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I’m in Kansas City today without my laptop, so I’m penning this on my phone. Excuse the typos. I mean, excuse the increase in typos.

So, bad news: Thomas Partey has done his groin in. He’s out indefinitely. Likely the standard 8 to 12 weeks it always is with him. Without knowing the circumstances – it does feel like we’ve been sloppy here. Partey is injury-prone, he’s playing in a new position that asks more of him, now he’s broken. Not great to lose someone of that importance in training.

Still, we have to accept that injuries are part of football and things aren’t always going to be perfect. People trying to work out if we had time to make a move in the transfer window need a reality check. We aren’t untethered from reality, we don’t have unlimited funds, the solution to every problem can’t be to buy.

It also amazes me that people who make these complaints get so much traction. It isn’t insightful to suggest spending £50m every time someone breaks. That’s an easy suggestion. Arteta has to work with what he has and has to find a way with the players he’s invested in. Remember, when people said we needed to sign a striker to replace Jesus in Jan and we ended up scoring more goals with Eddie in the side? Probably not. No will ever celebrate the people that ask for a bit of calm during a non-crisis event.

The catastrophizing has been next level considering we have 7 points from 9. It’s even worse when you consider the options we still have for United. We have the best back 5 from last season available, the three-man midfield Arteta has chosen to move the club forward, and a red-hot choice of forwards.

Second-guessing how Arteta is evolving the team seems like a bad idea considering the pedigree he’s shown. He got us here when everyone said he was a rookie, so how can there be so little faith this season? I don’t mean this as ‘no one should criticise’ but if you want to be a critic, come with a better idea than ‘KEEP THINGS THE SAME’ after we tanked a league title chase for being too one dimensional.

We had no plan b last season. We do now (or at least a plan for a plan b). The future vision of not being wedded to a single style is a really big idea.  It will take time to build out an elite cognitive style of fluid football, but when it lands, it’ll be devastating to play against.

10 years ago we had a manager who refused to innovate.

5 years ago we hired a manager who had ideas but no guts to carry them through.

Now we have a next-gen manager who has us as 4th faves for the CL and people are saying his job should be on the line because… we drew against Fulham and only spent the second-highest amount of net spend.

How has the fan base gone from banter years poverty to thinking they are too good for a draw? How are we in a space where Arteta has to beg fans to give Havertz time after 3 games?

We need a slap back to reality.

Ousting City at the top requires investment in ideas and a bit of pain. Doing the same as last year is how Wenger would operate every time he scrapped into the top 4. How did that work out? We should always be evolving.

United is a chance to silence the whiners.

We need to cut out those diagonal long balls

We need to terrorise their one-paced midfield

We need to rattle their shaky defence

Havertz late runs into the box to rattle Martinez, yes please.

Eddie hustling out chances, yes please

Arsenal turning on the style with incisive football and making EtH look avg, yes please.

Home crowd needs to get back to the idea that made this team what it is: Players do better when they are loved. We can’t become Groan FC again. The players need to bring some explosiveness to avoid that happening, and I’m confident they will.

Right. That’s me done. Hope this post read well!

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1st place!


Post read well, aside from the bad news about TP 🙁


I read the first few lines of this post as some kind of sick joke. If Partey is really out for a period of time then Jesus fucking Christ, who could have seen that coming!!

Peak wenger banter years!!


‘So, bad news, Thomas Partey has done his groin in. He’s out indefinitely. Likely the standard 8 to 12 weeks it always is with him. Without knowing the circumstances – it does feel like we’ve been sloppy here. Partey is injury prone, he’s playing in a new position that asks more of him, now he’s broken. Not great to lose someone of that importance in training.’ This was said with such matteroffactednes it’s unbelievable. Imagine it this has happened in wengers era. Pedro would have been tearing him apart. The benefit that Arteta is being afforded is turning this blog… Read more »


Looks like it’s all riding on Rice then to anchor our midfield tomorrow. Let’s hope all the boys produce the goods


(might as well take my old tr4phy, for old time’s sake)

Why I Gunna



We had no plan b last season. We do now. It will take time to build out an elite cognitive style or fluid football, but it will come

Do we? If plan B is shit and plan A works then why go plan B? Also we were playing pretty fluid football last season were we not?


