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A wise man once said…

‘You CAN read into preseason when it’s one game out from the start of the season’

… and I believed him.

Arsenal ripped Sevilla apart in an outrageous afternoon of elite football.

Calling us City Lite last season felt like a sleight; this season, I think it’s going to be a warning.

We pressed like monsters. We were setting traps to get the ball back. Everyone knew their job and there were NO passengers.

Our defence looks fabulous, Saliba played like the VVD Regen we’ve been dreaming of, we didn’t miss Tomi or Tierney, there were no weaknesses.

Thomas Partey was absolute silk in the middle of the park, he was at ease on the ball, he pinned the midfield on his own, and he had a stunning flair about his game.

Have you been whinging about Granit Xhaka? How many assists does he have to get before you realise he’s the best midfielder in world football right now? Ok, I took it too far, but he has been in great form.

CAPTAIN ODEGAARD. Perfection, the kid is a leader, he’s a role model, forget about my daughter, I WOULD MARRY HIM. I just love his intensity, he’s playing like a man on a mission, it is a delight.

The front three were electric. Bukayo is BACK. Top class all the way. Martinelli is clearly LOVING his Brazilian pal to play with, his diagonal cross was outrageous.

GABRIEL JESUS! As Benny Devito said in the comments of The Arsenal Opinion Podcast. He IS the resurrection of Arsenal.

What a talent. Forgive me father for my blasphemy about his height, I AM A SINNER, punish me with goals. SO MANY GOALS.

Then to cap a wonderful day off… a moment that said it all about CULTURE. Granit released Martinelli through the middle, the Brazilian could have gone solo, instead, he put his mate EDDIE KRUEGER in for a tap in. That’s when you know the squad like each other.

So where are we?

Our squad looks fit and cooked to the perfect temperature.

Everyone knows their role.

The squad is VERY strong.

We are scoring goals for fun.

I’m telling you, this season will have ups and downs, but keep focused because we are going to be a problem this season.

Everyone can play the ball out the back.

Everyone is press resistant.

Everyone has a fighting spirit.

Now we have goals.

We’re on a very exciting journey this season. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s not catastrophise bad results. Let’s buckle in. The hope is underpinned by truth this season.


Ok, short post, I just dropped an hour special with Man Like Matt Kandela below.

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  1. Nigel Tufnel


    I hope we’re prepared for that this week already….Palace will have gone over the videos from our preseason. The first mission for them will be to disrupt as much as possible. You know what that means.

  2. Nigel Tufnel

    I hate to say this.. but I’m pretty sure gd4 is kilroy.

    The hatred of the club, prophecies of doom and bedwetting, all wrapped in ignorance. There can’t be 2 such sad cases.

  3. Pierre

    “Always prefer ESR to Martinelli because he knows where the goal post is but fans don’t recognize that. ”

    I think if you asked Arteta ( and he was being truthful) he would say he prefers Martinelli because his intensity is higher and is more adept at pressing, even though Smith Rowe is the technically better footballer.

    I suppose ideally he would want a cross between the 2, the energy of Martinelli to go with the composure of smith Rowe.

    I’m not sure smith rowe is a natural high intensity player or ever will be, some players love that part of the game , whereas others find it more difficult however hard they try.

    I can understand why Martinelli is starting ahead of smith rowe , his figures were good last season and will probably be even better this season as he seems to have won the trust of the manager which is always important for a creative/offensive player.

    Of course smith rowe is really a no.10 but that’s a different story.

  4. Robel Yonas

    Hi every one, hi Pedro, been a while since I commented on legrove, I am a 33year old Ethiopian man, a year and ten month ago, Ethiopia 🇪🇹 was a peaceful country, things changed quickly in life and we have experienced a bloody war, my generation has not seen. It made me very sad and uncomfortable, it added more misery after the Covid ordeal the world gone through, I remember mentioning the war here in legrove and Pedro telling me how sad he felt and how horrible it is, war is very ugly. Then the Russian Ukrainian war followed, men what a sad war it has become too, why do we humans politicians love war? It’s been a disastrous two years, love reading leftover… I been supporting arsenal for over twenty one years. So many fun teams over the years. Loved watching lava-auba combo for the past five years, we won only 1fa cup but they both scored lots of goals and they were very entertaining😃👌 love our current team too, hoping we keep the current group for the next five season together and they win big trophy, Pedro legrove ❤️❤️❤️ Reading alot. Keep it up man, good days are ahead for us. Another great post today🥂fly emirates The Arsenal Eddie-Jesus combo is coming up goners⚽️⚽️⚽️ Congrats to all you English fans your girls did you proud tonight, last year the men came so close. England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 National teams have become great to watch, kick and rush is a thing of the past, wengerball👌🥂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  5. Mr Serge

    Robel I hope things become better for you here on in and you enjoy Arsenal this year as well
    We are very lucky over here not to,have to go through things like war,

  6. Wicked Willy

    Sending you big love Robal. Ethiopia has a proud history and some amazing cuisine. Have always wanted to visit your country and experience it first hand. Politicians often become successful because of their thirst for power, often in response to soundings from their childhood and their need to prove themselves and to somehow realise themselves as people of worth. When you have a domain such as politics whereby the most ambitious self select themselves into power, and where they have to keep making compromising decisions in order to succeed in their goals, they end up becoming a shadow of the person they once dreamed they would be, and before you need it, they are so detached from the reality of their constituents that when their egos are challenged from outside, the inner war within their subconscious becomes an outer war in the domain of men.

    There can also be collective consciousness dynamics that play into it as well, but that would benefit from more than an overly simplified observation.

    Here’s hoping the great people of Ethiopia find peace once more.

  7. Robel Yonas

    Spot on Wicked Willy, history has shown us the love of power can turn a man in to evil. The war have eased in here, it’s just my generation of Ethiopians have never seen war and when it happens and your own country men killing each other like it means nothing, so many horror stories, I feel lucky to still be alive after this war and Covid. It’s been a strange two years. 2020-2022. Any way I cannot keep you English lads doomed with sadness it’s your time to celebrate your lioness, what a game, what a win, brilliant final. Last year I support England men team against Italy for the first time cause southgate has got you guys playing some good football. I felt real sad the lost that final, it would have hurt a lot if your lioness did not deliver today, massive win for English national team🥂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 I am hoping you bring the arsenal to Addis Ababa for a preseason match wicked Willy, that would bring in millions of Ethiopian goners in to absolute maniac, you will be amazed by how many Ethiopian love Arsenal.

  8. bacaryisgod

    According to The Athletic, Leno to Fulham is done for a fee around 8m. That’s a fantastic deal for Fulham. As long as Ramsey can play like he did for a good chunk of last season and stays healthy then we won’t regret it but I’m disapponted to lose Leno for a relatively low fee. He’s going to be a busy keeper though!

  9. Emiratesstroller

    On the evidence of the team which started both games against Chelsea and Sevilla we have
    the makings of a decent side.

    What is unclear sofar is how good is our bench? The options currently available are Turner,
    Tomiyasu,Soares, Holding,Tierney or Zinchenko, Elneny, Lokonga, Vieira, Smith-Rowe,
    Pepe and Nketiah.

    My areas of concern remain the same most notably GK and CMF/DMF.

  10. Nigel Tufnel

    I have a question.

    We paid 19 mil or so for Leno. I like him. Great shot stopper for those Emery games with dozens of shots at our goal.

