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Well good morning to you ALL!

The Lionesses, amirite?

What an incredible win. Against Germany. In front of a record crowd of 87,000. With an extra-time winner that didn’t look like it was going to go our way.

I don’t watch a lot of women’s football but that certainly inspired me to do so this season. Will this be a tipping point for the game in general? Will that success create household names like the Women have in America? Hopefully. I was at a conference recently listening to football owners talk about the Women’s game and they said there is a path to profitability and you will see massive growth over the next 10 years. That is superb news, it’s taken a long time, I hope those players are revelling in what they just achieved. MAGNIFICO!

Right, onto The Arsenal.

Lucas Torreira finally exited Arsenal for a whopping £6m. Matt from the podcast made a great point, it’s not that we’re bad at selling, it’s that we were terrible at buying. LT exiting means that every single signing made by Sven Mislintat has exited. No diamond players in that batch, were there?

Gone too soon or gone too late?

Ben Knapper has been pulling strings like Vanessa Carlton. Flo Balogun is NOT going to the Premier League, he’s heading to Ligue 1 to replace Hugo Ekitiké who moved from Reims to PSG. I like this move. I’m not sure Balogun would make the starting 11 at many Premier League clubs, so it makes sense that he goes to an easier league that allows BIG talents to flourish. Hopefully he finds goals, gets a bit of culture, and comes back a very confident player next season.

Nuno Tavares made his debut for Marseille, got sent off almost immediately, had the decision overturned by VAR, then put on a masterclass of attacking play. If Igor Tudor can coach him this season, we could have a really tasty left back next season. Nuno might come to slot in for Kieran Tierney who I suspect will exit next year.

The slowest most inevitable transfer of all time, Youri Tielemans, still hasn’t moved. This is what Brendan had to say.

“There is that possibility (he leaves) but there has not been anything for him, we haven’t had any approaches to the club yet on that. Of course it is in the back of the mind, that sort of what if scenario, but he doesn’t want anything to drag on either”

That sounds like a ‘pull your faarking finger out, Arsenal’ type of message. I would love to see a midfielder before Friday, doesn’t feel like it’ll happen if there hasn’t been an offer yet.

There’s still no news on the winger we have in mind to do what we wanted of Raphinha. Coady Gakpo’s name has been ringing around the internet, the tall wide player has all the raw ingredients to succeed, and at £22m, it might be a gamble worth taking. What do you get tho… Marc Overmars or Ryan Babel? I kind of think the winger will be someone that has NOW special sauce. Not a player we’ll need to wait a year to reap rewards.

… but, I’ve been wrong plenty of times before.

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  1. TheBayingMob

    >So arsenal ‘s record sale is 34 million for Oxlade Chamberlain

    Oooof. Nice to get one over on the scousers tho … here you go, have a crock from the Wenger crock era

  2. Gunnershabz

    I think arsenal want to. Get rid of few numbers before going for tielemens if Leno torriera go this week that frees up space but it seems tielemens head been turned

  3. TR7

    A listless, rudderless and hopeless Iwobi for £40M was the most stupendous piece of business from Arsenal in recent times as far sales are concerned. Ox for £35M was a good deal too. Can’t think of many other great sale deals.

  4. Ishola70

    Nothing on Tielemans.

    All hot air.

    We didn’t need his type of midfielder anyway.

    We needed someone to slot in Partey’s position.

  5. Matt

    Goodbye and good riddance to Torreira. Average midget and meek as they come. How that guy has made it has far as he has in professional sport is beyond me.

  6. jonny comlately

    No way a deal gets done by Friday if at all. Edu and RG are fing annoying! Stringing TMans along is BS!
    We need him like NOW! Rise Up Arsenal fans and say something FFS!

  7. Habesha Gooner

    Agree with a lot of the post. Fair deal for Balogun. And there are few buyers from lower teams in Europe, so can’t complain about fees for the likes of Torreira.

    I may be the only one but I don’t want Gakpo now. He is left sided and he is from the eridivisie. We aren’t short if we keep one of Nelson or Marquinos. It would have to be someone top class to come in for me. Otherwise we should keep Marquinos and give him a run out or give Reiss another chance.

    I also believe the Women’s football commercial potential has a ceiling. Most Men who are fans of football won’t watch it because they are used to watching more fast paced, physical, and more skillful games.

    Most women aren’t in to sports to bring in the money either. Bill burr (the comedian) recently was making some jokes about this and the WNBA. He makes some points. Women watch reality TV more than they watch female sports. And that is where the money goes. Women’s football will grow. But it will hit a ceiling that it can’t pass.

  8. Habesha Gooner

    I hope there isn’t more competition for Tielemans as we drag our feet. He is a quality player. If there was a demand for CMs this summer, he would have gone by now. Liverpool, Chelsea, and City don’t want a CM this summer, United do need one but they can’t let go of Dejong so far and Spurs chose Bissouma. From abroad, Bayern got Gravenberch for cheap and are now trying for Laimer, Madrid chose Tchouameni and are looking for Ruiz on a free next summer, and Barcelona got Kessie on a free, PSG went in a new direction with Vitinha. And these are the only teams that can pay the 30 mil Leicester want. Anyway we better hurry.

