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I’m in Kansas City today without my laptop, so I’m penning this on my phone. Excuse the typos. I mean, excuse the increase in typos.

So, bad news: Thomas Partey has done his groin in. He’s out indefinitely. Likely the standard 8 to 12 weeks it always is with him. Without knowing the circumstances – it does feel like we’ve been sloppy here. Partey is injury-prone, he’s playing in a new position that asks more of him, now he’s broken. Not great to lose someone of that importance in training.

Still, we have to accept that injuries are part of football and things aren’t always going to be perfect. People trying to work out if we had time to make a move in the transfer window need a reality check. We aren’t untethered from reality, we don’t have unlimited funds, the solution to every problem can’t be to buy.

It also amazes me that people who make these complaints get so much traction. It isn’t insightful to suggest spending £50m every time someone breaks. That’s an easy suggestion. Arteta has to work with what he has and has to find a way with the players he’s invested in. Remember, when people said we needed to sign a striker to replace Jesus in Jan and we ended up scoring more goals with Eddie in the side? Probably not. No will ever celebrate the people that ask for a bit of calm during a non-crisis event.

The catastrophizing has been next level considering we have 7 points from 9. It’s even worse when you consider the options we still have for United. We have the best back 5 from last season available, the three-man midfield Arteta has chosen to move the club forward, and a red-hot choice of forwards.

Second-guessing how Arteta is evolving the team seems like a bad idea considering the pedigree he’s shown. He got us here when everyone said he was a rookie, so how can there be so little faith this season? I don’t mean this as ‘no one should criticise’ but if you want to be a critic, come with a better idea than ‘KEEP THINGS THE SAME’ after we tanked a league title chase for being too one dimensional.

We had no plan b last season. We do now (or at least a plan for a plan b). The future vision of not being wedded to a single style is a really big idea.  It will take time to build out an elite cognitive style of fluid football, but when it lands, it’ll be devastating to play against.

10 years ago we had a manager who refused to innovate.

5 years ago we hired a manager who had ideas but no guts to carry them through.

Now we have a next-gen manager who has us as 4th faves for the CL and people are saying his job should be on the line because… we drew against Fulham and only spent the second-highest amount of net spend.

How has the fan base gone from banter years poverty to thinking they are too good for a draw? How are we in a space where Arteta has to beg fans to give Havertz time after 3 games?

We need a slap back to reality.

Ousting City at the top requires investment in ideas and a bit of pain. Doing the same as last year is how Wenger would operate every time he scrapped into the top 4. How did that work out? We should always be evolving.

United is a chance to silence the whiners.

We need to cut out those diagonal long balls

We need to terrorise their one-paced midfield

We need to rattle their shaky defence

Havertz late runs into the box to rattle Martinez, yes please.

Eddie hustling out chances, yes please

Arsenal turning on the style with incisive football and making EtH look avg, yes please.

Home crowd needs to get back to the idea that made this team what it is: Players do better when they are loved. We can’t become Groan FC again. The players need to bring some explosiveness to avoid that happening, and I’m confident they will.

Right. That’s me done. Hope this post read well!

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Ben D

Guns of Hackney must be sone lonely teenager with no friends. It must be a sad existence you have. Get a life

Bob N16

Agree ES, I understand what Arteta is doing with Havertz but I think he should gain confidence as a sub. Jesus is a level above Eddie, who has been playing really well.

Bob N16

Guns may be feeling foolish today but probably not. He understands the superficiality of a blog stream and plays on it. His ‘shock jock ‘ comments are meant to rile and thats what he’s after. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, nor should anybody else!

Positive pete

Correct Emirates. As others & myself have pointed out.Give the guy a break & ease him into games.It’s not fair throwing him in at the deep end.As for Saka,it’s clear he need a break or earlier subbing for him .Such as Nelson who in his cameos looks sharp & offers an alternative.


Nigel is right. Havertz just isn’t on the same wavelength as his teammates at the moment. At least 3 times he made runs into the same space that other players were moving towards. This will improve over time and I can understand why Mikel wasn’t quite ready to drop him. However, Vieira’s excellent form is almost forcing Mikel’s hand.

