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I’m in Kansas City today without my laptop, so I’m penning this on my phone. Excuse the typos. I mean, excuse the increase in typos.

So, bad news: Thomas Partey has done his groin in. He’s out indefinitely. Likely the standard 8 to 12 weeks it always is with him. Without knowing the circumstances – it does feel like we’ve been sloppy here. Partey is injury-prone, he’s playing in a new position that asks more of him, now he’s broken. Not great to lose someone of that importance in training.

Still, we have to accept that injuries are part of football and things aren’t always going to be perfect. People trying to work out if we had time to make a move in the transfer window need a reality check. We aren’t untethered from reality, we don’t have unlimited funds, the solution to every problem can’t be to buy.

It also amazes me that people who make these complaints get so much traction. It isn’t insightful to suggest spending £50m every time someone breaks. That’s an easy suggestion. Arteta has to work with what he has and has to find a way with the players he’s invested in. Remember, when people said we needed to sign a striker to replace Jesus in Jan and we ended up scoring more goals with Eddie in the side? Probably not. No will ever celebrate the people that ask for a bit of calm during a non-crisis event.

The catastrophizing has been next level considering we have 7 points from 9. It’s even worse when you consider the options we still have for United. We have the best back 5 from last season available, the three-man midfield Arteta has chosen to move the club forward, and a red-hot choice of forwards.

Second-guessing how Arteta is evolving the team seems like a bad idea considering the pedigree he’s shown. He got us here when everyone said he was a rookie, so how can there be so little faith this season? I don’t mean this as ‘no one should criticise’ but if you want to be a critic, come with a better idea than ‘KEEP THINGS THE SAME’ after we tanked a league title chase for being too one dimensional.

We had no plan b last season. We do now (or at least a plan for a plan b). The future vision of not being wedded to a single style is a really big idea.  It will take time to build out an elite cognitive style of fluid football, but when it lands, it’ll be devastating to play against.

10 years ago we had a manager who refused to innovate.

5 years ago we hired a manager who had ideas but no guts to carry them through.

Now we have a next-gen manager who has us as 4th faves for the CL and people are saying his job should be on the line because… we drew against Fulham and only spent the second-highest amount of net spend.

How has the fan base gone from banter years poverty to thinking they are too good for a draw? How are we in a space where Arteta has to beg fans to give Havertz time after 3 games?

We need a slap back to reality.

Ousting City at the top requires investment in ideas and a bit of pain. Doing the same as last year is how Wenger would operate every time he scrapped into the top 4. How did that work out? We should always be evolving.

United is a chance to silence the whiners.

We need to cut out those diagonal long balls

We need to terrorise their one-paced midfield

We need to rattle their shaky defence

Havertz late runs into the box to rattle Martinez, yes please.

Eddie hustling out chances, yes please

Arsenal turning on the style with incisive football and making EtH look avg, yes please.

Home crowd needs to get back to the idea that made this team what it is: Players do better when they are loved. We can’t become Groan FC again. The players need to bring some explosiveness to avoid that happening, and I’m confident they will.

Right. That’s me done. Hope this post read well!

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Viera has to start instead of havertz from now on. My god our boys never give up I love it!


Belfast, that is the best quote of the day..haha


Yes …ffs nothing like making us sweat for a win…should had that scoreline in first 20 mins not last 8

Habesha Gooner

Top 4 battle for us this season though. Can’t see us getting anywhere City.


Some clown just talked about ‘negativity’ here

We were a bum pimple away from losing the game with the Ganacho offside

Just go cel rate and stop chatting shite


I feel great for Rice he has the crowd at his feet , lovely man


That was something else. Utd are a trash outfit, but what an incredible final 5 minutes.

Great win, fantastic 3 points. Rice is a terrific player, and Fabio is turning into a super sub. Wonderful, can’t wait for MOTD.


DIfferent proposition with Jesus in this side… love it


Cry somewhere else you soppy minge
Loling all round the shop when untied scored
You deserve all the stick you’re getting


We absolutely had to win that… so happy we pulled it off. Man United are a hot mess of injuries and high dollar busts.


Maybe we grow into the season but it’s hard to see with the need to constantly play Havertz.



This might be Vieira’s season and Rice just keeps improving I’m this team. Love Nelson’s contribution when he came on too



The team looks a lot better once Harvertz goes off, what a surprise


First goal for Jesus against manure
And what a goal it was!


