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We’re entering the final 24 hours of the transfer window it’s all a bit flat when it comes to exit fees.

Good news:

Balogun is out the door for $42m. There’s a 17.5% sell on clause according to Charles Watts, that’s decent, and it is basically the premium we’re missing from a Chelsea bid for the player. I have no doubt Folarin will crush it in Monaco, it is yet to be seen whether he has what it takes to make it back to the Premier League. The shame is if he was exiting Monaco to Chelsea, the fee would be £60m.

Nuno Tavares still hasn’t found a move, though it looking more and more likely it’ll be a loan to Forest. Quite annoying that we’re being pushed into loan deals while Newcastle, City, and Chelsea are flogging untested kids for fortunes. I wonder if the market reputation we have for giving away players has been hard to shift? When we’re in the market late – it’s always a panic premium. When Arsenal sell late – it’s a giveaway. Not great.

Emile Smith Rowe has been lighting up the feeds. The player is out of favor at Arsenal and there is strong word he wants to exit to get more minutes. Chelsea apparently put their name into the mixer, but we rebuffed them. At this late hour, it seems unlikely we’re going to see him exit. On the one hand,  I like that, but on the other, I feel for him because it’s hard to see how he displaces the faves of Fabio and Kai.

There are three other players that still haven’t moved. Rob Holding has Mallorca and Sevilla interested in his services, he’s definitely not getting minutes. Nico Pepe can’t even get a move to Saudi and looks to be heading to termination land. Cedric Soares might get a reprieve because we don’t seem to have a right-back lined up. That said, Tomi and Ben White can cover right back. So who knows.

My big question: What did we do with Saudi? They have hoovered up our rivals’ mistakes all summer – and apparently just offered £118m for Mo Salah. They haven’t touched any of our cast-off options. Why?

Then factor in that Chelsea just spent £45m on Cole Palmer – it is maddening that we’re not doing better with some of our players.

What I have found super interesting is how some fans are suddenly down on our window. This window has been exceptional by any standards. We replaced Granit Xhaka, we added the best young 6 in the league for a record fee, we upgraded out keeper, and we added a beast right back. You can’t complain about that – you can be angry that Timber is injured, but that is an outrageous window regardless.

It doesn’t feel like we’re going to get a right back. There’s chat that Reull Walters might get the nod. But realistically, I think we can cover with the flex we have in the system already. Partey, White, and Tomi is more than enough when you consider the make-up of the squad.

Right, short one today, will bounce back if there’s anything else that needs to be spoken about!

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Pretty gal
Wouldn’t mind handing her a winners medal


Wait what? Chelsea bough palmer for £45m what the fuck?? That’s ridiculous.


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“Sorry, love, can I have a pint of Guinness and a packet of crisps where you’re ready there’.‘

Oh. You must be Irish’, she replied. The man was evidently offended and responded,

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Un, I expect that McCabe’s girlfriend would gut you.



Eh?? Gut me?


View about the window depends entirely on your expectations. Do you expect to be challenging again this season whilst also being competitive in CL. If so, then the window has been bad. We lost the chase last season because lack of depth in our defence. The depth we added to our defence is out for the season. We replaced Xhaka for Rice, an upgrade. We added Kai for midfield depth / forward depth, nobody knows or understands or can say with any conviction whether that is genuine quality added to our squad. We have 2 credible GKs. Good We have… Read more »


Asim We will be the main challengers again Oh this I have no doubt but I don’t expect a title. I’d love one. We are much closer than we have been for a long time but this squad isn’t quite ready to dominate city I anticipate that we will run them close Our depth has improved and we’ve had an extremely unfortunate injury with Timber Next summer we will bring in 3 or 4 more big players and our new tactical instructions will have needed in successfully. Then I expect we can consider ourselves truly equal to any squad in… Read more »


Tell me again how Jack Wilshere was shit.
I completely forgot he won young player of the year

You know who else won the same award around that time? Delli Alli twice in fact. And yeah jack was a bit shit


I knew when we were dropping 65 million on Havertz that we would have to pay for it somehow. So now ESR might have to leave because Arteta wanted to raise the dead.


