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Arsenal just lost a preseason friendly to Brentford.

The starting 11 had a bit of the ‘who is going on loans’ about it. I’m not really sure why they had the friendly when I’m looking at this group of players, but I guess building minutes into the legs isn’t a bad thing. You never know when you’ll need the second string of players.

I don’t like that Eddie is in this group, but then you realise we only have two strikers,  with Folarin Balogun heading out on loan somewhere.

Are we making a mistake heading into the season with two recognised strikers? One of them gets an injury and you don’t have an option off the bench. That could be an issue, especially if we lose someone during crunch time. My guess is maybe Marti comes in as a #9? But who knows.

The exit rumour mill is heating up. We’ve agreed an £8m fee for Bernd Leno. My oh my are Fulham getting a good deal there. Still, he was a good chap last season, he didn’t sulk, and you have to let older players get the minutes for World Cups. Just a shame that fee is terrible.

I believe Lucas Torreira is going to exit Arsenal for a transfer fee of roughly nothing. It’s quite sad how a hype player from back in the day has absolutely tanked his career through no fault of his own to get a transfer fee of zero. The hope is that we put a 50% sell-on clause in the deal so he doesn’t get flipped for mega money and we look like chumps.

The Mikel Arteta resume builder kicked up another gear. The video above was shot after we had a shocking start to last season. What you see there is the special sauce that you’ve not witnessed before. His ability to inspire, open up about pain, and absorb criticism for his staff. He’s a good leader, he has flaws, but it’s hard to watch that sort of thing and not feel something.

No doubt when the series airs, he’ll be verbally abusing a kitchen staffer for not buttering his toast to the corners, but we’ll wait and see. Jokes aside, you’re likely to see the inspirational parts of his persona… and maybe the bits that make him look like a ruthless bully. Weirdly, if hammering players is in the name of standards, the reaction will likely be very positive from fans. Everyone loves someone with next-level standards because secretly, we all want to be that weird about high standards in our own lives… and we’re not.

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In the weirdest transfer of the window, Kasper Schmichael quit Leicester for Nice. Very lovely. That leaves Leicester without a keeper. There’s also talk Chelsea are hustling them for Fofana after losing out on Kounde. Maddison is also attracting interest from Spurs. They haven’t spent much money. I think they’d rather fund a spending spree from the player with one year left on his deal. Will Arsenal move on Tielemans? Why has it taken so long?

Mad Jens Lehmann did a madness on his neighbour.

Quite something, but one this is for sure, you couldn’t say ‘unexpected.’

Right, not much else going on today. If you want some podcast juice, jump in below. If not, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Naija+soccer


    Its very hard to ‘rape’ someone who willfully goes on vacation with you, sleep and share the same room with you, nicknames you Lion meaning King proving she respects you, and you are highly regarded. In my experience, a woman like this couldn’t wait to jump before he say J–.

    Very hard for me to see him raping her. Plus her evidence sucks.

  2. Savage

    Do you remember the Alex Ferguson story twenty years ago when he visited South Africa and a woman claimed he groped her, and then she confessed the whole thing was fabricated for money

  3. Marko

    Fathers (who are often innocent and their wives have just decided they’d rather try something new)

    Of course you would say something without even a morsel of evidence. Trust you Don to educate someone on real world.

  4. Marko

    Of course if she can provide proper evidence, then I would be the first fan to come down on Partey hard

    Also this is another thing you’re just some random on the internet that no one knows or cares about why does anyone need to prove anything to you?

    Anyway there’s still allegations against him come what may and some pissed off arsenal fans worried about the coming season doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things

  5. Le Sauce


    You know just as much as me on this matter (absolutely nothing) and you have zero evidence the club didn’t investigate. If anything a club like Arsenal that takes values seriously and a manager like Arteta who is big on culture and principles wouldn’t wanna be involved with a player that is a rapist if the evidence proves so. Pedro dedicated a blog to this where the club are in a tight situation, you can’t suspend a player who hasn’t been charged and the best thing to do is allow the police conclude their investigation on all counts. It’s best to reserve comments on this till the club at least put out a statement when the need arises

  6. karim

    « So while you point your finger, someone else is judging you. »
    Bob Marley

    Innocent until proven guilty as far as I am concerned.
    Stay classy.

