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I’m in Kansas City today without my laptop, so I’m penning this on my phone. Excuse the typos. I mean, excuse the increase in typos.

So, bad news: Thomas Partey has done his groin in. He’s out indefinitely. Likely the standard 8 to 12 weeks it always is with him. Without knowing the circumstances – it does feel like we’ve been sloppy here. Partey is injury-prone, he’s playing in a new position that asks more of him, now he’s broken. Not great to lose someone of that importance in training.

Still, we have to accept that injuries are part of football and things aren’t always going to be perfect. People trying to work out if we had time to make a move in the transfer window need a reality check. We aren’t untethered from reality, we don’t have unlimited funds, the solution to every problem can’t be to buy.

It also amazes me that people who make these complaints get so much traction. It isn’t insightful to suggest spending £50m every time someone breaks. That’s an easy suggestion. Arteta has to work with what he has and has to find a way with the players he’s invested in. Remember, when people said we needed to sign a striker to replace Jesus in Jan and we ended up scoring more goals with Eddie in the side? Probably not. No will ever celebrate the people that ask for a bit of calm during a non-crisis event.

The catastrophizing has been next level considering we have 7 points from 9. It’s even worse when you consider the options we still have for United. We have the best back 5 from last season available, the three-man midfield Arteta has chosen to move the club forward, and a red-hot choice of forwards.

Second-guessing how Arteta is evolving the team seems like a bad idea considering the pedigree he’s shown. He got us here when everyone said he was a rookie, so how can there be so little faith this season? I don’t mean this as ‘no one should criticise’ but if you want to be a critic, come with a better idea than ‘KEEP THINGS THE SAME’ after we tanked a league title chase for being too one dimensional.

We had no plan b last season. We do now (or at least a plan for a plan b). The future vision of not being wedded to a single style is a really big idea.  It will take time to build out an elite cognitive style of fluid football, but when it lands, it’ll be devastating to play against.

10 years ago we had a manager who refused to innovate.

5 years ago we hired a manager who had ideas but no guts to carry them through.

Now we have a next-gen manager who has us as 4th faves for the CL and people are saying his job should be on the line because… we drew against Fulham and only spent the second-highest amount of net spend.

How has the fan base gone from banter years poverty to thinking they are too good for a draw? How are we in a space where Arteta has to beg fans to give Havertz time after 3 games?

We need a slap back to reality.

Ousting City at the top requires investment in ideas and a bit of pain. Doing the same as last year is how Wenger would operate every time he scrapped into the top 4. How did that work out? We should always be evolving.

United is a chance to silence the whiners.

We need to cut out those diagonal long balls

We need to terrorise their one-paced midfield

We need to rattle their shaky defence

Havertz late runs into the box to rattle Martinez, yes please.

Eddie hustling out chances, yes please

Arsenal turning on the style with incisive football and making EtH look avg, yes please.

Home crowd needs to get back to the idea that made this team what it is: Players do better when they are loved. We can’t become Groan FC again. The players need to bring some explosiveness to avoid that happening, and I’m confident they will.

Right. That’s me done. Hope this post read well!

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Must celebrate like we won the title 🎉🎉 vs Manure especially when Jesus skinned the almighty Southgate favorite Maguire and left him on the floor. Hahahaha.

Btw take that Gary N… Manure is currently a mid table team , a Chelsea neighbor

But then, need to get to the bottom of and sort many performance issues tomorrow… fortunately an international break might help


Lord let that be the end of the Havertz experiment. He is just awful.

Rice been briliant, great to see Jesus back and Gabriel as well

Nigel Tufnel

After a win, I’m going to sound like a broken record, but every week, Arteta is killing us in the 60-75 minute part of the game. That’s when you see opposing teams fight back into the game every time. Our guys who expend more energy in pressing, start losing duels, get much weaker in the press, and lose the dominance of the ball that we have in the minutes 45-60 (and 1-35). 5 subs available with a very strong bench… we still had Smith Rowe and Trossard unused. Reiss made an impact immediately taking on defenders and competing physically. He’s… Read more »


@Dissenter, saw the fans that left early too, who’d have thought that the tide would turn in our favour?

psuedo warrior

Mikel Arteta on Kai Havertz tough start:

“I said to him yesterday beginings are hard. When I met my wife at beginning it was hard to conquer her, I had to try and message and go and go.

At end when she said yes we want to be together, it’s beautiful.”

