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The Premiere of the Amazon doco was last night, from what I gather, there isn’t a lot to worry about. It’s an intimate look at the club through a lens you’ve never tried.

You’ll find out Arteta is a bit is a maniac for the club and he gives a shit.

You’ll like the players.

You’ll get the chance to feel what the players felt over the season.

It’s all good news for the club and hopefully it helps us build our fanbase as we introduce a new generation of stars to the world over the next few years.

I’m reading that it drops at 1am UK time. One of the directors shot Undateables. Amazing.

Some pop trivia? Who is the most used FPL of ALL time?

Gabriel Jesus THIS season.

The fans know he’s going to bang. I’m glad that it’s a bi-partisan feeling.

Answer me this: How many do you think opted for Richarlison?

My top 4 prediction this season is that Arsenal and Spurs will probably battle it out for 3rd place… but I gotta tell yah, I don’t understand the hype about their transfer window, I really don’t, I think we’ve had a much better one.

… but hey, just me!

The Premier League is introducing MULTI-BALL which sounds more exciting than it is… it’s basically there to stop time wasting.

Now, here’s a better idea. MLS has a League called Next Pro. It’s basically a development league like Premier League 2. They introduced a rule that says, ‘If a player is down for longer than 15 seconds, they have to exit the pitch for treatment and cannot re-enter for 3 minutes.’ You know what the effect was? Players tended to get the fuck up after a challenge.

Some say that teams could purposefully smash someone down so they exit… well, that’d be a booking or a red card if the intent was injury.

Premier League players have decided NOT to take the knee moving forward, feeling that the message had lost its weight. Listen, it didn’t really fuss me, but I will say, I stopped really feeling something for it because the gesture felt like part of the furniture of Premier League football. The point is to make it stick. I just hope that the league continues to invest in equality. More black and brown managers, coaches, match day officials, and execs at clubs would be a great start. I also hope grounds don’t go back to the dark ages this season. Football should be inclusive and you should always be free from concern. That wasn’t the case last season, we saw violence, discrimination, pitch invasions, even staff being assaulted. We need to do better. Hopefully that happens this season.

Aaron Ramsdale was busy on the internet yesterday showing off that he is now the new Arsenal #1. You can’t say he didn’t earn it. He did a great job last season. Back half wasn’t as great. He’ll need to show a more ruthless level of consistency this season if we’re to kick on. But one thing is for sure, he’s a lot better than most though, and he really went out of his way to own the shirt and the fans hearts last season. A top character and one we all want to see succeed.

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Did you sign up? Great. Have a WONDERFUL day. Check out the tech podcast us just did with Ben from CompassApp.IO, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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  1. andy1886

    Tom, yeah, maybe Ode taking that leadership role will encourage him to play more aggressively. I think it would help his game and we could certainly do with some controlled aggression (as opposed to Xhaka’s fits of pique).

  2. DM

    I’ve been looking forward to the Amazon documentary since the day they first announced that we were going to be the next club featured in it. Honestly can’t wait to watch it (well, I can, because I have 2 young kids and I aint staying up to watch it if it’s landing at 1am 😂, but yeh!). Regardless of the ups and downs of last season, I just really loved the City documentary, and the Spurs one to a lesser extent, and very very excited to see what our dressing room etc is really like! Bring it on!

  3. Tiltmode

    Today’s Patreon was excellent Pedro, really enjoyed the discussion on the tech of tomorrow. What the fuck is web 3.0?? I do wish football would innovate quicker, try things and improve systems that patently don’t work i.e var. I’d like to see VAR reviews only used when the captain says so, and you get 3 reviews a half like in tennis, not done constantly. Would introduce an element of gamesmanship to it, but still allow for decisions to be overturned if wrong, if you call for a VAR and you’re right, you don’t lose a review. Is a player offside? Dunno, ask your defender, are you fucking sure Bill, cos if you’re wrong that’s our last VAR! DRAMA, and we stop having to wait for VAR to dick about with some lines on socks or whatever it is they do now.

  4. Tom

    Been called worse.

    Re Jesus\Richarlison ………never rated the latter.
    Jesus, on the other hand, is my pick for the transfer of the season.
    Saka, Martinelli, and Eddie will benefit from him immensely, not to mention Odegaard’s assist count.