  7. Naija+soccer


    How can you read “Of course if she can provide proper evidence” as me saying she must proof something to me directly?

    Anyway, you are the one accusing Le-grovers of being militant when a lot on here have just expressed concern and even support for the girl. No one here is calling for Partey to be crowned.

  8. Habesha Gooner

    I am not saying he couldn’t have done it. Even if she wilfully went with him, he might have done it. But unless there is evidence then only him and her know what happened.

    There isn’t a clear picture of them together to even see. Just some vague videos of him swimming with her, or a video of him from the back. And her evidence is some vague conversation with someone named lion. And she is saying he tried to force her and he is trying to answer her questions. And there is also a conversation on which he is saying he has moved on from her.

    And after all of that there is her previous tweets in support of Amber heard despite the clear evidence. She has also tweeted in the past “If you are going to s**k d**k, at least get paid for it”. So we are supposed to believe her just because she said so?

    If she provides some evidence beyond this, I will say he should go to prison for a long time. The only things she has claimed that show her in good light is if she really broke the NDA, And if her PTSD diagnosis from a rape wasn’t fabricated (like Amber heard was). Until then it is Innocent until proven guilty. And It should the same for any other man.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Unfortunately rape is one of the hardest crimes to prosecute as generally speaking, there are only two people involved and it descends into a ‘he said, she said’ and normally it falls in favour of the defender and ALL crimes carry the ‘burden of proof’ ie, the person or persons accusing have to provide the PROOF. It’s not actually for the defender to provide the counter.

    Regardless, we were all very fast to condemn the Man U lad for exactly the same crime as well as battery. If Partey has been accused, Arsenal absolutely have to suspend him until…

  10. Bob N16

    Pedro was worried that the site could be taken down if people were naming names.

    With the ‘Utd case’ he was recorded threatening all sorts and pictures of injuries were fairly damning.

  11. Habesha Gooner

    The other thing is why didn’t she go and file these accusations in a Spanish court if he got off on a technicality of not being able to be prosecuted in England. Why would someone go on a Twitter rant instead of going to Spain and filing there if he escaped because they can’t charge him in England?

    All of it is very vague.

  12. Zacharse

    guys everyone arguing their favorite examples of bad situations is i think the point of not discussing this, in this way.
    ya obviously if a charge is dropped we’ll get information and be able to not have it degenerate into personal examples and people assuming everyone understands what they’re talking about but the reality is this is not an optimum way to discuss really dark things. i mean statistically speaking there are more than a few people posting here who have daughters who have been sexually abused in some way PURELY STATISTICALLY. so maybe not optimum ya?
    let’s wait on some more hard info we all know the story at this point

  13. Emiratesstroller


    Pedro made it crystal clear yesterday that we should not be discussing this matter on Le

    However, dealing with your moral argument that Arsenal are wrong in playing Partey I would suggest that you should not prejudge what has happened.

    Has it occurred to you that perhaps the player is no longer under investigation by the police.
    The fact that he was allowed to travel to USA suggests that may well be the case.

  14. Max


    Been spending a lot of time posting and asking for proof of this and that and that what she posted isn’t proof – it’s not supposed to conclusive proof on twitter??

    And yes as Guns said rapes are indeed very hard to prove what exactly would you require – video? How the fook are we supposed to gain that unless she knew he was gonna rape and secretly filmed?

    What I would say is yes there are some who lie and yes it’s innocent till proven guilty but I would say the majority of rape accusations are true – even if the guy thought it was minor to force the girl to suck his dick – and most girls don’t come out themselves forward for abuse like this for some cash.

    @ Naija inter marital/ couple rape is a very real thing you should educate yourself it’s precisely because they are so trusted that they can pull it off! Versus a stranger have a think about it

  15. Mysticleaves


    You are a kid. That’s the only explanation I can give. People like you, Marko and the woke women and men of UK and US are the reason real rape victims don’t come forward. A girl that was raped will look at that allegation and her “evidence” and would want to have a go at her.

  16. China1

    Is there strong evidence it happened or just some screenshots of a few text messages that allude in that direction but never concretely confess to anything?

    If the evidence is strong wouldn’t the police be all over it right now?

