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It’s here my children.

Cancel your Wednesday night group therapy sessions with the boys – SPURS FANS CAN HURT YOU NO MORE.

The midweek is for The Arsenal, fighting the best clubs in Europe… it’s for the ELITISTS!

Well, kind of…

🇪🇸 Sevilla
🇳🇱 PSV
🇫🇷 Lens

I’m only the millionth person to point it out – but our group feels like a rough Europa League group stage versus a beastly battle of the icons.

Still, I’m not sad. The biggest worry we have from this lot is complacency.

Lens have lost two and drawn one in their opening games and lost two key players this summer.

Sevilla are bottom of La Liga after putting every single one of their players on the transfer list.

PSV are doing PSV things in the Dutch league. I feel like regardless of how badly they’re doing, they’ll always find a way of hurting us.

Overall, how can you moan? Every team is a short flight. The away day will be lovely. It’s a gentle bike ride back into the Champions League, versus the ‘Felix Baumgartner dropping from space’ adventure Newcastle are facing against Dortmund, Milan, and PSG.

The biggest test we’re going to face this season is the Champions League. Not because we’re ill-equipped – but because we have a group of players that has NEVER had to play 3 games a week from September.

Fatigue, both physically and mentally, sets in – you’re always tired.

You are playing BIG games and the pressure can get to you.

The team requires more rotation – and sometimes that breaks rhythm and fans can get angry

Fan expectation is maybe not living in the realm of reality at the moment – we’re expecting at least a quarter-final to be satisfied with the season. On paper, we have it, we’re 4th favorites for the whole thing – but in the real world, who knows, because our players have only played under easy conditions. Remember – Leicester won the league without Europe. Chelsea won the league without it under a tyrant manager. Placing high without mega-cup runs isn’t easy, but it’s not what Manchester City and old Liverpool have been doing for years.

To move to the next level – we need to be able to sustain the league AND the Champions League.

Can we do it? I bloody well hope so. This group gives me a lot of hope. I just hope the players aren’t as complacent as I am. Arsenal have been knocked out of Euro comps by Villareal, PSV, and Monaco in the past. Hopefully we’re ready!

One thing seems close to certain – it’s going to be very hard for Arsenal to bring in a new player before the window closes. Never say never, but it’s not looking good. An area of high concern is our defence.

  • Partey (RB)
  • Reuell Walters (RB)
  • Tomi (LB/RB)
  • Zinchenko (LB)
  • Kiwior (CB/LB)
  • White (CB/RB)
  • Saliba (CB)
  • Gabriel (CB)
  • T̶i̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶(̶C̶B̶/̶R̶B̶)̶

8 defenders doesn’t feel very secure. Tomiyasu struggles with calf injuries and always gets injured. Zinchenko breaks every 10 or so games. Then you have Thomas Partey who is now a defender, but only because Arteta said so. Reuell Walter who is a baby at 18. Kiwior is a centre-back who is also a backup left-back but not a convincing one (yet). Ben White is a center-back, but he’s really our best right-back. Cover is there – but you have to squint and pray to the gods.

Losing Timber really has rattled us – but all these people complaining we haven’t immediately gone out and dropped another £40m to replace him are being very harsh. We did our business, we lost a key player, we can’t just replace him. Especially considering how specific we need to be with the players we bring in.

This scenario is basically the same as the one we dealt with when Jesus picked up that knee injury. Everyone said we wouldn’t survive without him, Eddie did the job, we scored just as many goals, and we were fine. We can start last seasons back 4 on Sunday and it’ll be great. Arteta is just going to have to get creative with back-ups – which is why he’s trying things now when he has a choice. Versus experimenting with new ideas under duress and more pressure.

Did I just speak of Eddie and not remind all his HATERS that their HATE powered him into the England squad? The man is a KING. League One Eddie. Jokers.

Back to my other narrative…

I did see someone make a great point on AFTV earlier – pundits spent the first half of last season saying City weren’t their usual selves at the start of last season. Why? They were trying new things. Different formations. Different player combos. New ideas. When they got into the backend of the season – they were more than themselves and they went on an extraordinary run. The work Pep did at the start of the season paid off during the backend. Arteta seems to be following suit – get your ideas down on paper, see what the players react to, and always plan to peak when the going gets tough.

We have not peaked at the right time 2 seasons on the bounce. Maybe this shift will help us make better decisions in the long-run. Rob Holding was a default because we hadn’t tried White and Partey earlier.  That won’t happen again.

