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Well hello, my darlings… it’s Sunday; we’re playing Everton away from home; tell me why you shouldn’t be worried?

I can’t.

We should be panic-stricken.

Everton – is obviously a terrible outfit, but unfortunately, they’ve been underperforming their xG.

Yes, they have played mostly poor teams. But the people that are actually tuned in… you know, the folk that read the game purely on dataless vibes will tell you this… we could get smacked up.

Everton were handed their own backsides by Unai Emery in the first two games of the season, but since then, they’ve created a lot of good chances, they just haven’t finished. The have a new striker called Beto who used to work in a KFC – he’s on the PL site today basically saying he has no talent but he works hard. Can you think of a better headline to go out the morning of our game?

Going away to Goodison Park when you are Arsenal is the worst type of road trip. Everton willl multiply their effort, we’ll decide we’re shit, and it’ll be a horrible afternoon. Everton, under Mr Dyche, is basically a regen of BIG Sam Bolton from back in the day.

Team news is BRUTAL if your name is Aaron Ramsdale, the English keeper, fresh of an international cap, has been benched for David Raya. I didn’t think the debut would come this soon, but here we are. Aaron hasn’t showered himself in glory this season, it was only a matter of time, now let’s see what Raya has up his sleeve. I’m looking for more saves and better passing.

Eddie keeps his place, Fabio takes over from Haverts, and Big Gabi is BACK.

I like it. What you saying?

Why is a win important? Because every win is important this season if we want to go past 90 points. There are also positives happening at clubs we don’t like.

Spurs were losing to Sheff U, the worst team in the league, up until the 90th minute. But they recovered the game once gifted 15 minutes of injury time. Not cool. The super fun Aussie manager is proving out a reality of modern football > the only way to win with players in 2023 is by creating a great environment to work in. You can’t be a whopper these days. Conte and Jose failed with their managerial vision of misery and this Aussie with nothing more than relatable quips about the working class is crushing it.

We have them after PSV… buckle up.

Let’s talk United.

EtH… the literal last manager the Le Grove comments section BEGGED for circa 2017-23, is deeply in the mud. The man who put discipline first, seems to be struggling. He took the mayo from the kitchen, he decided to eviscerate a player with a mental health issues publicly, and he truly believed banging the table of standards was a good idea… after spending £175m on Antony and Casemiro.

… anyway, Welbz ended United yesterday. EtH, tactical genius, famed for LONG BALL TO RASHFORD thinking, fell to Roberto De Zerbi.

Erik ten Haag has been telling the media over and over again that he is the boss and two year in… it seems like that aggressive behavior is having ZERO impact on the players. Booed at halftime… booed at fulltime. Worst United start in 900 years. Let’s just hope it’s not over too soon. Biggest threat to the rest of the league is United hiring De Zerbi. In fact, let’s be clear, whoever fires their manager first will go for De Zerbi, and that will be a masterstroke.

Since he took over at Brighton they are:

  • 1st in shots
  • 1st in shot on target
  • 3rd for touches in the opposing box
  • 2nd for expected goals
  •  2nd for possession

Liverpool, a team in a HUGE mess, beat Wolves. Let’s be clear: they weren’t amazing, and the luck went their way. Either way. they’re full of goals this season, and Klopp is still a beast of a manager.

Right now I’m watching Chelsea labor against Bournemouth. After spending a billion, Connor Gallagher is their captain, and Sterling is still their best player. It’s such a weird setup they have. Clearly there’s a lot of talent, at least on paper, but the whole thing looks a way off banging. Mudryk still does not look like the player we all dreamed of.

Right, that’s me done, gonna go and prepare mentally for the game. If you want to join us On The Whistle, save your place below.

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Raya has better footwork for sure.


Yesss !!! Get Innn!!!



Just too much hard work vs a bottom 3 team

3 points at least

Raya cool as ice

Montana Gooner

That was the closest not even close match ever.

Just Another Customer

4 in 5 doesn’t look bad for now


Well a win is a win.. Couldnt drop points.. so happy with that. Not very fluid though. Hasn’t really clicked in.

Habesha Gooner

Glad this Everton hoodoo is done. Not the prettiest performance but it has gotten the job done.


Well we slogged through that game and got the 3 points.

I can’t be any happier than that!!


3 point clean sheet away, broken embarrassing run at Guddison. Poor performance.
Bossard MOTM.


The classic 1-0 to The Arsenal

Everton horrible place to go, horrible bus football.

Take this result all day


Didn’t need to be pretty, just needed to get out with the points, the only negative is Martinelli’s injury, particularly with the NLD next Sunday.