Vieira really knocking on the door
Told you he would come good
Be patient with Havertz
Still don’t know why ESR and trossard getting overlooked but hey
We won
Im happy
Fuck rollen and marko


A fantastic boost for Rice!


Rice has been brilliant this season so far.


Co feats to Gabriel M for his Matrix body shaping for the offside call on Garnacho. Otherwise, this week would have been miserable.


3-1 as I predicted.. But way tighter than I expected.. How often have we lost these games 3-1 like that… Much better to be on the winning side



I hate Utd so much. time wasting from min 1, absolute trash

rice was phenomenal today

wasn’t a good performance from about half the attack and we clearly need to improve but by god that felt good

the rice goal was huge and the Jesus goal was iconic the way he sends that fuck head flying with the dummy. proper highlight reel goal


Who says that Rice doesn’t score?



You know full well that you were betting on Manure.

Very disappointing from you.

You may have been a lifelong Gooner and have a massive chip on your shoulder (a bit like the Black Scarfs; and i get where you come from).

But you really should not get this massive chip have you bet against your own team.

There is an expression:

Being a Gooner through and through!!!

This IS what it’s all about.


Hackney you better be bathing in the summer Rose after that.


Never saw I’ll ever see Maguire and Evans play together for a top premier league club

It would have been bantering non stop if we didn’t get this one over the line

Thierry Martinelli



Shout out to Nelson who came on and looked spicy, nice competition brewing on the subs bench.

Positive pete

Any win over those jammy b’ stards is a good one.Expect a whole lot of moaning from Ten Hag.They are it.
Without putting a dampener on the win .There’s a whole lotta lessons for our Manager to be learning from this match.Made hard work of it.


In fairness, Gund of Hackney saw the score line through a mirror
Score was inverted, hence his misread.


Mikel absolutely bailed out yet again.


I’m not sure I have ever yelled at my tv set as much as that last half… hahaha I feel much better now.

Cathartic for sure.


Jesus starts when fit, Arteta has a call to make on Havertz.
Rice over Caicedo any day of the week and twice on Weekends.

Fuck United!!!!!


We fucking deserved this win! Though quite a lot of room for improvement. Even Ssliba had a shit day. And I think it is time for Raya. Ramsdale dies not help much the team. I am very happy for Jesus and Vieira. And if course for Rice too. Aaand I am happy to say that I love Havertz performance. Yes, he missed a sitter but otherwise he did really way today. Way to go! Promising result for the season


The team changed at the end with one touch passing that’s he Arsenal way


Great subs

Complete joy

Rice is real quality


I hope some people start getting behind the team more after that! We fully deserved it. Still look shaky at the back but got to give them credit with the never say die attitude. That’ll do wonders for us going forward


What an end! By far the better team and got the deserved result. Great atmosphere here today also.



This is the worst manure team I have seen for years..
It would have been travesty if we dropped points
Shocking from Arteta to start Havertz and not sub Saka who is obviously not fit to last over 60 mins!!

psuedo warrior

“Aaand I am happy to say that I love Havertz performance. Yes, he missed a sitter but otherwise he did really way today. “

What did he do?

Positive pete

By the way.How the fuck did var even have to look at the Rice goal on a ‘ possible’ foul by Gabriel who was literally hauled to the ground by Evans 😂


Rice’s engine is unbelievable
He’s got stardust written all over him

It had to be him


The defensive shape is atrocious Zinchenko RCM at times then running back to LB. The CB’s were stretched and then you had Tomi in midfield at times. Mind boggling stuff and it’s preventing us from gaining any sort of form or momentum.


Havertz is this seasons Vieira.

And look at Vieira now.

It will all come good in the end.


Nice Rice , Jesus very Henry.


Arteta does have to start rotating now. The bench is good enough to get regular minutes

Positive pete

There need to be a big inquest on a few of our players today for sure & Saka would be close to top of the list along with you know who🤫


Saka needs a rest for sure. Not looked his self recently


Rice was top drawer though. Him and Odegaard carried with Saliba today. Everyone else were hit and miss. Saka was awful but he’ll never get subbed there’s no one to replace him


by wasting time from min 1, Utd proved only 4 games into the season they’ve thrown in the towel on the title race

I mean has a title ever been won by such a cowardly team?