Ok – short post today. Get on our latest pod. The boys reunite for a Champions League Reaction podcast with all the lads. x

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Good grouping

Let’s hope Arteta doesn’t galaxy brain this to the drain




The poster Pedro is referring to provided arguably the greatest clinical analysis I have ever seen on AFTV, a site full of irrational screaming yahoos [Lee Judges, Yardman, Troopz etc]. Check the clip out!


Congrats tp Eddie Nketiah for a well-deserved callup! He has such a positive mindset.

I look forward to Champions League football, and wish us all the best!

Omozuafo Frank

Nice write up. It’s nice to be part of the Champions league once again. We pray that we go far this time around. Congrats to Eddie for his call up to the national team. Shows that he is doing something right. Concerning the Man United match, let’s hope that Arteta gets the selection right. Three point is all we need to get. A draw is not even acceptable. We do not need to allow a four to five points lead by Man City.


We need to smash Utd up. They are average at best and I think Varane is out. A nice and easy 3-0 please.

Guns of SF

10th place

Guns of SF

Manure will not be easy. When are they ever easy?
We will win, but its gonna be a battle. The love to counter attack and we love to press forward, bad mix


True, our record at OT has been abysmal for years. But at home, I expect us to smash em, otherwise forget any title challenge hopes.


And through it aaaalllllllll
They’re still the same old Tottenham,
Can’t score goals or stop them.
No matter who’s in charge.

At the end of the daaayyyyyy
They’re the worst team in North London,,
Gunners back up above them.
That’s how it’s gonna stay.

They’ve lost Harry Kane.
They’re being Spursy again.



You’re not going to want to hear this, but you should also add Cedric to the defender list. He’s going to be hanging around this squad like a bad smell but if we get hit by an injury crisis, it’s not impossible to imagine him playing in the domestic cups.

Topside Northbank

Hopefully Zinchenkp is fit to start Sunday.

No way Arteta starts him as an inverted LB and Partey the same at RB.

Partey is a wasted talent at RB.

Zinchenko Gabriel Saliba White back four.

Lets get back to what we do so well down the right White, Saka combining and gives Odegaard those pockets of space inside.

Topside Northbank

Partey at 6, Rice box to box 8 and Odegaard behind the front line.

Martinelli Nketiah Saka start for me Sunday.

Havertz will probably get the start think Arteta would of been better using him from the bench and introducing him slowly, 20-30 min cameos. No need to rush Jesus back in.

Players need to earn their spot picked on performance not price tag.

Mr Serge

I will be shocked if we do not revert to last seasons back 4 on Sunday I can’t believe there was decent analysis on aftv and not a blood or get me in sight


We have never done well in Europe, why should this season be different, with injuries already

Josip Skoblar

Easy group: we should easily qualify



You are constantly putting Arteta in the Pep category of coaches.
Irrespective of his juggling around with player selections and positions, he is not anywhere near that level as it stands.
Anyway, got to be positive about Sunday.
Let’s hope Arteta gets it right!


Including Partey at defence will be the reason we do absolutely nothing of note this season. Teams have already started targeting that area and will continue to do so. If that nonsensical experiment continues, we will struggle. Play your players in their best positions.


Apparently one of the non negotiables of Arteta is that once you are signed with big money, you must play no matter what. That explains Kai, 65m always starting while shit and Trossard 27m, never gets to start and ESR free, never gets to play. Nice. ‘Easy’ looking group based on our reputation and brand but actually very tough group based on where we are on the field. I consider Sevilla and PSV our equals and Lens a dark horse not so behind. We could easily not qualify from this group as those teams know they can hurt us pretty… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

I’ll try and put this into terms you lot might understand.

Arsenal being in the champions league is like one of you losers somehow getting an invite to a Vogue party…you have no chance of leaving with anything.

We need a defender and a forward.


Just shows the dearth of talent in English football at the moment.
Henderson and Maguire both in the squad as well.
But good luck Eddie in any case!


I think our defensive options wouldn’t be a concern if it wasn’t for the fact that we know Tomi and Zinchenko are always going to miss a fair number of games. In addition Saliba basically broke his back last season so will that be an issue this season.

If they all stay fit, we should be fine, but it feels like we are taking a huge gamble and as and when the injuries occur, I think we will end up seeing even more shuffling and square pegs in round holes to compensate.


Yea, Eddie’s my boy. Not sure he’s done anything though to deserve been called up ahead of anybody that’s been there except for injuries. Wish him the best.