Other than the buildup and finish for the goal, it was a real grind against a team who’s only ambition was to stay in the game.


I actually am very happy with that aside from the all important 3 points, we were absolutely miles ahead of them and another day that’s a 3-0 coasting also fuck that meth head they have at LB who committed about 7 fouls (half of which were allowed to slide) on Saka and magically never got booked. little bitch can enjoy the championship next season Saka played pretty well which is good as his form has been off this season. got an assist Very happy with Vieira who I thought had a really solid game. justified his selection quite easily meanwhile… Read more »


‘’ Poor performance.‘’. You must have watched a different game

Guns of SF

Trossard is a classic Wenger type player. so technically skilled. uses both feet to score. Great vision, passing, movement. he should start next games, let Kai come off bench.


We might have our first easy win, hopefully against the tots, next weekend. Trossard was good, like Rice, Saka and White fir me. We need to score more goals. 9 in 4 games is a bad return. And Big Gabby is a worry for me, crumbles under pressure. And fuck those penises in black, their performance was a disgrace again


1-0 to The Arsenal.

I’ll certainly take that.


G or never watch Arsenal play in the full flow.
Time to deliver WC performance and crush Spuds for 4- 0!

Guns of SF

Def agree about more goals needed to be scored. GD will come into play with the CL spots


That little moment of magic was enogh COYG




The finish was exquisite. Need better against Spurs next weekend.


look there’s plenty of room for improvement, ie scoring more, but the overall performance was completely dominant, we kept a clean sheet and scored a world to win it. I don’t ask for more than that. that’s a job very well done.

it wasn’t an ugly slog. it was a really clean, controlled game that just took a while for the goal to finally come.

well played, and good selection and subs from the manager.

obviously hope we can be more clinical moving forwards but I’ll never be unhappy with a really clean 1-0 win and a dominant performance.

Thierry Martinelli

3 PTS on the board. COYG!!!!!

Pedro should stop lying to himself that Ramsdale has lost his position. We wanted rotation and we got it. End of


“Saka played pretty well which is good as his form has been off this season”

Thought Saka woke up as the game opened up. He played very safe today, which may have been the manager’s tactics, fair enough. Got his assist so fair play. Sometimes it’s difficult to get that motivation after international break.


1 point up on the same 5 fixtures from last season without hitting 6th gear yet is a positive


Trossard’s goal was exquisite.
His performance in the second half was excellent and deserved MOTM.


Rice for me is the most important player in the team at the moment. He breaks up play. He’s everywhere on the pitch. He starts off attacks and can even shoot. Shout out to Viera thought he came of age today.



We don’t need better next week

Totally different playing another attacking side

This why the ESR comments during the game are so boring. Maybe Arteta knows what’s needed at different times of different games.


Hands up who thinks Reya is better than Ramsdale. ✋



Seriously, at what point do you think ESR should be played?

Do you think he will be selected for our CL game vs PSV on Wednesday?


How many saves did Reya have to make today?



Don’t know whether Raya is better but Ramsdale is definitely not good enough for Arsenal.

Habesha Gooner

That wasn’t a poor performance at all. We controlled the game against a team that didn’t want to play at all. But we weren’t at our attacking best. All these 1 – 0 wins will come to bite us in the end if we don’t up our creative numbers.

Josip Skoblar

We have our new number 1! So much calm, composure and physicality. Well done, Raya!


I don’t think he was that safe Samesong. He tried to take his player on many times and did so quite a few. and if the methhead at LB hadn’t been allowed to get away with fouling him about 6 or 7 times without so much as a yellow, he might have done more damage in this game meanwhile: Liverpools upcoming league games are: West Ham Spurs Brighton Everton Forest Dropped points for them definitely on the horizon For spurs it is Arsenal Liverpool Luton Fulham Palace Chelsea Plenty of dropped points to come in there City have: forest wolves… Read more »

X haka

Play like that against Spurs and we will get battered.

Still want De Zerbi.


Good win
Good tactics
Kept the crowd quiet ، stayed patient، quality strike from trossard
Rubbish game to watch but who cares،


Spot on Pierre

Matt B

haha all this stuff about Raya being better than Ramsdale — he had absolutely nothing to do.

What did Ramsdale do to get dropped?

We seem to be on a never-ending goalkeeper magic roundabout. Maybe, just maybe someone will wake up one day and realise that the goalkeeping coach is a bit of an issue, more than the actual goalkeepers we have — Martinez, Leno and Ramsdale before the start of next season all leaving in the space of a few years…

Josip Skoblar

Good, solid performance. We mean business!
Plaudits to Trossard (👍👍👍👍), Vieira, Saliba and Raya ,who were outstanding.


