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A wise man once said…

‘You CAN read into preseason when it’s one game out from the start of the season’

… and I believed him.

Arsenal ripped Sevilla apart in an outrageous afternoon of elite football.

Calling us City Lite last season felt like a sleight; this season, I think it’s going to be a warning.

We pressed like monsters. We were setting traps to get the ball back. Everyone knew their job and there were NO passengers.

Our defence looks fabulous, Saliba played like the VVD Regen we’ve been dreaming of, we didn’t miss Tomi or Tierney, there were no weaknesses.

Thomas Partey was absolute silk in the middle of the park, he was at ease on the ball, he pinned the midfield on his own, and he had a stunning flair about his game.

Have you been whinging about Granit Xhaka? How many assists does he have to get before you realise he’s the best midfielder in world football right now? Ok, I took it too far, but he has been in great form.

CAPTAIN ODEGAARD. Perfection, the kid is a leader, he’s a role model, forget about my daughter, I WOULD MARRY HIM. I just love his intensity, he’s playing like a man on a mission, it is a delight.

The front three were electric. Bukayo is BACK. Top class all the way. Martinelli is clearly LOVING his Brazilian pal to play with, his diagonal cross was outrageous.

GABRIEL JESUS! As Benny Devito said in the comments of The Arsenal Opinion Podcast. He IS the resurrection of Arsenal.

What a talent. Forgive me father for my blasphemy about his height, I AM A SINNER, punish me with goals. SO MANY GOALS.

Then to cap a wonderful day off… a moment that said it all about CULTURE. Granit released Martinelli through the middle, the Brazilian could have gone solo, instead, he put his mate EDDIE KRUEGER in for a tap in. That’s when you know the squad like each other.

So where are we?

Our squad looks fit and cooked to the perfect temperature.

Everyone knows their role.

The squad is VERY strong.

We are scoring goals for fun.

I’m telling you, this season will have ups and downs, but keep focused because we are going to be a problem this season.

Everyone can play the ball out the back.

Everyone is press resistant.

Everyone has a fighting spirit.

Now we have goals.

We’re on a very exciting journey this season. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s not catastrophise bad results. Let’s buckle in. The hope is underpinned by truth this season.


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  1. bacaryisgod


    Fair point-maybe I’m catastrophizing (!) over Turner but just think it’s an awful lot of pressure on a player that’s only ever played in the MLS to come to a club as big as Arsenal. My confidence level on our judgement on reserve keepers isn’t quite as high as it is in other positions.

  2. englandsbest

    It puzzled me why good judges like Arteta, like Jose. like the Swiss manager loved Xhaka. Yes, we all knew he had leadership qualities, gave his all, but those mistakes, the clumsiness, the penalties? No longer a mystery. Put him in a properly organised, balanced, committed team – and he shines.

  3. bacaryisgod


    As for the Friday game, maybe I’m being over-cautious but this is a nasty opening fixture in front of a hostile, close to the pitch crowd. I totally agree that we look so much better equippped for this game than we were for Brentford.

  4. bacaryisgod


    Ideally we would like Xhaka to shine within our weaker line-ups but I agree with your general point.

    It’s not just the managers that like Xhaka. I always thought it was telling that Partey specifically mentioned how much he was looking forward to playing alongside Xhaka when he played for the club.

  5. Northbanker

    Hi Pedro

    Think you need to devote some air time to Terry Neill. He presided over one of the most excising Arsenal teams ever, although ultimately tinged in disappointment

    Nevertheless a sad moment for those of us who lived through that era

  6. bacaryisgod


    If you’re talking about Zak Steffen, you might want to check your research as you just perfectly argued my point for me. They just sent him on loan to Boro.


  7. Rich


    If Arsenal winning 6-0, and Spurs losing, even in two meaningless friendlies, doesn’t get Arsenal fans grinning like Cheshire cats, then they’re dead inside…

    Even if you take the context that these games are more about fitness, and experimenting with different things

    That was some of the best football we’ve seen for a while against Chelsea + Sevilla, 10 goals in 2 games, and conceded zero.

    End the season now, because it’s only downhill from here…

  8. bacaryisgod


    Totally agree about Terry Neill but Pedro is in the post-Neill generation. I would have found it hard to wax lyrical about Bertie Mee even though I admired his achievements.

  9. bacaryisgod


    Thanks for the touche!

    Let’s not forget that Steffen spent a season on loan in Germany, then was back-up for two seasons playing in a total of two premier league games which is a small sample size. They still sent him on loan this season.

    Did he prove good enough last season?

    ‘and Zak Steffen has had ANOTHER Wembley nightmare’

  10. Karsa

    Bacary, I get what you’re saying.

    Steffan did play 21 games in two title winning seasons for City. I doubt we’re expecting Turner to play more in fairness.

  11. Aasim

    Great game. Great team. Great result. But in the interest of progress, things which I didn’t agree with / areas we need to do better (nitpicking really…)
    – bellerin and AMN are finished. We have concluded that they are not upto the standard. Why have them on the bench. Why not LT who, if he stays can actually add value, or Azeez….
    – Saka scored one from open play with his right where the keeper should have done better. But his play, drifting in from the left, I felt he should create more and better shooting opportunities. Like a Mahrez, Salah, Robben…that is where we need this lad to be
    – our set piece defending wasn’t great. They got a few first time headers. Gabriel was meh…
    – we need YT as TP backup and as first choice in place of GX
    – get rid of the fookin dross aka bellerin, Mari, AMN, LT. They’re holding the team back, their attitude stinks, and their lack of quality probably stinks the training sessions

  12. Zacharse

    Turner’s thing is that he’s a quick learner, started the game late made his way from nobody to usmnt #1 so he’s the right personality fit for it whether or not he winds up being good enough in the end

  13. G

    ‘’ because what happens is Arteta looks for scapegoats and this season Saliba may be the fall guy if things go tits up .‘’

    That is such a weird comment.. if Arteta fails he’ll be gone, why would he make saliba a scapegoat..
    anyway it’s immaterial because Arteta ain’t gona fail

  14. bacaryisgod


    I see what you did there but he contributed a total of one game per season in the Premier League for City and they obviously thought he needed more experience on loan even after 3 seasons at the club. I actually like both Turner and Steffen but if you have Leno already at the club, it’s a perfect situation to get Turner experience on loan and have a really experienced back-up for what will be a taxing season.

  15. Pedro

    Northbanker, he was a bit before my time, but if you would like to write something, I’m happy to publish?

  16. Dissenter

    Regarding the crowd at Selhurst park on Friday; bring it on
    Everyone on the starting 11 is fully acquainted with the raucous nature it the stadium
    Saliba is new but he’s experienced the Stade Vélodrome for one season so he’ll be okay. It doesn’t get any louder than in Marseille
    We have a team of street fighters, the days of pretty boy Arsenal are over.
    Even Odegaard had bulked up, and he won’t shirk from 50-50s now that he’s captain.