The reason why people have been moaning is because of the 800 pound gorilla in the room
City didn’t have Pep for two games, we’re playing on one gear and still easily have 12 points from four games
That’s the standard the fans are deploying to measure our progress. City have both lots of players late and till need to bed them in but Pep will do it slowly over the course of the season.

I think the mini outrage has been 1005% justifiable.


“ I think the mini outrage has been 100% justifiable.

Nigel Tufnel


Since the earlier post, have you figured out how International football works yet?

Here’s a hint-
Harry Kane didn’t magically become German to open up a place for Eddie in the England squad.

You can hate Arteta and Nketiah all you want, they’re still winning games for us, and you’re busy embarrassing yourself on legrove.



You forgot the biggest thing in Arteta’s favour. If he’s such a flawed manager, how was he able to get all of our best players to renew their contracts.

I understand things can change quickly in football but clearly the players are buying into what he’s selling them.


Without knowing the circumstances – it does feel like we’ve been sloppy here. Partey is injury prone, he’s playing in a new position that asks more of him, now he’s broken. Not great to lose someone of that importance in training. Loooool I read this earlier, but I wanted to be 100% sure. Selling Tierney makes even more sense than ever now… right??? (😂) This is really ridiculous that this has happened but I am not even remotely surprised that it has happened. Arteta, the ambitious calculator, is on top of it all I see. Yes, I am being extra… Read more »


On current shape and form, not looking forward to tomorrow. And I fucking hate losing to those xunts


I guess the moans are about us seeing most of this happening to Arsenal in the Wenger dark days. Relying on TP to cover for the RB position after his history with injuries was just crazy. Also relying on us having Tomi and Ziny being fit from now till January is also a joke. So we might have to be playing Kiwior Gabriel Saliba White for a while long time. Fans feel that this is a clear chance for us to evolve as much this season. Let me take a quote from your post “ Arteta has to work with… Read more »



Then AFC and Mikel need to f’n promote from within, rotate, and be mindful that top class players do not always need to f’n go 110% at every practice.

Recovery should be first priority on our top players who break often.



At the end of the season Arteta wanted Partey out (he couldn’t trust his fitness), even Pedro did. Then we saw the game in US And then he changed his mind. How you now rely on him to be the cover for Zinny is mind staggering. I hope we have a way of managing Zinny also



Good point. I think if we go into this season expecting another title challenge while juggling Champions League football for the first time since 2016-2017 then we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment.

Successful season: Top 3 finish and QF in UCL. Decent run in one of the domestic cups

Acceptable season: Advance from group stage and finish top 4.

Disappointing Season: Top 4 but knocked out of group stages.

Unacceptable Season: Miss out on Top 4 and fail to advance out of the group stage


Partey injury is 100% on Galaxy brain who thinks it’s generational idea to play fragile star CM at RB.

Tomorrow we must crash Manure + ref!



Everyone and their dog knows that Partey has fitness issues if overplayed.

Arteta should have known this and should have prepared for this.

He instead decided to put Partey in the most demanding position of our team ever and played him 3 times in a row there.

Any reasonable manager preparing a system and knowing his player would have rotated him in the second game.

Instead, Arteta decides to play him forcefully in an unfamilar position 3 times in a row and breaks him in training.

This is really poor management.


Yep we are done this season. (Yeah I’m down haha so just over exaggerating. Still so much to achieve yet) Despite the perfect start to the transfer window it all has ended up being pretty sombre as the window has ended. We still cannot sell for shit (even for Balo). Havertz the massive gamble, still hasn’t shown me why we bought him for monstrous cash. Timber is just seriously unlucky (via tets not just taking him out of the game). Where the hell is Tierney when you need a fullback who can also play in a back 3. At least… Read more »


Expectations were high for this season are high for this season. Some people even though we could win the league that’s how big signing Rice was but now I think people might be walking it back with how the window finished.

