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We play Sevilla tomorrow in an Emirates Cup special. This is the test run. The game we need everything to click. It’s where we all get down on our knees and pray to each and every god out there that no one gets injured.

Palace is next Friday.

I cannot wait.

That’s the hardest game of August. They’ll be fired up, the atmosphere will be electric, and they’ll know they smashed Arsenal a few months earlier.

This time, we’ll have Thomas Partey in the midfield, not hungover from Ghana.

We’ll have Zinchenko at left-back and Ben White at right back. A much better pair of options than Cedric and Tavares.

Our forward line will also boast a striker that can occupy defenders, run, create from nothing, and score goals.

Things should be different. All the news I hear from training is positive. The players are enjoying each other, the culture is strong, the intensity is really high in each session, and there’s a buzz that something special could happen this season.

We’re going to look at the season in phases like we did last year. We do this because it allows you to break off chunks of the season and give a little more context to each. Some phases will have more away games, some will have more games against big 6 sides, so you do this to keep track of where you are.

Phase 1:

  • Palace (A)
  • Leicester (H)
  • Bournemouth (A)
  • Fulham (H)
  • Villa (H)
  • United (A)
  • Everton (H)
  • Brentford (A)

The first 5 games are very favourable. Arsenal really need to be collecting 11 points. I’d take a draw at Palace. You’d also hope we can collect 7 points from the following three games. The biggest is United. Win that and we’ll start believing.

If we take 18 points from 24, we’ll be in the top 4 for sure. If we collect more than that, then you’re heading into the first international break absolutely fired up, from there, who knows where the confidence will take Arsenal.

The squad, as is, has moved forward.

Everyone is built for the system. The character of the players has moved up a level. They’re all highly intelligent players. At the very least this season, we are going to be a nightmare for most teams, because there aren’t a lot of weaknesses when everyone is fit. We are City light now.

  • Everyone knows how to press
  • Everyone is comfortable on the ball
  • We can go long, so a high-line is a bad idea
  • We can play through a press at speed, so you have to double-take going for us
  • We can unlock deep-blocks because we have pocket-pickers

Do we have fear factor like City or Liverpool? Not yet. We haven’t been good enough in the final third for that. But we are certainly not an enjoyable side to roll up against. We’re relentless, well organised, fit, and the technical level is very high.

Adding some killer to our side is going to be really beneficial for us next season. If we can find a goalscoring winger that has some of that special sauce, we really could be a bag of unpredictability.

I’m super happy where we are as a team. We’re not winning the league, but we’re going to ask questions of the Premier League Order this season and hopefully lay the foundations for a big push the season after.

I’m genuinely excited about where this club is going. I hope you are too. 2 more players and this window will go down as one of the greatest.

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  1. Ishola70


    Don’t take too much from these games.

    We may be in good shape and this will show against Palace but I called out the Sevilla defence as a complete shambles after we scored our second goal and then we duly went on and scored two more on them within a few minutes.

    The match isn’t really being played with intensity as a whole.

    You will see the difference in intensity in the Crystal Palace away match.

  2. Jonko

    Fastest 45 min ever…hope the same team plays at least for 20 min more..cant get enough of this..wish this carries on in competitive matches too

  3. MidwestGun

    Yep we kicked their ass pretty much.. excellent half from the boys and a terrible half from my first video streamer… hahaha oh well.. let’s just get the season started already so I can watch it on a legit tv channel.

  4. Dissenter

    I think you’re struggling to accept how good Arsenal’s first 11 has become
    Besides what we do on the ball, the enthusiasm to commit, close spaces and do al the intangible nasties.

  5. Bob N16

    Loving our three new starters, all look class. Saliba, admittedly under little pressure, was perfect in that first half. Hearing a happy spoiler alert when we hear the roar of the goals 10 seconds before my feed.

    Think it should be all about Friday now, who we give time to and for how long. CBs should stay the same, Eddie should come on

  6. Topside Northbank

    Forget the 4 goals the main takes for me with that half is the sharpness on and off the ball.

