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We play Sevilla tomorrow in an Emirates Cup special. This is the test run. The game we need everything to click. It’s where we all get down on our knees and pray to each and every god out there that no one gets injured.

Palace is next Friday.

I cannot wait.

That’s the hardest game of August. They’ll be fired up, the atmosphere will be electric, and they’ll know they smashed Arsenal a few months earlier.

This time, we’ll have Thomas Partey in the midfield, not hungover from Ghana.

We’ll have Zinchenko at left-back and Ben White at right back. A much better pair of options than Cedric and Tavares.

Our forward line will also boast a striker that can occupy defenders, run, create from nothing, and score goals.

Things should be different. All the news I hear from training is positive. The players are enjoying each other, the culture is strong, the intensity is really high in each session, and there’s a buzz that something special could happen this season.

We’re going to look at the season in phases like we did last year. We do this because it allows you to break off chunks of the season and give a little more context to each. Some phases will have more away games, some will have more games against big 6 sides, so you do this to keep track of where you are.

Phase 1:

  • Palace (A)
  • Leicester (H)
  • Bournemouth (A)
  • Fulham (H)
  • Villa (H)
  • United (A)
  • Everton (H)
  • Brentford (A)

The first 5 games are very favourable. Arsenal really need to be collecting 11 points. I’d take a draw at Palace. You’d also hope we can collect 7 points from the following three games. The biggest is United. Win that and we’ll start believing.

If we take 18 points from 24, we’ll be in the top 4 for sure. If we collect more than that, then you’re heading into the first international break absolutely fired up, from there, who knows where the confidence will take Arsenal.

The squad, as is, has moved forward.

Everyone is built for the system. The character of the players has moved up a level. They’re all highly intelligent players. At the very least this season, we are going to be a nightmare for most teams, because there aren’t a lot of weaknesses when everyone is fit. We are City light now.

  • Everyone knows how to press
  • Everyone is comfortable on the ball
  • We can go long, so a high-line is a bad idea
  • We can play through a press at speed, so you have to double-take going for us
  • We can unlock deep-blocks because we have pocket-pickers

Do we have fear factor like City or Liverpool? Not yet. We haven’t been good enough in the final third for that. But we are certainly not an enjoyable side to roll up against. We’re relentless, well organised, fit, and the technical level is very high.

Adding some killer to our side is going to be really beneficial for us next season. If we can find a goalscoring winger that has some of that special sauce, we really could be a bag of unpredictability.

I’m super happy where we are as a team. We’re not winning the league, but we’re going to ask questions of the Premier League Order this season and hopefully lay the foundations for a big push the season after.

I’m genuinely excited about where this club is going. I hope you are too. 2 more players and this window will go down as one of the greatest.

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  1. Gooner Sam

    I’m very excited about this season but I do think we are probably done transfers wise. I will be happy with a top 4 / Euro Cup win. Excited to see the progression this season and hopefully a Conte meltdown

  2. Rich

    Much of our improvement in the final third will be internal, I’d expect Saka, Martinelli, Smith Rowe, Odegaard + Eddie, to all be better this season.

    Throw in Jesus + Vieira, possibly a Pepe replacement, and a No8 with some end product, and we’d have potentially 7-8 players who could all chip in with double figures goals in all comps this season.

    It’s not just our attack that should be better, Arteta was backed hard with Ramsdale, White, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, that’s £115 million worth of talent, he’s had time to work with them now

    We’ve added Saliba + Zinchenko another £55 million worth of talent, they’ll both add continuity to the way Arteta wants us to attack + defend as a team, Zinchenko should hit the ground running.

    So much to be positive about, I’d like 3 more signings, not 2 though, but accept that’ll be dependant on outgoings.