  17. OC Gunner

    I can’t remember being this excited (hesitantly though) for the start of an Arsenal season in a long, long time. The attack looks hungry, new starters look already bedded in, defense looks solid. The tempo the team has played at the last two preseason games seems right up there with Pool and Citeh. Hope we’re about to surprise the League this month (season). COYG!!

  18. Habesha Gooner

    Fantastic performance today. Jesus will be a game changer. I always felt he was undervalued at City. People comparing him to Lacazette clearly didn’t watch him play. This is an Alexis Sanchez type of transfer. And William Saliba will be a star for us. Dude is so calm and collected.

    I am especially pleased about the amount of dependable players we have now that are of the right quality. Last season I counted Ramsdale, Tomi, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Odegaard, Saka, ESR and Martinelli. That is 10. Now we have added Jesus, Zinchenko, Viera and Saliba. And Xhaka (still think he should be a rotation player) and Eddie are making a step up to join that group. That makes it 14 to 16 players that we can depend on. We need the likes of Sami and Holding to step up too. If pepe leaves and we don’t sign a winger which is possible, Marquinos or Neslon need to step up. We need at least one more CM. 17 players of the right quality can get us through the season even if we miss 3 or 4 blended with the squad players like Holding, Sambi and Marquinos. I like Elneny and Cedruc for their contributions but we need better than them.

  19. Goonerboy

    It’s pre season- against a Spanish Team-Gabriel, Saliba and White then the 4 across the middle including 2 wingbacks one of which is Zinchenko is much more solid than we have had. I love Tierney and Toni when fit, the kids especially when Saka and Smith Rowe are in but Martinelli is still very much learning.. We need more striking power. A top striker and midfielder even Tielemans gives us a fighting chance of overtaking the 3 or 4 ahead of us in 2-3 years time.

  20. Habesha Gooner

    Tielemans has actually played some games as a 6 for Leicester last season. It isn’t his greatest attribute but he might chip in there if we don’t have Partey. And he can start over Xhaka. A more mobile option instead of Xhaka will be fantastic.

    The 235 of 2CBs, 1 DM and 2 inverted Fullbacks, 2 CM/AM, 2 Wingers and a Lone CF will look so much better if the advancing midfielder was more mobile than Xhaka. Tielemans instead of him in advanced positions would make us a serious threat.

  21. OC Gunner

    Agree with all, we only have a few more positions to solidify or upgrade (including backups) until we are realistically punching with the big boys. Re: Saliba, first time I’d actually seen him play was this week, wanted to see what the hype has been about. He’s the real deal, his physical stature and smooth style reminds of a young VVD. I think in a few years, maybe even by next year, he’ll be the bedrock of our back line. And so many years in front of him.

    Hope we move the last 6 or 7 out of the dross bucket before the end of the window. Either loan or permanent, just out of the dressing room.

  22. LoveSausage

    Anyone who isn’t excited right now is either dead inside or has an agenda. The same people would have a lot of feelings if we’d got pumped 6-0. This is the best TW/preseason in memory and anyone can see that the team is vibing. The goals were so so good and I can’t wait for CP. I’m going with 4-1 with GJ scoring a brace.

  23. Nigel Tufnel


    I don’t think I ever addressed you personally. If I did it must have been something small because I don’t remember.

    I guess you take shots at me because I’m with the pro- Arsenal commenters. That’s 95 % of the fanbase and 75% of Legrove now.

    You belong to the Spanish Dave, kroenkephobe, kilroy contingent. Nice company you keep.

    It’s really strange you trying to talk shit at me, but at least get something topical and correct.

    Grealish? Tell me where I’ve mentioned him any time recently, more than a passing comment….

    You won’t respond with a fact, because you can’t.

    So weird of you make up shit and call someone out.
    I liked him 2 years ago when he was killing it in my fantasy team for Villa.

    I have no use for him since then. I guess he needs to be the focal point in a different type of team. Still talented. I hope he fails at city as we begin to challenge at the top of the league.

    Maddison.. very good player .. was tempted when it seemed we had a choice of him vs Ødegaard… I’ve been thrilled with Ødegaard right from the start. Maddison, I would rather not see go to Tottenham, that’s all I’ve said about him recently.

    Attack someone else, and use recent quotes if you’re going to just make things up.

    Also maybe stop attacking Arsenal and people who are excited for the season and where we’re heading.

    People like you just depress Arsenal fans.

  24. Nigel Tufnel


    Great reply, there are people complaining about our back up fullbacks….
    Those backups are 2 of these 4:
    Ben White.

    Pretty damn strong. And Cedric as a 5th option who can play either side in an emergency.

    Tavares on loan, Brooke Norton Cuffy for the future. The doomers don’t even know about our players.

    But they just have to create negativity in how they frame our squad and manager.

    Squad and manager = our team, and all the fans are behind them.

  25. Nigel Tufnel


    2 slight disagreements, nothing major though,…..when you said Christmas came early for Arteta in the form of Jesus…

    Jesus came BECAUSE of Arteta, and maybe we should give some credit to the manager for that..(even without champions league football to offer) ….. along with Zinchenko too.

    Also … it’s not serendipity what you’re seeing from this team…. this is all very specific player profiles added, and incredible improvement that happens on the training pitch.

    There’s very little luck in what’s going on here.

    I’m equally excited about the season.

  26. China1

    There is a huge amount right with the squad right now. Only a small number of question marks remaining for me (CM and no idea if Turner is the right level at GK)

    The team has been playing extremely well, scoring goals, conceding very few. The new signings who have played all look settled. Saliba has proved why he’s one of the best young players in the world. He’s an absolute beast and belongs straight in the first team

    Jesus was never the striker I wanted and not at the price we paid but he’s absolutely smashing it. You can’t argue with his performances. It’s plain to see he’s taking out frontline forwards in a big way

    I’m just disappointed about vieira tbh. As well Tomi and his injuries is becoming a theme. A real shame as I am a huge Tomi fan. Thankfully White is doing the business so he’s not missed, but it’s just frustrating because Tomi’s injuries are relentless. I hope this is just bad luck and he’s not another Tierney

    I absolutely LOVED that Martinelli have that goal to Eddie. Martinelli can be a little rash and selfish when he has a chance (the latter not always a bad thing) but seeing him decide to give a nailed on goal to Eddie was very mature and not really what I expected.

    Overall it’s been a huge transfer window for us and the performances and results have followed. By hook or crook let’s get 3 points on the table against palace and banish the demons of yesteryear.

    Meanwhile talk of Tielemans is hotting up which is excellent news.

