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Inhaaaaaaale… breath out… inhaaaaaale… CuuuuuuuKAAAAAAW… CuuuuuuKAAAAAW… channel that inner eagle you powerful beast. 🦅

Quite simply put, if you are not preparing mentally for this game to the sweet shrieks of eagles, can you call yourself elite?

Categorically, no.

Here is a video so you can prep.

Barclays Premier League Day is here. In a few hours, Arsenal will roll out for a season opener against Crystal Palace.

Patrick Vieira is no mug when it comes to coaching. He’s aged down the Palace squad, he’s brought some Wengerball to the Selhurst Park Turf, and he wants to kick on this season after making some shrewd summer signings. Paddy signs street footballers that entertain, he moves on those fancy Youtube comps we all like, Palace are going to be trouble this season.

… that said, word has it their preseason was a bit of a disaster because they went to Aus and loads of their players were anti-vaxxers. They only took TEN senior players there. So who knows, maybe we’ll be more fit, you can hide anti-vaxxers in the US no problem.

Last time we went to Palace, it was after an international break that Partey and Tierney went to, they promptly picked up injuries during the break and during the game and we were beaten quite badly in the first half. I’m not sure we deserved to lose over the 90, but we did, so there we are.

What is different this time?

Well, we’re still missing both our first-team fullbacks, but this time, we have much more capable back-ups. Ben White will slip in for Tomiyasu, he’s been really impressive there so far, but Zaha is a different ball game. At left back, we’ve got ELITE cover in Zinchenko. A player that knows the league, can play the system better than Tierney, and is more than ready to stake a claim.

Midfield will be Xhaka and Partey, same as last time, except one didn’t go out partey-ing after a World Cup qualification. Cut it however you like, those two together have a great connection, and they’ve been very impressive this preseason. They are extremely brave and I do think the more advanced Xhaka is starting to pay dividends. He’s contributing to the assist tally, he won’t be there all season, but he’s less exposed in more advanced positions, and he’s adding a bit of boldness to his passing. I think we all forget that you are never too old to improve at your craft.

Odegaard will captain and drop in as a #10.

The frontline we’re going with tonight will be very different. Saka will occupy the right, Martinelli will take up the left, and Gabriel Jesus will be playing through the middle.

I cannot tell you how different life is going to be this season. Even if we have a bad game tonight, what you won’t see is a freeze in the frontline. Finally, we have the specificity in every position we need.

We have 5 defenders who can play through a press and pick out Hollywood passes. We mostly had that last season, but if you don’t have runners, what’s the point in having longball specialists.

There’s more chaos in our forward line this season. Gabriel Jesus is a nightmare, he comes deep and he’s problematic, he goes wide and he’s a nightmare, he’s standing still and he can create something, in the box he’s ahead of everyone, this guy has changed the game. Last time we played Palace, we had Lacazette who lacked power, speed, and ability in front of goal.

The biggest shift we have tonight is winnertivity. Two players can make a huge difference on nights like tonight. Zinchenko and Jesus have done it consistently at the highest level. They understand patience, they know how to dig deep, and their experience will inspire the young kids around them.

Johnny made a great point on the Before the Whistle. I’d much rather Palace in the heat of August than on December 27th in the freezing rain.

Ideally, we don’t go a goal down this evening, I’d rather not test our abysmal record of clawing back, but I am less worried about that part of our make-up than I was last season.

Last season was the worst start imaginable, COVID and late business nearly killed this project before it started, this August is the chance to put some points on the board and make amends.

11 points from the next 5 games would be very, very good. 7 points from the next 3 would put us top 4 before the international break. That is where we need to be. I believe we can do it.

Before I leave.

I’m very excited about this season, as fans, we’ve been through a lot. Finally, it feels like there’s a bit of structure at Arsenal, a boatload of ambition, and we seem to have the right people driving the vision.

This season, we have to learn a few lessons from what happened last year:

There will be downs and they will feel very painful.

There will be long runs that will feel like we’re title contenders.

Key is not to get too carried away with the bad or the good times. We’ll be up there at the end of the season, then it’s a roll of the dice who has enough to kick it over the line.

Also… just remember that every team will have down moments.

It is easy to be there for the good times, but as you’ve seen from that documentary, our fanbase is most important to the players when we’re there for the bad times.

The journey is always better than the destination. Enjoy the feeling of being underdogs. Eat up those predictions tables that have us behind Spurs this season. Take names and numbers of the people that doubted The Arsenal.

Right, that’s me done.

We will be ON THE WHISTLE at 10pm BRITISH time this evening.

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  1. China1

    Pedro every season we just have a whole bunch of very obvious and half ignored issues that come back to bite us in the ass and ruin season after season

    To have a good preseason and good transfer window then get a good win on the first day of the season is virtually unheard of in the last decade or so. Damn straight I’ll enjoy that

  2. FoxInTheBox

    For me, the biggest positive is Martinelli scored as early as possible in the season. This will give him confidence and Nketiah more resolve.

    Big negative was Odegaard not being able to score again. He needs to be among goals if he wants his place in starting XI.

  3. FoxInTheBox

    Let Grovers recall hard that Arteta was supported here for his decision of ignoring Saliba last two seasons. It was a no-brainer here that Saliba would get sold. Rather the interest was around how much his sale would fetch.

