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It’s here my children.

Cancel your Wednesday night group therapy sessions with the boys – SPURS FANS CAN HURT YOU NO MORE.

The midweek is for The Arsenal, fighting the best clubs in Europe… it’s for the ELITISTS!

Well, kind of…

🇪🇸 Sevilla
🇳🇱 PSV
🇫🇷 Lens

I’m only the millionth person to point it out – but our group feels like a rough Europa League group stage versus a beastly battle of the icons.

Still, I’m not sad. The biggest worry we have from this lot is complacency.

Lens have lost two and drawn one in their opening games and lost two key players this summer.

Sevilla are bottom of La Liga after putting every single one of their players on the transfer list.

PSV are doing PSV things in the Dutch league. I feel like regardless of how badly they’re doing, they’ll always find a way of hurting us.

Overall, how can you moan? Every team is a short flight. The away day will be lovely. It’s a gentle bike ride back into the Champions League, versus the ‘Felix Baumgartner dropping from space’ adventure Newcastle are facing against Dortmund, Milan, and PSG.

The biggest test we’re going to face this season is the Champions League. Not because we’re ill-equipped – but because we have a group of players that has NEVER had to play 3 games a week from September.

Fatigue, both physically and mentally, sets in – you’re always tired.

You are playing BIG games and the pressure can get to you.

The team requires more rotation – and sometimes that breaks rhythm and fans can get angry

Fan expectation is maybe not living in the realm of reality at the moment – we’re expecting at least a quarter-final to be satisfied with the season. On paper, we have it, we’re 4th favorites for the whole thing – but in the real world, who knows, because our players have only played under easy conditions. Remember – Leicester won the league without Europe. Chelsea won the league without it under a tyrant manager. Placing high without mega-cup runs isn’t easy, but it’s not what Manchester City and old Liverpool have been doing for years.

To move to the next level – we need to be able to sustain the league AND the Champions League.

Can we do it? I bloody well hope so. This group gives me a lot of hope. I just hope the players aren’t as complacent as I am. Arsenal have been knocked out of Euro comps by Villareal, PSV, and Monaco in the past. Hopefully we’re ready!

One thing seems close to certain – it’s going to be very hard for Arsenal to bring in a new player before the window closes. Never say never, but it’s not looking good. An area of high concern is our defence.

  • Partey (RB)
  • Reuell Walters (RB)
  • Tomi (LB/RB)
  • Zinchenko (LB)
  • Kiwior (CB/LB)
  • White (CB/RB)
  • Saliba (CB)
  • Gabriel (CB)
  • T̶i̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶(̶C̶B̶/̶R̶B̶)̶

8 defenders doesn’t feel very secure. Tomiyasu struggles with calf injuries and always gets injured. Zinchenko breaks every 10 or so games. Then you have Thomas Partey who is now a defender, but only because Arteta said so. Reuell Walter who is a baby at 18. Kiwior is a centre-back who is also a backup left-back but not a convincing one (yet). Ben White is a center-back, but he’s really our best right-back. Cover is there – but you have to squint and pray to the gods.

Losing Timber really has rattled us – but all these people complaining we haven’t immediately gone out and dropped another £40m to replace him are being very harsh. We did our business, we lost a key player, we can’t just replace him. Especially considering how specific we need to be with the players we bring in.

This scenario is basically the same as the one we dealt with when Jesus picked up that knee injury. Everyone said we wouldn’t survive without him, Eddie did the job, we scored just as many goals, and we were fine. We can start last seasons back 4 on Sunday and it’ll be great. Arteta is just going to have to get creative with back-ups – which is why he’s trying things now when he has a choice. Versus experimenting with new ideas under duress and more pressure.

Did I just speak of Eddie and not remind all his HATERS that their HATE powered him into the England squad? The man is a KING. League One Eddie. Jokers.

Back to my other narrative…

I did see someone make a great point on AFTV earlier – pundits spent the first half of last season saying City weren’t their usual selves at the start of last season. Why? They were trying new things. Different formations. Different player combos. New ideas. When they got into the backend of the season – they were more than themselves and they went on an extraordinary run. The work Pep did at the start of the season paid off during the backend. Arteta seems to be following suit – get your ideas down on paper, see what the players react to, and always plan to peak when the going gets tough.

We have not peaked at the right time 2 seasons on the bounce. Maybe this shift will help us make better decisions in the long-run. Rob Holding was a default because we hadn’t tried White and Partey earlier.  That won’t happen again.