What in the fvck


nah mate, air kick or not, Saka was actually closer to the goal than Kai, most people would finish that on their wrong foot, it’s equally retarded


Dissenter – agreed

Loved the post match atmosphere

Great to. be back at the stadium. Hopefully the ballot system will help to achiever this and I finally get some value out of these silver memberships I’ve been paying for all these years

Chris This is the goal Jesus’ one today reminded a bit of.

Josip, that was once my dream as a kid! Hope you are loving every moment!


Havertz was diabolical again today, there is literally zero reason to justify him being in the XI post international break.


The way injury time is this season, 70th minutes subs have 30 minutes to influence the game.


“That being said I don’t think Havertz had been near as bad as some are suggesting. He’s being given way harsher scrutiny by both fans and pundits, every error he makes is being magnified 10x and people are acting like he’s bloody mudryk. He has definitely not excelled and against Fulham and again today he’s been subpar, but hardly shocking. Saka’s miss from two yards out was every bit as bad as Havertz’ missed chance if not worse, but because he’s Saka it’s overlooked and downplayed, and because Havertz is Havertz his miss is blown up and treated like a… Read more »


The fans leaving early don’t deserve the ticket the fucking muppets


Havertz at least had half a defender to his right when he did the air shot while Saka saw the ball coming and still hit it straight at the goalie 1v1 … a bit disappointing tbh

We haven’t scored as many and readily this season, so fat… is it Havertz or MF?

Crosses and cut back aside Martinelli got more threatening after Tomi came on. How.could we balance LW and RW play?


Pedro is being taken to task in the podcast


Gof knows I love Eddie to the max but Jesus just elevates this team it’s not even funny and to those saying it was a shit performance? Gtfoh y’all are agenda driven and blind. This was s top top performance we should have been out of sites since before the closing stages

Habesha Gooner

Yep. Havertz need to see the bench. We need better.


“You couldn’t make it up.I was a big Grealish fan when he played for Villa- I thought he was league’s MVP in his last season there………..his first season with City he was a non-entity and no City fan was getting on his back for it.” It’s really strange for an intelligent bloke like yourself Tom that you seem incapable of computing the difference. Havertz was below average for 3 seasons at Chelsea so of course he’s going to get less patience from fans who have been rightly questioning why we allocated a 3rd of our budget on his signing and… Read more »


Johnny and Matt are just saying the same things we have been saying

Can’t be playing Havertz over and over again even though he’s not earned it with performances when Vierra and ESR are waiting


Did you see the guy that jus slid past you right now

That’s probably Diego Dialot, he’s still moving as we speak



5 subs available with a very strong bench… we still had Smith Rowe and Trossard unused.

This is a good criticism of Arteta.

I am really not sure why Arteta is not using ESR at all.

Maybe Arteta is waiting for the CL games to deploy ESR??

I mean Arteta has to rotate the team at some point so surely these games would be perfect for him to start in?

Nigel Tufnel

Havertz missed the ball completely, awkward, embarrassing. Saka just wasted a chance with a bad shot. Equally costly, less embarrassing. No difference in impact on the game. Havertz will begin having confidence problems at this point, but this young, smart coaching staff will not lose him. I already see him deferring, passing meekly to Martinelli in midfield when he should be looking to be more ambitious or creative. They’ll be noting these things in video reviews and saying the right things. Even if they have to rotate him a bit, I’m fine with that, because it’s Smith Rowe and Fabio… Read more »



I just switched on. What did Johnny/ Matt say?


Kai played quite well today. despite the miss.
Saka also missed a big chance .
Big Gabby created chaos leading to Declan’s goal

Josip Skoblar

Rashford really impressed me. What a goal.
I loved Jesus’s cool finish. Beautiful!
Rice is a great signing.
Havertz is a terrible terrible signing.
Saliba’s save is the first half was crucial.
I love when the Emirates rocks like it did today at the end of the game. 🙂


I’m going to see how the Havertz thing pans out and not jump to conclusions. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to do this when he doesn’t display anything . He is completely lacking any confidence

Even when in a good position he looks for the pass and plays is out of that position


Tom is just angling for a good position to start from

The best analogy for the Grealish comparison is Pep benching him a lot in the first season
Haverts doesn’t have to be clogging up the system because if his price tag
It ought to be a meritocracy, can’t have good players like Viera and ESR not playing whilst the dice star Timi’s shitting up the place.
Give others a chance and start off a proper competition for staring places,