    Not all of us were against your return, Willy! Keep shining!!!

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    The most significant thing for me in the All or Nuffing doco so far is that Josh was around during the 0 wins 0 draws 3 losses 0 goals for 9 goals against 0 points period. It’s times like that where you find out just how much of a supporter you are.

    I think Josh is definitely rusted on now 😀🍹

  5. DivineSherlock

    The only thing last night proved was that Saliba Ultras were right . The guy is massive , now lets make him sign da ting . Awesome win , long may it continue . 1 down and 37 more to go .

  6. Samesong

    “If you’re a loser poster who looks to go back months for quotes, I can’t help you make a better life, I’m sorry.”

    No just exposing what a dick of a poster you are. One rule for Xhaka but no give for a what 21 year old. Hate to see how you are with you kids.

  7. Howard

    Odegaard not deserving of a Captain. Runs away from tough and big games always. He’s not a Captain material

  8. Nigel Tufnel

    Nice that the consensus on Twitter and here online seem to agree… Saliba Motm, Ben White getting good reviews too. Overall room for improvement but the boss will be on it.

    I think the fans are pretty united. Most of us were pretty good even before the result. Feeling like a great season coming.

  9. FoxInTheBox

    “ Odegaard not deserving of a Captain. Runs away from tough and big games always. He’s not a Captain material”

    Unfortunately, this appears to be true so far.

  10. FoxInTheBox

    Honestly, the scoreline doesn’t reflect (a) the much-vaunted well-settled lineup, (b) the opponent was a bottom-half team.

    Isn’t something wring somewhere?? Something isn’t quote adding up, ain’t so?

  11. Ted

    Fox, you’re a parody account, right? Simeone!? Odegaard NEEDS to score to keep his place?? I take it you’re new to football

  12. Freddie Ljungberg


    We’ve only won once in our last 8 against Palace before this game. They also hardly lost at home last season. They’re no whipping boys. It was also the first game of the season which is almost always a banana skin.

    Their playing style doesn’t suit us at all either, we’re going to keep struggling in midfield against physical teams as long as we don’t address CM.

    All that matters is the 3 points, beautiful football can come later, we havethe players for it now.

  13. Ray+in+LA

    They might have been a bit nervous last night, but at least they showed up and never looked like losing [thanks to Ramsdale]

    I’m happy with the result and many of the performances, yes we need to be better, but I’ll take a hard fought away win any day

  14. Chrispy

    First game of the season. 3 lovely points, a clean sheet, some standout performances , no injuries and yet some of you still want to shit on the team, the manager, each other.
    What the fuck is wrong with some of you.

  15. China1

    No player has received more PL yellow cards since the start of 2016 season than xhaka (53)

    Ofc he picked up a customary yellow yesterday for a silly dive

    Gotta love all those maturity, experience and leadership intangibles lol

  16. Guembuzy

    -First game of the season.
    -One of the toughest away grounds of the league.
    -A team that crashed us last time out.
    I can’t think how some on here would have reacted if we had drawn or lost. The anti-Arteta agenda doesn’t need a loss to reactivate.

  17. Markymark

    I suspect had Arsenal gone 2-0 up in that early period which was a distinct possibility, then this may well have followed the pre season pattern.
    The spell was effectively broken by two poor I footwork situations by Ramsdale though tbf he saved us later on.
    It’s a real mentally tough lesson to learn but we were 2 metres back from where we needed to be in the second half.
    We lost our capacity to hassle. Defending starts at the front. If we’d harried the excellent Andersen then the game could have been far more controlled during the middle period
    Overall very good result just gutted we didn’t get a third !

  18. Ray+in+LA

    I was a little concerned that we didn’t reassert ourselves last night or look more dangerous breaking away when under pressure…two things that we were poor at last season, but fixable

  19. Matt B

    Anyone looking for a bit of respite or at least non-agenda driven takes on the game, head to Arseblog or The Times. The former especially is written by someone who actually supports Arsenal and actually knows a thing or two about football.

    In marked contrast to some of the hysteria we witnessed here last night.

  20. Useroz

    Most if not all of us wanted the EPL title sooner than later so it’s not contradictory to be happy with the result and talking about probbale (&necessary ) improvements.

    First game and away at Palace aside, we’d need more to become an outlier of a title contender, this season. We have a better starting 11, when fit, slightly added depth in key positions, young guns maturing anotheryear, and so on. That’s all good and it’d be up to the manager and coaches to keep them fit, motivated, mentally strong to deliver consistently.

    Now, the areas that we’d still strengthen before the TW close are also quite obvious to many. Yes, it may be subjective and depending on one’s expectation. If you just want to fight for 4th or 5th, probably no additions … but if we are ambitious and want to see Arsenal remains in the fight ,albeit mathematically, in the last 10 games, we definitely needed more firepower and depth, not quantity, in the middle.

    Last night, we put Palance under immense pressure for around a half hour and tired a bit, naturally, but we didn’t exqctly create many clear chances, and kill the game in the 1H. In a way, reminiscent of last season where we usually did well in the opening 30 minutes or so and competition learned to ride it out and frustrate… On that front, feel the same. Quality of attack, esp our LW and no. 9 have moved up a notch. Our MF hasn’t improved in sync though and we dhould buy to conplete the uograde and not letting this promising TW& season to turn into a oh so close, if only we … sort of regret .

