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So, the club that has the player that is being accused of a terrible crime has issued an anonymized statement that the player in question will not be suspended pending charges.

This is the correct decision to make in a functioning society.

Let’s see where it goes.

The Arsenal squad heading to America is literally every player we could lay out hands on.

We took 5 keepers.

Every player we want to sell.

Every player we want to loan.

It’s like a little summer holiday adventure.

Thomas Partey is in the mixer.

Everyone is fit or nearing fitness.

The start of the season should have a very, very competitive starting 11.

Lisandro Martinez, who is totally rubbish by the way, is going to United.

The left-backs in the conversation seem to be Zinchenko, Grimaldo, and the Shaktar kid Ajax wants to replace Martinez (Matyvienko).

I have no idea where we’re going to go here.

If we get Paqueta, that might mean we need to go for  a cheaper left-back. Or, it could mean we might need to spend bigger on a Premier-League-proven player like Zinchenko.

Matyvienko is interesting because he is a left-back that can play centrally. We liked that swiss-army knife on the right, why not the left?

Whatever the decision, we need the pace to kick up. What is going on? Has Edu relapsed on the ol’ BBQ front? Has he run out of blue shirts? Have we run out of money?

What is quite interesting is the papers this morning got it totally wrong on who was on the plane to Arsenal, it seems like Arteta has the club on lockdown these days.

Fabrizio Romano commented that Edu likes to work in silence on players.

As I’ve said a few times this season, details of transfers mostly come from the selling clubs, or agents agitating for a bidding war on wages.

Spurs fans don’t want to admit it, but Daniel Levey is most certainly planting the fees he’s getting fro players to make him looking like a top business administrator.

Stevey B for £28M? Do me a favor. Ajax buy cheap and sell high. No way they are putting big money into a player that has lost half his value. Spurs bought the player for £28m in a distressed January market. The total fee might reach £28m if he scores 100 goals, wins 3 World Cups, and breaks into theatre… but there is no way that sort of money is going to ever reach Ajax.

Selling clubs leak the stories to placate their fans and make sure the headlines are positive around them.

Arsenal know how the use the big journos and they are more than capable of doing a deal in silence if the selling party keeps quiet.

So maybe we don’t need to be that panicked.

The big worry on the silence is there’s next to no news on who is exiting.

‘LUCAS TORREIRA AGREES TERMS’ means nothing to me… unless there’s a fee. But again, amusing that Arsenal can’t get a fee for Torreira or a German international keeper, but Spurs can get £25m for Harry Winks. PLEASE.

Let’s hope GOOD biz picks ups this week.

In OTHER news.

Liverpool were absolutely TANKED by a United side that pressed.

Darwin Nunez looked AWFUL.

Never read too much into preseason unless you do well imo.

It’s quite interesting that the two best clubs in England have gone through a bit of a refurb.

City have lost Fernandinho, Jesus, Sterling and maybe Zinchenko.

Liverpool have lost Sane.

The gap is still large, but maybe there’s some hope they won’t be as strong?

Who knows.

This season, however you cut it, is going to be really exciting.

Right, short one today, the Arsenal team is in Baltimore and I didn’t fancy it.

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  1. UTarse

    Why the fuck have we not addressed central midfield ?… what’s happened to all the ITK about youri or savic

  2. Batistuta

    Really hope while we’re signing our 3rd LB, we have an actual plan for CM. Got to get that position right this time

  3. China1


    Every single summer without fail everyone says that our rivals have gotten stronger and every single season without fail at least two of the big 6 shit the bed.

    Virtually every season the league is dominated by 1-3 good teams. If it’s only 1 then second is normally comfortably ahead of third. Then third and fourth scrap it out with 5th and 6th has a horrible season

    It’s the same every year just with rotation on which teams in which positions

    But there’s no way in hell that all the big 6 have great seasons. It’s never happened once or even been close to happening before and every summer all the big 6 buy some good players

  4. China1

    Case in point Chelsea last summer bought the final piece in the jigsaw lukaku and had a pretty bad season. Lukaku was crap and they only came third because 4th 5th and 6th were poor.

    It’s bought Ronaldo Sancho and more and had the worst season since forever

    Spurs were extremely average last season.