Ok – short post today. Get on our latest pod. The boys reunite for a Champions League Reaction podcast with all the lads. x

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Just Another Customer

Rice then can slot nicely into that CB role


Getting upwards of 200k in wages out which is nice. Be close to 400,000 when Pepe and Cedric go.


I really think that contemplating playing either Rice or Partey as CB/ RB is complete madness.

If we have to rotate, why not rotate with players who actually have solid experience in these positions?

We should be rotating with players who actually play in these positions week in, week out.

Not with players who have done it once in a blue moon.


Mo won’t go he is needed in the dressing room, cutting up the half time oranges!
We have always had dross hanging about at the club.
Two injuries and we are stuffed.


“Every morning I come from my house to Colney. One day I have a flat tyre, what do I do?”

I like this attitude, finally Arteta is saying he can coach us through any problem because he man with solutions. Is this the season that tets is finally going to be judged on his coaching abilities and not given free pass on his failures like in all his previous seasons?


NO SIGNINGS!!!??? When I was telling you all that we shouldn’t have spent that amount on Rice. You wouldn’t listen. Can’t even buy a replacement for Timber. Pretty sure Kroenke told Mikel no more money, fuck off and figure it out. Stubborn Mikel is acting up obviously getting rid of players and isolating fringe players like ESR. This guy is a menace and clearly on the spectrum as nothing he’s doing makes any sense and more like hitting the self destruct button. Our season is cooked. What’s the point. I’ve lost all belief in whatever the fuck he’s doing which… Read more »


He actually sounds deranged when he says that he used 36 formations against Fulham. Does he think that’s good

Mr Serge

Marko yes thats good saving that much in salaries

Mr Serge

Izzo who pissed on your chips lololol

Mr Serge

Fuck me some of you lot

I am going to go to the Emirates on Sunday and cheer the lads on coyg


Yeah go cheer on Partey getting roasted at right back and tearing his already weak muscles. Rubbish. After the somewhat success of last season look at what is being served up.

Just Another Customer

blind faith in the manager is never the answer

the revival of AKB is truly in order now

Ben D

Cullum Hudson-Odoi fir £2m plus £5m potential in add ons? Wow. And yet Cole Palmer os £40m. The lesson is to sell whilst the player is hot. Good call on Balogun, I think


“The personnel is different. There were 43 different structures in different phases [vs. #mcfc]. Every game is a different story.”

Oh, man. This will keep Nigel & Co busy for some time.

Just Another Customer

where’s the blog heritage Pedro?

the AKB page is gone now I just noticed

been there during Uncle Wenger reign eversince now it’s gone

Just Another Customer

need to show these uppity younglings that we have thread this way before

some things just never change eh?


So as predicted earlier today Arsenal will have offloaded Okonkwo, Tavares, Holding and Lokonga.
That brings our squad down to 25 including Timber who is unlikely to be registered until at least

Pepe will definitely leave although it may well be after transfer window closes. It remains to be seen
whether Arsenal hold onto Cedric as back up right back until January. It does not look like we are
recruiting anyone else in this window. So we may be down to 20 FIT outfield players.

Just Another Customer

one good season and he thinks he’s Pep

I’d rather have 07/08 Wenger again rather than this tinkerman

only fault Wenger has is he’s lost his appetite in later years at least he won a lot of things before he went full Barca

what’s Arteta excuse?


Mike McGrath, Telegraph
Lokonga loan to Luton done
The worst PL team decided to take him. I hope he plays a few minutes for them.

CHO for £3m up to £5m is the deal of the day though. LOL!

Just Another Customer

imagine playing one touch football again

never ever in this era

that’s why ESR not fit into this squad


It’s funny how people come on here and break down how weak we are and point out Arteta’s failings then go ahead and proclaim how we should be beating United and being in the quarter finals of the champions league.


Okonkwo apparently going on loan to Wrexham, unless we have an option, I believe he’s out of contract next summer. With Holding going to Palace, and Sambi on loan to Luton, that’ll leave this: Ramsdale, Raya, Hein Cedric, Timber Zinchenko, Tomiyasu Saliba, White Gabriel, Kiwior Rice, Partey, Jorginho, Elneny Havertz, Smith Rowe Odegaard, Vieira Saka, Nelson, Pepe Martinelli, Trossard Jesus, Nketiah Would expect Pepe to leave in some capacity as well over the next week, either to Turkey or Saudi, their windows don’t shut yet. Then we have to decide if Cedric is worth keeping around, or we release him,… Read more »