    ESR and Fabio V haven’t featured but if fans don’t care about money, and many suggest, i wouldnt conplain if we go grab Paqueta also. We need goals and assists. Odegarde had decent assist stats last year but where are the goals from MF coming from? Personally, we need to find another 30 goals to be up there, assuming our back continues to perform.

    To be able to leveraging the new 5 sub rule ccould be a big game changer this season, and that requires some financial clout when cut to the chase. So, Edu, (sell &) go buy coupla more!

  21. andy1886

    Great to start with a win, some excellent performances, absolutely loved it. Not as much as the superfans obviously but I can only aspire to be on their level one day.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    The result last night is all that matters.

    We won the game against very difficult opposition who have given us a hard time in recent seasons.

    It should not be forgotten that we were well beaten in this fixture last season and got a draw
    scoring a goal in the last minute of game at home.

    On the positive side Saliba produced an excellent performance and composure and should
    most definitely partner Gabriel in centre of defence.

    Whether Tomiyasu or White plays on the right flank of our defence remains to be decided.
    White should not be judged on one performance. Zinchenko started well, but I still think
    that Tierney when fit is perhaps still the better option at left wing back. He is probably better

    Jesus had a decent game in the first half and hopefully will be able to maintain a 90 minute
    performance once 100% match fit.

    The next four games are all winnable, but the true test of our progress will come in October
    when we play both Liverpool and Manchester City.

  23. Aasim

    Zinchenko is defensively weak. Once he gets turned, takes plenty of time to recover. He’s also slow.
    Tierney can in and immediately stopped the ball over the top and won a header..
    Gabriel doesn’t have white / saliba composure
    Don’t understand why a guy with parteys abilty seems to get flustered with hard press and crowd. He should do better to control the momentum of the game.
    Xhaka wasn’t bad, but we could do with an upgrade who is better carrying the ball.
    Odegard was the worst player for us yesterday. Couldn’t get Saka in the game did impose himself either technically or as captain. Seemed mentally switched off.
    Jesus, martinelli, saliba, white and Saka were all good / very good

  24. Northbanker

    Look chaps – we just got through a real banana skin of an opening game. It was tough viewing and nail biting at times but a win is a win and we were overall the better team

    We will play much better but still lots to be pleased about . Incredible how the moaners are out in force already

    This is the problem with fans on here still wearing nappies – no perspective

  25. kjelli

    It was a solid team performance, though shaky at times. Eddie made a vital contribution.. ode needs
    to step up when Fabio is available !!

  26. Emiratesstroller


    As we both have said this was a difficult game and Crystal Palace have a very good record against us in recent seasons.

    However the real test for Arsenal will come in October. We have some difficult fixtures then.

    To judge our progress we need to gain points in those matches to demonstrate that we are
    contenders for a top 4 finish.

  27. Pierre

    Our next 9 games
    6 at home
    3 away
    Top of the league after 10 games has always been my prediction and the victory last night cements that belief..

    Of course the manager needs to learn from last night’s game as for me there were a couple or 3 stand out issues that he didn’t address during the game.

    1) why play a high line and then allow their best passer of the ball the time and space to hit 12 balls over the top for his team mates, it caused us problems all night and was only addressed when Eddie came on with 10 minutes to go.

    Which brings me to
    2) why wait until the 80th minute to bring Eddie on, jesus was clearly tired from the hour mark and the ball wasn’t sticking up front.
    Eddie comes on and the game changes as he is able to hold the ball up and bring others into play.
    Jesus is a great player but at the intensity he plays , maybe he is only a 60/65:minute player, especially away from home..time will tell.

    3) sorry to say but Odegaard was the weak link in the side, never looked comfortable on the ball, timid, frightened, and yet he stayed on.
    If Arteta watches that game back and decides that Odegaard is the player needed for tough , physical away games then we may have a problem.

    Fortunately, Odegaard can put this performance behind him as the next 6 out of 9 are at home so i expect him to excel, it will be later in the season when a decision has to be made by Arteta on leaving him out of the side.

    To get 3 points at palace will prove to be an excellent result, they will give all the top clubs a very difficult game.

  28. TT

    I think you are to quick writing Ode off in away fixtures Pierre. Once the team settles as the season goes on he will pick up.

  29. Bob N16

    Good post Pierre,

    Great result and many positives but agree Eddie should have come on earlier. Arteta needs to be more proactive with his subs. He must recognise that for too long we were conceding too much possession. Palace are a decent team with a lack of cutting edge. They controlled the midfield for stretches of the game.

    It’s a team game and everybody has to take responsibility but I felt that Odegaard and Xhaka were not the ideal combination to win the CM battle. Partey was playing so deep it had to be those two who needed to win their battles and they didn’t. They both have great qualities but turn of pace is not one of them. We lost control.

    Loved the effort, some of that play in the first 20 mins was superb. We are going to win some games in the first half this season. I know ESR and Vieira were unavailable but Pepe and Nelson surely need replacing with another threat. We can’t play a pressing game with the quality in numbers that we currently have. all it will take is a couple of injuries and we’ll have to change tactics.