    Zinchenko and Martinelli look like they have played together for a lot longer than a game and a half.

  7. Ishola70

    Dissenter you are talking shite.

    We may show good against Palace but this game is not an indicator.

    Sevilla have been poor and the game has not been played with real intensity from both sides and even Arsenal have not truly put on the burners really.

    As said before you will see the difference in our first EPL. The difference in pace, intensity.

  8. Rich

    Smart teams don’t put the burners on at 4-0 up, particularly in a pre-season friendly

    They kill the game with needless possession, tire their opponents out and demoralise them further by managing the game sensibly.

    Seville are no mugs, but I expect we’ll do to most teams at home this season when we’ve got something resembling our first choice 11.

    Plenty of goals spread through this squad now.

  9. TR7

    Palace will be a different game altogether. They are physical and athletic and play with high intensity.

    The only one takeaway from pre season games is that our new signings except Viera have been well integrated in to our team. Jesus and Zinchenko look like they have been playing for us for a while.

  10. Rich

    Anyone who watched the way we attacked+ defended in this half, and against Chelsea, and still see no issue with Mari + Holding stepping in for a few games, is desperately naive

    When the whole team presses this high, we can’t have any weak links in our backline, both in terms of physicality or technical security.

  11. Marko

    I mean preseason is preseason it’s not really a good indicator for the season especially in our case it’s more about just getting fit and ready.

    Also has to be said you see the benefit of getting in signings good and early so they’re ready for the start of the season but in saying that I wish we got in some midfielders as well

  12. Ishola70

    Yeah there are really encouraging signs from Jesus but it’s a whole different ball game once we kick off at Palace.

  13. Dissenter

    If it’s not an indicator, why are you wasting your time watching and commenting on it.

    Unless, there are major injuries in the next six days, this confidence and application isn’t just going to disappear.

    No one is suggesting that it automatically translates to winning the league but if you were Arteta, you would be happy with what you have. Forget the 4 goals, don’t you see them working super hard on pressing and winning the ball back or just really enjoying what they are doing?

    Problem is you’re talking so much to minimize the good Arsenal part of it, just drilling hard in the poor Sevilla part of it

    Stop being s such a soggy wet blanket.

  14. Pierre

    Odegaard looking good today…very progressive in his passing , maybe the pennny’s dropped .

    The team look like they are enjoying their football , the question is , can we take this free flowing football into the palace game…why not.

    The fear factor in football is major , if we can blow away teams with free flowing football, other teams will be very wary about over commiting against us.

    Jesus and Zinchenko have definitely given us a new dimension in our play.

  15. Chrispy

    So much to like about this 1st Eleven. When you think who else we have coming back too, it’s really quite a side. Mad if we add two more quality players too.
    Really looking forward to see what we do against Palace. For the first time in a long time, we’re ready…..

  16. vegas gooner

    there a working stream in English that doesn’t involve clicking on pages of porn sites anywhere?

  17. Ishola70


    I sat down to watch this because I thought it may be quite a competitive match even if it is a frendly. Not on EPL levels of course but a good test.

    But this has proved not to be the case.

    Can happen.

  18. Dissenter

    The first preseasons game in July are about just fitness and such
    When you get to the last preseason game, 6 days before league kickoff, after the manager has a identified the starting 11, it becomes more about ‘just fitness’

    You want to see more….and the team has done just that.
    Hope we get through without any injuries

  19. Marko

    Would love to see a Matheus Nunes or Reuben Neves added to this midfield. Xhaka sticks out like a sore thumb around some of these more energetic and high pressing players

  20. MidwestGun

    Pierre that’s what we have been trying to tell you.. Odegaard has looked like he worked on his game this whole preseason. . He is better then you think. And yes for me Jesus has woken up the whole squad. Of course it will be different when it’s for real.. but our pressing is on a whole different level really noticable.

  21. Dissenter

    It’s not competitive because we were too good for them, in a spell of 10 minutes, after a defender gifted us a penalty.
    We pressed them and committed them to making mistakes
    We did lots of things excellently, sorry we took that “competitive” game from you.