    He’s leaving because he was not good enough for where this team is going, for how its being constructed.

    So he’s no longer a number 1 keeper for his club.

    He was going into the last year of his deal.

    We are accommodating his desire to stay in London, which severely limits any competition for getting the price bid up.

    Tell me … how much did you think we would get for a backup keeper with 1 year left on his deal, also on a generous salary?

    Really… get over it. Some things are not the clubs fault.

    And no, keeping him for 1 final year not an option because he’d be disgruntled.

  11. Samuel

    This is the first time in a long time I am actually really excited about the start of the new season.
    We look prepared and ready to go, we know our starting XI, the players seem to understand what the manager wants, the pressing is meaningful, plenty of movement up top. Bring on the good times.

  12. China1

    Keeping Leno absolutely is an option, even though I’ve frankly no idea if it’s the right one because I have no view on Turner so far

    If Turner is good enough then there’s zero point in keeping Leno. If Turner is there for numbers and not seen as ready to step in for major games, then we should keep Leno

    It only takes a bit of bad luck or a nasty challenge from an attacker to take Ramsdale out of the game for several months. It’s exactly how Martinez got his chance ahead of Leno

    As for him being disgruntled, like I said that all depends. If he’s still seen as our second best keeper (I don’t know) then the risk of him being grumpy about staying another year could be offset by the performances he gives when called upon

    If ramsdale gets injured and Leno is our #1 for large parts of the season he could play himself back in as first choice for the long term and earn a new contract. Meanwhile as much as he wants to play every week (understandable) when the whole team is doing better and much more positive now, he might also get wrapped up in that.

    I bet if you ask him would he rather play 20 games this season and win the EL and Cup or he could play 40 games for Fulham he’d not be quite so quick to choose Fulham. He’s probably mainly just worried that if Ramsdale doesn’t get injured or drop form badly his chances might not come – which is true. But it’s totally possible that it happens and if it does I doubt he’d be grumbling then.

    That being said we’ve just signed Turner who I will give the benefit of the doubt until I’ve seen him properly. And we need to make sales + 8m for arsenal in 2022 is not actually a bad price lol. We normally lose everyone for free or pay them off. I’m fine with us cashing in

  13. China1

    All the best Robal. When calm all these pointless wars end? Little men with little man syndrome sending their people to their deaths at war to compensate for their own shortcomings and look tough. Such a pity

  14. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there are two reasons why Leno is leaving.

    First from the players point of view he wants to play regularly and that is no longer possible at Arsenal.

    Second the club do not want to pay a second string goalkeeper £100K pw.

    This has been the problem with far too many squad players at club. We were paying them
    inflated wages.

    My concern about the recruitment of goalkeepers in recent times has to do with talent
    identification. Why are we recruiting US and Icelandic goalkeepers with no experience in
    English football?

  15. China1

    ES I don’t think which league you play in is going to make a big difference for a keeper

    Making saves, passing the ball, catching crosses, organizing your defense are pretty universally applicable skills and not league specific

    Runarrsson was signed from France I think. Plenty of good players are signed from France, he just wasn’t one of them

    As well America tends to produce decent keepers. Brad friedel and what’s his name who used to play for Everton. Both reasonable PL keepers

  16. Wicked Willy


    I actually think that US keepers have a pretty decent pedigree in the Prem. Man City have a US reserve keeper, and haven’t Chelsea just bought someone from Chicago Fire? Does that mean Kepa is off? Like many here I’m yet to be convinced by Turner, bothe from a talent perspective and from a distribution perspective, but let’s wait and see. Leno just does not suit our system and it would cost us £13-£15m to keep him. Our defence clearly don’t feel very assured when he’s there either. Let’s give Turner a season, hope that Ramsdale stays fit, and then let’s assess.

  17. The Bard

    The difficulty selling players encapsulates the essence of the modern game. Players would rather sit on their high wages and not play than be transferred to another club on lower wages and play.

  18. Markymark

    Robel – keep as safe as you can be and wishing you all the very best .
    There was a very brief thought after the wall came down that we were living in a post war world. The end of history apparently. Well sadly not . So much suffering due to nasty power crazed fools .
    Take care and will enjoy reading more of your posts hopefully soon

  19. Madhu

    China1 i often wonder what makes strong/intelligent young men follow these little men called leaders to war, death and destruction. Will we ever get a break from such small men and actually have a leader who works for peace and well being of all. Doubt that though

  20. Goobergooner

    Still intrigued by what business could still be done, but we really are raring to go for the start of the season for the first time in a while.

    So damn excited for pl football

  21. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t think that Man City or Chelsea have recruited second string goalkeepers who are American. No-one suggests that American goalkeepers cannot be decent, but I would prefer
    that they are “tested” elsewhere in a major league before coming to us.

  22. Topside Northbank

    Turner in a WC year it’s actually a backward move for him as he’s not going to get infront of Ramsdale.

    Been a lot of good USA keeper’s back in the day we were always linked with Friedel always seemed to have a blinder against us I went to a game 2002 Edu scored both end’s we lost 2-1 but the GK was motm was immense.

  23. China1

    I’m less worried about which leagues our keepers come from and more interested in how good they look

    Let’s not write turner off yet guys it’s just a couple of preseason games

  24. Bob N16

    Graham, you don’t rate Ramsdale?

    I think he has moments of rashness but for a comparatively young GK there is potential for improvement. Otherwise he does a lot of things really well and he seems like the sort of guy other players are very happy to be around.

    Surely you’re not digging up Martinez again?

    Runarsson is undeniably a joke though!

  25. Topside Northbank

    I think we go into the season with a bit of optimism pre season has gone well and Saliba returning with Zinchenko and Jeus already settling in the team is certainly better not just on paper, but the eye test.

    Last season opponents would rotate foul on Saka a lot of our moves were built down the right side, teams got wise to it. Touched on it the other day Zinchenko and Martinelli look like there is already a good understanding between them down the left.

    Watching Saturday and highlights of the Chelsea game it’s something that really will give us a lot more options and make it harder for opponents to nullify us.

  26. Bob N16

    I see Ashley Barnes is interesting Newcastle’s as well as Maddison, Fofana – Chelsea, Arsenal -someone beginning with a T.

    Are Leicester about to have a meltdown or is this just journalists needing to tap something?

    Any chance we can make our move?

  27. China1

    Halaand missed a sitter and couldn’t take his chances the other day against liverpool. Anyone can have a bad couple of games. It’s whether those are just that or whether that’s the players true level which matters.

    For turner I never watched him and don’t know. But our recruitment has been mostly good recently so it’s safe to assume we did scout him properly. He was presumably doing something write before he joined us

  28. Topside Northbank

    Arteta is optimistic Tomiyasu, ESR, Tierney and Vieira will be fit to be involved in the squad Friday.

    If we can move 3/4 players out hopefully we can get another midfielder in it’s the one glaring weakness in the squad.

  29. China1

    Bob it might be bad for us if Leicester are selling all their best players because if they get some money coming in and lose Maddison etc they might decide to dig in on Tielemans

    Hope I’m wrong

  30. Bob N16


    Don’t see the point in waiting any longer with Tielemans. Leicester need money, one year left on his contract and he wants to come. If Leicester get money in for him it will possibly mean that they can hold off other clubs who are circling. I have no idea about their finances but I’m sure I’ve read that they have FFP issues- didn’t know that was possible right now.

