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The Premier League season starting pistol has fired and for a temporary moment in time, Arsenal is top of the league, with 2 goals, and a lovely clean sheet.

We’ve also chalked off one of the toughest away days of the season. No one underestimated Crystal Palace before the game, so no one should after. They are a very aggressive side of extremely powerful and fast players. Going to the noisiest away ground on a Friday night is a very tough start by any standards.

We didn’t make a meal of it this time.

Arsenal were far better equipped and balanced through a blend of upgrades and internal solutions.

The superstar internal solution was William Saliba. A man that cost Arsenal £25m as a teenager 2 years ago made his Premier League debut and he was outstanding. You are not supposed to come into a Premier League defence at 21 years old and play the way he played. Outside his outrageous technical ability, it was the calmness of thought and stunning composure that stood out. He was so good, VVD followed him on Instagram after the match.

Last season, if we lacked Ben White or Gabriel in the middle, there was trouble. Against Crystal Palace, for a debut, what Saliba did was truly outstanding.  People do have to temper the excitement a little bit. He’s a young player, young players have ups and downs, so I hope people will be with him when the inevitable errors land. They certainly haven’t been for Sambi, ESR and Martinelli of late and it’s a bit painful to stomach. If you are a Saliba Ultra, you should tune into our Youtube to see Johnny Cochrane smugging it up, a sight to behold.

The big tactical weakness for Arsenal was at fullback. Ben White is not a right back, but we know he can play there. For me, there aren’t many tougher wingers to go up against in the league than Zaha. As expected, minute one, it was all about putting the Ivorian in one vs one situations… but Benny Blanco stood up to the challenge most of the game. No one won more duels on the pitch than him. He played the dark arts at times. But overall, Ben White had the player under control. There was only one moment when he put Eze in… but there was a save, so no harm done. It was interesting to hear Arteta say that Ben White loves playing right back after the game. I guess if you have the ability to carry the ball, you don’t get to do that much as a centre back, in our system, you can invert and join the attack more often. Tomiyasu has an U21 game today to get some match fitness… at least it’s not vital he’s back like it was last season.

It should not go unnoted that Zinchenko also had a very, very good game. There were some misplaced passes that were unusual, but that was rustiness. I guess simply put, he does things with the ball that Kieran Tierney can’t. His passing is extremely crisp and he gives us more options going forward. He had a very assured debut. It’s just so good to see players like that lining up for Arsenal. He’s in his prime. What a talent.

Before I get onto the defence as a whole, let’s not leave without chatting Aaron Ramsdale. He’s been a bit inconsistent this year. He brings problems on himself by trying a little too hard with his passing, when he fucks up, it flusters his game. He did it again yesterday, he was a little ambitious with an early pass that led to a Palace chance. But after that, he leaned in with two outrageous saves. The first was a brilliant one-handed parry when Edouard had a free header. The second was a one vs one from Eze that he did brilliantly with.  Those were BIG saves. The sort we expect of the best keeper in England. The sort we’ll need more of this season. I also loved his confidence dealing with crosses. Big, brave, and bold… like his dad’s hat attire.

The first 30 minutes were exceptional from Arsenal. The beautiful football people said Arteta didn’t want to play was fully on show. The only way I can describe the play is buttery. We moved the ball between the lines with outrageously crisp precision and confidence. Crystal Palace couldn’t press us because there was always an outlet and every player was brave. Honestly, at times, I couldn’t believe I was watching Arsenal play that way, it was really special. The thing that really excited me is that late in the game, under intense pressure as legs faded, we still stuck to our principles playing out the back. There was a lovely bit of play between Ramsdale, Partey and Saliba. Last season, we might have hoofed it. That shows maturity.

Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka really were a couple of rocks in the midfield. I thought the Ghanaian was close to being man of the match. He’s on top of his game, his one-touch passing is unplayable, and the sharpness of mind to control the waves of attack kept us very secure. Granit Xhaka was also really solid, some were in my feed calling him terrible… people, that is a really dated view in 2022. He had an 85% pass completion rate, he made the most passes in the attacking third, he won all three of his aerial duels, made 5 ball recoveries, and he was the most fouled Arsenal player. He was booked for diving in a passage of play where the ref played advantage for Arsenal because of a dive. Apparently, Xhaka is a booking, Eze’s two dives were not. There’s a Xhaka tax in the Premier League. Didn’t stop him showing up, putting his body on the line, and keeping things ticking over.

Gabriel Jesus didn’t score, but my word is he has the things we’ve been missing. He is a bag of chaos. He can go deep, out wide, play through the middle, lurk on the edge of the box… he is our Luis Suarez. A total nightmare of a player. There are two things I love about him, firstly, he can create something out of nothing. There was a moment in the first half when he went on a mazy run which led to Martinelli blasting his shot wide. Lacazette couldn’t do that. The second thing I love is his ability to occupy defenders. He chased down a ball in the second half between two Palace defenders, won it through sheer force of personality, and put Odegaard into contention. He is small but mighty. And he never stops working.

Martinelli was a difference maker in the first half, I still want more from him, he needs to impose himself a little more, I want to see some of that Bang-Bang we love. Saka was also a little quiet, but he was a difference maker forcing an own goal. Also worth noting that Eddie came on and carried on doing Eddie things. He was the pre-assist for Saka when he came on. The kid has great link play, need to see him getting starts this season.

There are some things we could be doing better. I think we still need to be more ruthless, we sat back a little bit after we scored, we know that doesn’t come from the manager, that’s a fallback behaviour the squad had last season when they’d go a goal up. We also need to kill teams earlier. All our players need to do better in front of goal, particularly Odegaard who squandered two really good opportunities in a bit of a disappointing game by his standards.

Still, take into account it takes 6-8 games to get truly match fit, so there’s a lot to come from this side, and there are still new relationships being worked out on the pitch.

We don’t yet have the fear factor teams like Liverpool and City have. But we are getting close. Arsenal are a nightmare to play against. We are getting close to being relentless. It’s hard to get chances against us. It’s hard to press us. We’re unreal off the ball. Now we have difference makers all across the park.

Arsenal still need to do a deal for Youri Tielemans and we need a better option to rotate Saka with. Nico is not the answer and Sambi is too early in his #8 journey to be our rotation option with Granit Xhaka.

Back to the result: A little context.

That’ll be the hardest game we play until at least the United game in September. Big teams are going to go there this season and get battered. We went there, controlled the game for large parts, were more clinical in front of goal, kept a clean sheet, and debuted 3 players without missing a beat. We did that missing KT, Tomi, and ESR from the starting 11.

The result was even better when you see that Liverpool just dropped two points away from home against Fulham.

Next up, Leicester. Maddison in talks with Newcastle, Youri T pining for Arsenal, Fofana protecting his limbs for the Chelsea move… they are a MESS. Which makes them dangerous. We need a BIG performance for our first home game.

FINAL NOTE: The aways support was electric. We aren’t a banter club in 2022 and our fans home and away are amongst the best in the league. I LOVE BEING A GOONER RIGHT NOW.

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  1. Markymark

    Marko – The football club was and is “The Arsenal”
    That’s what it means.

    I’d be surprised if Saliba was allowed to be part of the squad in the way he is, if there are doubts he’s off
    If we were going to sell at the moment or likely lose him a lower key just letting him stay in France would be so much easier

  2. Markymark

    MidWesGun – perhaps Gun’s could attempt the direction of his fire at a rival club?
    The problem is there are a few on here who consistently undermine and attack Arsenal players and the Manager yet seem to leave any capacity to critique aside when talking about rivals. So you get acidic drip , drip , drip on our club but the same individual will give glowing propaganda about our rivals
    It’s got so bad from some, that other teams posting boards are less harsh.
    I’ve heard better PR for Conte on here for instance than an old Spud supporting duffer was able to come out with on 606 yesterday.
    You can be on a site for years and turn trollish . In fact it’s pretty simple you just start hating on some aspects and it becomes all consuming

  3. MidwestGun

    Guns of Hack has never said anything positive about our rivals I can recall. … Pedro has known him longer then me. I think he can decide. Personally I have never read a rivals comment section..board. why would you even want to do that? who cares what they think and why would I compare?