I noted in the 2nd match that we regularly start with 5 English internationals these days. I name checked Eddie cos he had only played for the unders but now I can fully say we start with 5 English internationals. Been a long long time something like that happened.

Somehow, it could increase our favour and Goodwill we get from refs in some situations if they start seeing us as more English.

Guns of Hackney

We have people in the team that miss huge parts of the season every season. Zinc, Tomi, Partey, Jesus, Saliba absolutely cannot be counted on to play more than 25 games a season.

We saw what the injury to Saliba did to us and it’s a miracle Saka managed to stay fit bit he lost form and that was that.

We’ve not got enough heavy hitters in the team or squad. That Arteta is playing a career midfielder at right back tells you what you need to know.


Great CL drwa- couldn’t ask for better really.

Not sure putting Tierney out on loan was such a good idea though.


Partey is no Flamini, he needs to play DM and White as RB on Sunday.


If they all stay fit, we should be fine, but it feels like we are taking a huge gamble and as and when the injuries occur, I think we will end up seeing even more shuffling and square pegs in round holes to compensate. ——————————————————————————————————————- Even IF they all stay fit (very unlikely for the reasons you mentioned) we are in FOUR competitions midweek games coming thick and fast. New rules mean we also play 100+ minute games now which is an extra physical burden on players. And finally the Asia and Africa cups in January would see us loose… Read more »


🚨TRANSFER – Crystal Palace frontrunners to sign Rob Holding on deadline day.


So Palhinha from Fulham to Munich looking likely on deadline day.

This is classic bad luck for us. He misses the first two Fulham games through injury before coming back to play his final game for them and doing a Xhaka by scoring a farewell goal.


The team picks itself Sunday unless the old shoe horn comes out again for Havertz, great draw yesterday and with no scary Barca or Madrid plus the jammy scousers IMO the CL is a lot more winnable than a 38 game slug out with City. And btw the final is in North London.

El Gooner

we need to stop using Pep as a benchmark, regardless of how they start we know they have 1 or 2 more higher gears that they can get to – we don’t Defence is weak – Partey is out of position. Any positives of him being a better option than what we have is countered by the negative by not playing him in a natural position. we know Saliba and Tomi will get knocks and gabriel at least 1 red. Great to see so many deals done early but not reacting to loss of Timber is not good. Our signings… Read more »


Maybe we would never have seen TP5 at RB if De Zerbi didn’t rock up to the Em last season with Caicedo at RB.


“Rob Holding was a default because we hadn’t tried White and Partey earlier.” – Pedro

I believe most of the fans don’t even want to see that.

If anyone out of White/Tomi/Kiwior is available that person should play at RB.


Crystal Palace are in talks to sign Arsenal centre-back Rob Holding on a permanent deal.
A loan move to Sevilla is also an option for him if the Palace transfer does not progress.

Arsenal have been open to offers for Holding all week. Palace now interested.

Crystal Palace frontrunners to sign Rob Holding on deadline day.

‘Crystal Palace are emerging as the leading contenders to land Arsenal defender Rob Holding before tonight’s transfer deadline.’

Galatasaray have asked about Lokonga on a loan deal.


Understand loan fee is £1m, buy option £12m but also £3m extra add-ons for Arsenal. #AFC

Nuno T to Forest is on the dot com.

Whole deal could be worth £16m. Around where I expected. Not 30m lol


I did see someone make a great point on AFTV earlier – pundits spent the first half of last season saying City weren’t their usual selves at the start of last season. Why? They were trying new things. Different formations. Different player combos. New ideas. When they got into the backend of the season – they were more than themselves and they went on an extraordinary run. The work Pep did at the start of the season paid off during the backend. Arteta seems to be following suit – get your ideas down on paper, see what the players react… Read more »

Positive pete

Loans,loans & more f*** ng loans.With ‘ options’ to buy chucked in.Not ‘ obligations’ you notice.May as well give em all away.For Free.It’s not too far off that.

Positive pete

Raps.I’m taking it that Tavares is another’ option’ as opposed to obligation?


Pete, yeah, we still suck at selling. Fabrizio says “It could become mandatory under certain conditions” about Nuno though, so maybe related to Forest surviving + a number of appearances?! Who knows.