    And if I’m allowed a moment to comment on Spuds other transfers without triggering certain overly sensitive souls on here………unless they sign a creative midfer, I don’t see how Conte succeeds moving Kane up the pitch to consistently score more goals.
    Bissouma isn’t the answer.
    Perisic is a lock to start, causing our Un’s head to explode, surely……..and he improves them but not enough to significantly close the gap on City and Pool.

    Arteta’s project is two years ahead of Conte’s and I like our chances.

  5. Ben D

    Perisic is a good signing. I wish we had signed him.ibstead of the scum down the road. He improves them

    Can’t wait for Friday!! COYG

  6. andy1886

    Tom, as Sp*rs’ signings have been poor and ours exemplary (we’re reminded on a regular basis) then there’s no excuse not to finish ahead of them is there? Particularly as Conte is going to spontaneously combust mid-season.

    Real chance for third this season.

  7. englandsbest

    Judging by the fervour on here lately, we’re going rhrough the most exciting period of the football year, the summer transfer window. And still four weeks to go. And for most clubs maybe. the best is yet to come. Wow!

    I guess making top 4 will be something of an anti-climax.

  8. Habesha Gooner

    Spurs are having a decent window for Conte’s needs. Ni need to cover that up. But we also are having a good window. We need that CM/DM though. I can’t wait for Friday.

    In other news

    It is disgusting. Dude looks guilty as fuck. She wasn’t lying about him being saved on a technicality. I think he should be suspended.

    And we better start looking for a new DM too.

  9. Habesha Gooner

    Mr Serge
    I believe that too. But a police Twitter account saying he wasn’t charged because of a legislation issue isn’t the best endorsement. I didn’t say he was guilty. I said he looks guilty because she told the truth about him not being charged on a technicality. And he still has to face two more charges. A suspension with pay protects Arsenal. Let him clear the air out and he can play again.

  10. Mr Serge

    Habs they have to protect their investment and as such will not suspend him, imagine if we did that and he was not charged or found inoccent ?
    They have tanked 50m player for what if that’s the case.

  11. China1

    If he can’t be charged by the IK police why is he not being reported to the authorities where it happened? Or am I missing something

    Because if you really wanted to do whatever ET it takes to prove he’s guilty wouldn’t you be reporting it to the corresponding authorities before Twitter?

  12. China1

    Really am I missing something?

    The alleged incident happened abroad. Supposed victim waits until back in the uk to report it. British authorities throw it out for whatever reason. Girl goes to Twitter

    I have no idea what the truth is but if my summary above is correct it is pretty dubious. Why Twitter instead of actual relevant authorities?

  13. Tom

    It’s obvious to me he did what she accuses him for, but why accept 200k of hush money and then complain the police aren’t doing their job?

  14. Dissenter

    The story was not even remotely plausible
    The alleged crime occurred in Spain so why is the British police responsible for investigating it.
    I don’t even get the idea that the ‘complainant’ was used on Twitter when the said person was the one trying a case on the internet, trying to besmirch another with an internet jury.

  15. Habesha Gooner

    Mr Serge
    They won’t sack him. They just have to tell him that he needs clarity on these cases before he can play. That is not tanking a 50 mil asset. That is protecting your own image and at the same time not losing your asset.

    She apparently tweeted that she doesn’t have faith in a Spanish court where these type of cases rarely get convictions or fair enough trials. And she is reluctant to file there. And she is saying there is another woman who had accused him.

    He has 3 cases and one is thrown out on a technicality. It doesn’t look good for him.

  16. Dream10

    Chelsea are interested in signing Aubameyang
    They are looking for a striker and after the Lewandowski signing, he is likely surplus to requirements at Barcelona

  17. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t know. But victims are sometimes Vulnerable and can’t think straight. May be that is why she took the money, or her lawyers convinced her to.

    I don’t agree with social media Justice either. But she said that the police dropped the ball in trying to charge him. And they thought a legislation that allows British police to charge crimes out of the country weren’t changed. But in fact it was changed 10 days after the incident happened. And now they can’t do anything.

    The tweet they just sent out might be a consolation prize for her to let people know. And if they thought he was guilty, then he really might be. She can still file the case in Spain though.

    What really is forsure though, is that she wasn’t lying about him not being charged on a technicality. That means it isn’t just social media justice. It means she might be a victim who spoke out when she didn’t get any justice.

