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Well, how are we all doing today? Good… exceptional you say?

Superb, let’s get cracking.

There’s another teaser for the Amazon doco that has caused a mild stir.

Firstly, let’s explore the fear that this will be bad for Arsenal.



Amazon is a serious company with outrageous financial muscle. One area they are powering in on is content. Live sport is basically all that has kept SKY afloat over the last 30 years. Premier League football is why households up and down the country pay £100 a month for their box. You think Amazon is looking at Premier League rights as a way to sell more toilet rolls?

All or Nothing is an elite franchise. They work with clubs all around the world. They get mountains of data on who watches it, what their consumption habits are, and whether they buy Spurs bog roll after watching Jose Mourinho.

When you make content with people you don’t own, you tend to want to make more.

Real Housewives was a client of mine. BRAVO owned the talent. They could cycle people in and out of shows because the SHOWS were the product. I sat with reality stars that were like ‘I AM NOT THE PERSON THEY SAY I AM’ but the truth was, you are whatever that network makes you out to be because there are always going to be another 50 people who would step in.

All Or Nothing doesn’t have talent. The talent is the clubs that agree to allow documentarians behind the scenes. What do clubs care about? Not looking like dickheads. Image is everything to managers, execs and footballers. Careers are short, jobs are hard to come by, you need to look good. So knowing that, when Amazon comes knocking, what do you think execs do? They go and watch the City, Spurs, and Chivas series to see how they were portrayed.

Also worth noting that All or Nothing also doesn’t need to be salacious to sell. Football fans would tune in to see Ramsdale lipread. The producers don’t need to kill careers to get eyeballs on the show AND the objective isn’t all on ratings, it’s data, and getting the next series commissioned.

Has any club been embarrassed? No. Fuck me, even I fell in love a little with Jose Mourinho, you think that was an accident? No. The editors went out of their way to make him look pleasant because he’s not a pleasant guy.

Now onto the scene people are critiquing.

The gist is very basic.

Arteta put speakers out on the pitch and pumped high decibels YNWA onto the training pitch to get the youngest squad in the Premier League used to playing away at the home of the best team in the world.

By any standards, that’s a pretty innovative idea based on the tools he had at his disposal for that game.

The base premise is simple: anything you can do in preparation to make your players feel a little more at ease is worth trying.

Before Presidential debates, candidates will hire in journalists and pundits to roast them.

Before pitches when I was in New York, we’re bring in senior arseholes to rip our decks apart with challenging questions to see if we fell apart.

In a new HBO documentary, a social scientist called Nathan Fielder rebuilds replica sets of people’s lives to help them practice navigating tough issues in their life… like admitting to a lie.

This is a marginal gains move, it cost nothing, it was worth a go. Did we win? No. But honestly, why does that matter? If you are the type of person that thinks trying new things is only worth it if you succeed, you probably aren’t succeeding that much in your life.

Give me a coach trying new shit to gain a little, at the very least, it shows the squad that the manager is extremely focused on winning, at the very best, you’ll win more games because your players will feel like they’re getting some of that edge.

Looking under stones and doing mad shit is how you succeed in all walks of life. Hedge fund data nerds studied flight paths of CEOs. If they were booking flights the day before earnings, statistically, they worked out that it meant that a good quarter was incoming. If there was no private jet, it was bad times. Some were using Starbucks car park data to predict consumer sentiment, if the car parks were filled, people were feeling luxurious, if they were passing on coffee, belts were tightening. There are companies that have apps that force people to rate their colleague’s effectiveness in meetings to drive productivity… imagine that? I’d be fucked. ‘He was tweeting again.’

You can call these ideas ‘cringe’ but what you are really calling cringe is having a crack at something new and that would make you a bore.

Onto transfers.

Lucas Torreira looks set to exit to Turkey. Galatasaray has apparently found £7.5m and the word is that we’ll now make moves on Youri T.

Good times.

Bernd Leno is going to Fulham. The package breakdown is… sad.

What yah gonna do? If there’s no market for him, there’s no market for him. We will regret his exit if Aaron Ramsdale doesn’t find his early season form, but all indicators so far are we won’t be doing much defending, and his game is BACK.

There is talk that Hector hates life at Arsenal so much, he’s asking for a termination. DON’T DO IT. We should let him leave for free and put a 70% sell-on clause into his deal so we don’t get mugged by Betis.

Pablo Mari is going to… AC Monza. He’s a handsome man. But that was as far as it went for his career. He wasn’t fast enough or very good positionally. I’m glad we exited him.

Smith Rowe is OUT of the Palace game this Friday, but he’ll be back in full training next week. To be expected. I really hope he can be kept fit this season. But again, it does flag why we’re looking to add another winger to the mix, he is unreliable fitness wise and I think we’ll be lucky to get 30 games out of him this season. PROVE ME WRONG.

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173 Responses to “ALL OR NOTHING: WHY IT’LL BANG”

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  1. Samuel

    Tricky game on Friday, wish ESR could stay healthy. I think going forward in attack, his ceiling is higher than Saka even though Saka is the better overall player by some distance.

  2. Pedro

    Zach, exactly why you should treat players with respect. No good having a senior player at a club against their will

  3. Mr Serge

    It’s good we are doing business and selling these players instead of clattering the squad with inadequate talent, good luck to ten hag and Tuchel with their 10 plus players doing the same at their respective clubs

  4. englandsbest

    Oh, for the sweet simplicity of the past! Does anybody behave NATURALLY anymore, or are we all PR-ed into behaving as we should- which today apparently means a brainwashed customer. You get the feeling you are watched night and day, an open book to the page turner.

