. Can’t wait to spend it with you!

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hi there


Great win from the lads




Ashley young actually took 30 secs to take a free kick few minutes before the corner but no mention

Very good defencive performance.. team hasn’t got out of 2nd gear yet.. a lot more to come

Josip Skoblar

We learned that Raya has a calming influence on the defence.

Josip Skoblar

Trossard is actually brilliant. He is so gifted.

Josip Skoblar

Teta : please, no more experimenting with the defence and goalkeeper: all is now nicely set in place.


“hitting corners to small players” Surely we have one of the tallest teams in the PL now. For much of second half we had Tomi, White, Gabriel, Saliba, Rice, Havertz. 6 men all well over 6 foot.

Josip Skoblar

He’s done it again. MBappe replicated his WC final volley against Nice yesterday.


Morning. Going to disagree with you about Raya and take Arteta at face value. He needs game time to feel like he’s a part of things, and indeed he’s stone cold, but the twelfth man in our team is the crowd, and stone cold is never ever going to get the crowd going like Aaron’s constant working his audience. Some games (including Derby games) you are going to really want as loud a crowd as possible. Ramsdale’s acrobatics won us loads of games last year, and I’m sure they will both win us loads of games this year. I’d say… Read more »


Our best game of the season. Total control and better going forward – snappier passing, better tempo. Declan noticeably looking to make quicker forward passes.::. much less the safe measured stuff of West Ham and England. Only tho g missing for me was a bit more variation in the final third… would be good to see a bit more played through the middle.

Freddie Ljungberg

Isn’t Pedro the original Ramsdalian? Not sure why he rags on his own people that much.

Also we haven’t paid big money for Raya, he’s on loan…


Raya is on loan and wont be big money. Think there is an option to buy for around 27 million?

Guns of Hackney

Raya made everyone else look better. He looked like a boss out there which I haven’t seen since Mad Jens was giving the business to the opposition and his own team. I liked his debut very much. Good energy. Eddie was bad. Jesus moaned a lot. Vieria seems to be getting better but nothing really coming out of him. Saka has the multi millionaire street vibe going on. The kids rich and he seems to have lost his motivation. So what if players are targeting him more? If you’re better than them, you’ll beat them. Saka is getting metaphorically fat… Read more »


Goh I wouldn’t worry too much about our lack of chances created as the game plan was to starve Everton of the ball. It was a no risk policy، lots of recycling of the football، possession was the key. The only time we looked vulnerable was for a brief spell towards the end of the first half when we went off script and tried to force the issue. This allowed Everton to hit us a couple of times on the break. 2nd half it was back to controlling the game and staying patient ، it could quite easily ended up… Read more »


Humongous win and a humongous week coming up too.

Champions League man!

And then that rabble from WHL on Sunday. Remember to ask any Spurs fans you know who they are playing in Europe in midweek!

Topside Northbank

Total control yesterday, scoreline flattered them.

Rice early in the game especially he’s so sharp sniffing out danger, really reads the game well and he is getting more used to our system, his passing was way crisper and faster.

Trossard again showed we have signed an absolute bargain, very intelligent footballer.



I never rated Ramsdale because he is a bag of nerves and his style of goalkeeping is very haphazard. He can make spectacular saves one week and have an absolute mare next week.

I prefer GKs who are calm, commanding and consistent even if not great shot stopper. Raya fits the mold.


Saka needs some rest. We have players in the team who can come in his place and do the job.


How can a goal be legitimate when it’s blatantly disallowed by the new laws? The laws themselves are daft – and this is precisely the scenario that shows why – but the goal clearly should not have stood. The Guardian sums it up nicely (except for the nobody part as unfortunately Pedro still has not actually read the rules) “The goal was disallowed because Beto’s interception, though deliberate, was not a “deliberate play” under the revised laws of the game. Instead of the deflection being one of the myriad variables that make football so compelling, Nketiah was technically offside. Nobody… Read more »


Mikel Arteta “I have few regrets. It was on two occasions, that after 60 minutes & at 85 minutes in two games, I could have changed the keeper & I didn’t do it. I didn’t have the courage to do it. We drew those games & I was so unhappy. Someone is going to do it [change goalkeeper mid-game] & it’ll be strange & you’ll ask why, but tell me why not? If you have all the qualities in another goalkeeper to do something, or if something is happening & you want to change the momentum, then do it. It… Read more »