*Wants to raise the dead.


Did deli alli ever dominate the best midfield in history at 19 through sheer footballing intelligence and skill? Also, Ali wasn’t shit. He was just a wanker
Wilshere was unlucky with Injury
Was diaby shit? Eduardo? Ramsey? Keep digging dopey, we can still see ya


I genuinely don’t know what Arteta is doing with ESR but I really hope he’s not letting one of the best young talents in the world leave. That wouldn’t be a good look


Palmer going for that amount is because of City being Champions and regular title winners. We don’t have such reputation and therefore will not sell players for similar amounts.

If we had won the league last season, it would have really helped us in negotiating better prices for our outgoing sales.


Cole Palmer for £45m from City to Chavs. So expensive!
Wonder if he wouldn’t have had more chances to shine at City now without Mahrez there. Might have had only Doku as a pure right winger and Grealish on the left to compete with and sometimes Bernardo. At Chavs they have Sterling, Madueke, Mudryk, maybe Nkunku.


Someone like ESR would be worth something like 50-70 million on the market. Though I wouldn’t sell him. I want to see him starring for Arsenal again.


Maybe this is me being super optimistic but maybe Fulham draw was a blessing in disguise? And Mikel stops with the unorthodox line ups and formations and players clean up their lack of concentration in moments? And we smash Utd 4-0? Pretty please?

NJ Gooner

Interesting comments, Pedro.

I think, as you suggest, the window started off well with all the quality additions. An A+?

But the lack of subtractions at suitable prices that might have paid for further additions has cast a shadow. That gets a B–? Maybe worse?

So I guess, on reflection, it is a good but not outstanding window. Maybe an A-?

Half full or half empty perspective.



Yeah don’t quite get this Palmer move. Hes been scoring in pre season and the new season, scoring Mahrez type of goals and starting in the latter’s position, I thought that was the plan.

Somehow though now he’s at Chelsea with their 11 other wingers.


What a time to be a Gooner. The excitement of anticipating how many jumps and runs Kai will make in red zone action areas, how many cubic yards of space will he create for his teammates, and how many times will he confuse opposing defenders by making non-comiited sprints in no man’s land. …by far the best XG the world has ever seen….and it’s Arsenal… Anyhoo bring the end of TW and let’s have a fckng go at ManUre. Gotta take care of direct competition as soon as chance is presented. Let’s turn them into “not a direct competition” on… Read more »


We replaced Xhaka with Havertz and spent a fortune doing it and we signed a £40m right back who the club have broken already. So for £200m we basically got Rice.


People trying to understand Chelsea moves?

They paid nearly £100m for Ukranian Pepe.

It might be all a bit of a joke for their owner. He might be incurable shopaholic. Or maybe he’s investing in players the way Robbie Fowler invests in property? Will they become feeder club for Saudi League? Why not. PL turned into circus the day Abramovich bought Chavs. Everything that happened afterwards, Qataris, Americans, Saudis… is direct consequence of that.

So yeah, I’ll say that Chavs owner is stocking up players for Saudi League.


Everything is good here, nothing to see, exceptional transfer window, now move along.


We still don’t sell well because we still trying to shift players who were being paid big £££ to play half assed football and no wants those guys. And we don’t want to sell our quality players who could attract large bids.

Is Cole Palmer who chavs are buying after we declined selling esr to them? If palmer is worth £40 million, esr must be in that category as well, it interesting there demand for player who didn’t really play last season.


I doubt that ESR is out of favour, Arteta has stated often enough that he has a high opinion of him, and he’ll play a big part this season. It also seems that Tierney will stay. And no surprise there’s no in-coming transfers, every position is well-covered.