  31. Topside Northbank


    Tielemans is the one holding the power into his last year of contract if we are seriously interested in him and he wants to come to us it will get done.

    I don’t see us or anyone else paying anything more than 20-25m.

    Leicester by all accounts need to sell before they can buy Fofana and Maddison longer contracts will both be around the 50m mark. Chelsea in for Fofana makes a lot of sense, PL proven young and a very good defender.

  32. Le Sauce


    You Echo my thoughts. I read that Leicester were demanding £80M thereabouts for Fofona which begs the question what they were demanding for Tielemans who’s one of their stars albeit on the last year of his contract. I believe we’re gonna go exactly what Fulham did to us regarding Leno. Wait it out, the player clearly wants us if the ITKs are to be believed, he has no other suitors that we know of and this is Leicester’s last chance to cash out so the waiting game seems like the last strategy since the club isn’t desperate. All this can change if a certain player is charged and we become desperate to replace

  33. Emiratesstroller

    From my perspective it is important when recruiting a goalkeeper to assess their performance
    against top class opposition and that is not the case in MSL.

    I am not suggesting that Turner is not a good goalkeeper, but he is untested at EPL level.
    Runarsson turned out to be a very poor decision.

  34. Topside Northbank

    Runarsson was a very strange signing recruited off the back iirc of the GK coach at the time recommendation?

  35. China1

    ES I disagree in that I don’t expect being a goalkeeper in a weaker league is so much easier.

    You’re still going to face plenty of testing situations. Hard shots, one on ones, crowding at corners etc etc

    It’s not like in MLS all the shots are going to be tamely passed down the middle or skied to row Z. Even average players will take a great shot sometimes.

    Just look at the women’s euros where the football quality wasn’t always very good but there were still plenty of great moments, elite shots etc. look at the first two goals last night. Neither could be stopped.

    On that note fucking proud as hell of the lionesses. What a result

    Normally when I post anything on Chinese social media I get many dozens of likes because locals seem to flock to like posts from foreigners sometimes but I started posting about England being European champions and the abject lack of likes was hilarious 😂

  36. Rich


    We need to create the space first.

    We’ve currently got 31 first team players, 29 if Balogun + Leno complete their moves over the next few days.

    We can only register 25 in the Europa, and 25 aged over 21 before Jan 1st in the league.

    17 non homegrown maximum in that 25.

    We won’t do what we did in 2020/21 where it was complete carnage, 31 players, Ozil + Sokratis not registered for any competition, Saliba + Runarsson not registered in the Europa League.

    That’s a recipe for a unhappy training ground + dressing room, I’d be really surprised if there were more than 25 senior players in our squad on Sept 1st,

    We have to get players out before we bring anymore in:

    We’ve done what I considered the minimum expectations going into the summer, which were a versatile left back, a left sided No8, and a No9, we just need to renew contracts of Saka + Saliba now.

    Regardless of outgoings, addressing these 3 positions, and 2 contract renewals were/are, the highest priority,

    I expect we’d like to sign another No8, a versatile forward but who primarily plays from the right, and a versatile left sided centre back, who can also play that inverted left back role.

    But which of those 3 signings we make, will be dependant on outgoings, and opportunities on the market.

    Assuming Leno + Balogun complete their moves, we’ll have:

    29 senior players
    11 homegrown
    18 non homegrown (Still one too many, before any incomings)

    4 players under 21 after Jan 1st, who won’t need to count in our 25 man PL squad.

    If we purge this squad of Runarsson, Bellerin, Mari, Holding, Torreira, Niles, Nelson, Pepe

    There could be loan moves for Marquinhos, and maybe Sambi, dependent on movement elsewhere, then we can move, Hein and maybe Patino could both be potentially promoted as well.

    I’d be surprised if we moved for another midfielder, without at least seeing Torreira, and one of Niles/Bellerin depart first.

    I’d be surprised if we moved for a winger, without 2 of Pepe, Nelson, or Marquinhos leaving first

    And surprised if we went for another defender, without Mari, Bellerin, and potentially Holding leaving first.

  37. China1

    lol Rich another CB who can play LB. we already have 4 CBs (not counting Mari) and we have 2 established LBs.

  38. Bob N16


    Understand your point that we need to get rid of players but not sure our bargaining position changes much when considering the players who are surplus to requirements: Mari, Runarsson, Torreira, Bellerin, AMN, Pepe etc

    The message is loud and clear to those players and their agents – find another club you would be willing to go to and let’s negotiate. The understanding is clear, if you want to play football it will have to be elsewhere. ‘There is no room in the squad for you’.

    Players and their agents are not native – they know this is the situation and most players are unlikely to be willing to just play with U23 all season.

    Buying Tielemans ahead of sales just makes that position all the clearer. Not a reason for not buying Tielemans now.

  39. China1

    We also have Tomi who can play CB

    We absolutely do not need to flood the squad with more and more defenders

  40. Rich


    If you think Mari + Holding can play the way Saliba. Gabriel + White did on Saturday?

    Then I’ll have some of whatever your smoking, because I bet that’s some really strong stuff, absolutely wipe out….

    If you think we should be banking across an entire 60 game season on Tierney + Tomiyasu, not picking up sustained injuries at some stage, then I think we’d be crazy to bank on it, not when the margins are so finely balanced.

    The way we attack + press as a team, is inextricably linked to how we defend, we make the pitch smaller, by our defenders + keeper pushing higher, and that’s how we create overloads in the opponents final third, this is really basic stuff that some of you are absolutely blind too.

    See the issues we had against Spurs away, Holding tried to step out, win the ball high up the pitch, and he looked like a fish up a tree, I can guarantee you that Mari has the same deficiencies.

    If we want consistency in our style of play, then we need defenders who can all play that way, otherwise the whole system breaks down, not for 40-45 out of roughly 60 potential games….

    But across an entire season, competing in 4 competitions, without all the hard we’ve put in, crumbing at the business end of the season, because we don’t have the specificity to sustain our style.

    There’s no value in packing the forward line with a combination of high octane pressers, and elite technicians to squeeze the play, and sustain attacks, if our defenders aren’t equipped to get us up the pitch, keep us there for sustained periods, without leaving ourselves overly vulnerable to being countered,

    If Tierney breaks? Zinchenko can’t play 60 games, otherwise he breaks as well, if on the off chance Tierney stays fit, Zinchenko is a better bet at the base of our midfield than Elneny.

    Gabriel can’t play 60 games, or he potentially breaks.

    We could move Saliba to left centre back, but if Tomiyasu breaks, I’d much rather White play right back instead of Cedric.

    Cedric is fine for 10-15 games against lower league opposition, but I don’t particularly want to see him more than that, we need him as a potential body, but that’s the maximum role in the squad.

  41. Mb

    So, both Tomi and White can play at RB. White, Saliba and GM can play CB and Tomi too if need be. At LB, we have Tierney and Zinchenko.

    Who do we have in midfield? Partey + Xhaka + Elneny? We need to prioritise here, I would love a VVD in our defense but not before we get a Partey cover, a Xhaka replacement.

  42. Mb

    I don’t know Rich, may be it’s about preference but I am more leaned towards Klopp’s way of keeping a constant playing XI till something goes wrong.

    Pep likes to mix things up and I guess Arteta just inherited that approach.

  43. Rich


    You think Partey, Tomiyasu, Tierney, Smith Rowe

    Are going to play 3 x a week consistently? Or even stay fit for the duration if they’re not?