    But I’ll tune into All or Nothing knowing that I’m one up on them anyway, a dead duck all ready, a committed customer, an Arsenal fan. who can catch them out at their cunning tricks.

  5. Nigel Tufnel

    I made a simple comment that at this very moment ESR is our 3rd winger only behind Martinelli and Saka.

    Not a terrible situation with 5 subs and 4 competitions.. (unless he can’t stay fit for 90 minutes).

    Then this response from these 2 :

    PierreAugust 2, 2022
    “Right you’re not getting it though lets just say hypothetically we bring in another winger and he’s not a pile of shite and on top of Martinelli, Saka, Vieira, Gabriel and Nketiah in the front 3 how could he not suffer minutes wise.”100% correct
    The writing would be on the wall for smith rowe.

    Why bring strikers into the equation? Or Vieira? We don’t know how he’ll be used anyway…
    ….and then the hypothetical winger you want to count also? Why try to make it seem so bleak for the Smith?

    Just to bring some doom for Emile? Or to make it seem Arteta is hurting him somehow?

    It’s opening week.. stop with the rubbishing of everything.

    I was talking about 3 players for 2 positions. Simple. To be just behind Saka and Martinelli in pecking order is not insulting, because they’re also supremely talented.. opposing managers drool over them… and they definitely have earned their starting positions over Emile.

    Plus you’re living in your own little world with Pierre if you think Smith Rowe is taking Ødegaards spot.

    I’ve got some bad news for both of you, Captain Ødegaard isn’t going anywhere if he’s fit. So keep dreaming of Erikson, Pierre, with tears in your eyes.

    No offense to Emile, but he couldn’t put in half the km’s of work that the Captain does.

    Last question … Is TR7 the clown that keeps saying that Ødegaard runs around but doesn’t know how to press? Or work off the ball? .. the guy who leads and directs the press ?

    Where does Pedro recruit these geniuses?

  6. Jonnygunner

    ESR’s only ever going to be held back by his fitness…or lack of. His ability has never been in question- I just hope he doesn’t turn into another Jack Wilshere.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    According to Ornstein we have agreed a transfer fee of just £3 million + add on of £1 million
    if Leno plays a certain number of games and then additional fees only if Fulham stay in

    I could have understood a modest fee of £8 million up front but not this kind of deal.

    Leno is an international class goalkeeper who played regularly in first team until last season. He was not long ago ranked in top 10 goalkeepers in major club football.

    The idea that we buy Turner an unproven goalkeeper for £6.5 million and sell Leno for
    such a low fee raises some very serious questions about Edu’s negotiating skills.

    Arsenal would have been better off keeping Leno until end of his contract and not buying a
    new goalkeeper. The money would have been better spent on an outfield player.

  8. Dissenter

    Have you considered, in retrospect, the possibility that we overpaid for Leno
    Leno has run his course. He’s a good shot stopper and sucks at everything else.

    He looked decent at a time when we were conceding shots like crazy but he has no new levels to his game.
    There s a glut of too-well-paid older footballers in the market, hence his liw fees.

    We need to stop these lamentations about player being sold for too cheap because we don’t consider the wages the buying club has to factor into the purchase and the lack of other suitors willing to pay more.

  9. Dissenter

    Turner’s transfer fee was just less than £5 million, to rise to £7.5 million depending on add-ons.

    I would have preferred a premier league ready goalie that could challenge Ramsdale from day one but the ones that got us Ramsdale [and Runnarsson] thought otherwise.

    Until Turner proves himself to be a poor keeper, there’s nothing to worry about.
    He’s played at least three pre-season games with the club, mainly with the rotating defenders and he’s been okay so far.

  10. Madhu

    I really don’t understand Torriera motivation as a professional footballer ending in Turkey at the ripe.old age of 26. Not getting adjusted to London is BS. There is serious issue with such a professional football. As a professional football if you ambitious then you suck up and do your job in a short career. Not sure what is he going to achive by going to an lowly 13 th placed club in bottom tier of European leagues. Good that we got rid of him and would have to seriously question his recruitment in the first place. I wonder how is he going to for in Istanbul when he a Cosmo London. By the way I have visited both places and I know for sure which one I would prefer.

  11. Dark Hei


    I think Leno deserves a nice send off. While he was here, he did his shift even as a number 2.

    High wages and all likely means we won’t cash in on him.

    Likely also we are doing him a favor to let him stay in London.

    If only we had that common sense when dealing with Koscielny.

  12. Madhu

    Hei Torriera let himself to a position where he was not.needed by making statements about life in London bla bla. Offcourse you will never be comfortable outside of your home environs. Why become a professional sportsman when you know you are likely not be in your home environs. Just can’t understand him. Does he think he will be comfortable in Istanbul now.

  13. Zacharse

    Have to say i thought mari would do better. He was on a brazilian team that narrowly lost to liverpool in the club championships and i thought he’d wind up how holding has. Rough to have another outgoing window like this, probably a bit weird for some of the players…

  14. MidwestGun

    I guess I need to see the video.. but pumping loud music into.. practice facilities to simulate crowd noise during practice has been done by the NFL for decades.. they also do it in basketball practices, it’s not that new or innovative and it definitely is not that controversial. Surprised if Arteta would be the first to do it in football.

  15. Emiratesstroller


    Are you suggesting seriously that Leno is not a better goalkeeper than Turner?