  30. Pierre

    Saliba….what a player, Arteta has a decision to make when Tomiyasu is fit as for me there is no way Saliba can be dropped to the bench., cool under pressure, composed on the ball , some great last ditch tackles, good reading of the game and surprisingly quick and mobile for such a big man…. his game oozes quality and players like partey and Odegaard should be licking their lips at the thought of playing in front of him as Saliba is not afraid to pass between the lines.

  31. Samesong

    Ramsdale saves were crucial in the game. If Eze or Eduardo had equalised. That may have lifted the crowd and they may of gone on to get another.

  32. Habesha Gooner

    One thing that is right about your criticism of Odegaard is that there are games we should bench him for. Low deep block teams will have problems handling him. But away games were it is overly physical and there is a huge press from the opposition team, then he needs to come off the bench.

    But the rest of your criticism like him not making a last threaded pass is all bullshit. He is a very good player. He possibly won’t ever get to Debruyne levels but he will contribute a lot to our team.

  33. Pierre

    “I think you are to quick writing Ode off in away fixtures Pierre. Once the team settles as the season goes on he will pick up.”

    Not all away fixtures.

  34. Pierre

    Basically you are agreeing with me , and for you to say “But the rest of your criticism like him not making a last threaded pass is all bullshit. He is a very good player” is clearly untrue as i said i expect Odegaard to excel in the upcoming games, in other words i expect him to create chances for his team mates..

    Maybe you should read what is said instead of jumping in like xhaka with a 2 footed tackle and getting it wrong.

  35. Matt

    Odegaard will see very little bench time this season owing to the fact he has just been made captain. Arsenals record of woefully bad captain picks continues post Vieira.

  36. Habesha Gooner

    I agree that he needs to be kept on the bench in some matches. There has been too many games of this sort where he didn’t play well. Spurs, Palace, and Newcastle away last season in particular. But he should play most of the home games and more than half of the away games. Who knows Viera will surprise us and be better.

    And I didn’t dig you out for what you posted today. You have constantly compared him with Ozil and how he isn’t incisive enough or that he doesn’t make that key pass. That criticism is bullshit and I stand by that.

  37. Ishola70

    Ramsdale’s save in the first half was basic tbh.

    The ball was headed straight at him. Any competent keeper is going to save that one.

    The smothering save he made against Eze in the second half was a much better save though.

    As others have said some concerns with him not looking comfortable with the ball at his feet last night and putting pressure on the side.

    Not looking totally confident in himself tbh in that first match despite his known swagger he has.

  38. Nigel Tufnel

    Matt B,

    Top post as usual.

    To the rest….

    Funny in all the criticism, especially of Ødegaard… not a word about Saka who was probably worse.

    I see who is immune from criticism here.. Hale enders it seems. I prefer to be honest.

    Now what will happen .. is Saka bad performance will be blamed on Ben White and Ødegaard. Lol the favorite whipping boys.

  39. Habesha Gooner

    The major concern for me is the drop off with in games from one part of the game to the other. We will look absolutely quality for 30 minutes and then be crap for another. I am glad we got the win, and I will take that. But the the end to the first half and almost 30 minutes of the 2nd half was crap. We couldn’t get out of our half or play around them at all. We were just going long to no one. And palace get the ball again and pressure us with their own long balls (no pun intended). On another day Eze might bury that chance and we might not get away with it. I am not moaning but we need to be at a decent level and threaten from time to time even when we are playing below our level. If we can do that, 3rd is achievable. At our best, we play much better football than both Spurs and Chelsea. But at our worst, we play like Burnley.

  40. Ishola70

    And guys watch the matches and make your own judgements on what you see.

    There is far too much referal on here to blog writers or journos writing for rags for the views on matches.

    We want to hear what you think.

    Not what supposedly learned people think.

  41. G

    ‘’ Another serious addition (like Tielemans) to this team will make Arteta unworthy of managing it. Better be an Alegri/Simeone/Ancelotti. ‘’


  42. G

    ‘’though.As others have said some concerns with him not looking comfortable with the ball at his feet last night and putting pressure on the side.’’

    He messed up a clearance, that does not mean he’s not comfortable with the ball at his feet

  43. Ishola70

    Habesha Gooner
    “The major concern for me is the drop off with in games from one part of the game to the other. We will look absolutely quality for 30 minutes and then be crap for another. ”

    As was said at half time and just after the match the pattern of the game last night was really no different to the many away games we have seen from Arsenal season upon season in the past playing against teams like Crystal Palace.

    Quick bright start, then even out in overall performance then home team gets a bit of momentum in the later part of first half.

    Second half never as good as the first part of the first half and home team cause some problems.

    Same pattern.

  44. Ishola70


    “He messed up a clearance, that does not mean he’s not comfortable with the ball at his feet”

    There were two occasions he was unsure on the ball and in quite quick succession as well.

    Put pressure on the side.

    I’m not saying he is generally not good on the ball.

    I’m telling you what I saw last night.

  45. Bob N16

    Nigel T, everybody is entitled to an opinion, including yourself. If you’re not allowed to say how you see it because someone like yourself is ‘policing’ any criticisms then the stream is worst for it.

