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Well here we are; Le Grove is 16 years old today.

What a crazy ride.

We started this site to quench an addiction to football content that wasn’t being met – now we’re 5549 posts in, with 3 millions comments, and multi-millions of reads.

This website help me fraud my way into advertising, now I’m working in football. Don’t ever let anyone tell you producing work for free on the internet for an audience of mostly men is a waste of your time. This weird little hobby has been so good to me for so many reasons both personal and work related.

Thank you for reading, commenting, tweeting, listening, and getting involved in the spicy hot takes.

Here’s to another 16 years.

Ok – let’s talk about Arsenal.

I brought up a little prediction about Aaron Ramsdale yesterday – I think Raya will get the PSV game, then the countdown to him going perm on that #1 spot will begin. A lot of people wanted to tell me that he’s been fine this season – I beg to differ. He hasn’t been great for a while now and this season he’s seemed less and less confident every game. You can read that he has something on his mind and I think it’s playing out in the data for the opening four games.

… and it didn’t look good last season.

The difference between a team fighting for top 6 and a team fighting for top 1 is most teams going for the top 1 position have keepers that defy gravity to keep the ball out of the net. We’ve seen flashes of that from Aaron. Leicester and Liverpool games spring to mind. But to retain that #1 position, he’s going to have to deliver that 95% of the time. Add the eye test to his distro – it’s gone from best in league to very iffy. He’s less ambitious, less accurate, and you don’t need a stats sheet to see it.

I don’t think he’s going to last much longer.


Sharp shift of pace…

A quick little observation. A few weeks ago the world’s media was clapping the Deli Alli for speaking out about his mental health issues. Fingers were wagged at the brutality of elite sport and the unforgiving nature of fans obsessed with roboticizing athletes that go through the same things as us. This week, Jadon Sancho was dropped, a man who has confessed to his struggles with mental health and the response was ‘MUST GET HIS ACT TOGETHER’… hold on here. Where is the empathy here? Did we forget? Do we not care? Can you only get sympathy if you do a podcast?

It feels like a lot of the chatter around mental health and ‘it’s ok not to be ok’ is just for online platitudes – and this feels like case in point. It’s a bit of a shame. People look to sport for cues in their life. If Jadon Sancho speaks up – and he can’t get the benefit of the doubt, where are we as a society?

… and don’t get me wrong. My point isn’t that EtH should play him. This is professional sport. It’s just that the coverage doesn’t come with a caveat and that after all the handwringing… turns out we’ve not moved forward, and we’ve learned nothing.

Nico Pepe has Turkish clubs circling and apparently someone from the Saudi League. Honestly, it blows my mind he hasn’t landed a move to Saudi. The wages are manageable and he’ll be a bang BANG player out there. Besiktas and Trabzonspor are in the mixer as well. He needs minutes, the sticking point is the £150k a week we gave him. If he doesn’t exit, he’ll get a contract termination. My fear is part of the reason no one moves for our deadwood is they know we’ll give in to termination in the end.

Martin Odegaard AND Bukayo Saka have been nomiated for the Balon d’Or – an incredible achievement from two of the clubs finest young prospects. Each have been on their own special journey with the fans, have each set themselves up as role models, and they will both land the hardware in the future. Just maybe not this year. We have to deal with Lio Messi winning it again. Which really is getting quite boring at this point. It should be someone like Haaland taking the top honors this season.

Finally, it has been reported that Liverpool is bracing for a £210m bid for Mo Salah. On the one hand – lose him and CL places look tougher. On the other, you just take the money and run with it. The player is past peak, his head will have been turned, and that cash injection allows Liverpool to go big in January and next summer.

It kills me the Saudi’s weren’t around after Auba won us the FA Cup. We’d be so much better off.

Ok, we’re recording a podcast later. Let me know if there are any HAAAAAAWT areas I should be talking about. See you in the comments where I expect a GOOD happy birthday message for this wonderful site. x

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What is going on at United. Between greenwood and apparently they knew about Anthony before it came to light and now apparently they outed Sancho having mental health issues last year when they shouldn’t have. That club is pretty idiotic

Josip Skoblar

Long live Le Grove! Great job, Pedro.
You offer a platform to Arsenal dans and football lovers.
Yours is the best football blog I know. 👍👏🙏✊

Josip Skoblar

*Arsenal fans


Can this blog be really averaging 540 comments per entry over 16 years? If Pedro’s numbers are correct, that is some achievement.


