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A wise man once said…

‘You CAN read into preseason when it’s one game out from the start of the season’

… and I believed him.

Arsenal ripped Sevilla apart in an outrageous afternoon of elite football.

Calling us City Lite last season felt like a sleight; this season, I think it’s going to be a warning.

We pressed like monsters. We were setting traps to get the ball back. Everyone knew their job and there were NO passengers.

Our defence looks fabulous, Saliba played like the VVD Regen we’ve been dreaming of, we didn’t miss Tomi or Tierney, there were no weaknesses.

Thomas Partey was absolute silk in the middle of the park, he was at ease on the ball, he pinned the midfield on his own, and he had a stunning flair about his game.

Have you been whinging about Granit Xhaka? How many assists does he have to get before you realise he’s the best midfielder in world football right now? Ok, I took it too far, but he has been in great form.

CAPTAIN ODEGAARD. Perfection, the kid is a leader, he’s a role model, forget about my daughter, I WOULD MARRY HIM. I just love his intensity, he’s playing like a man on a mission, it is a delight.

The front three were electric. Bukayo is BACK. Top class all the way. Martinelli is clearly LOVING his Brazilian pal to play with, his diagonal cross was outrageous.

GABRIEL JESUS! As Benny Devito said in the comments of The Arsenal Opinion Podcast. He IS the resurrection of Arsenal.

What a talent. Forgive me father for my blasphemy about his height, I AM A SINNER, punish me with goals. SO MANY GOALS.

Then to cap a wonderful day off… a moment that said it all about CULTURE. Granit released Martinelli through the middle, the Brazilian could have gone solo, instead, he put his mate EDDIE KRUEGER in for a tap in. That’s when you know the squad like each other.

So where are we?

Our squad looks fit and cooked to the perfect temperature.

Everyone knows their role.

The squad is VERY strong.

We are scoring goals for fun.

I’m telling you, this season will have ups and downs, but keep focused because we are going to be a problem this season.

Everyone can play the ball out the back.

Everyone is press resistant.

Everyone has a fighting spirit.

Now we have goals.

We’re on a very exciting journey this season. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s not catastrophise bad results. Let’s buckle in. The hope is underpinned by truth this season.


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  1. DivineSherlock

    The Arsenal Resurgence is coming ! Pedro if you can man up about Jesus slander then I will man up and admit my Xhaka hate is misplaced , lol . The PL aint ready for Arsenal , Lessssgoooo

  2. Mark S

    I remember watching Arsenal in the early 2000s, and how they would just blitz teams in the first 20 minutes. They’d literally just come out and blow up teams within the first half to win the match. Today reminded me of those days. I don’t want to get my hopes up…I really don’t…but how do you not???!

    The thought of ESR, KT, Tomi, Vieira, and maybe another signing(s) coming into this team as well has me filled with hope again. That back line has size and speed. Ramsdale even dropped a great pass or two today as well.

  3. Marko

    wise man once said…

    ‘You CAN read into preseason when it’s one game out from the start of the season’

    … and I believed him.

    To be fair we’ve witnessed arsenal beating Chelsea and Man City in charity shield games one out from the season starting and then having poor starts so I wouldn’t read a great deal into it.

    In fact following on from the Xhaka discussion I would remind people to temper any expectations so long as he’s still around.

  4. Aaron

    Don’t sleep on white. He is a defensive odegaard. Vision and composure, and always sneaks in a short forward pass to party or odegaard rather than play it back or square. He invites pressure, then springs a teammate. I loved tomi, but white’s decision making with the ball is sublime.

  5. David

    My match report.


    Arsenal 6 – Sevilla 0
    Arsenal mean business.

    They all knew this friendly is by no means a friendly. It’s the final tune-up before the inaugural game of the new season. They want to show they are ready. Arteta fired up the boys. They want their fans to be fired up too because they were all playing at The Emirates.

    I couldn’t watch the whole game like I always do because the missus threw a surprise birthday party for yours truly. As soon as everyone went home, I checked the score, saw the 6, saw the clean sheet and I got the message. I got the message Arteta and co want me and every fan to know. Arsenal are going to challenge this season. And we are not talking about top 4.

    The way our boys pressed showed they don’t care who is earning more, driving the flashiest car or shagging the hottest London groupie. They want to move like a pack of dogs wearing out their prey. They are going to come out of the blocks at full pelt and they don’t care how you are going to set up. Preseason mingling with elder statesmen Gilberto and Parlour in the US regaling them with The Invincibles stories gave them a glimpse of greatness and they want that. I think in fact they want even more than that. For the older fans maybe you remember Arsene’s raw talented prodigies strutting their stuff by the 60th because the game was sewn up 2-3-4 goals to the good. And the remaining half hour was just a perfunctory kickabout waiting for the whistle. Not a bad strategy in the long run if you want to rest your legs but this generation doesn’t want that. But Mikel and Edu have endeavoured to assemble a complete team. With 5 subs available they are going to rotate and they will want to put their opponents to the sword for the full 90, every, single, minute. They want their fans to stay the full 90 even when the game has a fork stuck in it, well done.