    Personally, I felt our losing of the midfield battle was the issue. Saka contributed to both goals, worked hard defensively but was not always able to lose his marker. As I said everybody has to take responsibility when it comes to maintaining possession but CM is the key battle ground.

  46. englandsbest

    Last night Arsenal was good – but not good enough to win the PL title. The missing piece was glaringly obvious – a dominating midfielder. I don’t know who, but the type is obvious. He was there last night, the fans called his name. PATRICK VIEIRA. So was aother. EMMANUEL PETIT.

    All window people have been calling the name ‘TIELEMANS – but perhaps that has been smoke and mirrors throughout. A guy called SAVIC maybe?

  47. Dissenter

    The drop off is just that we haven’t attained full fitness and also because opposition managers make adjustments
    Right now, it’s relatively easy to stifle Odegaard. Odegaard is key to the aggression we show. He has to embrace the physicality of the league. He has everything else in his kitty but that.
    Palace got back in the game in the first half soon after Cheik Doucore made a crunching tackle on Ode.

    Arteta can easily sustain the high press/pace part by subbing his fullbacks and one midfielder every game early in the 60th minute.
    Sub Ode for Lokonga/Vierra, Partey with Elneny, Tierney for Lokonga etc.

    It’s going to be hard to sustain that level of press fir 90 minutes.

  48. Bob N16

    Agreed Ishola, earlier subs may have helped but Palace controlled possession of the most part in the 2nd half.

    If we want to play a pressing game, surely we have to bring on fresh legs after say 60 mins to allow for the effort put in, in the first half. We also have to keep the ball better otherwise after pressing hard in the first half we’re then chasing the ball.

  49. Ben D

    For those shitying on last night’s result, a stat for you: “In fact this was the fifth time in top-flight history the season has kicked off on a Friday night, and the home side had won on each of the previous four occasions.”

    It’s not easy to win away from home on opening night on a Friday.

  50. DUIFG

    We have fucked ourselves with saliba. 2 yes left , will low want fofana money and deserves it.

    Desicions come back to bite

  51. Samesong

    “Saka contributed to both goals, worked hard defensively but was not always able to lose his marker.”

    Bob. Spot on. Felt Palace players dealt well with Saka up until he scored. In the second half especially they never allowed Saks in to cut in on his left peg. I also feel that Saka will get better as the season unravels.

  52. Dissenter

    We have to also acknowledge that Palace are no mugs
    Yesterday’s game showed that we have to get another top class midfielder,ESR and the manager needs to deploy his subs to help th team keep up the tempo of a press.
    Converted midfielders like Schlupp held his own against Partey-Xhaka too easily.

  53. Dissenter

    ***‘ Yesterday’s game showed that we have to get another top class central midfielder ,and the manager needs to deploy his subs early to help th team keep up the tempo of a press.’

    I dunno why ESR got dropped into tha

  54. WengerEagle

    It does bother me that when we are holding onto a lead like for most of the 2nd half that we tend to retreat and invite pressure and rely on the counter attack.

    Against sides better than Palace that will not work out as well. I think that we have the quality to be more expansive and brave in moving the ball out from the back. Too many times Ramsdale or Gabriel just lumped it long to 5″9 Jesus and ceded possession back to Palace.

  55. Pierre

    “But the the end to the first half and almost 30 minutes of the 2nd half was crap”

    What happened when Eddie came on was as soon as Andersen received the ball Eddie was on him , and he eliminated palace’s main weapon of the ball over the top.

    Of course Eddie made the pass for the 2nd goal and a minute later created another clear chance for saka and he was only on the pitch from the 83rd minute.

    It’s baffling as to why Arteta waited until the 83rd minute before bringing on the subs, he openly admitted his mistake in not playing Eddie last season , let’s hope Arteta has learned from his mistake of last season.

  56. Ishola70


    “We have to also acknowledge that Palace are no mugs”

    Any away game in the EPL can be testing unless it’s a complete bottom dweller.

    Will they qualify for european football this season which one poster suggested which they haven’t done before?

    Doubtful for me.

  57. Ishola70

    Oh my god Pierre is on his Eddie N mission again.

    He will be asking for Jesus to be replaced by him in no time.

  58. WengerEagle

    Saliba really was imperious.

    That was a really tough first physical test for him as Palace are one of the most athletic sides in the league and he couldn’t have looked more at home.

    He along with Jesus for me will end up the biggest difference makers from last season’s team.

  59. Ishola70

    Eddie N was prominent for the deflected second goal in that move.

    But he hardly changed the sway of the game single handedly did he when he came on.

  60. Samesong

    Nice WE hope you’re enjoying your holiday mate.

    Good win yesterday. Saliba still got a long way to go but he was a rock yesterday. Still think we need a decent midfielder to take the pressure off the defence and forwards. I saw Jesus dropping so deep in the second half thought he was CB.

  61. Arsnil

    Great first win but the glaringly obvious weakness has reared its head again. We just don’t have that beast in the middle of the field to control games. We were looking great during the pre-season friendlies but this is the Premiership and we are back in the trenches. We are pretty and better but we need the beast.
    Saliba also looked imperious last night and I just can’t help but thinking what a waste last season. Where would we have ended up with him playing consistenly game in game out. Certainly champion’s league now.