Agree with Guns. Arteta is full of bs…we buy/overpay from chavs and manure and should NEVER, EVER buy from them Balo, Holding, Tavares and others sold for $ Spent an lot on Rice, overpaid BIG time on Havertz, and broke a $40 mill Timber. We had money, but as usual overpaid and could have bought 2 for the price of one oneHavertz. Could have played ESR there…. Edu and co better spend before the next transfer window on 1 defender, should be two or AFC will be out of contention before the start of the new year! White in the… Read more »

Just Another Customer

and whatever you think of Emery even he respects the so called Arsenal IP during his time here

but not the one who will be forever be in the shadow of his master

Manchester City IP belongs there not here is what I am saying


Whoa the mood hoovers aka ‘cunts’ are out in force this evening.


You’d think we where at the bottom of the league with no summer signings and selling all our best players. Said it before, the comment section on this blog has gone to shit.

Positive pete

Serge. Wow. & f*** ng wow.It really doesn’t take much for the Doomers to be out in force today does it?A mass suicide is it?The blog of Misery.Nothing.Absolutely nothing pleases them.Never known anything like it.Gathering like flies to shit.That’s the verbal Diarrhoea that’s spouted. By the way.

Positive pete

TT.Nailed it.👍

Positive pete


Matt B

Why is everyone losing their shit over the departure of Tierney?

Why on earth would he want to waste another season here knowing the only game time he may get will be in the fucking Carabao Cup? Possibly the FA Cup.

That’s what happens when you freeze players out — it comes back and bites you on the arse.

But anyway, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever — he wouldn’t have played in any of the games that matter and those where he might play we’ll see an academy player.

Belfast Gooner

I don’t think anyone’s losing their shit over Tierney. People have simply pointed out we are two highly possible injuries away from having no real LB available. If Zinny needs to be sat down for a week to stop him breaking down, Tierney could have come in for a game or two as solid cover. It would seem reasonable for “43 formations Arteta” to be able to make one more to fit Tierney in when needed for a couple of weeks at a time.


I do not get why people say both: we have to few players and we need to tear up contracts for Pepe and Soares Right winger, fullback. Do we need backup for those positions or not? Decide people, hate one or another but not both.


I’m monitoring events not wishing to indulge in dreadful desperation and torturous chest beating. I’ll add my totally insignificant posts after Manure match on Sunday !
Jesus it’s like Russia has dumped the Atom 💣 on us


I’ve decided to cheer myself up by watching the 1984 movie Threads – I gather the Nuclear Apocalypse and slow radiation ☢️ poisoning is more upbeat than talk of our chances against UTD


Huge moves by arsenal today though 4 million for Holding from Palace and Lakonga goes on loan to Luton… how do we even manage to sign these players in the first place.

Josip Skoblar



Lokonga loan to Luton is a real humbling… much doubt it will work, guy has some mentality issues and playing for a team that will lose most games unlikely to motivate…plus they may sack their manager an reshuffle the pack

Josip Skoblar

Messi scored 11 goals in 10 games for Miami. He could hardly score any goals for PSG in weak Ligue 1. What a joke the US Soccer league is.


“Messi scored 11 goals in 10 games for Miami. He could hardly score any goals for PSG in weak Ligue 1. What a joke the US Soccer league is.” What a shitty analysis Leo Messi scored 474 goals in 520 La Liga games, what a joke the La Liga must be He destroyed premier league teams at every opportunity when he faced them, 27 goals in 38 games Hs goal scoring was horrible in Ligue un because he wasn’t the main guy there- he had to compete with the egos of Mbappe and Neymar. He didn’t enjoy his football in… Read more »


Dissenter – don’t hold back sunshine! Josip has a point I feel. I love Messi to bits but in terms of pure industriousness and flexibility I’d say Ronaldo would have still bagged a lot more for PSG ( I would still say Ronaldo is a prima Donna ) and prefer Messi


Messi at PSG was as dysfunctional as you can imagine
Having three massive ego monsters like Neymar, Mbappe and Messi in a team is detrimental. He only went to PSG because Barca stiffed him, he weas never happy there.
He chose to go the States, left Saudi money behind on the table. Prominent Messi-ologists who have studied him for years are all in agreement that he’s playing happy football here, not the same as in France.

You disagree that Messi would be tearing up the premier league if he weas here in 2023?