‘ Havertz is this seasons Vieira.And look at Vieira now.It will all come good in the end.’

Viera wasn’t starting regularly last season. He’s was on the periphery of the team
No one would be complaining if Havertz was coming on as a sub


In all honesty, I’m not happy with the performance. Manure are actually dire and average, also injury ridden – Evans and Maguire finished the game, so we had to do much better to be considered a real contender.

Can’t fault the effort and I’m so happy with the win. Fk them red devil fucktards! But if we are to have aspirations for achieving something grand, we’ll have to do much better.


He’s got stardust written all over him.

And I was being shitted on for saying that Rice will be captain.

That performance says it all.

Rice is now fully Red, just like London is!!! 😉

And he will be captain (in time).


My fav type of match, roller coaster of emotions, jammy win at the end. Lovely jubbly but our form/style is atrocious, needs to be fixed.


We really have to give VAR a chance 😂😂😂


Veira was new to the league and still managed to score few in his first camios
This Havertz dude has 3 yrs in the pl and still shit..guy has mental block..he needs to go back to Germany to rejuvenate his career
Pl isn’t for him


I love Declan Rice absolute credit to our club


yeah I’d only give the performance a 7.5/10

the result was brilliant tho which is what matters

need to improve a lot tho


I dedicate this victory to all le grove miserables


Pedro is taking the win as a vindication
It’s a welcome relief , let’s just enjoy it

It doesn’t silence all the criticisms
We got a bit of luck from VAR.


Told you. 3-1. You’re welcome.

GOH you cunt, that was in Uniteds favor
and you know it!


Jesus goal reminded me of an Henry one against Spurs at Highbury, 2001 I think.

Great result, not so great performance, but sometimes the way you win like that acts as a springboard.

Always nice to beat United and in that fashion (last minute) its very satisfying!


Look the result is great but it shouldn’t overshadow the fact that yet again this season the tinkering is effecting the performances to the point where we’ve regressed. I’m very much reminded of Emery’s unbeaten run to the start of the season way back when where it wasn’t fooling anyone we knew the performances were shit and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with us.

Josip Skoblar

Just back from the Emirates. The crowd went mad in the final 10 minutes. I am ecstatic!!!! What a finale! We fought to the bitter end, and we won it. Well done lads! Rice, Ode, Saliba and Gabriel were immense.
We have a real Kai problem on our hands. The guy is really piss poor. (Or at least unsuited to the PL)
Martinelli had his moments and Saka was once again disappointing. But let’s celebrate tonight! COYG!!!!


Viera wasn’t starting regularly last season. He’s was on the periphery of the team
No one would be complaining if Havertz was coming on as a sub


You will take the contrary view to anything.

The point I was making was several posters were hating on Vieira without giving him time. The same can be said about Havertz, regardless of playing time.

We are 4 games in.


i think Szoboszlai is the player arteta thought he was signing when he got havertz…

slobby looks class and cheaper as well.


“Pedro is taking the win as a vindication”

It is a vindication for everyone who has been saying the coach has been getting his starting 11 wrong.


If we had trashed this united side by 5 goals today, I wouldn’t have been surprised cos we should do that to this united side, a win is a win but if galaxy brain would still be stupidly playing havertz, then this win is gonna be nothing at the end of the day. Kai should NEVER be playing for Arsenal, he will NEVER come good


I do think Havertz should be benched with viera given the nod for the next game. Fabio has been superb in the past two games in the minutes he’s gotten. Small sample size but early evidence suggests he’s taken a big leap forward in his development. He’s come on and made a big impact in both of the last two games, he’s earned a start I’d say. That being said I don’t think Havertz had been near as bad as some are suggesting. He’s being given way harsher scrutiny by both fans and pundits, every error he makes is being… Read more »


“Just back from the Emirates. ”

You got home quick bud!

Mr Serge

What a result thank the lord for dec

Habesha Gooner

The performance was shit. But this is one of those games you want to win regardless of performance. We need to play much better though. The football we are playing now is unsustainable. we need to be back to last seasons cohesive football.

Havertz was shambolic. Needs to fight for his place. A bit of time on the bench might not be a bad thing.


Is Pedro actually taking a victory lap? That’s pretty bold

Mr Serge

Havertz was poor today


Vieirra deserves Kai’s spot on current form without a doubt.


Partey injury blessing in disguise. Back to basics.