Habesha Gooner

That was a game of total control. Everton are shit but have caused us problems in the past at Goodison. Our creative numbers need to be better though.We need to create more clear cut chances. I wonder how far down the table we are when it comes to big chances? Because I bet it isnt high enough. But we have time to adjust it. I hope we take more risks in attacking phases to try and score more. The positives are Rice, Saliba and White who were magnificent yesterday. Rice is just a ball winning machine. He allows us to… Read more »


Pierre I want to know your take on raya debut yesterday ?
I know you are a big fan


The other big story for me was the period post-goal. That’s been a trouble area for a while, but we not only stayed calm, we continued to create chances. Maybe it reflected how poor Everton were, but they can’t be good if they don’t have the ball.

Habesha Gooner

Also I am a huge fan of Ramsdale. But Raya put in a performance better than Ramsdale has for months including last season. Ramsdale’s distribution has regressed since he was pinging balls to Auba when he came in. Raya showed him up yesterday. Even collecting crosses, Ramsdale used to do it regularly. I remember him totally snuffing out a Burnley side by collecting a lot of crosses at the start of his Arsenal carrer where Odegaard scored a freekick to win us the game. But those things havent been seen in a while from him. If he doesnt improve, Raya… Read more »


‘ His face gives off so little emotion it looks like there might have been a botox accident.’

This made me laugh out loud – very good!


Raya didn’t disappoint did he
What hasn’t really been mentioned is that Raya would have been under enormous pressure coming in for Ramsdale whether he had the ball at his feet or with his handling، but he was ice cold in everything he did and I thought he brought a clamness to our playing out from the back mainly because the defenders trusted him….


Saka is getting metaphorically fat and lazy and it shows. Poor season so far.

2 goals and 2 assists in 5 games in his (regular early season) quiet period says when he picks it up he’s going to really have a great season numbers wise


Without Saka we don’t win
Pure and simple


It is no surprise that Saka’s impact so far this season is nullified to a certain degree if teams are doubling and tripling up on him. The key is for us to find a way to benefit from this because there will be space created elsewhere as a result which we have to find a way to exploit.


Very solid win yesterday, our recent history at Goodison Park probably had an influence in how the players celebrated it, very gritty display. Give me a boring 1 – 0 against a Sean Dyche team any day of the week! Raya was solid, definitely agree with the above posts, he oozes confidence and a calming presence. Ramsdale however has earnt the right to be keeper on our return to the champions league so he’ll be back on Wednesday but next weekend is the key indicator, if Raya starts against Spurs then that’s it, I don’t care what Mikel says about… Read more »

AFC Forever

This is what you get with Arteta he’s astute & detailed. When you’re playing a team like Everton you know they are going to try to get their crowd engaged. The Ramsdale v Pickford issue and Ramsdale’s tendency to join in with the crowd, are not what you want at Everton. Raya was a smart choice. I thought the team avoided confrontation and kept the crowd quiet for virtually the entire game. That is players following a brief. Mykolenko was a lucky boy, he left his foot in a couple of times but we didn’t react. We seem to be… Read more »


Vieira had a decent game but I thought a couple of times he snatched at chances، a little drop of the shoulder similar to jesus goal v united is what was needed.

Once he gets a run in the side he will be more relaxed in those situations ، pity about the stupid disallowed goal as it was a perfect weighted ball to Martinelli that highlighted the quality of Vieira، excellent finish also from Martinelli.


That game yesterday was a mental test. Which we passed. Declan Rice is a future Arsenal captain. I have no doubt about that. Not many people mentioned Ode yesterday but some of the passing he did was top class and he nearly scored also.

Good performance. Dominated by possession.


It was a short cameo but I thought Havertz did provide some steel l, energy, and physicality late in the game…. bringing Tomi and Havertz was a calming influence… there was no nail biting moments in the final 10mins…. Smooth and controlled. Perhaps we should be introducing Havertz more often in the last 15-20mins in some games.

Havertz to score winner against spuds… I really hope he does!

AFC Forever

Time wasting By the way, far too many ignorant people talking about us taking 26 seconds to take the corner, when the PL average last season, according to OPTA was 33 seconds. Gary Neville often tries to create a drama where there is none. Arsenal trying to win the game at nil-nil being accused of wasting their OWN time is quite something. OPTA ‘AVERAGE DELAY’ STATS (2022/23) *Av. number events per game x time taken per event: Free Kick: 30 per game @ 33 seconds = 9.9 mins Corner Kick: 10 per game @ 33 seconds = 3.3 mins Goal… Read more »

AFC Forever

*Above provided by TTF not me!