    Also need to get Saka + Saliba extended ASAP

  3. Dissenter

    Manchester City target Marc Cucurella hands in transfer request because he thinks Brighton are demanding too much from city.
    Brighton are asking for £50 million which seems reasonable considering they got Arsenal to pay the same for Ben White last summer. Then you consider the fact that city have been asking and getting top money for players with one year left in their contracts. City also paid £41 million for a 4th choice CB 2020.

    Cucurella was badly advised He should have let the two clubs do their negotiation dance routines without upping the ante.

  4. Dissenter

    ‘ Do we have fear factor like City or Liverpool’

    Yes we do.
    The difference between us and Conte’s spuds is they show up for the games against city and ‘pool. We can’t.continue with the ant mentality
    City and Liverpool took some big risks this summer. We can get good points off both of them.

  5. Dissenter

    We have to keep Jesus healthy for most if the season.
    It will be a harder tasks because of the damn World Cup.
    He has the\at X factor or elevating aura about him. He’s the type that makes players round him better and makes even the manager more daring in his match tactics.

  6. Dissenter

    Some silly Arsenal blogger penned a post that ‘Arsenal must suspend’ the said player. He was stupid enough to even put a name.
    Article had to be removed within the hour for obvious reasons.
    Judgement by the social media mob should never be allowed.

  7. Madhu

    I expect nothing but to win.all 8 matches barring probably Man U. So nothing less than 20 points from phase 1 should be our target. Thai season with the investment we have made we shouldn’t fear anyone other than a City or Pool. Even against these two we should perform much better than last season. That would be the real indication of progress.
    Staying positive and can’t wait for the season to start. No excuses this time and we should go hard against CP and win to send message. Coyg

  8. Madhu

    The real piece in the jigsaw is the center mid pivot. We don’t seem to have learnt any lesson from last season. The incumbent is injury probe and a safe bet not to remain for for the season not withstanding his off the field activities, but we haven’t.yet made any moves to get someone as a capable deputy. Iam fine with Elneny but will defer it to most gooners lack of confidence in his abilities. So not making any moves in the market for this position is to say the least bizzare and worrying. Hey who am I to say anything Edu and Arteta has earned every not of faith due to how they have handled the rebuild. So we have to trust them but the pivot at the base of the midfield is a worrying position though.

  9. China1

    Can someone explain to me why posting opinions about something which is now in the public domain and being widely discussed across the internet is somehow illegal on a blog?

    On Twitter it’s discussed freely. On YouTube it’s discussed freely. The latest allegations were literally made on Twitter lol

    How arcane are British freedom of speech rules in this case or are there special rules made just for blogs lol

  10. China1

    Madhu yeah we have to hope we’re doing something else on the midfield otherwise we’re rolling the dice on it this season.

    Partey is injury prone and who knows if anything will come of this case meanwhile xhaka is still a presumed starter. We’re close to being down to xhakaneny as two of our starting midfielders. We won’t get top 4 with xhakaneny in and around the starting midfield places.

    Lots of reports we’ve agreed personal terms with Tielemans yesterday. That would be really good news if so because we should we do in fact plan to bid for him. Here’s to hoping

  11. Nigel Tufnel

    “City and Liverpool took some big risks this summer. We can get good points off both of them”.

    Exactly what I’ve been saying dissenter.

    We will get 3rd, comfortably top 4, and take some points off the 2 big boys. That’s the next hurdle now that United and Chelsea no longer scare us.

  12. China1

    My expectation is liverpool will be weaker

    I will be surprised and impressed if nunez is as good this season as Mane was. Different playing style but Mane is a BEAST of a player. I would bet against him being so easily replaced

  13. Madhu

    China1 I don’t understand the reason why this position was not a priority. Specially when you look back at the last season’s pattern after Partey got injured. More so now when there is a cloud due to off field issues. I can only hope that they know something we don’t and we just have to trust them that they will take.appropriate actions as needed.