    . The constant policing of this place for lack of the postitivity quotient whatever that seems to be..is more tedious to me then anything as then you are discussing what a true fan.. is.or thinks . and who decides, you, me? then it becomes the same old back and forth. For hours daily between the same people… daily. Y’all suck… no you suck .. no you suck… then guess what ….. both sides suck ? because then I have to read it. Would rather discuss actual football matters then what I think about peoples pychology as it relates to how they should root for the team. Anyhow.. I let Pedro do the policing it’s his gig.. unless he wants to hire me of course to be the moderator but I dont think he can afford me. 😀

  4. Leedsgunner

    Torreira finally sold to Galatasaray according to Fabrizio Romano for “a three-year deal for between €6-7m plus add-ons.”

    Hopefully he’ll finally be happy and we’ll finally start making a move for Youri Tielemanns… to buy him right before we play Leicester. If we pull it off and perhaps unveil him at the game that would be a risky strategy. Both the player and his former team would be fired up to prove each other wrong!

  5. Leedsgunner

    Good to see that we’re moving out Mari as well… hopefully permanently and not on a loan with an option to buy.

    Small transfer fees upfront but the real savings actually are in the wages we don’t have to pay.

  6. MidwestGun

    Does Guns actually believe Saliba is off? I dont know probably does… it is still a possibility but every game he plays makes it more unlikely .. in my opinion. And I think we will pay whatevr it takes. We have had this big Club debate before.. not gonna go there. I think we are of course but there are many who do not. depending on your definition .. not sure that changes your fandom though or makes you a troll.

    It was an especially painful comment though Ill give you that as it is an open wound at the moment until Saliba signs da ting.

  7. Zacharse

    you watch that post debut inrterview w saliba on the .com and i don’t think you’re reasonably telling yourself that saliba isn’t sticking around.

  8. MidwestGun

    Yep I saw that Saliba post match… motm interview.. He seemed very happy and commited . on his part.. However, Sports agents are the devil.

    Need Edu to get in there with the charm offensive.. which he will. Seems like that’s his superpower. Not that concerned about it .. probably why I just skipped over Guns hot take on it.

  9. Berg10kamp

    Hey Iwona, a bit late here. On the Hulu bit, I’m in DK and use a DNS to watch Hulu and EPL games come on live TV, specifically USA network and MSNBC. But that will be like 2 games a day maybe. Then I subscribe to Peacock as well as they would stream the rest of the games. Can be a bit pricey tho but my family watches quite a bit of movies so overall it works for me. Then Carabao and FA cup doesnt show there, for that u need ESPN+ I think. For Uefa u need CBS or paramount plus. So being in the UK, I bet its much easier and cheaper to just get it from there mate.

  10. China1

    I’m fairly sure guns just put a throw away troll comment out for a laugh and it’s led to a whole one day debate about it lol

    There’s one winner in this conversation and it’s guns that you guys all took the bait hook line and sinker

  11. bacaryisgod


    Open wound is correct.

    Someone needs to sit Edu and Garlick down to watch Alec Baldwin’s speech in Glengarry Glen Ross. To be fair, they’ve done a pretty good job so far of renewing deals but it’s also why Champions League football is so important. As much as Saka loved Arsenal, he’ll not accept us continuing to miss Top 4.

  12. Berg10kamp

    Saliba will start every game on this form. Not sure what that means for Gabriel or Ben White when Tomi is back. Good competition tho as tierney is also back. Then there’s the midfield spot xhaka occupies, BW and Zinch can probably slot in there depending how we set up. Whichever way u look at it, our team hasn’t been this competitive and exciting for years. And Englandsbest said yesterday, if we bring in tielemans/savic and diaby we are definitely aiming to challenge for top honours. Such a squad doesn’t settle for top 4 to be honest.