Freddie Ljungberg

Don’t think Havertz was as bad as some others here but he wasn’t exactly lighting it up either, was always a massive gamble that he would somehow recover his bundesliga form in year 4 in the PL. Rice was really good, got a bit lucky with the defelcted goal but so did Lampard 95% of the time. Martinelli was brilliant, to be expected when he isn’t completely isolated. We looked much better than the first 3 games overall after going back to basics and having Gabriel back and White at rb helping Saka out. Still a bit sloppy and not… Read more »


A 3 season mediocre PL player will come good. LOL Nigel spreading his so called “world football knowledge”


“It’s really strange for an intelligent bloke like yourself Tom that you seem incapable of computing the difference.”

Weagle, thanks for the complement, I guess?!

So by your logic a player coming off a flier of a season should be expected to start his new club career slower than the one with a” below average” history?
Weird logic.

Nigel Tufnel

When was the last time Saka attempted to get to the byline for a cutback?

This is the downside to the gorgeous far corner goals from wingers sometimes… they try to be Robben and forget the simple, effective things, because they’re less glamorous, less fun.

We need to simplify things if we’re not getting the ball in the net enough. Especially with so many close games.


Marko trying to backtrack and save face
United were shit apart from two lucky breaks,
One of which was offside
We were comfortably the better side and the better side won
Boohoo cry somewhere else gobshites


Diss, I never said Havertz should’ve started onnfay one. I said he would and for the obvious reasons, which ere as predictable under Arteta as night follows day.
There’s the difference, no angling necessary bud.


Rashford does seem to save his best for us !


on day one


Freddie Havertz probably shouldn’t be starting in terms of what he brings now. I’d rather see him on the bench and coming on in the last 20 to affect the score line and give defenders a bit of a handful but what this shows is that Arteta wants to blood him as quickly as possible because he sees his skill set as a crucial component in his next tactical blueprint for this arsenal side Have faith He will come good Vieira was held up as proof Arteta didn’t have the eye They aren’t saying that any more but now it’s… Read more »


Also Nigel the sooner you lay off Martinelli the better. You’re dying on that hill alone.


It wasn’t sarcastic Tom, I do rate your intelligence which is why I’m genuinely surprised by your stance.

Havertz was never going to get as much rope given how poor he was for Chelsea but he’s hardly doing himself any favours with how terrible he’s playing. Arteta is doing him no favours either and it’s pretty clear to see that his confidence is at rock bottom.

It would be alarming if he cost 35m like Vieira last season and was producing next to nothing but he’s our highest earner and our 3rd most expensive signing ever.


Havertz wouldn’t have this much incomings if the manager wasn’t.insisting on starting him.

Saka has bucketloads of credit left in the bank to survive missing a sitter
Havert’z came with an overdrawn bank account because he was coming from three underwhelming years at Chelsea.


Fabio is growing.. maybe he is stronger than we presume..Kai is suffering from low confidence

Nigel Tufnel

Izzo, I know you’re still butt-hurt from embarrassing yourself yesterday about Harry Kane turning German… It’s a simple view from me, I like Havertz and I think he’s going to be great for us. It doesn’t make you cool to be dark and negative about any of our players… why do some people find some glee in that? I get behind our guys like Fabio last year, like Ben White from the very beginning. I have not been wrong yet on things like this… and there’s plenty of time for Havertz. If he keeps contributing with effort in midfield, I… Read more »


Jesus looked great when he came on and took his goal so well.

Eddie to his credit put in a real shift but he’s just levels below on quality.

Habesha Gooner

The way we are playing now, we wont survive against Liverpool, Brighton and Man city. Havertz cant play in those games either.

What’s that smell ? Oh just some ManUre…


Erik Ten – sounding whingy again. Bruno F actually gave a very good summary of the game in comparison


Grealish players over half the games until he got used to the tactical instructions
Now he’s first choice on the left
When the instructions are this detailed it takes time to learn and integrate for some players if you aren’t playing directly to their strengths but asking them to use their strengths to adapt to what your team does

Havertz will get there just as vieira is starting to
Look at martinelli
He was taken out of the team for a year while the usual divs on here spat their dummies out and now look at him


Ten Haag is getting really tetchy at United
They signed lot of crap before he came on board- Martial and Sancho are collectively on £600k weekly.
That said he’s signed his own crap in Anthony


Rice’s eyes when he scored! Full speedball Maradona. Love it.