  14. China1

    I don’t understand either but I’m hoping there’s more behind the scenes we’re not aware of

    Maybe Vieira is seen as an 8 for us to replace xhaka. Maybe lokonga has been a monster in training. Maybe the club is very confident of getting Tielemans or someone else. Maybe the expectation is Zinchenko plays DM if partey is injured

    But since we don’t have that visibility on what the club is thinking and planning is stressful trying to guess

  15. Mb


    Not only Liverpool but City too. No matter how big a manager Pep is, replacing few of his first teamers and expecting the same performance won’t br possible.

    Though, Haaland would cover some of the losses.


  16. Mb


    I’m curious too, why we have neglected midfield when it was the reasons for our too 4 miss.

    We are going with Partey (injury prone), Xhaka (!) and Lokonga (still an understudy?), Elneny (Egyptian king?)…..same as last season.

    Arteta lovers will have a reason that would need fixing next summer and another 200millions to try and push for it.

  17. Mb

    FancealotJuly 30, 2022 00:21:39
    Pedro, may i ask your expectations (regarding league position) for this season

    You would hope a title challenge after 3 years in charge and spending over 300m to buy a playing XI and some more.

  18. Samesong

    You would hope a title challenge after 3 years in charge and spending over 300m to buy a playing XI and some more.

    Na our player’s haven’t got the mentality for that. We will do our custom bottle at the end of the season when the going gets tough.

  19. Samesong

    ‘ Do we have fear factor like City or Liverpool’Yes we do

    Let’s see against Palace. As they showed us no respect last game. Nor Brighton or Southampton.

  20. China1

    As well last season everyone was saying what a beast Diaz at liverpool is. He was excellent, absolutely.

    But it’s a pretty small sample of games at Pool. Is he really going to hold that level or was it a purple patch of form?

    I’m absolutely not convinced that he or Nunez are able to offer as much as Mane next season. But we’ll see…

  21. China1

    As you can tell I’m a huge fan of Mane. I think he’s one of the best players in the world and hugely and unfairly underrated because Salah draws all the hype and attention

    But Mane is one of those players who is absolutely top top class and extremely consistent. Would love to have him at arsenal

  22. Markymark

    Man U appear to be going bi-polar . They bring in Ten Hag as the fixer . Then they bring back Ferguson as a consultant.
    Sounds like a club still not confident in their process and likely to suffer internal clashes

  23. China1

    is it just me who is a little concerned about ESR?

    he’s gone from competing for first choice at 10 and left wing, to being potentially third choice in both positions if Vieira is highly regarded.

    I hope he gets his face share of chances this season because he has a lot to offer

  24. TR7

    I think Spurs under Conte will be a serious force this season. A 3-4-3 formation with Bisoumma as DM gives them defensive solidarity and they have firepower upfront in Kane, Son, Kulusevski and Richarlison.

    Arsenal likely to get top 4 if Partey plays most of our 38 games. If he gets injured or gets sidelined due to off field controversies, we may struggle to deal with a lot of mid table teams.

  25. Pierre

    Opening 12 games
    7 at home
    5 away

    We really should be top or thereabouts after the opening 12 games

    Our home form last season was very good and one would expect that to continue.
    Yes, we are playing liverpool and city at home but they should hold no fear for us , as last season although we lost i think it’s fair to say that on both occasions we could or should have come away with something.

    Home to city 1-0 up and cruising ,the turning point of the game was when Xhaka made the mistake of tugging a city player’s shirt in the box and VAR duly obliged 1-1, within the next couple of minutes Martinelli missed an open goal and Gabriel lost his composure , we conceded in injury time.

    Liverpool at home, we were more than holding our own until Ramsdale let in a soft shot at the near post in the 2nd half , turning point of the game.

    Cut out the xhaka errors in big games and we will be fine, red cards both in the first half v liverpool and city and giving away a pen makes you wonder why Arteta shows so much faith in him.

    Let’s hope we see the Ramsdale of the start of last season and not the end of last season or else we could be in the market for another keeper in January.