Nicolas Pepe is the perfect embodiment of why we as fans as a body are incompetent to decide who we should sign or not

There was huge excitement for a player that almost no one had seen play


Gnarley – we’ve dealt with this already

Geoff is Pedro’s Dad and he has retired . Good luck to him


And Pedro – congrats on an incredible achievement amd long live your great work

Expand the guest posters to keep the blog thriving

Ashwin Gunner

Happy Birthday LG. Good work Pedro to keep the post coming (Most of the days)..


smart of pedro to choose a date in 07 to coincide w nico pepe leaving 16yrs later
let’s go!


MarkymarkSeptember 7, 2023 20:11:46
Alan Hudson was dreadful for us as well. Another Chelsea crock. Only Eddie really bucks the trend and that’s down to early release

uh, declan


GonsterousSeptember 7, 2023 13:23:15
Pepe was let down more by the manager than his playing.

*signs for trabzonspor on the last day of the turkish window

the manager must have sexually assaulted him for that statement to make sense
because pepe was pretty fucking bad.
golden left foot without a doubt and i do wish him well.
i don’t think i’d have given up 140/wk easily either
at trabzonanlkjbsdfbj


Hudson was signed from Stoke


Happy birthday Pedro. Great blog.
You are a smart cool guy and would have made
It in the world of advertising without this blog,
Lucky to have you, keep up the great work,


EdTheRed – I was wondering about math as well but on match days there can be 1-2,000 comments depending on how angry/happy we are, and we chatty in summers during transfer window, 500 avg sounds about right.



You might have, but I hadn’t. Anyway, I always thought they were/are cousins.

Speaking with dealing with something. There’s a few things I could tell you all about Ange. This is an Arsenal blog, so I have not felt the need to explain. Although there is one thing about him that does have Arsenal connections. His development as a manager has been from the book of Wenger.

Ange is a bloody good Manager, as much as it pains me to say. I’ve followed his career since he played for South Melbourne Hellas.



I used the same terminology as you “pathway” rather than “on way” to becoming colossus in referring to your post.

Ramsdale is no longer “young” for a top goalkeeper. He is 25 and has plenty of first team experience.
So I think that we have had plenty of opportunity to assess whether he has the makings to be a
world class goalkeeper as indeed so do the coaching staff at Arsenal and England.

As I posted I hope that he will become a “very good” goalkeeper whilst at Arsenal.


ESPN Brazil –
Gabriel Magalhaes starts for Brazil tomorrow vs Bolivia and will make his debut for the Seleção. Martinelli and Jesus on the bench.


I’ve got lots of earned respect for you.
We will just have to disagree on this one
I think 25 years old is still very young for a goalie and Ramsdale, as annoying as I think heis, is already a top keeper.
I too hate the way he strays from the goal line but that’s the achilles heel of all ball playing goalies.


Congratulations Pedro and Le Grove!


I loved Pepe signature goal celebration too, kudos to Kruger and bossard for choosing their celebrations as the profile pic for the website, love that. It should be compulsory.


So we’ve signed 8 players from Chelsea in the Premier League era although one of those was on loan.

Big Success: NONE
Modest Success: Benayoun, Jorginho
Neutral: Gallas
Disappointment: Cech, Luiz,
Outright Failure: Diarra, Willian,

Have to say the odds are stacked against Havertz! We might have to call it the Chelsea Curse especially when you think Ashley Cole achieved more with Chelsea than all of our signings from them combined. The only other senior player Chelsea signed from us was Giroud who played well for them too.

Not sure if Omari Hutchinson could break the curse for us though.