    Greenwood is also innocent until proven guilty. But we know what happened. And this case also is starting to have a similar feel to it. Him not being charged doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. It just means he escaped with one. I am not saying throw him in jail yet but I do seem to believe her a but now.

  18. Dissenter

    It will be the height of hilarity if Barcelona manage to make a profit off Aubameyang within 6 months.
    They got him for free on a low wage; perfect prep for a quick sale to another silly English club.

    That’s said, will be callous of Barca to sell him back to England since he moved to there be closer to his ailing mother, but we all know Barca have no class.

  19. Dissenter

    She was full of it
    The idea that Spanish police don’t take rape seriously is silly.
    Public prosecutors have their rest filled with cases and have to decide which ones meet the smell and legal standard to survive the scrutiny of a trial.

    What she did to P*** on Twitter was mob justice, if she got abuse for that besmirching then it was deserved.

  20. Tom

    Dissenter, that’s not the worst part. Imagine Chelsea pipping us to fourth through Auba’s goals ….. this place would explode.
    Pedro would need to take his spin game to another level.

  21. Dissenter

    ‘Greenwood is also innocent until proven guilty. But we know what happened. And this case also is starting to have a similar feel to it. Him not being charged doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. It just means he escaped with one. I am not saying throw him in jail yet but I do seem to believe her a but ‘‘

    Innocent until proven guilt means exactly that
    If Greenwood doesn’t get charged then it means the information that was released to the media could have been doctored or altered to start with it. It could mean things are not the way it seemed when public opinion judged and convicted him.
    It doesn’t mean he ‘dodged’ anything g, it means he’s as innocent as you and I.

    You’re describing a bizzare state where people accused of crimes can never be exonerated. Not having to go to trial because the prosecutor doesn’t think it meets standards is more exonerating that being found innocent after a trial.

  22. China1

    Personally I’m not ok with people taking hush money then complaining

    If you something bad has happened go through the normal legal system and do it properly or if you want hush money then take it and let it go. But doing both is having your cake and eating it

  23. Luteo Guenreira

    Please shut up about what happened in Spain. Let it play out. There’s no way of knowing the truth anyway. Getting riled up over every tweet like it’s gossip is no way to live. Just let us enjoy the football yeah?

  24. Luteo Guenreira

    Everyone is guilty. To some extent. That’s fucking life though innit. Don’t put your dick in sleeping people’s mouths. And don’t accept money for getting a dick put in your mouth if you want to maintain any credibility when you go public with it. It’s all fucked up right? So let’s just enjoy the football instead.

  25. Nigel Tufnel

    Forget that rubbish., it’s football season again.. finally.

    Unless something major changes or develops, that “story” is history. A waste of time to discuss.
    We move on.

  26. Dissenter

    Don’t willingly travel to Spain and have money lavished on you in 5-star hotels …share the same bed with the so called perpetrator…if you don’t want unwanted items stuffed in the wrong places.
    If both parties were really wasted from a night of heavy drinking, the yeas and nays aren’t often so clear. There are too many blurry lines and that’s why prosecutors face a nightmare in deciding what to do, same for juries.

  27. GD4

    I generally respect and agree with most of your points here but I can’t disagree more with you. Did she go on holiday with him? Did he rape her? Clearly you don’t know this.
    She is a gold digger period. She took the Money and now wants to finger point. Gimme a damn break woman.

  28. Tom

    “Don’t put your dick in sleeping people’s mouths.”

    That’s how I execute a wake up call whenever my wife asks for one.
    Gets her up in no time, unlike most other methods.

  29. Mb

    “The fans know he’s going to bang. I’m glad that it’s a bi-partisan feeling.

    Answer me this: How many do you think opted for Richarlison?”

    Sorry Pedro, but there are other factors as well. He is cheaper compared to Kane, Haaland, Ronaldo. Making first XI is the toughest in terms of money. Second, our first three games are easier comparatively, so there should be a lot of Arsenal players in teams

  30. Madhu

    So we are a day away from the start of Pl campaign. So what are everyone expectations. Based on most podcasters opinion (I listen to 4 different ones) the mood amongst fans remains the best. There is a buzz which hasn’t been seen for many years. Some.even mentioned the last time this level of excitement was during the RVP, Cesc, Nasri days.
    But at the same time I hear that Palace is goiing to be tough and we need to be sharp and a draw would be good start. For me I am not having any of this nonsense. Other than City and Pool we should.go in with other teams as favourites to win the match. There can be no excuse and we our football and show that our football and team has improved from last season. Surely top 4 should be the aim and anything less will be a failure.