  17. Guns of Hackney

    If Arsenal play the accused, then we have no place in football or the civilised world.

    Remember the outrage about Sunderland playing THAT dude?

    We should be making an example.

  18. Doublethink

    I’m struggling to understand how the ‘woke’ persons of the US and UK would be the real reason a rape victim doesn’t come forward?

  19. China1

    Guns if you were accused wrongly would you be happy about being suspended indefinitely from your work so that your company could make a point about you?

    I see there is a woman posting some messages about partey but I haven’t yet seen any compelling evidence. People are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty

  20. Guns of Hackney


    1. I’m not dumb enough to put myself in a position where anyone could accuse me.

    2. You’re missing the point. Of course people are innocent until proven yada yada but, and here’s the but…shit sticks and the club has a duty to suspend the player until such time the courts or law can do their job.

    Why would the person accuse the person of this crime? Money? Nope. Easier ways of getting cash. She could have sold a story to the press and made a quick buck, so why put herself through the stigma and grief of this accusation?

    I would suggest that unless someone is unhinged, you do not, under any circumstance make up being violated.

  21. Topside Northbank

    Looks like a few of our injured players are back training judging by today’s photo’s on the website.

    Tomiyasu, Tierney, ESR all involved. Torreira and Bellerin in them didn’t see Leno.

    Ben White with a real heavy looking support bandage around his right knee.

  22. China1

    Guns, many people are unhinged. Many people are vindictive. Many people are a lot of dreadful things.

    If someone can be evil enough to rape someone else, someone can be evil enough to fake an accusation.

    Did you see the Amber heard trial lately? It was utterly appalling.

    The idea that people wouldn’t readily make accusations against a person with a lot of money and everything to lose is simply false.

    I don’t know this woman, I don’t know if she’s telling the truth. If she’s lying I don’t know why either.

    But if Partey is innocent, which we should assume he is until
    Proven otherwise, then he’s being suspended for what? The police don’t think he’s currently a danger to society, otherwise he’d be in a prison cell. You talk of wanting to let the courts do the jobs, yes let’s let them and not try to do their jobs for them.

    If you were wrongly accused you would not be happy one not about being suspended from your work because your company want to make an example of you when you didn’t do anything.

    You say you would never get accused. Good for you. If you were a celebrity out partying and drinking with gold diggers chasing you left right and center you might not be so lucky.

    I’m not saying partey is innocent. If he’s not he’s a monster and should be locked up. But until it’s proven, he doesn’t deserve that one bit

  23. Le Sauce

    Pedro I think you need to wield the hammer on anyone having this discussion, we can’t risk having this site shutdown. I can’t skip Twitter because of all the opinionated/judgemental shit and still come back to it here. At the end of the day the sensible thing to do is to refrain from taking sides/keep your opinions to yourself till the law allows us to say stuff. The player in question also trained with the club today which means the club are also obeying the law and waiting it out so why can’t we do the same
    No sane society would support rape and I trust the UK laws to a reasonable extent to ensure that justice is served, whoever is guilty would be duly punished and whoever is innocent would be well compensated too.

  24. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t mind if he is suspended with pay until he is given the all clear from the cases. But he shouldn’t be called a rapist till then because there isn’t any evidence she has provided that make that true so far. That is the point.

    Anyway, Back to football.

    Where do you guys see us finishing next season? Lots of other fans seem to be underestimating us, which will be a good thing if we can actually string up wins to go for third.

  25. China1

    Like seriously the Amber heard trial

    She’s a millionaire celebrity who didn’t need the money or fame. But if you saw that trial you’d see the depths some people will go to drag someone else down with false accusations

    Not only was she found in the latest trial to be lying but if you saw her speaking it was so patently obvious and nonsensical you could scarecly make some of it up. A piss poor acting job from a woman who just wanted to drag him down for whatever weird kicks she could get from it

  26. China1

    I’m not sure why people posting their own opinions on the comments sections of a blog would get the blog shut down or on legal trouble lol. Pedro hasn’t officially endorsed such opinions so I don’t see how he can be blamed for people saying them in an open forum hosted on a website in a country that has free speech.

    Or is the UK internet like China now lol???