Josip Skoblar

You got my point Markymark. 😉
I’m not in the least belittling Messi’s achievements when playing for Barca. The fact is that Messi did not score many goals when playing for PSG, the dominant team in a weak European league. He didn’t play particularly well either.
My point is that the US Soccer League is very very weak.
By the way the greatest player ever is another Argentinian. Ask anyone in Argentina, and they’ll confirm it. 🙂


I’m not overly fussed about us not making any deadline deals for incoming players. BUT … when you consider that Havertz replaced Xhaka, we really only strengthened by adding Declan Rice and David Raya to the team that fell short last year. Rice has been superb so far, but I am very doubtful that last year’s team – Tierney + Rice and Raya (even if he winds up taking the starting job) is enough to make up the gap to City.


Dissenter – unless he is was playing for City yes I do disagree He’d have been kicked off the park using the cynical 5 sub replacement and 90minute hacking with zero referee defence.
If he played for a northern club the PGMOL Freemasonry lodge would have protected him. Play for us? Hacked left right and centre. A bit of a George Best brilliant but not directing us to a title

Luteo Guenreira

Joke Friday

***Matt B goes to the doctor for a checkup***

Doctor: “You’re going to have to stop masturbating.”

Matt B: “Why!?”

Doctor: “Because I’m trying to examine you.”


BTW – PGMOL is about as honest as a Met Police Freemasonry Lodge – all in it together birds of a feather !

Luteo Guenreira

United are shite and have been lucky to get the results they have so far. Considering that they’ve always been a bogey team for us I am still expecting a tense affair but I’d be pretty disappointed if it’s one of those meek efforts where we give them too much credit or if we end up getting countered easily because our fullbacks aren’t actual fullbacks or something like that.


Luteo – Arteta has a bit to prove on Sunday let’s hope we see the best of him and Arsenal

Matt B

Oh Lutey, you are saucy


Cedric staying till January…huge


Vada Luteo he needs to dhobie his bagaga just in case he meets a Dolly Omi- Palone.
Julian and Sandy say hello!


Amrabat changes the dynamics of United in my opinion. They will not turn into a possession team.




Still unbeaten. Let’s see where we are 10 games in


Rob Holding was pretty poor
7 years with 160+ games forArsenal
28 years old with lots of football left in him

… yet all we got for him is £1 million with 2.5 million add-ons


Positive Pete these cunts are obsessed with transfers
They don’t actually like the football
They offer no real knowledge awareness or insight other than “he’s good, he’s shite”
Just the most basic of bitches doing what bitches do best, moan


Have to say that’s shit business selling holding for 2.5m when palmer went for £45m


Thank God that’s over


David Ornstein
🚨 Rob Holding has joined Crystal Palace from Arsenal in permanent deal. #CPFC paying #AFC £1m + £2.5m add-ons. 27yo centre-back has signed 3yr contract & is eligible for selection against Wolves at Selhurst Park on Sunday
#DeadlineDay #WWFC

So not 4 million but 1 million plus add ons. Makes you wonder why he was here in the first place


MarkymarkSeptember 1, 2023 21:57:28
Dissenter – unless he is was playing for City yes I do disagree He’d have been kicked off the park using the cynical 5 sub replacement and 90minute hacking with zero referee defence.
If he played for a northern club the PGMOL Freemasonry lodge would have protected him. Play for us? Hacked left right and centre. A bit of a George Best brilliant but not directing us to a title

George Best isn’t even as good as he his.


DissenterSeptember 1, 2023 21:12:19 “Messi scored 11 goals in 10 games for Miami. He could hardly score any goals for PSG in weak Ligue 1. What a joke the US Soccer league is.”What a shitty analysis Leo Messi scored 474 goals in 520 La Liga games, what a joke the La Liga must be He destroyed premier league teams at every opportunity when he faced them, 27 goals in 38 games Hs goal scoring was horrible in Ligue un because he wasn’t the main guy there- he had to compete with the egos of Mbappe and Neymar. He didn’t enjoy… Read more »


So just to recap cause it’s all over. Last season the defence absolutely shit the bed in the run in to the league with Saliba out for 2/3 months with injury. Fast forward to this season and it’s more or less the same group of defenders minus Tierney and now Holding. Oh and Zinchenko had no preseason. That’s not good at all.


6 defenders across 4 positions…you better believe that we’ll see Partey and/or Rice in the defence at times this season


Rob Holding sold for £1m with £2.5m add on permanent deal 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
We are the absolute worst selling club I’ve ever known. We held on to this brudda not giving upcoming guys a chance, only to sell for £1m .
We are a joke. Nobody buys our players cos they just wait until we’re desperate and will take anything or rip up contracts.