  9. Graham62


    The growth of the women’s game has been immense over the past ten years.
    Of course, physically, they will never be able to do what the men do but the skill set is there and I think it is wonderful that young girls can now also aspire to be professional footballers.
    Bravo to our Lionesses!
    It will be interesting to see how the financial aspect of the game changes as attendances increase and the commercial aspect of the game changes.

  10. Markymark

    Torreira Really seemed to dislike England . Obviously you don’t know how you’ll settle in a country but you do wonder if red flags were there
    Never really got the Mstinlat hype . The dude appeared to be able to have a fight in an empty room. Always seemed ready to have a meltdown. Not missed I’d say

  11. bacaryisgod


    Sven left Arsenal in February 2019. Saliba joined July 2019. There were 8 signings under Sven:

    Auba: On balance a successful signing that ended very badly

    Leno: Quality keeper but might be a better fit for a club like Fulham. Not a failure of a signing though.

    Mkhitaryan: We should have sold Alexis for heaps instead of essentially paying 35m for Mkhi who has to go down as a flop.

    Sokratis: I loved our Desperate Dan lookalike and he wasn’t insanely expensive but we got him on the back-end of his career. Below average signing

    Guendouzi: Good talent ID but headcase

    Torreira: Decent talent ID but a cultural mismatch and too exploitable in the Premier League

    Mavrapanos: Still too early to tell how good he will be but low risk/low reward signing.

    Lichtsteiner: They brought him in to provide character and experience to the dressing room but he was too much of a liability. Flop.

  12. bacaryisgod


    The hype was justified from his work at Dortmund. There he was able to buy low and sell high. Probably banked Dortmund over half a billion in profit.

    The problem at Arsenal is that we don’t have the luxury of having players develop and mature in the same way. They have to usually deliver right out of the gate against better opposition.

  13. bacaryisgod

    The best thing about Sven was that he wasn’t Raul Sanhelli.

    At Dortmund he bought Dembele for around 12m and then he was sold to Barca for about 100m. Who was in charge at Barca? Raul Sanhelli.

    Mislintat had a largely unsuccessful spell at Arsenal before leaving. After he left, Sanhelli pushed through the 72m deal for Pepe. Interestingly enough, Raul was also in place when we got Saliba for 28m. Looking back now, you would think the transfers would have been the other way round.

  14. Matt B

    Women’s football is a different game, great for them, I’m pleased that it has taken off, but I have no interest whatsoever.

    Disagree about Mislintat’s signings being average — he bought potentially very good players that we could afford. They just didn’t have the right profile and were sold by a manager who couldn’t and was unwilling to try to get the best from them.

    I have some belief in Arteta, but please Pedro, don’t be disingenuous/revisionist…

  15. Ishola70


    “I hope there isn’t more competition for Tielemans”

    lol what competition?

    Rod-gers has already told you.

    No-one in for him.

  16. Ishola70

    What a fvcking embarrassment in hindsight now that the club ever hired Sanhelli.

    lol some on here were labelling him “the don”


  17. Positive pete

    Word on the street is that Leicester want £40 million .Arsenal only want to cough up £20 million.Leicester hoping a bidding war if Manure turn attention away fro De Jong( though Savic is said to be plan B)Question is who will blink first or compromise.Anyones guess.

  18. englandsbest

    All hail the girls, made my Sunday.

    Like most, I guess, I was looking for differences (apart from their anatomy), and it seemed to me that if they fall it’s usually backwards onto their bottoms whereas with guys it’s usually forward onto their arms.

  19. Ishola70

    Paying nearly 30m for an 18yo was very Sanhelli.

    And of course the less said about the 72m forked out the better.

  20. Habesha Gooner

    Rodgers wants him to stay. There might not be anyone in for him now but as deadline day approaches, he will be a very good opportunity if teams miss out on their targets. He is a very good CM at 25 years of age. And after you sign him, his value will instantly be 40 mil+ just like spurs have done.

    It is the same for AMN and Reiss for us because they have a year left. We have to sell and Leicester have to as well. They will be opportunity for some teams like Tielemans will.

  21. Ishola70


    “but as deadline day approaches, he will be a very good opportunity if teams miss out on their targets.”

    You see this is what I don’t get.

    If he is as mint as some say on here why is it going to take deadline day for clubs to take an interest in him? To get an even more knock-down price? That’s not a great reflection is it.

    And going in for him as a secondary target for some clubs? Again doesn’t fit in the mint does it.

    If he was mint he would already be at his new club with his new team-mates settling in.

    Mint players get snapped up quickly even more so in last year of contract.

  22. Ishola70

    The supposed 40m asked would have already been shelled out by now if Tielemans was mint.

    You want 40m for this mint player? Here it is.

  23. Nigel Tufnel

    Ishola on Tielemans:

    Hasn’t looked at his tackle stats, pressing ability, or the fact that he plays deep about a third of the time for Leicester.

    But of course shit on him anyway because he’s been linked closely with Arsenal. Need to practice the abuse you reserve for our guys.

    Same way you treated Ramsdale and Ben White no doubt when they were linked, right? I wonder what you said about Tomiyasu at first? Pedro knows, I’m sure.

    Sorry he’s not an exact copy of Partey, I know your imagination is limited.

    I guess you were just looking at his goals videos on youtube, you wouldn’t understand his pressing or tackling.

    By the way, read Positive Pete’s comment explaining the Tielemans situation.. as I’ve said, they’re asking a stupid price, and our guys are doing their job.