    If you followed the pre-season clips you will see Eddie is no smiles. He has beefed up. He has renewed his contract. He is going to explode this season. And privately, you know he is not content playing second fiddle to his Brazilian colleague. You can see in his eyes he is going to take every chance he gets and he doesn’t care how he is gonna score them. He just wants goals galore. Tap-ins, curlers, penalties, scrappy toe pokes, he’s gonna own them all.

    Jesus’s hattrick will reaffirm to himself, the most important person he needs to redeem himself to, that he is world class. 4 titles mean jackshit to him. He is here to prove he is legend material.

    Our baby Rolls Royce of a defender, William Saliba, is growing in stature game by game. No disrespect to my beast Gabriel Magalhaes but Saliba is elegance personified. We are going to have the most unique good cop bad cop central defence that opposing strikers will be so confused they don’t know where the goalmouth is.

    Our boys are very very hungry.

    If there is a negative, it is our customary handbrake Granit Xhaka. Still the biggest pretender Arsenal has ever known, he was not shy to expose his lack of depth with poorly timed passes and hospital balls to his teammates. If Xhaka played and the score was 3-0 you know it could very well have been 5 or 6-0. As usual, we are compassionate Arsenal. We are human.

    This game is their testament. Deep inside every committed individual they know they are on the right track.

    I’m sorry my hero PV4, you may have to write off your first game. Start penning your postgame speech, it’s not gonna look pretty.


  6. Markymark

    Pedro – let’s not catastrophise defeats . A cry into the wilderness I’m afraid. We could win the first 10 and on the 11 game ending in defeat would start the Arteta out brigade
    Anyway I think we will come tearing out of the blocks Friday
    In other news I thought UTD playing Athletico in the pre season friendly was strange. Athleti don’t do friendly they do snarling 1-0 wins. Oh guess what !

  7. AFC Forever

    We had an amazing time at the game. I’ve been to plenty of Emirates Cup games but there has never been an atmosphere like that. And it was jam packed. Fans are obviously liking what they’ve been seeing.

    You can’t fault any of the players, football is a team game and we looked a team. That’s obviously because we bought well and Arteta/Edu have filled the missing holes. Tactically we’re smart. That was a master class of pressing & movement perform d by players with high technical ability.

    White proved what we all know about him, Great range of passing and so composed when pressed. Saliba looked assured & Partey showed just what we missed last season. He looks as good as I have ever seen him. Captain Odegaard is just a top, top player just oozes class. At times the Sevilla players couldn’t get near him. Zenchenko & Jesus, just wow what brilliant signings.They we’re both superb.

    I remember having disagreements on here with people who were pissing on Jesus; my god have they been made to choke on their words. We paid £40m for a player worth twice that. Chelsea spunked £95m on Lukaku, Jesus is levels above. He has everything, that third goal was a Wrighty goal, Out of possession he’s so clever.. He’s linked everyone together. I absolutely love his ability.

    I said I was excited a few weeks back. I’m even more excited now. Sometimes you feel something inside a stadium. I felt that at tim s last season. Fans aren’t stupid. Today, there was a real buzz even before a ball was kicked. There is an expectation. Arteta is doing a fantastic job slowly rebuilding the club and the fans are loving it. I might be a bit pissed, too many Desperado’s, but that was some performance. 6-0! to the Arsenal…!

  8. Pedro

    Marky, damn right mate… but my hope is this season, the naysayers will get short shrift when they pipe up.

    The weight of the base is with the players and the club now.

    It’s a great feeling.

    Can’t wait for Friday.

  9. Pedro

    Marko, no one needs to temper anything.

    Aaron, I hope so mate! Needs a huge performance against Zaha on Friday.

  10. Madhu

    I agree the pace if this match is pedestrian. We played with lot more pace and verve. As others said here our football was reminiscent of early 2000. Really excited about the prospect this season.

  11. Spanishdave

    It means nothing.
    The team seems to be bonding nicely but our back up players are poor.
    We need at least two more players particularly in midfield.
    Our right back back up is poor

  12. AFC Forever


    “We could win the first 10 and on the 11 game ending in defeat would start the Arteta out brigade”

    Incredibly you are right. Just surprises me the lengths they will go to embarrass themselves. Clueless idiots. They don’t deserve to be Arsenal fans, always slagging off our players and the Manager. They need a proper slap mate. And they’d get it if they behaved like that in the ground. I’d be at the front of a very long queue…!!!

  13. Zacharse

    i think teams are going to have a much harder time getting goals off us this season. i think thats gonna be huge difference right out of the gates. then you add in gab jesus’ influence. you gotta say the 3 main additions to the 1st xi are not overly flashy but at both ends we’ve really upped our game

  14. Rich

    3 more top players in before Sept 1st, and City + Liverpool could be busy arguing over the girl, while we sneak in undetected, and convince her to come home with us instead.

    A few astute adjustments, and we’re certainly going to be much closer than we have been for a long time.

  15. Luteo Guenreira

    If Tielemans is a sure thing, Leicester might be wanting to push the transfer until after we play them the second week of the season. I could see a little logic in that I guess.