Not me though anything but a legitimate title challenge and the fuck is on you know who.


Assuming Partey is out for a while, alongside losing Timber for the season, that’ll leave this:

Ramsdale, Raya, Hein.
White, Cedric
Zinchenko, Tomiyasu
Saliba, Rice
Gabriel, Kiwior
Jorginho, Elneny
Havertz, Smith Rowe
Odegaard, Vieira
Saka, Nelson
Martinelli, Trossard
Jesus, Nketiah

Rice could be needed to play some minutes at centre back, and we might see Cedric or Elneny at right back in some capacity.

………White ….Saliba…..Gabriel
Saka Ødegaard Havertz Martinelli

……….Cedric Tomiyasu Kiwior
………..……Elneny …..Jorginho
..….Nelson Vieira Smith Rowe Trossard

Different ways to shuffle the pack, but we can still field 2 teams.


Hahaha Marko that’s what It should be looking like.

Then seeing man cheaty destroy Fulham at home compared to our woeful display at the Emirates then it’s pretty much still clear that we are still well off the mark. If anything have gone sideways rather than forwards.

There is a lot to play for this season, but considering how Arteta has dealt with Europa I have no real hope of making proper inroads into the CL (despite being in a great group) and I think having those matches is going to really affect our PL performances.


Phewww we still have Cedric on the books haha


Rich-that’s one way of looking at it, but here’s the other way. Simple depth chart by position. So we’ve lost Partey and Timber. Let’s assess where this leaves us. Below is a ‘best guess’ depth chart based on who can reasonably be asked to perform a position. For example, we all know that Saka can play LB but we would be insane to employ him there. To the same extent, maybe Arsenal buy out Pepe from his contract but right now he’s on the squad page so he’s included. GK: Ramsdale, Raya, Hein RB: White, Tomiyasu, Partey (injured), Timber… Read more »


What about elneny as an inverting RB??


Ousting City at the top requires investment in ideas and a bit of pain. Doing the same as last year is how Wenger tanked us. We should always be evolving.

Oust City by losing points to Fulham at home while City is smashing everyone.

And having us as the 4th favorite for the champions League means nothing.

We threw every trophy for the league last season and became the favorite to win the league. How did that end?


Oh he’s injured never mind


Doing the same as last year isn’t how Wenger tanked us either.

Or are you saying galaxy braining is a must for any serious team each season?


We can’t become Groan FC again.

You didn’t have a problem with that when Wenger was here.

You can’t expect everyone sing Arteta’s praises just because you like him.

He still hasn’t won the league. Winners win. They don’t rejoice for getting 2nd.


No Olumude,

We rejoice for youngest team in the league trophy



Rice could be needed to play some minutes at centre back

Come on mate, you can’t be serious???

He is already learning a new role in MF and you now want to chuck him in CB as well???

Rice is a MF, just like Partey was. Just let where he excels and have someone else that has experience in that role do the job.

Or is that too much common sense?


I agree with your season assessment there.

We should have been taking steps forward, looks atm to be very much lateral. But there has been some horrendous injuries/timings of those injuries which do make it look worse than it is.

Massive match against United. It could be a catalyst for stronger performances or it could really knock the wind out of our half drawn sails so early in the season.

Let’s see what the boys can do



Too much common sense not enough galaxy brain.