Samesong Odegaard and zinchenko ran the game We were missing a little bit of penetration from our front 3 as Eddie was swallowed up and Saka triple marked In the end it was Saka Odegaard and tross who combined for the win Id Kirk to have seen us shoot a bit more when they were deep It’s not like we don’t have the quality to hit the target It would have drew them out more and given us a bit more space to play in my opinion. Minor concerns Another 3 points Big game next weekend I’ll happily take a… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Un you big balloon of a man. Without Saka we don’t win? He was obsolete yesterday and it’s getting worse. He’s a decent player but something is niggling me about him. He seems a nice lad and can play a bit but he doesn’t have the X factor. I was a huge advocate for selling him for big bucks and I still stand by it. I want him to prove me wrong but he looks like a player that has peaked at 21, become rich and is cool with seeing out the next few years. Where’s the hunger? Anyway, Arsenal… Read more »


Gary Neville is a “busy cunt” , that’s from his own former teammate , Roy Keane.
His United are in another crisis so he needs to create a bit of distraction whenever and wherever he can.


Havertz provided some physicality when he came on, energy – not so much.


Yea, Ramsdale overcomplicated several aspects of play and his distribution has been all over the place Off to the bench he goes, the problem will be that we can’t and shouldn’t have a gifted £33 million transfer fee England international, earning 100k plus weekly wasting away on the bench Something will have to give and Ramsdale will have to be sold. That will be the final act of the ruthlessness aspect of business. I love Ramsdale [but hate his antics], actually found myself laughing when the sporting Lisbon player lobbed him from 50 yards last season. It’s Arsenal that matters,… Read more »


“Isn’t Pedro the original Ramsdalian? Not sure why he rags on his own people that much.“

Freddie, yup.
Pedro loved Ramsdale’s energy and crowd interaction which was always amateur and immature like.- tolerable home, but borderline ridiculous away.


Guns of Hackney has this strange obsession with Saka When Saka gets lumps kicked out of his ankles, GoH will have the audacity to say he’s diving. “ I want him to prove me wrong but he looks like a player that has peaked at 21, become rich and is cool with seeing out the next few years. Where’s the hunger?” This makes no sense to anyone that’s not a long term resident of a loony bin somewhere. Last season people were wrong smack about Saka five games in but then he ended up on the Ballon D’Or shortlist and… Read more »

James wood

Well we controlled the game ? yet I alway’s have this gut feeling we are going to let teams back in 1 goal is not enough when you are playing that type of football Gabriel made a hash late on that could have been 1-1. With the the Champions league coming up tiredness will be keynote we need to put teams away properly and with our strike force that is not going to happen Eddie is just not good enough and Jesus is not far behind him.? We are far to reliant on a knackered Saka and Odegaard an injury… Read more »

AFC Forever


I think Gary Neville likes the sound of his own voice far too much.

As for Man Utd, they remind me of where Arsenal were. They have a serious culture problem going on. Sancho’s behaviour is not something you should see at a big club, that’s a terrible example for all the other players. I don’t think they’ve ever tries to address those problems, they had similar with Ronaldo. For a big club they behave like an amateur one. Neville can blame the Glazers but is Ten hag blameless?

Guns of Hackney


With all due respect, you could get on the balloon Dior shortlist…or long list. Literally every footballer on the planet sort of gets on it.

I do not have an obsession with Saka. He has a dark energy that affects my equilibrium. I want him to be a great but something sits wrong. Sorry.

Sell to Saudi.

Ps. Kicking lumps out of him? Bless. All the best players have to deal with agricultural football. He needs to be more elusive or better.


Whose run into space and cutback creates the winner? Saka
Even when he looks like he’s not a threat he is
Dont you worry about him son
You just keep your eye on the grim midlands weather
No glowbawl waaaamin there


Pedro uses Ramsdale as a baseball bat, like Negan’s Lucille in the walking dead

He used Ramsdale to bash people that were skeptical of his initial signing
Now he’s using the same player to whack people that have adopted to him and adopted him as one of our own.

Some people are convinced that whatever improvements Raya brings, the gains are marginal at best. Only time will tell.