    Tielemans + a quality player that can serve as competition/insurance for Partey feels more important for this squad than another winger, for me at least. Saka and Gab Jesus are going to play a lot, not sure if they’ll be minutes for another winger. Martinelli ESR Veiera Eddie for the other attacking position and as backups seem like it would be enough bodies for the front line but what do I know.

  16. Freddie Ljungberg

    Saliba, what a player, no hoals allowed so far and so fucking composed on the ball, can’t wait for him to gey even more comfortable in the team so we can see more of his long balls and taking thke ball up the field more.

    Martinelli electric,again, that assist for Jesus was great , Saka stepping it up just in time, Jesus absolutely fantastic again.

    I’m far from Xhaka biggest fan but he had some really good moments today. That being said his biggest flaws are rarely exposed when we’re not under pressure.

    Still need a new CM/DM as highest priority and we’re set.

  17. AFC Forever


    “..:it’s quite disruptive to have a player with you that doesn’t want to be there.”

    This is true. We know that better than most.

  18. Ishola70

    Sevilla defenders looked like they had dropped acid tabs prior to kick off in that first 15 minutes.

    Let;s get to the start of the proper season now.

  19. Spanishdave

    Man City didn’t own the midfield.
    It’s so important to not only dominate this area but to have plenty of options.
    We are still a bit short.

  20. Rich

    How TAA isn’t one of the first names on the team sheet for England I’ll never know, he can’t even get in the squad.

    It’s a real head-scratcher, one of the best players in the league, and one of the best defenders in the world.

    Southgate is an abomination, so bland, brilliant set of players at his disposal, but nothing resembling attacking intent.

  21. Ishola70

    We all have hope.

    We should be positive going into the first match against Palace.

    But smashing a team 6-0 in a friendly who let’s face it were a disaster defensively for the first 15 minutes is proving what?

    That we are going to smash EPL teams every other week as well? Of course we won’t.

    Let’s get to the rea business now.

  22. Zacharse

    i have a hard time seeing palace score against us. have they replaced gallagher? wasnt he a nailed on first teamer for them? seems like theyve gotten weaker…

  23. Ishola70

    Mind you if we beat Palace away 4-0 first game up then you can say the Sevilla game was an indicator.

    Could happen. Never know.

  24. Ishola70


    “one of the best defenders in the world.”

    You said he wasn’t the best defender a month or so ago.

    One Charity Shield mtach has seen you change your opinion has it?

  25. Rich


    I agree with your broader point, we don’t yet have the squad to last the distance, that’s not negativity, thats the reality of where we currently are.

    Our first 11 is now very good, but concerns around the fitness of Partey, Tierney, Tomiyasu + Smith Rowe, are valid, because we’ll need them available for the vast majority of the season to be successful.

    2-3 top signings before Sept 1st, and I’ll be excited, because we’ll be a good outside bet for the title, not favourites, but I’d expect us to get into the mix, stay there, and come very close.

    Pepe would need some type of divine intervention to play with the level of dynamism + intensity our forwards did today.

    Holding + Mari can’t keep us as high as our other options, and are a liability in this system

    We should see Tierney staying fit as a nice bonus, rather than us banking on it, and we should address that as a matter of urgency, because Gabriel + Zinchenko can’t play 60 games, and we might need White at right back with Tomiyasu’s injuries.

    The way we defend, is vital to the way we attack + press as a team.

    I don’t hate Xhaka like some, but in certain games, we could do with more cutting edge in that position.

    I know some disagree, but I’d put a left sided version of White at the top of our shopping list, but would be happy addressing any of those 3 positions.

    We’ll get plenty of good results, and score more goals, but that doesn’t equate to sustaining the level of consistency required across roughly 60 games.

    So much to be positive about Arsenal right now, but recognising where we’re potentially weak, isn’t negative, it’s just the reality of where we are as a squad.

    We’ve done brilliantly so far, but extend Saka + Saliba, and address some of those issues, and we’re going to be a sustained threat across this season.

    The media + opposition fans are sleeping on Arsenal, we’ve quietly gone about assembling the most exciting young squad in world football, a few adjustments and we’ll be much more prepared to sustain it across the entire season.

  26. Pierre

    As good as our football has been against chelsea and sevilla ( and it has been very good), it does look like we have been playing at 100% compared to the opposition..

    Of course there is the possibility that our football has been so good that the opposition have found it impossoble to impose themselves on the game…let’s hope so.

    Ramsdale seems to have found his kicking boots again the last couple of games with some long raking pinpoint balls to martinelli….very impressive.
    Our defending has been so good that it is impossible to know if Ramsdale is back to form of early last season..

    Away to palace will tell us much more about this present Arsenal team than a couple of friendlies, albeit against high ranking teams..

    Nothing to fault in this pre season , like chalk and cheese compared to 12 months ago ..

    White at right back means we have a solid back 4 and as i said previously, this season we will see a much higher percentage of our play going down the left now that we have zinchenko to link with our wide left player…

    This in turn should see saka and Odegaard have more space if the play is switched from left to right , which of course should make us more difficult to defend against.

    If we blitz palace then other teams will fear us before they step onto the pitch.
    Alternately, if Palace overpower us , other teams will know how to play against us.