  31. Dark Hei

    Well, if someone needs to go on twitter to get justice, typically 50% of the story is hidden away.

    Witness the righteous indignation of the internet crusaders!

  32. Luteo Guenreira

    “That’s how I execute a wake up call whenever my wife asks for one.”

    Haha Tom what a coincidence. That’s exactly how I wake up your wife too.

  33. Nigel Tufnel


    I’ll ask you the same thing I asked others here.

    If all the circumstances were the same, but instead of alleged P*****, but it was alleged… your brother, or your son, or your dad, would you still be making these comments?

    I doubt it.

    Let’s talk Arsenal football.

  34. Nigel Tufnel

    Message from Ramsdale to grovers:

    “people are jealous, people are fickle, people think they can do better… it’s a cop out in my opinion, you’re hiding behind a keyboard, just an easy way out for them”.

    You know who you are lol

  35. Mysticleaves

    Nigel you falling in love with Josh?

    I also don’t understand the uproar about a boyfriend making a completely acceptable (and often repeated, according to the girlfriend,) sexual move on his girlfriend when they both just came back from hanging out in a bar and were both half drunk. She said no and then the boyfriend stopped after a couple of tries. She wasn’t sleeping, else she couldn’t have said no.

    Anywhere else in the world except UK and US that wouldn’t be a case and that’s why she ain’t reporting it anywhere else except UK and Twitter.

    If I had to get a “yes, proceed” anytime I wanted to have sex from my wife/girlfriend or vice versa then what’s the point of anything?

  36. Habesha Gooner

    I am not saying he is guilty. I am sayinjg he looks guilty. There is a difference between the two. I am trying to look at ot in a balanced way. She could have been my sister too. I guess we will see when everything calms down.

    I don’t know what happened. But police literally saying what she said makes me think if it is all true. They basically said they can’t go further because of a legislation issue. I am not saying he would have been guilty, but he definitely would have been charged at had a day in court.

    Anyway, let’s just return to football. O e day to go. Do Chelsea have unlimited funds? They want Auba and they also want Dejong and Fofana too. They have already spent 130 mil on sterling, Koulibably and Cucurella. Dejong will probably take them to 200 mil. What are they looking to spend? It will be difficult for us if they get Auba Dejong and a Quality CB on top of that. We need a bit more quality in midfield. And a quality Winger if we can get it. But if not, I would just focus on the midfield.

  37. Markymark

    Habesha – if you take a balanced view of it , you wouldn’t be commenting on it at all, You’d let the courts do there work.
    Victim ( if she is ) has decided to trust Twitter over the rule of law.
    If I was attacked in Spain I’d report it in Spain. If she’s decided not to do this then I’d let it rest. It’s her decision
    Didn’t we also pick up in the press that there’s also been a level of collusion between victims?
    I’ve never victim of sexual assault so cannot say first hand how I’d feel in the situation. What I do think by continually going on Twitter she may be harming potential cases going forward , if there are other cases.
    However bad one has been impacted , taking it onto social media is usually a very bad idea .

  38. Mr Serge

    A woman scorned is a dangerous thing

    Can’t see auba going Chelsea

    Still think Chelsea have a ton of work to do but auba is not the answer for sure

  39. Habesha Gooner

    It is basically a done deal. They have agreed a fee and personal terms so it will be a matter of time. Man city were the only competition and they aren’t willing to spend that much on him. And all the major reporters are saying it is a done deal.

  40. Nigel Tufnel


    He looks guilty ?

    We just don’t need that kind of comment. Period.

    We finally have a real game tomorrow, and a still open transfer window.

    By the way…Good try on the “if he was your brother” question– but not really an answer. There’s no equivalence for the accused public figure.

    We need your comments on football man, there is a lot of stupid football takes happening on legrove… you raise the level.

  41. Pierre

    Tomorrow’s game could go either way , depending on which Arsenal turns up.