  26. DivineSherlock


    Spurs maybe good but they are bottlers + they have to play CL which means their strongest XI plays there too . Injury to Son or Kane will derail their campaign , which didnt happen last year .

  27. Samesong


    The team has to remain disciplined throughout the whole game. If you recall City were kicking our player’s all over the place at the Emirates. And the ref was wasn’t booking any of their players.

    Liverpool all they need is an opening and they will bury you. I don’t believe these teams are weakened much but will present different challenges. Our starting 11 maybe ok but our bench is still weak.

  28. Rich

    Not sure why anyone is worried about Smith Rowe, providing he’s fit, he’ll get plenty of game time.

    He was carrying an injury issue through the second half of last season, and he’s been injured again in pre-season.

    He’s been back in the training pictures this week, but is likely going to be behind the rest of the group in terms of fitness, which is understandable.

    Brilliant player, he’ll get plenty of game time from both the left + centrally, we’ve just got to keep him fit.

    Good players like playing with other good players, the technical security in the final third of Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Vieira + Saka, is going to be vital to the way we sustain attacks.

    The energy of Jesus, Eddie, Martinelli + Odegaard, is going to help keep us up the pitch, and pin teams in, hopefully Vieira can provide some of that relentless work rate off the ball as well.

    Still a few areas we need to add depth + specificity to our squad, but our team makes the most sense it has for a very long time.

    Smith Rowe’s fitness is a concern, but providing he’s fit, he’ll get 35-40 starts, 40-45 starts is pretty much the maximum we should be playing our outfield players, particularly if they’re playing regularly for their national team.

  29. G

    ‘’ You would hope a title challenge after 3 years in charge and spending over 300m to buy a playing XI and some more.Na our player’s haven’t got the mentality for that. We will do our custom bottle at the end of the season when the going gets tough.‘’

    Love your positivity prior to the new season

  30. Northbanker

    We have goal scoring wingers already. – Saka, Martinelli and ESR who will all be better still with being one year older and nearer peak performance

    Another winger is merely a luxury

    What we really need is a CM who can raise the bar (better than Xhaka) and proper DM cover for Parteys undoubted absences – legal, and injuries .

  31. GoonerDave

    It doesn’t seem sensible to assume that all of our young players will automatically improve. Why should they? Many young players have looked like future stars, only to stagnate or fall away.
    I hope all of our young players improve massively, but to treat it as a foregone conclusion seems unrealistic.

  32. Why I Gunna

    We’re all yelling to get cover for centre midfield but no one is listening. It’s the difference between feeling excited after many years of disappointment versus waiting for the inevitable injury and red card mist descending to derail our season again

  33. Samesong

    Does anyone think that TP will be in the right frame of mind come Crystal Palace game??? All it takes is a palace player in his ear to wind him up. A strong challenge from him and it’s a red card.

  34. Foxy

    Apart from the obvious like Partey fitness what us crucial for thus coming season is the goal contributions across the team as we cannot just rely on Eddie and Jesus. Not yet convinced by Saka and Oordegard as reguat scorers as both prefer to pass rather than shoot and have not great striking technique. Martinelli has potential as a goal scorer but needs to calm down a bit, but Xhaka in a forward role offer little – Tielmans who has a great shot would be an upgrade. ESR showed real goal threat last season but will he be in the first team even if fit, but Pepe has somehow lost his lethal left foot, which is really all he had. Maybe Partey will at last find the goal from range and I am sure our big CBs will contribute a few from set pieces.

  35. Ishola70

    Im still not sure that Eddie N is going to weigh in with lots of goals this season as so many are predicting on here especially if he is an obvious back-up to Jesus.

    To think that Jesus and Eddie N are going to score a hatful between them this coming season is thinking in the perfect scenario situation IMO.

    Many teams dream of having a first team striker that scores lots of goals and a back-up striker or at least the striker that is seen as second choice also scoring lots of goals. They can dream of this but it doesn’t actually happen that often.