    We improved on the previous season but were still shat the bed on top 4.

    Liverpool and city were the only big 6 teams which will look back on last season and say they were quality

  5. Jonnygunner

    C’mon lads, none of us have any control over who comes or goes. And it really doesn’t matter what the Club spend either- its not our problem,the money men will make sure it gets sorted out.
    Just relax and enjoy the ride.

  6. Terraloon


    Also might make Tierney think twice about his international obligations in the future and playing full 90’s in meaningless friendlies if he knows his position is consistently under threat.

    If Steve Clark calls Tierney up for International duty then he really hasn’t a lot of choice but to go .
    Like most professionals Tierney probably wants to play international football

  7. Dissenter

    The Daily Mirror [for all it’s worth] is reporting that Torriera had reached a deal with Valencia before the US tour
    I hope he doesn’t get a major injury during the tour in proper Arsenal tradition to scuttle that move

  8. DigitalBob

    Terraloon – It’s not the international duty that’s the issue, its playing full 90 minutes in two meaningless friendlies for a player that has had injury issues in the past.
    I love KT, great player and is an asset I would rather not be sold, but he also has a responsibility to Arsenal and that for me means he tells his international manager in regards to two upcoming friendlies, “I’ll play in this one but maybe not the next” or “just a couple 1st half’s for me please gaffer”, it’s a crucial time for my club so I need to be fresh for the games after the break.

    Maybe he did and Steve Clark ignored him, but I doubt it. Arteta could have also stated this to KT and/or Steve Clark. Again maybe he did, but I doubt it.

  9. bacaryisgod

    Why do I love Zinchenko? Because Ihe would be a clear upgrade on Xhaka in that midfield role. and can also fit in as an emergency LB if Tierney gets injured. However, like Saka, I’m convinced Zinchenko will ultimately become too important in central midfield for us to even think about moving him to left back.

    Perfect signing if it happens.

  10. Un

    I’m all for zinchenko. Quality player. No complains from me.
    I though Grimaldo was at her training ground though? Papers just talk absolute bollocks

  11. Le Sauce

    Asides overpaying wages it’s funny how Arsenal fans turn their noses up at players. We just got rejected by Raphinha and Lisandro which shows the level were at currently signing a Zinchenko profile on decent wages is a huge plus. Fuck all that defending shit y’all are on we literally have 3 defenders in Tomi, White and Gabriel in the back four so we don’t need a prime Baresi for our Backup leftback

  12. Le Sauce

    Sterling was linked, we had people here who said he’s not worth it, same with Gabriel Jesus and now Zinchenko. These are players that have been part of the most dominant team in the PL for about five years, they can’t be waste men and stay in a Guardiola team for that long. We were literally linked with Hickey for crying out loud till we saw how shit he was when he played for Scotland last month or so. As long as we don’t overpay in transfer fee and wages we need this mentality shift players all day, players used to actually winning stuff

  13. TR7

    Zinchencko definitely better than Tavares and Lokonga and perhaps even Xhaka. So if the fee is between £20-£25M range then a good signing.

  14. Dissenter

    “Zinchencko definitely better than Tavares and Lokonga and perhaps even Xhaka. So if the fee is between £20-£25M range then a good signing.”

    City are not going to sell Zinchenko for 20-25 million, based on their recent outward transfers. He has 2 years left on his contract.
    They are going to make us fund their Marc Cucurella business, that’s what’s going to happen.

  15. Terraloon


    Maybe you can see it but I just can’t see a player telling his manager at International level that they wont or don’t want to play in a game where they will get a cap.

    The Scottish talent pool is limited and unlike England there aren’t two or three possibilities for each position .

    Most players play for their country for prestige whereas they play for their clubs because of money. Money which they will get even if they are injured.

  16. Valentin


    I don’t disagree but things may be different this year. When before everybody knew that there were 3 teams with either managerial or squad deficiencies. Last summer, nobody expect Nuno to get Spurs in the EPL position. ManUtd had OGS. Both clubs hastily replaced their manager. One with success, the other with less so.

    This year, I don’t foresee that same level of doubt and potentially upheaval in the big 6.