I can’t believe we didn’t get anyone else in on loan. That’s really poor going. I said to a mate I reckon we’ll get Bitello from Gremio a fast box to box midfielder, only £10m , looks a baller, dynamic. Thought there’s no way and Arteta’s just trying to bluff prospective sellers we ain’t desperate… But fuck me, we did nothing! People asked Why we loaned Tierney? Don’t think we had much choice. I reckon he wanted to go and despite the injury to Timber didn’t feel like being 2ndor 3rd place back up behind Tomi and Kiwior. So he’s… Read more »


Can’t wait to read the transfer window spin on the next post. Gonna need some real inventive thinking and a positive result at utd to be able to swallow this inaction.

What first seems like good early business, is now looking like we shot our load way too soon.
Overpaid for Kai when no-one else was in for him put him on ridiculous wages. We should have picked him up on deadline day for £35m and on sensible wages.
Done all the business we needed to do then look at a Havertz.

Mr Serge

Spurs just bought Brenan Johnson for the same money we spent on Jesus let that sink in.


Excuses for this season 1. We’re now in the Champions League, so our premier League performance must take a hit. 2. We were unable to buy the special type of players that can fit into Arteta’s system. 3. Our players are too dumb to understand playing 43 formations in a single game. 4. Arteta needed to bed in players this season so that we can win the quadruple next season. 5. One of our starting players got injured and Arteta couldn’t get his preferred starting 11 for all 60 games. 6. Our team’s average age has not gotten to 28… Read more »

Just Another Customer

bedwetting already Olumide?


Look if arteta wants to and can (can bring the key word) coach us through an absolutely inevitable defensive crisis that will happen sooner or later this season then fine But I would so dearly like for all the apologists to sign a contract banning them from making an excuses about said defensive crisis for costing us after the rest of us saw it coming a mile off and flagged how it’s going to happen and that we have to prepare better for it There is no ‘how could we have known?’ Or ‘what could we have done?’ ‘Its hard’… Read more »


Selling Holding for £1m +2.5m add ons??? So unbelievable yet revealing.

Btw, it weren’t Luton selling, seller is the prestige amd last season’s 2nd in the PL, Arsenal…. 🤔🤔


It’s a Disgrace!

I said this would happen to a fellow gooner as soon as we spent big real quick. No way we were shifting that many players from our ‘ unsustainable ‘ squad.

I mean Why announce that. What club stands up and shouts that before you start to try and shift them?

I knew there’d be give aways and loans, cos we can’t sell pussy in a brothel.

Rusty Shackleford

Arteta’s man crush on Havertz will cost us big this season. The guy is a premier league flop plain and simple. He’s played 323 of the possible 360 minutes so far without registering a goal or an assist. He’s being shoehorned into the squad and there’s zero evidence he’ll come good to support it. Just look at the impact Viera had when he came on in his place last week. Meanwhile ESR sits and rots. FFS Partey has been bumped from his favored position by this bum and our play has suffered dramatically. Our galaxy brained manager has become a… Read more »


How can grown men, genuinely use the juvenile term bed wetting as an insult whenever someone on here expresses a different opinion to them?? Or even worse?

Time to grow up and behave like adults


Yeah, the tone of some comments here makes me uncomfortable. I want to read and talk about the club I support.

I’m not an expert. I don’t know what goes into coaching or management. Reading some people’s comments one might for a split second think they’re pros!


“UnSeptember 1, 2023 23:06:35
Positive Pete these cunts are obsessed with transfers
They don’t actually like the football
They offer no real knowledge awareness or insight other than “he’s good, he’s shite”
Just the most basic of bitches doing what bitches do best, moan

UnSeptember 1, 2023 23:07:16
Have to say that’s shit business selling holding for 2.5m when palmer went for £45m”

So you see no hypocrisy or irony in your comments Un?


The dross has mostly gone and I’m pleased that the unpredictable career paths such as Lokonga and Tavares are loans

Too many on here obsessed with what we got for them. You get clogged up with dross you don’t get value. We would only have seen that had we sold Partey or ESR and I for one didn’t want that to happen.


Ironic that Tavares has gone to Forest. I think that horrible FA Cup match there was the last time he played for us and he was dreadful . Now they have him for a year.


LeftsideSeptember 2, 2023 06:38:58
How can grown men, genuinely use the juvenile term bed wetting as an insult whenever someone on here expresses a different opinion to them?

Sadly, that’s all too easy to answer.

It’s because it refers to people, not because they have a different opinion, rather they act like petulant, spoilt brats.