The mighty spurs that needed 105 mins to beat the mighty Sheffield Utd? Take a breath mate

Josip Skoblar

Everton are a horrible team to watch, I pity its supporters.

Matt B

Graham62: Yes you and quite a few on here were very vocal about your dissatisfaction with our purchase of Ramsdale — many weeks before he’d even played for us.

That you’ve making a judgement about Raya after his first game when he had absolutely nothing to do is not at all surprising


Spurs won’t be battering anything jog on


We are already 7 points ahead of Utd and Newcastle and 8 ahead of Chelsea.

Good start.

Matt B

Raya outstanding? Is that a serious comment?

Great win btw, but please, that is completely disingenuous


I am pleased with that although Gary Nevillle was right – the players need to take more risk with passing . Our dominance didn’t therefore translate into goals

I felt that Rayas distribution looked pretty spot on and he made everything look safe. He will be better than Ramsdale but competition is good whatever the clueless pundits are saying

Josip Skoblar

Saka: quite anonymous the first 70 minutes of the game. Then he woke up and became a real threat. More consistency, please!


Matt B

I asked Graham62 how many saves Raya had to make today?

G62 appears to have gone walkabout 🙂


People here like to moan and moan and moan


I don’t believe Ramsdale or Havertz were dropped as such. It’s just part of the rotation involved in keeping a big squad of quality players up to speed.

Previously our bench has looked patchy, but today it was very strong.

Brighton dropped/rotated half their team yesterday. It’s just the way things are heading.


We need to start matching up goals scored vs our total possession


Northbanker “– the players need to take more risk with passing . Our dominance didn’t therefore translate into goals” To me، it looked like Arteta told his players not to take too many risks on the ball for the fear of losing possession which will lead to a counter attack from Everton. The game plan worked to perfection because we never conceded a worthwhile shot at goal and apart from the referee who gave a few soft free kicks in Everton’s favour we defended superbly. Raya has been my keeper of choice for the past year or so and he… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

Raya: it’s not about the saves he made today (none). It’s about his composure, calm and ball distribution’. You could feel that the defence was more confident. There’s going to be rotation but he should become our No1 No1.



And you like to moan and moan about the people commenting here. Maybe add something of value to the conversation.


Agree with Pierre regarding Raya. he oozes calmness. I knew from the start ofc that he was playing but it took me awhile to figure out why I was not nervous when Everton had the ball in our half or had a set piece. It was Raya. So good on the ball and that showed with the defenders. never a panic when they got the ball from him.

Montana Gooner

Raya had nothing to do today. Can’t say much about it. He did look calmer than Rambo.


Raya is a catcher rather than a puncher and that in itself is gold dust. Add top quality distribution and we move up a gear


How good is Viera looking these last few games? He looked like a boy on the pitch last season. He looks more in the mood. More confident. I think he will continue to get better and better. I’m glad he started today instead of Havertz. Nothing better than seeing a confident player on the pitch.

Agree Pierre about the tactical discipline of not taking too many risks in case of the counterattack.


Raya adds serenity to our back line, which is priceless in that kind of game.
Well done Arsenal, now it’s CL time !!!

Nigel Tufnel

Going back over the second half comments, of course there’s the normal reactionaries talking doom… but I don’t get the multiple comments about Smith Rowe’s feelings… Who TF cares? We have roughly 40 mins to try and get the 3 points, and babies are worried about some esoteric bullsh1t. I understand talking about it during the week because I love Emile and care about his future.. …. but focus on the issue at hand…. trying to break through in a place where we haven’t won in like 5 matches. Jesus was there to come on, Trossard on already,, Reiss available… Read more »



I’m back!
I went out shopping.
I watched the game and I know he didn’t have too much to do, but so much calmer than AR.
Imo gives us more solidity at the back


What I love about this Arsenal team is that our floor is much higher than it’s been since the peak Wenger years. Even if the play isn’t always sparkling, you know we’re going to control nearly every game and compete physically. Rice just adds to these strengths.

Looking at a bench of Gabriel Jesus, Ramsdale, Tomi, Havertz, Trossard, ESR, Kiwior, Nelson and Jorginho with Timber and Partey also out of action is pretty impressive too. That would be a starting XI that could compete in the Premier League.

Nigel Tufnel

Trossard I said at halftime was still a good bet to create a goal, probably more likely than Martinelli if we’re honest.