    Very good stuff to everyone at arsenal this summer from the players to the manager, edu, even josh etc. the whole club has stepped forwards in a unified way and the positivity is blatantly obvious. Turn that into 3 points against palace and it will be a very good omen for the season imo

  27. China1

    Also re captain ode he was never my first choice as well (not sure I really have one for captain at the moment), but the decision is made now and I’ll back it

    I hope he grows into the role and that weight of responsibility will drive him to be more involved in matches where things are tough or the chips are down. We know he’s great when the sun is shining but I want to see him match those levels when it’s backs against the walls stuff happening, then he will have proved he’s the right choice

    Good luck to him

  28. Madhu

    Bergkamp10 the answer to your question on Offside for the last goal is that the attacker was behind the half way line even if he was yards ahead of the last defender. If the same positions were beyond the half way line he would.have been offside.
    Read through the comments on being excited about our team, while agreeing that it’s pre season no club worth it’s Salt at the top level.likes.losing. so to say that we should not take.much from pre season is a bit ingenious. We should take a balanced view. So what is that view. Here are my reading from pre season.
    1. We have a squad and not just first 11 ready for the first game which is a far cry from last season when we struggled to put a team for the first game.agjnst Brentford.
    2. Everyone looks sharp and ready for the season. The new signings have blended in atleast the starters like Jesus, Zin and Saliba. We are yet to get back Tierney , Tomy and ESR. Let them take their time and come back fully fit
    3. We look settled at the back and Saliba is well integrated. He fits in and backline looks stronger. Midfield is a slight worry due to Parteys role being unique and looks like the only one who can do that. May be when he is not there there wil be tweak in the system rather than a direct replacement. Atleast we seem to have a plan.
    4. Forwards are playing as if they have played with each other for decades. We should have more gaols than last season which is exactly what we wanted.
    There is ample reason to be excited and at the same time be cautious. Hope is great and that’s what the whole world is based on. Coyg

  29. Gonsterous

    Nice to see saliba make Pedro eat humble pie.

    I still remember his quote when saliba came back. He sad we have to question a player who Marseille couldn’t be arsed to over pay for.

    Better than white. Still begs the question why we spent 30m on white.

  30. Mysticleaves

    Can it also be argued that Jesus came to Arsenal because of Edu too? He also managed him in Brazil NT and they have a very good relationship too. Of course he knows and trusts Arteta which is important but he also knows and trusts Edu too.

    It was so funny yesterday reading Ishola beat down the Arsenal result yesterday. It’s crazy when Arsenal blitz an opponent and all one does is focus on the opponent’s short comings.

    We could as well blitz Crystal palace on Friday.

    I am so sure that they won’t face us with the same kind of conviction they did last season. And I love love love Paddy but he may be sacked this season. I predict a bad slump for him and CP

  31. Ishola70

    Like babies.

    Call me old fashioned but the games where I take most note and see more relevance are in truly competitive games where something is truly at stake rather than friendlies.

    If we smash Palace as well let’s when I will be taking more note and see it as more noteworthy.

    I’ve already said I am positive for the season but that doesn’t seem to be enough for some people. They have to heighten it and surpass that to even greater levels.

    And apologies to Tuffers. Someoone on here said that he was Champers Charlie masquerading under the Tuffers handle now and we all know Charlie absolutely loved Grealish. He introduced Grealish to the world when scouting him for us.

  32. Bob N16

    I hope and imagine the outgoings will pick up pace now as clubs want to sort their squads out as the season approaches. Mind you the TW is open until 1st September.

    Good to read that Arteta is hopeful that all our injured players will have full training this week and could be available for the bench by Friday. Like others have said, no rush although one of TT or KT would be particularly good to see as an option!

  33. Bob N16

    Nigel T and CC have a very different style of writing and content.

    Ishola, of course friendlies are meaningless in terms of results ( apart from confidence I suppose) but in terms of performance they are surely indicative of where a team is at. If we were vulnerable in defence we’d all be clamouring for defensive reinforcements, similarly if we were struggling to create chances and score goals, we’d be shouting ‘ spend some f*cking money!’. As it is they have spent money and our team looks all the more ready to kick on this season.

    I understand what you’re getting at but it’s understandable why expectations are so high but we need to get it done starting with Palace this Friday. It’s going to be a long week!

  34. Bob N16

    Agree China, Saliba looks like everything we’d hope from a young CB. Offer him loads, just like Saka. Those two have all the potential to be superstars, we can’t afford to let them go!

  35. Ishola70


    It’s just about a little bit of patience.

    The proper season is just around the corner now.

    And if all goes to plan and the team meets the overwhelming majority of expectations then we can all praise and be happy about things.

    I don’t understand the desperation to announce the team as great before a ball has been kicked in anger in a proper competitive game.

    Relax guys.

    The real stuff is virtually upon us now

  36. benkind

    Great game yesterday. We played well and everyone knew their roles. Sevilla didn’t come to loose by 6 goals so kudos must be given to the team and Arteta.

    With the positivity in the stadium, Pedro talking about spurs not having a shot on goal, some talking about City and Liverpool loosing some of their ruthlessness and looking less dangerous. What then is the expectation for Arsenal and Arteta this season? All these excitement for the season and most still cannot put a minimum expectation on the team.

    My minimum expectation is 4th in the league, Europa league trophy, and 1 semi or final in either Fa cup/ Carabo Cup.

    Some will say, if Parety plays then this and that. No team ends a season without injuries. You prepare accordingly especially when you know the player is injury prone. Our season starts Friday what are the expectations on Arteta for this season to be considered a success?

  37. Markymark

    Ishola – you are talking from some high mountain where you will offer your beneficence to Arsenal if they achieve hurdles you have set.
    It’s not even a manager or a player ( usual groans on this site ) it’s the whole club.
    Do you realise to some ears that you sound a totally , fair weather , dallying little lightweight. The sort of supporter who gets the piss ripped from them by virtually every other club supporter.
    There’s nothing , nothing old fashioned about you , you’re the modern “is it Arsenal today or shall I pick up my PS5 instead ?
    The T20 fan who can’t get a Test Series
    Arsenal owe you nothing, they survived long before and will survive long after.

  38. Ishola70

    What a pathetic nasty little post from Markymark.

    And all because I wait until the first competitive game of the season before making true judgements about the team.

    Yes what a villian.

  39. benkind

    … I don’t understand the desperation to announce the team as great before a ball has been kicked in anger in a proper competitive game.Relax guys …

    Exactly!!! Many cannot even place their money where their mouth is to predict their expectations of the team. This team is good, this team is ready I keep reading; okay how many trophies do you expect or league position? Silence or saying things like between 3rd to 6th.

    How can we measure success if we don’t have a goal. Hopefully Pedro writes a post or podcast on the expectations of this season. Not these, we should be within so and so. Top teams set targets to win everything.

  40. Mysticleaves


    I think only AFC forever and his goons will be scared to hold Arteta and Arsenal to a 4th place finish at least this season. We all expect it to or its burst

  41. Markymark

    If we smash Palace as well let’s when I will be taking more note and see it as more noteworthy. –

    you are setting hurdles here for your support . People are calling you out left right and centre in regards to your comments

    Pathetic- I stand by it
    Nasty – truth hurts

    Get off your mountain top sunshine

  42. Pierre

    Partey will be pleased that Gallagher is no longer at palace as he gave Partey a torrid time last season before he went off injured.
    I suspect that Vieira will put someone on Partey to stop him controlling the game.
    The problem Palace may have is that with the arrival of Zinchenko, Arsenal have another outlet.