However, against a big and physical (if terrible) Everton side away, don’t expect Arteta to drop Havertz. This might actually be a perfect game for him to step up.

Positive pete

Reasons to be cheerful,one,two,three…………sex & drugs & Arsenal🥳

Positive pete

As Ian Drury might say…….


I think it’s less about Havertz (even though he’s playing poorly) but more about these atrocious defensive formations that he’s starting games with that just are not working. Like I said earlier the football is worse we’re scoring less goals and conceding more.


As for Guns of Hackney, has anyone figured out when he shifted from being a slightly negative but mostly sane poster to a master troll? It’s been quite some transformation.


@Belfast Gooner My sentiments EXACTLY! I’m also reeeeaally rooting for Havertz to come good, and I think he will with Arteta, who clearly sees something in him. He needs time – he doesn’t need the crowd moaning every time he makes a duff pass. But, I do hope Arteta is not blinded by whatever he sees in him either. We have other players starved on minutes, who we will definitely need later in the season. These guys need to be kept sharp too… I’m thinking Reiss Nelson, ESR, Trossard etc. Yes we will miss Partey, but not as much as… Read more »



True but even when we’re playing well below our best (which has been all four games, to be fair), it’s nice knowing we only had one starting player over the age of 25 and that’s the 26 year old Zinchenko. We also started 5 English players so all in all, we’re getting good value for money as Arsenal fans.

Positive pete

Well,well,well.Didn’t take the whinger too long to come out & start bemoaning their luck.F** ng can’t stand ETH.Looks for an excuse in everything.Miserable b’ stard.


Saka is clearly not on top form at the moment, but I doubt that Artets will make changes in that
department. Saka still looks very dangerous when he plays.


What you on about his subs were perfect

I bet they are, albeit what I wrote isn’t about today’s game, you will understand later


Team is really maturing. Few changes in the team yet we’ve 10 points from 12. People crying about Havertz etc need to wise up. Same gobshites reckoned odegaard was crap too. No clue


That’s the type of win we needed before the internationals, we were the better team, but with the game still in the balance. After Havertz + Saka’s misses… Then our penalty being inexplicably overturned, I could see that Garnacho goal coming a mile away…. Thankfully it was rightly chalked out…. If anyone gets a chance, there’s some footage doing the round of Gabriel dropping back in… Really clever movement… Unbelievable quick thinking. Rice should never have had that much space at the far post, but a big moment from a monster player…. Jesus looked like he was running through quicksand,… Read more »

Logie Bear

Delighted with the win – just waiting for the celebration police to have their say now?!!
Loving to hear the moaning ETH on MOTD 2!


Jesus can attack space from deep, he was very effective out wide for City before and he has a very good turn of pace.

To me he still doesn’t look near 100% physically and the break had come at a good time for him.


Here’s the footage of Big Gabby dropping back in:

Positive pete

By ETHs reckoning Manure should have win 0-2! What a c** t.Seriously.

Nigel Tufnel

Wenger Eagle,

If you and I noticed Reiss quality in those few minutes, I hope the coaching staff does also. Saka and Martinelli need to come off once in a while!
Reiss takes on defenders differently, a combination of pace and strength. Very 2 footed.
He used to be such a skinny adolescent, but with skills always.


Fucking manure played the pensioners Maguire and Evans at the would have been a scandal if we didn’t win..
We did though,
but a performance and a set up like this is not getting us anywhere.
Partey along the magnificent Rice and odegaard has to be our main start up midfield
the rest of forwards and CAMs can fight out the front 3 positions and come on as subs

Mr Serge

Coyg still on cloud 9 tomorrow will be a fun day at work in a meeting with 2 plastic mancs first thing

georgia boy

Suck it anthony Taylor! Sack of shit!