  62. Samesong

    “But he hardly changed the sway of the game single handedly did he when he came on”

    No but what he did was instantly put pressure on their outlet from defence giving Andersen something to think about. Winning little fouls. Thought Eddie did well for the little mins he had.

  63. Samesong

    That’s what fresh legs can give you in the later stages of matches

    Yes but no all fresh legs get a chance to get into the game! Or even touch the ball. You know how it’s goes.

  64. Ishola70


    “Yes but no all fresh legs get a chance to get into the game! Or even touch the ball. You know how it’s goes.”

    Plenty have done and can do while some don’t.

    That’s how it goes as you say.

  65. WengerEagle

    Thanks Samesong.

    Actually moving over here, to Valencia. In Barca atm on a holiday.

    I still think we struggle to control games and it all comes back to that lack of quality in the middle.

  66. Rich

    I love Odegaard, but if his troubles in physical away days continue, then we should try and find a solution to that issue.

    We’ll need to manage his game time anyway, he can’t and shouldn’t be playing every minute of every game.

    I don’t see his captaincy as a detriment to making those adjustments to manage certain games in a different way.

    In fairness though, our entire midfield was poor yesterday, Xhaka took some pelters as usual, even though he was the least worst of a bad bunch.

    Our overall performance wasn’t good, but it’s still a good result at a difficult ground

    We struggled for results in away games under the lights last season, I certainly wouldn’t expect the teams around us to go away to Palace and have it all their own way, their accumulated points against the top 6 last season was excellent.

    Seen an interesting Odegaard stat that blows Pierre’s assertion that Odegaard runs around aimlessly pointing, and his pressing is poor, straight out the window.

    Odegaard won possession in the final third more times than any other Arsenal midfielder last season, and was the 3rd highest for midfielders in the entire PL, certainly not bad for a 22-23yr old, in his first full season in the PL.

  67. Berg10kamp

    And we still have guys complaining, who will complain even if we win the league, they will say it was luck and all the other teams were shit.

  68. Dissenter

    ‘ In fairness though, our entire midfield was poor yesterday, Xhaka took some pelters as usual, even though he was the least worst of a bad bunch’

    Glad it;s you mentioning this too
    Had it been from some of us, a certain poster will be labeling us as Arteta hating non fan

    Xhaka got the usual criticisms but Partey too, didn’t have a good game.
    It;s imperative that we bring in another central midfielder or at least sub in Elneny early.
    Arteta shouldn’t wait until injuries occur to play Elneny.

  69. Berg10kamp

    Nit sure why Arteta waited so long to make subs and still only made 2 as samba came on right the the end. I suspect he was trying to gauge how far he could push, how long his team could hang on with tired legs and they think they proved that they could do it. To me that was a good performance, rusty yes, midfield wasn’t tops, defence and gk had some nervy moments, and attack could have scored more and better goals, but in the end we did not concede and we won the game, which is what we all wanted innit.

  70. Samesong

    “Xhaka got the usual criticisms but Partey too, didn’t have a good game.”

    I didn’t think they played too bad. First game and all. Away game at a side we only beat once in 8 games.

  71. Marko

    Look I get it first game of the season palace are good at home etc etc it’s good we got the 3 points but that type of performance has become very common under Arteta also the often times head scratching in-game management has become very common too. I mean we were struggling massively in the second half and he waited until the 82th min to make a substitution. Bottom line is improvements still have to be made

  72. Howard

    Odegaard is naturally talented but often folds in big and away games when roughed up . He’s not learned that the EPL is tough as compared to the Spanush league where he cane from.

    Last season when the going got tough as a creator against, LFC, Spurs, New castle etc he got missing. He’s not prepared to fight dirty when times are rough.

    Arsebal needs a Captain who can gight when the going gets tough and he doesn’t fit into that narration. He might see himself being dropped in some games this season.

    If Partey and Xhaka had dropped a little, we would’ve been in trouble because Odegaard was overwhelmed.

  73. Dissenter

    I’m pretty sure that Saliba will sign an extension

    He’s only 21 years old, he can commit 5 more years to Arsenal and still move to a PSG/Madrid/Barca at the midpoint f his career

    I’ll have no problems selling him for a world record fee in 2027.

  74. Wicked Willy


    You’re judging Ode’s captaincy after one game? What’s woeful is your inability to give a guy a chance…

  75. Rich

    Odegaard cost a reported £29-£34 million.

    He would have cost us 2-3 x that if he was aged 24-25, with another 100 senior appearances at the top level, if we’d put him on the market this summer, we’d have likely doubled our money.

    If we want to beat the market and sign £80 million players, before they become £80 million players, then we either have to be prepared for loans of young players like Saliba, or adaption time with players like Odegaard.

    Signing world class players when top clubs are ready to dump them, should be avoided, buying them at the peak of their powers, or entering the peak of their powers, is very expensive, and a ultra competitive market.

    Chelsea have reportedly had a £70 million bid for Fofana rejected, and that’s off the back of a bad knee injury.

