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The full-back circle of life is a thing of beauty.

Arsenal have signed Zinchenko, the Ukraine captain is heading to Orlando, he had his last supper with Pep, the 25-year-old is an Arsenal player.

Manchester City are going to turn their attention to Marc Cucurella of Brighton, a superb player, trained in the basics of what City do.

Brighton, according to reports, are now going to target Nuno Tavares on loan this season, with Marseille turning their attentions elsewhere. Give me the Brighton move all day, Graham Potter has a great system, he’s a top class coach, and he’ll make Nuno better in the Premier League.

Then you have Spurs. They just signed Djed Spence for £12.5m, a player that was put out on loan by Boro’, who terrorised Arsenal, is now the star boy at Spurs.



This is the Antonio Conte unendorsement:

“Spence is an investment of the club. The club wanted to do it. I said okay, this player is young but he showed he can become a good, important player for us. The club decided to buy him.”


Pure leadership, as usual. Now, Spurs has to sign young players, if they left Conte to his own devices, he’d be buying eleven 32-year-olds… but this shows you his mentality and why he doesn’t last long. It’s all about him. Imagine how Djed feels reading that? Imagine what they does for his standing at his new place of work? Super amusing.

Back to Arsenal.

Next on the agenda is Youri Tielemans at Leicester City. Edu is finally showing a bit of maturity with the way he moves on players. The player wants Arsenal, the club wants the player, no one else can be arsed to create a bidding war, Leicester has no leverage… so the deal will be done and it’ll be done on our terms.

The move reminds me of Georginio Wijnaldum when he went to Liverpool. Newcastle had a bad season, they were relegated, Liverpool moved, and the player smashed his chance under Klopp. Youri doesn’t have a lot of credit in the bank because fans would rather pine over someone playing for Rennes than a talent doing it at a high level in England. Also, far too many people think the only way you can exist as a midfielder is if you are Bissouma. Sorry people, you don’t need sprinter pace to be an elite midfielder. Tielemans doesn’t need pace. He’s operating in a small section of the pitch. He has to be able to turn in tight spaces, he has to have the intelligence to create openings. He has to have the ability to executed complex instructions. Thierry Henry’s fave player in Monaco has all that. He’ll be an absolute star at Arsenal, do not sleep on his talent, you’ll end up looking silly like I did when I championed Tall Boy Summers.

Tielemans has it all, he’ll be a top, top signing for Arsenal if we get him.

After that, we’ll need just one more player: A wide forward that has elite levels of production in their profile.

I have no idea what that looks like but Raphinha was interesting to Arsenal for about £40m with incentives. You can do some damage with that sort of money. Remember, cash really isn’t flowing around Europe, our sort of money can get you a very good deal if you know where to look.

Leroy Sane would be ideal, but it feels a bit naive to think we have that pull now, I’m not sure we’re going to be dropping £290k a week deals when we’re in Europa. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other players that could do the job. Johnny on the latest Patreon suggested we might source a wide player that can operate as a #9 if needed. We’re short in the striker department, so who knows.

… but, whatever your thoughts, you can’t deny that we have gone very big already and with two more players we’re talking about a 10/10 summer on paper.

How awesome is that?

Very awesome.

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  1. Bob N16


    As usual I’m very much in line with your take on squad improvement. I accept that some players are simply squad members but last season we were below the necessary level when certain first choice players were unavailable. I agree that more incomings are dependent on getting numbers out the door.

    My main concern is the unavailability of Partey as the options to replace him are still too much of a drop in standard. Our FB cover with the arrival of Zinchenko and Saliba looks much healthier but Cedric still looms too large as a possible option. If and it’s a significant if, TT and KT stay fit then Zinchenko can play in CM with Partey – this would straight away make us look better with Jesus killing it up front. We need Tielemans or someone similar.

    I know it’s very early days but I love the way Eddie seems to be flourishing with Jesus coming in. He can play with him but what a role model for him to learn from! He shares a lot of similar qualities but to step up even further Jesus looks ideal to copy!