Why hasn’t Newcastle splurged on players? How come The Arsenal outbid man shitty for Declan Rice? Why won’t prospective purchasers meet the Glazers’ asking price? Because the Arabs are now pouring their petro dollars into their own clubs. And that is gr8 for The Arse. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when man shitty drop down the pecking order. The sudden rise in petrol prices, is that in response to the need to be able to pay for players? In Australia it’s probably more because our socialist govt is hell bent on pleasing the world economic… Read more »


…….apologies to NorthBanker if this topic has already been dealt with on here😀


You could well be right or

Newcastle have splurged yet because they don’t have the “revenues” yet to support it. As the new commercial deals flow through the pipeline and they start to get consistent European football they will be able to increase their spending. My guess is also they are being a little less brazen than City in pulling in these commercial deals from “non related” parties.

City we’ve seen time and time again set their price and then won’t budge over it and walk away from deals when the selling club won’t meet them.


Happy 16th birthday, le-grove!

Maybe time for a rename to el grove?


Bacary man that list is telling But it also brings us back to a recurring theme which is that Chelsea are great at selling They know exactly how to flog a turd or a good player who is about to become one I’m glad the Pepe saga finally seems to be ending but HOW can we need to pay him and other players to leave? It’s insane People can try to justify it however they want but I dare anyone off the top of their head to name 5 non-arsenal players who have had to have the contract terminated early… Read more »


How is VAR still having problems. Isnt there 6 experienced refs watching the game on the screen?

Why I Gunna

Sad to say it but at this point in time who’s fans are happier? Spuds with Maddison or us with Havertz? God I hope it flips

Nigel Tufnel

I have been saying since late last season that Ødegaard is the next big extension coming, then White. It seems they’re both underway.

Some brilliant poster said the other day that Fabio Vieira is the ONLY player we have who can play a killer pass.
That poster has always hated Ødegaard for some bizarre reason, and needs to let that enmity go once and for all. He’s making himself look like a fool.
Pierre is not a fool, but can’t let a grudge go.
Our Captains quality is sublime.

A bit of Ødegaard brilliance compiled.



Congrats Pedro. Thanks for the addiction of a blog ✨️ 😀

China1 great post. Sad how we treat unwanted players and the returns we get for fees. Crazy. However, Arteta and Edu cannot be criticised.


Happy birthday le grove.

Pedro, I just want to say thank you, as per usual, because this blog helps me feel like a gooner as an international fan.

And thanks to the blog. Yeah the infighting can get tedious, and I’m no angel, but it is just part of the blog. I keep coming back regardless.

And I guess thanks to the arsenal for bringing us all together.

Cheers you bunch of kents!!!


Hard to be the second best play maker in the best league in the world if you can’t play a killer pass


Gnarley G,

Hopefully Al Bundy plays better than it tastes 😂😂😂

Steve Vallins

An earlier topic didn’t George Graham come to Arsenal from Chelsea in a swap deal with Terry Baldwin I think , we got good value from him over the years in different ways .


PL signings combined cost over 1b Sterling this summer Yet arsenal sales contribute so little to that tally it’s not even funny Don’t get me wrong, we can’t compete for sales with extreme cases like Brighton because they are a selling club and we are focused on building around our stars rather than selling But the fact of the matter is there’s an ENORMOUS amount of cash flowing around the PL every window but fuck all ever comes our way. That’s got to change even if you’re only selling unwanted players. Chelsea and city have both sold unwanted and unremarkable… Read more »


Another point is Saudi this summer was such a good opportunity to try and push some fringe players like Pepe because that league is still ass and they have more money than sense

We should’ve been working back channels with Saudi to try and drum up interest in Pepe who’d actuallly probably be really good in that league

A couple of years from now when the Saudi league is less shit they’ll be less likely to entertain overpaying for less than elite players.

Instead we’re doing charity for a Turkish team


China don’t you get tired of being so negative?😂😂 Haha just kidding wanted to feel like an arsenal ultra for a change


Money talks though, so Saudi league will be something if not just a glorified retirement haha.


sweet 16, congrats. it shows the need for arsenal related news and opinion, there is a lot of global
love for AFC. Football does strange things to a man. The Saudi leauqe will never have the same
appeal as EPL.