Guns of Hackney

Knackered Saka? Lolz. 5 games in? He’s 22, not 72.

They make them weak these days.


“Guns of Hackney has this strange obsession with Saka
When Saka gets lumps kicked out of his ankles, GoH will have the audacity to say he’s diving.“

Guns has been traumatized by a Saka lookalike wielding a sharp knife* in a short proximity prompting him to move towns.

* it was at a London stake restaurant

Guns of Hackney


Yeah it’s fucking grim alright.

But, I doubt I’ll walk out the door and get stabbed by a stranger like you lot do down south. So swings and roundabouts.

Guns of Hackney


Maybe Saka’s eyes are starting to get even further in the wrong direction and it’s affecting his football. By the end of the season, he’ll look like a monitor lizard and they’ll be on the back of his head.


2nd half we had lots of tall players and the stats are telling. We have scored 16 times from corner situations from the start of last season. Very few of them are headers but we are definitely benefiting from the corner tactics.

People are happy for Raya to get some game time (and it is important that he does), however the same people don’t want ESR to get any game time. Citing how he must be doing something wrong in training. If he is, why is he on the bench??


AFCF I was watching something on a United channel a while back, and they were talking about Arteta, calling him a “Vindictive Little Cunt”….. They were also saying how they needed their own “Vindictive Little Cunt”, to clean up their own dressing room. I remember people on here arguing black and blue that culture wasn’t important…. Which was obviously a load of nonsense, because it’s absolutely clear that if we want to create an elite performance culture, then we need elite behaviour. Enthusiasm + apathy are both infectious, and managers have to decide what type of energy they infect their… Read more »

Wicked Willy

Arsenal’s field tilt:

vs Everton 83.8%
vs United 81.2%
vs Fulham 90.4%
vs Palace 50.4%
vs Forrest 82.8%

Absolute dominance so far. (courtesy of Twitter)

For us to do this whilst being off our game, suggests that if we can get our attack during again with Jesus as our spearhead, and if we can get one of our left 8 candidates playing at their mercurial best, I think we’ll blow everyone away, perhaps even City.

Josip Skoblar

Everton are such a rubbish team. It’s the worse football you will see in the PL this year: players with poor technique, no game plan, no ambition. I hope they finally get relegated. (I admit that I have a soft spot for Pool, the real team 😉 ).


People are way too harsh on Everton.
They really aren’t that bad…….their main problem is the league which forces them to cut the grass to the tallest height allowed, which is about three inches lower than they’d like.


What a start to the season. Easy win over PSV followed by a 3-1 spurs victory on Sunday. Onwards and upwards.

AFC Forever

Rich In all walks of life you need discipline. We’ve seen what happens with the erosion of discipline in the education system and within society in general, respect drains away. People misunderstand discipline, it’s not about creating fear it is about creating respect. The armed forces have to be strong on discipline with strict rules to follow for a reason. Without it you end up with chaos. Manchester United have chaos. They’ve got Sancho behaving like he thinks he’s bigger than the club and can’t be criticised, Ronaldo did the same, their Captain waving his arms around when things go… Read more »


G of H

You need to stop posting drivel

Saka has scored already two excellent goals this season and he provided the assist for Trossards goal.

Everton put two defenders on Saka. Yet he still managed to beat them when it matters.


James wood “We are far to reliant on a knackered Saka and Odegaard an injury there and well?” It’s impossible to say if we are too reliant on Odegaard and saka as Arteta is reluctant to leave them out of the side. I see no reason why Vieira can’t replicate what Odegaard does on the ball . As for saka ، we have jesus، Trossard or nelson who could play the role and being right footed may give a different perspective to our attack and look to get more to the byline rather than the saka method of cutting inside..… Read more »



Not in leafy Surrey my old chum


Another bald goon referee selectively enforcing and creatively interpreting the rules


The eight Ten Hag signings:
Antony – £81.9m (plus £4.3m in add-ons)
Hojlund – £64m (plus £8m in add-ons)
Casemiro – £60m (plus £10m in add-ons)
Mount – £55m (plus £5m in add-ons)
Martinez – £46.8m (plus £8.5m in add-ons)
Onana – £43.8m (plus £3.4m in add-ons.
Malacia – £12.9m (plus £1.7m in add-ons)

A few duds there.


