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I watched the game angry because I have NOT slept, so pardon the negative vibes in this post, because overall, I am thrilled where we are right now.

We beat Leicester 4-2. Our football was scintillating at times. But… our defensive lapses feel like they need to be addressed.

The William Saliba own-goal, on reflection, seems like more of a fluke. I wrongly thought Ramsdale was out of position, I don’t think he was, I doubt that’ll happen again.

My bigger concern was that our lack of experience at the back led to a done and dusted game having something on it.

In two seasons’ time, we’re not going to let Leicester back in. At the moment, you can sense the nerves, and you still feel like there’s a fuck-up in the system.

Our second goal had so many problems. Ben White is clearly injured and he chose to hobble. No one is tracking the overlap. Ramsdale is out of position and lets a shot in from a silly angle.

Basically, two unforced errors. Which is great because you can control those longterm, not great if that is part of who we are as a defensive unit. No doubt Arteta will be dealing with those problems this week.

Ramsdale needs to sharpen up. His nervousness is contagious. I think his rut from last season has carried over and I have to say it: I am worried about him. The goalkeeping coach that has been a problem for everyone helped drive the signing of Ramsdale, it looked like a massive coup because he arrived in great form… now he’s in a rut, we’re struggling to get him out of it. I love the player, we know where his game could go, but right now, he’s not looking like a top 3 goalkeeper and it needs to change.

I also think Gabriel needs to have a think about what his game is all about. He takes too many touches and tries to be a player he’s not. Saliba, White, and Zinchenko are the creative defenders. Gabi is not, he’s a better version of Bob Holding. He needs to be quicker with his passing and give the ball to players who can do damage.

Onto the things that were GREAT: Gabi Jesus.

The man is a total difference-maker. He might be the most consequential signing since Dennis Bergkamp because he is someone that represents a page turned after a decade of not really competitive at the highest level.

His goal was Bergkampesque as well. A moment of genius. A floated chip any of our greats would have been proud to claim. We have such a complete player who has a MASSIVE point to prove. He’s strong, he has great anticipation for opportunity, and he wants to do it all. He could have had 4 goals today.

Gabriel Martinelli should be in a police station right now explaining away the brutality he committed against Wesley Fofana. He treated him the way a rottweiler treats a piece of meat. He was stronger than Wesley, faster, more committed, and it was a joy to watch. I’m glad he was on call for the assist for the Jesus goal as well as getting the pre-assist for his second.

Now let’s give Granit Xhaka his flowers. He isn’t the complete #8, but he had a great game. He scored a goal, created openings, and made some daring runs. The man is in great form, the fans are falling in love with him, and he seems to be falling in love with us. What a great game.

Same for Thomas Partey, the player is focused, and he is doing all the things we hoped he’d do for us in that position.

Odegaard and Saka were a bit quiet, but hey, they must have contributed something, because we exited with 4 goals and a win.

Some concerns?

Mikel Arteta didn’t manage the second half particularly well. He has a deep bench, he should have made earlier changes when it was clear his players were suffering in the heat. It seems like a petty point to make, but the bigger picture is that we suffered last year because Mikel didn’t rotate enough. I know subs are not rotation, but they are a showing that he trusts people. If we are going to do damage this year, every player is going to be important.

Some other considerations: Remember we are two games into the season. It takes 5-8 to get match fit. We’ll be far more intense for longer after the break when players are fitter and the temp in the stadiums drops. We should be fully fit by the United game.

Overall though? I fucking love what I am seeing. We got our Arsenal back. The players are committed, the coaching is world class, and the football is really, really sexy.

P.S. Where are my ‘Arsenal should sack Arteta for EtH’ friends today? What a mess they have down there. Getting beaten 4-0 by Brentford in game two of the season. Liverpool up next. Are United trying to copy our opener from last season? You LOVE to see it. What is the learning here? It doesn’t matter how fancy your football, how bald you are, how much of a discipline merchant you are, or how many teenage boys call you elite on Twitter tactico handles… if you don’t have the right players and the workplace is toxic, you are going to need to call what you are doing a project and it is going to take a time to fix. All of that stuff that I was saying to defend Arteta, when people were saying I was on the take, is all true for United. Their CEO should tell the media Ten Hag is staying for 3 years no matter the results and that the players will be exited well before he is. They won’t though. Woudln’t be shocked to see them sack him by Christmas and hire Pochettino or Graham Potter (like they should have done in the first place).


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  1. Nigel Tufnel

    You’re absolutely mistaken or a liar (probably both).

    Aouar was maybe overly priced in that one summer that he was hyped…..
    after that his price dropped immediately like a stone from rumours of being a lousy character.

    He hasn’t been priced out of anything.

    Use all the abusive terms you want. Your knowledge is shite.