    We’re not Chelsea and United who hand out blank checks because we’re desperate. We have a plan and have been executing for months.

  24. Ishola70

    Why do I need to look at his tackling stats Tuffers?

    We already had this discussion before.

    Number of tackles doesn’t always equate to meaning a good tackler.

    Tackles can be clumsy, late, unconvincing but they all go down in the tackling stats numbers.

    You should know that watching Xhaka all these years.

    Watch the player instead of pouring over sheet numbers.

    Why has no-one paid the supposed asking price of 40m for this very good player?

  25. Mr Serge

    Tielemans improves us a bit savic from lazio improves us a lot I don’t mind either but would prefer savic

    We need one of them asap, I really don’t trust Xhaka

  26. Mr Serge

    Bacary is correct saliba was not a diamond eyes buy

    God I hope the lad signs and kills it, I am in the Pete camp really think he will sign up 5 year deal 100 k a week and take whites position he is one of the best young guys I have seen in many a year, can’t wait to see him in the flesh next month

  27. Ishola70


    No we’ll wait to see to get him for 20m.

    I’m sorry but this just doesn’t happen with supposedly very good players.

    They are picked up at their supposed asking price if they are truly valued with a host of clubs sniffing and bidding right from the start of this summer.

  28. Ishola70

    Mr Serge

    “do you not think Tielemans moves the needle in midfield for us ?”

    It’s not worth it even for the knock-down 20m.

    We’ve got Viera, we got Smith Rowe, we got Odegaard.

    Tielemans isn’t a very good all round midfielder. His best attribute is getting on the end of moves or combining in the final third.

    Smith-Rowe can do that.

    I’ll be surprised if Arteta signs him.

  29. Dissenter

    ‘ Tielemans isn’t a very good all round midfielder. His best attribute is getting on the end of moves or combining in the final third’

    I agree 100%
    I was ecstatic about Tiellesman after his first half season loan at Leicester. The more I’ve seen, the more I understand why we preferred to spend lots of money on Vierra even though he was cracked than pay for Tiellesman.

  30. Ishola70

    And remember if he comes cheap as some fans want that usually means he is put on a big wage.

    Cheap transfer fee for an established player = big wage.

    We are not talking about a young player here who is new on the scene.

    He will want a big wage. Too big.

    It’s not worth it.

  31. Mr Serge

    I kind of agree with that as we have not even see vieira play he could well be our long term 8 this is why I prefer savic that guy is a beast of. Player

  32. Ishola70

    I think Tuffers is of the idea that I am rubbishing Tielemans just because we are supposedly linked to him.

    Well that doesn’t add up because when we were first linked to both Jesus and Zinchenko this summer I was positive right from the start about both of these players.

    You don’t have to be right on and rave about every player we are linked with.

    You can pick and choose who you think will be good signings and those that are not such good signings.

  33. Nigel Tufnel

    Quote of the week

    “Tackles can be clumsy”
    – Ishola (on ignoring tackle and pressing by Tielemans).

    Anything can be clumsy, including your excuses for being wrong so often.

    You didn’t even know he often plays deeper midfield, did you? You’re a joke, to come pontificating like an expert analyst.

    But I ain’t gonna waste more time defending Tielemans, unless he becomes a gunner.

    Mr. Serge,

    I’ll take your word and that of some of the other good posters that Savic would be better for us. Would be a serious show of intent to add a 50+ mil midfielder at this point…. I could get behind that.

    I’d become a big Josh fan.

  34. Why I Gunna

    If we got Savic I’d think we’re very outside chance of the title. Of course Xhaka would be pissed but I could live with that

  35. Nigel Tufnel


    If Tielemans comes we’ll see how he does. I do trust our clubs talent I.D. lately, and their plans on using new players.

    I can’t wait to see some Fabio, but he might need some time to adjust. The encouraging thing was his performance against Liverpool, but that can be tougher over 38 games.

  36. Ishola70

    The problem with you Tuffers is that you think everything the club does is faultless.

    That we never make a bad signing.

    Of course we know that’s not true.

    Arsenal can make good signings and not so good signings like every other team on the planet.

    I am fully aware that Tielemans has played deeper. Just because he has played deeper doesn’t mean he is very good deeper. As said before his best attrinute is actually combining in the final third.

    For what it’s worth I don’t think we are even seriously in for Tielemans. It’s just hot air from the media.

    And of course if we don’t sign him then you will lose interest in this very good player Arsenal should sign very quickly.

  37. Ishola70

    I like Savic as well but I don’t think Arsenal will be adding anymore midfielders now.

    We’ve got Partey, Xhaka, Elneny and Lokonga, Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Vieira and Zinchenko can also play there.

    It doesn;t look like Lokonga is going to be loaned now does it. None of the others are going to be miraculously sold are they.

    We’ve got eight bodies for midfield. Arteta is likely to see that as enough.

  38. Nigel Tufnel

    Well that’s a fact, if a player doesn’t come to Arsenal, all Arsenal fans lose interest in him.

    You think we’re going to follow keenly every player we were linked to?

    Was that supposed to be some kind of insult? lol

    I forgot about Raphinha in about 12 seconds.

  39. Southern Slide Tackle

    Agreed Ish. Hard to see additional Midfielders coming in. Seems we are more likely to get a winger and only if a good opportunity presents itself and not some older player that costs hundreds of thousands of pounds a week.