    I understand your point about Legrove commentary but let’s be honest, the players who get the most criticism are the worst players and the most popular players in the comments, tend to be our best players. Not that surprising surely?

    The players who you suggest get most criticism are all players that could be on the move, depending on demand and there won’t be too much gnashing of teeth if they were to leave. One in particular would make a few of us really happy as it would mean we would have addressed an area that clearly benefit from an upgrade!

  2. englandsbest

    We might even keep Pepe. You can bet ya life that Arteta has him under the lens out there in Orlando.

    My belief remains that Pepe is a game-changer, a player who can win a game for the team. Not that Arteta was wrong to put establishing a common purpose and style above all – but maybe there is room now for a wild spirit that follows his instincts.

    As for the rest, will Edu tie the purse strings once the midfielder and winger/Pepe is there? That depends on who and how many players leave. Including Saliba and Zinchenko, 6 incomers have joined. One thing is for sure: the squad number will not go down.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    Without reopening the discussion on Partey I think that we need to assume that he will be
    available to play next season.

    I don’t think that he would have joined the squad in USA and played in both games if that was not the case.

    If there was serious concern about his availability I am pretty sure that Arsenal would have
    prioritised his replacement by now.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    I am fairly sure that Arsenal will buy a central midfielder before start of season, although I
    think that particular piece of jigsaw will be completed AFTER departure of some players.

    I calculate that Arsenal can spend £100 million annually without dependence on sales or
    financial intervention by the Kroenke family.

    None of the acquisitions so far appear to have been problematic or delayed despite the club
    only earning sofar around £14 million from sale of Guendouzi, Mavropanos and Ballard.

  5. Gbat

    I can see Holding leaving this window. In his recent interview he said he doesn’t want to be seen as just the 532 defender who only comes on at the end of games. He isn’t good enough and we should be able to get a decent fee for him.

  6. Dissenter

    ‘ Amazing how people carry water for Gabriel’s mistakes when he has a “weak” midfield ahead of him and Tavares to he left but never for anyone else with Lakonga and Elneny in front of him (as opposed to GX and TP)
    Mari is too slow for the league yet Gabriel gives away the most goals in the entire team and 2nd in the entire league yet he’s the mutt’s nuts’

    Another day, another unprovoked channeled aggression at a valuable Arsenal player
    Gabriel is one of our better defenders. He’s going to be starting most of our games, live with that fact.

    You’ve labeled other posters as anti-Arsenal for half the criticisms you direct at Gabriel.

  7. AFC Forever

    Bob N16

    I’ve never understood how ugly millionaires can attract these gorgeous women.

    It’s a real head scratcher.

  8. Rich

    I don’t see Gabriel as a big problem, he’s coming into a good age + level of experience for a centre back, and having Tavares on the outside of him, certainly hasn’t helped him…

    But If we could get a good fee in for him, he might be a surprise departure, there’s a lot of noise around Josko Gvardiol + Pau Torres, and neither of those 2 would be coming to play second fiddle.

    There’s also noise around interest in Gabriel, whether that’s his agent trying to build leverage in contract negotiations with Arsenal, or whether that’s concrete, remains to be seen.

    A lot of chips would have to fall in the right direction at the same time, and we’ve got other more pressing priorities, but it certainly wouldn’t shock me.

    If he had to pick a surprise departure before Sept 1st, I’d go all in on Gabriel as being most likely.

  9. China1

    You have to say it’s doing Jesus and Saliba no harm whatsoever doing the business straight off the bat in preseason.

    Great job to both players laying down a marker in their respective positions.

    I just hope that Arteta won’t default to experience and drop Saliba if his form holds up. Great performances deserve that reward of a place in the starting 11

    Good stuff arsenal, keep it up

  10. Un


    Aggression?? Where do you live a crèche? Pointing out the double standards and you’re clutching your pearls. Behave yourself

  11. TheBayingMob

    “My belief remains that Pepe is a game-changer, a player who can win a game for the team. ”

    He was just the same old Pepe last night; he was quick for sure, very busy, lots of footwork …. fffuuuuuucccccckkkkk alll end product, as ever.