    I know you’re the French authority here,, but other People who watch him every week have said he’s talented but very inconsistent and switches off when he doesn’t feel like working hard. Would be a liability in midfield, and suggested maybe he could play on the wing with less responsibility.
    Flashes of talent aren’t enough for big clubs with trophy aspirations.

    If Karim is right and he moves to a slightly bigger club, I predict it would be Levys bargain hunters. It won’t be Pep or Klopp or Tuchel coming in for him, I guarantee that.

    In the players own mind, and Marko’s mind, he fancies himself a premier league player.
    Unfortunately, it’s a relegation level side.

  2. Marko

    He’s literally got family members asking for a couple of million on top of everything else which is the definition of being priced out of a move. Listen I know you’re obsessed with me or arguing or me arguing but try to think for yourself for once and debate and discuss okay

  3. Nigel Tufnel

    Bissouma lovers,

    I guess he’s not impressing Conte (excellent manager) in practice? How else could such a talent still be on the bench?

    This immense talent can even get ahead of Hojbjerg.

  4. karim

    People who watch him every week have said he’s talented but very inconsistent and switches off when he doesn’t feel like working hard.

    I don’t disagree with this, he’s lost his enthusiasm and sometimes looks blasé. Definitely needs a new challenge and I’m pretty sure the English atmosphere will do him a world of good.

    Too much of a talent to be wasted !

  5. Graham62

    Take your ‘we hate Tottenham’ hat off.
    If you’ve watched Brighton over these past few seasons, you’ll realise that Bissouma is a talented player.
    Conte will use him when the time is right.

  6. Dissenter

    When are you going to get past your Bissouma obsession
    He’s a good player who was snagged by Spurs, end off.
    Most people have moved on but your keep on banging on the same drum.

    Same thing people wanted Raphina, Lisandro etc.
    We didn’t get them and moved on.

  7. Jonko

    Graham I’ve seen him more than half a dozen times at Falmer and I’ve always felt he is slow in passing and passes sideways a lot. Have never been impressed by him. The one that looks impressive is Onana. He did cost Everton a goal yesterday but he made up for it too but overall he’s more imposing than Bissouma ever will be.

  8. Habesha Gooner

    Forest are literally signing anyone and everyone. Lingard, Aouar, Dennis, Neco Williams, And the striker they have signed for big money.

    They might succeed but if not it will be like QPR.

  9. Dissenter

    Forest are buying the players they need. I’m sure they sold Lingard on a vision.
    They cleared out 13 players from their squad after the playoffs .
    They aren’t buying in panic, it’s by design.

    Evangelos Marinakis, the owner also owns Olympiakos. He needs to be commended for giving it a real go in the premier league after 23 years of being out in the woods.

  10. MidwestGun

    Sup y’all… still got my post match Jesus glow going. Could watch his highlights all day.. anyhow.. I wouldnt say ‘Im thrilled about the WC.. this season screwing everything up with the breaks and potential injuries.

    But I will be interested to watch .. especially if the USA USA USA beats Engerland.. hahaha
    It could happen.. the irony is that Matt Turner could be the starting goal keeper. That would be a little ironical. ALso, I do think Brasil is the clear favorite for me.. if they can keep Neymar in check from dominating their play and spread it around a little more.

  11. Mr Serge

    Evangelos Marinakis, the owner also owns Olympiakos. He needs to be commended for giving it a real go in the premier league after 23 years of being out in the woods

    He is in shipping imagine how much yayyo goes through his ships every day

  12. MidwestGun

    I absolutely can not root for either team today… would hurt my insides. Obviously, point wise a scoreless draw is the best outcome for the immediacy. But it’s a win/ win really should one side win…as one team drops more points and gets a blow to their confidence.

    So I’m just gonna sit back and hope for a little calamity.. like say Kane and Son accidentally blindside each other going for the ball… for instance.

  13. Rich

    Naija + soccer

    Hopefully Chelsea.

    Spurs have won just once at Stamford Bridge in the PL era, hopefully that dismal run continues.

    Hoping Chelsea, but my head says Spurs.

  14. Ishola70

    Don’t know how well Notts Forest played today probably better than they did first match up but looking at the stats looks like a case that West Ham have not found their feet yet this season in the early stages. Missed penalty and 14 shots off target in the match. Not good stats for them.

  15. The Bard

    One byproduct of our good start is it makes us a more attractive proposition for potential transfers. Who in their right mind would want to join Untd right now ?

  16. Rich

    The Bard

    If FDJ or any top player chooses to go to United, you’d have to seriously question their judgment or motives.

    Train-wreck club.