    Turner has been recruited as the understudy of Ramsdale. For the money which is being paid for Leno I would have kept him for the remaining year of his contract.

    I would have been equally tough with Bellerin. The club must not be consistently held to
    ransom by players and prospective clubs. I am fairly sure that both Fulham and Real Betis
    would have found the money to buy both players if they did not believe that Arsenal would
    not capitulate so easily.

  16. Dark Hei


    “Better” is a relative word.

    I don’t think an unhappy, unmotivated Leno is going to be “better” than a Turner who wants the little bit of game time available to prove himself. You keep Leno, you will shoot yourself from both sides. Plus Leno did well to us last season so that has to be a consideration.

    Bellerin is different. BUT, I don’t think he is trying to screw the club. He is likely negotiating with Betis on his salary so that he is able to play for them. We will see, but not all negotiations are the same.

  17. Nigel Tufnel

    I’d say it’s wise to take an idea that’s working in other sports, in different countries, and using the idea as a possible help in our game.

    It’s not new or controversial, as Midwest said… but if no other football club has done it before, why not give Arteta some credit for being the first, if he is.

    I also heard last season that Arteta was trying to push the club to take some fan friendly ideas from la liga, like allowing fans in the stadium earlier before games, and a few other things.

    There’s nothing to criticise about trying to improve things. Maybe even give a little credit for effort. Just a bit.

  18. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    Leno is a professional footballer.

    There is no evidence that he was a prima dona and threw strops, because he was no longer
    first team goalkeeper.

    For the record he played in the EPL game against Aston Villa in March which we won 1-0.
    That was for the record the last game of the season where Arsenal did not concede a goal!!

  19. China1

    Leno mari and torreira all gone/virtually gone. That’s good progress and the prices (whilst low) are tolerable. I think it’s positive and I hope we have a few more outgoing. Bellerin needs to bring us a transfer fee or made to rot in the reserves. Nuno is on loan (good). Balogun is nearly off on loan (good).

    We’re getting there. Nelson and niles are remaining questions. Who else from the senior squad? I don’t think we’ll shift any other midfielders this summer

  20. Luteo Guenreira

    If 1) Tielemans or another CM does come in and proves to be a big upgrade on Xhaka and 2) more importantly if Thomas can stay healthy for a full season while not letting any off field distractions affect his level of play….you feel like Arsenal could do some real damage this year. Crazier things have happened. Excited for Friday and hope we don’t get a huge letdown to start the season. Not that one loss or draw dictates our entire year but a win will really help carry this positive momentum and you have to think there’s a good chance the team can get to September with the full 15 points if we can get all three posts against Palace.

  21. China1

    I think Arteta blasting YNWA at the training ground was a good idea. What’s the worst that could’ve happened? No benefit? Nothing lost in a worst case scenario

  22. China1

    I always like to see people trying new ideas. It’s how progress is made. If it doesn’t work you analyze why not and then either refine that idea in a way you think will work next time or if the evidence suggests it’s not worth it, scrap it.

    It’s all useful experience

  23. Pierre

    Nigwl tufnell
    “Plus you’re living in your own little world with Pierre if you think Smith Rowe is taking Ødegaards spot.”

    In case anyone believes the shit that Tufnell writes ,,here are my 2 comments from yesterday regarding smith rowe/ Odegaard

    “I’m not sure i can see Arteta dropping Odegaard for smith rowe anytime soon , not in the league anyway.”

    “Smith Rowe and Eddie are waiting in the wings to grab their chance so Martinelli will need to perform as Saka , Odegaard and jesus are the nailed on starter”

    Looks like another apology from Nigel Tufnell is forthcoming as he has history of making himself look a prick.

  24. kjelli

    The game on Friday will be a tense affair with all the expectation of the fans resting on players
    minds, but we should be able to keep a clean sheet and harass them upfront

  25. Jonnygunner

    China1August 3, 2022 06:13:44
    I think Arteta blasting YNWA at the training ground was a good idea. What’s the worst that could’ve happened? No benefit? Nothing lost in a worst case scenario

    Well, everybody’s knocking around in trackers and baseball caps, so it just completes the Scouse look….

  26. Habesha Gooner

    I think we did Leno a favor for years of service. He absolutely wanted to stay in London and we gave him what he wanted in terms Fulham could adhere to. Otherwise this deal makes little sense.

    I also have no problem with Arteta trying a crazy idea. It didn’t work the first time. But we handled the occasion well until Tavarez gave Jota that 2nd goal. And we drew them away in the league cup with a man down in our 2nd visit to Anfield. Fans of other clubs might criticize the approach because they want to shit on Arsenal. But I admire his willingness to try something out of the box to get more out of his team. I feel failure is lack of trying to improve and lack of ideas rather than the idea not working.

    Some fans have criticized the fact that he was vulnerable and he told them abou the game he faced as a player and he couldn’t play well because the occasion got to him. They felt it was weak leadership. But I think it is positive. Players relate to it. And they understand where he is coming from and his relationship with them.

  27. Useroz

    Saving wages or not, we got ro stop giving away players who worth some half decent money in the market.

    A Germany national team no. 3 goalie with anple EPL experience going to Fulham? On these terms?

    Just don’t repeat it for Bellerin. We ain’t going ro be able to negotiate any meaningful player sales in future.

    Hindsight,… may be Edu shouldn’t be so forthcoming in divulging our approach to getting rid of unwanted players in the recent interview. The whole market now learned that we are prepared to terminate contracts (and not just for Auba type) and giveaway players….