    I was also really disappointed Martinelli didn’t do more, how long are we realistically going to have to wait for him to bang? If he can’t make it happen against an MLS team in a friendly should we be considering a high end loan for him? Diversify his experience a bit … ?

  12. Markymark

    AFCF – sounds like the rather beautiful Vlada will be joining the hairy eared , sock and sandal wearing mob on here, By slating Arteta if he makes tactical errors.
    She has previous form for digging out Pep.
    Tets beware !

  13. Bob N16

    The baying mob, suggesting Martinelli should be loaned out on the basis of a pre season friendly comes across as really harsh!

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    Usually Pepe is all about the end product and not much .more but his confidence is shot to pieces, it’s time to move him on, and,I’m saying that as a Pepe fan.

    Martinelli created the first goal against Orlando, he also had 12 g/a in 19 starts last season, and he’s still a baby, no need to panic.

  15. Un


    It’s a pre season friendly
    Martinelli is one of the best teenagers in the world
    People expect too much too soon from young players
    They aren’t all cesc Rooney Owen Saka types

  16. Rich

    Arsenal now have 9 youth team players out on loan this season, with more expected to go.

    This is a welcome move, the more players we get into the professional game, the better it’ll reflect on us as a club, and make the club an easier sell to future generations as a result.

    Important to prepare players for our first team, or put young players in the shop window.

    The Chavs generally play this game better than most, it’s nice to see us being proactive in this area, as it’s certainly an area we could have done better in over recent years.

    We made money from Willock’s loan, Saliba’s loan was a huge success, we got money in for Ballard, there’s interest in Matt Smith from Championship clubs, and Norton Cuffy certainly boosted his profile at Lincoln

    But still plenty of room for improvement.

  17. AFC Forever

    Bob N16

    “suggesting Martinelli should be loaned out on the basis of a pre season friendly comes across as really harsh!’

    This blog comment section is certainly entertaining.

  18. Dunchirado

    Arsenal manager Arteta on William Saliba contract:
    “We always have a plan, then we have to execute it.
    We are really happy to have William. You can see
    the way he’s adapted, he’s mature… we are
    delighted to have him.

  19. Bob N16

    Good to see that in the 17 most valuable u23 in the PL (one list anyway!) we’ve got five of them! Saliba, Vieira, Martinelli, Saka and ESR

  20. Rich


    There was a big battle between countries to get Flores to commit, he could have played for Canada, Mexico, + England.

    So Mexico likely brought his senior international debut forward, to win the race.

    He was supposed to play with the Mexico under 20s this summer, but stayed behind to go on tour with Arsenal, but got left behind, and has instead gone on loan.

    He’s an 18 who’s never played a single minute of senior football at club level.

    We should set our young players up to succeed on loan, not to fail by sending them out to walk before they can crawl.

    Very few players take the Saka route straight into the first team.

    Hopefully Flores will pick up 30+ starts at Real Oviedo this season, then we can reevaluate next summer.

    Mertesacker recently spoke about the 4 markers young players need to hit, before they’re considered for the first team at Arsenal, which were technical, physical, tactical + mental

    The reason Saka started playing in the first team at 17, was that he had hit all those requirements, but Saka is the very rare exception, and certainly not the general rule.

    Our star boy is one of the best young talents on the planet.

  21. GD4

    Isn’t Marcelo Flores the definition of a pint sized player?
    Dude is all of 5-5 and can’t be more than 150 lbs.
    He needs to bulk up and grow into his body before thinking of a career in the EPL.

  22. Positive pete

    Yes Raps .The Chavs getting gazzumped by Barca 2nd time would be hilarious ( even though it’s Barca,who I detest)A quick reminder to them that the days of Emperor Roman are well & truly gone👍

  23. Nigel Tufnel

    You do really seem to be hard on Gabriel.

    Sure he’s not flawless, but he’s generally very good, his ceiling is very high. Seeing some of his passing compilations recently.. and that’s something people don’t even give him credit for.

    Scoring goals is a talent from his position too. Can’t complain about that.