I know he came on looking a bit out of it, but he needed some time to warm into the game, and looked more active in the 2nd half immediately, maybe some words from the coaches too.

Remember Dyche had the extra week to drill the dark boring arts just for Arsenal too, and he is relentless.


karimSeptember 17, 2023 20:03:49
Raya adds serenity to our back line, which is priceless in that kind of game.
Well done Arsenal, now it’s CL time !!!


raya was sublime today

Josip Skoblar

Raya’s team selection may be the turning point, the missing puzzle of the jigsaw. I feel confident tonight. 👍🙂


This angle of the Trossard goal is unbelievable.

Nigel Tufnel

“Why not Smith Rowe!!?” For the guys who don’t understand why Havertz was brought on, it’s really hard to explain it to you because obviously your knowledge of the game and common sense is limited. Look at the size of Tomiyasu and Havertz standing on the line waiting to come on against Everton. It should make you feel great about our squad and manager. He’s a good midfielder off the ball, adds pace, and defensive skill…. and even more you need to understand, the size and strength differential from Fabio is huge. We need to defend a 1 goal lead… Read more »


I like the way this season is going for us so far. Kept very honest, slow build. Think this could be yet another season where we slowly upturn expectations and get somewhere special. Honestly uncertain about a trophy,, but could easily see a CL runner up medal
you dont really see the team core degrading anytime soon, sure we’ll lose partey tierney less so big gab, but no doubt we’ll replace adequately. It will be a while before we have to make a sale that really hurts. Hopefully its not esr, would love to see him stay


Trossard’s finish was exquisite. We haven’t had such an ambidextrous talent since Cazorla and I’d go as far to say that I think Trossard is even more so, albeit Santi was the better overall player.

What a weapon to be able to bring off the bench.


Pretty much echo the consensus on here too. Diabolical game to watch from an entertainment standpoint but we’ve a terrible record at Goodison so 1-0 to the Arsenal is a perfect way to end the voodoo and keep pace with the top teams early on.

75% of the ball, Everton hardly had a kick and didn’t turn up to play the same sport.


Is anyone watching the Rugby?

England are the only team that celebrate boring rugby.

Japan so much more dynamic and forward thinking.

England will get no further than QF.


Raya was not sublime
I enjoyed his calm and loved how he commands the area with claiming balls. But let’s be fair Everton were the least ambitious side we’ve faced this season.
More shiny new toy syndrome. Let’s not overdo it just yet


Nigel who hasn’t even had a chance to get into match fitness yet? So Kai, who hardly knows Arteta’s system, plays 4 games on the trot, yet ESR, who has been training way before Kai under Arteta still has to wait for his turn? At what point does he start? He is the only player who hasn’t registered a single minute out of all the players who have been selected to be in the team so far this season. Getting 20 mins here and there helps get a player match fit, no? He was played in pre-season, so why can’t… Read more »


I’m happy with the 3 points. I hope this ugly ass team gets finally relegated. Bunch of orcs that can’t play ball.


finally gets relegated*

Trossard finish was insane. I watched very little of the game as I’m on a wedding again, but I tuned for the goal and jumped out of control!!! Up the Arse!!!!! I saw Marti got injured, I hope it’s nothing serious


Arteta is never going to drop Havertz as he’s spent 65 million and will try to preserve and prove all wrong to the detriment of the team bla bla fucking bla


Shame we went asleep against Fulham
Points wasted


Did anyone notice when martinelli felt that injury the first time? Why do our players try to play on even after feeling that something is wrong? Why?


That was a good win against a team that refused to play
We’re going to come up against this a lot this season
Hell manure did the same thing
Spurs won’t sit back tho
Should be an easier game


What I noticed and in truth not subtle. Neville – very quick to point to our time on the ball . I’m waiting for a new- ‘against the Arsenal rule’ where if we hold onto it in open play in defence – it’s deemed as a foul. I have watched footy for 47 years since 6 and never have I seen such bias against one football team. I’m changing my sport and going Formula 1 Grand Prix. And checking out Kabbadi – where you slap people and run away – bit like Prem league. I will not put my cerebral… Read more »


No player is going to give up the moment he feels an injury.

It isn’t in the nature of any competitive person ever.


I hate Zinchenko. Sloppy passing, awful positioning, nonexistent speed. Liability. Nothing seems to be working against the cavemen, we need to do more, run more, shoot more [@Zomber]

You have a right to your comments, but the hate word is very strong…first the feeling, then…

What did he do to you personally? Funny enough, he was one of the best players today!