  27. Ishola70

    Rich Arsenal were not even playing with full on intensity today.

    You will see the difference once the EPL kicks off.

  28. Ishola70

    I saw the first half today when the game was basically won and I can tell you the pace of that match wasn’t up to EPL standard pace and intensity.

  29. Pedro

    Pierre, Sevilla drew against Spurs 14 days ago, had two more preseason games, beat Angers 6-0, then were tanked by us. They were plenty ready

  30. Jonnygunner

    JonnygunnerJuly 30, 2022 19:37:29
    IsholaWhilst I get the fact that you think ‘the season only starts at Palace’, why the fuck can’t you get a single bit of enjoyment out of the fact that we just spanked a half tidy team 6-0 ?
    We weren’t perfect,and you’d have a point in saying that against Premiership opponents we’d have had more of a battle on our hands,but as far as pre season friendlies go that was nigh on perfect. No injuries, and a good look at how we will line up next Friday. Be fair, contrast that with last season’s opening game and starting 11 and surely you’d have your tail up?
    Personally, I want us to win every game, friendly or not- it’s my Club, even if we play a team of one legged arse kickers I’d want us to pan them. Cheer up you miserable sod !

  31. Rich


    TAA is an average defender in the traditional sense, but in terms of getting his team up the pitch, keeping them there, and destroying teams from deep + wide

    He’s absolutely elite

    Depends how you want to play as a team, England now have the players to dominate games, but Southgate is only interested in defensive fine margins football

    The way he sets England up, I’m not surprised he see’s him as a liability, rather than a vital component to get England up the pitch + keep them there.

  32. Spanishdave

    Agreed Rich.
    We lack depth and last year it cost us dearly.
    ESR is a concern he is brittle and he often puts his foot in late and gets jiggly ankle injuries.
    I don’t think Partey will last more than 60% of our games, and that’s why I have some doubts.

  33. Ishola70

    Sevilla were awful defensively today in the first 15 minutes.

    It’s like peope think teams performances can’t go up or drastically down.

    That they stay on the same level all the time.

    We more than likely played better than Spurs did against them yes but I find it hard to believe that Sevilla themselves didn’t drop themselves from their performance against them.

    Teams can have poor performances. We all know that.

    That’s not saying Arsenal’s performance today had no noteworthiness to it.

    Just that the defending from Sevilla in that first 15 minutes well you don’t expect to see that too many times in top grade football.

  34. Pedro

    Ish, we beat Sevilla 6-0, CFC 4-0… maybe people just want to enjoy Arsenal playing well, versus talking up bad oppo.

  35. AFC Forever

    As expected, Ishola & Pierre didn’t enjoy the win. What kind of fan behaves like that? It’s utterly bizarre.

  36. DivineSherlock

    I just know when the chips are gonna be down this season , Mikel Arteta will come out with ESR as False #9 again and it will be glorious this time . The hype is fucking real.

  37. Ishola70


    I don’t know wjy I’m arguing with you about pre-season friendlies.

    Are you now implying that we are now the Harlem Globetrotters of football overnight because of a few big friendly wins.

    I made the point that perhaps a more hard fought match today might have actually been better for us.

    If these big friendly wins continue into the EPL season and we continue to be the new Harlem Globetrotters of football then you have my apologies.

  38. DivineSherlock

    AFC Forever

    Its not even the opposition for me , it doesnt matter whether its Sevilla or Chelsea or whatever . Its the team , they look like a fucking unit , no more hand waving after misplaced passes , no more half jogs when the oppostion has the ball and we need to track back , No more Mustafi/Ozil shit . This team is all about the collective and it shows , the fans see it and its gonna be glorious .

  39. DivineSherlock


    I made the point that perhaps a more hard fought match today might have actually been better for us.

    Or you can say We fought so hard in the first 20mins that Sevilla just were blown away . Made them give up early . I could get used to that 🙂

  40. Markymark

    It is extraordinarily odd that upon a really good win we get the knockers , trying to drain every last bit of positivity. As others have said bizarre.
    Sevilla had I believe the best defensive record in the Spanish league.
    Completely blown away left in smithereens
    What’s the better game to play? Smashing Sevilla or a tough tough game again Athletico with all likeliness an injury.
    Give me our game any day of the week.
    Do any of you knockers think Palace are super confident right now ?

  41. Ishola70

    It has been a good pre-season yes but we know that this doesn’t always translate in entirety into the EPL season don’t we.

    I’m positive at this time about the new EPL season ahead but it’s not hinging on smashing teams in friendly matches.

    I call what I see and today that Sevilla defending was shocking for the first 15 minutes.

    If you want to take friendlies literally then perhaps better to look at the Chelsea game but that also had of course a friendly kick about feel to it.

    I said before pre-season friendlies have now taken on a much greater significance for todays fans. That is in part because they are highly marketed and you get full big stadiums watching them.

    But in reality they have no more significance than the pre=season kick abouts Wenger used to organise in Austria in their local parks with one man and his dog watching.

    It’s just about getting tuned up for the proper season ahead.

    Don’t want to peak too early do we. That would be very unfortunate.