    These players aren’t top notch perhaps and the market hasn’t exactly been booming but we definitely left quite a lot of money on the table when moving on players in the last few years.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    I accept that there are players who are for a variety of reasons unsaleable or we are forced to
    sell for peanuts.

    However, Leno and Bellerin are two players who should not be included in that category. They have both played regularly in Arsenal’s first team and are respectively in the right age bracket.

    I hate to suggest it, but does anyone believe seriously that Levy who handles transfer business at Spurs would have allowed these two players to leave the club for such paltry deals if he was in charge at Arsenal.

    As a club Arsenal have gained a reputation for buying players for well above market value
    and selling players for peanuts. Everyone knew at the start of this window that we needed
    to offload something like 10-11 players.

    Some who post on here suggested that we should earn at least £70-80 million from sales. On
    the other hand I suggested that Arsenal would be lucky to get £30-40 million in the current
    transfer market.

    What I did not anticipate is that we would receive just £3 million for Leno. The add ons are
    dependent on games played [just £1 million] and the rest on Fulham staying in EPL. Pope
    who is a similar standard goalkeeper went to Newcastle for £10 million. I doubt that their
    deal was framed in such a way.

    Arsenal have still on their books at least six to seven unwanted players ie Runarsson, Mari,
    Bellerin, Torreira, AMN, Pepe and Nelson. On current evidence I doubt that we will receive
    upfront more than £10-15 million for these players.

    Every club on the planet knows the score if they are offered these players.

  29. Markymark

    Arteta should have arranged for someone to nick all the hubcaps / wheels of the players cars. Maybe randomly punched one of the players in the gob.
    Simple method of replicating the Liverpool experience. Job done!

  30. Jonnygunner

    MarkymarkAugust 3, 2022 08:43:12
    Arteta should have arranged for someone to nick all the hubcaps / wheels of the players cars. Maybe randomly punched one of the players in the gob.
    Simple method of replicating the Liverpool experience. Job done!

    And a Greggs……a bookies…

  31. Pierre

    First game of the season can sometimes provide surprise scorelines/results and the palace game may be one of those games.

    We could catch palace cold and impose a heavy defeat on them .
    We must be going into the game with confidence sky high, lets see us ping the ball about with speed and look to break them down early before they have a chance to settle into the game..

    Alternately, palace put a player on Partey as they did last season , then bypass him and use zinchenko or go through xhaka if he has become such an important player.

    If Odegaard struggles to be an influence on the game due to the physicality then give smith rowe or Vieira a go (if fit).

    If Martinelli is not making an impact, bring Eddie on.

    Guaranteed if Saliba makes a mistake, the Arteta disciples will see it as a sign that he was right to loan him out last season …..that’s how it works on le grove.

    Although a defeat v palace will not be the end of the world, it will put doubts into the players mind.
    Fortunately, we have a very winnable run of games that should see us close to the top after a dozen games….7 home and 5 away .
    Teams will struggle to contsin us at the Emirates

  32. Markymark

    I think the comments someone said about buying badly hold true . If you buy over priced the low sale price always look far worse.
    It also appears the tides gone out on player fees which has actually allowed us to buy Jesus at 45m. The Vlahovic transfer fee looks really prohibitive now , when previously looked par for the course.
    Chelsea and Man UTD are going to have massive write offs. Makes ours look pretty tame.
    TBH players sales value is really an owners issue. You can I suppose some sort of line to ultimate success of the club but it’s a bit tenuous.
    I don’t get why some people get so exercised over it. I think it started with the sale of Anelka and the seeming genius of how it payed for the training facility upgrade or some such PR. UTD were never held up as creating player but ultimately were more successful

  33. Aasim

    Hate fookin bellerin. Woke ass fake cunt, couldn’t perform for shit and focused on everything other than football and has since been a royal mop. Fuck his types. Same with AMN. Fuckers like these need to learn how to give a fuck and try.

  34. Ishola70

    Arteta did what?

    I would say that’s being a bit too obsessed with an opponent.

    You are putting the opponent on a high mantle playing their anthem over and over again to the players.

    Roll into town and turn them over.

    Fvck their sickly sweet anthem.

    We need arrogance and swagger to return to this club at some point like in the days of Henry and Bergkamp.

    Playing your opponents anthem to players doesn’t fit that.

  35. Ishola70

    Guys Liverpool is such a frightening place to go that I am going to get you acclimatised to their cauldron.

    Fvck that.

    You are losing the mental game with them straight away.

    You are elevating them right from the off.

  36. Madhu

    Regarding player purchases, i think we should have some internal high limit say 50 M beyond which unless the player is at the level of a Mbappe or Haaland etc we should just walk out of the deal. There are plenty of players in the world below 50M who are hungry and waiting to explode. We would do well to invest in such players and have considerable resale value as well.
    Iam still not able to understand Torriera’s motivation as chosen to go to Turkish league from Arsenal without even giving a hint of a fighting for his place. He couldn’t even have the heart to fight with Elneny as a backup for Partey. What a waste.

  37. DigitalBob

    Only two more sleeps guys!! Can’t wait!

    I liked the whole playing YNWA at training thing, nothing wrong with the attempt at all.

    I doubt the amazon doc will be anything but good PR for Mikel and Arsenal. As Pedro said it seems the managers always come out looking good because they’re the ones that have the power to ok the cameras into the inner sanctum that is the dressing room.

    I would have loved an all or nothing showing the invincible season or even any Man Utd season with Fergie!

    In terms of transfers, the Leno move to me is effectively a free transfer, that really is a pittance for a keeper of a good but not great standard. I’m just glad we’re not having to contribute to the wages for any of these outgoings.