    We need to identify + secure elite talent early, then manage their career trajectories astutely, we may also need to sell a few at the top of the market, to put that money back into a new generation of talent, if KSE are serious about self sustainability, because I don’t see them throwing money around like confetti in perpetuity.

    Just hope we can secure Saka, Saliba + Martinelli on new 5yr deals, and enjoy them for a little while yet.

  76. Topside Northbank

    First game of the season all about winning and getting up and runnning, lots of positivity regardless of individual performances.

    Got Fulham Liverpool on see the main stand £100 for a adult £70 kids for non season ticket holders robbery.

  77. Dissenter

    ‘ We need to identify + secure elite talent early, then manage their career trajectories astutely, we may also need to sell a few at the top of the market, to put that money back into a new generation of talent, if KSE are serious about self sustainability, because I don’t see them throwing money around like confetti in perpetuity.’

    I think we are doing that already.
    Raul did it with Saliba and we signed Vierra this season on that basis.

  78. Dissenter

    I don’t watch the Bundesliga but how good is this Moussa Diaby really?
    Man is only 5’ 7”, he doesn’t give us that option of attacking aerial balls

  79. RP7

    When we were going for a classical striker, I suggested Mitrovic, and no one took the idea seriously, but I think he will one of the top 10 strikers in the league this season.
    Happy we got Jesus, but Mitrovic would have for me been a better investment than the overpriced Lewin and Tammy Abraham.

  80. Marko

    He’s comparable to Saka lightening fast very tricky good production. Huge fan he was always a preference for me over Raphinha cause I think he’s outstanding.

  81. Markymark

    If this Arteta fella dares to lose. I’m telling you there will be some self righteous hell on here and they’ll be right Coz they are geniuses, they know he’ll fail at some point and they’ll be able to finger point exactly why.
    They come on here from Spain, from all parts of the distant corners of the UK , some show there Arsenal support by supporting Tottenham , some may send their children on here.
    Thank goodness for all these sane ( they have their release certificates) rational posters on this site.
    . Remember to ignore that loud mob in the away end at Palace. They don’t know what support is. The anti Arteta Arsenal hating Arsenal supporters are ready to pounce !

  82. WengerEagle

    Cheers Samesong. Weather is amazing over here.

    Yeah Cucurella is a quality player but paying £60m is outrageous. I’d want a Marcelo clone for that sort of money on a LB.

  83. Nigel Tufnel

    “Arteta can easily sustain the high press/pace part by subbing his fullbacks and one midfielder every game early in the 60th minute.
    Sub Ode for Lokonga/Vierra, Partey with Elneny, Tierney for Lokonga etc.”

    I wanted Sambi in for Xhaka yesterday, especially on the yellow. Even Iron man Xhaka can come out to freshen the energy.
    It really sucked that our most likely subs depth was unavailable though.

    Smith Rowe, Vieira, Tomiyasu… and we need to use Sambi at 8 or 10 when ESR not available. Was great to have Tierney though, gotta love him. Him as depth makes me feel secure.

    But I warned before the season that Arteta is not aggressive enough with subs.

    Those subbed players were so exhausted when they came off. 15-20 minutes earlier would’ve been more to my liking.

    This is a big problem because energy levels is so key to the playing style that we’re going for.

    Maybe some more will be available next week.

  84. WengerEagle

    Mane was a huge player for Pool.

    Diaz is quality too but Mane was another level, and he was a bonafide big game player which Pool will sorely miss imo.

    And I am not convinced that Nunez has elite potential. Firmino is well past his best but was a much better player than Nunez is for his first few seasons in Liverpool.

  85. Ishola70


    “Todd Boehly meets every stereotype of the American tourist”

    lol I was in a train one of the uk big cities a few weeks ago. Glasgow.

    There was this American girl around 18yo would say.

    She was reporting that her phone had been stolen.

    She was with a male friend another American around the same age.

    She looks at him and nods.

    Yeah my travel companion has had his phone stolen as well.

  86. Dissenter

    City may have some of these problems too, like Liverpool
    They’ve been successful without a striker, now they have to play through Haaland. It;s going to take some time to make those readjustments.

    Liverpool are missing Mane’s guile and aggression. Diaz is every inch as good as Mane but he doesn’t have those two qualities.

  87. Dissenter

    If Fulham can get Mitrovic in a scoring run, they will have a very good chance of surviving

    Mitrovic has had a phenomenal record in the championship and so many bites at the premier league. One season, it has to come right.

  88. Tonga

    Anyone still complaining about the performance last night needs to look at Liverpool stuttering away against Fulham, my most accounts an easier opponent that Palace

  89. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    I get your point.
    On the footballing side, Diaz comes across as a phenomenal player.
    It’s those intangibles that he doesn’t have …just yet.

    Mane knew every cheating trick in the book and did them with an innocent smile on his face. He knew how to dish out punishment to defenders.

  90. Ishola70

    I’m sure Liverpool supporters will be analysing the Fulham game after the match and discussing areas where they expect to see improvement going forward.

    What nasty unloyal fans they are those Liverpool lot.

  91. Tonga

    Knew I should have waited until the end of the game. The point though was that away games are not going to be easy for the most part

  92. WengerEagle


    Mane was much faster than Diaz. He was Pool’s fastest forward and the only one that had the beating of basically any defender barring freaks like Kyle Walker in a foot race.