  42. MidwestGun

    I think some people need to start their own blogs… it’s a comment section and they are posting like 10k words on a preseason game.. haha

    Anyhow, I do understand the excitement if we can keep everyone healthy and not over press in matches we don’t need to the whole game to save legs . this . season is shaping up to be a good one. It’s a fine balance.

    But what we have shown, We 100% have the capability to play well and smash some teams now, so let’s do it in the the regular season. Something we haven’t shown much of in the last 4 or 5 seasons. Time to “Bang” as Pedro put it.

  43. Rich


    In fairness I was talking about getting 7 players into double figures in all comps, and aiming for a 50% increase in the goal scored column in the league, before Chelsea + Seville, so this isn’t based off 2 results in friendlies

    I didn’t get over excited when we lost 3 games at the start of last season, or over excited when we were 5 points clear of 5th with a few games to go either.

    With 2-3 astute adjustments, I’d fully expect us to hit those goal targets, we’ve almost got the personnel + specificity to install this style of football across an entire season, not just when our first 11 are fit + firing.

    We should be excited by that, the last time we were potentially just 2-3 players away from a title was 2015/16, we’ve been light years away since,

  44. Ishola70

    How many times do I have to say it.

    I am positive for the new season as things stand now.

    Repeat. I am positive for this coming season.

    But you won’t get me overdoing pre-season huge wins where the opposition were defending like the keystone cops in the first part of the match.

  45. Tom

    If you told me Arsenal would spank Chelsea and Sevilla 10:0 in pre season friendlies I would’ve thought our first Xl played their juniors.

    I don’t think Sevilla ever conceded 6 without scoring at least one.

  46. Le Sauce


    Absolutely, if we had lost 6 nil Ishola wouldn’t remember it’s a preseason game nor would Spanishdave. What’s the point of supporting a team if you’re gonna act like you have some imaginary set of higher standards than other fans. We played a good game, our Frontline scored some good goals, we defended as a unit and kept a clean sheet against two teams that would be in the champions league this season yet we have some on here waffling about why the opponents were poor when our pressing made them poor. Jeez!!

  47. Southern Slide Tackle

    Ish/Dave, Its simple. You’re sucking the oxygen out of the room. Repeat after me, “I love what I’m seeing from this team. Hope they can continue on against Palace this Friday!”
    See, simple statement that cheers on your team but still conveys your concerns. And you don’t sound like the negative nellys you are!

  48. Ishola70

    Oh it’s like 13 year old poster boys lol.

    Bring on the proper games for gods sake.

    Then I can lavish praise on the team in games that actually matter.

    And we all want to do that.

    This is like the big talk before a boxing title match.

    Enough with the talk.

    Let’s get in that ring now. Let’s do this for real.

    he he.

  49. Howard

    If Arsenal win the FA Cup and the Community Shield is nothing but Liverpool win theyve been great.

    I can see Pool faltering this season without Mane and ageing of Salah

    Bring it on

  50. Tom

    I totally get Ishola’s point though, same point one of the commentators made that in a weird way he wanted Sevilla put us under pressure just to see how we’d react and handle it.
    They never did.
    I don’t suppose the guy working the booth for is a bedwetter, or Arteta hater.

  51. AFC Forever

    Le Sauce / Devine Sherlock

    Great comments.

    There are some weird fuckers in this comment section. Imagine being that desperate to discredit a result instead of praising the performance & your new striker netting a hatrick. Their true colours on display.

  52. Le Sauce


    My point exactly. Preseason games are for trying out new things and we can clearly see that what Arteta is trying out is working so why won’t fans be excited. All the inverted fullbacks stuff wouldn’t have been thought of 3 seasons ago yet we’re using it to good effect scoring a shitload of goals and not conceding much. No one here is stupid enough to say with all certainty we’ll win the league but it’s obvious were gonna have a good season provided we can add more depth to the team. Last season we will have been sweating to get Tierney fit for Palace but now we aren’t bothered much same with Tomiyasu. If we can get a suitable cover for Partey (seems like Zinchenko might play that 6 role as it stands) then we have every reason to be optimistic.

  53. Bob N16

    It’s true to say that both Chelsea and Sevilla were far from their best but we didn’t beat them by the odd goal. The scale of the wins might be ‘pre season’ but you can’t tell me that the squad won’t be buzzing after that and I’m sure the Palace game can’t come quickly enough for them.

    Sure it’s a tough away trip but if you don’t think Palace and their supporters will be concerned by our all be it pre season form, then you’d be underestimating the additions in our team for this season. Saliba, Zinchenko and Jesús fit like a glove. Martinelli and Saka look to be at their best and Partey is fit.

    I think we’ll blast them away in the first half and quieten their crowd.

  54. Ishola70

    AFC Forever

    “instead of praising the performance & your new striker netting a hatrick”

    I was championing his signing while others on here were shall we say lukewarm about him.

    Now I want him to take it on into the EPL season.

  55. Bob N16

    Tom , the commentator who made the point that he’d like to see how we’d cope under a bit of pressure was Nigel Winterburn- before your time I’d imagine. I get the point but Arsenal were too dominant both with and without the ball to allow much pressure. I don’t recall Ramsdale having to make any sort of save. There were a couple of headers on target but that was about it.