    The referee is Andrew Mariner who is not as bad as some, though he does give the impression of being a bit of a dreamer and doesn’t exactly exude authority.
    Alarm bells would be ringing if it was Tierney, Oliver or Atkinson.

    The fear factor in football is massive, away from home we do not have the fear factor, the opposite in fact, and that is why the palace game is so important, as it could define what Arsenal team we will see away from home for the coming season.

    I would like Arsenal to set down a marker for the season against palace, to make other teams take notice of what we can do to them … .the fear factor

  42. Markymark

    Habesha – witches looked guilty back in the 16th C. Tended to be some harmless old lady who knew old herbal remedies. They were burnt on pyres by the score

  43. Un


    The police are always dying for a conviction if the shoe fits. Burglaries, muggingd and theft are no longer crimes.
    Useless bunch of wankers. Useless in the real world. Social workers they are now
    They’d love a high profile collar like this. Look what they did to ched evans. They are bent and totally incompetent
    Cressida Dick gets promoted after the Jean Charles De Menes incident which she over saw
    That should tell you all you need to know about them

    Don’t even get me started

  44. Un

    Baby P’a “mother” released before 2 years after tour ting her toddler to death
    Kid had bite and burn marks all over him and nobody did anything about it until it was too late and then the mum gets a new identity to protect HER?
    Then that girl Tia Sharp in Croydon. Her body was in the loft and the police totally missed it. They actually “searched” the loft and still didn’t find her. My uncle plays golf with the guy who oversaw that. Paid off with a lovely bonus and a ridiculous pension
    In what other line of work would such incompetence be rewarded but the public sector?

  45. Markymark

    Chelsea’s new owner appears to be getting far , far to involved and it’s slapdash.
    I’m not sure who’s going to blow up first? Either the very highly strung Tuchel or the tough guy control freak Ten Bob at UTD.
    Interesting times ahead at those clubs.
    I even , just , just have a feeling that Everton without a recognised forward could pull off a very surprising result against the Chavs

  46. Markymark

    Un – you are very naive if you don’t think that incompetent bosses don’t get paid off in all manner of industries private as well as public.
    The higher up the chain you are the more likely the severance deal had been individually negotiated. The tough one I did think was harsh was the McDonald’s boss.
    These top cops you go on about have at times life and death decisions to make. The taking of their own lives is high in this profession. Look it up it’s very common place . I personally wouldn’t do it.
    In 2008 super aggressive bank bosses were getting paid off all over the shop they ruined economies whole scale .
    Such an easy trope to blame the public sector . Take the Liz Truss 10 easy speech manual away and actually have a think

  47. Mysticleaves


    Hmm, that’s some deal. Unless I am missing something, they have Chilwell who is very good and in his prime and then they have Alonso who they have reportedly blocked from joining Barcelona. How does Cucurella work? He’s not coming to play back up to Chilwell.

    Ted just seems to be living out his PS career mode fantasies cos even in FM you can’t make those kind of wild bids and signings lol.

    Also wonder what the long term future of Tuchel is. Doesn’t seem to be a plan there and he’s very touchy. I’d say we have a good chance of finishing above Chelsea and making top3/4.

    Top 2 is still a bit far but if everything comes together for us (my biggest issue is the manger) then we will definitely close to gap to levels that could give us hope for next season.

  48. China1

    UEFA will use semi automatic offside technology int he CL this season and Fifa will in this World Cup

    It uses a chip in the ball and cameras that focus on players particular body parts (lol) to provide an automated 3D live tracking of the game in a digital sense that will automatically flag offsides

    It’s about fucking time considering how much BS we have to observe on a daily basis watching VARs showing how clueless they are spending 90 seconds on an offside and ruining matches

  49. Emiratesstroller

    You know that Arsenal are regarded a serious threat this season when all the usual mouthpieces [ex Spurs, Liverpool and Man Utd] come out and belittle Arsenal’s prospects of
    finishing in top 4.

    Arsenal need to focus on their own performances this season and not worry about the garbage spewed out by these people.

    The club need still to recruit one additional quality DMF/CMF and I am sure that we will
    be competitive this season.

  50. Habesha Gooner

    Nigel, Un
    It is what it is. I am just saying my piece on it. He looks guilty to me right now. I am not saying he is though. I would like to move on from the subject though.

    Cucurella is going to be a player that they are going to use in a back three and in LWB position as well. Their dropoff in quality came from losing Chilwell and James last season. And Cucurella is a guarantee for that.