    What usually happens is that the other attackers in the side have to weigh in with goals along with the first choice striker rather than the onus being on the second choice striker to do this.

  36. Ishola70

    You get strikers in teams scoring lots of goals between them in a season but that was back in the day when you used to see two strikers up top in a team.

    A strikers partnership in a side but not really seen now.

  37. Ishola70

    Strikers need games and lots in succession to be really productive in terms of goals in most cases.

    If Eddie N is starved of playing time in comparison to the last part of the season just gone then more often then not their goal tally dwindles from previous when they were playing match after match.

  38. Rich


    The main reason Eddie will be expected to score goals, is because he’ll likely play in the the Europa, and that’s a good opportunity for some stat padding, as are the games against lower league opposition in the cups, and PL clubs who are more interested in staying in the PL, than putting together a cup run.

    Eddie should get plenty of minutes over the course of the season, Jesus can’t play 3 games a week consistently, and is capable of playing in both wide positions.

    I’d expect 10 at a minimum from Eddie if he stays fit, he got that last season, and that was with no European football, and getting knocked out of the FA Cup third round,

    15-20 across all competitions is certainly realistic, and should be something he should be aiming for.

  39. Dream10

    I’m pretty sure the club will sign Tielemans by the deadline. Expect him and Xhaka to start the bulk of the games, especially with Partey being injury prone Zinchenko for Tierney and White for Tomoyasu as well.

    White Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko
    Tielemans Xhaka
    Saka Odegaard ESR

    There will be pressure on the creatives to chip in with goals. Saka, ESR and Martinelli all went cold during the business end of the season. In order for us to finish with 75-80 points, Saka will need to be firmly in double figures for goals and assists in the PL. Something like 15 and 10

  40. Ishola70


    Plenty of clubs have been in the same situation where the second choice striker can pick up games in lesser cup matches and games that are supposedly more easier league matches.

    Plenty of teams.

    But the fact remains that a first choice striker and a second choice striker rarely score lots of goals each between them in the league.

    If Eddie N is as good as most imply then him scoring against some farmer teams in the early rounds of the Europa League isn’t going to be of much consequence other than number crunching.

    What I was saying is the scenario where Eddie N has to come in and cover for and deputise for Jesus in the obviously bigger matches than Europa League fodder games.

    This is where it becomes more important and more of a consequence.

    How many EPL goals is Eddie N going to score this season?

  41. Bob N16

    The way Eddie played against Chelsea towards the end of the season gives me great hope that he’ll be more than capable to be Jesus’ understudy.

    I think Odegaard is the right choice for club captain and would hope that it inspires him to become even more influential on the pitch not just off it.

    Don’t want to pay to stream the game, any suggestions?

  42. Left Testicle

    Worries me that with less than a week to go and we’re a Jesus injury away from having Nketiah up top. Will Nketiah then be expected to play in all Premier League, Europe League and domestic Cup games? Balogun will almost definitely be on loan.

  43. China1

    I’m gonna say Eddie will score 10-12 PL goals but will not start that many games so will be a pretty good return

  44. Bob N16

    Left T, if Jesus is out for a while, I suspect Martinelli will ease Eddie’s burden by playing centrally at times , either that or a fit ESR as a false 9?

  45. Ishola70

    Again folks as said before you don’t get many instances where the first choice striker and second choice striker will get a very healthy amount of goals between them in relation to league goals.

    That would be a massive bonus if that happens just because in most cases it doesn’t happen.

    If we actually see Jesus and Eddie N playing in the same side as some were suggesting before i.e. Jesus playing wide attacker and Eddie uptop then of course the chances of them both scoring a healthy amount of league goals between them increases. But if Jesus is going to be the undisputed man uptop as striker history is against both Jesus and Eddie N scoring lots of league goals between themselves.

  46. Crimson

    Odegaard is the logical choice. He’s Artetas voice on the pitch. Tierney would of been a good choice but injury problems. Xhaka of course shouldn’t wear the armband cause of what happened but he can still lead. It’s just his personality.