I’ve watched our 3rd goal 20 times already. Obviously I couldn’t analyse on first viewing because of the emotion and anxiety. But now after 20, yes, I’ve concluded that it was moist as fuck.


Yea but you’re missing the point
Havertz is feeling the heat because Arteta is discarding meritocracy for him.

Imagine you were ESR training hard on the bench, off a very good England U21 win and can’t even sniff a minute. Vierra wasn’t getting starts
How would you feel if Haverts was repeatedly getting these chances.

We are asking for meritocracy. Leave him out and let him earn it like Grealish did


Weagle, his transfer fee……thats on Arteta and or Edu.
Wages, likewise.
Would I have paid that for him? No.
Would I have started him cold turkey? No.
Is he getting closer scrutiny than any other Arsenal player at the moment?
You bet.
Is his critique harsher than some other players?
Of course.

I love Saka to bits but his last two games he’s been underwhelming to put it kindly.
Yet he got waaaay less flak than Havertz.
Cue in Saka’s built up equity here ……..

Guernsey gun

To be clear havertz is fucking dump. We have paid 65 m for a player 6 years tounger than xhaka on 3 x the money who is 5 x as bad. Galaxy brain genius right there.

Guernsey gun

An absolute shit stain of a player. No one at Chelsea misses the useless lanky cunt.


Havertz ain’t the new Vierra
Stop that narrative

Vierra arrived with few minutes of senior footie at Porto. He also arrived injured and didn’t get any preseason. He wasn’t a starter last season, he had to work his way up the chain.

Haverts had three underwhelming seasons at Chelsea. This is his 4th season in the same league. He’s started all four games this season. That’s why he’s drawing flak.


“But if you don’t shoot, you don’t score”
Declan knows.

Always happy when UTD lose, to us or anybody else.


Nice composure by jesus for his goal، he did ok when he came on but it shows how fine margins can change a perception of a players performance if they go your way. Jesus lost the ball prior to united’s offside goal ، would he have been slaughtered the way Havertz was slaughtered…doubtful. Havertz won a penalty that was in my opinion was wrongly overturned… and when he gave the ball away United broke away and scored….fine margins. Will just add that there is a misconception about Eddie’s link up play being poor، it is a fact that all the… Read more »

Guernsey gun

Yes diss because Chelsea have defrauded us.. again. Havertz is fucking turd, hasn’t adjusting to the league hes just shit.


There are going to be lots of fatigue injuries this season because this 100 minutes of football every game is unsustainable
It’s also reason why managers better use those 5 subs early enough

Habesha Gooner

Chelsea haven’t defrauded us. Havertz was this player for 3 years. Arteta made a huge blunder when he signed him. He already divided opinion before he even came in. We would have been much better if we had signed SMS or Enzo le fee.


Ten Haag questioning the offside line


“Jesus looked great when he came on and took his goal so well.”

I don’t think many would say that he looked that great if the united offside goal had stood…..probably the opposite as united would have walked away with the 3 points due to a jesus mistake…

He fortunately got away with it so all is good ، took his goal really well

Guernsey gun

Agreed habesha I’m abit pissed, who else was in for havertz? This deal stinks and as predicted the cunt is stinking the place out.


“Havertz won a penalty that was in my opinion was wrongly overturned… and when he gave the ball away United broke away and scored….fine margins.”

Would that pen have been overturned for United at OT?
I have my doubts.

Havertz loose pass was poor but Arsenal were in good shape to defend the play.
Both defenders doing the same exact thing allowing Rashford inside was poor defending.

Josip Skoblar

Ten Haag moaning on TV. Nice to see that! 🙂


It’s not complicated with Havertz. Nobody had him on any wish list whatsoever, literally caught the entire fan base off guard when he was linked then signed. From the off he never looked right to be a proper mid field addition, I was convinced he was a front three depth addition at massive premium. As others have said he simply isn’t an 8, Xhaka replacement whatever we want to call it. Theres a reason 3 managers at Chelsea had issues figuring out where to line him up and get maximum out of him along with the crotch sniffer and Hansi… Read more »

Guernsey gun

Arteta is gonna dig in with this dud…I hope it’s the hill he dies on.



Eddie was off when Saka missed. It was a backheel from Jesus


Right now, I am still very chuffed that we beat ManUre.