  22. Ishola70

    I would have actually prefered a much more competitive game today just to get us into that notion of really fighting for a result before the Palace game but it is what it is.

  23. Crabregas

    It’s refreshing to have a team that the fan base have a connection with. For too long there has been a disconnect but with this squad there is so much to like.

    There are only a couple of players that I don’t expect to get much better

  24. Dissenter

    I think Arteta is too tied in with Xhaka at this point. He’s a big part of the managers plans.
    They will get a central midfielder who won’t mind spending more time on the bench, sharing minutes with Xhaka
    That’s why I doubt we get Tiellesman because he’s too good to not start.

  25. Crabregas

    Ishola, does your disappointment in the competitiveness of the game explain why you have posted over a dozen times since kick off and not one of them has been positive towards arsenal?

    We are winning 4 nil and everything you have said has been negative and not complimentary towards anything the team has done.

  26. Samesong

    All this positive sage burning bullshit don’t mean anything unless we are banging Three points against palace come Aug 5th. Fitness all well and good but let’s bang Palace up first before you all started getting hard ons about pre-season.

  27. Ishola70


    The way Sevilla defended in the first 15 minutes of this match has seen that any notion of me taking this game semi- seriously ended right there. After 15 minutes.

    I now await the Palace match with much anticipation and praise for the Arsenal if they get a result there.

  28. Dissenter

    Always talked about seeing a discernible pattern of play
    It’s preseason..,.yes. but this starting 11 has shown it

    The next task is to have anyone subbed in to match the intensity and application, off the ball.

  29. Gentlebris

    Hey there, jolly good baldies

    Ishola hates good football.

    Now, would/should Pep still have his job if Gabi scores 28 goals and we win the prem?

  30. Bob N16

    No emotion allowed Samesong for pre season games? Surely you can see how our first team has improved with three quality starters arriving?

    Agree that Xhaka looks even more limited compared to the rest now. Nearly scored a beauty mind you.

  31. Rich

    This is exciting but chaotic, not sustainable, we need to kill the game, it’s great that we’re pushing up the pitch, squeezing the play, and transitioning at rapid pace

    But we also need to learn how to take the pace out of a game, not just inject pace into it.

  32. Crabregas


    So there have been no positives from this game at all? Nothing from the 2nd and 3rd goals, the urgency we are playing with and the patterns of play we are developing.

    It’s a shame everything has been so negative when nearly everyone else can assess the game but can see the bright sparks. Each to their own though.

    Roll on Palace

  33. Nigel Tufnel

    Tavares did an interview with a pod and said Xhaka runs the dressing room, nobody even close according to him.

    One thing, this is a bonus to the assigned Captain Ødegaard, who can focus more as on pitch Captain.

    The other thing is … There is no doubt that for quite a while, there’s been great atmosphere and spirit in the squad, a closeness.

    Not saying it’s all down to him… But obviously as a guy with huge influence, he must be helping more than a little.

    We might see a little in the documentary, and maybe that’s why the club had Xhaka do that long sit down interview recently, in preparation.

  34. Ishola70


    I’ve already said that I am pleased with Jesus in pre-season along with virtually everybody else.

    That’s positive.

    And I was positive about him when we were first linked to sign him unlike a few other posters on here.

  35. Nigel Tufnel

    Also, it helps the atmosphere that the club was willing to eat the losses to get rid of any possible negative influences or laggards. Edu, Arteta, and the board on the same page is big.

  36. Markymark

    Ishola – competitive friendlies can be very dangerous things. Last thing you want is both a crunching but also rusty mistimed tackle ( Leeds lad suffered this )
    If we’ve blown them away in first twenty minutes why not enjoy it . It’s not impossible that we might rip Palace the same. Here’s hoping

  37. Rich


    Kill it by controlling it, not kill it be desperately throwing bodies forward for a 5th.

    We create the 5th with tiring the opposition through needless possession, not by playing a game of basketball

  38. Ishola70

    I’m positive going into the Palace game anyway and you can be positive regardless of this friendly match today.