Are you expressing support for being a loser transfer window fan (like marko) or support for enjoying the actual football (like me and Pierre and rich and many many others)


I hope so
I’ve considered this myself but Arteta isn’t an easy guy to read sometimes


“I doubt that ESR is out of favour, Arteta has stated often enough that he has a high opinion of him”

..and yet he’s bought two players to play ahead of him

Arteta lies a lot in those press conferences


He’s bought two players because ESR hasn’t been available.


doubt that ESR is out of favour, Arteta has stated often enough that he has a high opinion of him, and he’ll play a big part this season. It also seems that Tierney will stay. And no surprise there’s no in-coming transfers, every position is well-covered.

What a paragraph


Managed finally to get my tickets to Man U game sorted. All passwords activated and now on smart phones. One sold on Ticket Exchange (I actually only wanted 3 but thought applying for 4 would increase my chances – but no it doesnt apparently)

Now only thing that could go wrong is the scanner doesn’t recognise the tickets. But that of course could never happen………


Diaby would have been known as one of the best cms EVER if not for his horror injury. The last swan song vs Liverpool when he played Gerard off the park was a small glimpse of what could have been. Shame for him and all Arsenal supporters that we missed a true talent through thuggish tackles.


We nust beat Manure, otherwise all this great TW will be just nothing.
We sux at selling players, big time.



Murphy’s Law….


Don’t agree Peter about it being good balogun gone… plus the sell on should be 30 pc


“It also seems that Tierney will stay.”

Tierney held a press conference at Sociedad earlier. Their ‘take it or leave it’ offer must’ve really shit Edu up because those are the kinds of offers that always make it across the line.

eb the “70 year old” superfan with another clanger. Yikes


“I doubt that ESR is out of favour, Arteta has stated often enough that he has a high opinion of him, and he’ll play a big part this season. It also seems that Tierney will stay. And no surprise there’s no in-coming transfers, every position is well-covered.”

I’m impressed. I didn’t even know it was possible to drink this much kool-aid.


The reality for Smith Rowe is that on the left he’s currently behind Martinelli, Trossard, and Nelson has also been preferred to him there.

In the left 8 he’s behind Havertz, Rice, Trossard, Vieira, who’ve all been given the nod ahead of him in that position.

Ødegaard owns the right 8, and Vieira has been the preferred alternative to date.

He’s 23, he’s hardly played any football for 18 months, he needs a move for the sake of his own career.


Chelsea really just buy anyone, the round guy with the money over there hasn’t the foggiest


It’s too late now for him to move in my opinion. More than likely he stays until at least January, then we review and go from there.

Arteta has to lean into his squad and utilise them all. There will be plenty of games this year.

Mr Serge

Lol UN and Marko at it again 😂😂😂

You two are hilarious I bet down the pub before a match you would be buying each other drinks and having a laugh as much as in here you are at each other’s throats.

I would buy Sid a drink but he would try and take me into the toilets to show me his cocktail sausage


There’s still 49 hours and 41 minutes?


Jamie, are there any issues with someone being 70 years old?

Josip Skoblar

Good post, Aasim.


Marko hasn’t got the minerals
I’m in Ireland at least 3-4 times per year and he bottles it every time I invite him for a pint



No Jamie just doubts his age
I’d say sue to his age it might be fair to let him off the hook with the odd error


Guembuzy –

No issues with anyone being 70.

Bit of a joke when someone claims to be 70 when they aren’t in an attempt to gain seniority on an anonymous blog so that their opinions somehow carry more weight than that of a 30 year old on the same blog.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Matt B

1. ESR frozen out
2. Gabriel frozen out
3. Partey at right back
4. £65M wasted on a player we didn’t need
5. Reluctance to play non-favourites = shit sales
6. Reluctance to play any young AFC homegrown talent
7. Unnecessary purchase of a new/back-up keeper…
8. Meaning we’ll need to buy another next season
9. Early suggestion of regression versus 22-23


Isn’t MattB the eternal optimist?
I’m struggling to keep up with the Marts here now


Matt B is a legend and you’ve fallen way below him recently

Matt B

Marko mocking another poster for making a mistaken comment about a transfer? Yep, that fits, most the time he’s telling us how shit this Arsenal player is, how shit that Arsenal player was.