People are championing for Gab to pair with Saliba against man utd but I beg to differ. Gabriel is a player that thrives on momentum and even at this, he still has accidental mistakes in him let alone using him when he’s match rusty against a man united side. Arteta has no way planned for these matches as his fanboys are trying to make us believe. Playing a match rusty Gabriel against man utd is gonna be catastrophic and galaxy brain would use it to justify benching him. Galaxy brain fans shouldn’t be here claiming referee conspiracy or that man… Read more »


£1m and wages paid is ok
If nobody wants Tavares enough to spend £16m on him then that’s what it is.
He could have a great season and inflate his worth to £32m
Let’s just see
We have made around £75m this summer on sales

£40m flo
£21m Xakha
£5m trusty
£10m turner

If we get £16m for Tavares in a years time
Sell holding for £5m and clear Pepe’s wages £7.3m annually) off the books that’s over £100m made this summer

I wouldn’t have loaned Tierney out though personally. Not unless he’s bringing in a surprise recruit


We have money for Mari too.


Very few people saw timber get injured and said we immediately needed to buy a CB. They said we needed one/a left back because we have for some reason done charity work by loaning Tierney out for a season straight after timber went down

It’s a quality and numbers game. We could absorb the loss of timber but timber + Tierney is a quality and numerical hit that I’m yet to see one person justify as legitimately beneficial for us.


How much did we buy Tavares for?

Just Another Customer

Arteta playing favourites to our demise.

Same old story like Uncle Wenger.

Just Another Customer

We could have an able squad competing on both Champs League and EPL but no Arteta need to keep the players the stretched and knackered.

Positive pete

Vickingsthe Bedwetter.Fanboys might show up should Taylor perform as he tends to against us.Presumably you’re totally at ease that a Ref from Manchester no less has the job for Sunday.Hope you’re as pleased afterwards.


‘ Betwetters’ first comment I see today. Guess I’ll be back on Sunday hopefully where’s there some adults on the blog.

Just Another Customer

naught wrong with some cheeky venting innit lol


DarrenArsenal Personally if we end the day with what we have, and move players out, I think we are short. We have remained within our budget with the sales/loans, but the Timber injury means we may see more younger players being used this season. I was told we were sniffing around an arrival this morning, but really depended on getting 4 players out and wages off the books. If someone arrives will be loan with a vie. But as it stands i think we are trying to get players out. _________________________________________________ My thoughts exactly. It’ll be great to move on… Read more »


We might scrap till the winter somehow the way we are, if we are lucky, but then we’ll need to do business in January.


So no European club will take Lakonga even on loan. Pretty sad demise for someone who was supposed to be an up and coming talent.


Curious as to how many players Nottingham forest have signed since last summer. Such a huge turnover


Wondering if Arteta has in his mind ” I can always chuck Rice in at CB if required”


Foxy I don’t read so much into that because we’ve seen time and again that clubs like Chelsea manage to quite easily sell their dead wood

If lokonga was a Chelsea reject he’d have probably gone for 20m by now!


Johng, For sure lol! I mean, if we are stretching our budget the way it is, then I understand if we start the season with the players we have. If we didn’t have CL we might have been in a better position but CL changes things. But then Arteta will have to put his big boy pants and not repeat the mistakes he’s shown to repeatedly make: Partey got injured in 21/22 and Lokonga’s run in midfield drastically lowered our chances for a top 4 finish, before he picked Elneny and we stabilized but then the high line vs Spuds… Read more »


Rap assuming (I hope wrongly) that we don’t sign a defender today, yeah I think the plan has to just be hope the defense survives until Jan then see what we can do

And if that’s the plan I

1) wonder why we’ve allowed ourselves to be in this situation (Tierney loan)
2) hope like hell that it works out and everyone stays for and healthy


Arsenal could rip up the contract of £72m man Nicolas Pepe… with boss Mikel Arteta DESPERATE to get the out-of-favour winger off the books. There have been rumours of a potential move to Besiktas, although with just one year remaining on his Arsenal contract, the club could now cut their losses early.

I’m amazed we can’t sell Pepe who is still a very good player.


Arsenal have currently 29 listed first team players. However, Timber is unlikely to be registered this side of January in view of current injury. So we need to offload three players before the transfer window closes assuming that we do not recruit any new players. The obvious candidates are: OKONKWO or HEIN as both are over U21. CEDRIC HOLDING LOKONGA PEPE Assuming that one or both defenders leave we will need to recruit at least one full back to add cover at back. If that happens 4 players will need to leave. My view is that both Cedric and Pepe… Read more »


Team news and ticks @Teamnewsandtix Started the window well but the end has been grossly mismanaged. Palace been in for holding for about a month but here we are fucking about on deadline day. We knew sambi needed to go out one way or the other but again deadline day and we are hoping he fancies Luton and they don’t prefer donny van de beek. Held on to balogun for 2 weeks too long as well just to achieve bottom end of our valuation (great sell on though) As others have said there’s a chance of an in today but… Read more »


but because we have a group of players that has NEVER had to play 3 games a week from September.