  39. Dissenter

    ‘ But we also need to learn how to take the pace out of a game, not just inject pace into it.’

    You expect to have 2-3 players in the middle who know how to do that.
    A young squad struggles with stuff like that because killing a game that way needs nuance

  40. Crabregas

    I’m only referring to your posts since kick off.

    There are no negatives in my eyes for signing Jesus. My only concern on the bigger picture is it already feels as though there is a dependancy on him. If he has an injury or fitness issues we may be short.

    Jesus with the hatto

  41. Samesong

    “No emotion allowed Samesong for pre season games? Surely you can see how our first team has improved with three quality starters arriving?”

    I’ll save my emotions for the real competition that starts next week. Thanks.

  42. Dissenter

    Oops, I meant Brentford
    We are more together now than ever before
    We have better players and one can see a system of play develop over time

  43. Nigel Tufnel

    It’s a simple formula that every manager has to get the team up to competitive pace and longer match fitness for the first game of the season. You can’t wrap the players in bubble wrap like we want..

    They have to go out and play, and shit happens, even in training.

    Even with all that, I’d say I would’ve had Jesus and Partey on a slightly shorter leash. That’s just me.

  44. Ishola70

    “Said Xhaka was the true leader of the team,”

    Now that is a negative.

    You also implied at one point that Eddie N may force Jesus to play wide attacker in the team. That Eddie N would get the nod over Jesus as the central striker.

    I know it’s only pre-season but on reflection so far how do you feel about those comments now?

  45. Dissenter

    I sad Eddie will outscore Jesus over the season, and I stand by that

    Eddie will profit from the Jesus chaos, tiring out defenders. He will be feeding in carcasses all season coming in as a sub.

    I can see you lamenting that we beat Palace too easily, groaning about Arsenal depriving you of a ‘competitive’ match.

  46. Ishola70



    If I am a wet blanket over this pre-season friendly match then you were a sopping wet blanket over the Jesus signing.

    Overpaying for him, giving him too much money, Eddie may keep him out of the central striker position blah blah

    Yes I know it’s only pre-season lol

    But Jesus may hammer those comments you made about him previously.

    May do.

  47. Rich


    I agree this is to be expected with a young team, but we have to learn to do it.

    This has been brilliant to watch, but this type of chaos for 90 minutes across an entire season isn’t sustainable.

    We’re wasting far too much energy, if we want to compete against the top teams, we have to match their maturity.

    Klopp had similar issues in his first few seasons at Liverpool, kept tanking leads in the last 20 minutes, because the pace they started with was unsustainable .

    Not a criticism, just an observation, brilliant game though, thoroughly enjoyable.

    My 90 goal prediction, and 7 players into double figures, isn’t looking so outlandish now.

  48. Dissenter

    You have that wrong
    I was as excited about Jesus coming in as anybody else. He represented the best available premier league ready striker we could have ever hoped to sign.
    I admit I didn’t see him as a prolific goal scorer ….and pretty much everybody else was in that mode at the time.
    We all thought he would be a force multiplier in other ways, creating goal scoring chances for his mates.
    He’s the real deal. He’s the remake of Alexis Sanchez.

  49. Thierry Martinelli

    Good game all round against a good Sevilla side which held Spurs to a draw. We have the obvious players doing the expected ie Saka and co. On the other hand I’m looking at Partey and can’t help but wonder what we’d do without him. He’s just fucking immense. Talking, shielding, passing, dictating play from deep and defensive awareness all way above average.

  50. Dissenter

    That’s why Xhaka comes in. He’s the old head in the group
    Don’t forget that we now have players with league winning know how in the group who will e able to rein in some of the excessive youthfulness
    We have as many as four international captains-Xhaka, Partey, ode and Zinch.

    The main reason why youthfulness won’t cost us is because of the hurt of last season. They won’t forget that pain of missing out at the last minute.

  51. Ishola70

    Ah I think you were a little down on him Dissenter.

    Weagle showed true faith in the signing though.

    Andy was even more down on it than you though.