Nigel Tufnel

Thierry: “The assist from Viera to Jesus was sublime af” Yeah he’s not getting much talk, but the assist last week was inch perfect too. Reminds me of the long one he put through for Martinelli last year where he cheered right after he let the ball go. Martinelli celebrated before he put it in too? Remember how I have described him from the first game with us… Magical left foot. Why? Because his goals and assists are not typical, most of them are very special to beautiful. Even if he gets out muscled at times, he impacts games with… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel


Nah, his subs need to come much earlier.. but they were good subs, great subs last week also… especially when Vieira can come on and create goals from pens, assists, etc.

Mikel Coneteta

Jesus showed what we lack in his cameo. A CF that drops deep to collect, turn, link, dribble, and create with consummate ease. Then goes and sits a defender down and slots past Banana in goal to show his appetite for goals is there. Guy is a level above the rest, and when he’s 100% again the likes of Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard, and Havertz will all reap the benefits. Good impact from Nelson when he came on today too, Vieira was also positive again but many completely forgetting he was very good in moments last season too. His issue is… Read more »


Careful contetat viera is the new yardstick to beat havertz with untill he isn’t. Remember how they were all saying how skinny he was and he couldn’t cut it wonder how much he put on to have such 360 but that’s the reactionary bullshit you get from clueless funks who just spew shit cuz they can and call it support


Bob “Jesús was serious quality when he came on. Pierre, if you didn’t see that you know nothing about football. ” He did some nice work on the right flank during his 25 mins on the pitch…..only completed 6 passes but was a menace with his tight control and ability to keep the ball under pressure، plus his movement made space for his team mates، fresh legs will always give the team a lift. It’s always baffled me why Arteta is so reluctant to use him on the wing as it is his best position as he has very quick… Read more »


Big shout-out to Fabio. He has looked great so far, including the pre-season as well.


Fabio was skinny and has bulked up in the right places.
It’s obvious he’s worked hard in the gym and looks more ready for the physicality

Nigel Tufnel

Rich, I’m surprised more people here aren’t talking about big Gabs jump back creating the offside. It’s brilliant, and no hyperbole… if he didn’t jump as hard as he did, we had lost the game. On another subject, I’m the biggest Trossard fan here, but he’s not a professional midfielder. He can do it as an attacking sub for the end of a game we’re chasing, but that’s it. He’s a great forward, and needs more minutes there like Reiss does. As meek as Havertz has been around the box, he’s a true midfielder, so we have to be concerned… Read more »


Sancho having a go at Ten Hag. You love to see it, the turmoil in that trash club leaking out.


I think it may be beneficial to the team and Kai to play him as a CF and shift Jesus to right. Don’t play him at 8 and cause team a problem. That way we can rotate Eddie, Kai, Jesus in CF and occasionally from the right giving Saka a rest. Kais pressing and off the ball work along with height would give our attack a new dimension. That way we can utilise him effectively without the issue we see now at 8. Trying out such things is way better than changing the defence which looks quite leaky as of… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Something I’ve been saying here since last season. Overall this team lacks pace. You saw today, Jesus is not fast enough to outrun defenders. It has nothing to do with his injury. Saka can’t even beat a man to the byline, let alone outrun anyone on long balls. For Example, Havertz is probably our second paciest attacker after Martinelli, Nelson, I’m not sure about. That’s not good. This is why I’m so adamant to get Martinelli and Saka subbed more early. We know Sakas value, but Gabby is vital as the guy to fly on a counter. We need to… Read more »


Defiantly agree on the pace or lack of it. I think it’s part of the reason we went so hard at Mudrkyk,

Nigel Tufnel

Declan Rice carries and passes.

I remember genius Marko telling me his ability to carry the ball wasn’t important back in July.
Whenever he does it, defenses get pulled out of shape and have to scramble, creating spaces for all our attackers.

In the Caicedo comparisons i posted,, I noted passing % over 15 and 25 yards too.
You’ll never get that from Caicedo (Coquelin part deux).


Saka really needs to use his right leg more. He needs rest as well. He is becoming a bit predictable and needs to mix his right leg a bit.


Some players were great yesterday especially ode. Good to see him rally the team and the fans. He was the one hunting the ball down and trying to make things happen.

Saka needs a bit of rest. I’m sure he’ll play for England too so I think he should start on the bench in the next game.