    I think he’s rated pretty highly by clubs other than Arsenal and Juventus.

    He’s important to the team.. try to give him a chance.

    To me, we have 3 very talented CBs.. 2 that I feel are dedicated to the team, I’m hoping that Saliba will buy into the project and commit for a couple extra seasons at least.

  24. Nigel Tufnel


    Agreed on Martinelli..when I saw his stats from last season recently.. I hadn’t realized it was 6 goals, 6 assists from only a half season of starts.

    He won and kept the starting job by impressing Arteta with his tracking back and cheeky tackling… hard work that even impresses Klopp.

    Those goal assist stats projected over a full season would be great at this stage of his career.

    He came back from a pretty major injury, and he was very gun shy about contact for a while. That set him back a full year of development overall. I hope he steps up even more this year.

  25. MidwestGun

    Martinelli was one of our better players last night.. scored a goal… hard to do much when the midfield behind you is Elneny, Loko, and AMN as the cam. Eddie had the same problem first half.

    We have a high pressing buzzsaw in Marti, Eddie, Jesus, and Saka when any combo of those 3 play together across the front .. is what I learned.. It was impressive. Orlando had no idea what hit them the second half. They looked a bit stunned.

    When Pepe played there it was awful.. stepover king killed the attacks and the high pressure doesn’t work when Pepe is mia. It’s time to make a move on him.. Reiss Nelson who isn’t my favorite is still more capable if we can’t find a replacement.

  26. Dissenter

    “Reiss Nelson who isn’t my favorite is still more capable if we can’t find a replacement.”

    Reiss is more direct and contributes towards play
    They need to put Pepe out to pasture somewhere else, even if it means paying the balance of his wages for the rest of his Arsenal contract, to facilitate his exit.

  27. Zacharse

    So yes, it’s always best to not be influenced by match day comments, many on Le grove are too easily influenced by others and if one dares to question the performances of Martinelli, Odegaard, saka etc, it’s like a red rag to a bull..

    Pierre w a well timed two footer

  28. MidwestGun

    Diss- Yep.. Pepe at least has a little residual value left at the moment, perhaps but I think another subpar season and his value will be near nothing, time to do the deal. If there is one to be had.

  29. MidwestGun

    Actually I think it’s highly ironic that Pierre is lecturing others on not listening to others to form opinions on players .. when he is the king of trying to influence, opinion. Joe Willock anyone? So hard to take that comment seriously.

  30. Zacharse

    Pepes wages seem to be the main reason he hasnt already moved on. Looks more and more likely he leaves for free or a loan where afc is picking up partial wages…

    I am basically sold on the idea tielemans is coming to us and fee probs are holding up the deal. Leicester have not signed anyone yet and money seems to be the issue. Seems likely theybwere intending on his fee funding signings something less likely to happen at 25 vs 40-45m. Interested to see what happens ove the next week, theyre cutting it close

  31. Chris

    Nuno Tavares loan to Brighton is a sound idea, I agree that working with Potter for 12 months will be a great thing for any development he may make.

    If he plays well and comes along a lot more as a player we can either sell for presumably a healthy profit or bring him back into the fold in our squad.

  32. MidwestGun

    Zach…I dont get the back pat thing.. nor seeking validation..on an anonymous blog , mostly, it’s kind of weird. But Pierre is a strange one to rally against it.. Since he is always whining about …. how abused he was for this opinion or that one. hahaha

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously you probably shouldnt tell everyone else theirs is invalid.

  33. Dissenter

    Nottingham Forest are giving this season their all, making some smart buys

    I write this because Everton will for down, if any of the three promoted sides puts up a proper challenge.

    Everton are the worst of the 17 sides that stayed up.

  34. MidwestGun

    Zach…. well I’m always right…. so there is that,.. hahaha

    Diss- Brentford could be in trouble too.. if they lose Toney and Eriksen is already not coming back.. but Everton is definitely the bookies favorite to be shit.