  52. Dissenter

    Agreed about Partey
    Not getting a suitable back-up for him is footballing malpractice
    He’s the glue that holds it all together.
    His impact may not be as noticeable because we’ve gotten so damn good everywhere else but things will come apart if he’s out.

  53. Ishola70

    I’ve said before if Xhaka is the leader in the team that is a negative in many things that seem positive atm.

    Oh well you can’t have positives completely across the board I suppose.

  54. GD4

    How good is William Saliba?
    He is so much more assured than Gab M.
    Just an amazing footballer who we cant allow
    to walk away

  55. Leftside

    I think Saliba signs, there are murmours that he already has even. Looks a fantastic talent. Can’t wait to watch him at the Emirates regularly this season.

  56. Ishola70

    Yes you’d know about that Dissenter

    Eddie to keep Jesus out of the central striker position? he he he he.

    Come on really.

  57. Thierry Martinelli

    Tierney should be a bit worried coz Zinchenko wants to be on the starting 11. He showed it when he played a day or so after joining us….who does that😂. KT has pace over him but Zinch plays with alot of intelligence, even his passing is thought through. Arteta has to channel his inner Pep and find out how to keep all his players happy

  58. TR7

    Xhaka might be the leader of the team in the dressing room but on the pitch he is a laggard. So let’s not attach too much value to Xhaka’s supposed leadership.

  59. TR7

    Zinchenko doesn’t blindly cross the ball like Tierney, he is really a smart passer of the ball. Zinchenko is better than both Tierney and Xhaka and I would rather he replaced Xhaka than Tierney in our starting line up.

  60. TR7


    Saliba is like a new signing, a valuable addition to our defense.

    We have added 3 starting 11 players to our team – Saliba, Jesus and Zinchenko.

    I reckon once Viera gets used to the league, he could be a starting 11 player as well.

  61. Ishola70


    “he is really a smart passer of the ball. Zinchenko is better than both Tierney and Xhaka and I would rather he replaced Xhaka than Tierney in our starting line up.”

    Here. Here.

    Zinchenko in. Xhaka out.

    As Xhaka is the leader of this team off the pitch supposedly and in the dressing room no better way than to do this off the field leading on the touchline.

  62. Dissenter

    When Arteta has to play, or chooses to play Eddie and Jesus together….
    Who do you think will occupy the center ?
    Who;s more effective playing from the wings?

  63. Wicked Willy


    Agreed. Very exciting developments, meaning both a superior starting XI and significantly more depth

  64. Ishola70


    Who is the first choice striker at Arsenal now?

    Jesus or Eddie N?

    You see it even pains you now to admit it lol

  65. Topside Northbank

    Palace will be a hard start but whatever happens the team looks ready, sharp and focused.We all know lots variables in most matches but we look ready.

    Last season pre season covid issues apart the pre season was very poor the team looked lacking in the way we played the results were an indicator going into Brentford away and on the night it showed.

  66. Dissenter

    ‘ Saliba looks better than Fofana’s ever looked at Leicester which tracks with their original ratings by the French.’

    I’m sure that point was made to Pedro et al, when the Saliba conversations were going on in 2020 and 2021. Saliba was the better of the two at St Etriene, hence the consternation of those that watched them growing up.
    It’s like….don’t you know who you signed. He was always a prodigious talent but Pedo will have you believe his talent was imbued on him by his loan to Marseille

  67. TR7

    Jesus and Eddie better than Auba and Lacazzete in agility, combination play and goalscoring.

    Never seen Laca and Auba link together and play well as a pair but Eddie and Jesus already seem to have developed on field connection.

  68. Dissenter

    You’re really clutching at straws because you got a stern dressing down today for whining because our excellent application deprived your eminence of a ‘competitive’ game.
    If you’re trying to lick your wounds, this is not the way to do it.

    Most people didn’t think Jesus was a polished center forward, excellent footballer yea…center forward, or so much
    You were in that category too but now you’re trying to rewrite the history.

  69. Ishola70


    “Most people”

    Most people? Most people?

    Don’t follow those lemmings and Tim Vickery.