TLDB10 Rice started out as a centre back, he’s previously played there. It’s not ideal, but when you look at how short we are at the back, at some stage it might become a necessity rather than a preference of any kind…. I don’t want to see Rice operating as a centre back, even though I think he could do a job there….. There’s just a decent chance that’s where we might end up. We only have 2 right sided centre backs, and one of them is White, who’s also our first choice right back….. Tomi can play there but… Read more »


Spin spin and more spin from pedro.
Parteys injury is another fuck up
He is a victim of Arteta’s galaxy brain football shit and the medical team incompetence
Just like Timber, guy got injured, should have been subbed straight away, instead they decided to put him back on the pitch and fuck up his ACL
Total bull shit


This is an unpopular opinion We need to be careful not to make a crock of Saliba too I don’t like this practice of playing him in the left, sometimes he’s effectively covering central defense on his own because BW has reverted to RB. I was expecting us to manage his minutes carefully considering the little fact that he missed the last 8 games of the season due to a back strain of some sorts. Back injuries are notoriously repetitive. Not Arteta though, he’s playing him relentlessly Someone will say but Arteta was cleared by the medical team but it’s… Read more »



As much as Rice did play as CB, this does not equate as him excelling in that position.

To me, this is a serious managerial cock up. Looking to play your best players in their second best position is not serious management at all.

Doing it once in a blue moon is acceptable, doing it on a consistent basis is not and will weaken the team.

Let’s just hope that it is the former rather than the latter.


Arsenal is just cursed. There is no other way to put it. The remnants of Wenger still persists. Until they’re all gone, it will just be the same shit every season. Edu and Arteta and everyone else who played under Wenger need to go. Sentimentality needs removing from the club and left to statues, pictures, and names on walls.


Hyperbole is alive and well.




‘still, we have to accept that injuries are part of football and things aren’t always going to be perfect. People trying to workout if we had time to make a move need a reality check. We aren’t untethered to reality, we don’t have unlimited funds, the solution to every problem can’t be to buy.’ straw man pedro. not many were asking for 50m signings. if you keep tierney and stop galaxy braining RB position, we could’ve had tierney at LB vs Fulham, Gabriel and Saliba at CB and White at RB. partey could play either in cm or rest him.… Read more »


How does De Zerbi do what he does


as for bad luck with partey’s injury after asking him to repeatedly play a very intense position, no no no, arteta has said repeatedly the best players in the world play 60 games a season.

no one could’ve predicted asking TP to make regular intense sprints could dramatically increase the risk of injury…….



the irony of this situation is its the same people who played down the risks and ran the propagandist line of ‘nothing we could do, couldn’t sign more 50m players’ who will be the ones using injuries to TP and other defenders this season as a beautifully convenient excuse for us under performing

it will be the gift that keeps on giving

‘nobody could’ve known…nothing we could’ve done…how could we win when…. it’s not realistic to win when…’

this is the most predictable shit ever.

Why I Gunna

Not many people are buying what you’re selling Pedro


China it’s an awful argument really cause it wasn’t about signing someone because Timber got injured but rather how about you sign someone after you lose Timber AND sell Tierney and Holding too. The numbers simply don’t add up and are stupid to the point that now people are mentioning Cedric as an option. It’s so very obvious what is going to happen


Spot on China

Despite Raya’s obvious quality. We spent £95M on 2 players that were not needed in this window.
Timber and Rice are astute signings. We got unlucky with Timber.
Nobody expects vast sums to be spent on a direct replacement for Timber. Just don’t loan or sell our remaining Defensive cover.
We still have the bones of a good season but really don’t get this never ending ‘Jam-tomorrow’ mind set.


Haha China spot on in all those!


Nevermind Partey being injured, playing in a position he should never have been deployed in. We look ten times better and are approaching almost 40 formations a match.



Gooners have retweeted a lot of chavs having meltdowns tonight, it was great to watch. I didn’t realize but both teams bought 13 players this summer – chavs spent £450 m while forest £100 m – I hope poch continues like this and he’ll need firing by christmas. Boehly must be apoplectic with their performances after how much he spent in last twelve months.


Not sure what to expect today but I do think that a big club (big club, average team nowadays) rocking up to our home will be the tonic we need to announce ourselves this season.

The mood and positivity has dampened too but a brilliant result and performance against United will perk everyone back up.


The decisions are self sabotaging. I don’t know what Pedro is talking about. He’s just doing his own impression of galaxy brain or whatever.