The coach should protect Havertz and not start him.

Give him 20-30 minutes in safe games till he builds up a chemistry with the squad and gets his confidence up.

If he just wants a tall lump up front there are a few giraffes down the road in the London zoo.


Man what triple decker stress sandwich. So emotional. I dread to think what the anti comments were like on here and I’m not going to scroll back. I’m just going love enjoying that 3 points. Just glorious.


Subs should have been made much earlier was my only complaint


Havertz is a dud. The sooner he rides the bench the better. Not interested in another Ozil type player. he’s just another Chelsea player rocking our shirt trying to spoil things. Mikel will have to pony up and bench him.

Josip Skoblar

I’m local. Just a short walking distance.


for manures captain to say the plan was to counter attack is embarrassing for a club of that stature, how the mighty have fallen.


Rice excellent Evan without his goal

Havertz was brilliant also with his movement and tracking back and breaking down Man U

Arteta is the one

Can’t believe a complete idiot on here said otherwise


@izo correct.. hes crap, every player on the bench is far far better. Him starting has a detrimental effect on team


Wengaball, too right you are. Starting Havertz is not helping him or the team. Take him out of the firing line, let him build chemistry and familiarity with the team through substitute appearances in the prem and Carling/FA cup games. It took Jack Grealish a full year to adapt to Pep’s way of playing and build chemistry with the team, and grealish is clearly a much more confident and outgoing bloke than Havertz is. Ease Havertz in slowly and let him find his feet and build some confidence. The team will look better and eventually kai will look better. Moreover,… Read more »



Amen re Rice.

Considering that you were at the ground, how poor was Havertz? (I know you just said it, I just would like your real live perceptions (and from those around you) re his performance.


What. A Game

Is that miserable bastard GoH still on here with his prophecies of doom?



Come out of your corner and stop hiding.

I’ve been reading this blog for a long time and know that you have been a Gooner through and through when younger.

But shitting constantly on the club you supported is not right.

One can ask questions, like I do, and still love the club. This is why I do respect you. You are not afraid to ask questions.

But actually betting proudly against your own club is poor form.

Glad that you lost that bet.



You are living the dream by the sounds of it!

Nigel Tufnel

Dissenter: “You didn’t have anyway if knowing whatever Arteta was planning at the time you made it and now we’ll never know because Partey;s injury really gave the manager no choice Regarding Rich, he said Partey was injury prone but then anyone in including Stevie Wonder could see that, right?” Dissenter, You’re so caught up in winning an argument, you avoid looking at key pieces of what I’ve said. You say I have no way of knowing what lineup Arteta was always planning to use generally against United? I said to look at the lineup from the community shield. That’s… Read more »

psuedo warrior

Hojlund looks a menace. Not many strikers in the League have been able to match big Gabby physically.


love Miks reaction for the goal, he really felt that one


Huge win and result today. Congrats on the boys and Mikel for impacting the game with late changes. Turning point for Declan. His confidence will sky-rocket and the best is yet to come.

Josip Skoblar

Indeed! 🙂 I feel privileged to live near the stadium (just off Holloway Road)


Wardo did you watch the game?
Rice was probably best player but no one was excellent. we were inches away from embarrassment.
Dont believe AKBs are happy with this. Always good to crush Manure scam but we are miles worst than last season. play like that against top team and it will end badly.


Having said that, Saka looks worringly wasteful he needs to be more clinical. Havertz was at fault since he passed the ball away for their first and in general mediocre. However, he was better than Fulham game.


also Martinelli never passed ro Kai.


in hindsight, Kai missing from 3 yards is not what any player should be doing but Saka did it also… should of been 3-1 up way earlier, while he was playing….


The TV feed in the states showed a few Arsenal fans who left the stadium early when we scored the goal.
Imagine paying for ticket, committing 3 hours of your day to go see a game and missing the best parts of the game


Actually Saka struck the ball, just didn’t direct it properly
Havertz missed the ball all together so it’s different

You would have a point if Saka too had a air shot

Luteo Guenreira

Had to catch the last few minutes of the game while driving but what a finish, fucking wow. As soon as their goal got overturned for offside I was only thinking take your chance and win this, boys did not disappoint. The elation is great and fuck United but can’t help but think it shouldn’t have even gotten to that point. Let’s use this as a jumpoff to reach the next level with this group.