    Their game time certainly needs to be managed, i love all 4 players, but we need to build a squad with their potential absences at the forefront of our thinking.

    There’s no value in getting to semi finals and a strong position in the league, if we don’t have a squad capable of sustaining consistency across an entire season, and juggling the workload

    We’ve got the players for 40-45 games,

    The issue in defence isn’t so much a drop in quality, it’s the change in style.

    Asking Holding or Mari to push up the pitch, win the first ball aggressively, keep us on the front foot, get us up the pitch to begin with, while asking them to cover the space on behind quickly during the counter.

    Is asking them to do things they’re not designed to do, and we have to change our entire way of playing as a result

    The opposition will see them as weak links, they’ll press high, and once a team know they’ll have success doing that, our entire team ends up sitting deeper as a result

    We can’t be a high energy pressing team in the opponents final third, if our defenders don’t make the pitch smaller.

    This is Tierney’s injury record:

    21/22 Knee Surgery Mar 31, 2022 Jul 7, 2022
    21/22 Ankle problems Oct 21, 2021 Nov 6, 2021
    20/21 Knee Injury Apr 3, 2021 May 5, 2021
    20/21 Knee Injury Jan 19, 2021 Feb 16, 2021
    20/21 Virus Infection Oct 7, 2020 Oct 16, 2020
    20/21 Groin Injury Sep 13, 2020 Sep 27, 2020 14 days
    19/20 Shoulder Injury Dec 9, 2019 Mar 14, 2020 96 days
    18/19 Groin Surgery May 7, 2019 Jun 9, 2019 33 days
    18/19 Hip Injury Apr 19, 2019 May 2, 2019 13 days
    18/19 Cals Sclerosis Mar 31, 2019 Apr 5, 2019 5 days
    18/19 Hip Injury Dec 7, 2018 Feb 22, 2019 77 days
    18/19 Knock Nov 15, 2018 Nov 22, 2018
    17/18 Calf Injury Mar 16, 2018 Apr 7, 2018 22 days
    16/17 Ruptured ankle aigament Oct 28, 2016 Jan 21, 2017

    Banking on him not having a sustained absence, would be playing Russian Roulette with our season.

    Banking on Holding or Mari pushing up the pitch + defending high, would be playing Russian Roulette with our season

    Banking on Partey to start more than 40 games, would be playing Russian Roukette with our season, he’s been injured in both seasons at Arsenal, reoccurring muscular injuries are common.

    Tomiyasu’s been missing throughout most of the second half of last season, he broke down twice after his original injury, and now missed most of pre-season.

    A left side version of Ben White solves 4 issues:

    1. Continuity in style, whichever centre backs we pick.

    2. Covers for Tierney if he gets injured again

    3. I’d rather see Zinchenko at the base of our midfield instead of Elneny, if Partey gets injured again

    4. Gives competition/cover to Gabriel, who can’t play 60 games.

    We might get away without strengthening that position, but we’d be punting big on players who questionable injury histories, staying fit for the entire duration, or we risk getting ourselves into really competitive positions, only to stutter at the finishing line

    Look at the way Partey, Tomiyasu + Tierney’s injuries derailed us last season, and that was playing 1 game a week for the vast majority at the business end.

  44. Dissenter

    ‘ I don’t think that Man City or Chelsea have recruited second string goalkeepers who are American. ’

    Zack Steffen Was the second keeepr, only left to get playing time ahead of the World Cup
    American goal keeper have established their Bonafides in European leagues, outfield players, not so much .

  45. Marko

    outfield players, not so much .

    Obviously not familiar with the bundesliga and serie A where there’s plenty of Americans doing well. Also there’s been some very good Americans in the premier league too. Brian McBride was a great player for Fulham back in the day

  46. Dissenter

    Chelsea just signed an American keep who’s barely even played in the MLS
    American goalies ha pedigree. Turner will be okay.
    Like Marko said, it’s Ramsdale we should be worried about.
    We want the Ramsdale that started last season, not the one that ended it.

  47. Guns of Hackney


    I’m right though. Classless and the irony! The dames want parity and equality (which is fine) but then they go onto act exactly like the men. That press conference was mortifying.

    Horrible. Looked like a hen do in Blackpool. Chubby legs and dripping make up. Blurrghhh

  48. Bob N16

    Good luck to them.

    Personally I find the standard so low compared to men’s football. Of course they have touch, vision etc but still so poor in comparison. The RCB for England dived in one time comically missing the ball and then looked so slow and heavy trying to get back. Fortunately the German shot meekly at the goalie. The commentators can’t say it how it is either.

    I haven’t watched any of the press or celebrations.

  49. Marko

    It’s really unfair to compare women’s football to men’s it really is. Best to judge it as it’s own thing because if you do hold it up with the men’s game you definitely won’t like it.

  50. Foxy

    My wife summed up my view of Woman’s football in a few words. She walked into the room after it had been on a few minutes and said ” womens football does nothing for me, too slow and boring” and walked out. She does like cage fighting mind you!

    I am pleased that the women’s game is doing well though and Arsenal have a v.good team, but there is a huge amount of Industry and media over hyping going on as in the end it is all about money and headlines.

  51. Dissenter

    How did a moment of glory for these young women, winning Englands first football trophy since 1966 become an misogynistic brickbats for the likes of Guns of Hackney?

    …and yea, the FA should pay them the same match bonuses they pay The men didn’t need it and donate it but these young won’t absolutely depend in such money for subsistence.
    After all the women’s team filled Wembley to the rafters and actually win a trophy..

  52. TR7

    We can’t be worrying about a 4th choice CB (Holding) when injury to Partey can derail our season or jeopardize our top 4 chances. All the other upgrades can wait but we must buy a player who can replace Partey when he is not available and replace Xhaka when Partey is available.

  53. TR7

    Toerrera getting linked to Galatasaray. I guess upon his departure we can possibly see some movement on Tielemans’ transfer.

  54. Marko

    Yeah I dunno why we haven’t moved for any CM’s yet but I don’t buy the whole waiting until we get rid of others line. We’re able to sell (not well tbf) and big clubs don’t wait until they sell before buy they’d be confident either way

  55. TR7

    Lucas Torreira ‘can be considered’ a new Galatasaray player, after they agreed a €5.5m fee, plus €1.5m in bonuses, with Arsenal for the player. Torreira will have his medical in Istanbul & sign a three-year contract, with the option of a further season. [@asmarcatr]

    Very low fee if true but I guess given our track record anything more than a free transfer is welcome.

  56. Nigel Tufnel

    I want Tielemans or another CM as much as anybody, but we need to calm down. As someone said, who knows what ridiculous price was quoted by Leicester? It could be an outrageous number…. and I’d wait till the end of the window, as long as we have a plan B that we like.

    They way the word was put out to the Arsenal sourced “journalists” to slow their roll many weeks ago probably means we got unrealistic demands from Leicester when we approached. It’s common sense.

    Since we don’t know what’s really going on… stop criticism of our own club for now. They know what they’re doing and have been great so far.

    By the way, I watched the Sevilla match late… Xhaka was like a new man.

    Ben White hits a beauty ball 50 yards across the pitch to Jesus who takes it wide, gives it to Xhaka who takes it all the way to the byline for a cutback! LOL .. and we get a goal to boot. Never thought I’d see him do that.

    Xhakas through ball later to Martinelli was preceded by a slick Xhaka move that had the fans immediately reacting in the stadium even before the great pass.