Northbanker – apologies you are right. He did appear completely disinterested in playing for us I seem to remember. Saw him later when I guess he had alcohol issues he was part owner of a bar at the time in Blackfriars bridge area. I gather he’s pulled his life together through writing which is good



If every premier league clubs contributed £50m each from sales you have £1bn

Arsenal have contributed more than our share
Could and should we have raised more money? Yes. Hardly the end of the world though


Pedro on twitter calling Pepe “one of the worst purchases in football history”. Weird cause I can list at least 30 worse transfers just off the top of my head. The likes of Hazard to RM for £125m on £400k wage pw, Luka Jovic to RM – £60m for 3 goals in total, then free transfer to Fiorentina, Griezmann, Coutinho, Dembele to Barcelona for combined £350m (only Ousmane was brought under Raul and his previous top 3 most expensive transfers were Neymar, Suarez and Ibrahimovic so he wasn’t as bad as people would make you believe), Lukaku to Chavs for… Read more »



City -Gundogan
Liverpool -Firminho, Nabby Keita, Milner and Ox
Chelsea -N’Kante
Man United – De Gea



Clarification-they weren’t early termination but they ran down their contracts.

Arsenal have done a lot of early termination but I’m not sure on a case by case basis you could disagree with any of the decisions to get the player out.


This is an enjoyable read and happy bday to you. If not already mentioned we bought John Hollins from QPR in 79 who predominantly played for Chelsea prior. And then sold him back to Chelsea. He was a solid player for Arsenal and featured regularly playing in our Cup Winners Cup final in 1980. The year we played about 400 games and ran out of steam.



“Now that he knows that a potentially better keeper is breathing down his neck, could this be affecting his ability? I mean this shouldn’t be the case. Competition should be bringing the best out of him.Or is there something else going on in his personal life?”

Ooooooorrrr Rambo might not be perfect (or good enough even)?


Good post, Raptora.

To be fair, the entire structure of the club was messed up with Ivan, Sven, Arsene, Raul, Edu, Unai and Doris the Tea Lady swimming around various deals at different points of time over the last few years. We know that Edu should take the credit for Martinelli and Sven was behind Auba, Sokratis, Mkhitaryan and Guendouzi. Not sure how the Saliba deal came together but at least we can now say that if it’s a brilliant signing or a screw-up, it can only be one of two people.

Just Another Customer

thought Martinelli was Cagigao’s?


Cyril. 1980 was the most painful year of my Arsenal life. 10 years old and watching us come so close to the Cup Winners Cup and the F.A Cup was devastating. They played 70 games that season and that was with one sub allowed and very little squad depth. -Coming through an epic 3 replay F.A Cup Semi-Final vs a great Liverpool team only to lose to old Division 1 West Ham in the final. Every one of the 4 semi-final matches against Liverpool we could only listen to on the radio. We’re so spoiled for choice now. -Seeing 1978… Read more »


Just Another Customer

I guess I was assuming that the scouts are part of the infrastructure and they don’t make the final decision. Edu and Martinelli arrived within a week of each other but I thought I read that Edu was very influential in getting him to the club. However, Cagigao was a massive fan of Martinelli.


Bacary – you just nailed everything. I was 10 to – born in 70. Gutted, tearful falling asleep – double whammy final losses. When a winning a trophy at Arsenal was a rare event. Hearing Dalglish score the equaliser in the last minute of 2nd reply broke me as they were the mighty Liverpool. Nobody got 4 cracks of the whip against them and then we won 1-0 only for it to come crashing down around us. You may recall is a really edgy listless final before pens. What memories and probably shaped my feelings for 87 and 89 as… Read more »


Great post Raptora. Pedro often needs the slightest poke to hang Raul. Raul was good to very good for us in the business that he did. I dare say if he was allowed to continue, altleast we wouldn’t be worse than we are right now but could be much better. Man knew how to win. He had plenty contacts and was a don in the game. You could feel a lot of people owed him favors. Something clubs need these days to be able to buy and sell well, which he largely did. Raul, apart from making good deals to… Read more »


Cyril-absolutely with you on the tears. To be honest, my first tears shed were in the previous year’s F.A Cup Final when Man U came back to tie 2-2. but those tears only lasted a couple of minutes! I wasn’t as crushed by the West Ham loss because we were the holders and we had such an exciting European final to look forward to. You’re right, my main memory of the final was an incredibly slow game with Brady constantly picking up the ball from our keeper and defenders on the edge of our penalty area and Valencia being quite… Read more »

Bob N16

Bacary, Cyril – to add to the misery we had to play a league game late due to all those cup games and by losing it we didn’t qualify for UEFA cup – three opportunities, three defeats!