It’s karma to see Un knock him to shit in here, day in, day out.


“He’s 23, he’s hardly played any football for 18 months, he needs a move for the sake of his own career.”

You’re absolutely right on that one
He needs to seek a move out for his footballing life.

Matt B

Diss: I’m still optimistic, but not quite as much as I have been. Is that allowed?


Looks like you were letting out a lot of pent up concerns, concerns that are universally shared.

I think Arteta needs a better team around him, people to tell him “boss, not sure that one is necessary”. Looks like he’s getting in front of his own successes.


Honestly, at some levels are they regretting the co-equal arrangement for the goalies?

If the plan is to let Raya play the cup competitions including the CL, wouldn’t that be unfair to the goalie who helped us get to the CL?


Matt B 1. ESR has had injury issues, and the club have since strengthened the squad, so it’s now tougher for him to get minute 2. Gabriel hasn’t been frozen out, we just want Saliba at the centre of a 3, and if we invert from the right, that means Saliba needs to be the left sided centre back in defensive transition. 3. Partey has spent most of his time in midfield, he just drops back in during defensive transition, in order to give us more control from deep without Zinchenko, who missed all of pre-season, and isn’t yet up… Read more »

Logie Bear

Northbanker – congrats on getting tickets. I’ve entered every “ballot” for Red members and no luck so far.

Anyone else on here had the same experience with the supposedly fairer system this season?


Frankly I am less positive than I was at the start of the season.

We will be very short of defensive resources following the long term injury to Timber. Does anyone
believe seriously that we can cope with just SIX regular defenders. Partey is not a defender and will be out of the loop in January when Africa Cup starts.

Also it seems that Smith-Rowe could be offloaded before transfer window closes.

So we could land up short of players with our commitments to 4 competitions.

Matt B

Diss: Totally agree — I said something similar last week, he needs a strong deputy to reign him in

Positive pete

Mr Serge.I believe Sid the Greeks appendage should be referred to as a “ Chipolata”😂


Matt B seems confused. He criticises anyone who says anything negative about Arteta but then goes ahead and criticises him himself.

Think he might have split personality syndrome.

Matt B

Rich: A very fair response! Just one thing — I haven’t written Havertz off by any means, I only made the point that he was an unnecessary signing.

He may well come good — time will tell, but we were perfectly well stocked in that department

Mr Serge

Logie BearAugust 30, 2023 22:01:53
Northbanker – congrats on getting tickets. I’ve entered every “ballot” for Red members and no luck so far.Anyone else on here had the same experience with the supposedly fairer system this season

Yes my son is a red member and has entered every ballot and got nothing. My mate is a silver member and he got tickets for both Manchester games although one was 130 a ticket and he asked for 3

I think the new ballot system sucks arse they need to do something about it.

Mr Serge

Positive peteAugust 30, 2023 22:02:47
Mr Serge.I believe Sid the Greeks appendage should be referred to as a “ Chipolata”😂

Or a loukaniko 😂

Matt B

Matt: Not true — I call out people who spend most of their time on here calling our players shit, or Arsenal shit or binning a player who has never even played a game in red and white.

You know, the type of bobbins you often come out with…


You call out people and then express pretty much the exact same views, apparently unaware of the hypocrisy.


“3. Partey has spent most of his time in midfield,”

You’re not wrong، the first fulham goal at the weekend is proof of that.

Matt B

Matt: You really are all black and white aren’t you?

Please don’t bracket me in with you — you’re full of hatred towards Arteta, full of anger and indignant. I ain’t anything like that and never will be.

Luteo Guenreira

Un was asking for an anus wash the other day, Matt B sounds like he’s ready to dive in and Un sounds ready to reward him with a winner’s pearl necklace. Get a room you two.