  40. Ishola70

    Why I Gunna
    “Sad days Ish as we could do with seriously improving the quality there”

    Well because Torreira was sold some thought that may mean one coming in,

    But Torreira was surplus upon surplus.

    You don’t give a one year extension to Elneny unless you think he may be involved in some games at some point.

    Lokonga not being loaned out.

    So the midfield looks about set for this season really.

  41. Madhu

    Offer AMN and Nelson/Pepe for Tielmans and Gakpo to drive the price and get the deal done if they are the targets. Another addition to forward line minus Pepe is must. A CM would be welcome luxury so pls let’s close the buying asap.

  42. Why I Gunna

    Ish, I don’t have a problem with Elneny playing minutes here and there, or early rounds of cup competitions but to rely on him for more than that is asking for trouble.

    People keep mentioning playing Zinchenko which is fine in mf but what’s the chances of both Partey and Tierney being injured at the same time? I wouldn’t want to take that bet on

  43. Zacharse

    really depends who we get off the books at this point. not a lot of logic in arguing over moves until leno, torr, and bell have all left the building. nobody is spending money on amn this summer, ditto reiss, its what it is. close to 200k off the books when those 3 leave i think, a possible loan for nelson somewhere in holland…
    i think we see at least one more purchase before the end of the window

  44. Madhu

    Zach throw Nelson in a deal with Gakpo and get a 5 M off. Some value due to his work on loan in Dutch league

  45. jwl

    La Provence report this afternoon that a delegation of disgruntled Marseille players which includes captain Dimitri Payet have asked for a meeting with club president Pablo Longoria over their dissatisfaction with new manager Igor Tudor’s methods.

    The former Hellas Verona coach came in at the start of the summer in the wake of Jorge Sampaoli’s shock departure, with the Argentine unhappy with the progress that the club had then made in the opening weeks of the transfer window.

    Sounds like bad situation for Tavares right now, hopefully the squad/manager fix relationship and Nuno have successful loan.

  46. Dark Hei

    “Offer AMN and Nelson/Pepe for Tielmans and Gakpo”

    Why would the other party contemplate something like this.

    Are we assuming the other party is just a bot vendor from a computer game?

  47. Pierre

    I’m not sure why anyone is concerned about Tierney getting injured as i can’t see him getting a game.

    Zinchenko already looks a class and a half above Tierney as he strolls through games with ease, whereas Tierney always had a look of anguish on his face as he gasped for breath.

    Zinchenko’s first touch(vital) is exquisite and has superb balance on the ball , the more i see him the more i like him, same with Jesus.

    Martinelli looks hungry , sharp , pacey and aggressive with and without the ball , i would say he is doing enough to keep his place in the team , though you get the feeling his final decision making at times could be better, i can see him scoring and making goals with regularity , having Zinchenko behind him will help in that respect.

    Smith Rowe and Eddie are waiting in the wings to grab their chance so Martinelli will need to perform as Saka , Odegaard and jesus are the nailed on starters.

    Where does Vieira fit in , it has to be as replacement for xhaka , although the Vieira highlights show that he has a devastating killer ball from Odegaard’s position on the right, would be a shame if we don’t see what Vieira can really bring to the team playing inside Saka.

    I hope Arteta sends the team out to blitz palace in the opening 20 minutes, i would imagine the same 11 will start ..

  48. Habesha Gooner

    “No one wanted to sign Tielemans so he isn’t very good isn’t a great argument”.

    Teams have different needs. And that will dictate whether someone will try to sign a player.

    “””””””Tielemans isn’t a very good all round midfielder. His best attribute is getting on the end of moves or combining in the final third.”””””””

    This isn’t correct in my opinion. His best attribute is his ability to pass between the lines. His through balls are fantastic. And I agree he isn’t an all rounder but he is very good offensively. He can shoot, he can pass, and he has vision to a very high level.

    And he is much better than the likes of Xhaka in physical attributes too. He is better at tackling. He might not be better at interceptions because he plays forward but I would trust him to hold his own than Xhaka.

    I agree that Savic is better. But he is also 27 and would cost 60 mil according to rumors. It is such an Arsenal thing to not sign players that can obviously move the needle for us. I was shocked to see a lot of fans complaining about Jesus not being good enough too just like Tielemans.

    How many CMs under 30 are better than Tielemans? Not a lot I reckon.

    Pedri, Bellingham, Savic, Barella, De Jong, Veratti, and may be Kessie, and Ruiz and it is debatable for the last three. These are the CMs that are better than Tielemans under 30. There are some prospects like Vitinha, Gravenberch and the like but they haven’t played to the same level as Tielemans yet. And I don’t consider the likes of Rice, Tchouameni and Camavinga as CMs because their main attributes are breaking up play. They are defensive midfielders.

    So should we not want a player that may be in the top 10 CMs in the world for under 30 players?

  49. China1

    Pierre yeah who knows about the plan for Vieira

    Jesus and zinchenko are the players who add something obvious to the team but I’m curious what we have in mind for Vieira. If he’s going to be used as an 8, that’s an interesting and extremely aggressive move as he’s presumably not the best defensively but would be press resistant and excellent at breaking between the lines and unleashing the more advanced players. More than happy to see him given a chance there

  50. bacaryisgod

    Sorry Ishola but I think Tielemans would move the needle for us because he would be an upgrade to Xhaka. He might not be an ideal back-up for Partey but let’s not forget how sneakily good Elneny was for us over a number of games last season. If Partey is indisposed, we could go with Xhaka-Elneny, Xhaka-Tielemans or Elneny-Tielemans and while that’sno match for having Partey, it’s still a decent set of cominations in CM.