Ben D

Pepe finally leaves. Good luck to him. He didn’t live up to the 72m price tag, but he certainly wasn’t as bad as he has been made to look. If he had been given more game time like Antony is getting or Harvetz is getting, he would have still attracted a decent fee


My first tears were in 1978 – I grew up in South Norfolk and lots of my school friends wanting to support a local team but not follow the City crowd were Ipswich fans (*). My Dad even knew Roger Osborne’s father.

I won’t call them Tractor Boys as in my village all the tractor drivers were Norwich fans – if we lost at Carrow Road the sound of a tractor for the next few weeks had me hiding in the ditch.


One player who frustrated me(just like Pepe) was Gervinho. However looking at his stats(Fbref), he probably was not as bad as I thought he was. In his first season he played 1700 mins and ended with 4 goals and 6 assists, gcpm(goal contribution per minutes) of 170. In his second one, he played even less at 1000 mins and came up with 5 goals and 3 assists, gcpm of 125. Just for comparison, Saka had a gcpm of 127 last season. Of course stats don’t reveal the whole picture, he might have been a flat track bully against below average… Read more »


Raptora, Bob- that’s the way round it went – I went to bed after the final – must have been about 10ish and cried – you point out it was the second final in a week. Bob – that’s interesting- I don’t remember the final game – We fell off a cliff and only started to resurface around 85. We had the two Man U semis ( with that horrid green kit) even though I bought it. 1 nil up at half time (scrappy goal )in FA semi final against them was as good as it got for a good… Read more »


Fabrizio Romano 6m Arsenal never wanted to sell Gabriel Magalhaes this summer; never a concrete option despite interest from Saudi, not even a negotiation between clubs ⛔️🇧🇷 “Not even for €200m!”, this was the comment from sources close to negotiations replying to Gabriel-Saudi links. _________________________________________________ That’s great to hear and I applaud it. That being said, I wonder how will Gabriel’s career at Arsenal develop. We’ve seen Arteta turn his back on good players, Auba, Leno, Tierney for example, not saying without a reason, but there is a universe where he stops playing Big Gabby and instead of receiving mind-blowing… Read more »


Rap….consistently one of the top posters on this blog. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Happy 16 years Pedro. I’ve read the blog from the very off….my God some strange ones have come and gone.

Josip Skoblar

Pepe is and will remain a mystery to me. I saw him play many times for Lille the season before he signed for us. He was composed, confident and scoring (spectacular) goals in an average Lille team. To think that he could succeed at Arsenal was not a farfetched idea. There was every reason to get excited about him then. But he never got a chance to shine and he was also clumsy and playing badly at times. Maybe he was not shown enough love? 😉

Positive pete

Yep.Bacaryisgod.Remember 1980 we’ll.Unbelievable bad luck for Arsenal that season.The amount of games was ridiculous.Not sure if it’s a record today? Al those FA semi replays,AND two cup finals in 4 days? Crazy.

Bob N16

raptora, great to see that Gabriel is making his debut for Brazil. Not sure if Arteta will marginalise him, we’ve only got 6 fit defenders(not including youngsters)!

I didn’t cry as a 7 year old after losing the FA cup final to Leeds but I remember my Grandfather coming around after the game and saying it had been a good game and I clearly remember responding incredulously ‘How can you say it was a good game, Arsenal lost!’


The main times I recall being really emotional watching an Arsenal game was firstly as a teenager when Charlie George scored that spectacular FACup winner back in 1970 and that superb Brady inspired break away goal to beat MU. But mostly watching the FA cup semi final against Man U in a Gooner packed West Wickham pub when Bergkamp missed that pen to more or less put us through and then Giggs scored with that near post rocket. Talk about cup highs and lows! Another tense moment was listening to the away game against Spurs when Ray Kennedy’s winner gave… Read more »

Bob N16

Pete, Can even remember where I was listening to the radio, hearing Paul Vaessen had scored away to Juventus to win the semi. Just look it up 10th May Lost FA Cup final 14th May Lost CWC final 16th May beat Wolves away 19th May lost 5-0 away to Middlesborough – our 70th game of the season! ‘Arsenal finished the league season in fourth place in the First Division. With fifth placed Nottingham Forest qualifying for the following year’s European Cup as holders after winning it again at the end of May and sixth placed Wolverhampton Wanderers having qualified for… Read more »


Bacary, Cyril, Bob n16 so many memeories and all bad and the tears were streaming when Sammy’s shot bobbled in ( I was 10) then and the thought of runners up again was too much to take.