    Minor point but Arsenal only had 48% of possession. Shows how stats can sometimes be misleading

  56. Le Sauce


    Every team has concerns even city with the signing of Halaand would have legitimate concerns about squad depth same with Liverpool loosing Mane and maybe feeling like they need that bit of extra to get one over city this season. We also have midfield concerns and if you ask that wig wearing fucker at Spurs he’s also gonna want another RWB (man threw Spence under the bus). Squad building is dynamic and you keep doing it till you find that balance depending on your budget and how easy it is to find specific profile of players you’re looking for wether in one transfer window or in two/three windows.
    What matters is can each team compete with their current squads, it looks like we can with our first team but we would need to add more depth for consistency. That in itself is worth being excited about I guess the “don’t get excited” brigade were happy with the deflating way fans went into last season especially after the first three games

  57. Pierre

    “As expected, Ishola & Pierre didn’t enjoy the win. What kind of fan behaves like that? It’s utterly bizarre.”

    I enjoyed it immensely thank you, now stop acting like a spoilt child as I’m sure you would like us to take this form into the palace game but deep down know that away to palace is a world of difference than a couple of pre season friendlies…

    Strange how some Arsenal fans opinion of friendlies has changed in the last couple of weeks, those same people were telling us not to read too much into pre season friendlies 12 months ago when we struggled to win a game.

    If we beat palace then top of the league after 12 games is definitely on the cards, 7 at home 5 away , why not .

    Lose to palace , though i don’t think we will, and it will knock the confidence , just as it knocked our confidence last season when they beat us 3-0, because what happens is Arteta looks for scapegoats and this season Saliba may be the fall guy if things go tits up .

    At least we won’t be so easy to press against with zinchenko in the side , but i will guarantee you one thing , Vieiera will NOT be telling his players to play out from the back early doors next week , it will be a case of get it into the final third of the pitch for palace.

    So the palace game will be a completely different type of football match, which will pose different set of problems for this Arsenal team , problems that we failed to cope with last season against the likes of palace, brentford, everton , newcastle ….plus the high pressing game of city and liverpool in which we conceded 18 goals and scored once in those 6 games.

    Or will Vieira send his team out to play into our hands and play tippy tappy at the back like sevilla…..i doubt it somehow.

  58. AFC Forever


    I didn’t hear the commentary because I was at the game with some mates. All I can say is nobody in the ground was unhappy. Or going, ‘oh it’s only ore-season’. We cheered as loud as a PL game. Watching your team score goals and play well is what it’s all about. This is a team being built none of us has a ridiculous expectation but we like what we’re seeing. That was a full house today and Sevilla found our intensity & pressing hard to deal with.

  59. Le Sauce


    I don’t expect Ramsdale to make more saves like last season because it looks like we have strong, fast defenders who would protect him. That’s the plan all along, Ederson isn’t really a great shot stopper compared to Allison but because he has a team structure and defenders who do most of the dirty work as city keep the ball so we’ll they’re defence is rarely bombarded he is always in the run in for most clean sheets at the end of the season.
    Doesn’t mean we’re at that level yet but if our defence can offer much protection then Rambo’s shot stopping wouldn’t be called into question as much as last season and with us keeping the ball more he would need to do what he knows how to do best which is to distribute the ball. They call us city lite for a reason, Guardiola once won the PL with city making the least amount of tackles in the league that season, that’s what an elite structure does so in the 6 role for a team like city you don’t necessarily need a destroyer but a press resistant and progressive passer. Leno would be great for teams like Burnley who needs just a shot stopper but wouldn’t be needed at an Arsenal because we require good distribution from the goalkeeper

  60. Steve Vallins

    Reading through earlier comments about the pace of the Liverpooh v MC game compared to ours ,we should be pleased to find in my opinion MC have slowed down and are having trouble playing with a CF/target , they’ve lost runners into the box
    An exciting season coming up

  61. Jonko

    Yep City looked slow and confused. And Liverpool looked poor too. I really don’t rate players like Nunez. Very awkward and clumsy when they run with the ball. Losing Mane is going to be a massive blow for them.

  62. AFC Forever

    Lec Sauce

    “Leno would be great for teams like Burnley who needs just a shot stopper but wouldn’t be needed at an Arsenal because we require good distribution from the goalkeeper”

    This. I’ve written about this so many times. Recruitment has been smart and to an agreed plan. Impressed with the way we’ve stuck to a plan.

  63. Ishola70

    Is Haaland going to be a mistake for Man City?

    Not a big enough mistake to completely derail them but see them ease off slightly from previous levels.

    I mean Haaland scores goals but he’s a big old lump ain’t he. Nothing graceful about him is there.

    Big old fashioned lump no.9

  64. Ishola70

    Again Leno wasn’t that great with aerial balls either.

    Plenty just keep going on about his distrubition being a problem.

    It was more than that.

  65. Jonko

    The worst player on the pitch was Grealish. That guy just doesnt suit City. Never will. Totally went south after joining them. It’s like it was someone different at Villa.

  66. Rich

    Xhaka was good today, and he’ll have an important role in the squad, but I can’t help but get excited by the thought of Vieira in that role with the way in which we transitioned.