    He also showed up in most of the bigger games and outshone Salah.

  93. Pierre

    “But he hardly changed the sway of the game single handedly did he when he came on.”

    creating a goal , creating a clear cut chance for saka one minute later and stopping Andersen from making anymore than the 12 balls over the top of our defence, all in 10 minutes on the pitch…..if that doesn’t constitute single handedly changing the sway of the game , then i don’t know what does.

  94. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    I think Diaz was the fastest of the quartet [salah, mane, Diaz and Jota]. from January last season
    ‘Diaz recorded a speed of 35.5 km/h whereas Salah’s highest speed reached 33.2 km/h. Mane and Jota who are also very quick are an extra 0.9 km/h behind the Egyptian”

    Diaz looks very fast
    I’m not sure that’s translatable into much, Bellerin was super fast and couldn’t Ross the ball to save his life.

  95. LoveSausage


    My money is on Nunez. Haven’t seen enough of either of them for a detailed comparison but Nunez just seems like a better fit for his team’s system. I think I read somewhere that 40%+ of Haaland’s goals last season came from counters where he’s running at defenders. Won’t be too many of those at City.

  96. Pierre

    “Oh my god Pierre is on his Eddie N mission again.He will be asking for Jesus to be replaced by him in no time”

    No , but i do expect Eddie to be a permanent fixture in the side when Arteta realises AGAIN what a mistake it is to only use him for 10 minutes here and there.

  97. Ishola70

    lol Pierre has waited hours for the Eddie N comeback.

    We get it Pierre.

    You are a very, very big fan of Eddie N.

    His contribution was maybe not as dramatic as you imply but if he can come on and contribute positively in the later stages of games then that is good for the team.

    You though will probably want him to come in and take Jesus place in the team lol.

    Super sub it is for Eddie N for enough matches this season.

  98. Ishola70

    Pierre do you seriously think that Eddie N at this stage is going to replace on a permanant basis Jesus in the starting XI barring injury or Jesus completely stinking the place out?

  99. Dissenter

    I too think Nonez will outsource Haaland
    Scamacca will surprise people too. He’s well suited for how Westham plan and Antonio will draw defenders away from him.

  100. Ishola70

    Scammaca and Antionio as a front two?

    Two big dudes there.

    Going to occupy opposition defences this season.

  101. Pierre

    “You though will probably want him to come in and take Jesus place in the team lol.”

    You are lol ing at yourself for making such a stupid assertion ..
    But there could( and i say could) be a case for only using Jesus for an hour or so as there is a possibility that he runs out of gas due to the high intensity of his game.
    Jesus may( and i say may) be a player who needs to play with high intensity to remain effective as it was noticeable that he started magnificently in the opening exchanges but faded dramatically in the 2nd half.

  102. Nigel Tufnel

    Pierre is right.

    Jesus wasn’t even jogging for a long time before he came off. Walking, heavy legged.

    Arteta too stingy with subs as usual. I was hoping he’d be different this season.

    For Jesus health as much as any other reason. Eddie is a very good 2nd choice.

    If he’s fit, use him and keep Jesus fresh for a long campaign.

  103. Pierre

    “Pierre do you seriously think that Eddie N at this stage is going to replace on a permanant basis Jesus in the starting XI barring injury or Jesus completely stinking the place out?”

    You’re making it up as you go along, read my words , no I don’t think jesus will be left out of the starting line up for Eddie..

  104. Ishola70

    Well you used the word permanent Pierre tbf in regards Eddie N.

    “Permanant fixture” you said.

    Hard to see that really with Jesus around now.

  105. Pierre

    ““Permanant fixture” you said.Hard to see that really with Jesus around now.”

    Not at all, let’s wait and see

  106. LoveSausage


    IMO, that’s the biggest improvement in Arteta’s management I’ll be watching for this season. Presumably we’ll try to win Europa this season. If he doesn’t improve his rotation this season we’ll be punished. That said, we finally have a bench that deserves some playing time.

  107. Ishola70

    Did Fulham perform well and above themselves or were Liverpool a bit rank?

    Or Fulham had a stand out performer?

    Some matches can be won or lost just by one player playing really well for the side.

    Didn’t watch this game as you can realise.

    VDV not covering himself in glory in this game by all accounts.

  108. Rich

    Eddie will get plenty of opportunities.

    Having high octane forwards like Jesus, Eddie + Martinelli, will certainly mean rotation + players being subbed around the 65-70 minute point.

    Expecting them to play with that level of intensity playing 3 games a week isn’t realistic, if we don’t rotate, we’ll almost certainly break them.

  109. Berg10kamp

    Liverpool rank cos they lost? Fulham were good today. Don’t forget Liverpool made City look not so good last week.

  110. Graham62

    Great win!

    One negative. It was clear in the second half that some of our players were struggling physically. Arteta should see things like this and act accordingly ( sooner) Saliba looks fantastic. First 25 minutes played some great stuff.

    Fulham providing first shock of the season.

  111. Ishola70

    Or one player playing well below standards can sabotage a whole side as well.

    That’s the great thing about football.

    So many permutations into why teams can win or lose a match.