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Listen, who tf is Lisandro Martinez anyway?

Too small.

Too ‘fancy dan’ on the ball.


Not built for the Premier League.

Probably has a bad attitude because he’s 5ft9.

I didn’t want him anyway.

What I do want is a proper left-back.

Someone with the fighting spirit of a Ukrainian.

A player with high levels of technical ability.

An actual left-back that can maybe play LCM.

Someone that has won trophies.

A player that is mid-twenties that maybe feels aggrieved he landed similar amounts of minutes and Bob Holding.

I want someone that has tutored under a coach like Pep Guardiola.

Well people, my dreams MIGHT be coming true, because David Ornstein said we’re moving on Oleksandr Zinchenko for about £40m.

Now, jokes aside on Lisandro Martinez… he’s a top-tier talent with a high ceiling, but he’s coming from a slow league, and he’ll need a period of adaptation. The ceiling looks through the roof, but he’s not there yet. The money looks outrageous as well, £55m is the sort of cash only United would spend on a 5ft9 centre back.

I’m going to be real with you, Zinchenko is the player my head said from the start because we know what he can do. Arsenal needs to hit the ground running next season. Having a player that we know can get into the mixer off very few minutes is where we need to be.

You can spend your luxury car money on an Alfa Romeo or you can spend it on a BMW. One is a concept of greatness, the other just does what it says on the tin. Zinchenko is a BMW of a left-back. You know what you’re getting and it’s fucking great.

If this deal goes through I’ll feel a whole lot better about where the season is heading. Kieran Tierney is a top left back, but when he exits the side, we feel it and have done for 3 seasons. There won’t be that panic now. Maybe the Scot will think twice about risking his body in friendlies. Maybe the competition will help him raise his game to new heights. Whatever happens, we’ve added more robustness, additional flex to our defence and midfield, and we’ve upped the characters and winnertivity of the squad again.

This would represent some of the smartest business of the window.

I know this will pain some people, but signing an assistant from Manchester City seems to be working out for our summer so far, wouldn’t you say?

There are just two positions that need remedying after the left back, that’ll be a central midfielder in the shape of an 8, and a winger that can add goals to the frontline.

The central midfielder looks like it’ll be Tielemans or Paqueta. This kind of looks like a similar situation to the left back. Do you go with a player with a high ceiling in Paqueta? Or do you put your money on a tried and true Premier League with an international pedigree? I’m leaning into having players that can hit the ground running. But look, this is like choosing between ribeye or New York strip at Hawksmoor… you’re getting something special however you sway. Maybe you’re a fat bastard and you order both? Who knows. The Hawksmoor in New York is spectacular by the way, you should go if you get the chance.

There’s not a lot of noise with regards to the wide player. Raphinha moved to Barcelona, Sterling moved to Chelsea, the Bosnian rumour doesn’t seem to hold much weight.

I’m gonna throw it out there… Wilfried Zaha would be a very good signing for Arsenal. He’ll have a chip on his shoulder because that’s just who he is as a player, he has outrageous aggression, he always scores goals, he’s extremely direct, and he is a nightmare for defenders. The player has 1 yr left on his deal, we lack experience, he could bring that to the club.

Right, short post today, podcast with Matt and Johnny later. Hopefully some GOOD things happening in my life over the next 48 hrs. x

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  1. Batistuta

    Weird that in what now 2 and a half years in charge you can’t point to any academy guys getting a look in

  2. salparadisenyc

    Think quite possible we’d get Gnabry back if club was willing to go to the wage he’s seeking.

  3. Tom

    Terraloon, Rudiger is very clever and he gets away with a lot because refs never played at a decent level or any level whatsoever and are blind to certain things.

    Rudiger shoulder barge into KDB that broke his face in the CL final was completely calculated and the fact he was holding his face which came into zero contact with any part of KDB tells you that.

    Not dissimilar to Ramos foul on Salah that got him injured in another CL final.

    People believing coaches don’t instruct defenders to put in a little extra when tackling opposition star players ( like refs) live in another world.

  4. raptora

    Bati: “Weird that in what now 2 and a half years in charge you can’t point to any academy guys getting a look in”

    Patino 79 mins
    Azeez 7 mins

    Think that’s it in 2 years and a half.

    Weird one that Arteta is here to build for the future, 5 year plan etc, while with Emery we were going for short term supposedly, yet Emery promoted Smith Rowe and Saka, and gave minutes to Willock and Nketiah when we had also Guendouzi and Iwobi playing in a vast part of the campaign.

  5. Leedsgunner

    So wait Omari Hutchinson is going to Chelsea because he thinks his first team chances will be better there?!?

    I’m sorry, if that’s true, it’s better to let him go. That type of thinking is deserving of a Spurs shirt, never mind a Chelsea one.😂😂😂

    Bizarre considering that he would have gotten his chance for his debut this season with Europa League.

    What… he couldn’t wait a few weeks? 😂😂😂

  6. Tom

    Not sure what assurances Saliba is asking for before he puts pen to paper on his extension but anyone blaming him must’ve just awaken from a three year coma.

  7. Nigel Tufnel

    That’s true I guess, always some conflict for places, competition.. but hopefully that takes place in a fairly respectful manner at Arsenal.

    A new guy with a big ego doesn’t fit our young group.

    On Hutchinson.. if we valued him enough, no way we’d be letting him go. I’d assume he’s not as great as we hoped.

  8. Ishola70

    Saliba wants to be a first team player at Arsenal. Seems quite straightforward really.

    But Arteta has decided thus far that this will not be the case and this is with actions not just intentions which has been endorsed by 99% of the fanbase.

  9. Batistuta


    Been binging on season reviews from about 10 years back and every year we gave ample time ot broke through some academy guys.

  10. Samesong

    Saliba actually showing that he’s ambitious and wants to go to the world cup IF he sits on the bench again at Arsenal he will not go to world cup. Hardly an ego issue.

  11. Batistuta

    Last set of academy guys we broke in were back under Emery so yea that’s a concern i have with our current spaniard who’m I’m always very careful to say anything about so I’m not labelled some childish name.

  12. Freddie Ljungberg


    No one is saying start the kids in important league games, don’t want to drop them in at the deep end.

    They didn’t even get any FA or league cup games and we still tanked those early.


    No guarantee of that happening with Arteta, as evidenced for the last 3 seasons.

    Hopefully Flores and Patino gets some game time in the cups before going out on loan if needed, same with Marquinos if we keep him around.

  13. Mysticleaves

    Ómárí left because they bought Marquinos. Quite simple. They are same ages. Marquihnos is already involved with the first team but Ómárí isn’t. He’d be a fool to have stayed back.

    He’s going to Chelsea not necessarily cos he will get first team path but because Chelsea generally takes much much better care of their academy players compared to Arsenal. So he knows he’s almost guaranteed of playing premier League or top level football in 2 years.

    None of our academy players really make it elsewhere and very few make it with us. They all go to league 2 and league 1. And fade off. If John Jules was a Chelsea player, he’d be on the verge now.

  14. Leedsgunner

    So Hutchinson left because Marquinhos came in? Why? Doesn’t he believe in himself? Why not stay and fight for a place?

    It sounds like he took an easy route out because he became impatient.

    No matter, good luck to him trying to displace Pulisic and Mount!