    If we’re going to play that aggressive + direct, we may as well throw a killer into that left 8 position, particularly against weaker opposition at home,

  67. Ishola70

    “The worst player on the pitch was Grealish.”

    Oh he’s a complete dickhead isn’t he.

    One of Nigel Tufnell’s favourite players along with that other cock Maddison.

  68. Pierre

    The intensity of our game was fantastic today, the football was superb , defensively solid and the team looked well balanced, well done to Arteta for producing a team that looks like it can compete.

    yes he has spent a small fortune getting us to this position where we can compete, but for me since wenger left , it was always about getting in the right players for the manager’s football philosophy , something we have failed to do for the past 4 years , and now it looks like we have a group of players who can implement the manager’s football philosophy.

  69. MidwestGun

    That’s the beauty of Jesus … it’s not like he is coming from a new league and has to settle.. He knows what’s up..pretty sure he knows what a Palace away game will entail. That’s why him banging in goals… in the preseason matters.. Gives him the confidence to keep it rolling. That was what people’s criticism was. of him, too short.. not enough goals. We are getting so many chances with our pressure and passing, I think he will continue his scoring and those criticisms will look pointless.

    Bascially he is in fact scoring all those chances Laca and Auba were wasting in the season. . And that’s why I’m excited for the season to get started already. Our front line of Marti, Jesus and Saka is wicked quick.. something Palace hasn’t seen yet as a unit so ..we will see what happens when the results count.

    As for City they looked like they were missing Jesus and Sterling today.. I think they will have to rely on Grealish a little more then they want to. he slows the game down with his need for mazy dribbles.

  70. MidwestGun

    Ish… they have no choice dude … I personally wouldnt have paid a fortune for him but what choice do they have … They got rid of Sterling and Jesus who are better then him.

  71. Ishola70

    “they have no choice dude … I personally wouldnt have paid a fortune for him but what choice do they have … They got rid of Sterling and Jesus who are better then him.”

    lol funny isn’t it.

    Always said he was over-rated as a complete truly intelligent footballer. No doubt some very good natural instinct skills.

    My description of him was like a young boy playing football on copacabana beach.

    And his presonality. What a drip. The brains of a baboon.

  72. MidwestGun

    I think in away games .. teams are going to try and foul the shit out of us to slow down our combination play and the flow of the game. That could be an issue. Hard to know until it happens.

  73. Ishola70

    “Grealish is a bit like Zaha or Pepe.. sucks the air out of the game when he is on the ball.”


    All about them.

    All well and good when you play for Villa and you are the only real player they have got but you move to a better all round team and what fans thought was great at Aston Villa suddenly doesn’t sit too well.

  74. MidwestGun

    Grealish is a great dribbler though.. powerful.. when it works it works. When it doesn’t, which to me seems quite often , it effects the whole side.. Anyhow… City will still be near the top.. once Haaland settles more most likely.. They still have KDB.

  75. Ishola70

    Alsi Haaland looks like he has bumped into a lamp post lol.

    All bodes ill for Man City.

    He will score a hat grick next week .

    In fact he will probably go on goalscoring streaks like he has done all his career but he may find it a little more difficult than Norway and Germany but the main point is will Haaland actually make Man City a better team.

    Questionable I would have thought.

    Big old lump.

  76. Ishola70


    “When it doesn’t, which to me seems quite often , it effects the whole side.”

    Same with Maddison at Leicester.

    Overdoes it too much on the ball.

    People only look at their succesful attacking stats.

    They don’t bother looking at the numerous times moves break down with these players over cooking it.

    Can be as harmful to the side as their succesful attacking stats are a plus for the side.

  77. Ishola70

    I would amend my typing errors tonight but there are too many of them lol.

    You all get the gist though.

  78. Rich

    We certainly struggled at times against high intensity teams away, who pressed us high, hopefully the technical security of Saliba + Zinchenko will make us a bit more secure.

    Home teams usually start quickly, particularly in late kick offs under the lights, we need to learn to navigate the early stages of those games, and gradually silence the home crowd.

    First 30-35 minutes against Palace is going to be vital, they’ve got some good talent in the final third, their fans are going to be well up for it, particularly after our last game there.

    Hopefully we can give them a metaphorical black eye + thick lip early on, and then take the sting out of the game.

    We’re full of confidence, I’d expect us to go straight for the throat, but we’ll need to be careful with the likes of Eze, Olise + Zaha, who’ve all got the quality + pace to exploit any space left in behind.


  79. Tom

    Bob, I did catch the tale end of Winterburn’s Arsenal career, just wasn’t aware it was him.
    Sevilla didn’t know what hit them.
    A total domination.

  80. Jonko

    KDB is a fantastic player but he’s not the best leader. Gets frustrated way too quickly when things aren’t working out for the team. He had quite an emphatic go at Haaland today when the Norwegian did not make a run. That’s usually a good thing to do but not when its his first start. Kompany was a proper leader. Even YT to some extent.

  81. Tom

    “I would amend my typing errors tonight but there are too many of them lol.
    You all get the gist though.”