  13. DivineSherlock

    Anyone see the god awful Everton Chelsea match ? Yeah the Chavs are real proper shit , Tuchel only knows one formation which is 352 with wingbacks who can defend . If Everton had DCL fit , they would have won it. Glad we didnt go for DCL .

  14. Markymark

    Chelsea had 12 corners during the 1st half I believe.
    Each one dealt with pretty easily and not the hallmark of a creative team agree with Divine. If Everton had any decent forward yesterday they would have at least some drawn if not won.

  15. Leedsgunner

    After that masterful performance, if Arteta can’t convince Saliba to stay what other choice does he have but to sell?

    Conversely, if Saliba wanted to leave I would have thought he would have asked to be sold in the summer… if he continues to get chance to play I’m anticipating he will sign a new contract.

    In the end money talks and players and their agents know the EPL is the most lucrative league in the world… he will most likely want to remain in it.

  16. Pierre

    To be honest , after spending over half a billion since wenger left , one would expect the team/squad to be competitive , and being competitive should mean challenging for the title or at least being in a position to go for the title with a third of the season left.

    At long last we are bringing in players who suit the manager’s philosophy, which will only help the club be successful.

    Will pablo Vieira suit the manager’s philosophy, i have my doubts as Arteta tends to prefer players who run around a lot like martinelli , Odegaard and jesus , which is fine if they can still produce quality and are calm and composed when it matters most like in front of goal or producing the killer pass..

    A slight worry is that we only had 43% of possession v palace , so if we want to control these type of games a team needs possession of the football, without the ball we will be put under pressure and lose control of the game.

    The top teams like city and liverpool win football matches because they retain possession of the football , even when the going gets tough.
    Of corse having a higher percentage of possession doesn’t always win you football matches , it’s the quality in the final 3rd that will do that.

    For Arsenal /Arteta, success may come down to whether we play with a cam who works hard or a cam who can play the killer pass.

  17. Markymark

    Pierre – Eddie could have been bought on perhaps 10 minutes earlier to press and disrupt Andersen. If we’d nullified him more successfully I’m convinced it’d have been a lot easier to contend with.
    Arsenal tend to fall back by a couple of metres , perhaps due to stress in adopting the press. That’s something can be worked on.
    Liverpool though were given a real headache yesterday. They’ll have Palace , West Ham , Brentford doing the same.
    Further point it really fucks yer chances when there are so many derbies with teams being up for it. Then falling back to mid table mediocrity against other teams.
    Tough being a London club with a tilt for a title.
    Back in the day I used to look at UTD up against a weak City , Liverpool going through decline and the odd local teams like Oldham or Bolton . We’d still have the London teams trying to kick us off the park

  18. englandsbest


    Every longtime Arsenal supporter knows what ‘THE football Club’ means. Evidently you are not one, so I’ll explain. Arsenal have the finest tradition, history, prestige, fans, of any club in England.

  19. Raulishuss

    successful.Will pablo Vieira suit the manager’s philosophy, i have my doubts as Arteta tends to prefer players who run around a lot like martinelli , Odegaard and jesus , which is fine if they can still produce quality and are calm and composed when it matters most like in front of goal or producing the killer pass..

    Hey old man. Arteta bought viera I’m sure he knows a thing or two about quality players. Isn’t nketiah part of the run around type too?

  20. Berg10kamp

    Pierre, previous seasons showed that possession doesn’t win games, goals do. For all the possession we would have we would lose games so I all honesty that small difference in possession means nothing, especially away from home. Palace only picked up possession stats when our players were tired so no worry there.

  21. Berg10kamp

    Vieira is a lock pick, when teams sit deep we don’t need run around players, we need lock pickers and that’s why he was brought in. Hom and odegaard will play together against deep blocks to unlock their defence which is something we struggled with.