That’s not true most of our squad have played champions league


Did I read that right, we are fourth favorite to win the CL ?!
Is that based on our market worth and last season’s PL table?
Surely, it can’t be based on our recent prowess in the EL, which was rather underwhelming.

If in our first CL season under Arteta players are guilty of complacency, Pedro, then we might as well just pack it in and call it a day.


Raptora Most clubs are well aware of the players which we wish to offload. The problem is that these players are not only unwanted ,but in many cases on expensive wages eg Pepe, Holding and Cedric. There are a large number of such players aged 25+ sitting in clubs like Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle, Arsenal,Man City and Man Utd. They are difficult to shift. Obviously Arsenal have tried to sell players and it is clear that in most cases they are difficult to shift. That has been obvious in case of Tierney. Balogun was clearly not rated a £45 million player… Read more »


Iwobi moving to Fulham is a good move for him, glad he’s left that dumpster fire that is Everton


This whole we’re better off doing nothing not being desperate shite is nonsense. Man City lost DeBruyne and they went out and got Nunes. You think he was a long term target? It’s more about needs must.

Also we absolutely need a defender or two today. It’s amazing that we were still okay with Tierney leaving and not replacing him. If we go into the season with 6 defenders across 4 positions 2 of which are injury prone and one other is just back from a back injury it’s insane honestly. Very very risky


Arsenal are in contact with Joao Cancelo representatives. They are exploring option to loan him until the end of this season.

#AFC #TransferDeadlineDay



See we’re being mentioned as the club trying to hijack the Cancelo deal from Barca

Habesha Gooner

I cant agree with this bullshit Pedro is running. We will have to spend to bring in a defender in January anyway. It was idiotic to loan out Tierney after timber’s injury with no plans to replace him. At the very least I expected a player on loan. We have UCL football, and Partey and Tomi are going for their continental tournaments in January. Besides that Partey, Tomiyasu and Zinchenko have missed a lot of game through injury. We are fucked with 6 defenders, and a CM and a Kid as our options. We are worse off depth wise than… Read more »


Cancelo deadline day move sounds about right.


Yep, I would say we needed at least two defenders today. One must come in at a minimum.

We started the window brilliantly, but ending it quite strange for me.


Felt we should have been very active with incomings the minute Timber went down especially if the plan was that we were letting Tierney go. It does feel like we have left ourselves short there and knowing our luck with injuries, we most likely will lose one senior CB at some point.

Lets see what the rest of the day turns up

Habesha Gooner

One defender in and I am fine with it. Timber eventually will return. So signing two permanent players isnt feasible anyway. But Timber out injured, Tierney loaned out and probably will be sold next year plus Holding going means we are short in numbers. I would even take cancelo at this point. We dont have enough numbers. If a player or two gets injured we are paper thin. We need one more. A full back would be good. We have enough players that can play CB but our full back options are all natural CBs or Zinchenko. We absolutely need… Read more »


“So Palhinha from Fulham to Munich looking likely on deadline day.“

Bac, imagine Palhinha’s agent telling him your move to west ham is off ………you’re going to Bayern instead.

Guns of Hackney

Everyone else buying in and making deals. Arsenal: sitting back totz happy that we still have 99% of the dross on the books and a crock team. Hoping and praying that our starting 11 can play 80 games this season.

We have gone backwards. And I think everyone that’s not a moron knows it. Forget hope, this has been a disaster of a window.

Habesha Gooner

I hope to God Cedric isnt going to be considered as an option. That would be depressing. But it would be very Arsenal like of the past.


Timber eventually will return. So signing two permanent players isnt feasible anyway

A lot of people say this and it’s so stupid to me. One he’s out for the season so not only is it stupid to risk a season on the basis that someone is going to return NEXT season but also it’s a problem so far down the road we shouldn’t even worry about. Just get rid of Tomi eventually if its an issue

Habesha Gooner

Stockpiling players isn’t a good thing. I think we need to sign one player. A permanent one would be good too. But two permanent transfers would actually hurt us when we try to offload Tierney and as you suggested Tomi. If we sign one quality player, we are fine. 7 multifunctional players in the backline is balanced. Plus Arteta is hell bent on playing at RB.