    Have to say Zinchenko looks a superb footballer who looks so comfortable with the ball at his feet, never looks rushed, plus his decision making is very good.
    He and Jesus have definitely raised the level at Arsenal.

  43. Markymark

    Not crying Ishola . Just pissed off at your preaching and deeming when and where you offer your loyalty.

  44. Ishola70

    No Markymark

    My comment about smashing Palace is in relation to people’s reaction to smashing Sevilla.

    I would be be happy with a 1-0 win over Palace. Even a draw isn’t the end of the world.

    You have it totally wrong that I think Arsenal owe me something.

  45. Habesha Gooner

    Interms of the weakest players in our squad of players that will definitely stay, it would go like this from worst to best for me. Cedric, Elneny, Pepe (if he stays), Holding. There is also Sambi, who I think is being used in a role he isn’t ready for. Play him as an 8 and he will come good. He isn’t ready to be a 6 at all though. The jury is still out on Turner. So that’s 5 or 6 players put of a 23 man squad that are not up to the standard yet. We need a few more players to raise the level just as we did with Viera and Zinchenko, who may not start every time but will definitely fill in with put any drop off in quality. Tielemans plus a winger would be great now.

    And next summer, sell Xhaka, Elneny, Cedric, and any of the dross if there is any left. Holding can stay as long as he is content with being 4th choice. I think Sambi can be a very good squad player for the 8 role behind someone like Tielemans. And next summer bring in a RB and a DM if we bring that new winger before this window ends. I have my eye on Rice. I would just sign him next summer and promote BNC (if he is ready) to be honest.

  46. Bob N16

    MarkyM, feels like your comments are overly harsh on Ishola. In my view, he has a perfectly reasonable opinion that we should get properly carried away if/when we start the season with similar victories.

    It’s a personal decision to allow yourself to get massively excited by pre season or not. Without wishing to lose against Palace, if we do then the deflated reaction would be all the more intense.

    Completely agree Pierre, the word transformative should be used sparingly but I think it’s fair to use it about our ‘ City rejects’! In addition, Saliba’s composure and touch under pressure also means we should be able to protect the ball better. Ramsdale looks like he’s found his excellent passing range too. So many positives to look forward to.

  47. Habesha Gooner

    Spurs are going to have the same problems as last season when they face a low block team. Roma were moderately comfortable looking at the highlights. They badly need a creative midfielder to turn things around. Maddison would be a game changer for them. They don’t have one cultured midfielder between Bissouma, Hoijberg, Skipp and Bentancur. Although Bentancur can do it once in a while. Their threat is minimized if Kane doesn’t drop deep to help with build up play.

    I still feel we made a mistake by not playing a low lick in that NLD derby last season. If we had, we would have been in the CL now.

    Persic though looks much better than anything they have had. He will be a good signing for them.

  48. Habesha Gooner

    And Palace look very good too. They smashed Montpellier 4 goals to 2. And that was a very flattering scoreline for Montpellier. Former Arsenal academy player Mavdidi scoring 2 goals in the end.

    Palace also look ready. Eze has been playing in midfield. He won’t be as pressing as Connor Gallagher was as last time we were there. But he is more creative in my opinion. Their new DM Docoure seems to have settled. And there is also Jeffery Schlupp who has transformed himself to a good CM since Viera joined them. I would say we will win the game if we win the midfield battle. But Their defense is also very strong. Mitchell, Guehi and Andersen are very good. And Ward isn’t crap either. There is also this Richards kid they have signed as a backup CB. Third frontline will be Zaha, Edouaard ( or Mateta) and Ayew. O haven’t seen Olise yet. And the kid that rejected United Ebiowei, is going to be a threat from the bench.

    We are better equipped to face them this time. But it is still going to be a huge test. Viera has Palace playing some fantastic football with very good defensive solidity too. A point won’t be the worst result but a convincing win would send a message.

  49. Markymark

    Bob N16 I get the hyperbole argument.
    If Ish says Arsenal, don’t owe him anything I’ll take his word

    It drives me nuts when Arsenal supporters on this site suggest rule setting about their support or interest

    All I’ve seen is a complete slate off of the pre season and comments about when he deems his interest will begin

    Simply stating despite the great preseason form I’d settle for a close 1-0 win or even draw is far more balanced
    But hey ho

  50. Markymark

    Habesha – tactically at WHL I’d agree. I think Arteta wanted lots of energy early fearing we’d had a few low energy games (Everton / Southampton/ Brighton away was poor ) Early doors we’d actually stretched them and Saka had drawn fouls.
    When Son and the dodgiest ref since Mike Riley had their chat my thoughts were Arteta should have risked swapping left and right backs . Inevitably on the signal Son starts playing up and there we go.
    Newcastle was pure belief collapse I’d guess
    Hopefully Jesus and Zinchenko can add some mental steel this season

  51. Foxy

    The frustration with our CM issue is that the club has actually invested hravily in this area of the pitch over the last few seasons but the new players apart from Partey when fit have just not delivered. We bought Torreira, Lakonga and Guen plus there was the AMN option but none have proved of the right level to play centre MF in the prem and upgrade on Elneny and Xhaka. Lakonga is a real frustration as he should be ready to rip up the Prem in his second season but looks lost like Torreira became, plus Patino and Azeez do not look ready yet to step up. Not sure if Tielmans is the only answer but who else is available who can play 6 as well as 8.

  52. Bob N16

    MarkyM, I get where you’re coming from. I get triggered too by a need for some to seemingly always seeing the worst in whatever aspect of Arsenal they are posting about. I don’t think Ishola’s views were unreasonably negative.

    There has to be a climate that alternative views from the majority are welcome though . Smacking down anybody who has a different way of looking at things is tedious too.

  53. Foxy

    First games of the season are always strange with Arsenal over the years having a record of losing to newly promoted clubs. Palace are however moving into dangerous second season territory when anythong can happen just ask Leeds. Gallagher will be a big miss and it may take them a few games to get their act together. We need to hit them quick with a couple of goals like we did in pre season before they can settle and grow in confidence.

  54. Bob N16

    Foxy, I hope you’re righting off Lakonga too soon. He’s going to have more chances in cup games to establish himself this season. I have confidence, hopefully not misplaced, that he can step up in his second season. Last season was underwhelming but he deserves more time before he’s rejected.

  55. The Bard

    What does it mean?The reality is pres season games aren’t a predictor of league success. Friday will give us a better perspective as it will be a proper war and Paddy’s team won’t be taking prisoners.