    I was reading the comments here at the time, and only a couple of fans like Bob said he had a good game.

    Not much mention of Granit excelling. Later Partey put a ball over the top to Xhaka running towards the 6 yard box. This stuff is unheard of for Xhaka.

    And if Saliba had hit that long ball across to Jesus, we would never hear the end of it. You’d all be jizzing for days over it.

    Ben White… not a word when does it.

    How about you forget all the nasty things you’ve said about these guys in the past, give them some credit and support?

  57. Nigel Tufnel

    If true I’d much rather take that small fee for Torreira even if those shady scumb@gs at Fiorentina offered a little more. Disgusting how they handled themselves on the loan option. We could have sent him to a club last year that would have honest intent if the guy played great as he did last season. It turned out to be a wasted year.

  58. Nigel Tufnel

    Oh nevermind. Marko could’ve done much better managing transfers.

    It’s only sad that he hasn’t applied for the job as technical director at Arsenal. I’m sure his rousing success in some other field precludes him.

  59. China1

    Rich it’s not me who is smoking something

    We have three quality CBs competing for two positions. Tomi is also really good and can play there. Holding is a squaddie and I challenge you to find any other teams with a 4th or 5th choice CB who is better than him.

    You are a proponent of having expensive elite players clogging up our bench in positions where we have depth whilst we’re one injury to Partey away from throwing our season down the drain again

    It’s a matter of priorities

    AM and CB are our deepest positions in our squad where we have quality in the starting 11 and multiple good players on the bench. In other positions we are rolling a dice on our best player staying fit to save our season.

    4th choice CB is an absolute luxury for us this summer. It’s a highly inefficient use of resources. Let’s make sure our roof is watertight before we start putting gold plated frames around the ceiling eh?

  60. Rich

    They should be lining up around the block for Torreira at €5.5 million, + €1.5 million in potential add on’s.

    Would be surprised if he goes to Turkey, always need to be careful with reports coming out of there.

    I like him, but since he doesn’t want to be here, and we need to clear up the surplus, we need to put this to bed ASAP

  61. Ishola70

    In their excitement the ladies of the English football team gatecrashed their managers after match press conference dancing in singing “Football’s Coming Home”

    Before they had literally left the room the first question the media asked the manager was “Isn’t that song meant to be banned?”

    Don’t you just hate this modern day media.

  62. Ishola70


    “Not much mention of Granit excelling”

    He won’t be “excelling” consistently even if that is the right term to use in regards Xhaka.

    Never has done. Never will do.

    I understand the huge optimism within the fanbase which I go along with at this certain time btw but it extending it to pretending Xhaka is all of a sudden an excellent player is a bridge too far for me.

  63. Dissenter

    Torriera ruined his value himself by repeatedly saying he doesn’t want to at Arsenal
    He even left the preseason tour early, a tapir he should ]not have gone on to ge honest. The likes of Patino should have had that spot.

    All the best to him, good riddance.

    I’m sure he’ll love Turkey.
    I do love the way we stuffed Florientina after their unprofessional conduct.

  64. Rich


    It’s not necessarily about having an expensive player in there, although I would say no to an upgrade at left centre back, it’s about ensuring consistency in the way we attack + defend as a team.

    Holding + Mari can’t play in the way that we need them too, this is pretty basic stuff, and if at some point we ask them too, in the big 6 pointers, or in the big cup games, that’s the fine margins between success + failure.

    Tomiyasu can play centre back, he plays there for Japan.

    We’ve got 2 excellent left backs in Tierney + Zinchenko.

    The problem is we’d be playing Russian roulette banking on them both remaining fit for the duration.

    The problem with injury prone players, is that we risk overplaying the other players as a result, and they risk becoming injury prone as well.

    That’s not a perpetual cycle I want from the club going into the business end of the season over the next 3-5 seasons.

    If we want to sustain consistency in the way that we play across an entire season? if we want to compete in 4 competitions? without our seasons collapsing in April/May?…

    Then we need to address all weaknesses in our squad, if we want to play an aggressive high pressing style across 60 games, and not just 45, we need to address this.

    It we’re not looking at the injury histories of Tierney, Tomiyasu, Partey + Smith Rowe, and adjusting our squad accordingly, then we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

    I’m not talking about top 4 here, I’m talking about getting on the shoulder of the top 2, not just until March, then falling away, but staying in the race right until the end, while juggling multiple competitions simultaneously.

    These are the finer details that make the difference when they distribute the trophies at the end of the season.

    Look at the way City + Liverpool defend, you think Mari or Holding would get near their teams pushing up the pitch in the way they do?

    Not a chance….

    We can make top 4, but my ambitions for this team are much loftier.

    The left sided centre back/left back hybrid doesn’t need to be an expensive player, but they do need the required skill set to play in the system we’re implementing.

  65. Nigel Tufnel


    All I’m asking for is honest appraisals of the guys actual performances.

    We all know he was better than ever before under Arteta last year, thats generally accepted here….. and even though this was a friendly, he had some real eye opening contributions.

    I’m just saying, give the guy the credit that he earns for the club. Nothing more than that.

    Old animosity is a shitty thing to hold on to. People should learn to let go, and enjoy something positive if it’s happening right in front of your face.

    You don’t think any of those plays I mentioned were notable ? If a new CM (which I still want) had done the exact same in a match, we’d all be over the moon.

    You also know its true if saliba had hit that Ben White pass… not really a big deal, but it just shows the amount of bias against the chosen legrove scapegoats.

    Just try to be a little fair.

  66. Ishola70


    Implying that Xhaka is an excellent player by using terms like “excelling” about him isn’t a really honest appraisal is it.

    The situation we have had with Xhaka for a long time now is because everyone has been aware of his faults as a player when he doesn’t fault and has good games they become overblown and become heightened in praise because of the very fact of him being seen as not one of the best players.

    This situation happens a lot with other clubs as well.

    This is a player you have been requesting to be sold all summer btw

  67. China1

    It’s not Russian roulette to have two good LBs. how many top teams have more than two quality LBs and 4-5 elite CBs?

    Who are Liverpool’s, Chelsea’s, Utd’s and Spurs’ 4th choice CBs?

    I agree Holding is not best suited to playing a high line. He’s more of an old school CB. But you’re selling him well short. He’s not some useless donkey or a mustafi. He’s pretty consistently solid when he gets a run of games. I don’t know how you can ask more from a 4th choice CB at a club that isn’t money bags (unless we are now). He’s also home grown and a good professional to boot. He’s exactly what you hope for in a squaddie. When we have an elite backup to Partey and an elite partner for him in the starting 11 there’s a case to get that kind of cherry on the top signing. Until then there’s no case for it.

    Signings should be based on priority needs and fixing priority weaknesses. Not based on ignoring some whilst throwing good money at player who will probably only play 10-15 games a season anyway.

    You’re fretting about the minority of games this season when we might need our 4th choice CB but the priority should be on the majority of games this season when Partey gets injured and or Xhaka is the partner. That’s the pressing risk that will derail our season if we’re unlucky.

    Your concern also presupposes that arsenal are incapable of adjusting the system a bit to accommodate players in a preferable system if needed. Xhaka got entire formations built to cover his weaknesses but god forbid if Holding plays a few games this season our entire team will come crashing down and there’s nothing we can do about it? I don’t buy that one bit

  68. Nigel Tufnel

    Here’s the real counter argument.