Really good performance by Vieira today. Massive improvement from last season, hopefully he continues to get starts now.

Raya didn’t have much to do but I love the calmness he has in everything he does. Let’s see what happens against proper opposition but it was a very promising start to his Arsenal career.


Havertz looked fine in his cameo But I think therein lies the solution. Vieira has played his way into the team. He should be starting the next game. This relieves the pressure on havertz anyway which is likely to make it easier for him to actually perform when he does come on – and if he comes on and plays well repeatedly he can play himself back into contention That’s exactly how it should be and how I hope we go about it Vieira was no 10/10 but he was clearly really decent. Some excellent passing, he kept the ball… Read more »


Raya looked very accomplished yesterday, so might we see Ramsdale playing vs PSV and Raya playing in the NLD, which I guess would be a more difficult and true test of the Spaniards ability and perceived calmness?


Some while ago I recall a lot of angst regarding Martinelli not getting any game time, if my memory serves me right it was Smith Rowe who at the time had the gig on the left flank.

Martinelli sat it out at the time and now it’s Emile’s turn, doesn’t mean he’s toast as far as Arsenal are concerned because things can turn easily on the back of an injury? I’m sure that ESR will get plenty of minutes this season…


Big Time Win on the ROAD!

Gabriel back in the defense, looked solid, and in passing too.

Everton did not look like scoring ever.

Tross the boss in truly a sublime two footed player,

Viera looked good in possession and passing, but he offers nothing going forward in a packed box, think dribble drive.

Raya had absolutely nothing to do, and happy to have it.

Let’s go!

Nigel Tufnel

“why can’t ESR get game time???Because this is not pre school where everyone gets a go to play🙄”

Good one FB!

We’re one mistake away dropping points again at Everton… and clowns are obsessing about Smith Rowe during the game.

“He looks so sad on the bench”

Grow up, and grow a pair.

Nigel Tufnel

Pedro so excited about Raya that he had to write a post pre match… he never does that lol.

Wait till he realizes Ramsdale is starting in the Champions league and most games as number 1.
Raya looked great in everything but really didn’t have a save to make.

I’m really glad to have him though. Pedro can lighten up on the Raya campaign.


Chelsea’s next game is at home to Villa. I fancy Emery to do them over following their good win vs palace

If they do it would be 5 points from 6 games for the night Chelsea. Dare to dream

Nigel Tufnel

Graham sees 1 game where there’s no saves needed against a bottom team in the toilet, and he’s taking a poll of who’s a better keeper.

So, ?? The 1 game guy??, or :

PFA keeper of the year 2023.
Yashin trophy shortlist 2023.
Save of the month both March and April.
Should be starting for England over the clod Pickford.
Ranked one of the most valuable keepers in the world. (CIES).

Not reactionary though.

Matt B and FB put you in your place well. We all support Raya, but Pedro and Graham62 have a silly agenda against Ramsdale.


I like Emi, Raya kind of GKs who catch the ball and command the box better. Less panic and more calmness even if Ramsdale may be more instinctive. Raya’s distribution is good too.

So again can’t tell whether Raya is already better than Ramsdale basis one game but Raya is more the type Arsenal need.


Nothing wrong in people wanting to see ESR get more game time. Backing Harvertz, Ramsdale etc. is great but wanting one of our bright academy products get his fair share of opportunities is somehow wrong? There’s no agenda in backing ESR. Harvertz may be better defensively but I always say and I bet Trosaard, Viera and ESR are better ball players and deserve more opportunities than Harvertz. Viera and Trosaard even proved it today and ESR also will when he gets his chance. I want Harvertz to do well also but ESR deserves a crack as well like everyone else.… Read more »


Pedro used to label anyone who said a word against Ramsdale as bedwetter and accused them of having an agenda. Now he himself is cheering for Raya 😃

Nigel Tufnel

“Rice for me is the most important player in the team at the moment. He breaks up play. He’s everywhere on the pitch. He starts off attacks and can even shoot.” Don’t tell that to the guy who whinged for 4 months that we should go for a cheaper option. An up-and-coming Arsenal FC goes and buys the best player thats moved in England in a long time…. and still cynics had to moan about it, instead of being proud and excited. –Declan Rice stats against Everton at Goodison Park. – 99 touches – 93% passing accuracy – 32 passes… Read more »


Rice is super duper good, perhaps our best player against Everton.

If we have both Rice and Partey available for important CL games, we can make a deep run there.

Luteo Geunreira

Havertz will probably start on Wednesday.