    Yes we do Ish, you are a bed wetting wanker raining on our victory parade.

  82. Ishola70


    “Yes we do Ish, you are a bed wetting wanker raining on our victory parade.”

    Yes time to get off the soaked soiled mattress and climb on anew.

    The EPl mattress. It’s clean. It’s unsoiled. For the time being.

  83. MidwestGun

    I mean your all a bunch of wankers to me.. hahaha You can’t rain on my parade.. because it never rains here. in the desert. Ok then.. 6 days to go.. and counting. New Saliba and Saka contracts incoming … one can hope.

  84. Bob N16

    Agree Tom,

    To think ESR, Vieira , KT, TT will hopefully soon be on the bench too.

    The collective intensity of our press and the purposefullness of our quick passing was a joy to watch. Martinelli looked sharp but he’ll benefit from Jesus’s decision making, his one two touch football. Zinchenko looks so comfortable on the ball and again seems to read the game so well and Saliba just looks composed and confident in his ability to manage whatever is coming at him. The lift these three provide makes this season the most exciting in years, together with the potential our young team has.

  85. bacaryisgod

    If we can’t get 10m for Leno then I would argue that with the Champions League a possibility through the Premier and Europa League, then it is more valuable for us to keep Leno as our #2 and send Turner on an experience gaining loan.

    We guarantee Leno Europa and Cup games and he’s clearly a quality professional who will accept that even if it’s not ideal. It blows me away that for the sake of 8m we’ll risk everything on an untested and currently nervy keeper if Ramsdale gets injured or his form falls off a cliff.

    Leno insread of Turner in the Europa League could be worth much more than 8m and we would have the added benefit of sending Turner out on loan to a British or even European club to get more acclimatized for next season when Leno would undoubtedly depart.

  86. bacaryisgod


    ‘Spurs lost. Zero shots on target.’

    Are you suffering from pre-season psychosic? Can we please avoid this type of hype until the season properly kicks off?

  87. bacaryisgod


    ‘If Tielemans is a sure thing, Leicester might be wanting to push the transfer until after we play them the second week of the season. I could see a little logic in that I guess’.

    Tielemans is far from a sure thing, unfortunately. The bookies have him as a slight favourite to stay at Leicester followed by Arsenal at 6-4 then Man U at 9-2.

  88. Dissenter

    How many times will Ishola write that Sevilla were defensive shite in the first 15 minutes?
    How about the possibility that our overall play was flawlessly untouchable in those 15 minutes

    If we stay healthy and get Tierney/Tomiyasu/ESR/ Vierra fit to rotate- we will have some blowout victories in the mound if this preseason victory.
    I’m not suggesting we beat Palace easily. but we will have high score victories over the course of the season in the league.

  89. Ishola70


    “How about the possibility that our overall play was flawlessly untouchable in those 15 minutes”

    You’re still not going on about that fucking friendly match are you.

    I already said to you Arsenal were not even full tilt in that first half.

    It’s all about Palace now.

    Bring it.

  90. bacaryisgod


    I agree there’s too many people minimizing what has been a really good pre-season but there’s a couple of people on here including this blog’s host who are guilty of hyperbolic reactions to both our wins and the losses of our rivals.

    Friday will tell us a lot. I can assure you that I won’t catastrophize a loss to Palace but this is a long, grinding season ahead and if we’ve learned anything from last season, then it’s the importance of a balanced perspective through both good and bad periods.

  91. Pedro

    ‘How about the possibility that our overall play was flawlessly untouchable in those 15 minutes’

    Damn Dissenter, this is the sexiest thing you’ve said all year.

  92. Dissenter

    I don’t understand your approach to Turner before he manned the post in ONE competitive game
    He only cost $7 million, if he’s not good enough, they will sip him out. It’s unfair to be asking him to go on loan to keep Leno?
    What else don’t we know about Leno?

  93. Ishola70

    I tell you one thing.

    The players themselves will not be going along with all this we are super duper now nonsense after big friendly wins.

    They know the importance of staying grounded along with Arteta.

  94. Rich

    Hyperbole reactions to Arsenal winning and Spurs losing, on an Arsenal forum.

    Can’t say I’m that surprised TBH….

  95. Dissenter

    Also, let’s stop treating the last preseason game before the season start like some mid July preseason game where 11 subs are allowed

    I’ve never seen Arsenal this organized and United
    There’s something abuzz, some time of x-favorite aura. It’s hard to put into words
    By intent or serendipity, we have stumbled into a winning formula
    I’m actually counting down to Friday. Last season I wasn’t looking forward to Brentford because I knew we would lose. Everything was off and the manager didn’t look happy.

    Christmas came early for Arteta when they signed Jesus. That was the watershed.

  96. Dissenter

    Palace are very good though
    They’ve made some excellent signings in recent years using the same model we are deploying
    Lots of respect to the work they’ve done in the past two seasons and then for having Vierra over.

  97. bacaryisgod


    Yes, I am a little surprised for preseason friendlies. I’m the most optimistic about this season than I can remember for a long time BUT lest we forget:

    ‘Yaya Sanogo scored four times as Arsenal beat Benfica 5-1 in the Emirates Cup.