    Torreira is a great little player with real emotional issues (not funny). He’s acted like a weirdo in his statements and behaviour, and screwed Arsenal over to milk his contract.

    Fiorentina had every right not to exercise their buy option, but…. to try to haggle down was pathetic because they did want Torreira for sure.

    That was a wasted year that put him into his final year, and he’s still making dickhead statements publicly, so yes, he’s a cancer in the team and every potential buyer knows it. A loan to a decent club last year might have had an exercised option as well as he played.

    The fact that any team would still take a flyer and pay a few million for him is a testament to his talent only, because he has created this situation.

    Not our clubs fault. But some people on legrove think it’s all so simple.

    “Why didn’t we sell him for more?!”

    It’s a childish mentality.

  69. Rich

    Arsenal have educated Saliba between the age of 18-21, they might have used the loan market to do that.

    But they’ve still developed a youth player through their actions,

    The whole point of the homegrown rule is to ensure we get young players into the game, and to do that they have to incentivise clubs to develop talent, either by giving them opportunities themselves, or by getting them minutes elsewhere, before getting them into the first team.

    It’s a great rule, I’d like to see it go further, bring it down from 17/8, to 14/11, or 13/12

    We can still attract the best talent from across the globe, but it would put more emphasis on youth development, then we can find out who the best coaches are, and not just who the best chequebook managers are.

    It would push the prices of homegrown talent up as a result, but when products or services become more valuable, the market naturally makes up the shortfall.

    The more talent that gets produced, the less advantageous larger budgets become, and could actually become a hinderance, rather than an advantage.

  70. Nigel Tufnel


    The fact that you can’t even give credit when a player has a great match, or a great moment in a game… says everything about you.

    Not even a slight chance you’ll give someone a fair appraisal because you’ve made up your mind that you hate the guy.

    It doesn’t take a psychology professor to see that you are not judging him on performances, but your personal feelings.

    I wish people could be better to our players. Pedro talks about positive vibes, togetherness that’s coming from all over the fanbase.

    Just not from you.

  71. Chrispy

    Do Chelsea have a single original thought when it comes to player recruitment or do they just wait to see what top teams go for and then try to hijack the deal? Now its Cucurella from under the noses of City.

  72. Zacharse

    I don’t know how bad LT’s wages were but it seems pretty primary to get him Bell and Leno off the payroll for their wages even if the fees are less than satisfactory. None of those players are going to make huge increases to their fees.
    Pepe… who knows. I think most of us would think a year or two in the bundesliga and pepe would probably be more sought after…

  73. Tom

    I’m gonna go full Nigel here and say had Partey mugged off Lukaku and nutmegged Alonso in one move at the edge of our own pen box to spring our counter and goal v Chelsea , or nutmegged Sevilla player in traffic on the way to our sixth posters would’ve been waxing lyrical for ages.

    Xhaka does it and it’s kinda banter fodder more than anything.

    Nigel, how low is your standard for excellence when a forty yard ball from White to Jesus, who’s adjusting himself the whole time the ball is in the air, is the subject of such praises ?

    I didn’t think White played that great actually. He got caught in possession twice at least losing the ball dribbling through players. A better side might’ve made us pay.
    Saliba had a blinder on the other hand.
    Keep your White>Saliba powder dry for more obvious future situations we all know you’re just itching for.

  74. Ishola70


    I’m consistent in my views about Xhaka.

    You aren’t.

    Again you were saying you wouldn’t mind seeing him sold this summer previously.

    We are not even into the proper season.

    If Xhaka keeps having good to decent games which are propelled in praise because of his known limitations as a player going into the new year then even I might change my overall opinion of him.

  75. Marko

    Torreira is a great little player with real emotional issues (not funny).

    What are you a phycologist now.

    Not our clubs fault. But some people on legrove think it’s all so simple.

    I mean it is our clubs fault that we mismanaged and misused a talented player to the point that we got fuck all for him.

    Is it even up for debate how shit we are at selling our players? I mean we could have gotten 25 million for AMN but kept him around to do nothing and now we’d be lucky to get a loan to buy option for him. Go further back we could have sold Joel Campbell to Milan when his value was up but Wenger dithered and you know what happened. We’ve lost talent recently for nothing or in the case of Ozil actually paid for part of his wages to get rid. Koscielny, Lacazette and even now Bellerin we’re likely to lose for nothing. I mean christ our record sale is still Fabregas in his pomp for about 30 million. It’s shocking

  76. Marko

    But they’ve still developed a youth player through their actions,

    Please fuck off with that nonsense arsenal have no right to any praise for developing Saliba. That’s the definition of mental gymnastics

  77. TR7

    People don’t praise Xhaka when he does well simply because his bad performances are much more frequent and cost us much more than what we gain out of his rare good performances and it’s the same pattern season in and season out.

  78. Akinzo

    I empathise with Arteta on how he would cope giving the CBs he has game time next season. And here we have Rich, asking that an additional elite defender be added to sit on the bench!
    How lowly do we think of the task of managers keeping every player happy if I may ask?
    And why do we all think Xhaka can never raise his game for the club? Arteta isn’t the first manager that had stuck with with him!
    Yes, we may think of ourselves so highly, but, with only the match days to see these players, how much do we really know about them?
    Queer, how many keep berating the club for selling our fringe players cheap but its same brouhaha all over. Chelsea, the Manures and even Tottenham that are being praised to the heavens are finding it hard to move on players they are stuck with. People need to find out what’s happening all over rather fabricate.
    Its true we are success starved but a lot of commentators here seems to be deriving so much joy in knocking the club unnecessarily after what could be termed a successful TW. We are on track to building a great side.
    Some have even made Arteta and Edu out as these fellas who are morons working so hard to ensure failure in their careers.

  79. Nigel Tufnel


    Total agreement on your last comment.

    Rich, I love your stuff, but all this talk about “what if this player breaks, then his backup breaks” is over the top. Sure it could happen, of course…but you can’t plan life like that, and the truth in football is, even Mari did not want to stay as a 4th choice CB..

    You think you’re going to find a quality, ball playing CB who is going to come play behind Saliba, White, and Gabriel… and be satisfied? Who is this player you think we can get?

    We have Holding who is content at the moment, and Tomiyasu as well as other emergency options.

    We have good depth and versatile players at the back.

  80. Nigel Tufnel


    Comment more frequently. Great stuff!

    Did I hear that Chelsea are still paying Bakyoko, Barkley and others? Can’t unload them? I’d like to see their list and how it compares to ours.

  81. Bob N16

    If the Kroenkes are okay with the fee so am I.

    It seems to be more about getting players off than how much we get for them. As we all know, the issue we’ve had over the last few years is that it’s difficult to get much of a fee for a player who isn’t playing that well/is overpaid in relation to their contribution/their contract is running out/ they’re axing.

    In a year or so as long as we don’t go silly with salaries, we’ll be upgrading decent players to go to the next level. Our cast offs will be more attractive- like City’s and Liverpool’s are now. Then we’ll get some decent fees in.

  82. TheBayingMob

    ⏳📝 Saka
    ⏳📝 Saliba
    ⏳⬅️ Tielemens
    ⏳➡️ Multiple!!