  35. Zacharse

    if fulham take leno then they will have a much better chance of survival, honestly dont think forest or bournemouth stand much of a chance but who knows- the quality at the bottom of the table is hardly a joke. leeds and everton seem like the only 2 that could get drawn into a scrap

  36. Tom

    Midwest, Pierre usually talks sense whenever he stays off certain topics (cough, cough)
    Managing to stay off of them often proves unmanageable.

    I like Pierre.

  37. TheLegendaryDB10


    I am very belated on this as I have been taking a break on all things Arsenal due to more pressing concerns (Dad being ill) but Congrats for being a father!!!

    Kids are a real bundle of joy but you wait and see when they start growing up: that bundle of joy will then become a non-stop bundle of energy!!!

    Wishing you all the best to you, your missus and the new Gooner in the family!!!

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Now to start clearing the decks…

    The Italians want everything cheap with loans… Or they Welch on deals… Avoid dealing with them…

    Sell them a bogof

  39. MidwestGun

    I got nothing against Pierre. personally …I like reading his stuff and sometimes I agree. The self rghteousness is a bit much is all. In the end, he supports the correct team.. so it’s all good.

  40. MidwestGun

    One thing Pierre might be correct about… is Eddie, Jesus and Saka across the front seem to be our best lineup for now.. Ode and Partey behind them make it all work , though. And we all know we shouldn’t bring up any midfielders last names starting with an O it doesn’t end well. sparks 3 or 4 day debates.

  41. MidwestGun

    Yes Graham bit have you ever actually golfed with Pierre.. ? Been my experience Golfers are like fishermen… they get better with time and story telling.

  42. bacaryisgod

    Looking at the Arsenal squad on Arsenal.com, we have a massive 33 players listed if you include the soon to be added Zinchenko (it will be interesting to see whether they put him as a defender or midfielder),

    We have no concerns with non-homegrown quotas at all, but here’s where I can see us currently:

    19 players guaranteed to be in the squad (Ramsdale, Turner, Okonkwo (or similar), Tierney, Cedric, White, Gabriel, Saliba, Tomiyasu, Partey, Saka, Odegaard, Smith-Rowe, Vieira, Elneny, G.Jesus, Martinelli, Nketiah, Zinchenko)

    This leaves 14 players:

    Most likely to stay in squad: Xhaka, Holding, Lokonga, Marqunihos, Nelson

    Likely sold, released or sent on loan: Leno, Runarsson, Bellerin, Tavares, Mari, Maitland-Niles, Torreira, Pepe, Balogun

    Assume the above is correct, we’ll have 24 players in the squad. Because Saka, Marquinhos and Okonkwo are all U21 players that means we can technically add 4 more players to meet the 25 man squad requirement. Of course we won’t add 4 more but if we can just clear out by sale or loan the 9 players most likely to leave, then one or two additions will be no problem.

    On the plus side, if there really are no takers for players like Pepe and AMN, it’ll just strengthen our domestic cup and Europa League depth.

  43. TheLegendaryDB10

    I am really liking the fact that Arteta is getting the players he wants.

    I really do hope we get Tielemans in MF to help out Partey when injured or to rotate.

    My thinking is the same with Zinchenko. My guess is that we will see him rotate with KT.

    If my thinking is correct, we should hopefully see a more balanced team with fewer injuries.

    Let’s be honest, the fact that we didn’t rotate TP nor KT (and leaving to play internationals and thrown in with no rest) did prove a litte costly. Who knows whether we could have finished fourth.

    This looking like a great TW and I really this translates into a great season!

    I can’t wait to find out!!

  44. bacaryisgod

    Pepe is going to be so hard to move on without the club taking a massive financial hit. If Spotrac is correct, he’s on 140k a week. What club is going to pay a transfer fee and absorb that salary based on the form he’s been showing.

    I really think the best we can hope for is a loan fee and a team taking on his salary and hope he catches fire this season in the hope we can sell him for something next summer.

  45. Naija+soccer

    I like that Nketiah was already doing his telephone call goal celebration way before Jesus joined Arsenal. That way recent revionist dem won’t say hes copying the ex-City player.

    Even if he was copying him, that’s his new big bro, nothing wrong with that.