    As if I really care about a pre=season game lol.

    Palace is where it starts.

  70. CaliGooner

    The ball from martinelli and the finish by Jesus was just too pretty.

    A lot more of that please.

    Kick some players out the door so we can get tielemans in this squad and we are going to be really food this season.

    Top 4 and any trophy(preferably Europa) and it will be a great season and one to push on next season with.

    But first let’s just beat palace.

  71. Ishola70

    lol the cheek of you Dissenter.

    Weagle and myself were the few on here that said the Jesus signig was really a coup for the club and he would come in as undisputed no.1 striker straight from the off when we were first linked to him.

  72. Tom

    “Jesus is going to be a problem this season. Has looked electric all pre-season”

    WEagle, I’ve put money on Jesus the impact transfer of the PL window.

    Close second to Perisic of

  73. TheBayingMob

    We still have zero cover for Partey. All looks good but if he goes missing, we will struggle regardless

  74. Dissenter

    You’re lamenting about how trivial a preseason game and yet you moan about it not being ‘competitive’
    Forget the result, don’t you think the individual and team performances were encouraging for the palace game.

    You won’t find many gooners who thought Jesus was a natural goal scorer. No one contended that he was a great signing. You’re just trying to stir stuff because you got called out today.

  75. Rich

    Xhaka brain farts aside, is a much better player than some give him credit for.

    But it’s not hard to imagine how in certain games, particularly at home, having another midfielder with more cutting edge, end product + agility, would improve us significantly.

    Once teams know we’re capable of beating their press, and doing that to them, they’ll naturally retreat to the edge of their own penalty box, and be much less inclined to press us high, when we’re capable of transitioning directly at that type of speed

    Partey had his usual few loose balls today, but other than that, some of his football was magnificent.

    We need to keep him fit, don’t risk him in games that come in quick succession, because it’s better to rotate him for a game, than to risk losing him for weeks on end, we need him particularly for the 6 pointers against our direct rivals.

    We desperately need a RVP 2011/12 type of season in terms of availability out of our key players, we still lack enough quality in depth for an entire season, but we’ve got so many goals spread across our squad now., and our first team will give most teams a game.

  76. Ishola70

    No Dissenter you are actually lying now.

    I had a long argument with Andy on here before we signed Jesus saying that he was a coup signing and to not listen to Tim Vickery and he would come in as no.1 undisputed striker.

    Don’t worry about it though.

  77. Marko

    but Eddie and Jesus already seem to have developed on field connection.

    I doubt they’ll play alot together and I don’t like it when you play your number one and number two together cause it does away with the whole rotation/freshness option. I mean if they both play who comes on at CF if it’s not working out? Exactly there’s no one

  78. TR7


    I think we will play with one striker (Jesus) but in games where we need to score goals to win the game or snatch a draw Eddie will be thrown in to the mix as well in the last 20 mins or so which is when partnership between the two could help us. Auba and Laca never played well together.

    Martinelli could be our third striker when needed.

  79. Rich

    The interchanging positions of Martinelli + Jesus were interesting, Jesus was regularly drifting out to the left, and Martinelli was all over the place in possession.

    They were impossible to pickup, causing all types of issues.

  80. Rich


    I see a left sided version of Ben White as possibly the biggest priority, someone who can compete/rotate with Gabriel, and also play that inverted left back role.

    If we want to push that high consistently, win the first balls, and pin teams in for extended periods, then we can’t do it with Holding or Mari stepping out like that, it leaves us too vulnerable, and Tierney staying fit for an entire season, now has to be seen as a bonus, rather than something we bank on,

    There’s no point having pressing forwards, if our defence aren’t comfortable pushing up the pitch, we can only create the overloads in the attacking third, if what’s behind the ball is designed to get us there, and keep us there for sustained periods.

    One weak defensive link, alters the entire setup, if we want a consistent style of play, then we need a squad, not just a team, that can play that can defend that way.

  81. Ishola70

    “Did anyone really think either Jesus or Zinchenko would come to Arsenal and not start?”