Ansu Fati to Brighton is a huge pickup for them. Pretty surprised by that one


I’m not black and white at all and I certainly don’t have hatred towards Arteta.. I think he has his strengths and he also has many flaws.

I call it as I see it and I don’t spend the majority of my time criticising people’s opinions, even if they’re different to mine.

Mr Serge

Ansu fati has major injury issues and will never be the player he should have been. That knee will never be right

Matt B

Ah, Luteo, we’ve been expecting you, now pucker up big-boy


League Cup 3rd Draw about to go off on SkySports.


The first Fulham goal happened because several players made errors in that buildup.
1. White goes wide – either by habit, or because he assumes Partey will cover his RCB position.
2. Partey goes in midfield – either by habit, or because he assumes White isn’t that wide.
3. Saka makes a bad pass.

This goal is entirely on the new formation and the players making several mistakes in one situation. Easy to imagine they are not quite comfortable in it.


Brentford Vs Arsenal

Mr Serge

Brentford away in the carabao


I have never believed that smith rowe is an Arteta type player، his options are to hang it out in the hope that Arteta is sacked or look for pastures new….the 2nd option looks the favourite to me.

Originally، Smith Rowe was an off the cuff player who previously looked to take risks on the ball.
Unfortunately he has become a recycler of the football which us quite sad really when you consider how he really burst onto the scene back in december 2020 with his superb one and 2 touch pass and move football .


City have gone and done it again, ffs.

Clean £40m on the books for an academy player, albeit a very good one.

Pep absolutely needs to replace Palmer, now. Those Florian Wirtz rumours will prob re-emerge.

As for Arsenal, if Arteta doesn’t have any plan for ESR, I say sell him asap, or loan him out with an obligation to buy for the buying team


Fabrizio Romano
Official, confirmed. Iván Fresneda signs until June 2028 as new Sporting player, it’s sealed ⚪️🟢

€9m, €3m add-ons and 10% sell on clause for Valladolid.

The RB we supposedly wanted in the winter. Safe to say we didn’t want him this summer.

Nigel Tufnel

Instead of being excited by the great sub performances of Vieira and Nketiah (good subbing job by Mikel, btw) …. ……everyone uses their energy to moan and shit on the manager and Havertz even though, if we’re being honest, we dropped points because of Saka. I’m not putting Bukayo down much by stating the truth. I still love him. Just like I still love Martinelli who’s been poor so far. Eddie has been so good this season, he deserves a lot more mention than he gets…. Maybe it’s because he’s been getting the shit treatment for years by most of… Read more »



You are really desperate for my attention
I must have made an impression
You’re not my type but I’m flattered lil batty hole


If we not getting in anymore defenders this window, I assume Reuell Walters will be filling in for us if we desperate for cover. The arsenal youth guy, Jeorge Bird, said club think a lot of Walters and they’ve been working on him becoming more of a centre back, not right back, for past year. And there was that zinny quote yesterday about how Walters bodied Jesus off the ball and then calmly progressed ball forward.


Nigel: “Just like I still love Martinelli who’s been poor so far.” Assist, with the dribble that eliminated 2 opponents, for Eddie vs Forest Assist for the pen that Eddie earned vs Palace. Assist for the pen Fabio earned vs Fulham. 3 goal contributions, although 2 are not gonna count, they are basically 3 goal contributions. Still, that’s what we get for sticking an off-the-ball player in Havertz, next to Marti who, just like Havertz, loves receiving through balls behind the defence. We have two off-the-ball players next to each other, not that surprisingly, their combinations are literally non-existent. I’m… Read more »

Bertie Mee

You wildly overestimate the positive impact of this window . Rice is a great signing ( for a huge price ) , Timber was a great signing but we’ve been unlucky . Raya can’t even play in the League Cup now and the Havertz signing is a catastrophe
Since Wenger left our tenth most lucrative signing is Trusty just beating Torreira ( £5m ish) . Edu couldn’t sell cold drinks in the desert . The team is a mess and several players are very pissed off
It’s a very indifferent window


Ansu Fati joining Brighton. Boy couldn’t stay fit in Spain. Good luck in this leg breaker league.