  27. Le Sauce


    Pedro literally said that today. The guys been giving us good content for free and the least we can do for him is to shut up about it if he asks us to.
    The men literally dedicated a blog to it a few weeks back and it’s better for us all to be respect his wishes because if this site really gets shut down, he would be the only one at the receiving end. Not me, you, Guns, Mystic or anyone else

  28. Pierre

    “Where do you guys see us finishing next season”

    Not sure where we will finish but i expect us to start the season all guns blazing

    7 homes games in the first 12

    Top after 5 games
    Top after 8 games
    Top 2 after 12
    Top 3 before the world cup break.

    2nd half of the season is mich tougher so we need to get points on the board early or we may regret it when we play the likes of Liverpool, City , Tottenham away from home in the 2nd half of the season.

  29. Un

    I really hope Manchester United do not get Savic
    I can’t for the life of me understand why arsenal aren’t in for him.
    It’s a perfect fit
    De Jong is the only superior midfielder in the world and both are going for £60m odd

  30. Naija+soccer


    @Naija inter marital/ couple rape is a very real thing you should educate yourself it’s precisely because they are so trusted that they can pull it off! Versus a stranger have a think about it

    I can’t tell if you are arguing for or against Voldemort. Seeing as I m a black guy living in America, I probably know more about interracial relationships than you. So yeah I m pretty educated on the issue. What exactly did I say that made you feel I needed to be educated on the issue ?

    Anyway like Habesha said why didn’t she try the case in Spain or wherever it happened ?

  31. Markymark

    Guns of Hackney – not sure what you’re point is but in front of my team today I was duly accused of violating a person. This person likely had mental health issues
    This is all par for the course in the industry I work in. People think they can say anything, post anything and accuse you of anything. It’s modern life . Not all are mentally ill , some will actually be correct and wrong doing goes on of course
    But in dealing with the British Public particularly in Inner City environments you literally need to be prepared for anything . The industry I work in to receive all this abuse would probably shock you and my role used to be a very solidly respected role
    Not any more …

  32. Nigel Tufnel


    Don’t waste your time with Hackney… I only recently found out he is a troll.

    I used to think he was a real negative fan. I don’t even think he’s a gooner the way he goes on.

    Now it doesn’t bother me at all.

    Keep up the great comments Marky!

  33. Naija+soccer

    Pierre and Habesha

    Think we are gonna have a 2007-08 like start to the season, where we are underrated going into the season, but we start it guns blazing. Top 3/4 by Christmas. After the new year though, I don’t much know what to expect.

  34. Nigel Tufnel

    Takehiro Tomiyasu had a cross accuracy of 42% in the Premier League last season (excluding corners), the best return in the division (30+ crosses attempted) from

    The end of last season made us forget how well our defensive wall at RB was for us. Him along with Ben White and Cedric as 3rd choice means real depth this season.

    If Tierney went down Tomi could even cover RB if we need Zinch in midfield.

    Depth is something we’re not accustomed to. I hope Arteta rotates and subs much more with these resources.

  35. Habesha Gooner

    May be she is really telling the truth and she got emotional wanted to expose him or may be she is lying and thought they won’t believe her in Spain either. We will never know unless new evidence comes up. But that’s where we are. And I don’t think someone’s life should be destroyed over unproven accusations.


    That is some mighty expectations from you. If we are 2nd by January then we will have done well.

  36. Markymark

    Un – no that’s the shocker though a very good assumption
    Put it this way it’s Captain Mainwaring’s civilian job .
    We no longer have the suits and the pocket watch it’s more like a bouncer . I wouldn’t be at all surprised if solicitors equally get in the neck and obviously 2 MP’s have been murdered within the past few years . Obviously my role is more humdrum and less prestigious than a solicitor or mp . The point is sections of the public will say , post or act in very uncontrolled ways
    I reckon Guns is probably the rent boy btw or at least uses them

  37. Zacharse

    I agree w pierre but i do feel this season is gonna have some serious bumps before long. This thing w partey cant be helping. I see us being in 3rd for the majority of the season. Hopefully grabbing a higher position in the final stretch

  38. Rich


    We’ve now got a very good first team, more depth, and our young players have more experience.

    We’ve got the basis of a squad to get ourselves into a competitive position, but I suspect we haven’t yet got enough quality in depth to get us close enough to the top 2 over the course of 38 games, while juggling other competitions.