    In the Jesus case not a case of not starting but playing wide and Eddie N to keep his CF role.

    This was only reinforced when our Brazilian “expert” Tim Vickery said Jesus was not really a CF and doesn’t really like playing CF.

    It was nonsense from the off.

  82. Marko

    Tr7 Tielemens is all well and good but I dunno if it’s enough to fully address the CM. He might replace Xhaka though so there’s that I suppose

  83. stubertio

    Genuinely excited for the start of the season, first time for a very long time. Surely the goal has to be 3rd.

    On Jesus I’d hoped he’d want to prove people wrong that he is a CF goalscoring and it’s looking good so far.

    Please let’s just fill those holes so we’re not rolling the injury dice.

  84. Nigel Tufnel

    “You would hope a title challenge after 3 years in charge and spending over 300m to buy a playing XI and some more.
    ..Na our player’s haven’t got the mentality for that. We will do our custom bottle at the end of the season when the going gets tough.”.

    Is this a troll job?
    Serious question, because what other kind of loser gets his jollies by coming to any Arsenal blog to say something like that. It’s just uncalled for, so what’s the motivation?

    If it’s not trolling, it’s a sad life the individual leads.

  85. Emiratesstroller

    I know that no-one takes too seriously friendly games, but the way that Arsenal have performed in the 5 pre-season matches has been impressive.

    It should not be forgotten that Spurs have also played Seville in pre season and drew 1-1 with

    My view is that Arsenal will start against Crystal Palace with the same starting eleven subject to fitness concerns.

    Also our bench during the season will be strengthened. Tomiyasu, Tierney, Smith-Rowe and
    Vieira are all recovering from injury.

    Hopefully Arsenal will pursue still the signing of Tielemans. That will ensure that we will
    be able to rotate our central midfield throughout season without weakening team.

  86. Bob N16

    Think we should get Tielemans bid in. Geordies bidding for Maddison means that if Leicester accept a bid from the Saudis, Tielmans price surely goes up. Alternatively, if they accept a bid from us then it might bugger up the Geordie’s chances of getting Maddison.

    Am I wrong?

  87. Zacharse

    don’t think theres been a goal against us since saliba has been on field, thik he came on 2nd half against orlando… that cuts to the heart of it. chelsea and sevilla no goals conceded. regardless of pre season or not that is notable because both those teams are high enough functioning and pre season games have goals more often than not.
    i think w saliba coming in our defense is probably the best in the league pound for pound w the formation w played today and even if tomi slips in for white which i don’t think we can automatically assume happens when tomi gets fit. i think we become one of those defenses where our automatic levels is to go 3-5 games without conceding even when in a rough spell. the spine is handled.
    gab jesus is RVP level killer instinct for me based on this pre season hoping that carries over.
    i think this is the first time in ages we reach some higher gears in wenger terms, more consistently. i still think eddie and gab jesus together is one fo the more lethal combos our attack has though marti is looking reenergized. big season for a lot of players

  88. Positive pete

    Unless Tielemans signs a new contract he pretty is much a lost cause.If they Jack the fee too high the danger is he rides it out& walks on a free.So they have to be careful.The fly in the ointment is Manure,if they don’t get De Jong will poss turn their attention to Tielemans & Leicester May get the ‘ bidding war ‘ they’re after.Except he’s made it clear he wants us apparently.
    Personally was hoping that Leno might have been a valuable makeweight in any potential deal.

  89. Bob N16

    Adams, I agree Xhaka played well.

    The issue for me is when Partey is unavailable and Xhaka has to step up defensively. With Zinchenko to his left, Partey to his right and Gabriel and Saliba behind him, he’s far from a liability and can fit in more than adequately. At any time he’s got an average or slow player near him, he struggles to pick up the slack and can get exposed by his lack of speed. With today’s line up his weaknesses are not exposed.

    As today, playing further forward he’s fine but I still feel we can do better, whether that’s Zinchenko playing there, down the line Vieira or someone yet to come in. A really useful squad player and dressing room presence but only a starter if he’s surrounded by quality – at least against top opposition.