  22. Rich


    Nice to see you become a convert, when I tried explaining to you that the best teams control the game through technical security, you seemed a bit perplexed, and went to your usual ridiculous answer of “football is a simple game”…

    Of course we need players with a high level of specificity in order for us to install a consistent style of play, you only need to examine City + Liverpool’s squads to see that, you’re still stuck somewhere between 1997 + 2015 when it comes to the tactical side of the game.

    Football has moved on since peak Wenger, you rarely get away with impact players who don’t do both sides of the game, I know you hate attackers who put in a defensive shift, it’s why you have your weird Ozil fetish, and compare the standards of 2016, to the standards being set now.

    The best teams have defenders who attack on the front foot, and attackers who defend on the front foot, it’s that pressure that allows teams to push high, and create territorial advantages.

    The best full backs in the league aren’t particularly good defenders on the back foot, they’re elite midfielders, TAA + Cancelo are two of the best players in the world, but going backwards they’re average, Zinchenko is similar.

    The combination of technical + physical security of the 5 players behind the ball is what gets the team up the pitch and keeps them there for sustained periods, the better those players are, the easier it is to get 5 players into the opponents half and create overloads in the opponent’s defensive third.

    As good a player/defender as Saliba is, we need to remember he’s just 21, and will need to learn some tactical nous, and have time to build relationships/cohesion with his teammates.

    Other than Holding + Mari, Arteta now has a set of defenders that’ll allow us to play a much improved pressing style by making the pitch much smaller for the opposition.

    We’re still a bit short in the squad, but with another 2-3 quality players added, I agree with you, Arteta needs to install a significantly improved style, and get much closer to the top 2 teams this season.

    He’s made some mistakes, but some of the legitimate reasons for our drab football + inconsistencies, are no longer relevant, our first team is now excellent.

    We won’t, and shouldn’t do anything knee jerk, but Arteta is certainly fighting to keep his job beyond next June, we need to see significant progress this season in terms of both consistency, style of play + getting much closer to the top.

  23. Spanishdave

    Arteta sets the team out to start games playing quick fire football, we score and then we sit back trying to defend a single goal.
    This is his way and last year we lost many games because we couldn’t answer when the opposing team scored.
    He is not confident in playing aggressively, he reverts to his defending mentality.

  24. Bob N16

    After pressing hard in the first half, how should we play in the second? Do we use subs to maintain a press, if this is sustainable? Alternatively how can we control possession better in the second half – do we have the players to be able to do that?

    Last season we had great first halves at home against Liverpool and City but we’re unable to sustain this in the second halves.

    I accept there are periods of the game where you have to withstand the other team’s dominance, I just worry that we’ll drop points that could be avoided by not having the right personnel, strength in midfield.

  25. Habesha Gooner

    I believe Saliba will sign a new contract. Every time Arteta had to convince someone important to play for him, he has done it. Aubameyang, Nketiah, Balogun, ESR, Saka, Martinelli Tierney, have all signed new contracts under him. Some of them even were going to go on a free. But he convinced them to stay. As long as Arteta is fair with Saliba and doesn’t drop him if he is performing, a new deal will be a given. There were rumors that him and Saka have even agreed new deals already.

  26. Pierre

    “Nice to see you become a convert, when I tried explaining to you that the best teams control the game through technical security, you seemed a bit perplexed, ”

    More like bored

    You need to move on from repeat mode, do you just copy and paste the same comments day after day, week after week , month after month.

  27. Pierre

    “, Arteta now has a set of defenders that’ll allow us to play a much improved pressing style by making the pitch much smaller for the opposition.”

    My question would be , if we now have a set of defenders that allow us to play a much improved pressin style , then why did Arteta allow Andersen the time and space to hit inch perfect 40/50 yard passes over the top of our high line defence.

    Surely the first rule is to put a man on the one opposition player who can hurt us and then we can play the high press with confidence instead of the defenders being turned time and time again ny one ball over the top..