    As we stand I’d expect us to be in a fight for top 4, and to just edge into 3rd or 4th.

    We’ve got tricky away games at City, Liverpool, Newcastle, West Ham, in our last 9 league games

    So there’s a chance that going into the run in, that we’re in a bit of a false position, we’ve also got Spurs away in January.

    If we can create the space, and secure another 2-3 top signings, then there’s a good chance we can get right on the shoulder of the top 2 for the duration, break away from the pack between 4th-6th, and be much more prepared to deal with the schedule at the business end of the season, while juggling 3 games a week consistently.

    I’ve got concerns that the fitness issues of Tomiyasu, Tierney, Partey, Smith Rowe, will bite us at some point, but as long as they’re available, and we avoid other injuries, we should produce much more consistency than last season.

    If we can clear the deck, I’d like us to sign a centre back/inverted left back hybrid

    A top class left sided No8 with end product.

    A right winger, but who’s versatile, can play both sides, and maybe down the middle as well.

    I wouldn’t be entirely against giving Nelson an opportunity, certainly no lack of talent, just depends how much he wants it.

    He’s got so many qualities we’d look for in a wide forward, he’s much more technically secure than Pepe, just lacks power, and comes across as a bit too casual +lackadaisical, even when he scores. he celebrates with a shrug.

    He was considered one of the biggest young talents in the country for his age group, if he stays, then this season is likely sink or swim regarding his Arsenal career

  39. Markymark

    Nigel Tufnell – point taken and also keep up the good positive postings . They challenge some negative vibes on here
    I find it’s best to go in half full rather than half empty unlike some on here

  40. Habesha Gooner

    So most fans are expecting us to return to the CL. There is no excuses for Arteta now though. He has had his time, he has had funding and the least to be expected should be CL football if he is the right person to lead us back to the glory days. Because CL football isn’t just about playing in it, our aspirations must be to win the PL again and CL qualification should be the next stepping stone.

  41. Markymark

    You’re pretty obsessed about Rent boys Guns . It’s unhealthy for you, don’t you know.
    Anyway I’ll leave you to your ketamine and rough trade..

  42. englandsbest

    Habesha gooner

    For once I’m going to agree with Pierre (partly). We will start the season all guns blazing if Arteta has fitted the remaining missing pieces. My expectation, top of the table at the end of the first half (19 games played).

    Second half, again I agree with Pierre – but for a different reason. It’s anybody’s guess what happens in the aftermath of Qatar WC. If Arsenal come through WC unscathed, top 4 finish, with a title win a strong possibility.

  43. RP7

    If forensic cops do their job, rape is often not difficult to prove:
    “The prevalence of genital injury resulting from sexual assault varies by examination type and ranges from 5% on direct visualization to 87% with colposcopic technique”

    So to sum it up, yes, only 5% of rapes will be evident easily, but up to 87% using modern science.
    I’m sure the cops asked her to make her pussy available for examination.

  44. RP7

    We will finish 3rd or 4th, but it will not be a great season is my opinion.

    By that I mean, we’ll get top 4, but only about 70 – 73 points, which is far from convincing. Luckily United and Chelsea will not come close to 75 points if you ask me.

  45. Le Sauce


    I share similar sentiments about Nelson. Seems to lack confidence anytime I’ve watched him, can’t remember him beating his man one v one as he always seems to play it safe. Once the boy becomes more confident in his ability then I believe he’ll be an able deputy to Saka at that RW position

  46. Le Sauce

    For me I expect a top 4 finish but most importantly a cup win especially the Europa. It won’t be an easy season because the transfer window hasn’t close and teams are still gonna strengthen but from the available info on teams now, I expect a 3rd place finish. I’m most particular about the Europa league, I feel we have a team good enough to win it

  47. Nigel Tufnel

    I’m putting my money on 3rd for sure and a nice stretch hope of 2nd … that would necessitate a lot of things to go extremely well in Arsenals performance, but even more, we’d need one of the top 2 to seriously underperform. Stranger things have happened.

    Europa a fun bet too.