    Tielemens looks like it might happen this month, which is great, hopefully Saka and Martinelli signing new deals is also on the horizon. I see we are still being linked with Sane, maybe this one is contingent on Pepe, Reiss and Marquinhos(loan) leaving before the end of the window?

  38. Mysticleaves


    I think you’d find out that it was Arteta that told Torr in very certain terms that he wasn’t needed “from the start”.

    Torr only alluded to “suffering in England” after he made it clear that he wasn’t wanted by Arteta initially. And we saw it play out too.

    Under Emery, no one knew that Torr didn’t like England because he was important, playing and strutting his stuff every where he went. Heck he even gained cult status esp after his Spuds master class. All went to shit as Arteta took over. He immediately benched Torr and Guen for no reason whilst installing world class Xhaka back into the team.

    So blame Arteta as much as you blame Torr

  39. Mb

    I’m with you, Ishola. Fuck those cunts and their YNWA shit.

    Northbanker – probably fake, nothing on Ornstein twitter timeline as of now

  40. Mysticleaves

    Yea. I immediately thought that once Liverpool learnt they had that psychological advantage over us then the next match at Anfield will be twice worse in terms of atmosphere (from the fans) and arrogance (from the players).

    That sort of thing you never ever let it out. It’s a shame

  41. Mr Serge

    LT AMN and Bellend are all self obsessed little mooches man up and do your best to play for a massive club
    Talent with none of the balls to fight fuck em

  42. Madhu

    Mysticleaves – fair point, as much as i blame Arteta, its down to the player to make up their career. Going from Arsenal to Turkish League at the ripe old age of 26 is bizarre. What is to be noted is that he is not considered a flop by any means. His insistence of being able to play only in Italian League didn’t help him much. Then he wanted to go to LiverPlate. Whatever it is as a professional sportsman if you lay out your cards so openly its always a dangerous proposition.

  43. Markymark

    Not sure all or nothing will bang – more like a comedy piss take I suspect that lots of supporters of our rival clubs

  44. Mysticleaves

    Jenks and Frimpong begged all they could to play for Arsenal. As far as the coach want you, fuck your professionalism. For me, I don’t blame Torr one bit. Arteta didn’t and still doesn’t want him.

    If wanted Xhaka, so he went all out and had one on one conversations with him. Practically begged him to stay. So there’s that.

  45. Tom

    Can we stop pretending all Arsenal players bought pre Arteta were shit and damaged goods in one form or another?
    I couldn’t care less about a single player Arteta sold and for how much ( Leno included) as long as Kroenke keeps bankrolling new transfers, but the hypocrisy of some is just over the top.
    Leno was the bees knees they argued only two seasons ago, and now they are glad we are saving his wages while shipping his unworthy ass off to Fulham for bag of Doritos.

    Seriously, you couldn’t make it up.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    Torreira was never of the quality required at Arsenal. That was also borne out at Athletico Madrid.

    He may have played better at Fiorentina, but Serie A is a weak league once you exclude the
    three major clubs. Torreira is a mid table player in that league.

    We paid £27 million for a player who no-one else in Europe is willing to spend £10 million for. If he goes to Turkey we will be lucky to get £5 million up front whatever the notional
    transfer fee is. I doubt that we will get more than that from them.

  47. Ishola70

    Torreira wasn’t a poor player when he first arrived at Arsenal and he was playing every week.

    That’s just re-writing history.

    And Emery playing him further forward for a period because of his pressing attributes shouldn’t have seen the player de-rail.

    The problem with Torreira was a lack of mental fortitude and willingness. Torreira decided he didn’t like England.

    And it seems from that point on he has never truly recovered as a player.

    Can happen.

  48. Bob N16

    Not comfortable with a lot of criticism going Bellerin’s way – a lot of it feels like it’s more to do with his off the field choices, veganism, fashion-choices than football reasons.

    Arrived at 16 in 2011 and has spent many years with us. No evidence of him not giving a sh*t, quite the opposite. Sadly he joins the long list of players who never reached their full potential due to injury. Sure he’s been well paid but we only had to pay £450k for him. Frustrating that we’re struggling to get a fee for him but look around it’s the way it is at the moment. He is being paid well over the odds for what he contributes and most clubs can’t afford him.

  49. Ishola70

    Bellerin was a strange one.

    He was rated high as a youngster and looked promising.

    Then he started to get erratic in regards consistency of performances.

    Even when fans were labelling him as trash near the latter end of his Arsenal time he still put out some good performances.

  50. Dark Hei

    Bob N16

    Same here.

    I don’t care too much for his Wokeness but the femboy did put his best foot forward during those early years. You got to respect that.

    At one point he was one of the best RBs in a stacked division and he got his contract because of that.

    He hasn’t gone on strike or made stupid interviews to the press. He has also made himself available to go on tour. If you want a poster boy of a preening peacock, go see CR over at United instead.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    I watched most of Arsenal’s games at home when Torreira played. He was and is a very average player.

    For a start he is too lightweight for the DMF position, which explains why he was moved
    to a more forward role. Realistically he lacked the skill base to play in another position.

    The fact that no other club in Europe is prepared to pay £10 million for him is a clear pointer
    of his commercial value.

  52. Goobergooner

    Markymark 8:43

    That’s a good laugh


    “Guaranteed if Saliba makes a mistake, the Arteta disciples will see it as a sign that he was right to loan him out last season …..that’s how it works on le grove.”