We’re now the poster boys for weird decisions – decisions that have never been seen before or since….


Emirates i wouldn;t take his opinion on a player too seriously.. this is a man who didn;t rate Santi or Wilshere


Ten Haag did himself a disservice and lost al credibility when asked about the Onan foul against Wolves
He could have easily done the Wenger thing of saying he had to see it again, that’s what Arteta would have done. Instead, he had the audacity to say it wasn’t;’t a foul
No one takes him seriously anymore

Thierry Martinelli

Raya is a good keeper. Better than Ramsdale? Too soon to tell. He barely had anything to do yesterday against a rubbish and toothless Everton side.


The difference between Emery and Arteta is that Emery was a Head Coach whilst Arteta is the Manager. The Sporting Director cannot buy a player without Arteta saying yes. The recruiting office also has to follow Arteta picks. Arteta has direct link to Stan Kroenke so he can’t be sidestepped.

When Emery wanted Zaha they rather bought him Pepe. Arteta insisted on Rice and they had to find money to buy him.


I just can’t shake the feeling that 7 Hag is not the sharpest tool in the box, Throw in a bit of very forthright Dutch manner and I can see him being ripe for internal team piss taking.
He’s had the typical massive UTD PR job done on him so he’s made to sound a genius. Once that waivers I think he’s done. I do not see any improvement over OGS being at the wheel.



100%… Emery didn’t fail Arsenal…. But rather Arsenal failed Emery.

All’s well that end’s well though….

X haka

10 Hag is clearly hopeless and his time is up.
As others have stated, he has bought some right dung.
But he did get Utd to 3rd and two cup finals in hist first season winning one , something Arteta could only have dreamed about in his wilderness years.
I know, I know he was resetting those culture buttons, we hear constantly.

But Hag and indeed Arteta they are average Joes.
Its De Zerbi who is generational.


“Going away to Everton should be easy”

Why would you start with that? Away games in the PL are never easy, any of them!!


Rich Emery failed himself You can’t point to the transfer market as the only indicator of a coach’s success Arteta won the fa cup with the squad emery bombed with and quickly convinced the suits that his word should be followed He identified culture and attitude as a problem They spent big money on Arteta’s vision because he made them believe They spent big money on Raul and Sven’s recommendations too It’s not like emery had a shit squad He had a squad with a bad attitude But in the end nobody believed he was the man for the job… Read more »


Un Emery had no authority, because the club never backed him. The same players who downed Emery, almost downed Arteta just 13 months later, but this time the club backed Arteta through the eye of the storm, where they threw Emery under a bus. We were 8th when we sacked Emery just 1 point off 5th, and we were still 8th 18 months later, finishing 5 points off 5th. Arteta only has authority, because the club rightly made him omnipotent. 5th and a Europa League final was nowhere near the disaster some made it out to be, and there’s a… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

I think this comment from Bilbo summed it up well: “Whatever your agenda, having Trossard, Vieira and Raya come in and play well after some lackluster performances by who they replaced in the recent games is exactly what Arteta is aiming for vis a vis competition” Perfect view. I am right there with this for 2 reasons.. firstly I’m a big backer of Ramsdale and Havertz- but at the same time I am a huge critic of Arteta for not rotating starters nearly enough. He really shut me up with that lineup, and I love to see that. More early… Read more »

James wood

Pierre 13.42
I see no reason why Vierra cannot replicate what Odegaard does.?
Are you really sure about that comment.


Has the apology arrived from PGMOL…yet for chalking off the goal.


The idea Arteta hasn’t rotated is a myth, we made between 9-5 changes for each of our Europa League Group stage games last season. We made 8 changes for our FA Cup 3rd round tie, 7 changes to go away to City in the 4th round. 10 changes in the League Cup to Brighton. 5 changes away at Sporting, 4 changes for our return home fixture. Once we were out of the cups, we were then playing mainly a game a week, we had a few areas of our squad we could eat injuries, but losing 2 right sided defenders… Read more »


James wood
“Pierre 13.42
I see no reason why Vierra cannot replicate what Odegaard does.?
Are you really sure about that comment.”

100% sure ، and you omitted “on the ball ” ….I don’t think Vieira can cover the ground of Odegaard off the ball but yes “on the ball” Vieira is more than capable of replicating Odegaard.