    And just now Fabrizio is saying they bid 60 mil for Fofana that got rejected. And they will go again for him it seems. Chelsea will have spent 200 mil if they get Fofana. And they will have a superior defense to anyone else competing for top 4 with Koulibably, Silva, Fofana with Chilwell, James, Cucurella, Azpilicueta (if he doesn’t go) and Chalobah. They are going to be solid defensively due to the good mix of solid experience and younger enthusiasm. And they are hoping their wingbacks make up for a lack of threat from their forwards.

    Anyway, I definitely think we need more now. Chelsea signing Cucurella and may be Fofana will swing it in their favor. We need the CM no question. A right sided forward won’t hurt either. We need to have an massive edge in Chelsea in our attack to overtake them this coming season.

    I am hoping for a Conte meltdown though. That would be fantastic after all the talk about spurs being brilliant

  51. Un


    Not getting drawn into a big debate but they are too busy handing out fines for bullshit these days instead of tackling actual crime

  52. Up 4 grabs now


    After staying off the comments for the summer, its back with a bang tomorrow.
    for the first time in over ten years i actually feel confident that we are ready to start the season, with a balanced side, thats prepped and ready to go.

    I’ve had huge reservations about Arteta and to a lesser degree Edu. but this summer window looks like outstanding work from them both, and it might not be finished yet.

    i still think we were more than capable of getting third and tanked the final stretch last year.
    but we go again and i think minimum has to be top four.

    We have very little chance of breaking into the top two, but no matter how much chelsea keep throwing bids around. (And a 31 year old koulibabily from the italian league should be a laugh)
    They look no better than us,

    The spuds who are an injury away to either son or kane from tanking arent great either.
    Richarlison 60 million plus, and we get Jesus for 45 lol
    united are banter FC and a shambles like we were a few years back!
    Tom huddlestone as player coach (if he gets a game they really have hit rock bottom!)

    For some reason i think city might struggle even with haaland coming in.
    If by some miracle we finished above them in second im ready to worship the ground Arteta walks on!

  53. The Bard

    Pierre what do you mean the game could go either way tomorrow night ? Haven’t you been following Pedro ?We are on course to challenge for the title by next year. And presumably win the CL the year after. The Palace will be cannon fodder for this Arsenal team.

  54. raptora

    £60m offer turned down for Wesley Fofana? Chavs are fkin desperate. It’s the kind of stupid money that almost secures you a top class CB like Skriniar who has 1 year left on his deal. Fofana is good but not there yet.

  55. Up 4 grabs now


    Chelsea have been so Burned by Barcelona this window stealing all there targets there throwing silly money around like they did when roman first went there. to try and secure targets now.

    back in the day it was 10 million more than anybody else was bidding, now its 20 million!

  56. alexanderhenry

    Just watched episode 1 of All or nothing- arsenal.

    Absolutely rivetting stuff.

    Arteta is impressive even though I get the sense that not everyone understands exactly what he’s saying all of the time. Keep it simple Mikel.

    Josh Kroenke seems like a mellow dude which is nice to see, but I don’t get much intensity or genuine expertise from him. I suspect his role is mostly delegated.
    I think he’s there to be a precense, and to be generally suportive of the manager and players.

    The star of the show so far is Aaron Ramsdale’s dad.

    I have to see the least impressive characters so far are some of the arsenal fans.

    I’ll binge on.

  57. Dissenter

    You’re going to live Bukayo Saka more after the amazon prime doc’. The lad looks like a teddy bear and acts like a baby teddy bear. He seemed to want those cameras to go away.

  58. Positive pete

    Pierre.Tommorrows ref is Anthony Taylor.Not sure what his record is like with us.As for a few others you mentioned,they’ve retired thank f** k.Fatty Moss,Atkinson,Dean( omg).So we’ll see..

  59. Positive pete

    Raptors. & up for grabs.What’s the bets the chavs go back in for £70 million plus on Fofana.Leicester will screw them blind.Bit like slab Maguire.Their running around in a flap,throwing the last of Romans readies around like confetti.

  60. Up 4 grabs now


    Chelsea literally are chucking bids all over the show and hoping one catches.
    Leicester will snap your hand off for that.