  56. Markymark

    Bob N16 – it brings in the great Policing argument doesn’t it.
    Alternative views should always be heard
    Those who tend to want to do glass half full ( more me ) need to hold back from conspiracy theory as found on Untold etc that becomes tedious.
    Those that naturally more it’s half empty or should I say cautious should imo take a look at their outlook. Does it serve them well ? Are they compensating for an expectation of failure . Dare to dream I’d say
    There is a weird element found pretty much habitual within the Arsenal fanbase ( don’t see evidence in other clubs apart from maybe Man U ) where you wonder where’s the link with Arsenal ? Why the continuous positive propaganda for a rival club? Why are you here on the sites ? Why are posters continually shit posting.? This element tend to take up huge air space and create division where it’s not needed, sometimes I think the host of the site should give us voter rights . A poster keep getting a 75% thumbs down on a regular basis and they sin binned
    Now that would be group policing by consent

  57. Habesha Gooner

    To be honest we would have played a better game if we had white and Tierney in that backline last season at the WHL. My frustration is Arteta not noticing the shortcomings of Holding and Cedric in that game. They aren’t made for high line pressing teams. I don’t even know what Cedric is suited to to be honest. But we are much better equipped this time. Zinchenko and Saliba in our backline means we will still put out a strong back line even with Tomi and Tierney out like this week.

  58. benkind

    We should beat Palace no questions. How can we have these big ambitions and we go into games like this on a 50/50. We will most likely play the same starting 11 from sevilla & Chelsea unless there is an injury. So, even though it is away, I expect a win 100%.

    This season we have to monitor our wins and losses. Some will exaggerate our wins and losses. Even yesterday there were still some issues e.g. with defending Gabriel especially had some moments that could have been bad. We must allow ourselves to discuss the team without everyone thinking you hate the club or super fan. We all love Arsenal but have different standards.

  59. Markymark

    Habesha- I’ve wavered with Arteta tbh I’m pretty firmly in his camp at the moment as I feel he did meet the general plan laid out and the expectations he created could not then be used to punish him.
    WHL though was a real setback but maybe positively a huge learning curve for him.
    I agree wrongly set out wrong players with wrong expectations of performance delivery . Appalling referee just added to the unfolding events

  60. Habesha Gooner

    I think people have wrote off Sambi very quickly. The number of games I have seen him be crap are very few last season. Nottingham Forrest away when he played alongside Patino, and the 3 successive games that we lost when he played alongside Xhaka, Palace, Brighton and Southampton. And all these have a common thing. He played as a 6, a lone DM. And he isn’t ready to play that role. Certainly not alongside an immobile Xhaka and a green Patino. I have seen him be good at that once, away to Anfield in the league cup with a man down and playing a low block.

    What I saw in the first half of the season was very encouraging though. He played as an 8 alongside Partey and one game vs Norwich I think alongside AMN who played as a DM. And we didn’t miss Xhaka our any CM when he played that role with Partey. I think he should permanently be an 8 and we need to move on Xhaka next summer. Bring in a CM now that Sambi can fill in for once in a while. He will be a very good squad player if we use him correctly.

  61. Markymark

    The question of course to ask is if Arsenal had lost 4-0 to Chelsea and 6-0 to Sevilla would we all just taken it lightly as it’s only pre season or been in a scat throwing contest at Arteta ?

  62. Markymark

    Palace 0 Arsenal 3 – throw poop at me if we lose . I’m all in on a first 2O minute blitz then a late third goal

  63. Habesha Gooner

    Marky man
    Yeah Son dived. And Holding was stupid. But he wasn’t suited to that game. Had we played a counter attacking game with a low block, he would have played a good game. Arteta should have compromised his playing philosophy to suit the ability of the players in that game.

    Arteta needs to deliver this coming season though. No more excuses. And our targets must not hinge on one off games. If we had won 3 or 4 or drew some games of the 11 that we lost, then we would have gotten in to CL. We need to be more consistent. We need to score more goals and we need to turn some of the losses of last season in to draws and wins. And the CL spot will be in our hands.

  64. The Bard

    Markymark you make a fundental mistake mate. A reality check isn’t negative. On the contrary Johnsonian boosterism without evidence is bollocks. Im excited about the new season but I don’t take pre season run arounds too seriously.

  65. Markymark

    The Bard agree to disagree when it’s professional sports
    We have such minor impact on what will happen of course anyway .
    But as being reported in the ground, atmosphere is up leading to increased expectations and confidence. That’s boosterism if you like played out at the ground . It’s vital for the team and creates a virtuous circle
    Call it bollocks if you will but what’s the alternative? Sit at the Emirates in silence ? That worked well for the past 5 years or so.

  66. DigitalBob

    I was at the Emirates yesterday for the game, truly great atmosphere, it felt great to be back. I’ll echo the optimism from a few posters above, the team looked good despite it only being a friendly.

    I had high hopes for Gabriel Jesus but man the guy is legitimately top top quality. We now have our striker. Its great to see. I suspect the only thing that will stop him this season will be skulduggery and targeted attacks aimed at stopping him from playing. I’m referring to “Holding on Son” types of play, because that’s the only way to stop this guy from getting 20-30 goals in all comps this season.

    It was also good to see the confident Ramsdale again, but we all had worried looks on our faces when he received a bit of treatment near the half way line during a drinks break, I guess it’s unfair to Matt Turner to condemn him before his first official game, but backup GK is a bit of a worry should Ramsdale be out for any stretch of games. Anyway lets see how it goes!

  67. Foxy

    HG I think the general disappointment with Lakonga is to do with expectations. He was built up as a top talent and we paid quite a lot for him, but despite some promising early games he looks more Elneny level than Partey and does not appear to have physicality to make a good no 6 in the Prem.

  68. Northbanker

    I also see Palace as a must win game. I will be gutted with a draw as it will bring out season down right away

    We have a relatively benign start in fixtures and we really need to capitalise on that. I want the team to aim for 4th min and I’m really hoping for 3rd. The Prem is as tough as it’s ever been but with top 3 all in some form of transition everything is up for grabs. There is no reason to believe Man U and Spurs will beat us to the post although they will be breathing down our necks

    Newcastle are the unknown entity esp after their finish last year. Developmentally however they are still behind us

    So 3rd or above it is!!

  69. Foxy

    Normally clubs will see Arsenal as first game of the season as an opportunity, but I bet the Palace players and Paddy are already on tbe back foot and desperately looking for ideas how to contain us, which could involve deep defensive for the first 20 mins or so. I just hope Arteta has evolved enough to tactically change things if needed

  70. Ishola70

    Of course the team could take the pre-season form in terms of goals scored into the first EPL game and maybe even beyond that for a certain period and grab another comfortable win at Palace.

    But I think most expect that Palace in a first match EPL game away from home is going to go up a level or two in terms of a real test from the pre-season friendly matches.

    We will see.

    Anything possible.

  71. China1

    I actually like Sambi and think he might become a really good player. I’m not writing him off myself

    Whether or not he’s ready to take our midfield to the next level right now which is what we need tho remains to be seen. I’d rather we got Tielemans for now

  72. Ishola70


    . “I will be gutted with a draw as it will bring out season down right away”

    Shouldn’t be the case really so early.

    Arsenal could draw and still be seen to play well overall.

    Any real concerns will be if the team obviously perform well below standards.overall.