I feel the bench is a great motivator for players. Look at Jesus, he came on and tried to make a difference when normally he’s so meh when he starts.


“ July 2023
Arsenal’s head of medical services Gary O’Driscoll is set to join Manchester United.

September 2023
Varane – Injured
Lindelof – Injured
Martinez – Injured
Shaw – Injured
Malacia – Injured
Mount – Injured
Mainoo – Injured
Amad – Injured

What is this guy doing?”

Saw this on a manure’s fan twitter. Looks like we’ve sent out a double agent.


The cons We are still making hard work of clearly inferior opposition Saka off form Havertz miles off Lack of urgency at times yesterday was concerning The pros Fantastic result Rice looking like a 100m player whilst his peers in the league flounder No injuries Vieira good again Amazing Jesus goal Fuck Utd Eth crying like a bitch Fuck Utd Sancho situation in public Utd are trash and can’t compete for the title with their lack of quality and poor tactics (time wasting from min 1 was honestly shameful for a club of their stature. Never seen them ever look… Read more »

Mr Serge

China and f utd once more the manager crying was the icing on the cake


Just watched the 3rd goal again. It was Eddie who stole the ball from Manure and then passed to Viera. Viera’s pass to Gabriel Jesus was perfect!


Have to say, men of the match for me yesterday were rice and big Gabby. Both were absolutely incredible. Rice is a physical monster but his reading of the game and technical quality is what stands him above the likes of Caicedo. Nobody saying we overpaid now and for the worse player. You know who you are you footballing amoebas Welcome return to big Gabby yesterday. I think that’s his best big game for arsenal. He is always a capable and willing physical defender but yesterday he lead and his reading of the play was very intelligent. Something that was… Read more »



Eddie was subbed of for Jesus 😂
That was Saka

Danny S

Only issue I see currently is that having got rid of Tierney and Holding, we will play Saliba and Zinchenko into the ground and we have zero cover. Not even bad cover.


I fleetingly watched the game as I was in a meeting. But I saw the goals an it was very hard to contain my emotions whenever we scored. So I can’t comment on player performances and I will most probably not rewatch it in full again. I also saw the contentious plays. The referee yesterday had balls of steel. The calls were 100 percent correct. No penalty on Haverts (AWB made an initial tackle and clearly pulled his leg, there was contact then but Haverts sort it) offside on Garnacho (slightest margin but correct call. Without VAR it’s a goal… Read more »


KenyaEddie was subbed of for Jesus 😂
That was Saka

No it wasn’t – it was Nelson.

Mr Serge

KenyangunnerSeptember 4, 2023 06:49:28
Just watched the 3rd goal again. It was Eddie who stole the ball from Manure and then passed to Viera. Viera’s pass to Gabriel Jesus was perfect

Bro that was saka Eddie was on the bench lol


Viera has been given assists. Like I discussed some days ago, that quality has never been in doubt. He’s had it from day 1. However I still think Vieria is not ready to play 90 mins for us and maybe will never be mostly because of physicality issues. Once he doesn’t have a chance to shot or pass, he’s doing nothing else. I’m happy for his form but when we are chasing the game and throwing the kitchen sink and every where is chaotic, that’s not the best time to judge any player. I don’t have much hope for him

Mr Serge

Vieira is very creative we were all worried about him last season I would hear a lot of grumbling on the terraces. Fair play to the lad he has put on a bit of muscle and his cameos are a sight to behold. After the spurs game he deserves a start.

Wicked Willy

There’s a lot of people on here who are going to look like complete dicks if and when Havertz comes good. His main issue appears to be confidence, and we as the fan base are not helping that. I guess he will have to dig in and move through the negativity. He may not succeed, but I sincerely hope he does. I would give him one more start against Everton a) becaus of his physical profile and b) because I want to see how he dovetails with Jesus. If another poor performance, then let’s let him cook in the background… Read more »


Just watched the 3rd goal again. It was Eddie who stole the ball from Manure and then passed to Viera. Viera’s pass to Gabriel Jesus was perfectBro that was saka Eddie was on the bench lol

No it was not – it was Reiss Nelson


Saka doesn’t need his right leg to be effective, it may make him better but it will not be comfortable and will take time. His feet are so quick so even tho they know he will cut inside, they don’t know when and how and thats what makes him effective. He doesn’t need a bag of tricks, he has one trick that is very effective as shown by his performances.