    The one thing from Tielemans that impressed me was in a games where Leicester were down. He was working his heart out and even tried to get the crowd fired up. I think he’s got a winning mentality and would be a great addition to the squad.

  51. Un

    If you’d have given me a choice between Vitinha and Vieira I’d have gone for Vitinha. I’m surprised he’s gone for vieira as he’s so similar in style to Odegaard whereas Vitinha plays deeper and moves with the ball at his feet more. I’d have thought his skill set is the one thing missing from this team right now. A highly skilled dribbler in tight spaces is the one attacking asset we don’t have.

  52. bacaryisgod

    As for the question why no-one has stumped up 40m for Tielemans. It might just be that he has already agreed personal teams with us and that he’s doing a ‘Bellerin’ on Leicester. Now, I agree that if Man U or Chelsea stepped up with a big transfer fee and a good salary for Tielemans, he might take it but there doesn’t seem to be too much happening on that front right now.

  53. Bob N16

    Good post Pierre,

    I think Zinchenko plays all important games. I do think that if we have injuries in CM then if KT is fit they’ll be a temptation for Arteta to play Z in the middle. The present system allows Zinchenko to tuck in regularly anyway. What a player!


    From what little I’ve seen of Vieira, he has two quick feet which allows him to operate in tight areas. He looks slightly quicker than Odegaard in the first 3-5 m, who lacks a little pace. Vieira can operate where Odegaard does but I think he’ll play RW as a sub for Saka to start with. More technical excellence like Zinchenko.

  54. Un

    For the record I think vieira looks like he could be a top to top player
    I just prefer Vitinha’s footwork in tight spaces
    Not many in current world football with such skills

  55. Habesha Gooner

    Vitinha looks good in the compilations. And Campos rarely misses when acquiring such type of a talent. But he didn’t make any impact at Wolves. So there is that. I love those type of technical CMs though. Veratti is my favourite CM in recent years because no one can press him at all. Vitinha is a bit different. He is more a Modric look alike interms of profile with driving runs and the long passes.

    I think Fabio Viera will surprise a lot of people this coming season. All you have to do is watch 5 minutes of his first touches and how he passes to know he will be fantastic for us. The only thing I am worried about is the physicality of the PL with him. He has got football intelligence in abundance though. I think we are more likely to see him play wide as a rotation for Saka and at 10 when we rest Odegaard.

    I love our squad of technical players though. ESR, Odegaard, Zinchenko, Viera, Partey all with immense technical ability. Haven’t had that since the Santi Cazorla days.

  56. Un


    Not complaining about signing vieira at all
    He looks the bollocks and I can’t wait to watch him grow and strut his stuff I just think we are missing a skilled dribbler in tight spaces
    That little bit of jack, Santi, hleb

  57. TR7

    If Santi could play no 8 for Arsenal then why can’t ESR or Viera play there ?

    Now that Odegaard has been named Captain of the team his place in starting line up is more or less guaranteed. I think Xhaka’s spot in the team is up for grabs and once ESR and Viera return to fitness there will be more and more pressure on Arteta to fit them in our starting line up. Even Zinchenko is a contender to replace Xhaka.

    May be we don’t need another 8 at all. A CDM and a back up for Saka are probably the two positions where we may need new signing.

  58. Ishola70

    Bacary I would be all for Tielemans replacing Xhaka in the further forward position Xhaka is operating in now because as Habesha and myself say he is a better offensive midfield player than he is all round midfielder.

    What I don’t agree is when I read he could replace Partey in the side if he goes missing.

    As said before I think it is unlikely now that we add another midfielder anyway as the numbers indicate that the area is sufficiently covered wirh no chance really of any of these players moving on in the summer.

    But I do still find it strange that no clubs are bidding for Tielemans and leaving it so late if they do. That indicates not placing great value on the player wanting him for a knock down price.

    May have something to do with his wage demands. He may think he is actually better than he really is and is asking for superstar wages.

  59. Un


    I expect Emile vieira and Odegaard to occupy those positions but eventually one of the 3 will likely leave unless ESR can usurp Martinelli, which looks unlikely right now but I really hope he can put these injury niggles behind him and continue his early season form from last year because those goals from midfield are a huge asset and personally I just love smith Rowe as a player and what he brings
    Either way, we are well stocked with quality, technically proficient attacking players and solid ball playing defenders. I’d say 1 more big signing in midfield and this team is ready for a title fight.

  60. Ishola70

    If Tielemans wants a big pay day move for himself then maybe it makes sense if he stays at Leicester and plays out his last season.

    He can get even bigger wage going on a free and also we all know most EPL clubs are not poor. They will dig in if necessary if they feel the fee being offered is way below their estimation of the player. 20m or keeping a player they see as important to them for one more season. 20m isn’t going to see most EPL clubs jump to the deal if they really value that player.

    And I don’t know why Rod-gers would blatantly lie when he said no clubs have bid for Tielemans as yet.