    Come on Arsenal, let’s get it done and put a cherry on this summer

  83. Zacharse

    i don’t think it will be surprising if xhaka’s red cards and errors leading to goal drop significantly this season. i thought it would be refreshing for the squad to have him moved on but i don’t think its a huge deal if he stays especially in the form he’s shown this preseason. Things change over time, a big part of living. ridiculous but not surprising that some on here see changing one’s mind as a negative and sign of weakness

  84. Bob N16

    Marko, it’s that not far a stretch to say Saliba’s ‘parent club’ arranged an excellent loan where he excelled, record passes, young player of the year, French caps etc.

    If he’d stayed with us and he’d been unhappy being in England at a difficult time for him personally, deaths in the family and Covid at the age of 19/20, would his development have been as great?

    I wouldn’t call that mental gymnastics.

    I wanted him to stay but he’s a brilliant player now, that seems obvious so all’s good(as long as he signs an extension!).

  85. Marko

    Did I hear that Chelsea are still paying Bakyoko, Barkley and others? Can’t unload them? I’d like to see their list and how it compares to ours.

    So arsenal ‘s record sale is 34 million for Oxlade Chamberlain while Chelsea ‘s is 104 million for Hazard. They’ve beaten our record 7 times already. So let’s not compare

  86. Dissenter

    How many loans did Torriera have?
    How many opportunities to impress and get the loaning club to keep,him?

    Maybe he’s not as good as we all think
    For some reason, AM and Florientina saw him for one season…still said no thanks.

    I swear he’ll self sabotage the Turkey move in three months after eating manties and kebabs.
    He’ll be moaning loudly until they tell him `to eff off.

    Man needs to be in South America ti be happy.

  87. Bob N16

    Xhaka will be decent as long as he has quality players around him. That’s more likely as we now have two decent LBs and another great CB.

    I’ll still be nervous if Partey gets injured and would prefer to see Zinchenko and Tielemans hold the midfield. Elneny and Xhaka together makes me concerned, unless it’s against weaker opposition.

  88. Marko

    Bob it’s literal mental gymnastics to attribute any sort of development of Saliba to Arsenal. When he was here we gave him zero mins meanwhile at St Etienne, Nice and Marseille he was played and developed. The whole well we sent him there argument is weak as best when you consider we didn’t know what to do with him when we actually had him here

  89. Hoksilato

    We haven’t sold a player we really did not want to sell for a while… When we do sell a player important to us we’ll beat our record for sure 🙂

  90. Bob N16

    Marko, surely the point is we’re not alone in struggling to get rid of unwanted players.

    We’ve not sold decent players when they’ve had two years left on their contracts and they’ve been allowed to run down their contracts.

    We’ve been particularly poor at acquisitions at times so getting rid of them as been tough!

  91. karim

    Xhaka used to be inconsistent, even poor for us and had discipline issues. I would say his performances have been better for some time now and his preseason form looks excellent.
    I don’t mind him anymore, I even think he will have a good season.

    What matters is team chemistry and Xhaka appears to play a key role in that regard, so all is well that ends well as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s like Arteta, I used to be one his fiercest critics on here but I will gladly admit he and Edu have done a fantastic job recently.

  92. Rich


    I’ve shown you Tierney’s injury history, if we’re banking on him staying fit, we’re taking a big gamble.

    Zinchenko can’t play 60 games, he can’t play 3 x a week during the run in.

    Gabriel can’t play 60 games, and Holding can’t play in the way we need him too, participative in the bigger games, if we’d got a point at Spurs last season, we edge into 4th.

    If we’d beaten Leicester at home in 2020/21, we’d have finished 6th, ahead of Spurs, + Leicester, those are the margins.

    Partey probably can’t play more than 40 games, he could overcome his injuries, but I’d prefer to have a better Insurance policy than Elneny, Zinchenko’s distribution from deep is elite, he’s in the 99% across Europe’s top 5 leagues in terms of ball progression, his passing range is immense, and he’s brilliant in tight areas.

    We’re closer than many seem to realise, and I don’t say this based on pre-season, I was saying it last season that we were just a few astute adjustments away from banging

    And most of you laughed at me, now we’re beginning to see that vision come to life.

    The way we attack + press as a team, is 100% linked to the technical + physical profile of our defenders, and to some extend the distribution of our goalkeeper.

    I’ve been trying to drum this into people for the last few years, but they called them excuses, rather than reasons that we weren’t playing an aggressive attacking style of football
    One weak link, or one defender who prevents us from pushing high + staying there, alters the entire dynamic of the team, because we can’t press high, if our defenders don’t make the pitch smaller to begin with, this is how the likes of City + Liverpool squeeze their opponents of oxygen.

    I don’t want to see Arsenal bringing on Holding in the last 20 minutes to defend a lead, I want us to stay high, dominate the ball, and defend through technical security, rather than last ditch defending.

    We might get lucky with the fitness of Tierney, Tomiyasu + Partey across 60 games, we might not need to call on Holding in any game of substance

    But why risk it?…

    There’s 3 holes in our squad, and If he can create the space, we should do all 3, that’s how we sustain consistency until the end.

    If on the off chance City + Liverpool slipped, we could put ourselves next inline for the throne, we’d be kicking ourselves for not assembling a squad to see us over the line if that happened, it’s been 18 years…

    Our last opportunity was 2015/16, if Wenger signs 2-3 top class outfield players in 2015, we walk away with the title, but instead he gambled on injury prone players, we ended up overplaying Cazorla as a result, he gets injured, and we were never the same team going into January

    Wenger’s attitude in 2015 was the same as yours with the defence now, “we’ve got Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ox, + Arteta, what do we need more midfielders for?”

    Look how that turned out…. You didn’t need to be captain hindsight to realise that those same players fitness were going to let us down…

    I’d love a top class No8, and another dynamic + versatile forward, but we need to address the defence as well,

    There’s 3 gaps, if we address those gaps, we’re a very good outside bet for the title, favourites for the Europa, and we’ll be equipped to go for both domestic cups as well.

    That’s progress, that’s exciting, that’s what we should be aiming for,

  93. Ishola70

    If you own the player and you are sending him out to another club on loan you are developing him.

    Whether he plays games with the owning club or goes out on loan he is being developed by that owning club if he plays matches for either.

  94. TR7

    Guendouzi, Torrera, Lacazzete, AMN, Mavropanos and Leno – 6 players who could have been sold for good money have been or likely to be sold for peanuts.

    We let Lacazzete run down his contract.

    Guen lost his value because of non-negotiable shit.

    Toerrera grossly mismanaged. He started off well as a DM, Emery pushed him up the pitch and the rest is history.

    Mavropanos was clearly a talented player but we put a buy out clause in for a paltry 3M.

    Leno was demoted to no 2 when he could have competed with Ramsdale for no 1 spot and retained his market value.

    As for AMN, we neither sold him nor played hum enough.

  95. Bob N16

    Adams, unless his weaknesses get exposed by players that don’t compliment him (I’m not saying players should be telling him ‘You’re the man Granit’ or such like!).

  96. Akinzo

    I will smile to the heavens if Youri Tielemans end up here this TW. However, the perception that he can stand in for Partey to me sounds erroneous.
    Ndidi, is the standout DM at City, and I’ve not seen any calls for him to join us. In fact, it would be ridiculous to have him and Pastry in same club. Players of that ilk are rare and are in high demand.
    He was out injured for much of last season and we all know how Leicester fared!
    Arguing that YT would come here to play DM seems very strange. What I presume happens is that Zincheko would own the position if anything happens to Partey.
    And arguing that Chelsea sells better than we do sounds ridiculous. They’ve been more successful and thus demands for their prime players cannot compare to ours. Are you saying we would sell Sana for peanuts if we decided to?
    Football is emotional but let’s be astute with our arguments sirs

  97. Bob N16

    If Partey is unavailable I think it’s most likely that we’ll change our system as there is no like-for-like player. Tielemans would be better than Xhaka in the more progressive areas of the pitch and would play alongside Zinchenko if KT was available.