  48. Bill

    I suggest everyone avoids naming the player who is subject to allegations
    I know that the name has been widely shared in Twitter, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Until his name is released it would be best to avoid mentioning him
    This that do so ate at risk and so is any media outlet that publishes the allegations if untrue. This would include Le Grove

    Furthermore, widespread sharing of the name would put at risk a fair trial.

    Honestly fellas, best to steer clear of this and be very careful

  49. Rich

    Le Sauce

    Not sure what happened to Nelson, he won PL 2 player of the season in 2017/18, the season we won the title.

    Was considered alongside Sancho as the biggest talent of his age group in the country, got off to a flyer at Hoffenheim, but then fell out with the manager there.

    I seen him a few times for England under 21s, and he was electric, but his career has since stalled.

    There were public comments regarding a lack of fitness coming out of Feyenoord early last season, that were absolutely brutal, but he finished the season strongly there after a difficult start.

    Hopefully he see’s his mates doing well out of the academy, signing lucrative contracts, and fancies something similar for himself.

    Maybe we just need to dangle the carrot, if Pepe leaves he might smell an opportunity, and get his act together.

    Not sure if it’s a confidence thing, or he just lacks the fire + professionalism required from the top players.

    My concern would be that leopards rarely change their spots, we might get a honeymoon period around contract renewal time, but if he lacks that natural hunger to be competitive, he’ll only revert to type as soon as the ink dries on his new deal.

  50. Le Sauce


    Time will tell regarding Nelson but I doubt he has that fire like you rightly said. This guys was gassed up so big by the fan base during his loan stint at Germany and by that time Saka was still in the fringes of the first team. Right now Saka is an established first teamer and Nelson still seems like the academy product, hopefully Arteta can light some fire under him as that would save the club a lot of money and he can be a good rotation/squad player

  51. Rich

    Same starting 11 tomorrow:

    ……..Saliba Gabriel
    White Partey Zinchenko
    Odegaard Xhaka

  52. Nigel Tufnel


    I’m still waiting for you to explain how you say Man City (and United) was in for Bissouma.

    Yet somehow spurs got him at a bargain price?

    I’m really curious why you don’t follow up?

  53. Nigel Tufnel


    “If true… throw him in jail”.

    Only place he’s getting thrown into is… as many Arsenal games as he’s fit + the world cup.

    That is a prediction.

  54. Rich

    Sevilla will be a tough test, beat Angers 6-0 on Wednesday, drew with the Spuds in South Korea, and only lost 4 La Liga games last season.

    I don’t mind Pepe, but I can understand why Arteta doesn’t trust him in his ideal system, good opportunity for Sevilla who are freshly armed with the Kounde money, to make us any type of offer.

    If they offered us £20-£25 million, or even a loan with obligation for £20-£25 million, where we pay some of his wages for 12 months

    I expect we’d likely accept.

  55. Markymark

    Habesha let it rest.
    The law is imperfect but it’s how we govern society. We may have had a recent US President attempt to rule by tweet but ultimately it failed and making accusations via tweet is no different then spraying something on a wall.
    It means nothing unless judged and found either guilty or not guilty by court of law.

  56. Habesha Gooner

    Yesterday the girl put out some vague ass evidence. Today she has showed up with all the conversations she had with him (if that’s really him) and direct timelines. Plus all the evidence of the PTSD she suffered. I didn’t believe her till a few hours ago. He might have done it. He might not be prosecuted but he actually might have done it. He hasn’t been found guilty but it might have happened. Like OJ Simpson.

    I don’t care about him winning games for us if he is a rapist. Let him rot in jail.

  57. Tom

    “Tom, I’m still waiting for you to explain how you say Man City (and United) was in for Bissouma.
    Yet somehow spurs got him at a bargain price?
    I’m really curious why you don’t follow up?”

    I thought I explained it once already, Nigel.

    City have been dealing with Mendy’s rape indictments, and United were in midst of regime change, so despite any interest, whether real or artificial, neither ended up making the deal.

    I fail to see how it matters anyway. You think Bissouna is a poor man’s Partey and he went to our direct rivals who only by luck pipped us to fourth, so good news all around then.
    Clearly they just fucked themselves, assuming he starts.

  58. Nigel Tufnel


    You know I think you are one of the best football commenters on here.

    No disrespect, but I don’t want to discuss these nasty rumours.