    It may be that Tielemans and Leicester have come to some agreement that Tielemans has been ok with. You stay one more season and get a bigger wage when you move on for the free transfer next season and Leicester benefit for one more season themselves by keeping what they see as an important player.

    Have Leicester signed anyone this summer that is an obvious Tielemans replacement? This can be an indicator in whether Tielemans will play out his last year at Leicester.

  61. Habesha Gooner

    I am not saying Tielemans is the best there is. Savic is clearly better and if Dejong was available, I would take him too. I genuinely wanted Bruno Guimaraes in January. He would have been a top signing. And he is an all rounder unlike Tielemans. I agree about some of Tielemans weaknesses. He is sometimes sloppy with his long passing and he isn’t a dribbling CM. But given the market, he would be a great acquisition at 25 to 30 mil.

    We genuinely need an upgrade on Xhaka. Anyone that’s much better than him in that role would transform our midfield. Xhaka to his credit has done okay over the past season. But if we had some one really good there, we will be smashing teams.

    Anyone better and I am all for it. I would have taken Zinchenko as the CM if it meant Xhaka had some real competition for places. I don’t care who but anyone from Savic (for the right price), Paqueta, Tielemans will do.

  62. Habesha Gooner

    Chelsea getting closer to Cucurella. I am very surprised that City didn’t want to meet the asking price considering they sold Zinchenko to us when they didn’t have to with 2 years left on his deal. And they have recouped a lot of money on sterling and Jesus too. They will sign someone else but it won’t be anyone better than Cucurella or Zinchenko either. Very surprised they have weakened themselves. 50 mil shouldn’t be an issue to them considering they paid that for Walker, Cancelo and Mendy too in the past.

    Chelsea want him as a backup CB and someone to compete with Chilwell. They will be better offensively if they get both Cucurella and Dumfries. Part of the drop off of their attacking stats is because they lost James and Chilwell for the most past of the season. Their attacking improvements might come from fit and ready wingbacks.

  63. Ishola70

    Some on here are portraying Tielemans as not only good offensively and he is bright offensively but also very handy playing deep as well dictating the midfield.

    If you have both of these aspects to your game as a midfielder and to good levels then you are an absolute top of the range player.

    The big clubs would find a way to accomodate such a player. They would pay the 40m and gave him his big wage.

    I think the truth about Tielemans is that he is very bright offensively but there are question marks about him as an all round midfielder playing in a deeper position.

  64. Tony Ikpo

    ARTETA is doing an excellent job of restoring Arsenal to her rightful position as a top football club in the league.

    The signings thus summer window have been phenomenal. We can see a definite plan shaping up. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Arsenal challenges seriously for the title to his season.

    Interesting weekends ahead.

  65. Positive pete

    Habesha.Looks like Barca in for chav target Cucerella.Hilarious if they nab him to.on top of Raphina & mounded.The other chat targets.The chavs learning the hard way of life after Roma;.Superb.Even though I can’t stand Barca.
    If their is eventually an agreement between Leicester & Arsenal over Tielemans.I’d expect it to be late in the window & around £25 million with poss add ons.B4 the final year raised its head as a problem for Leicester,their valuation was £70 million plus.

  66. raptora

    I bet Zinchenko will become a fan favorite in literally no time. Guy is a baller and a half. Totally underrated and comfortably among our best players. Tierney will not start many EPL and important EL games this season.

  67. Habesha Gooner

    No way they will sign Cucurella for 50 mil. I think they are pretty much done with the window unless it is for a cheap deal like Alonso and Azpilicueta. They need to register players. And they are focused on outgoings now.

  68. Positive pete

    Habesha.You’re prob right.It’s more so the thought of it😜but you know they always miraculously seem to find some loose change down the back of the sofa.Besides I hope they do take the pair of dirty gits from the chavs.Can’t wait to see the back of the pair of them.

  69. Habesha Gooner

    Chelsea have been getting embarrassed this window though. Raphinha, Kounde, De ligt, Dembele all chose not to join them. I know Arsenal would be rejected too for the same players. But it is funny to see the Chavs trying and getting rejected. I hope City get Cucurella too 😂😂😂.

  70. Bob N16

    I’ll be looking at Chelsea and Spuds results first this year, after Arsenal’s! If we can finish above these two then we’ll have had a successful season.

  71. Almuniasaynomore

    Double Double,
    There is one but you may have missed it. Two years ago it started after Christmas and last season it began in September. From what I can make out this year’s one began in July…….

  72. Akinzo

    Apparently, we are in a good place heading to the new season. However, fans are never tired is shiny new toys. YT, could be an amazing addition to our team as we search for better placement than we’ve done in recent years.
    As much as we seem to be great analysts, we do not have a vivid idea of how Viera would play in the team. We are yet to see him deployed but we have a faint idea he would be in the midfield but here we are having seismic breakdown on why we are yet to bring the Leicester midfielder over. Viera could end up the player that had been earmarked to play in that role.
    We want our Hale End players to assume more important roles in the team, yet, many would die to have their toys take their places. How would a player like ESR attain his potentials when his path is fiercely blocked? What irony?

  73. Dissenter

    That was an excellent post
    We just spent a boat load of money on Vierra. The club preferred to buy him. Even though he was crocked than commit money to signing Tiellesman.
    Then you have Patino, waiting in the wings.
    It just underscores the point Ishola is making; There may not be midfield reinforcements this summer.
    Maybe the club would rather have Tiellesman as a free transfer next summer when we are a CL. club, who knows.?