Signing two players wouldn’t be feasible. This isn’t football manager.

Habesha Gooner

hell bent on playing Partey *


If we get Cancelo on loan that would be amazing.

Also, guys, there is a January transfer window.


“You are not going to sell fringe players today for mega bucks unless they are regular first team players an/or they are wanted and willing to go to Saudi Arabia.”

Meanwhile City sell Cole Palmer for £42.5m (more than Balogun) after 19 appearances and zero senior goals (Community Shield is a friendly).


If we can create the space, Cancelo on loan would be brilliant, I have no idea why City would green light that move though, it would be gross negligence on their part.

I wouldn’t want him on a permanent deal….. As he’s fallen out with a few clubs now, but brilliant player who’d be equipped to hit the ground running. .
Would likely arrive determined to put one over on his old boss as well.


Ornstein –
Liverpool reject verbal bid worth more than £100m + substantial add-ons from Saudi Pro League to sign Mohamed Salah for Al Ittihad. Proposal made on amicable call to Mike Gordon last night. #LFC view as case closed, #SPL do not


Almost certainly we will see Rice at CB at some point this season.

Also, Arteta needs to take some responsibility for why nobody will touch Pepe with a bargepole. A coach can have players he doesn’t fancy around the team without completely killing their value. It could have been handled better.

Belfast Gooner

It’s nice to see a few commenters mentioning Tierney. If it turns out that Arteta has let KT go on a season long loan, despite knowing Timber is out for the season, but has no plan to bring in another left sided defender, then the plot has been well and truly lost. I keep hoping to hear Arsenal are making a necessary move to add depth to that position. We have 10 hours to the window closing and no hint of anything in the works. I can’t see Arteta planning to promote from within. That leaves us stuck with a… Read more »


andy 1886

I also stated that players aged 25+ are difficult to shift because of wages.

Palmer is a young player on low wages and Man City are prepared to sell him to a “competitor” willing to pay an inflated transfer fee..

Arsenal were unwilling to sell Balogun to a competitor. If they had been willing to do so we would
have probably got the price we were demanding.

There are very few clubs on continent willing to spend £35-45 million for fringe players.


Pedro – totally agree with you. The nonsense on this site about dropping more cash to replace Timber. So many on here refuse to live in the real world.

I can see however a possible last minute loan happening late evening. Garcia?


Surely cancelo is poison in dressing room or else he would be able to stick with a team, why take him? There must be another right back available for loan and that way we don’t have someone with personality issues screwing up team chemistry.


Friday joke time. Why are women better at financial management than men.? There was a guy who received a phone call notifying him that his dad has a couple of months to live and upon his death he will inherit 750 mill. Guy thinks jeez I gotta find a wife so he goes to a financial seminar where he sees the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. After plucking up the courage he goes to talk with her. “I know I’m nothing to look at but in a couple of months I’m gonna inherit 750 mill” woman says “give me… Read more »


Cancelo hates being on the bench so if there’s any truth to whatever you guys have read (I doubt it), he’d be coming here as a 100% starter. Then White would be used as a CB almost entirely. And that might be curtains for Gabriel if we’re looking at how Arteta has started the season.

I doubt it but yeah.

X haka

Liverpool in for Saka with the Salah money?

Habesha Gooner

Rice at CB when we spent £100 mil on him to be our top tier CM would be scandalous too. Unless this Walters kid is ready, then not going for a defender doesn’t make sense. Get a good loan move for a player. Pay a higher loan fee then reassess in January. We literally have 6 defenders at the moment. That is asking for a collapse mid season when injuries are inevitable.


Brighton gets Amsu Fati


Stroller, yes Palmer is a crazy deal that probably on Chelsea would do. Hope he becomes another Rhian Brewster (who? yup).


January is notoriously a quiet month so anyone saying it’s fine we can wait till then is missing the point


Mikel Arteta confirms he does not expect Arsenal to sign anyone else before tonight’s transfer deadline.

Habesha Gooner

OH FFS. Well he is planning on using Partey at RB for a lot of games it seems. It better start working out better than it has at the start of this season. Otherwise we are screwed. This has been a gamble we didn’t need to take. Oh well, let’s smash United then.


Arteta says the club have taken a cautious approach in the transfer market since Timber’s injury.

Yeah no shit

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