    Why is runnarson still here?
    6 quid to watch…. ouch

    Rip Maria, Reyes and Terry Neill

  47. Freddie Ljungberg

    Xhaka as captain? He shouldn’t be anywhere near the starting XI ffs. Not if we want CL this season.

    Really hope we’re working on something in midfield. Not sure Tielemans is the solution if Partey is injured though, he can’t play as a single pivot by himself so then it’s back to double pivot and changing the whole set up of the team with one single injury.

    Need someone capable of playing with Partey in a double pivot but that can also anchor the midfield by himself if Partey is unavailable. No pint stocking up on attacking nr 8s otherwise.

  48. Ishola70

    Yeah I didn’t understand earlier comments on the last blog that getting in Tielemans is so important because of the possibility of not having Partey available for games.

    Tielemans is not really capable to play the role Partey does.

  49. Rich


    There’s a lot of variables in there, how many injuries + suspensions are we going to have in the forward positions?

    How far are we going in the 3 cups?

    If Smith Rowe struggles for fitness again, Martinelli can’t play 3 games a week consistently, so we’ll have to move either Jesus or Eddie to the left for some games.

    Jesus can cover for Saka on the right, that’ll mean more games for Eddie centrally.

    If we want to remain competitive across 60 games, give or take a few, then we need a squad, and we’ll need versatility in some of our players

    Eddie is clearly going to be a big part of that now, we won’t get away with just Jesus across an entire season, it would be suicidal to think that we could.

    Eddie will score goals in the PL as well, but where his minutes + goals will come from, will depend on a number of different unforeseeable factors.

    There’s plenty of examples of successful clubs with multiple players all chipping in, City had 7 players all into double figures last season

    Salah, Mane + Jota all got 20+ last season, and Firminho + Minamino both got into double figures as well.

    Wiltord used to get double figures, United used to have Sheringham, Cole + Yorke, who were all scorers, they later had Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Solksjaer, Welbeck.

    We had Eduardo, Adebayor + RVP for a while, both Aubameyang + Lacazette both got good numbers for a couple of seasons

    The examples of top clubs having multiple goal scorers are endless, in fact there’s probably no successful clubs who play across multiple competitions, who don’t have multiple scorers into double figures.

    Eddie will be fine, he’ll score goals, and when you look at our potential workload, it’s pretty obvious he’s going to get minutes across a 60 game season, providing he’s fit.

    10 should be the bare minimum expected, but 15-20 is realistic when you look at the level of opposition for some of those games.

    Getting game time in the cups, will keep him fresh for the league, where he’ll also be needed n plenty of occasions, whether starting, or from the bench.

  50. Ishola70


    Read my first post.

    I didn’t say attackers per se are not seen to chip in with goals and a healthy amount as well.

    It was said in relation to first choice and second choice strikers.

    Will playing Eddie wide attacker be a good idea?

  51. Ishola70

    I’m dubious anyway that Eddie N is going to weigh in with a healthy amount of EPL goals along with Jesus just because as said you don’t see that too often in relation to first and second choice strikers.

    And we all know the EPL goals are the ones that really matter.

    If he does this would be a massive bonus and go against the grain somewhat.

  52. SimpleWay

    Every time I feel comfortable with the squad, I remember we’re one injury away from Elneny and Xhaka again. If instead of those two after injury were Torreira and Tieleman I’d sleep better.

    Love Mo as squad player for 15 to 30 mins or full game here or there to give players rest. But, as starter for 3 to 5 games!, he’s at best bottom 10 to championship standard. As for Xhaka, the man has a mental weakness when it gets tough and we’re losing, he lose it mentally and start behaving like an idiot, which effected the team for the last 6 years.