  73. China1

    Saliba is such a beast

    Some players are just miles away from their age group. We’ve seen it with saka, we saw it with cesc, wilshere before his injuries etc

    Some players need until they’re mid 20s to even begin to make a name for themselves like raphinha, but some others are just so clearly ready by their late teens and need to be managed differently

    For those truly prodigious talents you need to fast track them and set them free. They’ll make a few mistakes along the way or have the odd bad game but the benefits they will bring from fast tracking their development dramatically outweigh any risks. Some players just need to get out on the pitch and play

    Saliba will be a 80+m defender within 2 years if we get him on a new contract and play him regularly.

    With a very small selection of young players from each generation it’s just easy to see the trajectory is so high

  74. Graham62

    Friendlies are what they are, friendlies.
    Some teams are more advanced than others in their preparation than others.
    CP away will not be easy, we all know that.
    Three points would be fantastic and that’s what we should be aiming for.
    Beating Sevilla 6-0 is irrelevant if we can’t get a positive result at Selhurst Park.

  75. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah. I don’t want us to risk it on Sambi either. But I don’t want him sold. He can a very good rotation option if we have Partey, Tielemans and may be another No 6 better than Elneny.

    We need a genuine top quality starting CM though and we have needed that for years. Xhaka isn’t it for me despite recent improvements. I don’t believe he can sustain it over a long season. And he isn’t press resistant. Zinchenko playing left back yesterday showed more press resistant ability than Xhaka has shown in 6 years. And for that I think we need better. Sign a new CM, sell Xhaka next year and put Sambi as as the backup to that new CM and it will work well.

  76. Pierre


    “But we are much better equipped this time. Zinchenko and Saliba in our backline ”

    I suppose you are saying had we not sent Saliba on loan the result at the lane may have been different with Saliba in the side.

    Unless Saliba during this pre season training has just discovered unbelievable composure on the ball and an ability to read the game , then i suspect that he was more than ready to play for Arsenal last season.

  77. Northbanker

    Ish – I appreciate we can come back from any adverse Palace result or even performance but for me our sights should be on a clear win. It’s Palace and they are beatable and we have the armoury to beat them.

    Habesha – agree. Sambi will take some adjusting time still but he could in a couple of years be a massive find. We need to keep him and develop him at all costs. He is now where Saliba was a couple of years ago.

    We need a top CM now and my hope is we will sign Tielemans and get Sambi into understudy when Xhaka goes (prob next season). In meantime I’d like to see him get plenty of Europa action and maybe a loan for the second half of the season.

  78. Habesha Gooner

    I was never in favor of sending him out on loan. He has been ready to be at least a squad option since he is 18. Now though he is coming to fight for a starting place. And he has looked better than all our defenders in preseason..

    And yeah, he would have been better than holding to play a high line at spurs. The other issue yo consider though, we had no European games so he would have played much less last season. We are ready for this season though. Especially the backline. Only Cedric is a liability and he might not even play that much if Tomi stays for and White is there to cover.

  79. englandsbest

    I’ll be watching the girls

    Always have, but this time they’re in shorts and football boots – and mighty cute-lookimg in them. Never took any interest in girlie soccer before. Okay, the Arsenal cuties were tops in UK (and Europe) and that made me feel proud, but never watched them. Beguiled by Alex Scott – and that was about all.

    Until now.

    I guess after today though I won’t be watching Ladies soccer much, if at all. It will be back to the real bizness.

    My guess is that most of the Wembley crowd will be male, not female. In fact, the only pro sport I can think of where the girl spectators turn up in force is tennis.

  80. Pierre

    “The other issue yo consider though, we had no European games so he would have played much less last season”

    As it happens Saliba would have probably started as many as 30 games ( maybe more ) , what with Tomiyasu injured , white and gabriel out occasionally, plus league cup and FA cup games .

  81. Berg10kamp

    Smashed a top 4 La Liga team for 6 and people are still not happy, wtf. That was a great performance, Jesus is literally all we needed to be honest, his runs and his ability to be where the ball will be is absolutely A grade. All the players have stepped up a noticeable notch from last season and Saliba looks like he never left. This is the season boys, let’s enjoy the fucking ride and stop moaning over shit. Accept that Arteta is the man for the job and support the fucking club. COYG!!!!

  82. Bob N16

    The debate goes on with Saliba!

    The reality is he got loads of game time with St Etienne and Marseilles. He was almost certainly going to be a great player but there is a reasonable argument that the amount he played at Marseilles would have greatly surpassed his game time at Arsenal if he’d stayed and accelerated his development .Of course when TT got injured in January he might have been an ever present in our defence after that. You can’t factor the benefits to his sense of well being by remaining in France after deaths in the family. He might have been miserable in the UK and that would very likely affected his form and development. It’s all supposition and worthy of discussion these ‘parallel universes’ I suppose but I find it hard to accept any definitive argument either way

    Bottom line, he looks more than ready to shine in an Arsenal shirt which is probably the fact most worth dwelling upon.

  83. Ishola70

    “Smashed a top 4 La Liga team for 6”

    As a few who noted during the match they will do well to finish in the top four again this coming season in La Liga if they do not replace the two first choice CBs they lost in the summer and haven’t replaced as yet.

  84. Rich

    Saliba’s loan to Marseille was hugely successful, if he goes on to sign a new long term deal, you could call it a masterpiece.

    Signing world class players at the peak of their powers is very difficult and usually very expensive, signing world class players at the back end of their careers, when their clubs are ready to dump them and their wages, should be avoided.

    We need to identify world class talent, before they become world class, then manage their career trajectories, and that will either mean loans, or initial teething problems, while we develop that talent

    Similar to Odegaard + Saliba, signing these two for a combined £55 million is outstanding business, we’ve just had to be patient to wait for a return on investment, and if they both commit to the project, we’ll get them for a large part of their best years.

    Young players being sent out on loan to develop, before going back to their parent club and being successful, isn’t at all uncommon, it’s nowhere near the drama some are making it out to be.

    Those that were saying White would block Saliba, misunderstand the way Arteta wants us to play, we need hybrid players who can seamlessly step into our system, without disrupting it, because the way we attack and press as a team, is inextricably link to the profile + characteristics of our defenders.

    White predominantly played as an inverted right back in 2020/21 for Brighton, and he can also play as a right centre back.

    Navigating 60 games, we’ll need both, we arguably need to sign a left sided version of White as well, someone to compete/rotate with Gabriel seamlessly, and also step into the inverted left back role.

  85. Berg10kamp

    Ishola, agree that’s a factor but we dominated midfield and our defence kept their attack relatively quiet, they have some top attacking talent. We haven’t really replaced our first choice CB since Mertesacker and Koscielney left until now and that didn’t stop our own fans from ripping into us. Our intensity was also way above what I have seen in the past 5 years and that’s what killed sevilla.

  86. Ishola70

    Sevilla are dirt poor in comparison to EPL clubs.

    They have sold players this summer for a total of just over 78m and have bought in one CB from Galatasaray for 10m. That’s their summer spending so far.

    They are on record as saying that they realise they have to buy some first team players before the La Liga season starts which include defensive positions but they will likely not go massively deep into the 78m they have received in transfers out this summer because as said they are a bit skint really in comparison to the wealthier clubs in EPL.