    So true

  53. Ishola70

    That’s not true ES.

    Torreira was contributing positively to the side when he first came in.

    He was very much part of the unbeaten run that Emery went on in his first season.

    This lightweight jibe is throwaway and strawman.

  54. Emiratesstroller

    The test of Arsenal’s status as a club and the quality of its squad will come when one of the
    major clubs in Europe make a serious offer for our players.

    My concern at the moment is that Saka is running down his contract and there does not appear to be a new contract on horizon.

    The only player in last 5 years to have joined an Elite Club is Aubameyang and he went to
    Barcelona on a free at by all accounts a much reduced financial package.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    As I pointed out to you Torreira moved to Athletico Madrid and he was dropped from their

    I doubt that would have happened if he was of the required level.

    Torreira is a very average player whatever you may think about his time at Arsenal.

  56. Ishola70


    You have not been reading what has been said.

    Torreira was an unhappy player and lost his appetite to previous at the end at Arsenal before he left for Atletico Madrid.

    When he first signed for Arsenal he was contributing positively to the side. Anyone that denies that is being economical with the truth.

    You can argue that him leaving Arsenal and going to Atletico Madrid should have seen his appetite come back but it didn’t to the extent that we saw when he first arrived at Arsenal.

    Can happen.

    Torreira was not good enough for Arsenal for the reasons stated above.

    But to completely rubbish him as a player and completely overlook the contribution he made when he first arrived at the club is being a little churlish.

  57. Matt B

    The low selling price for Leno was likely to have been impacted by the very early purchase of Turner. Everyone knew Arteta didn’t fancy Leno and that he wanted out and with the arrival of Turner, we had absolutely no leverage.

    We could have played our cards a little closer to our chest and maybe got another £1M or so…

  58. Positive pete

    Looks like Torreirra up to his old tricks.Apparently having second thoughts on his switch to Galatarasy.Rumoured Italian clubs to make late swoop.You know what that will be.A half eaten shit sandwich & a bottle of piss.Little toe rag.
    As for YNWA being pumped out at training I’m with Ishola on that.Sends wrong message.Get the idea but……….. Also adds grist to the mill of c** ts like Agbonlahor on talkshite who hates us as much as o’Hara.And bigs up the dippers.Another opportunity to have a dig at us.

  59. Markymark

    Leno’s distribution was poor and he was bullied at Brentford.
    We have to look who was in for him. If you’re the only team in town then you can set the price .
    Imo the biggest mistake of Arteta’s reign to keep Leno over Martinez

  60. Positive pete

    So sales of the straglers so far is amounting to Leno & Mari.Bell end & Torreira can’t be trusted/ guaranteed Take your pick.AMN ,Pepsi.Zilch.

  61. Dissenter

    Remember when Pedro was going after the other Basque head coach [whom we shall not name] because he allowed the Arsenal bus driver to give a rousing team talk pep talk.

    Guess who allowed the Arsenal photographer to address the squad before w a key game?
    The other Basque manager.

  62. Positive pete

    F** k me.You couldn’t make it up.Joe Rodon from Spuds to Rennes.£16.5 million.We can’t get 16.5p for our dross.

  63. Dissenter

    If anyone knows any club that would have paid more for Leno
    Come out of the woodwork and let’s know, don’t be shy now.

    The market is what it is, can’t sell to imaginary bidders on blogs like these.

  64. Tony 2

    Afternoon guys. Just watched another teaser from all or nothing. In it MA lets the club photographer to give the team talk b4 the speerz game. I kid u not. Rumours that Doris the tea lady is gonna give the talk on friday night b4 CP are yet to be confirmed

  65. Mr Serge

    I really liked the city one the spurs one was a bit boring
    I also enjoyed the juve one
    Let’s see what our one brings I am not worried we all know how last season ended

  66. Dissenter

    I remember when you relentlessly mocked another manager for daring to invite the club’s coach driver to give a pep talk. You acted like it was heresy.
    You were told at the time that it’s standard practice for coaches to break monotony by having outsiders address the team from time to time. Even the dinner lady who’s made the food for decades can have. role in motivating the team.
    Now we see that Arteta did the same.I bet you’ll call this elite management but you ought to be reminded you once thought it was rank comedy.
    This is not a hit on Arteta by the way, he was just following time honored approaches.

    What say you now?

  67. Marko

    The market is what it is, can’t sell to imaginary bidders on blogs like these

    I mean Liverpool are doing pretty well getting 18 million for Neco Williams and 13 million for Minamino not to mention City getting 30+ million for a backup LB. I mean why not sell Leno last season when it was clear that Ramsdale was favoured?

  68. Dissenter

    Neco Williams is in the same category as Willock…and we got got money for Willock

    Liverpool bought Minamino very cheap, one of the byproducts of their recent successes, I.e. success breeds success. It was easy to double their money on him.

    We overpaid for Leno to begin with. Let’s not pretend he was ever a top keepers. It only took a few months of Martinez to make us realize what Leno was.

  69. Un


    I called Leno in his first month in the team
    The day he dropped that low cross vs Liverpool whe we outplayed them and cost us the win was the day I knew

  70. Marko

    I don’t know if City will be regretting selling Zinchenko if they’re still actively trying to address what has been a problem position for them for a few years.

  71. Mysticleaves

    “Guess who allowed the Arsenal photographer to address the squad before w a key game?
    The other Basque manager.”