  98. Marko

    surely the point is we’re not alone in struggling to get rid of unwanted players.

    Yeah but we really fucking struggle. Liverpool on the other hand getting good money for Nico Williams and the like while we procrastinate on AMN et all shows that.

    As for the Saliba stuff I can’t give arsenal credit when they had him for half a season never used him and didn’t know what to do with him.

  99. Bob N16

    I agree Marko that was poor by Arsenal -a waste of half a season and his development was stunted.

    Last 18 months though as been more than fine. Still no acknowledgement?

  100. Nigel Tufnel


    You’re a dishonest person.

    Because you can’t admit if Xhaka has a excellent match, not even once, not even in preseason…
    You have to lie, obfuscate by accusing me of calling him an excellent player…

    I used excelling to referring to the 1 games performance. Everyone can see that.

    But he is a good player, and a leader.

    Reality hurts, so you lie mind try to dance around subjects.

    If you can’t win a debate, just give up.

    Like I said, let go of the hate, try to enjoy some Arsenal.

  101. TR7

    “Ndidi, is the standout DM at City, and I’ve not seen any calls for him to join us.”

    Ndidi is perhaps one of the best DMs in the league but he has been suffering from a long term injury. He is still injured as we speak. So obviously out of contention as far as transfer window is concerned.

  102. Nigel Tufnel


    Good examples you cite with White, Saliba. I won’t argue.

    And I know that pass was a small thing, but I know there’s a bias here against White. It’s something I react to a lot. It’s not always a direct criticism of him, but often avoidance of credit for a guy who had a good season for us, regardless of his price.

  103. Ishola70

    A certain Mr Santi Cazorla just contributed to a winning bet for me in the Qatar Stars League.

    Match was 2-2 and I had a bet on the match at that time that there would be over five goals in the match.

    Match finished 4-3 and Cazorla was one of the scorers of the last three goals scored

  104. Dissenter

    Are you aware that Saliba and his team chose the two clubs he’s spent time out on loans; Nice and Marseille? We didn’t have leverage after leaving him in the U-23s for 5 months.
    Marko is right, we’ve had very little role in his development since Raul signed him.

    Arteta and Edu had set up the defense as though Saliba didn’t exist.
    Why spend a club record fee for defender when we had one outstanding talent on the club’s ranks.
    Let’s not pretend that Salian’s development was let of some grand Dec making.

  105. GD4

    Thank you Marko,
    There is a loser here who I will deal with later
    who will still call you named because he thinks being
    a sheep equates to being a real fan

  106. Ishola70

    “Let’s not pretend that Saliba’s development was let of some grand decision making.”

    Whether it was “grand” decision making or not what happened was he was loaned out by the owning club which aided his development which is par the course for all clubs looking to bring on young players. Whether loaning or playing them themselves.

    We still don’t know how the end story will go with Saliba anyway.

    Atm it’s looking nice and dandy but there is always the possibilty that Arteta will drop him again at a later date as we progress into the season which may make Saliba an unhappy player as it’s clear he wants to be a first team player virtually every week.

  107. Rich


    If Wenger hadn’t had your attitude with Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta + Ox in the summer of 2015

    Then we might have won the title that season, and certainly been more competitive over that period, you didn’t need a crystal ball to recognise that lot were going to get injured at some point.

    Injury prone players are a nightmare, if we don’t adjust accordingly, then it’s likely going to bite us at some stage, it’s also about having consistency in the way we defend as a team.

    We were a few players away in 2007/08, 2010/11, and again in 2015/16, but that was more down to the poor quality of the league, than anything spectacular we were cooking up.

    There’s an opportunity to do something here, 3 more top players, and we’ll surprise a lot of people, including some of our own fans who’ve been sleeping on the squad we’ve been assembling.

    I’d hate to see us get into a really strong position in multiple competitions, but then just fall short due to a lack of quality in depth + specificity in our squad, at key stages of the season.

    That’s the stage of squad building we’re at, 3 astute adjustments, and there’s an outside chance we could give City + Liverpool a slap.

    When the benchmark is 90-100 points, and 67 games that Liverpool played last season, there’s certain aspects of our squad we just won’t get away with across that type of potential schedule, I’d just like us to address those areas, to give us the best possible chance, even if it’s an outside chance.

    We haven’t been at all close in recent seasons, only crack heads thought we had any realistic chance, if we get 3 more top players, I certainly wouldn’t put my house on it, but I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable betting against it either.

  108. Markymark

    Treat it like mens and woman’s tennis . I enjoy both. I don’t get caught up on whether the top woman seed could win against the mens 50th seed. I simply don’t care nor do the majority
    It’s pretty obvious they may bolt on the world cups together at some point and possibly the Euros
    Can’t believe some gammon complexion heavy panting keyboard warrior is talking about the woman’s chubby legs when it is damn obvious they’d out run him , out play him , out tackle him and probably batter him. Calling out female athletes like that is just so piss poor

  109. Bob N16

    Rich, understand why you want Arsenal to have a better player than Holding at reserve LCB but it’s very unlikely happen. We’ve done quite a lot of business already and one or maybe two more in would be a serious outlay.

    I think your argument would be stronger if we were in the CL not the EL.

  110. Batistuta

    We have enough defenders already… The midfield should be the priority and maybe a capable RB while we are still in the market but tf do we need another CB for?

  111. Habesha Gooner

    Torreira for €7 mil euros is a joke really. But we are looking to have a fire sale and get rid of them it seems. Leno and Torreira will be out by the end of the week. Balogun and Tavarez loaned out this week too. That leaves Pepe, Mari, Bellerin, AMN and Nelson. And so far we have recouped 13 mil. I think teams will take a punt on Nelson and AMN when deadline day nears. We probably will cancel Bellerin’s contract. Mari will be sold if we can get 3 to 5 mil too. And Pepe might go out on loan in my opinion.

    What’s done is done now. I am glad we are biting the bullet and getting rid of players that will go for free anyway.

  112. Pierre

    “I think your argument would be stronger if we were in the CL not the EL.”

    Exactly , I’m afraid Rich has a case of verbal diahorrea and is stuck in repeat mode atm.

  113. englandsbest


    What defeats me is why you complain about loaning Saliba. It’s common practice for big Clubs to loan youngsters, that way they get minutes on the pitch they wouldn’t get at the big club. I could understand if he didn’t get those minutes at Marseilles, etc.

    Or if he were useless, a waste of big money.

  114. izzo

    Marko is just the angry Grandpa that can’t accept things are changing and being done better so he will always keep on bleating into the void that its all bad. As much as I don’t like Xhaka as a player even I can’t argue he’s been restricted from being in positions to tank us every week and if the manager loves him wtf can we do about it. Just accept it and move on. We have a squad of what 23 players and he’s just one. Just stop talking about him is my take. He plays well one match whatever he makes a mistake why bother as it’s nothing new. The way we’re playing as a team I’m don’t care if he’s there or not. We now have a better defense and attack so overall we’ll be good over the stretch of the season.