Nigel Tufnel

Legendary, I was absolutely the first person to warn at the final 2 matches of last season, that Partey would break doing the long sprints needed at FB… and even though he hasn’t ventured nearly as far as other RBs on overlaps, he still had sprints to get back when we’ve lost the ball…. and he never looks good at top speed, actually looks like a much older player. I’d love to be the guy who got it exactly right in predicting it,, but there’s no evidence that it was the RB position that caused this so soon… … there’s… Read more »


Pedro again brings up Wenger tk hype up Arteta. It’s beyond funny anymore that you berate a manager who won multiple PL and FA cups to a manager who has won 1 FA Cup and is ostensibly planning to win the next trophy only when Pep quit Man C. Bet he said the same to Saka, Saliba, Martinelli ext when they signed a contract extension. End of this season if we don’t win anything see who these stars starts making noises. You can’t keep selling the same dream each year without making any progress. BacaryisGod – while I like your… Read more »


Nigel no one owes arteta an apology because the key points are as follows 1) we ALL know if partey wasn’t injured this time by over exertion at LB then it absolutely would’ve happened sooner or later. We ALL know it 2) the underlying issue is we don’t even need Partey at RB anyway. Ben white was one of the best in the league last season. Partey has only been playing there to show off a certain someone’s tactical genius I just generally think when a leader thinks they’re smarter than everyone else it means either they are (which means… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

Do we really have more options this season? Partey out Rice in makes us weaker in Dm, At least for now, should have rotated them instead of asking Partey to play rb and get broken. Timber in but already out for the season, also Tierney and Holding out, weaker in defence. Havertz in and Xhaka out, jury still out on this one, Havertz needs to improve on his last 3 seasons of form to be an improvement. We’re still ok for now but any injury in defence or an injury to Rice in the next 4 months and we’re fucked.… Read more »


We have that dinosaur Keys talking pre historic tactics again. He firstly has to learn the off side rule before opening his mouths.


Jesus and Zinc are other injury prone players that Guardiola realised would cost the team.
Generational was naive enough to buy them.
Odegaard was lucky last season.


I watched the whole Chelsea game yesterday I thought Jackson looks like an interesting player. Disasi as well. Sterling was mostly good Their midfield is still very meh tho Gallagher is a good athlete but an unremarkable player Fernandez played a few good passes in the second half but did absolutely nothing in the first. He looks a 40m player at best Caiceido was mostly decent but also made the mistake that led directly to the first goal and 5 mins later repeated the exact same mistake and was only spared by Forest not doing better form the chance This… Read more »


Arsenal season won’t go without these issues. We are Saliba injury away from a full blown crisis


Pedro keeps digging.the hole gets deeper..




How about AFC play game with a formation and tactics that lead to a win with the least amount of exertion?

Like playing players in their rightful positions and playing to their strenghts and not just the coaches vision of those strengths.

We have way more games this year, and already 2 keys pieces are out within 4 games.

People mentioning we have depth, man, the drop off from Partey and Timber is huge.

Or change up practices which reward recovery and not just battles for team places.

AFC better smash manure……


I am just done with Partey. I love his game and what he brings to the team and how his peak performances were the backbone of the great spells we had last year, but as Charles Barkley says, your best ability is availability. Time to ship him to Saudi in Janu before his value plummets further.


Articles on Mail online publishing Arteta interview and justification for tweaks. Pedro suggesting the same.


Once heard an interview of pro coa h in track n field saying at the top level an athlete normally couldn’t change specialization ( it’s about 100, 200 and 400m), at least not in latter part of the career, because the whole body needs to adapt to idifferent use of speciifc muscles,movement, pacing , style, etc. Didn’t we send a physio to travel with Partey on his international duty in Mar or April? So we knew he’s fragile and presumably we also knew his age? Why on earth would we (sorry, it’s Arteta) make him starting a new position this… Read more »


Beginning of transfer window things looked positive, at end of the window with players we’ve let go, Havertz is a flop, forget him, shit buy. Raya and rice are good but not enough to win you a title Overall it was actually a meh window. Disappointing. Arteta is definitely taking us backwards. Sacked by xmas