  74. TR7

    As I said earlier we don’t need a no 8 as we have ESR, Viera, Xhaka, Zinchenko who can all play there.

    But we still need a good back up for Partey as his absence can cost us top 4 yet again.

  75. Positive pete

    Akinzo.Take your point.But it’s all about the squad these days & more players are accepting of this fact.Prob more so with the new 5 sub rule.We’ve lamented in the past of always being a couple players short or square pegs in round holes.If we’re to be a success that situation has to end.If you’re at a big club with the potential to win trophies you must accept this.

  76. Akinzo

    The major reason most crave YT this TW is to see the back of Shaka and this am aware could truly make us better. But my argument is that shouldn’t just pile up players for the sake of it.
    How often do we complain that our HG players’ path are being blocked? There’s no doubt about the potentials of ESR but how often does he play these days?(am aware of his fitness issues). The job of the managers would only be getting more cumbersome.
    If there’s one thing I have grasped firmly, its that there’s a real plan towards making us genuinely competitive by the club. And neither Arteta nor Edu would refuse to bring YT aboard if he’s the player that move the needle. Let’s stop deluding ourselves that they are averse to taking us to the zenith of the EPL

  77. Marko

    Yeah we need central midfielders. We can talk all day about this player and that player filling in and playing out of position but the fact remains we currently only have two capable starting CM’s (Partey and Xhaka) one of which is injury prone and you know what could still happen and the other one is Xhaka who should have been binned off years ago. It’s threadbare at the base of our midfield that there’s so many scenarios where elneny and lokonga are starters a lot. So yes we do need at least one CM signed I think two otherwise we’re yet again risking another season

  78. raptora

    Never been a fan of Tielemans. I’d rather buy a player in Anguissa, Sangare, Bissouma’s mold that can play both CM and DM to secure the much needed quality cover for Partey. Cause right now we have the likes of Elneny and Xhaka that could play there but the drop in quality is visible especially in a prolonged amount of time.

  79. Naija+soccer

    ESR should do well now as a left sided 8, with Martinelli ahead of him and Zinchenko right behind. That side would be pretty tough.

    And then you ve also got Vieira, Lokonga and Xhaka for options.

  80. Naija+soccer

    I was worried that Odegaard wasn’t providing much of a killer instinct but he seems to have proved a lot more in that area. Is it because he has more options and better movement around him ?

    Having an improved Odegaard and another of his ilk on his left in ESR or Vieira is gonna be sweet.

  81. Naija+soccer

    How do people feel about Elneny as Partey cover ? We know he can do it for 3 games. But can he cover Partey well for 30 games ?

    Would you trust this midfield for 30 games

    ESR/Vieira – Odegaard

    Zinchenko – Elneny

  82. Habesha Gooner

    I agree we need a more of a defensive midfielder than an offensive one. Knowing what I know now that we signed Viera and we still need another, I wouldn’t have kept Elneny. I think we need an upgrade on Xhaka too though. But Viera is apparently going to play some games as one of the two 8s infront of Partey.

    Anguissa would have been good last summer. Now he has joined Napoli permanently and he won’t move twice. Sangare is an okay player too. There aren’t a lot of players that can do what Partey does though.

  83. Habesha Gooner

    Elneny will be fine for games where teams aren’t relentless in their press. But if say we were playing Liverpool away and Pattey isn’t available, we would get smashed. His worst performances came in the defeats to Newcastle and Tottenham where they pressed us to submission. Tottenham due to us being a man down.

    He isn’t press resistant. There are some big games he played well though and it is due to them not pressing us as much.

  84. Ishola70

    Well Elneny, Lokonga and Xhaka are the options if Partey goes down.

    And as none of these players are going to be offloaded this summer this is the hand we have been dealt.

    You can ask for more quality in midfield but if these players don’t exit then it is an unrealistic request.

  85. WengerEagle

    Our CM is the only reason that I am not that optimistic about the coming season.

    Even with Partey it is weak, without him it is a fucking shambles.

    Was hoping for x2 CMs but at least x1 is a necessity. Xhaka cannot be a feature again if we are to be taken seriously in any way.

  86. Naija+soccer


    That’s my issue with the whole Elneny can be cover for Partey if he isn’t press resistant. That means he s gonna be useless against the big teams cuz u need a press resistant midfield in those games.

    Newcastle and Spurs games you referenced are the perfect example.

  87. Habesha Gooner

    I was hoping for the same when the window started. Another attacking Mid wasn’t a priority for me when the window started. Since Odegaard and ESR were there, I though a technical CM to complement them and a DM to alternate with Partey was a necessity.

    Seeing what we are doing in Preseason though Viera might play the role Xhaka was playing. The 235 we were playing might suit him too. Xhaka was getting in the box more than I have seen of him in the past. So may be Arteta is thinking of playing Viera there. But our season hinges on the fitness of Partey. If he gets injured, I wouldn’t be surprised if our season crumbled then. We have needed to adress the Central midfield options and we haven’t for a number of years.

    Yep, Elneny isn’t good enough to sustain a top 4 challenge. He will be useful for early FA cup, league cup and Europa league games though.