    Diss, you couldn’t make this up. 😂😂 Waiting for how Pedro will spin this one 😂

    Something along the lines of “you don’t know people that work at the club…”

  72. Mysticleaves

    Ishola well done for calling out Emirates Stroller on his revisionist views re Torreira. Ultimately didn’t work out for us but not because of a lack of talent.

  73. Nigel Tufnel

    Ishola criticising Arteta for the attempt to try something new in training… Wow


    I expected him to say good effort Mikel.

    This is not predictable at all.

  74. Ishola70

    I’m a little concerned that although the squad and team undoutedly looks better in quality regards the players this coming season we may still fall a little short of the lofty expectations we have due to still not being mentally strong enough.

    This YNWA escapade and hearing all the time that Xhaka is leader is giving me these doubts about the team.

    We will see.

  75. Ishola70

    Tuffers Champagne Charlie?

    “Ishola criticising Arteta for the attempt to try something new in training… Wow”

    Well a fair amount have agreed that it was a bit wet of Arteta to do that.

    One said he doesn’t mind while others said it was not right.

    Of course you vehemently take the other stance.

  76. Un

    Ishola is bang on about Torreira
    Had real quality and was able to stand up t the heat teams in te league under emery until he was pushed forward as a defensive 10
    Never recovered after that
    Real shame
    Always liked his bite and tenacity

  77. Dissenter

    Yea, I think blaring YNWA during training was laughable, in retrospect because you just can’t replicate Anfield with speakers. It’s like piping in fan noise during the Covid empty stadiums.

    It’s even more funny that Mikel went to poke the bear by getting face to face with Klopp at Anfield.
    There wasn’t any strategy to it.

    The prime series will have equal measure of awe and of course, chuckles.

  78. Nigel Tufnel


    Nice comment on sales. I’d only add that we all watched these players come in, and often be not good enough, like Kolasinac, and even Leno technically too.. many others as well.

    Then there are guys who can’t cut it in Artetas system in terms of work rate and pressing.

    I just thank goodness the owners are willing to bite the bullet as we get to a really good squad now.

    I love reading the lot of you amateur technical directors complaining we should’ve got more in fees. Given all Edu’s resources, you wouldn’t get a pound more.

    If you believe otherwise you’re deluded. I expect that’s a lot of you.

  79. Mysticleaves

    Oh and someone should have a word with “leader” Xhaka. He had a shot at the captaincy and blew it. He shouldn’t really be doing talks when the players huddle. It’s the job of the captain m little posturing for the cameras still have fans decieved as to his “worth” to the team.

    Odegard is the captain now not Xhaka.

  80. Matt B

    Nigel: As I said earlier, there was a strong possibility we could have got more for Leno had we been a bit savvy and that goes for others too.

    We’ve bought very poorly in the past and whilst Edu/Arteta are very good at buying, selling is embarrassingly poor…

  81. Ishola70

    This YNWA episode also ties in with Xhaka screaming at the players on the pitch “We are frightened” when we played them at Anfield.

    Stop signifying to them this fear.

  82. Positive pete

    Tony 2-No relation to “ smug Tony”?.Anyways ,with regards to Doris.I think she’ll inspire the team on Friday with promises of custard creams & choc digestives at half time if we’re 2-0 up!She really ought to be first name on the coach.

  83. Markymark

    Nigel – I agree , basically do you hang on to half a team who are probably moaning or get rid and quick.
    Josh and Stan will have priced this in. I don’t get why people get sooooo stressed over it. If it stopped us buying players I’d get the point but in reality we appear to have had the best or at least most active transfer window in the last 10 years

  84. Markymark

    Got the feeling 10 Bob might blow up at UTD. Playing the tough guy in the media might work to a degree but when he’s publicly saying things aren’t good enough in the media after each setback he’s then tied to that if it doesn’t improve. Rollicking internally , supporting externally usually tends to work better with players.

  85. Chrispy

    I’m not sure why we’re so bothered about the revenue we’re generating for either below average players, basket cases or short contracts remaining. Its not our money.
    If the owners aren’t happy, Edu will be out and its not stopped some pretty strong squad investment in the last few years.
    Its not our money! its not OUR money! its NOT our MONEY!!!

  86. Zacharse

    well at least we haven’t sent romelu lukaku on loan! we haven’t given away pogba on a free and our highest earner can actually score goals so i think we’re going to be alright

  87. Nigel Tufnel

    Pierre is worried that if Saliba makes a mistake, some people will say that LAST YEARS loan was a good idea. Who cares?

    Some people think that already, and some people think he should’ve been kept here. I lean towards the loan being good, but it’s not a big deal either way honestly.

    I like how it’s ended up. With us having a great, versatile group of CBs right now.

    That’s all that matters.
    Ignore people who want to re-hash old rubbish like last year’s loans. The team is moving forward.

  88. Nigel Tufnel


    Arteta basically was handing the starting job to Martinez, Emi says he didn’t trust that… but that’s BS.. he didn’t have the self confidence to play with a solid, well known keeper on the bench trying to win his job back.

    He took the safe choice by leaving. He’s a great keeper, and he had won the job.

    Arteta was making the big call to replace Leno in his favour.

    I’m happier with Ramsdale. I like where we are now.

  89. andy1886

    Blimey, back on the site and the first thing I see is Nigel ‘hating’ on ESR. Thought that disqualified you as an Arsenal fan?

    Next shock is that Nigel can’t see the hypocrisy between Emery being slated for letting the bus driver give a team talk and Arteta being called innovative for letting the photographer do the same.

    Dear oh dear.

  90. Chris

    I’ve only just seen the YNWA video/clip thingy.