    That’s their problem to try to resolve.

  87. Mr Serge

    Agree with ish Seville are weak at the moment but we did take advantage of the fact

    Palace is the real test although I am delighted with the. Way pre season has gone

  88. Ishola70

    So that’s the context regarding Sevilla.

    They are weaker compared to the end of last season atm and their league season starts later than the EPL so Arsenal will naturally be in advance in terms of sharpness and fitness atm.

    Arsenal played well to hammer them like that but if Sevilla thought their friendly draw against Spurs had any significant meaning for them just over two weeks ago they now realise after their hammering yesterday that the result against the orcs had no significance.

  89. Berg10kamp

    When we smash Palace and the teams that follow United will become the real test. Goal posts keep shifting it seems.

  90. Ishola70


    “When we smash Palace and the teams that follow United will become the real test. Goal posts keep shifting it seems.”

    Some might but not across the board I would have thought.

    I would think it is common sense to suggest that an away EPL match looks to be a bigger test than a friendly match tbh unless you are playing the equivalent of Norwich last season.

  91. Guns of Hackney

    Guys. We beat a Spanish pub side 6-0 at home. Relax. They did a job and that’s peachy, but let’s wait until December at least, before we start handing out the blowjobs.

  92. Berg10kamp

    Some guys just cannot wait to slate the club, some supporters they are. They complained about so many things and were proven wrong, yes we didn’t make top 4 but we never were supposed to and we made 5th without a proper striker and a make shift back 4 at times with a dead midfield when partey got injured. Now we cooking with some proper defence and attack, midfield will be sorted but it’s not that bad as we have players that can fill in there.

  93. Berg10kamp

    Ofcos Palace is a better measure, but let’s not take away the brilliant performance from the boys. Last season we struggled to dominate weaker teams like we did against sevilla, this shows that we will dominate them this season and at least give a proper game to the bigger teams.

  94. Berg10kamp

    Guns, if you are not excited about how we playing then I feel sorry for u cos your life must be miserable mate

  95. Guns of Hackney

    My life is so wild, it should be illegal.

    I have perspective. We have been here before with performances that look like we’re world beaters, only to rank at the crucial moment. Anyone remember last season and totally throwing away CL football?

    Our team is looking really good. Balanced and hungry. Fantastic! However, we are still missing a couple of players and we still have a couple of rotten eggs in the team/squad.

    We also have not been tested.

  96. The Bard

    Markymark what you’re talking about is excitement and I’m all for it. I’m excited about the forthcoming season but it doesn’t mean we will do well or indicate we’ll be top 4. It’s just a feeling.

  97. Mr Serge

    Guns of HackneyJuly 31, 2022 12:22:55
    Excitement is the first step to disappointment

    Guns that’s a really sad philosophy on life
    Every football fan has a right to be excited at the start of the season we all start on 0 points

  98. Markymark

    The Bard – Judge me in May , was I’m sure something that someone associated with Arsenal used to say . I guess it still holds true .
    Here’s to a blitz on Palace Friday

  99. Bob N16

    The contrast between our starting line up for Palace and Brentford last season is dramatic. If you could match up those teams in some sort of cosmic PS game then 2022 would beat 2021 by around 2/3 goals. Our first eleven is more than a match for pretty much every team in the PL. Being excited is completely to be expected.

    ‘Excitement is the first step to disappointment’ sounds like a tragic take on life.

    Every season has high and lows, last minute wins and defeats. As a supporter you have to accept that. Hope, despair… Last year for the most part, particularly at home even in our defeats there were reasons to be positive. Now we’re clearly better with the additions and the experience the core of our young team gained from last year. Now with three outstanding additions to our starters, greater depth particularly in defence, it’s hard for some of us to temper our expectations.

  100. Berg10kamp

    Lol Guns, life being wild doesn’t mean its not miserable mate. But too each his own, me as a gooner am fucking excited I almost jizzed when Jesus scored his hat trick, trickled a little onto my undies. But that’s just me mate, we have been starved of good football for years now and what I have seen in preseason from our first team is quite frankly phenomenal. Granted we a few players short, but we got 5th place with much less last season.

  101. englandsbest

    Bob N16

    Why temper our expectations of where we end the season? The worst that can happen is we’ll be disappointed.

    I have never tempered my expectations. Can’t remember many end of season disappointments because, though optimistic, my expectations generally were low. GG’s last season was one that disappointed me, and a few from Arsene – until I accepted that he was past his best and should go.

    Under Arteta so far, no disappointments at all because he has fulfilled my expectations.

  102. Freddie Ljungberg

    Being linked to SMS again for 50m, if we only make one signing more this window it’s a no brainer. Would make our midfield absolutely top class.

    Take Xhaka out and add someone that is better defensively, much better on the ball, press resistant and is also capable of getting into double figure for both goals and assists? Yes please.
    Biggest upgrade on the first XI w can do atm.

  103. Marko

    Under Arteta so far, no disappointments at all because he has fulfilled my expectations

    So you expected two 8th place finishes and a top 4 collapse? Damn

  104. Southern Slide Tackle

    Will a Friday night game at Selhurst Park be a tougher game than a Friendly against Sevilla? No shit. I’m from the states and I was impressed with Vieria’s management of Palace last year considering how average he was in the MLS with NYCFC .

    Point is, the arrow is pointing straight up for our team and i haven’t been this excited/confident for the start of a season since Sanchez joined. The schedule is finally kind to us as well. It would be a gut punch of course but we could lose against Palace and still make a realistic go at top 2 on the season. The season doesn’t hang on Friday’s game by any stretch as we have a run of games through Sept that we will likely be favored to win and doing so will take this team near the top of the table. This team in that position equals good things. “Get excited gents!”

  105. G

    Went to game yesterday.. observations were
    White can deputise fit Tommy
    Saliba better then I thought
    Partey back to playing very well,
    Jesus.. so quick and his movement is brilliant
    Ode .. just love watching him
    Saka.. if his finishing improves he’ll almost b the perfect player

  106. Southern Slide Tackle

    Will a Friday night game at Selhurst Park be a tougher game than a friendly against Sevilla? No shit. I’m from the states and so I was impressed with Vieria’s Management of Palace last year considering how average he was in the MLS with NYCFC.

    Point is, the arrow is pointing straight up for our team and I haven’t been this excited/confident for the start of the season since Sanchez joined. The schedule is finally kind to us as well. Even if we somehow lose against Palace; we have a run games through September that we would likely be favored to win and doing so would take this team near the top of the table. Having said that…. 2-1 Gunners on Friday night!

  107. GD4

    If we don’t get Saliba’s signature on an extension before Christmas we will not be able to retain him.
    That boy already looks like our best defender.
    When I saw Gabriel stuttering and looking jittery on the ball in contrast to the smooth and cool composure of that young Frenchman I couldn’t help but clap at the screen on my own.