    Talking of Leicester, Brenda is my first name to lose his job this season by walking out.
    no new players in, schmeichel gone.
    looks like they are gonna get stripped of players, and i wouldn’t be betting on Vardy having a renaissance this season.

  61. Habesha Gooner

    Fofana is superb. He is a fantastic CB and will be very good in the right side of a 3 man defense. But 70 mil is a joke. It is desperation that is leading Chelsea to this. That is Van Dijk money. And not a lot of CBs are worth that. Even Koulibably at 31 for 35 mil was overpriced. Let them gamble though. We should go on quietly with our strategy.

  62. Leedsgunner

    Auba now being looked at by Chelsea. 😂😂😂

    Someone is desperate to burn his bridges at Arsenal. Who are his advisers? Adebayor and Nasri?

  63. Tom

    I had a vision of you and dissenter jumping for joy”

    EB, you also had visions of Haaland to Arsenal via Odegaard connection, and Arsenal spending £215m this window.
    Whatever gives you your visions go easy with that shit.
    It could be dangerous.

  64. Positive pete

    Up for grabs.Agreed.V.dependent on Vardy( now being linked with a desperate Manure!) & Schmeicle ( prob saved them 10 points a season).Lose them two ,Fofana & one of Tielemans/ Maddisson & they could be in big diffs.

  65. Markymark

    All or Nothing Strangely low key or Perhaps not due to the poor start to that season.
    Josh – I’d want him as a boss , comes across thoughtful and well
    Ramsdale’s dad needs to drop that “Smoking Cap” and replace it with a good Yorkshire flat cap . We all have the right to dress how we want but there are limits !
    Social media tweets they were showing were just embarrassing and make some supporters look like they’ve crawled out of a sewer

  66. Bob N16

    Looks like KT, TT and Vieira all on the bench tomorrow. Just off to the stadium shop to buy my son the black strip.

  67. Up 4 grabs now


    i could see Leicester losing all three of Tielmans, forfana and Madison.
    id be amazed if tielmans isn’t signed by us.
    and Chelsea and Newcastle will throw silly money at them to get the other two.

  68. DivineSherlock

    I will wait till the whole series comes out but its very tasty timing to just release it a day before the season starts . Hyped for real . Lets smash The Eagles , not gonna be easy for sure but we have Jesus .

  69. Marko

    There is a whiff of desperation coming from Chelsea this summer but in saying that if they end up with De Jong and Sesko it’ll look a whole lot better.

    As for us…no excuses top 4 is a must this season after the investment we’ve made/are still making.

  70. Ishola70

    I watched the first episode of the doc.

    Nothing too spicy or really revealing of certain characters as yet. Pretty run of the mill. So you would expect the series to ramp up a bit as it goes along.

    Up to episode three is available to watch online.

  71. alexanderhenry

    Just finished episode three.

    I watched the man city all or nothing a couple of years ago and the arsenal version doesn’t seem as revealing.
    There isn’t much shown on Arteta’s tactical approach- perhaps deliberately.
    Lots of footage of his motivational skills though.
    Fascinating stuff.

  72. CaliGooner

    If Chelsea drop 85m pounds on fofana then boehly might actually be worse then abramovic in throwing silly money around

  73. Marko

    Arteta…instead goes for a pep talk that manages to be both touching and baffling.

    First, he tells the players that, when he was a child, he had Spain’s first open-heart surgery. The lesson he draws from this is that there is a parallel between high-performance teams and the team of medics who saved his life – both are motivated by love of what they do. Bukayo Saka and Ainsley Maitland-Niles, understandably, look blank, as if they are wondering: are we supposed to be heart surgeons in this analogy? Because, honestly, that seems a bit of a stretch.

    Then Arteta draws a graph on the white board to show his emotional status after the 5-0 trouncing by Man City. He places a dot far below the X axis. “That was me,” he says. “Dead. I had fears. I had insecurity. I had the media that is killing me.” It would be unfair (though not absurd) to suggest that Alexandre Lacazette’s expression says: “Oh dear. The poor old chap’s lost it.” Granit Xhaka is, I feel sure, troubled by questions such as: what does the X axis represent? And what unit of measurement are you using to plot emotional status on the Y axis?