    It’s all very well you spouting on continuously about”The best teams have defenders who attack on the front foot, and attackers who defend on the front foot, it’s that pressure that allows teams to push high, and create territorial advantages.” If we don’t do the basics right like stopping the one player who time and again pushed us deeper and deeper until we were back tondefending our own box..

    Surely , if you put a man on Andersen, the rest of the team can play higher up the pitch…..basic stuff really that mskes one question Arteta’s in game management.

  28. Pierre

    “, I know you hate attackers who put in a defensive shift,”

    You’re struggling now aren’t you.

    Do i hate Eddie …no , and he is our best player at putting in a shift and closing down the opposition, his record in that area speaks for itself

    Chelsea, leeds in the league , leeds in the cup , all succumbed to Eddies superb pressing last season , resulting in goals…

    I would go back to your copy and pasting if i was you.

  29. Marko

    Every longtime Arsenal supporter knows what ‘THE football Club’ means. Evidently you are not one, so I’ll explain. Arsenal have the finest tradition, history, prestige, fans, of any club in England.

    Oh so just what I thought shite talk made by a juvenile. Haven’t been a force to be reckoned with for a long time but apparently we’re THE football club in English football. Sure pal

  30. Nigel Tufnel

    Agree that Arteta wouldn’t let us buy a player who can’t press or at least have signs of potential for work rate.

    When we got Vieira I listened to some breakdowns from Portugal experts.. apparently his recent coach was a hardass about that, and he wouldn’t have played him otherwise.

    If we get any forward before the window is over, you can bet he’ll be one that can press or have that potential.

    Sometimes we wonder why Pepe isn’t playing… It’s not for lack of effort on his part, it’s about ability to do the job. Can’t have a hole in the press… It ruins the whole effort.

  31. Nigel Tufnel


    All our subs should’ve been at least 10 minutes earlier. I liked the Sambi for Øde as a defensive move. I hope we use that more in the right situations, like if Fabio is playing on the wing.

    Not a good sign that Arteta is going to change regarding subs.

  32. Rich


    I learned from the best, why don’t you tell us more about how Ozil was unfairly treated, he’s had quite the unlucky streak of managers + clubs who just don’t get him…

    He’s like my brother who’d been divorced 3 times, and is now engaged to a 4th, he flat refuses to accept it might be him who’s the problem..

    About your irrational fears about Eddie + Smith Rowe not playing enough, even though one of them hasn’t even been fit to play, and the fact we’ve now only got 2 strikers, so it’s perfectly logical that Eddie is going to be a really important player this season, and Smith Rowe will also get plenty of starts when fit.

    How Wenger finishing second with 73 points in 2016 was genius, rather than a mistake for relying on injury prone players, not strengthening the squad, and pushing us into first, when a fantastic opportunity presented itself, with a much weaker league.

    At least it’s clear my ideas are finally sinking in, because you’re now completely onboard with them, and trying to push them off as your own…

    I’ve now got you talking about technical security of the top teams, previously you’ve argued against the things I’ve been pushing, because you think football is a simple game, attackers who are asked to defend are a waste, and defenders who play like midfielders, aren’t doing their job properly.

    You claimed Odegaard couldn’t press, and just ran around pointing, but he won possession the 3rd most times for midfielders in the final third, in the whole of the PL last season.

    You make a big deal about Odegaard’s big chance creation, but then completely ignore his expected assist numbers….

    You claim he can’t play a ball in between the centre backs + full backs, which proves at least one of three things, you either don’t watch the games? your memory is no longer working? or you’re still bitter about your boy Ozil?….

    I strongly suspect the latter, because your obsession is bordering on psychotic….

    You don’t see a problem with Mari or Holding stepping up the pitch, yet want us to be a pressing team, you’ve been completely blind to how we use of defenders/midfielders + keeper to make the pitch smaller+ sustain pressure.