    Big props to that young man. Club put him through unnecessary BS. Matter of fact he should’ve been extended before being sent out on loan. And don’t think BIG CLUBS aren’t monitoring his progress keenly

  108. Mysticleaves

    Saliba is probably waiting to see what happens when Tomi comes back re White. Tomi is our first choice RB and White used to be our first choice RCB. It’s obvious now that Saliba will do a better job there. So he might be wanting to see if Arteta drops him once Tomi is back before signing a new deal.

  109. Nigel Tufnel

    Ishola …

    understood about the Champagne Charlie thing.

    One point about Sevillas effort against us.

    If they didn’t care about this game, why did they protest that early penalty like it was a cup final?

    They went on and on fighting it for a full 3 minutes before Saka could finally take the shot.

    Also, anybody curious about our new number 9 not being on pens?

    I don’t care much, and Sakas been doing it well.. just curious.

  110. englandsbest


    We are talking about expectation at the START of the season, so, so yes, I expected a top 5 finish. Many on here (inc you) thought that was over-optimistic. I guess that makes you wise in hindsight.

  111. Nigel Tufnel

    Pedro eating humble pie on the pod about Jesus.

    I’ll be ecstatic to do the same about Saliba.. but it’s never been about his abilities or quality. I never questioned that, only his personality and loyalty.

    I just want to see him quietly extend with us, no drama, no spotlight, no dragging out the decision….

    Just appreciate being part of our great Renaissance. He can be a huge part too.

    I want to be his biggest proudest fan.

  112. Rich


    Jesus’s penalty record isn’t great

    10 penalties for City
    5 scored
    5 saved

    2 penalties for Brazil
    2 penalties saved.

    Obviously that has no barring on what happens in future, he could score his next 20 straight.

    Saka has scored his last 3, he’s reacted like a boss to last years disappointment.

    I’m happy for Saka to take them as long as he wants it, big players step up at big moments, Saka is a big player, I’m not surprised he puts himself forward and takes responsibility.

    Saka is an elite talent, but his mentality is also elite, and it’s what sets him apart from the rest.

  113. Nigel Tufnel

    Rich right there with the answer…
    I love it.

    With those stats I wouldn’t even approach the subject if I was Arteta, and it looks like he hasn’t.
    No change is the right decision clearly.

  114. Markymark

    Saliba has done well and looks composed. I’d be a little perplexed if he decided to go back to a middle ranking French team.
    For those who are claiming some sort of catastrophic oversight of talent . He was recently slated during a French National game. He’s young following a path. It may well have been that there was a view he’d be bullied last year causing the decision around loans
    Senderos springs to mind he didn’t want to listen to tips that Bould was telling him. Got to believe his own hype and was left I gather sobbing down the mobile phone to father after being battered by Drogba.
    Anything but that sort of shit all over again

  115. izzo

    Marko give it a rest already. We’ve signed far better players than Laca and Auba and we are clearly looking far better preseason or whatever. We get it you hate Arteta and the club because they didn’t sign your flimsy favorites from Europe Matheus whateverthefuck his name is or whatever flair player you’ve seen beasting farmers league level players into submission. Let’s not sign proven prem title winning players and fill the team with risky chancers who might hate their life after moving to England or can’t even adapt to the pace or the fact they get zero time or space with the ball. (i’m not even surprised Haaland will take a while to start smashing it or maybe he could even tank and move to Real as City already looking weird with a big man striker) How can you not be feeling better with what Arteta, Edu, the club have done. Had we not bought Jesus or Zinchenko you’d have the right to keep complaining. Now you just look annoying af. Let the season play out with the signings made before you start complaining left right and center about things you have zero control over.

  116. Rich


    It’s why I fancy Saka for 20-25 goals this season, Martinelli also looks like a player who’ll improve his end product, he takes a really menacing corner, and he’s on a mission to play for Brazil at the World Cup.

    It was hard to tell exactly what was going on in our forward line, the cameras Arsenal used weren’t great.

    Jesus was dropping deep, similar to what Laca used too, in order to create the overload in midfield, and he was also interchanging with Martinelli on the left quite a bit

    Martinelli was popping up to create the overload in midfield as well, and at various points he played left, right, and centre.

    Saka’s second goal came from pressing centrally, after good pressing from Martinelli on the right

    Be interesting to see if we can replicate that type of carnage in a competitive game, it was impossible for Sevilla defenders to mark a particular player.

    Even if you take the context of the result, our attacking movement was exceptional, would have loved to have seen it in person, and if we can create the space, it points to the type of versatility we’ll look for in a new winger/forward.

    It’ll almost certainly be a player with pace, energy, dynamism, technical security, and positional flexibility.

  117. Ishola70

    Nigel Tufnel
    “Pedro eating humble pie on the pod about Jesus.”

    Oh Tim Vickery had an influence as well on Pedro did he.

    Amazing what influence on people’s thinking these people have.

  118. Nigel Tufnel

    I know everyone is saying it, but I expect a breakout from Martinelli also, and a further step up from Saka.

    Smith Rowe I worry about. It wasn’t just the second half of last season he was carrying a fitness issue, as some say. I’d like to say he’ll step up more too…..

    But I can’t remember the last time he was able to go 90 at full strength. He may have to be managed carefully… always.

    5 subs can help him a lot though.

  119. Berg10kamp

    Yeah love ESR and really sad that he doesn’t play much as he is such a good dribbler and good finisher. Hopefully he comes back stronger.

  120. Howard

    Always prefer ESR to Martinelli because he knows where theb goal post is but fans don’t recognize that. They prefer flashy type that don’t come with goals. Without ESR and Saka goals we would still be 8th.
    Captain Odegaard dont make effort to score.

    Let’s hope his new responsibilities will push him to work harder and provide goals

  121. Markymark

    Just wished we had played more competitive friendlies to really test ourselves .
    Personally I think someone like Rayo Vallecano or that team who drew with the Spuds would have been a stiff test …… 🙂

  122. LeMassiveCoq

    Managed to not say one sexist comment watching the womens final. Just started braying ‘get your tits out for the lads!’ When she whipped her top off

  123. Andy B

    Howard, are you for real??
    If you’re not excited by what Odegard has to offer then you really don’t know football. You should take you half empty glass and go watch Spurs!!
    Ps. LeMassive… ha ha, I also didn’t make any sexist comments!!

  124. bacaryisgod

    Here’s my biggest fear for the season.

    We have a group of fast, talented and mobile players in Saka, Jesus, Martinelli, ESR, Eddie etc. What will other teams try to do.

    1. Slow us down
    2. Typically counter talent with physicality
    3. Immobilize our best players

    I want Arteta and the club’s management to get the word out early and publicly that the referees need to protect all skilful players from dangerour challenges which are often from behind. Of course, the most frequent victim of this is Saka who is so obviously targeted by opposing thugs.

    Hopefully, with the World Cup around the corner, referees will be alerted to stamping out the type of challenge we see so often inflicted upon Saka and almost certainly Gabriel Jesus too. There’s only so much punishment elite talent can take before we lose them for several months at a time.