To think that Mike Dean, the ManUre fan at heart, was overseeing VAR and had to give that offside call vs his favourite team, makes it even more extra special.

I am just revelling regardless of how well or not we played.

We beat them and that is all that counts right now.


I think Ten Haag should be fined for his press conference
He methodically went though a laundry list of “errors” made by the refs

You just can’t do that


ESR must thinking I can’t do any worse than Havertz if only actually given a chance

Mr Serge

Just got back

Nor seeing the best of saka yet thought young Gabby mart was good

We looked far more solid with last seasons back 4

Zinch is our best inverting player by a mile.

I thought man u grew into the gane without being dangerous dalot was their best player, I thought Rice kept their midfield quiet and the entire stadium sang ooooo Harry Maguire when he came on.

Kai is starting to concern me


That wife reference from Arteta reinforces what I have been saying – Harvertz is Arteta’s pet project. He doesn’t care what ESR, Trosaard and Viera can offer. He will always play Harvertz until it becomes inexcusable.

Nigel Tufnel

Every single aspect of Eddie’s football has improved over the past 3 years or so under Arteta.
I’m not giving Arteta the credit, but actually saying that Eddie has worked so hard to become more than just a skillful poacher.
Building his strength first.. his physiqueis now insane, then learning to use it to hold the ball, tenacity, then the industry in midfield and pressing and linking up with teammates… all these things have improved.

Reiss looked impressive again in his cameo… this guy needs more opportunities, at the same time, our wingers need more breaks. Wake up Arteta.



The worst part is, is that we can do our own laundry list to shut him up.

I have a bad feeling that the shoe will be on the other foot when we play ManUre at Old Toilet. We will also have a very long laundry lost to recite then.

It would be great if Arteta did the same in our return match.

But if he did, he will probably be fined. Unlike EtH today.

Josip Skoblar

We were the better team and we deserved to win overall, but the game could have ended with a draw or even a United win.


Imagine you were ESR training hard on the bench, off a very good England U21 win and can’t even sniff a minute. Vierra wasn’t getting starts
How would you feel if Haverts was repeatedly getting these chances.We are asking for meritocracy. Leave him out and let him earn it like Grealish did

Arteta hasn’t got us this far taking recommendations from Le groaners. Y’all wanted bunch of nobody’s imagine we signed horjberg instead of partey like you were screaming at the time? Get off your high horse and support the team for once in your life diss


Brilliant observation late on from Arteta that we were more likely to win the game with 11 vs 11.
Great in play management.

Nigel Tufnel

I’m sure I’m forgetting some call, but I thought that the officials had an almost perfect game, xxcept for not giving yellow for Antony kicking the ball away. The added on time was correct because of so much celebration, the yellow on Onana was good and he really sped up his kicks after that. Almost all the right calls on playing advantage and going back to book after. I can’t wait to watch the Hag cry. Our problem is larger… would VAR go over our pen like the zapruder film to overturn a Man City call at the Etihad. No… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

What I saw from Havertz today was disappointing. His positioning looks suspect. A lot of the time he didn’t put himself in positions were other players feel it’s safe to pass to him. Other times he got too close to Martinelli and crowded him. When he was in space and showing for the ball I noticed the ref or a United player was in the path of the pass he wanted. The difference on the left when he was subbed was glaringly clear for me. Vieira and Tomi created more difficulty for United on our left than Zinchenko and Havertz… Read more »


@Nigel, you ain’t sounding like broken record, just reiterating what some of us have been saying since last season. It remains a mystery as to whether Arteta doesn’t know that he can make 5 sub per game or that he just hates making subs, I tend to believe the latter though but what is not a mystery is that Arteta doesn’t have eyes, he can’t see what’s in front of him and how his decision affects the team both short term and long term. Injuries are gonna hit us hard this year, I mean pretty hard once we start playing… Read more »


It was never a penalty, even havertz knew he wasn’t fouled


“Remember, when people said we needed to sign a striker to replace Jesus in Jan and we ended up scoring more goals with Eddie in the side?”

No, because it didn’t happen, in the 14 premier league games Jesus started before the World Cup Arsenal were 12-1-1 and averaged slightly more than 2.3 goals per game. In the 9 premier league games Eddie started after the World Cup Arsenal had 5 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses and averaged 2.0 goals per game.