  53. Dream10


    Reckon we’ll see a shift to 343 when Partey misses games. Especially if Lokonga is in the XI

  54. MidwestGun

    Good morning.. nothing like a 6 am kickoff to get you ready for the season.. hahah Xhaka already missed 2 shots in forward position then lets his man score. Just don’t see the point of him, that far forward really don’t, and I have tried believe me.

    Anyhow.. fun game to watch so far.. pretty well end to end. We are an exciting team to watch thats for sure.

  55. WengerEagle

    Reyes was a top quality player Marko, agreed RIP.

    Scored x2 goals to win Real Madrid La Liga on the final day in 2007. Those two goals on his debut vs the Chavs in the Cup, boy was a baller.

    First name I ever got on a football shirt off a relative was Reyes 9 on the dark blue away kit in 2004-05 as a 10 year old.

  56. Ishola70

    Come off it Dissenter.

    These are dreadful goals to concede.

    Jesus just scored his second and Arsenal’s third with no Sevilla defender nowhere near him.

  57. Dissenter

    I saw some of Sevilla’s other preseason games
    They are okay defensively
    ‘What you’re seeing right now is a first 11 of a team that is operating at a very high level

    Jesus has given this team belief and they’ve all had a good preseason.

  58. Ishola70

    This is down to Arteta’s speeches again.

    That’s why the kick off was delayed.

    The Sevilla players heard Arteta’s newest speech in the next door dressing room and it has absolutely spooked them.

  59. Ishola70


    “I saw some of Sevilla’s other preseason games
    They are okay defensively”

    Well obviously not in this match.

    They have been farcical defensively in this match.

  60. Dissenter

    Paul Scholes played in that FA cup semi final at villa park in 2004
    He made one of the most horrible tackles ever on Reyes
    The media called us out for being weak for being hacked down

  61. Ishola70

    The game is actually being played at a very sedate pace.

    God knows what we could do to Sevilla in this certain match if we actually put the burners on.

  62. SimpleWay

    Just replace Xhaka with Youri and we will improve 10/15%: instead of looking better in this team he’s looking worse.

  63. MidwestGun

    Hmmm apolgies to Xhaka earlier.. terrible stream I have.. hahaha was showing something else.. Oh well.. If the whole season goes as well as preseason… can’t complain.

  64. Marko

    Tbf to Sevilla their defense has lost their two best starting CB’s from last season in Kounde and Diego Carlos so there’s that. And we seem like a team who’s gearing up for our opening game in less than a week

  65. Dissenter

    Wish we could just sign a revolving contract with amazon prime
    All they have to cover will be Arteta’s speeches

    Read they paid us about £11 million for that documentary series last season

  66. Crabregas

    The energy we have been showing is really impressive, restarting play as soon as we can to keep the ball moving.

    Stupid tackle for the first but will see that plenty of times in the season. Good 2nd and 3rd goals with good pressure for the 4th although that one was a bit of a gift.

    We look like we are going to be ready for Palace

  67. Ishola70

    There’s nothing more to gain here really regarding the important Arsenal players on the pitch in this match.

    Arteta may as well make a whole host of changes at half time if that is allowed in the Emirates Cup.

    The game is finished dead as far as a competitive match.

  68. Ishola70

    Should have been 5-0 there just before half time.

    Martinelli not showing the killer instinct although in this scenario where the game is dead maybe a bit more understandable.

  69. Dissenter

    ‘ Not many people banging on about Perisic and spurs recently I’ve noticed’ that the usuals can call them spurs supporters?

    Some aspects of lively debate have been extinguished on le-grove.

  70. Marko

    So I think we can more or less agree that’s going to be our first choice CM options right Granit and partey? Yeah that’s threadbare as fuck if you ask me. Questions marks over Thomas not to mention his fitness and concerns over Xhaka’s quality means that’s still a problem area for sure

  71. Dissenter

    Yea, they have to sign a top central defender this week, not wait until the window is almost over

    Not buying a central midfielder is footballing malpractice, for too many reasons.