    ManCity and Liverpool should still maintain level of performance and results out of our reach. The only doubt is whether they have refreshed their squad too deep and too quickly, but nobody thinks that either manager will be sacked before the end of the season. It is also clear that both managers will be backed in the market in January if the need arises.

    Spurs have Conte, an extremely competent manager. Their recruitment seemed to have been coherent with his demand. Not flash but effective players. Conte tend to have his combustible moment after the end of seasons. I see them challenging for 3rd place.

    Chelsea may have lost Roman Abramovitch, but they still have money to get out of trouble.Tuchel has now had a full season of EPL, so he knows what need to be done. Most of his recruits are seasoned veterans. But he is not planning for long term success.

    Other than us, ManUtd is the other big 6 clubs with a question mark. Recruitment seems to be all over the place. However in Tag, they have a competent manager rather than a very good DoF attempting to do a managerial role in which he had never been very successful. In a sense having so many players leaving on a Bosman has helped him rebuild the team.

    I don’t expect fireworks from each of the big 6, but a competent long campaign for each one of them that could only be disrupted by injuries caused by the world Cup.

  17. izzo

    Surprised slightly that Marko and Weagle would be lukewarm to a winner in Zinchenko joining but want us to sign some weird fake flashy players from other leagues in Europe who are used to playing at snail pace and against championship/league one level opposition. Most of these players will have to adapt to the pace and even long ball play of our league/even the language and new surroundings. You think Zinchenko in the league right now isn’t better than your list of players??? You guys need to relax and be happy we’re signing a winner just like Jesus. Its better for the team and that winning mentality can’t be taught you just have it by the medals and trophies in your closet. We still have Tierney so we’re not signing a replacement. Chillax!

  18. Le Sauce

    His transfer market value is £22.5M and I bet a deal can be done around that figure. If City decides to pull an Ajax on us then tell em off and look for another target. No harm done

  19. Howard

    Le Sauce

    We won’t pay 50m euros for Lisandro. He doesn’t deserve that. Let United pay and have him. Its not rejection, it was a bidding war and United won. Same applied to Rafingha but it was Chelsea who got rejected because they bidded more than everyone and yet Rafingha chose Barca. That was a rejection.

  20. Le Sauce

    Color it anyhow you want, we were not the first choice of both players according to reliable sources. Tielemans on the other hand really wants to come here and that won’t give Leicester the leverage to ask for too much. I’m not criticizing the club for it, they made the right choice not to overpay but the journos said we were Raphinhas third choice and just yesterday that Lisandro picked United over us, this is from the players side/preference and not club negotiations

  21. izzo

    Lisandro will fail and won’t be a starting spot at United. He’s already behind oaf Maguire and Varane. PL striker and wingers will eat him alive. 5ft9 CB in Dutch league does not translate to dominant CB in PL football. He’ll get his cash sitting on their bench. Again I cant take any player wanting to join United seriously. Frenkie De Jong will be a waste there as well he clearly wants to stay at Barca. United want to sign a player that doesn’t want them. Whatever! Finished club. Ronaldo will tank them again if he stays and if he leaves they will find is hard to score freely and their defense is still crap and there for the taking don’t underestimate how prolifically shit Maguire is. He’s basicially a donut in that defense.

  22. izzo

    He’s playing CB for them. He’s definitely gonna blow up their defense alright. He’ll be better if he played in midfield but Ten Hag plays him as a CB.

  23. salparadisenyc

    Zinchenko is quality as others have said a swiss army knife of sorts, I rate him and fully back that action. Have to feel for E Stroller (I think) if it goes down whose made a big stink about not being able to sign 2x players from 1 side earlier this summer. As if theres some written rule.

    All about the numbers and what else can get done.

  24. salparadisenyc

    Lisandro is going to be a premier league king eventually, shame we got priced out on that one but it was never a Goer once his former manager entered the fray with Van De Saar on the other end.

  25. TR7

    Lisandro is more of a LCB with good defensive capabilities whereas Zinchenko is more of a left back who can occupy the positions Xhaka takes on the field apart from covering for Tierney and contribute more in final third. I am not saying Zinchenko is better than Lisandro but in my view he suits our needs better. We don’t need an out and out LCB for £50M when we have Saliba, Gabriel, White and Holding as CB options. Besides Zinchenko is cheaper and PL ready.