    But, just when you think that Arteta, like some supply teacher out of his depth, is losing the crowd, he does something sweet. He places another dot above the X axis and does some decorative twiddles around it. That is his emotional status now. You see, he says, he has been cheered up in the past week by his players’ solidarity and defiance despite a string of defeats. What could have been the end of his Arsenal tenure has become, he says, “the best week of my football career … I want to say to you guys: ‘Thank you’.”

    The guardian absolutely roasting Mikel

  74. raptora

    Lol at that Guardian writer. Not that I’m not aware that 95% of all the shit the media publishes is gonna go for the hot take, and not like I’m Arteta’s biggest fan (not at all) but we did qualify for Europa League with a 13 point advantage. The writer is allowed to trashtalk us if I could sense his worry inbetween the words. Instead I’m feeling the condescending tone and it pisses me off. Eff him and anyone who looks down on Arsenal.

  75. Ishola70

    I’ve noticed not with just Arteta but with other managers with these fly on the wall docs that they always fit in a curse or swear word at the end of their speeches/sermons,

    I’m one of the lads. A man of the people.

    “Let’s fucking do this” “This shit is on me”

    Tbf there were other managers where you were lucky to catch a word that wasn’t a swear word back in the day.

  76. Naija+soccer

    Agbonlahor calling Arteta’s methods, and playing YNWA anthem during practice pathetic is the most absurd thing ive seen this week. One is a shit pundit/bum ex-footballer and the other is a good coach on his way to being a great one.

    I know which one is pathetic.

  77. MidwestGun

    I told y’all Dodger dude would most likely be a questionable owner. He only knows baseball.. That’s how you get good at baseball as an owner you chuck around crazy money at every available free agent. As baseball doesn’t have any salary cap rules. The one American sport that does not… they are free to spend as much as they want. So this is what he is used to. And with him being new to world football.. no idea who is advising him on who to throw money at. … Maybe has a dartboard.

  78. Ishola70

    The only thing notable in that first episode was Edu’s team board which showed the positions of the players.

    Smith-Rowe was firmly in the CAM position along with Odegaard.

    That was a sock in the eye for some of those that argue Smith-Rowe’s best position is out wider rather than central.

    Edu and his team position board don’t agree with you.

  79. Guns of Hackney

    I absolutely refuse to watch a scripted and not at all ‘fly on the wall’ docu-soap drama. And not should you. Get a life.

    The knee? Is this not a subservient gesture? Never got that.

    Ramsdale. Started like the best keeper in the world, ended like a twat. Shame about Leno. I liked him.

    On an unrelated subject, I hope you have fixed rate mortgages. What am I thinking…you all live at home with mum and dad in their basement, clacking away at the keyboard, posting to Le Grove…in between Tommy tanks.


  80. Zacharse

    The Guardian has a clear anti-arsenal vibe. been there for years. i used to listen to their weekly football podcast but it just got so bad over the last few years i stopped completely.
    i watched all 3 eps yesterday, better than i thought but had no idea how off the walls MA is, assumed he was much more gruff. i think its pretty good, we’ll see where it goes. definitely gonna watch it. and the scene w the cameraman giving the team speech was not bad

  81. Guns of Hackney


    Good man. I knew you would be an outlier.

    But, you are wrong on the Chelsea thing. The new owner doesn’t need to understand football. He just needs to throw money at it. Money talks dude.

  82. Batistuta

    Reading Barceloma have agreed personal terms witj Bernado Silva. How on earth are they making all these signings and owing players there alredy.

    Also, City looking weaker if that deal goes through

  83. Markymark

    The guy Jeffries is using terms like Arsenal fans bleating. It’s obviously a demeaning term used by someone who has contempt for Arsenal or at least has an agenda . The writer uses the Lionesses to say they show the true meaning of football . I read the Guardian a lot but they do jump onto Right On movements very quickly and often turn a blind eye to flaws – examples being dreadful keeping throughout the competition.
    Ultimately he’s got an agenda and sounds a bit of a Twonk. TBF some posters are coming back at him.
    I think Barnay Ronay would probably do a better summing up. Shame he didn’t get the gig

  84. Crimson

    What a silly world we live in.
    Arsenal is the passion that I cherish. A truly beautiful thing. We are now in the middle of something good. Pocket your little squabbles and pointless misdemeanours. We love this club! Pessimistic or optimistic. When Saka kicks the ball in the green grass to kick the season off, we should have hope.