    Our record at Old Trafford sucks, it’s usually a fixture I dread, but I’m like a kid at Xmas in anticipation of Sept 4th

  17. MidwestGun

    I think Nott Forest are gonna have a tough go making that many players gel over a whole season… in an entirely new league. and most likely will still battle near relegation. But that’s the beauty of a new season only a few weeks in… anything seems possible… unless your Man United. Hahaha

  18. Dissenter

    This Chelsea vs Spurs game is being played with bad intent
    They are leaving something behind every time a challenge is made.

  19. Nigel Tufnel

    You know me… I get annoyed when groupthink takes over in this place. Like the hate on Ramsdale when we’re bidding, or on White because of his price, so I speak out against it. These guys have been really good for us.

    When it comes to the overrating of NON-Arsenal players like Bissouma, Aurier, Benteke, Capoue, Samba and many others.. (all Grove favorites!)

    ..that’s one thing, but to talk about them as if they’re better than our current guys makes me want to point it out.

    How many here said Bissouma would walk into our starting 11 and make us better. That’s total bullshit.

  20. Rich

    The last thing we need is Spurs getting a second win at Stamford Bridge in 30 years, when we play them at home next month, where they’ve won at our place just once in the league in 28 years.

    We need these fuc*kers demoralised, we don’t them going into that game full of swagger.

    We don’t play Chelsea away until November, we’d not win there in 10 seasons until 2021, but we’ve now won there back to back.

    Shoes the importance of momentum.

  21. Crabregas4

    Watching Tottenham put all 11 behind the ball really shows that are just a counter attacking team. They will excite at times in the big games with individual brilliance but predominantly will be a boring on the eye.

    How anyone thinks they can close the gap to the top two with any great significance is beyond me

  22. Muppetman

    Still annoyed by the tactics at shite hart lane last yesterday. Spurs love to counter against a high line. We should have gone there and sat deep not push a high line especially with holding….

  23. Rich

    The problem with Spurs is they can play badly, but their forwards can always produce moments to win them a game.

    Other than Romero and their forwards, they’re not all that, but goals win games, Chelsea need a second while their on top, because it’s rare a team dominates for 90 minutes, particularly in this heat.

  24. Samesong

    The good thing with Chelsea that their midfield is solid and they have controlled the tempo of the game. Jorginho been quality.

  25. Crabregas4

    Completely agree Rich. I could see spurs scoring off of 1 or 2 chances today, with how clinical they can be on the break. . The current problem is their inability to create any.

  26. Ishola70

    “The good thing with Chelsea that their midfield is solid and they have controlled the tempo of the game. Jorginho been quality.”

    How is Loftus-Cheek getting on? Is he stabilising midfield a bit?

    Because Chelsea can look a bit lightweight in midfield at times off the ball with Jorginho deepest midfielder and Kante rampaging forward.

    Mind you Hjoberg and Bencantur are hardly the players are they that are going really test Chelsea in central midfield today.

    They are just stabiliser midfielders for Spurs for the most part.

  27. Howard

    City didn’t miss out, too expensive like Lisandro Martinez. Good player but not worth 62m, so is Martinez at 55m. If all clubs are that tough there won’t be any rip-off. City did well ignoring Brighton

  28. Rich

    Spurs will be relieved they’ve got out of that half with just a goal deficit.

    Chelsea will be happy with the performance, but disappointed their superiority hasn’t resulted in a more convincing score line.

  29. MidwestGun

    70% possession for Chelscum… No idea how the Spurs midfield is playing because they haven’t shown up.. sitting back in a shell. Looking to fluke a goal I guess. maybe get Own Goal more involved.

  30. Ishola70

    That’s what Spurs are missing really to make then really a top side.

    A really good attacking central midfielder that causes big problems for opponents.

    But they have decided it is succeed by wing play or die.

    Could be enough to see them get top four but never a nose bleed for them relying just on one aspect that being wing play.

  31. Naija+soccer

    This Tottenham team’s biggest strength is how clinical they are. Whether that’s by design I don’t know. The way they win or draw games that they should be losing is beyond luck.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have 26 first team players on the books.

    It is anticipated that both Bellerin and Maitland-Niles are likely to leave before the transfer
    window closes. If they leave then there will be one place open for an additional player.

    Nelson would probably be also offloaded, but he is now injured. So it is likely that he will still
    be on the books until at least January.

    I don’t see Pepe leaving in this transfer window. Who is going to buy him factoring in his wages and unpaid instalment[s] of transfer fee?

    Arsenal were expected to spend at least £150 million this summer, but that assumption was
    based on earning a decent amount on sales, which has clearly not been achieved.

    There is absolutely no likelihood of Xhaka leaving the club. Why would we offload him when
    he is playing well. There are far too many posters and critics who seem to think that their
    views about Xhaka are what the majority of supporters agree with.