    You should let it go. We know nothing of all the facts…. to defend our player in any way would be called attacking the accuser, and I don’t even want to go down that road.

    Would you want people taking her word and spreading it …. if was your son or brother? People judging on twitter and legrove? Guns of Hackney? Tony? I doubt it.

    Let the law run its course and get back to your excellent football analysis. Please.

  59. Nigel Tufnel


    Those are lame excuses for City and United not buying Bissouma.

    Not your best work.

    Both Manchester clubs are identifying and buying whomever they want this window….

    Brighton had 2 months more to wait if there was any interest…. from ANY club.

    No other club wanted Bissouma, even with his charges going away.

    Our direct rivals got a player that our club, and ManCity, deemed too one dimensional, and not good enough…

    Despite you and legrove scouts.

  60. Tom

    “Those are lame excuses for City and United not buying Bissouma.”

    City invested £50m in Mendy which looks like a 100% write off now.
    Investing another £50m in a player facing possibly similar faith would’ve been heads must roll level of recklessness, had the Bissouma indictment come down.

    United have been tagged with a complete lack of coherent transfer strategy by everyone including their own fans, but spending £50m on a player new manager coming in wasn’t asking for in your view wouldn’t be a problem? Ok then.

  61. Markymark

    Tom – I’m still waiting for my explanation.
    I’ve neither said I’m a policeman ( literal translation ) or attempted to force the posters to follow a follow a directive. My future comments to Habesha are basic stuff about the perils of social media
    Where’s the policing Tom?

  62. bacaryisgod

    Surprised not more people are mentioning Terry Neill’s death. Maybe it’s a generational thing but he’s the first manager I remember growing up, We had such a strong Irish identity back than (Neill as manager, and full-backs Rice and Nelson from Northern Ireland and Brady, Stapleton and O’Leary from the Republic of Ireland.

    Neill always cut a stylish figure on the touchline with a ready smile. He’ll always be remembered for the Cup Final win over United in 1979 (even though my mum correctly predicted bringing on Steve Walford on with 7 minutes left and 2-0 up would mess us up) but I’ll also remember the epic F.A Cup Semi-Final the following season against a great Liverpool side that we finally edged out with a Brian Talbot goal.

    Unfortunately, in the days of one sub and basically zero squad depth, that 4 match Semi-Final took everything from the team and we ended up losing both the F.A Cup final and the Cup Winners Cup final to Valencia.on penalties (after Kempes missed the first penalty of the shootout-it’s the hope that kills you).

    The next summer Brady would leave largely due to his unhappines at being underpaid.The following summer our best striker, Frank Stapleton left for United. Neill’s spell as manager would end in December 1983 a few month after being given a new 3 year deal. Some things never change!

    Neill was 41 years old and remarkably retired from management. Like our current manager, Neill was a former player and club captain who never quite reached the heights of George Graham and Arsene Wenger but came pretty close to winning back-to-back F.A Cups when they meant so much more and an always tough major European trophy.

    R.I.P Terry Neill.

  63. bacaryisgod

    Before the story broke on Twitter, I have to take some credit for mentioning the potential shit show that might be coming round the corner for one of our key midfielders. It didn’t happen quite as I expected but it happened.

    This is one of those times when the club needs to just bite the bullet and bring in Tielemans even if they have to pay a little more. The risk of not acting now outweighs the reward of saving a little on the transfer fee by seeing who blinks first with Leicester. Just get it done.

  64. Markymark

    Bacaryisgod – I’d say generational and caught between Mee and later on GG obviously I realise the great Don Howe had his turn but Neil played a vital transition from near relegation fear to actually winning things.
    1978 was desperate but 79’ was just a beautiful thing. I’m sure it created a generation of Arsenal supporters.
    You could look Liverpool supporters just a little bit in the eye and say that was our day. The incubation of good players continued under him. I think the Ozil like Hudson got frozen out.
    A good guy . RIP

  65. G

    RIP Terry Neil.. as another poster stated, did the same listening to when we beat juventus away with Paul vassan scoring

  66. Nigel Tufnel


    We really could use Tielemans. The club does not seem to feel a rush for any fear you’re referencing. That’s a good sign.

    They should do the deal for the reason that we’re all worried about… Parteys fitness issues.