I would also go as far to say that Vieira would probably score more goals and have more assists with a similar amount of game time.
The assist for Martinelli’s “goal” Yesterday was another example of how to play the killer ball…


TR 7. 10.25

I agree salad needs a break lad ain’t stopped playing regularly for us and for England… pull him out of next England gathering like fergie did with Giggs.

AFC Forever

Pierre “yes ‘on the ball” Vieira is more than capable of replicating Odegaard. I would also go as far to say that Vieira would probably score more goals and have more assists with a similar amount of game time.” You are blinded by your bias, Pierre. Hardly a day goes by without you digging out Odegaard for one reason or another. You’ve been on his case since he ‘replaced’ Ozil, which he didn’t by the way, Ozil replaced Ozil, his attitude and performances are why he had to go. Blaming Arteta and Odegaard for whatever injustice you feel Ozil suffered,… Read more »


Arteta bought players worth over £600 million and still plays the same without rotation. Martinelli didn’t need to play in that game, on the bench would have been just fine. He seems to have forgotten ESR & Nelson. If he plays them now without any match fitness due to not having had play time it is again an injury in the making. But then again he has not and will not learn because of his stubbornness. With a squad worth almost £1 Billion he could only muster a 1:0 win at a team that is near the bottom of the… Read more »

Teryima Adi

Arsenal are playing on second gear. We’ll get into the next gear come Sunday in the NLD.

Bob N16

MG42 what a ray of light your posts provide!


AFC “You are blinded by your bias, Pierre If you can’t enjoy watching Odegaard and don’t rate him, I don’t see how you can expect anyone to trust anything you say. This vendetta is embarrassing..” It should be considered a compliment for Odegaard and Vieira to be spoken about as being equal as they are both quality players and I love watching both equally… I praised Odegaard for his off the ball work and I praised Vieira for his ability to play the killer ball. Nothing I said was detrimental to Odegaard، me saying that I believe Vieira will score… Read more »


The knack at which ode is scoring is top for cm, if veira can replicate that (doesn’t have to be in place of ode necessarily) then it’ll be top. Viera has top class abilities especially end product beyond reasonable doubt



Emery failed at Arsenal not because of his coaching ability but because his communication skills were poor.

When you work at a club like Arsenal it is important that you have good language skills.

Arteta is a highly rated coach and respected by the players as well as management. I doubt that he will leave club anytime soon. He is also intelligent and recognises his mistakes.

James wood

On the ball or off the ball your completely well wrong with your assessment Pierre -Vierra
is not getting the game time for one simple reason his body is not built for the rigours of the premiership where as Odegaard can.

Nigel Tufnel

Did anybody notice that disgusting pitch at Everton? Looked like grass hadn’t been cut over the break. Early in the match our players had to adjust because some passes fell short.

I think Dyche had horses grazing on it too…

Nigel Tufnel

Pedro what are you going to say if Ramsdale starts both PSV and Spurs games?
Your theory would be shot down for the current time.

I think odds are still that it will happen and that Raya next start will be league cup.

What will I say if Raya starts against spurs?

I’ll say I’m surprised, and also that Pedro was right !

Nigel Tufnel

But I did catch your response Pedro, earlier where you tried to make it sound like it means nothing if Ramsdale starts our first CL game in many years. That’s more slick p.r. for your position. You made it sound like it’s a Europa or Carabao level game. Nobody is buying that. And remember, I have no agenda.. I’d use Ramsdale most for now on his current form, and Raya still a lot too. I loved the acquisition and the rotation in general. I love our squad even more now that Arteta is using it.. even subbed Jesus on before… Read more »


James wood
is not getting the game time for one simple reason his body is not built for the rigours of the premiership where as Odegaard can.

I have a feeling that 12 months from now you will be proven wrong.



Arteta is right.


Sami Mokbel, 6 Sept 23 Aaron Ramsdale under growing pressure to keep his position as Arsenal No 1. Mikel Arteta ready to give David Raya a run of games. Sami Mokbel, 17 Sept 23 Aaron Ramsdale dropped and replaced by David Raya for game versus Everton. Sami Mokbel, 18 Sept 23 Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale’s future is being closely monitored by rival clubs after his role as first-choice was thrown into uncertainty with Chelsea and Bayern keeping tabs on England shot-stopper. There have been internal concerns about Ramsdale’s start to the season. The keeper has has faced nine shots on… Read more »


Who’s this Pedro guy?…. I recognise the name.

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