  46. salparadisenyc


    Said it before the window kicked off best case scenario regarding Pepe is we get around £15m, even thats pushing it with loan looking far more realistic.

  47. Naija+soccer

    There are rumors linking him to Newcastle. Those guys can afford his wages and I think he ll be a good fit there, they like players like him there, like Saint-Maxim.

  48. AFC Forever


    “And we all know we shouldn’t bring up any midfielders last names starting with an O it doesn’t end well. sparks 3 or 4 day debates.”

    Ha ha. Pierres okay, he’s never abusive. and he doesn’t deliberately prod and poke like a couple of others. He’s just got a few obsessions and he should really stop blaming the OZIL situation on the midfielder starting with O.

    I once had a dog called Oli. It was a lazy old dog with these awesome eyes but he knew some bloody good tricks. Sadly Oli was getting past his best days. Then one day it lost its head and ran into the road. Splatt. Bit of a mess really. There was many a sad eye in our house. Still, we had our memories to look back on.

    Six months later we decided to buy another dog, a Spitz. We called him Marti. He had this lovely straw coloured hair and because he was just a pup, he had bundles of energy. He also had some pretty cool tricks but he was yet to develop his full repertoire of skills. He became a real favourite.

    Nobody ever blamed him for Oli running under a car.

  49. AFC Forever

    Anyone else surprised Jesse Lingard has gone to Nottingham Forest on a one year deal, turning down West Ham?

  50. Un

    Pierre’s the man and he knows his football
    Sounds like he played a good game himself back in he day
    He’s a guy who appreciates skill, vision and technique
    The way the game should be played

  51. Dissenter

    “Pierre’s the man and he knows his football
    Sounds like he played a good game himself back in he day
    He’s a guy who appreciates skill, vision and technique
    The way the game should be played”

    I second that
    No one is perfect here
    So what if he likes Ozil.

  52. Zacharse

    did you all miss the fact that this pierre love in started w a compliment i paid him?
    im sure hes super happy you all have come to his defence, now you can get back to mocking him

  53. Rich

    People normally need to die first, before receiving the type of Eulogy that Pierre’s just received.

    Must be his Birthday….

    Happy Bday Pierre, if I’d known, I’d chipped in to get you a new life sized Ozil blow up doll…. ❤️

  54. Matt B

    Pedro: Many congratulations!

    It seems like only yesterday when my first was born, but it was almost 25-years ago.

    Anyway, some advice — I never had any choice in supporting Arsenal and neither did any of my kids, nor my old man before me. Don’t be that parent who allows their child to make life-changing decisions about the team they support — she’ll thank you for it one day, no doubt!!

  55. Dissenter

    “Juventus have signed Brazilian defender Gleison Bremer from city rivals Torino on a five-year contract in a deal worth 41m euros (£34.8m).”

    Let that sink in for a moment
    Some dreams aren’t about to come true.
    Gabriel is a gooner…Gabriel is a gooner …Gabriel is a gooner [to the tune of White Flags, by Seven Nation Army]

  56. Le Sauce


    Un’s gonna have an heart attack. Lol
    Saliba and Gabriel look out best CB pairing with white and Zino in fullback positions given we have Diaby incarnates in Tomi and and Tear knee.
    It’s super crazy to say Holding is better than Gabriel and I hope Pierre got his best partnership gift yesterday night. If we ever wanna play open and expansive football, a Mari-Holding Pair is footballing suicide. Both have zero recovery pace, average passers, Mari has rubbish positioning and both are only passable aerially.

  57. Le Sauce

    I really wish Newcastle do us a favor and take Pepe off our hands. I wouldn’t mind Iwobi money though, Lord knows we need that for a new CM.

  58. Un


    No. I genuinely would have been shocked to the core of Gabriel had gone this summer. Let’s see how he does year. I don’t think he’s awful. He’s clearly got big qualities but I do think he switches off far far too often with wide balls across the box. Obviously he’s our player so I’ll support him and hope he becomes as good as he can be and irons out those kinks or just hope that white and Saliba become the dominant pair