I had over an hour conversation with my father, a diehard Arsenal supporter, few days ago, and the highlights of the discussions were these: 0- The great Arsene Wenger could have made the exact foolish gambles that Arteta has been making: Partey right back, our right back of 2 years in central defence, Harvetz as a useless ghost, etc. . However we also agreed, Wenger would have done the madness in one fell sweep, destroy the rhythm in defebce, midfield and attack simultaneously, change the whole damn thing at fucking once, never. – Partey will break or lose form faster… Read more »


*Wenger wouldn’t have

Just Another Customer

he won’t last the season at this rate

at least he brought us back to UCL but he sabotaged himself and the club with this transfer window and current gameplan


How has the fan base gone from banter years poverty to thinking they are too good for a draw? How are we in a space where Arteta has to beg fans to give Havertz time after 3 games? ——————- I know you and those like you who (for whatever fckng reason) invested so much goodwill into this manager are having hard time understanding it, even harder time accepting it, but this season will be Emperor’s New Clothes season for Arteta. Any manager worth their salt would have finished the job last season, when 90% of fans showed nothing by blind… Read more »


Dodgy decisions going United’s way today I reckon. These days it’s only way United win games


Partey is injured because of Arteta’s arrogance. He can’t take a word of dissent, hence he is freezing Gabi out and indulges in stupid tinkering.


Can’t we sell Arteta to the Saudis, and punch di zerbia from Brighton


Pinch not punch lol


Lets make something clear here. Partey did not play as an out and out right back he played mostly as a defensive midfielder supporting rice at the base of midfield the same way zinchenko played last season. Blaming arteta for his injury to me is not true. Rich was right when he said partey should be sold this summer, he is not reliable when you need him the most and to add to that he has a legal issue hanging over his head. This should be an excuse though for the team not to perform, this is why we paid… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Pedro, I’m in agreement with the post. I never say that here. I like the podcast and recommend it. A lot of grovers could use the knowledge they’d get from it. Anyway, Pedro’s post is the right tone for normal fans. The majority here are cynical and angry. Love to moan, hate the manager, and fantasize strangely about doom. Even if les miserables turn out to right (doubtful) , I would never want to live like that. It’s normal to worry about the team, but these moist mattress sufferers are out of control. Pedro calls it catastrophizing, I just call… Read more »


Having Rice in our squad gave Arteta the liberty to use Partey judiciously. Ideally he should have played him in tough away games, Champions League and at home only against top 6. Instead Arteta deploys Partey as a fullback which is perhaps the most physically demanding position. See Partey could have got injured anyway but still given Partey’s injury record it wasn’t a smart decision at all to play him at RB. It defies logic. He could have exercised caution with Timber too. Saka could get in to red zone too if Arteta never rests him. We have very good… Read more »


Watching Partey put in superb performances as DM in pre season I foolishly thought that with the support of mobile players like Rice around him his physical load would be reduced and we could get 2- 3 more seasons from him. Move on 4 weeks and we are an injury to Rice away from playing Elneny.
Just hope today Arteta keeps it simple with our proven back 4 and then if Havertz partners Rice he plays a deeper Xhaka last season role covering Zini moving upfield etc.


Apparently, suggestions that “we go back to what worked for us” were pissed on from great hight by Le Grove’s ideological department. Now those tweets are doing rounds on other Arsenal forums as an example of fan’s delusion.


We had a good formula last season, which worked and nearly gave us the title. But oh no, look at me, I am a super stable genius, I am going to reinvent the wheel and cram a Chelsea reject in, regardless of his form.


I guess today is the day we find out just how “tactical” was manager’s decision to exclude Gabriel from starting 11. Logic tells you we’ll revert to White, Saliba, Gabriel, and Zinichenko inverting from the left.

If Gabriel doesn’t start today, it will be clear and obvious sign that his career at Arsenal is over.