Seriously though joking aside, Nelson was more purposeful in a 5 min cameo than Havertz was for 75-80 mins.

I think that Nelson deserves much more mins than he gets, always looks a threat and gives us an alternative to Martinelli when he’s gassed.

Thierry Martinelli

My 10yr old niece wanted to watch this game so that tomorrow she’s not left out of the conversation at school. Got her a jersey and we sat down to enjoy.
Long story short, she officially a gooner….pretty thing went crazy all over the house when the 3rd goal went in her mom thought the living room was on fire 😂😂😂😂

And I learnt that 90mins of no cursing, while watching Arsenal isn’t an easy thing to do.


That’s sweet TM. Great game to introduce her to the Arsenal

Thierry Martinelli

Jesus doing things Antony has been longing to do. He should take notes.


“No, because it didn’t happen, in the 14 premier league games Jesus started before the World Cup Arsenal were 12-1-1 and averaged slightly more than 2.3 goals per game. In the 9 premier league games Eddie started after the World Cup Arsenal had 5 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses and averaged 2.0 goals per game.”

Won 5 drawn 2 lost 2. actually، which is decent for the teams were playing as those included tottenham، Brighton، city، Newcastle and united …2 goals a game was a good return.


The new united striker could transform that team ، their performance went up a level when he came on…looked a proper handful.

Thierry Martinelli

The assist from Viera to Jesus was sublime af


Fuck yes!!!!! I don’t think I could have taken that defeat!!!! Felt pig sick seeing that twat garnacho score. Thank fuck for var!!!! Wow just fucking wow seeing that Rice goal smuggle in. Wasn’t clear cut at first but fucking went ballistic when realised it was in. Then a beauty from Jesus. Can’t stand utd with a passion. Fine fine lines. Pig sick to exhilaration!!! Havertz looks totally of all confidence. I am now looking for anything that gives him a nudge of confidence. Want it to work but can’t see what it is he brings to our game. Always… Read more »


I agree regarding Nelson.
Deserves more game time.
Where was Trossard today?
Beating MU is so satisfying.
Their luck ran out today.
Lucky against Wolves and Forest.
So pleased for Rice.


The new United player looked more like a desperate Viking wrestler than a proper footballer
Did he even touch the ball that all.

Bob N16

Jesús was serious quality when he came on. Pierre, if you didn’t see that you know nothing about football. Rice, Rice baby!

Mr Serge

Diss tell me about it I thought he was a wrestler big gabby was not having it so glad we had to play last seasons back 4


‘’season. It remains a mystery as to whether Arteta doesn’t know that he can make 5 sub per game or that he just hates making subs, ’’

What you on about his subs were perfect

Mr Serge

Bob N16September 3, 2023 21:36:07
Jesús was serious quality when he came on. Pierre, if you didn’t see that you know nothing about football. Rice, Rice baby!

Somewhere in a dark room Pierre left eye is fluttering and twitching he is triggered at the mere suggestion from Bob

Bob N16

Mr Serge, my friends and I who went to the game were waxing lyrical about Jesus’s quality when he came on. The guy is a baller, who might well be the way Saka can take some minutes off – hell of a player, a defender’s nightmare with his quick feet and close control.

Mr Serge

Bob I was there too he has skills you could easily play him left or right of our three and leave Eddie on, but he is by far our best striker and I would still play him up the middle.


I said that to the lad sitting next to me, Hojlund looked like he had been getting inspired from WWE Payback that was on last night. Did more grapping and wrestling with Gabriel than actually playing football. Having watched Havertz closely in person for all these games, we are in a tricky spot. If you drop him then his already dented confidence could take a severe hit but he is currently a detriment to the team. He should be eased in, and shouldn’t get the nod over the other options we have. Its notable we look more purposeful in these… Read more »


Guns of Hackney

You claim that you got the result right!!!

At 14.16 today you forecast that Man Utd would win 3-1.

You need to stop being a prat.


I think that Arsenal should stick to 9 of the 11 starting selections today. The two exceptions are that
Havertz needs to be replaced and sit on the bench. Also Jesus should come into staring lineup..

Havertz is clearly struggling at the moment and I think that he should be replaced by Trossard, Smith-Rowe or Vieira. Hopefully in due course he will improve, but at the monet he is not worth a place in team.

Mr Serge

Emirates guns is a super troll he was saying 3-1 man u all day
The lad literally comes in here to wind people up