  88. Howard

    For me I like a midfielder who scores when there’s a chance not pass, pass and pass like Odegaard and Martinelli do so I prefer ESR

  89. Nigel Tufnel


    I agree that Tielemans would be a great fit, but Ishola says he is a “clumsy tackler” when informed of his good tackle statistics. I guess that’s the new response when someone makes you look silly with a solid stat.

    Salah scores a lot but he’s not as smooth as Thierry. He’s a clumsy finisher then.

  90. Tom

    “Lucas Torreira finally exited Arsenal for a whopping £6m. Matt from the podcast made a great point, it’s not that we’re bad at selling, it’s that we were terrible at buying.”

    Guen, Torreira, AMN…….three midfield options valued at one time at over 75m combined. The first two sold for less than Arteta refused to sell the third one for when an offer came.
    And now he’s stuck with the player no one wants.

    So maybe both are true.

  91. Nigel Tufnel

    I think we have to give up the dream of ESR playing 8 for us. I was one of the very first to suggest it when we had such limited options in the past.

    We’ll be lucky if he stays fit enough to give us good minutes on the wings. If we use him in CM, we may lose an important rotational player up front.

    Besides that, he doesn’t have the energy to play the position to the level we require, which is lung busting, Man City level..

    Emile is great in spurts. Short bursts of energy for his runs towards the goal.

    This is one of the reasons Martinelli wins the job over him every week. Amazing stamina, tracking back, tackling. ESR is not lazy, he tries, but he can’t sustain the levels.

    We have to use Smith Rowe judiciously to get the most out of him.

  92. Tom

    When Martinez was helping Auba deliver the FA cup for Arteta few would’ve argued Arsenal had the best keepers in the PL.
    We sold them both for 25m combined.

  93. Habesha Gooner

    The fact we are accepting low fees isn’t due to the players being dog shit. Some of them are decent players. But we have too many players that we have to sell. When this summer started we had to sell Leno, Bellerin, Mari, Torreira, AMN, Nelson, Pepe all had to be sold. And all of these players are in their last year except for Mari and Pepe (2years left). And even the likes of Guendouzi and Mavropanos only moved this summer. Selling 9 players when you have to get rid of them, save on wages and negotiate on a transfer fee for all of them is difficult. If we were selling 2 or 3 then we can demand the fees that we want and the wages might not matter because there is few players.

    Clubs know that we are desperate to move on a lot of these players and a lit of them are in the last year of their contract. And that is why they are lowballing us. And that is why they will succeed. Leno and Torreira for a combined 14 mil is a joke but a player is worth what someone is willing for that player. If we could get 40 mil for all of them, we will have done okay.

  94. Tom

    ” but a player is worth what someone is willing for that player. If we could get 40 mil for all of them, we will have done okay’

    Incidentally 40m is the number I mentioned when certain posters were throwing around numbers in the neighborhood of 120m

  95. Ishola70


    Again you are portraying Tielemans as an absolute world beater.

    Not only is he good offensively which most realise about him but now you want us to believe by number stats that he is also good defensively.

    This would put him in the absolute top notch of midfielders to be very good in both aspects of midfield play both offensively and defensively.

    He’s very good going forward, he’s a good tackler and he is press resistant by your description.

    Are you his agent by any chance?

    Despite being this absolute top notch midfielder by your description of him no clubs clamoured to sign him at the start of this summer.

    Strange eh.

  96. Ishola70


    I have seen Tielemans get over-run in midfield and be a passenger in midfield in some games off the ball. An onlooker.

    I actually watch matches rather than reading stats sites.

    I’m not saying he is dodgy every week off the ball for Leicester but there has been matches where this has stood out and been alarming about him.

  97. Dissenter

    People need to understand that there’s a glut of overpaid surplus players on the market
    United, Chelsea and Arsenal have many of such players.
    The buying club has the advantage now; buyers market.

  98. Zacharse

    TomAugust 2, 2022 15:18:51
    When Martinez was helping Auba deliver the FA cup for Arteta few would’ve argued Arsenal had the best keepers in the PL.
    We sold them both for 25m combined.

    even the math doesn’t make sense

  99. Tom

    No one’s lamenting the loss of Martinez.
    Pedro wrote we can’t sell worth the damn because our players are basically worthless.
    At the time of Emi to Villa transfer the prevailing Legrove opinion was we had two No 1 keepers we couldn’t possibly keep happy so one had to be sold.
    Whichever one you think was the better one we sold them both for less than what we payed for Ramsdale.

    Hardly great asset management is it.

  100. TR7


    Yes I love ESR and Saka. ESR reminds me of Rosicky, hoepfully he doesn’t struggle with injuries the way Rosicky did.

    I think Saka and Odegaard are nailed on starters and Gabi at the moment looks ahead of ESR. If Partey plays as DM I don’t see any problem in ESR playing as no 8. He is very capable of driving with the ball and playing in midfield.

  101. Marko

    It’s simple do the math with the players we have now and with the potential of another winger still reportedly being targeted how can Emile not get marginalized

  102. Zacharse

    well w martinez refusing to stay and sign on i guess youd argue it was better asset mgmt than the alternative. also dont see why it matters today

  103. Zacharse

    ESR has tons of time to break into the xi.whats the rush to promote one player over the success of the team? we look solid w ESR on the bench right now

  104. Zacharse

    players get better when forced to compete. without top class competition ahead of ESR he wouldnt be pushed the same way and in the long run thats a good thing