If Pepe applied himself he’d have been a beast

His output was there and very impressive considering he basically never started 2 consecutive matches lol

If he and ozil had both given 100% we’d have done way better in that period

Josip Skoblar

I saw Arsenal games before that, but my first memorable Arsenal game is that “five-minute Final” against United in 1979. We won the FA cup in most dramatic fashion. We were leading 2-0 at half time. This was a fairly ordinary game. Then United scored twice in the last 5 minutes of the game. We were all preparing for extra-time when Alan Sunderland scored the winner in the last minute of the game! We were wearing those mythical yellow jerseys.

AFC Forever

local “One player who frustrated me(just like Pepe) was Gervinho.However looking at his stats(Fbref), he probably was not as bad as I thought he was.” As Mark Twain famously said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Stats are often very misleading, without any context or waiting they are just a number. It’s just a lazy way of debating that obfiscates the need to understand a subject. Someone once tried to compare the quality of goalkeepers by the number of saves they made. The best example is probably politics; politicians use stats all the time to… Read more »


Pepe’s stats are facts
You can argue that it doesn’t tell the whole story because he wasn’t good out of possession
But hardly anyone is suggesting he was a top class player, he’s being universally regarded as an ‘Arsenal flop’

On the other hand, Pepe’s Arsenal record is at par with Havertz’s stats at Chelsea but watch how people will try to burnish those stats to pretend that Havertz’s Chelsea career wasn’t as bad, this for a player that cost chelsea, a fee higher than we paid for Pepe.

1970 Gooner

Pete and Bob My first Arsenal memories are Ray Kennedy’s goal to win the League at WHL and Charlie George’s Wembley winner in 1971. I was a tender 10 years old, and it was my first season! Not a bad start, although it all went downhill rather too quickly for my liking after that, to. the closest we have ever come to relegation in a few short years! The end of the 79/80 season has to still be the most disappointing I ever have experienced as a fan. I clearly remember skiving off of work after losing to Valencia, as… Read more »


Alan Sunderland was a guest when I was best man at the Stansted Hilton hotel in the 90’s, he congratulated me on my speech and I told him Frankie Stapleton and you were my idols growing up.
A very nice man but rather slow to buy a round if I remember.

Josip Skoblar

The new retractable pitch at Santiago Bernabeu. Wow!!!!

Positive pete

Bob N16.Incredible.Almost the equivalent of two seasons games( current) in one.With a far,far smaller squad & subs allowed.Supermen.


1979/80 was also the last season Arsenal had Liam Brady orchestrating our midfield, when he left our midfield was a creative desert and remained so until probably Steve Williams was signed from Southampton.

That team/squad we had between 1977/80 should have been invested in and should have been up competing with Liverpool for the league but we had a Board that had no imagination or ambition so it was frittered away.


Gervinho could roast people for days but had terrible end product

He’d run through 4 players and burst into the box before passing to the keeper.

Those goals and assists he got were due to the crazy number of dribbles he was completing.

I remember in those days thinking our tactics should just be pass to Gervinho and ask him to run in circles in the box without passing or shooting and wait until someone fouls him lol


If Arteta tanked Pepe’s value because he didn’t like his tactical ability, what would he have made of Walcott who arguably has even less of a footballing brain.


‘’ Can even remember where I was listening to the radio, hearing Paul Vaessen had scored away to Juventus to win the semi.‘’

Remember doing exactly the same.. RIP Paul vassan


Guys happy Friday

Guinness, steak, garlic bread. I’m SET. Hope you fuckers are too


The Saudi infiltration will be the death of football.

AFC Forever


“Gervinho could roast people for days but had terrible end product. He’d run through 4 players and burst into the box before passing to the keeper.”