Mr Serge

Mystic I felt the same as everyone else about Vieira but he deserves a start for one game to see what he does in the first 65 mins of a match. Just not against spurs please. We need physicality and flair in that match

Mr Serge

WegotsupermikSeptember 4, 2023 07:23:15
Just watched the 3rd goal again. It was Eddie who stole the ball from Manure and then passed to Viera. Viera’s pass to Gabriel Jesus was perfectBro that was saka Eddie was on the bench lolNo it was not – it was Reiss Nelson

Cool either way it was not Eddie



If alot of people are going to look like complete dicks then why are you also suggesting that “If another poor performance, then let’s let him cook in the background until he’s ready.”?

That’s what the people you want to look like dicks have been saying. He’s been putting up poor performances and needs to be benched for someone else. You also admitted it. So maybe you will look like a dick too? Or we all just called the situation correctly?



He definitely needs a chance and he will get it pretty soon. Like I said end product, never in doubt. Other aspects is where the problem is. When he starts he will have to be a part of a controlled system and contribute there, not a chaotic, final-minutes-of-game system. I am not holding my breath but I’d be very happy to be eat humble pie

Bob N16

Mystic, it’s undeniable that Havertz has been average so far but it’s safe to assume that Arteta has been giving him opportunities to assimilate and to gain confidence. I understand the argument that he could come off the bench to try and positively impact the team. When CL starts , he’ll be rotated in and out with a few other players so these first few games has been an opportunity for Arteta to give him plenty of minutes. There is a sense that a lot of fans disliked the decision to buy him and were negative towards him before he’d… Read more »


Bob, I’d reply in the new post

Mr Serge

Bob I am exactly the same I want our signings to do well

Whoever wants one to fail is a bit strange to me like guns of hackney

However if they are not doing well then sometimes you have to take them out of the spotlight


In fairness, not everyone of us was overly worried about Vieira, quite a few were preaching patience, we clearly weren’t signing the finished article at 22, who only had 3,000 minutes, The noise around his size is a Red Herring, plenty of slight players have excelled in the PL, this idea he needed to bulk up was ridiculous, he’s never going to be a physically dominant player. The Idea he puts on 12 pounds of muscle, and was then going to evolve into Adama Traore, was absolutely ridiculous. He’s always going to need to rely on good balance, agility, clever… Read more »


Serge “Vieira is very creative we were all worried about him last season” I wasn’t، he’s the one player in the side who can play the killer ball to perfection and that player is like gold dust.. There are only a few in the league who can put the ball on a sixpence in crucial situations and Vieira is one of them.. It’s all about trust with certain players and the manager has to learn to trust the likes of Vieira، Eddie and Nelson and that applies to their team mates as well as those 3(and smith rowe) are quality… Read more »


Yesterdays Wenger football at it’s very best.


The best decision taken by Arsenal in the transfer market over last 20 years was the acquisition of Declan Rice. I said at the time when there were arguments about the transfer fee that the club needed to go the extra mile and secure his services. Declan Rice is clearly a very solid individual off the pitch and that counts not just in his family life, but also in relationships with other players in the club. He is also a very “reliable and excellent footballer”. He can provide the “glue and leadership” in the next 8-10 years which every club… Read more »


PierreSeptember 4, 2023 08:49:54 Serge “Vieira is very creative we were all worried about him last season”I wasn’t، he’s the one player in the side who can play the killer ball to perfection and that player is like gold dust.. There are only a few in the league who can put the ball on a sixpence in crucial situations and Vieira is one of them.. Pierre you were not alone in your views on how capable he is but he’s not the only player we have who can play a killer ball We have Odegaard and Jorginho too And zinchenko… Read more »


I swear I’m gonna shove a knitting needle in my ear if I hear maroon 5 one more time
God awful music
How on earth did they ever sell records

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