    I wouldn’t have to keep pushing the same nonsense, if you and a few others were a bit quicker on the uptake, but at least now you’re starting to finally get it…

    Unfortunately when God was giving out brains, you thought he said trains, and you asked for a slow one…

  33. GD4

    Can I say again how much I love Graham Potter as a manager. If this guy had a budget there won’t be much distance between him and Pep in terms of the quality of football they’ll play

  34. Nigel Tufnel


    “(Eddie Nketiah) is our best player at putting in a shift and closing down the opposition, his record in that area speaks for itself”.

    Even you have to admit that this statement is over there top for a team that starts Gab Jesus and Martinelli.

  35. Dissenter

    This doesn’t come as surprising
    Brighton are well managed and will give any team in the league a game anywhere.

    The United manager coming to terms with the competitive nature of the league.

  36. Samesong

    Martinez has looked poor. A few here were championing him to come to Arsenal because he has that long pass. Andersen looks much better than him.

  37. Nigel Tufnel

    “Brighton clearly not missing World Class Bissouma or World Class Cucurella . Or did that argument only worked when we signed Ben White ?”

    You know I love this!

    Was nice that Ben White got loads of credit for his performance this week… Even from Grovers.

    Things really looking up for Arsenal.

  38. Raulishuss

    Brighton clearly not missing World Class Bissouma or World Class Cucurella . Or did that argument only worked when we signed Ben White ?


  39. Gommit

    Martinez will not work as a midget CD in this league.. I prefer our small CF decision.. Ten Hag will eventually move him into the lb position. Love watching the scums loose so comfortably.. Might switch to the Leicester game soon to scout YT

  40. Zacharse

    i’m watching the youtube spuds southhampton highlights… southhampton looks absolutely awful. the first half is particularly strange. i think that scoreline flatters them and there aren’t going to be that many teams they can play that way against. i mean the own goal…sheesh looks worse than preseason. maybe cuz they scored that first goal they laid back but my god southamptons defense looked like they got stoned after that first ward prowse stunner. i am looking forward to the NLD after the first week hell yes

  41. Topside Northbank

    Potter and Brighton simply punching way above their weight.

    Discover players cheap fees, sell above market value, reinvest go again,

    2-0 not quite game over but McTominay once again if his name was Xhaka he gets a red no var review, no initial yellow a red and it should of been.

    2-0 down a man down Brighton will be angry after if they let this slip.

  42. Zacharse

    potter was appointed manager bha in may of ’19 so 6 months after arteta right? you cant Argue hes done a phenomenal job. hasnt finished above us… but w comparable budgets theres no way he wouldnt.
    also that bissouma yellow? maybe we dodged a bullet there too time will tell

  43. Dissenter

    I always said Brighton wouldn’t miss Bissouma because they had bought Enoch Mwepu the season before. That’s a simple fact. I’ve been bigging up Enoch Mwepu for months.
    Brighton didn’t buy a replacement for Ben White last season because he was the most junior of their central defender quartet at the time. That’s also fact. They didn’t miss him and finished higher.
    I’ve never commented about Brighton missing Cucurella, unless someone has been smoking something
    They are a well managed team who know how to buy low and sell high.

  44. Chris

    Well there’s nothing to fear from this Man Utd team. Absolute shite.

    Same drab, uninspiring midfield as last season.

    Same blunt attack.

    Their defence looks even worse.

    Same limited footballing keeper even if he is a grey shot stopper, reactionary keeper.

    Ten Hag mighty wonder what he has let himself in for.

    Let’s hope they are just as crap when we go there shortly.

  45. Dissenter

    ..and Brighton don’t have the unique privilege of writing off expensive contracts and spending 350 million to rebuild a team.
    Get your arrows properly fletched before you start shooting them.

  46. Zacharse

    i just think it will be interesting to see what happens w potter. would love to see him reach the heights. proper PL talent. makes it a better league

  47. Claver

    So just to be clear, Man United have escaped a red card, an incorrect offside and a penalty.

    And are still losing 2-0 😂😂😂😂

    *random tweet*

  48. Chris

    Perhaps in maybe 5 years or so Brighton may fee they don’t have to sell their top stars each summer and they can push on for challenging the top 6/7 on a regular basis. They need to keep Potter more than their star players right now.