  26. Ishola70

    Said before if it’s a case of Tielemans or Zinchenko for CM then for me Zinchenko is the more astute signing.

  27. Topside Northbank

    Zinchenko would be a very good addition to the squad optimal age, experienced in the league and can cover two positions to a pretty high level.

    I can see him actually being signed to be used more in midfield then LB but with Tierney’s injury history no doubt he will play minutes there if we sign him.

    At LB he isn’t the safest defensively imo but great on the ball,very good passing range and crossing with a great engine.

    I would think around 30m will be the price if we can do a deal certainly 25m minimum.

    It’s a signing that makes a lot of sense to me.

  28. Valentin

    The Athletic has an interesting article about our passing pattern. Their main point is that Arteta is trying to replicate what Pep is doing at ManCity but with inferior players.

    The two points that jump to me is the fact Ramsdale overwhelmingly favour passing to Gabriel who also happen to be the one with the most long diagonal passes. The article does not specify or speculate whether this is by design or the result of external factors.
    Is Ramsdale under instruction to pass to Gabriel who can either passbto the left side or make a long cross diagonal passes to Saka?
    Or is the fact that Ødegaard favour the right means that the opposition tries to cut our right side supply?

    Anyway, this is exactly the opposite of what we were told would happen with Ben White in the team. We have not seen enough of his passing ability short or long.

    The second point that I find interesting is how isolated Lacazette was. It is easy to see that he tended to receive the ball in midfield but with his back toward the goal, but that very few of our wide midfielders were then running in the pace he vacated to receive the ball. The classic 1-2-3. 1 – Deep midfield plays the ball to a striker who is dropping in midfield. CB follows striker in midfield to stop him being able to turn and run at the defense. 2- The striker returns the ball to midfield. Wide man runs infield into space vacated. 3- midfielder passes to wide man into space behind the defense.

    That’s where I slightly disagree with the reporter conclusion. He think that Jesus is an upgrade on Lacazette and that his arrival will solve our problem. I think that there are encouraging sign that Jesus and Eddie can work together, but that also imply a change in our midfield. We need more willing runner centrally toward goals and more medium length passes in that area instead of exclusively attack from the wing.

    Our attack is lopsided, but also too far from the penalty box.
    ManCity attack is much more symmetrical and more diverse than us. In KDB, Mahrez, Grealish they have superior wide men. In Foden they have a CAM who attack the penalty box. Ødegaard rarely end up at the end of our attack.

    To me, Arteta is trying to replicate ManCity not only with inferior players, but also with a more defensive mindset. The Atlantic calls him cagey, I would say the team has the hand break on.

  29. DigitalBob

    Terraloon – Maybe wishful thinking on my part but as they were friendlies and not in anyway related to any tournament (I can’t remember if Scotland were already eliminated from the world cup qualifiers at the time), logically it doesn’t make sense for KT to play 90 minutes in both games, despite the prestige that comes with national team selection.

    He’s a certain starter for the national team anyway should he decide to rest over a friendly international break, I really hope next season this is managed better.

  30. Ishola70

    Worse places than Man City to buy players from.

    Should be seen as a positive regarding Arteta if he can get a few from there.

  31. Mr Serge

    Yes please to zinchenko we should buy as many city players we can get our hands on and brazzil national team is one of the best around
    . Bags of talent

  32. WengerEagle


    Not lukewarm towards Zinchenko, think he is a very good signing if for £20-25m and primarily to be used at LB and for CM cover.

    Only said I would be underwhelmed if no CM follows.

  33. salparadisenyc

    Agree Martinelli regarding Zinchenko swiss army abilities, it would really blow having a player who can take over for an injured Tierney/challenge for starting birth or play Xhaka’s role in the mid.

  34. Madhu

    So is the plan going to be one of Zinchenko or Tielamans and Paqueta to close our incoming? What about Grimoldo that we have apparently bid. I would be thrilled with either of Zin/Tielemens and a CM Paqueta or anyone else to close our business. Then we can concentrate on outgoings. Does look tasty indeed.
    I don’t know if we want to replicate ManC though. What an identity of our own.