Ha ha. So true. He was like one of those supermarket trolleys, I don’t even think he knew where he was running half the time. As I have been trying to say regarding Pepe, talent alone is not enough. The best players are football smart, they tend to make the best decisions and are aware of their surroundings.


China, you lost me at Guiness. I even had two pints at the Brazen Head, Dublin’s oldest pub, Est. 1198. Still didn’t like it. Next I tried Smithwick’s and Birra Moretti. Didn’t order a single Guiness again.


Pepe released?

Remember the fanfare here when he was signed? It was basically only Val who was against. But then Val also said Jenko, Bielik, and Osei-Tutu were ready to make an impact, so his judgement wasn’t great.


Re Gervinho, I remember watching a game at the Emirates most probably in 2012-2013 where he missed a total sitter. It was a home game and the through ball to Gervinho was just exquisite (it must’ve been Santi as it came from the middle) and he had half the pitch ro run. I was up in the Northbank at the top of the Upper Tier and I was able to perfectly admire the excellent mazy run that he pulled off enabling him to be perfectly in.postion to score a goal that nobody can miss, inclyding me. And the delirious anticipation… Read more »


Gervinho was one of the most uncoordinated players I’ve ever seen.

Scouting Eden Hazard, but signing Gervinho, was peak banter years.


I see Fabrizio is on a quest to boost up Benjamin Šeško’s value.
A 20 yo CF, 194 cm (6’4″+) tall, that moved from RB Salzburg to RB Leipzig this summer for £20m.

He’s already scored 2 goals for Leipzig in 50 mins of football and scored 1 and assisted 2 vs Northern Ireland the other day for his Slovenia NT.

One to watch.

AFC Forever


“Gervinho was one of the most uncoordinated players I’ve ever seen. Scouting Eden Hazard, but signing Gervinho, was peak banter years.”

Ha ha. I don’t know why he bothered with the headband to keep his hair out of his eyes, I’m not sure being able to see made any difference. He could do unbelievable things, good and bad.

AFC Forever

Legendary DB10

That was very funny!


“Scouting Eden Hazard, but signing Gervinho, was peak banter years.”

Well well, we scouted Kante and went for Xhaka.

Scouted Madison and went for Haverts 😀


.I see the English fidgeting because the Saudis have come to do to the game what the English did in the 90s and are still doing init? Over 1bn spend by English clubs is ridiculous.


My memories are our FA cup win against Liverpool, Reg Lewis scoring 4, some few years after i returned from the war.


Scouted Madison and went for Haverts
when was that?


God yes that Vassen goal listening on the radio . I believe it was the first British club win in Italy for 60 years though there may not have been a huge amount of games I guess. Didn’t Bettega break O’leary’s shin pad in half or something like that I remember at Highbury. To beat Juve away just seemed incredible. Another memorable moment was Arsenal v Villa in 1980 when we best them but they won the title. First time I was in a really big crowd. We always felt like plucky also rans at the time. It took Graham… Read more »


Dunchirado, rumours had it we were in for Madison in June. But anyways, it would have been super foolish if we didn’t at least scout him.


i’d wait to call madison a resounding success until may, considering his injury record
he’s got 2 goals and 2 assists in 4 games, solid return

but vieira’s got two assists in 2 sub appearances. he’s the one to compare madison to few months down the road

Bertie Mee

Congratulations on creating an important addition to the Goonerverse. Le Grove editorial has been largely positive and very readable for some time. You understood the fallibilities if the old regime and the potential of Arteta as a transformational coach . Celebrate well

Bob N16

Feeling left out Sid, aaaaah!

AFC Forever

This isn’t a Friday joke just PGMOL and VAR. Sky published the tape recordings for the ridiculous Man City offside goal and Onana clattering the Wolves player at Old Trafford. Be interesting to see what some of you think about the decision making process, how it could be improved and the punishment. Here is the transcript for the one at Old Trafford when Onana clatters into Kalajdzic:- Referee to players: “No way.” VAR: “APP on the cross. Possible foul there. We just need to view that.” Referee to players: “It’s like collisions we don’t give those.” VAR: “So Onana goes… Read more »