  49. Dissenter

    Vierra;s small stature shield the be a problem in the league
    If the likes of Troussard can survive and thrive, he shouldn’t struggle because he’s small.

  50. Zacharse

    i will look later disss

    holy shit man utd look totally beyond the reach of whatever pressing ten haag has them doing. it is going to be long season with short defenders my god

  51. izzo

    I said Martinez would fail and Ten Haag was always going to play him at CB. These Dutch managers think they’re still at Eredivisie. Trying too hard to sign their former players. Pretty sure he’s actually a DM and might’ve looked good in that pub league but will be automatically found out in the PL. The pace and pressing is chalk and cheese when you compare. Bullet dodged.

  52. Dissenter

    Good players from the Eredivisie or elsewhere will adapt to the premier league….eventually

    That’s why we have to be careful with the United-are-shit comments.

    They’ve had a poor preseason with the Ronaldo nonsense, they will get better over the course of the season.

  53. Topside Northbank

    Really poor calls by the ref/var.

    As above McTominay should of had at least three red’s in his career already straight one’s as well.

    Martinez you can see unless he has a tall pacy CB alongside him in a two he’s going to find the PL a tough challenge.

  54. izzo

    Dissenter you’re too chummy with Utd. They will finish around the same position as as last season. Their defense is dogshite and their forwards are flaky and Ronaldo will tank them and keep throwing tantrums until they let him leave. Nothing currently shows they will get better throughout the season. Ten Haag had his Ajax side tailored towards everything he wanted and he’s not getting that at Utd no matter how much the media try to hype him up he’s no Fergie. Just another Van Gaal that will be sent packing before he knows it.

  55. Dissenter

    …because Bissouma used to start every game for Brighton?
    I’ll have a laugh at you expense
    Mwepu was injured for most of last season. They are mangling his fitness. He’s a spectacular player who decimated us at the Emirates last season.

  56. Zacharse

    man utd. squad full of xhakas – fred, mctominay, bruno- their central midfield will struggle even starting each game with -3 red cards. the attack will always be capable of getting a result. the defense is terrible but the fullbacks are decent. give ten hag 2 more years and i’d imagine theyd be better. loooks like recruitment has been an issue if all they have added is two small defenders from ajax

  57. Habesha Gooner

    United looked as shocking as they have been last season. We don’t have to worry about them at all unless they have 6 or 7 new players.

    This is a decent weekend for us so far.

  58. Habesha Gooner

    Lisandro wasn’t impressive today too. He looked rusty and he looked confused as the rest of the United squad. He was never worth that money either. I am so glad we made the sensible decision of 30 mil Zinchenko over 55 mil Martinez. There isn’t a lot of value when you pay more than 40 mil most times.

  59. Topside Northbank


    Agree on Mwepu he looks a real under the radar player he was excellent against us.

    Disagree on City simply can’t see that WH named back four today holding them out, Johnson at CB sure he’s a FB by trade? Never know opening day but WH missing a few at the back.

  60. China1

    2 points ahead of liverpool
    3 ahead of Utd
    Let’s hope city also drop points

    Meanwhile next weekend Chelsea play spurs, so if we beat Leicester we’re ahead of one or both of them on points

    Liverpool also play palace next. They’ll probably win but no guarantees. If they don’t win it might knock them a little bit

  61. Habesha Gooner

    The coach isn’t the problem for United for the first time in a while. Ten Hag is fantastic. His Ajax teams were a joy to watch. And if Arteta was sacked last year, I would have wanted him over any other coach not named Guardiola or Klopp.

    But their players are awful. It looks like our squad before Arteta spent massive amount of money on it. It isn’t fit for purpose. And United don’t just over pay their players, they get fucked by them. Sancho is in 300k a week and he is a player who is a level below Saka. Maguire is on ridiculous wages. They are going to have a harder time with a clear out than is because of their wages.

    Potter would suck just about the same as Tenhag with these over paid bunch of losers.