Nigel it’s not misery it’s calling out something which is obvious to absolutely everyone else If your kid is learning to drive and you see them accelerating towards an old lady crossing the street whilst looking the wrong way, do you just have blind faith that everything will be fine or do you say ‘hey focus on the road and slow down’? The latter is NOT misery and not doom mongering. It’s course correcting a risky mistake. We ALL want arsenal to win and we ALL hope arteta delivers. We also all called the Tierney loan very very silly and… Read more »


Partey hasnt played RB, the formation has 3 CBs and 2 holding midfielders.
The right side midfielder covers the right flank zone while the left CB does the same on the left flank.

That tactic is from Guardiola. The problem is, 2 or 3 of our players are Not suitable for that formation.


We havent played 433 with Rice as the DM, At Westham Rice had Soucek as DM. OT is Not the best place to go with an unsettled formation.
We cannot use the 3241 formation with key players missing. Its a tough choice today.


Spanking today me reckons. You know decisions will go their way….cunts


Our squad value has nearly doubled since Arteta’s arrival AND overtaken that of City’s. Surely, it is reasonable to expect results? You know, like dicking Fulham 5:1, etc?

If we win nothing this season, he has to go. Simple as that.


China precisely what I have been saying. Questions to the manager somehow means you are Anti Arsenal it’s almost like treason. Surely he is not an autocrat or a dictator?

Habesha Gooner

“”It also amazes me that people who make these complaints get so much traction. It isn’t insightful to suggest spending £50m every time someone breaks.”” That line is a joke. No one said buy another 50 mil player. We wanted them to bring in a player on loan after we stupidly gave away Tierney. If he was unhappy and he wanted to play, I had no problem with him going on loan. But when you dont replace a player that played needed minutes last season, Then that is a huge problem. Not only that, Pedro actually counted Partey as a… Read more »


“I’d love to be the guy who got it exactly right in predicting it”

This is Nigel’s raison d’être. Desperate to be the first to make a particular prediction so he can say “I was absolutely the first person to warn …”

So sad.


Adams “Lets make something clear here. Partey did not play as an out and out right back he played mostly as a defensive midfielder supporting rice at the base of midfield” This is true …there is a but in there and the but is that Partey also had to play right back when needed ، so instead of usually just sitting in front of the back 4 dictating play and only making 5 -10 yard runs ، he was needed to make 20-30 yard runs in the right back position، which of course puts more pressure on the groin and… Read more »


Olumide “You can’t expect everyone sing Arteta’s praises just because you like him. He still hasn’t won the league. Winners win. They don’t rejoice for getting 2nd.” I really love being on Le grove, in the company of so many winners. People who have achieved perfection in their job, in their family life, in their relations. People who don’t compromise for anything else than the top. Statistically, half of them are losers, a good percentage compromises with average standards and only a tiny percentage achieves excellence. The problem is that they come here and demand perfection and only perfection. Olumide’s… Read more »


” OT is Not the best place to go with an unsettled formation.”

We are at home today.


More distance is required to be covered moving from RB position to midfield than playing at the base of midfield straight away.

White can play as RB cum inverting midfielder, no need to risk Partey’s fitness.




Dr J

I hope this comment doesn’t draw a lot of criticism here. As an Aussie, I am sad to see Ange at Spurs because I really like him as a manager. The Socceroos played very good football under him and so did Celtic. Spurs are playing good, fast and attractive football . He respects his players and is loved wherever he went. He is a very honest person, doesn’t have a big ego, doesn’t speak with buzz words and says it as it is. The very opposite to Arteta who I find very hard to trust . I hope I am… Read more »


You nailed it Guembuzy

I think people like you and I, along with just a very few others on here, are what I call Old School.

You know the sort. Actually look forward to watching Arsenal. Hope for a win, a great game of football and enjoy the company of a few mates.


Are we now down to just 6 available defenders do the season then?


We are cutting it a bit fine but I mean how unlucky could we be? 2 long term injuries 3 games into the season.

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