Luteo Guenreira


Don’t bother with me, save that energy and spunk for your new boyfriend.


Arsenal twitter –

“David Raya will be available to face parent club Brentford in Arsenal’s Carabao Cup third round tie next month, as domestic competition rules allows it”


The crazy thing about Arteta not playing ESR is that he can play many positions, its not like he’s a striker and can only play in the striker position. My guy can play support striker, left winger, left 8, right 8(was playing that position before Odegaard was favored by Arteta), and maybe even right wing and striker in emergency situations. Surely we can find somewhere to plug him in any of those positions from time to time. For example Odegaard doesn’t have to finish every game, let ESR come in as his sub in the 75th min when we are… Read more »


Martinelli can sit out some games, certainly isn’t undroppable yet. Let ESR start some games to rest and keep ‘Nelli refreshed. Also while Harvertz is still finding his feet, ESR/Trossard/Vieira should all be rotated for that left 8 spot.

Nigel Tufnel

Raptora, You’re much smarter than that. That “Assist” to Eddie between the defenders was not on purpose. His head was down as usual, watch in slow motion.,as the ball was leaving him he was going right after the ball he lost… if you’re making a spectacular assist, you don’t follow the pass (ball).. though you might keep moving in another direction to receive it back quickly, as Saka and Ødegaard do with each other. Neutral people know that was luck. The ball to Eddie on the set piece? You know that’s a designed play, right? That’s why Partey was pulling… Read more »


Amazing how some people here [cough, cough] moan about how city are making good money with their academy players transfer and then defend Arteta’s approach of hardly ever promoting our academy players. The academy players Artea met, he has improved- I’m giving him credit so put your cudgels away. However, he hasn’t promoted anyone and given them a meaningful shop window to sink or swim. He’s taken away the ladder to elevate them and when they try to leave after good loans , folks like my good friend Nigel wil call them “dickheads”. Pep’s approach of giving good academy players… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

It will be 2024 and Raptora will still be trying to blame tactics and Partey as inverted RB for Saka playing an embarrassingly slack pass 60 seconds into a football match at home.

Idk if he’s trying to convince himself, an imaginary panel on here, or whether he’s got Alzheimer’s.

But to be clear, when a player under no pressure fails to lay it off to the RB 6 yards from him, and instead sends an opposing striker through on goal, that’s not tactical, that’s a bread and butter human error.

Mikel Coneteta

Dissenter Do shut up about Man City’s imaginary production line of academy talents under Pep. You ran from the question of who has been established by him the past 7 years last time out remember. Chelsea also just spent 60M on Lavia this summer, a player that City let out the back door for peanuts to Southampton. The same Chelsea that came sniffing for ESR before being told no and turning to Palmer btw. But by all means you give yourself a gleeful rub down over a vacuous point you’ve convinced yourself is well thought. City an academy that bloods… Read more »


I said from day one that martinelli was a head down merchant…….he still is ، but it shows that not all players have to play with their head up to be a success. I likened him to Trevor Francis when he first arrived، the first million pound footballer. These type of footballers are fast، direct and can be very effective as martinelli and Francis have proved.. The head down comment is only applicable when he is running with the ball، it’s something that martinelli will probably always do and why should he try and change، his career has gone from… Read more »


Mikel There’s no value engaging with Captain Hindsight commentary. If we rotate, we’ll be accused of tinkering, if we don’t rotate, we’ll be accused of not using our squad. If we give young players a chance, we’ll be accused of not taking things seriously, but if we don’t give them a chance, that’ll mean we’re ignoring them…. If we give certain players a game and it doesn’t work, they’ll kick off…. But if we don’t give that player a chance, they’ll kick off. If we make tactical tweaks, then we’re galaxy braining it…. But if we don’t make tweaks…. We’ll… Read more »

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