Of course


So we’ve got mark marko and marky mark.
Are any of these Marc with a C?



As only you know, one of them is called Jennifer, if that helps


Josip ““Messi scored 11 goals in 10 games for Miami. He could hardly score any goals for PSG in weak Ligue 1. What a joke the US Soccer league is.” Are you serious Josip ? Messi lit up the world cup with his sorcery and magic at the age of 36, humiliated the best defenders in the world in CL for a decade and scored countless goals in La Liga including numerous hattrick against Real Madrid. Messi actually didn’t care playing for that joke of a club named PSG whose fans boo their own players especially if they are not… Read more »


I have a feeling that if Saliba or White are injured we are going to see Ramsdale in goal and Reya as sweeper – it would explain the signing and lack of defensive replacements.

Mr Serge

Who is looking forward to tomorrow’s game ?


Arteta’s analogy of comparing travelling to work and trying to beat the opposition was actually pretty decent for him. Arteta was very relaxed and confident in his press confidence، some may think it was bordering on cockiness، let’s hope that the confidence transmits itself to the players we shouldn’t really be dropping more home points against a struggling united side.. It’s difficult to predict Arteta’s starting line up these days، he’s possibly playing with fire by continuing with partey at right back and no Gabriel، but I don’t suppose Arteta gives a toss what the fans think even if we… Read more »


The question is، does Arteta actually tick off every perceived formation change during a game when he watches it back as he seemed certain of the numbers he quoted.


I don’t think it’s about formation really, it is more about playing both Partey and Rice. Arteta doesn’t deem it fit to play them as double pivot and thus the experiment of playing Partey at right back. It’s clearly not working.

Arsenal will be better off playing Partey as DM and giving Rice a lot of freedom to play further up.


Of course playing Partey at right back gives Arteta the legroom to play Harvertz in the team who I think has become his pet project.

Mr Serge

I hope we are not playing Partey RB tomorrow Rashford will have him on toast


We surely revert to a back 4 and Partey comes into the centre of the field alongside Rice and Ode.

Anything else is foolish and cutting off our noses to spite our faces.


Man U are basic and always just play on the break against us but they’ve got very quick and direct runners and I don’t look forward to seeing partey in a foot race five or six times against their forwards


Arsenal’s transfer business both in incomings and outgoings were clearly well planned this summer.The one major hiccup is of course the long-term injury to Timber, which was clearly not foreseen. As I suggested yesterday Arsenal would manage to offload Holding, Lokonga and Okonkwo before close of window. I foresaw that Pepe and Cedric would be still here, although I expect both to leave before mid September. They can still move to Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Portugal. My one concern is the lack of options at Full Back. Both Zinchenko and Tomiyasu are injury prone players. However, perhaps the recent statement… Read more »

Matt B

Very well said ES and Pierre — so refreshing to see measured comments in here



At some point those academy players you mentioned will get their chance.

Topside Northbank

Open our CL return with a home fixture Wednesday 20th Sept v PSV.


Tr7 , It’s more than a pet project. I believe it’s firmly linked into Arteta’s personality. Those who aspire to always be the smartest person in the room (in their minds anyway) seldom like to be seen to be wrong. He pushed for this signing and agreed to the large fee and massive wages. If people are questioning his choice cos Kai hasn’t started well. Especially for someone who’s been in the prem for the last 3 seasons. He has to play him, cos it’s his name on the line. It’s Willian 2.0 ! So we’re asked to show Kai… Read more »

Bob N16

Agree ES ‘There are clearly three players in the pipeline specifically Walters, Lewis-Skelly and Nanweri’ I’d like to imagine that these three get on the bench for the Caribao Cup. Given Timber’s injury, I hope that Walters gets a chance to at the least to show he can play minutes if we have a few injuries. Agree with TR7 too ‘I don’t think it’s about formation really, it is more about playing both Partey and Rice.’ Playing one ‘FB’ who tucks into midfield is Arteta’s preferred formation. With Zinchenko hopefully ready to start, Gabriel(or Kiwior) plays next to Saliba, with… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

TR7 You refer to Messi’s great achievements at Barca. There is no doubt about that. Messi and Ronaldo, have been the best players in the world over the past 20 years. But again, this is not my point.,My point is that Messi’s legs are gone and he needs to play in an uncompetitive league to still shine. Yes, he lit up the WC, like Zidane lit up the 2006 WC. But in both cases, this was a swan song. Zidane retired after the WC. Messi’s sublime technique is still there but if legs are gone and that showed during his… Read more »