    I don’t mind myself but can see why it would invite ridicule as banter is rife in footy fandom, but I had to chuckle at the mock up doing the rounds on social media, playing the scene from the Office where David Brent was playing Tina Turner at the motivational seminar. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself!

  91. Chris


    “Next shock is that Nigel can’t see the hypocrisy between Emery being slated for letting the bus driver give a team talk and Arteta being called innovative for letting the photographer do the same.”

    Glad someone else remembered this! Emery was roundly crucified for that on here, another stick to beat him with when he was failing on his own accord anyway.

    Seems the line between insanity and genius is measured only by success!

  92. Nigel Tufnel

    “I’m making a prediction we’ll be looking to sign up a new number one inside two seasons.”

    I’m making a prediction. Marko will be wrong, and he’ll be denying he said it inside two seasons.

  93. Ishola70

    There is obviously a football managers handbook going round concerning such things that has been passed between themselves.

    Arteta flicked through the same handbook that Emery had his grubby hands on previously.

    I think it’s something to do with inclusivity.

  94. Zacharse

    i don’t understand what the issue is w ESR. Are his champions feeling as though he couldn’t beat out competition for minutes because of Arteta? or is it preemptive like pierre thinks with the ‘writing on the wall’ or whatever. I personally think he won’t be getting more than 2000 minutes including europa, i think he should have plenty of time to show his value and its not like arteta hassn’t seen him play well when he’s in the groove. But he really was shocking at the end of last season, more than many players he went totally missing for a long spell. I think its only natural he works his way back in when there’s an uptick in his play. It’s not totally out of the question that his mind isn’t fully focused, he is still young. I think he’ll be with us a long time and will eventually turn into a monster goal scorer, but I’m not sure he’s there at the moment

  95. Ishola70

    Marko may not be a hundred miles away in his concerns regarding the keepers.

    I don’t totally disagree with him on this one that it has no chance at all of happening.

    But I did disagree with him before when he was very defensive about Leno previously.

  96. Nigel Tufnel


    In case you’re not understanding.. you are the one who is predictable. I wasn’t referring to any poster but you.

    I’m sorry it bothers you that Xhaka is a leader in the team. You already don’t enjoy Artetas success, so I’m glad you won’t enjoy something else as we’re all going to be loving this season. Enjoy your misery complaining about a TV show now every week, as well as our club.

  97. Zacharse

    I think the pressure got to him at the end of last season. Think he needs to make himself undroppbale come novemeber/december when we need another goalscorer to step up into the xi. i could see marti hitting a wall after a few months anyway, same w saka – then there’s WC ffs

  98. Tom

    “Blimey, back on the site and the first thing I see is Nigel ‘hating’ on ESR. Thought that disqualified you as an Arsenal fan?”

    Andy, no, you’re only disqualified if you’re ‘hating’ on Arteta signings, or even players rumored as of interest.
    “Hating” on Wenger and Emery era signings is still cool.

  99. Ishola70


    Don’t spoil yourself now.

    I criticise and show positivity on here as well. Both aspects.

    Where did I say I won’t like this documentary? The bit where Arteta decides to signify to Liverpool that we are fearful of them no I won’t like that part but I’m sure there will be plenty of bits that will be enjoyable and interesting.

    And yes Xhaka is a cock. Very wary of this leadership tag he has.

    Hopefully the players individual qualities will be enough to see that Xhaka’s “leadership” is not too heavily leaned on.

  100. Nigel Tufnel

    Yeah Marky,

    We’ve been a little bit spoiled by the owners lately.. eating losses, backing the project with enough cash.

    Writing off these losses seems much smarter than continuing to pay salary …. look at Chelsea..Bakoyoko, Barkley, Kepa and more on Chelsea books, for example. Is Kepa still there ? Just read he’s under contract till 2025 estimates from 8-10 mil in salary on top of 70 mil fee. 7 year contract hahaha. He hit the lottery. Set for life.

    Nobody on legrove looks at our club in relation to our rivals. Just the cynical microscope treatment given to our business.

    We’re also removing dead weight from the equation. We’re going to have a more trim squad of players of the correct profile for our style of play.

  101. Nigel Tufnel

    Smith Rowe will do well as our 3rd winger. Lots of subs for those 2 spots and competitions for him too.

    If he can’t stay fit, or give 90 minutes of pressing, the manager will just have to try to get production out of him when he can, like last season.

    I’m just saying don’t blame the manager because Martinelli wins the job consistently.

  102. Bob N16

    Zacharse ‘I don’t understand the issue with ESR’ – he was carrying an injury. Not too difficult to understand, surely?

  103. Ishola70

    Tuffers posts are becoming slightly familiar to me from a previous poster.

    Not blantantly so but a little in tone. We wouldn’t want to let the mask slip too much would we.

    But if it is Charlie I commend him for his more reserved demeanor from previously.

    And if it isn’t him Tuffers is slightly like him.

    Samesong thought it was Charlie as well.

    Stop being a little bit like Charlie Tuffers lol

  104. benkind

    Dissenter, once I saw that video I remembered Pedro’s jibe at Emery for allowing someone else give the pep talk. Let us see how he spins it.

    2 more days to the season start, so much excitement. With the amount of lengths Arteta has gone for Xhaka I am going to be shocked if we sign Tielamens to replace him. I have made my peace with the fact that our starting midfield is Xhaka&partety. We did our business early, players had Preseason, all changes to 1st 11 are premier league proven (Jesus abd Zinchenko). So, expecting a bang and 12 points off our first 4 games.